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Endless absurdities

Looking at the current situation and the leadership crisis happening in this country, there is now a general feeling that Malaysians are no longer confident with the leadership in Umno.

We termed it as a leadership crisis because top bosses in Umno were sacked from their jobs just for asking questions and expressing their anxieties.

The justification for the sacking is that criticisms, even to the point of beating tables must be made at the right platform and not in public. But it is ironic indeed to know that the purported speech that caused the sacking was made in an Umno private function – a divisional meeting. The excuse is even more chaotic when the Supreme Council meeting, the most appropriate platform to discuss these concerns was cancelled at the last minute “in order to avoid heated debates”.

Maybe “sweeping everything under the carpet” is Umno’s new de riguer.

We also call it loss of confidence because people who are investigating a crime were also sacked from their jobs and some were arrested for doing their jobs. Furthermore, those heading a parliamentary investigation team were conveniently promoted; resulting in a delay.

Nevermind the fact that a week before the promotion, the former PAC chief said 1MDB probe is much more important and that “he would prefer to stay as the PAC chief and oversee the investigation to its conclusion.

But that was then.

This blog had criticised and highlighted the problems surrounding 1MDB and allegations of billions of money transfered into the personal bank account of the prime minister.

When we asked for accountability and corrective measures to be taken, the opposite seemed to be taken place.

When we suggested that an acting prime minister should have instructed for an independent investigation, the loyalists deemed it as an attempt to overthrow the government. Maybe Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is from the DAP party because should he stepped is as the acting PM, the Barisan Nasional government will fall.

The hogwash that came after just to defend the indefensible were utterly mindblowing. The last straw was when a couple of bankrupts were used to prop up the argument that all problems surrounding 1MDB and personal bank accounts in Ambank rest heavily on what these bankrupts had to say.

When their credibility were tested, the best they could come out with is to look at the message, not the messenger. Basically, they beg the public not to shoot the disgraced messengers.

But all these time, the government had killed off messengers with such glee and impunity. They attacked Tun Dr Mahathir for raising questions, tried to discredit his past tenureship as the prime minister, they killed off the careers of the deputy prime minister and an umno vice president for raising questions and they tried to arrest whistleblowers, investigators and critics.

The highest levels of hypocrisy have been reached.

When WSJ broke the story that billions were credited into personal bank accounts of the prime minister, most cabinet ministers bent over backwards stating that WSJ had made accusations over something that did not exist. They claimed there were no such accounts and no money were banked in.

Their mission to cover up changed from day to day. First the swift codes were wrong, because no PM would be so stupid to get billions of money in his own accounts. Then they say the allegations were just foreigners’ attempt of political sabotage, and lastly, they claim that political funding is legit because past prime ministers have done the same way; vaguely admitting that WSJ’s allegations could be true.

Of course the legality of the political funding was crushed by a former prime minister in his blog today.

If we close our eyes, maybe the problems will go away. Endless possibilities.

If we close our eyes, maybe the problems will go away. Endless possibilities.

And it was indeed revealed by the MACC that there were billions of money in the prime minister’s personal account. Some even went to great lengths that Umno constitution provides the prime minister to have a trustee account under his name. We are not sure which clause they are talking about; when no other members of the supreme council even knew about the existence of that account. Was the opening and closing of the accounts minuted in the meetings? Obviously not. Otherwise the deputy president wouldn’t have been so shocked to hear about the accounts and the amount of money that went in.

Everyday, the justification made have become more and more ridiculous. Some even say the way the prime minister leads the country is similar to the Prophet.

Recently, an Umno supreme council member just declared that if we attack Najib, then that is akin to attacking all muslims in Malaysia. The absurdity is endless.

We are entertained by it all.

This blog has been criticising Malaysian leaders since its first article. We have stopped blogging for awhile because people without moral compass will never listen to reason and criticisms. They have charted their own doomed course and the direction of this country. There is nothing more to say to save them.

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19 thoughts on “Endless absurdities

  1. As-Salam Bro JMD.., wlcme back.., glad ur okies.., alhamdulillah.., till den tc bro n b safe as alwiz., ciao.. tak yah publish dis le..,heheh.., apo nak dikato.., (,”)


  2. Dear JMD

    We are super glad to know you are well, and have started penning your priceless thoughts again. In these troubling times, credible messengers are “harassed” while the clownish bankrupts are cherished.

    When “Cash is King” almost everyone can be “bought” especially the bootlickers in the latest 1MDB cabinet.

    The arrogance of thieves in high places starts with the OFFICIAL SECRET act. There should be a ruling where the PM must NEVER also be the Finance Minister. Declaration of assets by the “powers that be” – is critical to guard against legalised robbery.

    “Contohi PM Kita, Beliau Memimpin Mengikut Sunnah Rasulullah”

    “Tidak percaya Najib bermakna tidak percaya Allah”

    “Bersalam dengan bukan maharam hukumnya HARUS jika tidak rasa berahi”

    “Ibu tunggal boleh melacur jika darurat”

    “Adegan Peluk dan Pegang Tangan Tidak Mengundang Maksiat”

    “Perdana menteri bodoh mana yang akan mengambil RM2.67 bilion daripada dana agensi kerajaan dan memasukkannya ke dalam akaun peribadi? Ia tidak munasabah langsung. Jika benar, ia kebebalan yang terlalu amat sangat”

    What more can we say? The pride of being Malaysians (once upon a time) is being eroded by the minute. Tragic.

    JMD, please keep writing – fully appreciated!


  3. “I believe Tun, working hand in glove with foreign nationals, including the now discredited political attack blog Sarawak Report, is behind this latest lie.

    Bila nak minta maaf? Masih bulan raya.


  4. TQ JMD, it has a long while since. I pray to Allah for your health and well-being. Be strong and persevere, sungguhnya Allah berserta dengan orang yang Sabah.


  5. Najib is just a common thief. Too bad the common thief has to be the prime minister. even worse the people surrounding him were also thief. worst of it all, rakyat can only watch and none can do anything.

    yeahhh.. aku dpt PM pencuri! yeah! apa lagi cina mau.. lu sudah dpt ekonomi, sikalang lu sudah dapat penculi maa..


    • cam,

      In nowadays world people have more trust in a thief ,then an honest leadership .
      A thief, normally has a better ways in convincing the people ,and I think that is anugrah tuhan ,but normally only the benefited dumb’s will convinced , that’s enough to for thief to carry on steeling and lying .


  6. RE: “Some even say the way the prime minister leads the country is similar to the Prophet.”

    We disagree with you Dr. Mashitah.
    In fact, Prime Minister Najib is as similar to Prophet Muhammad as a pail of water is to the vast ocean; or a tungsten lamp compared to the bright sun; or the love of a mother hen for her own chicks compared to the spiritual giant who is sent as a Loving Mercy for all the universe.
    We definitely do not see eye to eye with you Dr. Mashitah.


    • Forget about the religious mumbo jumbo espoused by his admirers. There is however merit in embarking on an Anthropological study of the UMNO Malays to expose the intertwining nature of religion, culture and their feudalistic psyche. It will be a bestseller to nonMalays who wishes to emulate the success of Arul Kanda, Jho Low and the Arabs who have have somehow successfully exploited their weaknesses to the hilt.


  7. You are correct in saying that

    there is now a general feeling that Malaysians are no longer confident with the leadership in Umno.


    I followed most of the blogs criticizing 1MDB plus few facebook pages (Wan Ahmad Fayhsal etc.) with a slim hope that all these are just made up allegations, something that the foreign powers, oppositions trying to cook up to bring down BN government.

    Alas, with all the drama unfolding before my eyes, and all Malaysian. I am utterly disgusted, angry, disappointed with Najib.

    No more vote from me.

    Melayu akan hancur kalau UMNO tak memerintah? Heck, we are being screwed big time by UMNO! What’s the difference under the opposition?


    • What make you think that opposition is as bad as BN? Is selangor and penang as bad as you think?

      I believe if the opposition is given the chance to rule the country,you will see a world of difference.


      • Steven,

        i don’t know man. what with all the bickering, quarreling, politicking, pakatan for the sake of politic, un-pakatan due to political difference. plus many other reasons. i don’t see the stability there for the whole Malaysia.
        maybe in Penang, and Selangor where one party dominates over the other it is possible.

        However, in selangor, are the political parties there ngam with each other? PAS is being ‘evicted’, GHB is forming (but I doubt Malays are with them)

        btw, i noticed you did not mention Kelantan, why aaa???

        but then, as i said earlier. i don’t care even if opposition rule post-PRU14.


  8. ‘some even say the way the prime minister leads the country is similar to the Prophet’

    1. betina ni bila bercerita tentang rasulullah, macam dia hidup sezaman & berdampingan dgn nabi, lebih dari abu hurairah.
    2. ni orang kapiaq kata berkenaan rasulullah – head of the state as well as the church, he was caesar and pope in one, but he was pope without the pope’s pretensions, and caesar without the legions of caesar, without a standing army, without a bodyguard, without a police force, without a fixed revenue. if ever a man had the right to say that he ruled by a right divine, it was muhammad., for he had all the powers without their supports. he cared not for the dressings of power. the simplicity of his private life was in keeping with his public life. (rev. r. bosworth-smith 1839-1908).
    3. rasulullah saw adalah pemimpin & pemerintah. najib hanya pemerintah seperti pemerintah2 dinegara2 lain & bukan pemimpin. kalau pemimpin, dia hanya pemimpin parti politik umno (baru).
    4. don’t ever insult my prophet saw.


  9. Menyamakan Najib dgn Rasulullah adalah satu penghinaan yang paling besar ke atas baginda Rasul. Lebih teruk dari penghinaan yang dilemparkan oleh kafir laknat. Adakah wajar orang yang bertopengkan keikhlasan, kejujuran tetapi sebaliknya merompak duit rakyat disamakan dengan baginda Rasul? Seolah olah Nabi Muhammad juga bertopengkan kerasulan baginda untuk menipu umat. Dijauhkan Allah SNW!!!!


  10. Salam.
    Glad to see your writing again.
    Like Tun, you have ability to explain complicated matters in simple terms which I fully appreciate and share with my friends.

    Would like to know if anyone knows whether the millions that went to Rosmah’s account was also donation?


  11. JMD,

    Selamat Hari Raya.

    There is only so much we as a human being can do. Umno will be a Najib’s shadow, there’s no umno only Najib, for a very foreseeable future. His cabinet members were a shape that was designed to kowtow his ways and that perhaps should tell us something. If fate tells us that Umno will not win the next GE, so be it. We can still pray that if He wills it, then replace us with someone better (I means not the pakatan rakyat guys, there’s no stopping the abuse).

    I was reminded not to discuss the issue especially in social medias, i guess some of us here also received the same reminder. But let just make this as part of our daawa, where we preach for government of the day to practice good governance.


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