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Is Deputy President the only one with common sense in Umno?

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said: “I have nothing to fear except God” when he urged the all powerful Prime Minister aka Finance Minister-cum-1MDB’s Chairman of the Board of Advisors to sack the top management of 1MDB. Well at least, that is a start.

video taken from

A lot of things are not getting better under the surface. Yesterday the Eleventh Malaysia Plan was announced. But the economic figures from the previous Malaysia Plan did not come to expectations. Read HERE for the full details.


3 thoughts on “Is Deputy President the only one with common sense in Umno?

  1. Bro,

    Is Deputy President the only one with common sense in Umno?

    I hope not…because if it is…then UMNO/BN will be in deep shit!

    What irk me the most about the video is that even though the content is very clear i.e. Muhyiddin opinion is exactly the opposite of Najib with regard to 1MDB, Najib punya cybertrooper were still trying to spin it off to cast positive light on Najib…

    The rakyat that is reading this kind of spin are of course not an idiot…the more they spin, “pinda” or buat “pembetulan” the more the rakyat is getting fed up and angry.


  2. Bro.

    Here is an excerpt of interview with Nur Jazlan (PAC) taken from: :

    “As a trained accountant, are you surprised by what you see in the accounts?

    Personally, and not as the PAC chairman, I am very surprised at the lax leeway given and the stretching of the auditing standards. Then, there is the special treatment given to 1MDB compared with other commercial enterprises and GLCs.

    When you look at the accounts, should there have been a uniform application of standards?

    The standards are there. The question is whether you want to apply them to the highest or the least degree. In this case, it was applied to the least.

    It’s not like these firms are not reputable international companies. They have been auditing other listed companies. They should actually observe a higher standard.”

    And that is only the beginning or on the surface!!!! I wonder what will they find when they go deeper!!!


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