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“You told a lie, Prime Minister”

We look back into a rather amusing past when Pak Lah was getting the heat by bloggers who had enjoyed themselves writing about his administrative mistakes. Those were the days when blogs were fun to read and everyone believed in the bigger cause.

And this video was always the ‘go to’ video by bloggers back then.

*clip from the Yes, Prime Minister series, The Tangled Web episode.

6 thoughts on ““You told a lie, Prime Minister”

  1. I understand. There were some credible bloggers back then, which I frequent but nowadays ~ I couldn’t even have the energy and the heart to clicks on their blog page…. Im sadden really. Money often costs too much. It can buy our belief… I’m not pointing finger. Hope they’re in peace with their conscience.

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  2. Dear UMNO leaders

    Solidarity should not be given to a proven-lying PM. Otherwise you are considered accomplices.

    Bloggers with integrity (not for sale) would rather be labelled as “bangang” and “bengong” than to stoop so low by supporting a LIAR in high position.

    P.S. That makes you JMD, a BB (bangang blogger) along with OSTB, Din Turtle, APANAMA, Jelapang and many others. Bravo!!

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  3. There are lies which if misconceived are forgivable but if it goes to the foundation our existence, our national existence at that, then it should deservedly incur everyone’s wrath!

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  4. Jayne, we can only offer them our sympathies.Some are still friends among us.
    P.S ray , they also called zombies by one TS Arshad’s son.
    Yes BRAVO to bangang zombies.

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