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Nur Jazlan, Tony Pua and PAC are made to look stupid by 1MDB

Last night in a sudden move to appease the growing disgust from the public, 1MDB had issued a brief statement that its CEO, Mr. Arul Kanda Kandasamy has denied that he is snubbing the PAC probe which is scheduled for him today.

In the statement which was reported in The Malaysian Insider, Arul Kanda is “looking forward to appear before the committee and having the opportunity to clarify 1MDB’s position.”

However he added that the date to actually appear in front of PAC is “currently being finalised due to a date proposed earlier being in conflict with previously scheduled overseas commitments.”

This is in contrast to a statement made by a member of the PAC, MP Tony Pua in his tweets yesterday which stated, “These jokers claimed to be overseas this [sic] 2 days despite having been given the notice to attend some 3 weeks ago..”

1MDB itself had given assurances on May 12th that it has nothing to hide and its Chairman, Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin asserted that he will attend if he is invited and that “the rest of the management have to attend as well.”

Many argued that Arul Kanda’s most recent press statement which said he could not appear for the stipulated PAC session due to some pre-scheduled commitments is an amateurish excuse even for his stature. Worse, it is a slap in PAC’s face and disrespecting Parliament.

Shahrol Azral - needed 2 and a half month to cook his favourite dis for PAC

Former CEO Datuk Shahrol Azral needed 2 and a half months to cook his favourite dish for PAC

Nur Jazlan had issued early warnings that PAC will start its investigation on April 14th, some 6 weeks before today’s date.

Amazingly, 1MDB’s former CEO, Datuk Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi even requested a further 1 month extension to prepare for the investigation. That will overall be 10 weeks of preparation to face a PAC probe. Surely something is amiss.

And as recent as 22nd May, Nur Jazlan had urged the public not to doubt PAC’s investigation. Being the Chairman of PAC, he had said, “PAC holds the right to call witnesses. Why is it that PAC members are now being doubted, questioned? How will we then carry out a transparent and meaningful investigation?”

But all he could said with regards to the snub was that “the PAC secretariat received a letter from the Finance Ministry requesting for a postponement, and after discussing this just now, the members have agreed to it.”

The Finance Minister even acted like a messenger boy for both CEOs of 1MDB.

Certainly the conduct of those two had belittled and put a dent in public’s confidence towards the firmness and potency of PAC. How indeed can PAC carry out a transparent and meaningful investigation when the subject of their investigation can come and go as they please?

The gross incompetence that had been shown throughout 1MDB’s board, management and operations must not infect the PAC.

The Prime Minister, who is also the Advisor of 1MDB should have given a stern advice and ample warning for the CEOs to attend all the scheduled sessions.

Ultimately, the public wants to see how PAC could reign in the arrogance portrayed by 1MDB’s top management in snubbing the Parliament. As it is, the public are beginning to realise that when certain quarters had expressed doubts this investigation will not be dragged on for months or maybe years, they could be saying the truth.


13 thoughts on “Nur Jazlan, Tony Pua and PAC are made to look stupid by 1MDB

  1. Sir,

    You are damn right about pac, jazlan and phua being snubbed by 1MDB.

    2. Is pac trustworthy after being snubbed?

    3. A lie is a lie is a lie

    4. When i first commented on jazlan as chairman of pac, umno boys condemned me. I personally prefer dr razali ibrahim anytime to jazlan

    5. Too much frustration


  2. If those involved in 1MDB display arrogance by their actions, one can deduce that the top boss may have promised immunity.

    Meanwhile the perception that all is really NOT well with 1MDB gains momentum by the second.

    Actually Tun Dr M most probably knew all along the whole truth but had given Najib much leeway to exit with dignity. Some quarters were vocally declaring that Rosmah will not allow that to happen.

    Najib better cut his losses before the massive sh*t hits the fan.


    • I agree, to a point. My reading of the situation is, Najib only knows half of what Dr M does. That’s why he’s sometimes acting dumb: he’s actually clueless.

      This in no way excuse such behaviour from a sitting Prime Minister, however. A dumb and clueless PM who is in the dark about the shenanigans of those around him, are as damaging to the nation’s well being as a PM wannabe who likes playing in dark spots where the sun don’t shine.

      Wasn’t that, after all, why we got rid of the last one? Because he was dumb and clueless?


  3. To me, the delay is no big deal. Why make a big fuzz? Nothing in Malaysia is not delayed.

    Tony Pua didn’t make a big deal when Anwar delayed the court 60 times and for many years. Justice needed time and proper preparation. Guess that argument will be fair to on the part of former CEOs to prepare themselves.

    Delays had happened during ECM Libra enquiry and many other enquiries. Don’t tell me critics of 1MDB want to screw on ill prepared CEOs.

    If the story is right. it had been Jho Loh that was doing the deals and structuring of 1MDB and TIA. Shahrol esd merely IT consultant from Accenture … know nuts and rhetorical. So kenapa PAC tak bawa itu si Jolok?

    Arul was only taken to clean things up. Why be critical of Arul? Takkan awak mahu lanyak orang2 yang tak bersalah???

    In the first place, why in hell should PAC convene before AG complete their work. PAC is meeting without sufficient basis to carry out their work. Bet some questions are from heresay.

    The only budget PAC they is for one admin staff. Surely he or she is not capable to undertake the research on 1MDB.

    The basis for PAC to question will be to rely on AG report. Dont think the members of PAC have sufficient skill or ability or time to investigate 1MDB. All are politicians with power agenda and many have openly prejudged 1mdb, at least half of them!

    Forget PAC … it is irrelevent. It can only comment and have no power to do anything.

    Bring in police, SPRM etc. But ppl will still say coverup.

    Maybe let Kadir Jasin, Syed Akbar, Firdaus Abdullah, Tony Pua and Rafizi do the audit and investigation. Sure fair because for sure 1MDB will be wrong and it will lead to Najib. Public will be happy.

    Will JMD agree?


    • It’s a breath of fresh air to see people writing long comments to justify 1MDB’s and government’s incompetence. Thank you.


  4. Sdrs newsaddict,

    Why do you sound so angry and sarcastic?

    You and like thinking persons may have your say snd no one stop you.

    I agree with JMD….why write so long to describe 1MDB, MOF, PAC, NAJIB’s INCOMPETENCIES?

    Relax, stay calm and najib will reward you…..congratulations


  5. Dia orang berani sebab…someone kat atas allows it. Probably following orders kot. His father is turning in his grave. Bapa is a great man, anak is a ular of the highest order.


    • Hi Obselete,
      The Star had reported “According to Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed at a media conference on Monday, the letter was sent to MoF on May 6, giving notice of 20 days for Arul and Shahrol to appear before the PAC on May 26.” But in this letter posted by MYKMU, the date of the letter was handwritten as 20th (why?). Tony Pua also confirmed that they sent the letter in early May. You can also read it here –
      Thank you.


      • Notwithstanding, as an ex-CEO, why would you need 30 days to prepare for an inquiry? And now asking for an additional 30 days? The matters had passed and if you merely need to recollect your thoughts or obtain verification, surely you can just refer to your minutes? Don’t all CEOs have their own diaries? Lame attempt to cover up something that is too big to cover up.


  6. Mr JMD,

    You are absolutely right on the date. Bloggers in the likes of known for spinning news as long appeared to support najib were and or are terrible liars. The quotations below are true and fair reflection of those guys who lack credibility and with no sincere conscience.


    BIt is no good at all
    to conjure all sorts of reasons
    to explain away truth:

    One could subscribe to truth
    only when one has self-respect in the first place;

    When a man tells untruths,
    he has no respect for himself
    and little would he do better for others
    except for his own gain;

    And when a man tells lies,
    he has a tendency to forget:

    With one lie after the other,
    eventually he would be caught
    in his own tangled web:


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