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Anifah Aman misses the point by a mile

There was a minor brouhaha last night in the mainstream media when an article by New York Times was published. The article was regarding an interview with Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

The New York Times’ correspondent had requested to meet the former premier for an exclusive interview and as the result, the article was not well received by the pro-Najib’s camp.

It’s funny to think that the Prime Minister had to pay APCO more than RM70 million to boost his personal image overseas yet Tun Mahathir is perceived to have negated that image without any cost incurred.

And true to Tun Mahathir’s nature of not shying away from tough questions, the article can be read here and here.

They are actually a couple of harmless articles with no new stories or revelation. Basically what Tun said in the interview was nothing new.

But the Foreign Minister, in his haste had lambasted the article and threw misdirected criticisms towards the former premier.

The problem is, Anifah Aman did not know what he was saying. Maybe because he did not read Tun Mahathir’s interview in the New York Times. Or maybe he did read it, but chose to understand only what is convenient to him.

The said interview, which received widespread ire from desperate people in the administration can be summarised below. Tun Mahathir said a few things ranging from the recent pandemonium about a gymnast’s outfit, to the Rohingya issue. We are only going to take the part which stated Tun Mahathir’s opinion about the things that made Anifah Aman jittery.

On the current prime minister:

On the prime minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor:

“She projects herself too much. Normally, the wife of the prime minister should be in the background supporting the husband.”

On the reasons he has turned against his anointed successors three times:

“They all looked good to me before they held power, but they don’t seem to manage power. They seem to think that power is to satisfy their own ambition. Power is there to serve the people. It’s not for enriching yourself and living a high life.”

On why Umno lacks vision and talented people:

“The little Napoleons in UMNO try to keep out people who are more intelligent than themselves,”

On Western-style democracy in Asia:

“If you look at the history of democracy, initially it was all about the right of the people to choose their own leaders. Since then, we have added more things to democracy. You must have this freedom and that freedom. I know what is wrong about democracy. It is when people interpret it wrongly. And they seem to think that liberty, freedom is absolute. It’s not.”

From the excerpt above, we can see that there is nothing about condemning Malaysia. Tun Mahathir did not go the way of Lim Guan Eng when the latter defamed Johor as a crime hub in an event held overseas.

Importantly, whatever Tun Mahathir had said, has been said before. Everybody knows this.

Below is Anifah Aman’s ‘open letter’ to the New York Times:


1. It is regrettable to see Tun Mahathir seeking to undermine his own country in the international media as part of a personal political vendetta.

From the NYT article, he did not undermine his own country. He only criticised the Prime Minister and Umno. If the Prime Minister could not stand the heat then get out from the kitchen.

2. It is irresponsible of any citizen, let alone a former prime minister, to spread lies and distortions about state owned companies – saying for example that RM42 billion is missing from 1MDB to create public anxiety, when in fact these are audited debts backed by RM51 billon assets. These reckless claims have affected market sentiment towards Malaysia.

There is a lot of problems with 1MDB otherwise debt rationalisation would not have taken place and Anifah Aman would not have been given the ultimatum to resign in order to silence him from criticising 1MDB. In this regard, the ultimatum worked. Hence, this open letter was duly written.

Plus, even Bank Negara had refuted the claims that Tun Mahathir’s attacks had affected market sentiment. Anifah Aman should be more up-to-date with his writing.

3. Furthermore, it is telling that he continues to mount his attacks, rather than wait for the findings of the enquiries currently being undertaken by Malaysia’s central bank, Auditor General, and parliament’s bipartisan Public Accounts Committee. This shows that Tun Mahathir is not interested in answers from the appropriate lawful authorities. Rather, he is just using 1MDB as an excuse to topple the serving prime minister, Najib Tun Razak.

Anifah Aman should know that the interim AG report will not be made public and the PAC investigation may take up to one year to complete. This shows that Anifah Aman’s boss is not interested to quickly allay fears and anxiety over the 1MDB issue. Anifah Aman is grasping at straws to keep an incompetent Prime Minister in power.

4. And all because his personal demands, as Tun Mahathir himself has acknowledged, are not being met. Prime Minister Najib, as Malaysia’s democratically elected leader, will do what he thinks is right for the nation, and will not allow rule by proxy.

The only personal demand Tun Mahathir had asked from Najib is for Najib to resign. The rest are just questions which the majority of the public want to know. The rule by proxy is just a concocted piece of imagination, created as diversion by Najib himself. The public knows this, but Anifah Aman used this line of defence like a good little toady.

5. Tun Mahathir told the New York Times that Umno “lacks vision and talented people”, that it “has become a repository of patronage-seeking politicians”, and that members “try to keep out people who are more intelligent than themselves”.

But it is Tun Mahathir who led the party for 22 years. It was he that, during his time, worked to cultivate ‘yes men’ and entrench his position – even introducing a quota system for the Umno presidency to prevent challengers – rather than bringing in talent and strengthening the party. It is Prime Minister Najib who democratised the party constitution to make it far easier to challenge him for his job.‎

The Prime Minister and his yes man

The Prime Minister and his eager yes man

How could Tun Mahathir cultivate ‘yes men’ when in the 80’s there were two camps in Umno? And in the 90’s when he sacked Anwar Ibrahim almost half of the Umno leaders left the party to follow the sacked deputy president?

Actually yes-men are people who sees something wrong, but dutifully kept quiet, or worse, begin to malign a former premier for asking questions and telling the truth. Yes-men will do biddings like a good attack dog, barking away making noises just to protect their own self interests.

And there is no truth that Najib had democratised the party. In fact, the new voting system had made it easier for him to hold on to power. Instead of controlling nearly 3,000 voting delegates, he now just have to control only about 190 division leaders. These division leaders  in turn, control the branch leaders in their division. While the branch leaders then instruct their members on who to vote. As the result, there were no changes in party leadership since 2009 and this is a fact. The 2013 party elections saw the same people being voted into power; from the presidency, deputy presidency, vice presidents, women and youth wings.

As for Umno lacked vision and talented people, well that is a matter of opinion. Stupid people might think they have vision and talent, that is why they created 1MDB; and cabinet ministers had approved its existence.

6. For Tun Mahathir to accuse Prime Minister Najib of acts “verging on criminal” is simply outrageous, and entirely false. It is a measure of the reforms put in place under Prime Minister Najib’s administration that Tun Mahathir has the freedom to be so vocally critical of the party and government he once led.‎

Tun Mahathir was talking about 1MDB, not the so called reforms. With all the incidents of poor governance, corruption and abuse of power surrounding 1MDB, it is not illogical to say that the Prime Minister is indeed acting on the verge of criminality.

7. But Dr Mahathir is abusing that freedom, and his privileged standing as a former prime minister, to indulge in reckless and baseless personal smears against Prime Minister Najib and his family. Most Malaysians would rather see Dr Mahathir retire gracefully than continue to damage the standing of his own country for personal political gain.

Anifah Aman, please stop being a yes-man and start become a man. Start giving proper advice during cabinet meetings. For example start telling the Prime Minister to contain the show of luxury and opulent lifestyle his wife is indulging. Start asking the relevant questions about 1MDB and make a stand. Since we all know cabinet ministers are clueless about 1MDB, there is no harm to poke your nose into their business since you are our proxy.

The one that is damaging the standing of his own country is the Prime Minister and his coterie of yes-men. You are included. Because currently, to be something other than a yes-man will be damaging for your personal political gain.

Furthermore, it is very unusual for a foreign minister to issue an open letter to the editor of a foreign press. Usually Wisma Putra will send a letter directly to the intended publication. 

But maybe for the chance to be seen as a Najib loyalist, Anifah issued the letter as a political oneupmanship to out-do the other yes-men.

And by the way Anifah Aman, if you must know, a statesman like Tun Mahathir is impervious to personal political gain. He is a 90 year old man who wants to see that Malaysians deserve a better country.

Will Anifah Aman have the testicular fortitude to do what is right? Only time will tell. After all, nobody wants to leave a legacy to be known only as a yes-man.

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12 thoughts on “Anifah Aman misses the point by a mile

  1. Quote:
    “Prime Minister Najib, as Malaysia’s democratically elected leader, will do what he thinks is right for the nation, and will not allow rule by PROXY.”

    Hmmm … but I thought that is already in place not by Tun Dr M but by someone closer.


  2. It’s Like a Poodle barking at a Giant Old Oak Tree! Failing to gain any attention, the Poodle decided to piss on the tree but can only muster one drop…..


  3. His testicular fortitude is drastically reduced by his cerebral ineptitude, and very likely, also due to the clogged aorta of the heart.


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  5. ‘in fact these are audited debts backed by RM51 billon assets’.

    it doesn’t matter even the debt is supported by rm51 trillion assets. where are the rest of the money is the issue.


  6. Looks like everyone is trying to become the first to bodek this Prime Moron. Anifah used to be a respectable figure but now he is just another Kucing Kurap like other BN Ministers. When Najib goes down, we will throw all of this Kucing Kurap as well.


  7. “2. It is irresponsible of any citizen, let alone a former prime minister, to spread lies and distortions about state owned companies – saying for example that RM42 billion is missing from 1MDB to create public anxiety, when in fact these are audited debts backed by RM51 billon assets. These reckless claims have affected market sentiment towards Malaysia.”

    This nonsensical statement has been repeated ad nauseam by the piss-poor kangkung apologists.

    It’s not what Tun said.

    Also, “These reckless claims have affected market sentiment towards Malaysia”?


    1MDB’s reckless borrowing was the talk of Asian fund managers two years before Tun even opened his mouth.

    The sooner that Malaysia rids itself of this pink-lipped parasite and his kaki2 bodek, the better for all of us.


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  9. Tidak ada gunanya kalau kita cuba menganalisa 1MDB sebagai sebuah entiti perniagaan.
    Ini kerana niat dan nawaitu 1MDB ditubuhkan oleh Najib dan perencananya adalah untuk
    mencuri duit sebanyak mungkin.

    Ahmad Husni begitu bersahaja memberi penjelasan yang tipikal dari seorang penjenayah
    kulit putih. Memberi contoh CSR berapa ratus juta sebagai kebaikan 1MDB sedangkan
    duit CSR pun duit curi dari Tabung Haji atau pinjaman..muahaha..mana ada untung?

    Alasan alasan ekonomi adalah digubal sebegitu rupa seperti satu Sting sehingga orang
    ramai tertipu dan menjadi konfius sedangkan pada hakikatnya 8.5 billion tunai jatuh ke tangan
    Ananda Krishnan. 2.3 bilion jatuh ketangan Tokey Judi Genting, 1.4 billion jatuh ke tangan Cina P Pinang beli tanah, 5 billion kepada Ambank dan Goldman Sachs.

    Perkasa atau Majalies Ekonomi Melayu sepatutnya menyaman untuk membatalkan pembelian IPP kerana ianya menguntungkan bukan Melayu. Satu tindakan oleh Presiden UMNO yang merupakan pengkhianatan kepada
    ahli UMNO dan orang Melayu.

    Pencurian 770 juta duit Tabung Haji untuk membayar pembelian ini adalah satu lagi perbuatan jenayah
    yang tidak boleh dimaafkan.

    700 JUTA nombor keramat Najib Razak.
    SEbaik saja dapat menjadi Presiden UMNO, Najib arah Felda beli Naza TTDI 700 juta.
    E&O beli syarikat 700 juta.
    TAbung Haji beli tanah Melayu dari 1MDB 770 juta.
    Minggu lepas FGV beli tanah di Indonesia 700 juta.
    Senang kira… Sikit lagi nak sampai 1000 juta, satu bilion nanti nampak banyak sangat.
    1MDB curi duit orang Melayu di Tabung Haji untuk bayar 25 billion IPP dari Hindu Anada, Cina Genting beli tanah 1.4 billion dari Cina P. Pinang.

    1MDB adalah jenayah terancang. Tidak ada izin untuk kewujudan 1MDB.

    Semua yang terlibat mesti dipenjarakan, macam Yin Luck di Thailand atau Morsi,
    tiada yang lepas dari undang undang.

    Mereka yang perlu dipenjarakan.
    Ahmad husni
    Irwan Srigar
    Arul Kanda
    Goh Tong
    Wak Lodin
    Semua pengarah dan CIO 1MDB.
    Jamil Khir
    Azeez Rahim
    Siapa yang curi duit Melayu dan Tanah Melayu.


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