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Umno’s unprincipled leaders and their followers

Let’s talk about principles. Since we have politicians who don’t appear to have one. Having a principle will make you seem consistent. Consistency in your principles will make you become trustworthy. Even Tunku Abdul Aziz has become somewhat a blur from his old self. We will talk about him at the end of this article.

In the mean time let’s talk about how unprincipled and inconsistent some politicians are.

For instance, Hishammudin Hussein who just barely a month ago was quoted as saying:

Naib presiden Umno‎ itu berkata, Dr Mahathir perlu membiarkan dirinya dan pemimpin Umno fokus kepada menguruskan pentadbiran negara daripada melayan setiap dakwaan yang ditimbulkan.

Katanya, Dr Mahathir juga semakin keterlaluan apabila masih menyerang Najib walaupun beberapa persoalan yang dibangkitkan sudah dijawab secara terbuka, termasuk isu 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) dan pembunuhan wanita Mongolia, Altantuya ‎Shaariibuu.

And now, after such brouhaha and the mismanagement of 1MDB could be contained, he is saying:

I suggest that the 1MDB board of directors appoint another international firm that is independent to examine, verify and reveal to the public all its assets, liabilities as well as the status of its investment portfolio and cash flow.

He said the public should not have to wait for the National Audit Department to complete its probe on 1MDB before getting answers, and urged the Auditor-General to prepare a report on 1MDB immediately to submit to the Public Accounts Committee.

“1MDB has become a hot issue that Malaysians are now focusing on. Hence, in my view, the government should answer the questions raised to remove negative perceptions surrounding this investment firm.

After months of defending 1MDB, most Umno ministers (not limited to just Hishammudin alone) have come out in the open to urge the government to explain and give replies to all the questions that has been asked (please refer to previous post here).

Well, aren’t you also part of the government too? Weren’t you the ones after all these months were busy defending 1MDB? What happened to your principles? You as government defending 1MDB but now you become part of the rakyat urging the government to be transparent? Are you saying you were not transparent before? Or are you saying you were defending blindly like an idiot before this?

Take the example of Umno Youth. On 13th April, Umno Youth had rallied behind the Prime Minister with regards to 1MDB. The Ketua Pemuda had said:

He added that Najib had explained all the issues raised by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the meeting that lasted over an hour.

“The Youth are very satisfied with Najib’s explanation on the current issues, thus we will continue the effort by carrying Najib’s explanation, and spread it to the party members and the public,” Khairy said.

On ways to regain the trust of the people towards BN, Khairy said they need to engage with the public and explain to them the current “crisis” that Umno is facing.

“We have to reach out to the rakyat, not only the prime minister but all the government machinery including the cabinet and party leadership.

Umno Youth celebrating the explanation they got from the PM about 1MDB

Umno Youth celebrating the explanation they got from the PM about 1MDB

For the case of Umno Youth, they went a step higher. They announced that they will help explain to the public  because they were very satisfied with the explanation by the PM back then. We wonder what kind of explanation the Youth wing had.

Because less than a month later, they made a 180 degree turn where and urged the government to answer the burning questions. Can’t they answer on behalf of the government. The last time we checked, Hishammudin and the Ketua Pemuda are members of the cabinet.

Weren’t 1MDB issue being discussed in the frequent cabinet meetings? What have the ministers been doing in those meetings?

Why are the cabinet ministers acting dumb when it comes to 1MDB? Is it because they have failed in their fiduciary duties of safeholding the

After showing solidarity with the PM, the cabinet ministers seem to be at loss. Showing solidarity and rallying behind the PM means you are supporting what the PM has been doing, that is why you were defending 1MDB. Being in solidarity means you are sharing responsibility and accountability.

Thus all this recent sudden commotion coming from these ministers are mostly because they are hedging their political position. Otherwise, a principled person will defend their original position about 1MDB and continue hoisting the top boss of 1MDB over their shoulders.

And a smart, principled person would have from the start question the 1MDB board of advisers in cabinet meetings and seek out the truth and put matters to a stop a long time ago.

All this inconsistencies show that politicians are not really honest and righteous when it comes to the people’s need and queries. They will only act when their position is in jeopardy.

Same goes to the pro-1MDB people in the sidelines like Tunku Abdul Aziz. It doesn’t matter if Tun Mahathir had bailed out companies when he was the Prime Minister. This has been talked about way back during Pak Lah’s administration, where the unofficial policy at that time was to denigrate and disparage Tun Mahathir’s legacy.

The main issue NOW is the questions about 1MDB which have not been answered.

The rakyat themselves are asking the same questions. Will Tunku Aziz and all the pro-Najib cybertroopers will then tell the rakyat: “Hey rakyat, you can’t get the answers because you also have bailed out several companies in the past!”

How come, in the effort of diverting the real issue, all these parasites and “pelesit” and “jemuan” have become stupid?

Are they the proponent of “if the people don’t know what we’re doing then the people won’t know what we’re doing wrong”?

Good luck in answering the people. Please do not dumb down the public by attacking Tun Dr Mahathir. It won’t work. Pak Lah learned this lesson the hard way. Anwar Ibrahim still didn’t learn that lesson. If this current administration repeating this mistake, then they are wishing their own political demise.

Tun Mahathir is just the messenger. If you don’t know from who the message is, you are truly stupid.

15 thoughts on “Umno’s unprincipled leaders and their followers

  1. The great charlie chaplin…yeap….the funnyman with extreme intelligence compared to our politician “I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.”….


  2. Appreciate your valuable analysis…it is already 21st century …they (the so called leaders) are yet to learn what is the meaning of integrity….jahanam negara…


  3. Gosh. What utter tripe again. You’re just hedging like the rest. No wonder we’re in a mess. Fucking assholes all over.


  4. I’m long waiting for your views on 1MDB fiasco you really spot on, most of Malaysia politician don’t value and principles. They are more like “lalang”……….. .


  5. Good, timely, post which gets to the point of the matter, which is UMNO’s unprincipled leaders.

    And the activation of your blog signals it is a batlle to be waged, and the more soldiers the better.

    Dr Mahathirs’ governance model allows a lot of freedom for individual action and respect for traditions but doesn’t compromise when it comes to the divide betwwen public and private interests being purer here than even Singapore.

    The success of this model creates its own problems. When people become successful and rich and opulent their senses become dull.

    How do we win battle with one caught in his own adventures or misadventures and without any moral compass or zero sensitivty to public interest ?


  6. if you compare the number of times cabinet meeting was conducted with the time span of Najib was out of Malaysia, you might know whether the chances of this issue to be discussed during the meetings.

    P/S : DPM has stated that even he himself could not provide answers regarding 1MDB.


  7. I have given up on umno because of the pm and his bad ministers, ketua bhg, caw, pmda, wnta & putri.

    My only doa is that Allah punish all these politician a billion times more than what they have done to their own people, religion and nation. And I hope some of those punishment will be seen here in this world.

    Amin amin yarabbal alamin


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  9. Well let me answer on behalf of the PM. Maybe he does not know it, but part of the RM4 billion will be used in the state of Sabah. On what project, I cannot give in detail as I have sworn an oath of secrecy. And I know this even though I hate the guts of the gomen. I stumbled upon this as a professional. I think project under SRC, which took a RM4 billion loan from kwap. But dunno if money still there as project stalled. So I don’t get my professional fees. So sad.
    1MDB looks to be the heist of the century. Well done if bummy gets the money as normally, bummy gets only share certificate and the non bummy gets the cash under this peverted NEP. And worse, you are taxed for dividend and no tax for capital gains. So bummy gets no money and taxed for dividend, and non bummy gets cash no need tax, then send all that tax free money to Singapore, Australia or London and we say bad things about the country., discrimination, no freedom blah! Blah!


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