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Congratulations Arul Kanda, you are now a politician!

We are so amused with Arul Kanda, the CEO of the troubled 1MDB.

FOUR months after telling his first lie to the public, finally he released a press statement to clear the air about that profound gibberish he uttered in February.

How un-professional indeed. This should have been cleared immediately after he said it. But he did not. Surely the people handling the 1MDB account would have alerted their own CEO that the money in BSI Singapore was not in the form of cash.

Unfortunately, we are dealing with people devoid of honesty. That was why, there was a comical flip flopping and desperate cover-up by the people involved ever since then.

After so much brouhaha by the public over their contradictory parliamentary replies, Arul Kanda still did not squeak a word about the piece of fiction he told in February. This belated press statement only came about after Tun Mahathir called him a liar straight to his un-professional face two days ago.

And judging from the poorly written press statement, Tun Mahathir was right after all.

1MDB CEO assuring (lying to) the public the cash is there

1MDB CEO assuring (lying to) the public the ‘cash’ is there

Normal people would instantly know whether they are telling a lie, or not. It seems Arul Kanda is not even sure whether what he said was either one of them. In his statement, he did not acknowledge, admit or be accountable to the lie he made in February. Instead, he just jumped to the Ministry of Finance’s amended replies in May.

He wanted people to forget that the main argument here is the fact that he LIED way before Ministry of Finance made the amendment. Even the Prime Minister colluded with his lie during the premier’s parliamentary response in March.

This is a devious way of wiggling yourself out from admitting that you are just a two-bit errand boy unfit to call yourself a professional or a banker.

Even a rookie auditor or a junior bank executive will not make such a fundamental mistake in not knowing the kind of assets you have in your accounts. There is a vast difference between cash, paper assets and units.

Is he really a banker? (Actually he is a lawyer by training).

And Tun Mahathir was right. This kind of people, with this kind of stupid press statement cannot be trusted.

Surely, when you said something which is not true, it is a lie.

Well, we the laymen call it a lie.

Again, instead of telling us whether he indeed has lied, he asked the authorities to verify whether or not he has lied!

What kind of nonsense are we getting from these so called professionals?!

Let’s put this in perspective. Arul Kanda told us that an apple he has in his pocket is a green apple. A month later, the Prime Minister confirmed it is green. Two months later, the Prime Minister told us, Arul Kanda lied, it is not green, it’s red. However, another Finance Minister then clarified that it is not actually a red apple, but in fact a citrus fruit. What kind of citrus fruit? He doesn’t know. It’s just a citrus fruit.

#Facepalm gif

#Facepalm gif

Only stupid people will still think that everyone stated in the paragraph above are a bunch professionals.

Isn’t it absurd that Arul Kanda now wants Auditor General, Bank Negara Malaysia and PAC to verify what kind of ‘fruit’ he has in his own pocket?!

Doesn’t he know? No he does not want to answer this because he is not an honest person. A professional would be an honest person. Arul Kanda is neither.

An honest professional will immediately recognise that a mistake was made, quickly issue a statement that he is wrong, made the right rectification and apologise for the lie. All this should be executed within 24 to 48 hours. Only then people can trust him.

What’s worse, Arul Kanda spun it as a ‘miscommunication’ and ‘confusion’. Confused over what you have in your own accounts? It seems now he is also incompetent!

Compounded to the fact that no rectification was made, a Prime Minister who was relying on him to give the right information on 1MDB, was turned into an idiot for giving a false answer in Parliament. This is all due to an incompetent CEO.

But the best part of his press statement is when he launched himself to argue over semantics and the pedantic. Now he is arguing that Tun Mahathir is shifting his allegations from ‘RM42 billion is missing’ to ‘where the RM42 billion went is questionable’.

They are the same argument! RM42 billion is missing, where did they all go? It seems the appropriation of this RM42 billion debts are questionable!

If you can be perplexed just because of this, we doubt you are even fit to be an errand boy.

Is 1MDB being overrun by brainless people who split hairs over English words?

The only logical thing how this stupid line of defence could come about is because he does not know how to answer all the questions posted in Tun Mahathir’s latest blog post.

Again, he is hiding behind the ‘wait for the AG report’ mantra popularised by the Prime Minister. No answers is forthcoming. It is amazing that after all this, he still have the cheek to say that he will conduct his duties in a professional manner.

These are all diversion and prevarication.

Congratulations Arul Kanda, you can now call yourself a sneaky politician!

Below is Arul Kanda’s press statement taken from 1MDB’s website.

1MDB: Clarification and Accountability

“In reference to a blog posted yesterday by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, I wish to make clear that my role at 1MDB has been and will continue to be as a professional. I was initially appointed to conduct a strategic review of the company, and am now leading the implementation of a rationalisation plan for the business, as presented to Cabinet on 29 May 2015.

As a professional, I am fully accountable for my actions and am answerable to the 1MDB Board, and our shareholder the Ministry of Finance. In the current context, this also includes the Auditor General, Bank Negara Malaysia and the Public Accounts Committee. These are the lawful authorities to verify whether or not I have ever lied, as has been claimed, as they have access to all information. I shall continue to conduct my duties in a professional manner, and furnish all information to assist the lawful authorities to verify the truth about 1MDB.

Tun Mahathir stated in his blog that a Parliamentary response submitted by the Ministry of Finance was subsequently amended. This has been previously acknowledged by the Ministry of Finance, and occurred due to confusion around some information provided by 1MDB. As the President of the company, I take full responsibility for this misunderstanding, and will ensure better communication with all stakeholders. Furthermore, as clarified by the MOF, appropriate steps have already been implemented to prevent this happening again in the future.

Separately, Tun Mahathir has previously claimed that RM42 Billion is missing. Now, after 1MDB provided a summary of how the RM42 billion was spent – based on past audited financial statements, he has stated in his blog post “where a chunk of the 42 billion ringgit went is questionable.” This continuous shift in numbers and allegations is perplexing.

With regard to other questions posed by Tun Mahathir and various commentators, the Prime Minister has said, “a full accounting of the facts by lawful authorities are needed so that there can be no misinterpretation or spin”. In this context, the Prime Minister has affirmed that “if any wrongdoing is proven, the law should be enforced without exception”. This is a position I fully support, both in relation to my own conduct to date, and that of 1MDB more generally.

I reiterate that the 1MDB team is fully committed in its efforts to implement the rationalisation plan presented to Cabinet. This plan will substantially reduce the company’s debt levels, and is well underway, as proven by the repayment of an RM 3.6 billion loan as announced on Monday 8 June.”

– Arul Kanda, President & Group Executive Director

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18 thoughts on “Congratulations Arul Kanda, you are now a politician!

  1. Tun M dah tidak percaya. BIla nak buktikan Najib lesapkan RM42 billion? Oh sorry. Tun M tak boleh ditanya untuk jawab soalan. Derhaka pada negarawan maksom. Dia ada lesen besar untuk berperangai buruk.

    Peliknya dunia sekarang … Najib kena jawab. Bila jawab, otomatik tak puashati dan alih perbincangan kepada isu lain. Arul pula hanya boleh dikritik dan tak boleh jawab balik. Bila jawab balik, dipanggil berpolitik.

    Nampaknya penyokong Tun M dah tahap pentaksub hingga tak konsisten dan sama low blow dengan TV3, Habibur Rahman dan Puad Zarkashi.

    Siapa yang layak kami boleh dengar dan percayai?


    • News Addict,
      Let me ask you a question. Does it not exercise you when the answers given selalu bercanggah? Eg, One time i -saw-with-my-own-eyes, then asset then the mystifying units. Answers like these don’t make you go hmmm wait a minute? Don’t it make you want to ask questions?

      One day we shall learn your form of sanguinity.

      Oh and another thing. TV3 last nite devoted a whole segment to rubbish the national car. The target kita semua tahu. Ni lah melayu. Marah kan nyamuk kelambu dibakar


        • Kampong lad,

          Let’s say to a certain extent i agree “dua2 proton & 1mdb tak perlu ujud in the 1st place”.
          Saya rakyat bisa, not a financial wizard ke apa. Proton dah lama wujud, warts and all. I can see it. Bricks and mortar.
          1mdb buat apa? Utk apa? Tau2 hutang dah berbilion2. Saya orang biasa nak tulis billion pun tak tau berapa zero in it.
          Ni lah kena bising sekarang, jgn nanti kita di beban lagi.

          The knee-jerk reactio from 1MDB fan boys seems to be “tunggu lah PAC report, Auditor-General ‘s report”. Ok kita kena sabar dan tunggu. But how do you think these bodies are making inquiries into 1MDB. Sebab kita (public) bising lah. Kan?

          Keep those in power on their toes.

          (To self):Hmm another sanguine lad. Mesti menuntut ilmu dengan depa ni.


          • kalau proton dah lama ujud, jadi kena terus ujud? dua2 guna duit rakyat. bezanya satu rugi kita tau duit tu pi mana & lagi satu kita masih tak tau rm27b tu pi mana.


            • Kau tau ke apa value Proton tu sebenarnya kepada negara? Cuba jawab: apa value perlumbaan F1 secara amnya? Sekadar hiburan ke? Jawab soalan tu, terjawablah soalan kenapa Mahathir buat Proton.


    • Arul boleh dikiritk dan boleh jawab balik. Tapi bila jawab balik tu, jawab dengan pandai lah. Jawab cara bodoh buatpe? Kau rasa dia jawab pandai ke?



    • News Addict

      Najib, Arul and Husni responded but they did NOT answer the questions. They need to address the moot points raised by concerned citizens – many of whom are professionals (unlike yourself).

      Tun Dr Mahathir was persuaded to be the spokesman as he meets all the criteria – amongst them, a clear and sharp mind, the guts of a REAL warrior (no need for him to shout to the whole world), the worldly wisdom and the substantial precious experience in administering Malaysia for 22 years.

      Most important of all – he CARES enough to take on this very unpleasant task. You need to note that Najib was “supported” by Tun to replace Pakalah. After all Najib was his idol’s son. You can imagine and sympathise with Tun as he embarked on this burdensome mission to save Malaysia from being “ruled” by foreign interests.

      The quality of your comment enlightens us as to why many supporters STILL defend Najib – basically because you and clan are incapable of fully comprehending this risky predicament.

      RM42 billion is a colossal sum – soon to be borne by yourself, your family and also your descendants.


    • Awat hang tanya Tun M “bila nak buktikan najib lesap 42 billion” ((kalau Najib lesap 8 – 16 billion kira ok lah?).

      Tun M mana ada kuasa nak periksa semua transaksi kewangan dan fail fail 1MDB atau diberi mandat untuk membuat siasatan? macam mana nak bukti?

      Soalan ni patut tanya PAC atau Polis…mereka yang diberi mandat dan kuasa.

      Orang yang ada semua maklumat dan senang peroleh maklumat pasal 1MDB ni adalah 1MDB sendiri dan Najib Razak…lebih mudah kalau hang pi tanya Najib dan 1MDB “Bila nak buktikan yang 1MDB ni tak pi lesap billion billion?”

      Kan senang! Kalau dia buktikan dengan jelas, Tun M dah tak ada point dan org ramai pun akan kembali sokong Najib?

      Tapi aku sendiri tetap tak akan sokong Ah Jib Gor sebab bagi aku isu 1MDB ni ada tiga kemungkinan:

      1. Sebab “fraud” pi lesap billion.
      2. Kalau tak ada fraud maka “mismanagement” yang amat teruk!
      3. Dua dua di atas

      Salah satu antara 3 diatas pasti benar!

      Di dunia korporat sebenar; kalau ko mismanage ratus ribu pun ko akan kena tendang keluar…yang ni dah mismanage sampai billion billion! memang sah patut kena tendang termasuk PM sendiri.

      Kalau fraud pula; ko akan kena tendang dan masuk penjara!


  2. This bugger is fast mastering the art of talking a lot to say precisely nothing, that’s for sure. Smart little rat, too: let’s the government do all the hard work and then he proudly declares “debt settled” as if it was all him. It’s becoming a pattern, this penchant of his in hiding the little details. The other day he conveniently forgot to thank the Second Finance Minister who had to sell God knows what that belongs to us to save Arul and the other f*ck-ups’ arse, and now he conveniently forgets to explain how the hell he made that mix up in the first place.

    Miscommunication, my foot. He talks as if it’s just RM42.00 being misplaced.


  3. It seems that the use of “language” is the tool of choice for this fool. Another pro-kebenaran blogger, another brick in the wall also uses this line quite often. It seems that everyone in the pro shithole (1najisdb) like to argue “kejap hilang kejap pinjam” line. And they harp it all the time. I think cock wing is pro “tell a lie many times, eventually it will become the truth”.

    But we aint no monkeys and only a fool like kekanda garu-sami can confuse cash for units. I think kekanda confuses breasts with his tiny nutsacks too


  4. Why did PM Najib pick Arul Kanda for this post?

    Arul Kanda is connect to back again to the-boy-who-is-not-involve-in-anything-&-everything-to-do-with-1MDB.

    Lalalalala…sandiwara tahap banggang.


  5. And while Arul is languishing behind his lame rhetorics how much ringgit is he extracting out of the ministry’s coffers as disbursement for his contributions to compounded ignorance?

    Najib dan Con-Sultannya betul lah sombong bodoh


  6. Arul satu bulan dapat gaji RM200k. Untuk apa? Untuk menipu. Do you even need the money? Dear Arul, kau ada dua anak perempuan. To borrow from watermelon head Lim Kok Wing, What kind of LEGACY you want to leave behind for your daughters? Your parents are still alive. Why put them through all this maki hamun? Duit tu boleh cari kat mana-mana. Take a pay cut pun tak pe. At least takde orang meludah dan memaki nama kau.


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