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Big Boss of 1MDB: “I buat salah, you resign ok”

We live in a funny world where people who committed mistakes can give ultimatum to people who have nothing to do with the mistakes to resign.

Nazri Aziz, the PM’s long time loyalist said yesterday:

“PM said this at the meeting: ‘if somehow, some of you feel uncomfortable with this (the rationalisation of 1MDB), please hand in or write (your resignation)..”

This loyal minion wanted to tone down some news reports which had said the PM gave an ultimatum to cabinet ministers.

From the words that came out from Nazri Aziz’s mouth, it was indeed sounded like an ultimatum.

114222jkg0r0mg6j0w1q6jThis is a living proof where accountability is truly dead in this administration. Instead of sacking right away the Board of Directors in 1MDB, as well as the non-performing Finance Minister I, the Prime Minister in his move to save himself had asked his colleagues to tender their resignation if they feel uncomfortable with his plans.

Nevermind the fact that his colleagues have got nothing to do with 1MDB in the first place!

Instead of cabinet ministers urging him to resign for the obvious financial debacle (otherwise 1MDB do not have to be restructured), it was the top advisor of 1MDB who had asked them to quit. Isn’t that laughable?

Don’t you all have any conscience? Don’t you all feel any shame sitting in that cabinet chair? Did any minister say their grievances and uneasiness when no one from 1MDB has been accountable for the huge, unnecessary loans which now had to be restructured?

Worse, it is revealed that for any deals 1MDB is involved, it needs to get the approval from the PM cum-FM himself. This is confirmed by Jho Low and even by 1MDB’s current CEO. The justification to ensure for at least the resignation of FM1 is rock solid.

But there was silence from around the cabinet table.

Is it really comfortable sitting in that chair?


17 thoughts on “Big Boss of 1MDB: “I buat salah, you resign ok”

  1. JBD Sir,

    Al Jemuan’s reverse intelligence astounds us further, if his brittle economics has not left the entire nation flabbergasted.

    Didn’t Al Capone boast: “I have built my organization upon fear.” Capone also remarked: “This American system of ours, call it Americanism, call it capitalism, call it what you will, gives each and every one of us a great opportunity if we only seize it with both hands and make the most of it!”


  2. Our PM don’t even have the balls to make this statement to the media himself. It had to be leaked out as “…according to one source…” Apa da, Perdana Menteri ni. Tak pernah nampak jantan langsung. Tapi ketuk gendang, ketuk podium bukan main lagi.


  3. He is behaving more like an Emperor than an elected leader in a democratic nation. His latest move highlights the chronic level of desperation.

    The moral of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is that people should be willing to speak up if they know the truth, even if they think that everyone else will look down on them.


  4. If you make a mistake, make a new one each time! Humility leads to strength and not to weakness. It is the highest form of self-respect to admit mistakes and to make amends to them. Everyone of us make mistakes along our lives, but some repent while others continue to make mistakes, after mistakes but they are not to be mistaken as stupid or blokes around us! According to JOHN C. COLLINS…”Half our mistakes in life arise from feeling where we ought to think, and thinking when we ought to feel.”


    • In the case of 1MDB, Najib’s “cash” mistake spoken in parliament, points to a lack of due diligence amounting to gross negligence.

      Especially when the amount runs into billions, which will eventually impact the rakyat.

      Such critical issues require stringent checks and scrutiny. No excuses.

      Do remember that the “corrections” were not made IMMEDIATELY. It had to be pointed out by a third party.

      Truly Pathetic.


  5. Well the precedence has been set before. It is a norm in Malaysia. Just look at Mas. The stupidity of one man who owns it and the stupidity of another man who manages Mas has cumulated to 6000 losing jobs and the once world-class company losing its reputation and respect. Is thia is the epitome of the 1Malaysia spirit?


  6. If we read carefully what PM was saying, I believed what he meant was if any members of cabinet did not agree with MoF 2 proposal please submit or write in their opinion or counter proposal. He did not mention resignation letter. This is my take because Hishamudins twitter used the word ‘spin’ though the whole twitter don’t make sense.


  7. Opulence builds inertia. We live in luxury due to our own clever earnings, why worry if others and their children not so clever go to the pit?


  8. Let najib fire them if he has the guts… which he does not. So be smart anti-najib cabinet members and fight from within.


    • They are two ways people avoid in life either escape unhurt or the great escape so najib chooses the later so meaning he is asking to those who’s going to join him let’s swim or sink together


  9. Tangkap je. Dah jelas makan rasuah. Tangkap dan bicara. Why is the police dragging their feed? Selagi kepala ular masih hidup, minions dia tak takut. Sebab they are in this together.


    • What happens when a bogeysman gets cloned with a snake? You get “Anna Con Dah” with an appetite so big it cost billions to feed. Protect your kangkung and chickens well!


  10. yes bro … history always repeat itself … 1mdb scandal jika tidak ditangani secara bijaksana boleh jadi penyebab kpd NATION AT RISK spt kejatuhan kerajaan mesir pimpinan ismail pasha 1860 & khlifah othmaniyah 1924… akibat kebrhutangan melampau hingga membeban kewangan negara. Tun DrM dah hidu kesan jangka panjang kemelut 1mdb … DPM might had inhaled the pinching odour circulating around his nostril .. but the rest in the team might not be able to diffrentiate between carbon monokside & hydrogen sulfide. 2 major issues here : 1] locating the missing dollar 2] avoiding the incoming highly catastropic state of undnung & probable 360 degree reversal of wawasan 2020 … & finally followed by total collapse in accordance with the principle of 3rd law of thermodynamic …rd5


  11. hikhikhikhikhik….. Personally i think it all started with 1Malaysia thingy…
    A slogan just to sell Himself to the rakyat…..

    Seriyesli..sampai sekarang tak nampak where this 1 Malaysia thing is going..tak nampak hala tuju dia.

    A slogan that’s now costing us BILLIONS..


  12. Jika anda masih kabur ttg konsep & halatuju slogan 1malaysia, jangan salahkan sesiapa…’coz kita pernah satu ketika dulu sama-sama kabur bila konsep islam hadhari diketengahkan …


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