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Why Umno leaders can’t seem to get it

A couple of days ago Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad wrote an article to highlight his complaints on the direction of this country, particularly to criticise the administration of Prime Minister Najib Razak. As a citizen of this country, and like everybody else, he has the right to criticise and give his views.

Basically, in his 34 paragraphed article, he outlined a few of those grievances. We are sure there are many, but perhaps these are the main ones (in 6 paragraphs only):

25. Apakah dianya yang saya fikir salah. Ia bermula dengan pendirian melayani semua tuntutan musuh. ISA dan undang-undang buang daerah dimansuh. Tindakan ini tidak sedikit pun mengurangkan tentangan oleh parti lawan. Sebaliknya jenayah bertambah dengan banyaknya kerana pembebasan ketua-ketua geng.

26. Demikian juga dengan sikap merendah diri kepada negara jiran sehingga urusan dalam negeri pun tertakluk kepada pendapat Kerajaan negara jiran. (JMD: this is pertaining Singapore, on how the way we develop Johor; our own state, and the high speed rail must take into account what Singapore wants)

27. Tetapi pendapat kaum dan parti yang kuat menyokong untuk menyelamatkan kedudukan Kerajaan tidak diberi layanan yang saksama.

28. Wang Kerajaan diguna untuk mempengaruhi sokongan rakyat apabila sahaja pilihanraya umum diadakan. Ini menjadikan rakyat terlalu bergantung kepada Kerajaan untuk segala-galanya. Bagi yang betul-betul miskin, bantuan seperti ini memanglah wajar. Tetapi beribu rakyat yang ditawar menolak bantuan wang seperti ini. Semangat rakyat untuk bekerja menjadi luntur apabila mereka diberi ganjaran tanpa apa-apa usaha oleh mereka. Semangat ini tidak akan menolong pembangunan Negara.

29. Dasar ekonomi mengutamakan tuntutan pengguna. Impot barangan digalakan dan industri tempatan diabaikan, bahkan dihalang oleh dasar Kerajaan.

30. Cuti ditambah sehingga adakalanya pekerja bercuti lebih satu minggu. Sebaliknya gaji minimum dinaikkan tanpa mengambilkira kenaikan kos yang boleh menjadi perniagaan dan perusahaan tidak bedayasaing dengan barangan impot.

31. Sesungguhnya banyaklah dasar, pendekatan dan perbuatan Kerajaan pimpinan Dato Seri Najib yang merosakkan hubungan antara kaum, merosakkan ekonomi dan kewangan negara.

32. Semua ini disebabkan penyokong Kerajaan tidak pernah menegur pemimpin.

The above are his grievances on how the policies and changes made by the PM is disastrous and have little benefit for the country as a whole.


Hishamuddin Hussein, a senior minister with an Umno VP post retorted with:

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has to come to the defence of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, saying he is doing his best in administering the country.

The defence minister cited accomplishments such as the handling of the remains from the MH17 tragedy, where he was quoted as saying by news portal Malaysiakini that Najib succeeded where US president Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin had failed.

“If Najib did not take the brave stand of facing the separatists, I may not be standing here today to organise the arrival of the corpses (of Malaysians),” Hishammuddin was quoted as saying by the portal.

“Ask if Obama could do it, ask if Putin is able to do it.”

Najib’s handling of the MH17 tragedy allowed investigators to access the crash site and bring back the remains of the MH17 victims.

What has MH17 got to do with the grave error in listening to the opposition calls to repeal the ISA? Do you know why the ISA is still needed? Because sometimes, when anti-opposition groups made unsavoury remarks towards the opposition, the opposition themselves want people who made those remarks to be treated under the ISA!

But the main point is, why isn’t the points made by Tun Mahathir are replied specifically? Is it because there are no replies forthcoming? Are the braincells incapable to think? This is precisely what Tun Mahathir had said in his article; when the most obvious mistakes are made the PM, the Umno leaders are incapable to criticise those mistakes.

And changes made if it is not beneficial to the society, it could be disastrous for the nation. Tengku Adnan, another Umno leader seemed not to get what Tun Mahathir had said.

“Give Najib a chance to make changes to bring the country forward. It takes time to make those changes,”

Yes ultimately, any PM wants to make a change. But if those changes are strategically disastrous (as mentioned by Tun Mahathir), then BN really do not need time. They really need a miracle to make things better.

The inability of Umno leaders to address each and every point made by Tun Mahathir is really comical. Not to mention the reply by Umno Federal Territory Youth Chief. The skill of saying something which addresses nothing is really being honed here. Again, if the changes prove to be a disadvantage for Barisan Nasional in surviving the next general election, there is no need to say that the PM is working hard to make these changes.

Umno Youth should just focus on making themselves attractive to GLCs. Who knows one day they may sit on the Tender Committee Board and dish out tenders for friends? If there’s a way to use a shortcut to get whatever you want in your political career, why not use it? Right?

But using a shortcut to reply on the points made by Tun Mahathir is really not an intelligent way to address the problems facing this country. If you couldn’t deal with simple questions by Tun Mahathir, how do you expect people to believe you can handle more complicated problems facing us?

As a conclusion, no hard feelings. Maaf zahir dan batin.

54 thoughts on “Why Umno leaders can’t seem to get it

  1. Totally agree. I read Keruak’s response and I want to cry. He made some sendiri buat punya tol argiement and use it to respond to Tun. Banyak sangat bangaklah dalam Umno ni. Having said that there is no pemimpin samapi mati like DAP PKR and PAS. At least not yet.


  2. Let me respond on behalf of the present UMNO leadership and (Pay And Pay) PAP. It was during the reign of haprak hp6 3/4 UMNo gomen under Toon, who supported a policy of wage suppression, and quantitive easing, which resulted high inflation.if Malaysia were under PAP, this wouldnt happen. A proton saga would cost the same amount as it did 30 years ago if RM had pegged its currency to the mighty S$. A RM40k car would only cost S$17k.
    Our education standard is below PISA average and among the last 15 of 65 countries surveyed and present UMNo still dunno and dont care on how to rectify the situation. Its not ony students who are playing truant,but teachers are missing on a regular basis. My son also fed up.maybe i will be forced to send him to private school. With girls wearing hot pants,maybe that will encourage him to study harder.
    If properly planned, iskandar can be a economic icon. Who cares which foreign investor buy up properties there as long as it translate to job and busoness opportunity. And here lies the problem. The jobs are going to foreigners from third world despot and not trickling to local kampung mats.UMNo guys prefer to make big bucks supplying manpwer than they care about unemployed mats. Then they will once a month take the immigration guys to the preferred holiday destination for some golf, massage and kickbacks.


      • Funny now that you have mentioned quantitative easing, and it was as you speak TDM own action in saving the economy at that time and it was probably unheard of before. But now even the US, not to mention euro, china, australia are also making the same action. Brilliant TDM isnt it?

        You shouldnt idolised PAP more than you should be because that state led by a moron. There are plenty of not so bright idea coming from them. Hiking a car prices, home and sot of living causing high inflationary pressure, a bad idea of neuwater or salt water reverse osmosis whatever, or weird policy of PAP that keep waving-in more expats to fill up the professional jobs which just showed their terrible education system, i mean how can you explain that, your own people are not qualified for the job? Funny thing is Malaysian keep exporting our mediocre-brainy people to Singapore, yet this people themselves holding a good post there. Well what do you expect from singaporean, surely because they are the best moron available? Uh..did I mentioned also Temasek loss on subprime mortgage of $39.91b which later they took Hassan Merican an unwanted malay in Petronas to sit in the board of directors? Well how about that?

        Tempawan, I started to feel pity on your son. It’s too bad for him having a father like you. He deserves more. FYI, its not about the school that shape your son tempawan, probably it’s due to genetic flaws.


    • tempawan,

      since you seem to be in the know, go to Singapore and buy me a car in the Proton class for S$17k and see how far that gets you.

      Turd class idiot. Since you like living in a clamped down environment where dissent is untolerated like Singapo, I hope you either live in Penang, or are thinking of moving there. Housing prices up. Water rates, up. Business levies, up. Plus, as a bonus, brown shirts are patrolling the streets now, keeping the state safe from the people. I said brown shirts, not purple — google and find out what that means; it’s the same thing.

      Doncha know, that is what Jacky Chan said about the Chinese: the only way to govern them is with a heavy hand. They love S&M.


      • @ tembunian
        I sink you miss ze point. I say if the haprak, hp6 gomen we got had used currency strength to control ze inflation, our proton would stillnbe about RM17k today, our kopi ‘o’ still 60 sen, no need for subsidies as petrol would be about RM1.30 if our currency is pegged to S$. But we continue over spending and printing money so our RM is worthless compared to sinkie dollar. Now will you vote DAP si that your life is not wasted writing tender documents? And even after all that, businesses can still circumvent these tenders?


  3. dont know whats going on wif UMNO leaders…they not “pemimpin” but they only “pembodek”…they only said bout good things..they dont mind about us as “rakyat marhaen”.. is that fair comparing MH17 wif whole pending national issues…???where is the plan to tackle youth…??atas pagar?? nothing…
    about GST..subsidies…electric charge..where’s the solutions…?? for GST..najib alreadt release almost millions to ahmad maslan for GST campaign, but if you ask people they still dont understand for what GST being applied…

    UMNO leaders keep highlighting about MH17 n najib briliant ways solving the MH17, but do they know that many people down here are not happy wif najib performance all this while..?? to UMNO leaders, please think honest…do your job faithfull to BN supporters…many UMNO leaders just same like PKR DAP PAS leaders..they only think about to make to keep their to be the best “pembodek”…you can be a “pembodek” if you want, but please think before you give the statemnt…UMNO leaders..people down here judging you…if you “pemmpin” please talk like a real “pemimpin”..not like “pembodek’….


  4. i don’t have a problem with Najib’s handling of MH17, i thought he was good. I can’t say the same for the MH370 episode. Can we mention that or is MH17 only relevant? I don’t have a problem with Najib cutting back on sugar subsidy (even if the reason of health issues was dumb) and I don’t have a problem with him introducing the GST (although I would prefer an easing into the system rather than going into it full blown).

    But I have a problem with BR1M, BL1M and all the other 1M crap. I have a problem with meritocracy because I don’t believe that meritocracy will help with the rural bumis. I have a problem with concentrating all the government investments in Khazanah. I have a problem with TalentCorp. I have a problem with the repeal of ISA and soon the Sedition Act. And the list goes on. I also have a problem with Umno leadership at all levels who seem to be only interested in self-promotion, rather than going to the grass root levels and the youth to explain why they should remain the government.

    So who’s gonna attend to me (and I’m sure I’m not alone) and my “problems”?


    • What about studying hard, getting the best possible education you can, instead of perpetually playing the victim?

      Why won’t meritocracy help the rural bumis?

      Are you implying that 50+ years after Merdeka, the rural bumis can’t stand on their own feet?

      Take a cue from the Malays in Singapore? They study, work and compete with the other races. No favours sought.

      Is that too difficult for you to grasp?


      • Really?? Are you a Malay Singaporean? Do you know that most Malay kids end up in a technical stream and later in a technical institute? The tudung issue is not debated openly and that there is still a climate of fear to speak their minds.

        A blogger is being sued by PAP prime minister much like a giant against a small fly.

        Studying hard does not make you intelligent – with great and effective decision-making skills. You just end up exam smart who can’t solve problems in real life. Scholars have failed to solve practical problems that are not found in the holy 10-year series.


        • hahahahahahaha..ezekli……

          Ahmad Maslan is a 3.85 CGPA (itu yang dia calaim lah) kamjet….
          and then you tgk how he answered to some of the issues….. so VERY THE LAWAKING!!”


      • btw JSV

        Meritocracy in this case is not practised as “the bright and talented gets the paper and the job”. Instead meritocracy is really “the elite perpetuating their high social status for their descendants”.

        Chew on that, and then come back with your self-righteous rebuttals, if you dare.


      • Really, you think the bumis in rural areas do not study or want to succeed? For god’s sakes please take some time out and visit the rural bumis. They have to work and study twice as hard as the urbans to get the 5As that will lose out to the 10As of the urbanites under meritocracy. Have you seen the conditions of the rural schools, the teachers, the libraries, the labs? The kids, a lot of them, work before or after school and still can’t afford tuition that the urban kids take for granted. Why don’t you send your kid to a rural school, for one term, then come back here and talk to us about meritocracy?


        • That’s pathetic, if that’s the best you can come up with.

          Fact: Malaysia gained independence on 31 August 1957.

          It’s now 2014. Which is what – 57 years since Independence?

          Are you seriously implying that the “rural bumis” couldn’t be uplifted in this 50+ years?

          What happened to the massive sums that the government has spent on education since 1957? Go on, add up the education budgets from 1957 till now.

          Whose fault is it if rural schools are under-funded and under-equipped and if they do not attract the best teachers?

          This is not only in the peninsula, but even more so in Sabah and Sarawak.

          So, who exactly, are you pointing the finger at? Who are you blaming for the country’s education system and for the lack of good and well-paying jobs?

          And how is “meritocracy” to blame for any or all of the above?


          • Tsk tsk tsk …

            Losing your cool eh? Meritocracy is a harsh criteria when carried to extremes. The elites have several steps ahead and they can afford an army of tutors for their children, who need ONLY to study 24/7/365.

            Compared to children from poor families who have to do housework and run errands leaving them with insufficient time for study.’Ceteris Paribus’, the poor student CANNOT compete with that rich kid.

            There is a recent phenomenon where “scholars” were unable to perform at the workplace, simply because they spent their whole life studying 10-year series exam answers. A student could also memorise compositions by the paragraphs. End result, they can’t solve real-life problems.

            In Singapore, the tuition industry is BIG business, that makes one wonder if actual teaching is done in schools.

            Extreme meritocracy also produces winners-take-all attitude that hinders instilling the precious team spirit. In soccer, the defenders and the goalkeeper matter as much, if not more than the strikers.

            As for the rural folks, let’s equate them to Singapore’s (your idol) heartlanders. They go to good Singapore schools but now they end up as taxi drivers, despatch riders, postmen, hawkers, salesmen, security guards … gee what happened to those tons of money channelled into education huh?

            By your logic, every Singaporean should become doctors, lawyers, ministers, professors …

            How lah like dat?/


            • Well, ray….as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

              Let’s not even talk about Pisa rankings or the surveys that rank Asian universities.

              Seems to me that Singapore has secured quite a big bang for the bucks spent on their education budgets from 1965 till now.

              Just today I read in the Singapore Straits Times that Jokowi sent two of his children to study in Singapore; one of whom is now in ACS (I) – an Anglican school.

              As have many of the Indonesian elite who have sent their kids to study in Singapore.

              How many of them have sent their kids to study in Malaysia, despite being “abang abang, sama bangsa, sama ugama”?


              • Poor JSV ):

                Don’t know about AngMoh pudding but Malaysian rendang and ketupat is superduper delicious.

                Quote: “Seems to me that Singapore has secured quite a big bang for the bucks spent on their education BUDGETS from 1965 till now”.

                Soooo … smart alec, how come that little red dot NEEDS to import foreign talent to create jobs for Singaporeans, huh?


                As for Jokowi sending his kids to study in ACS, it simply means that he wants to understand his competitor (enemy) inside out. His kids will grasp the inklings of what makes Singaporeans tick. Have you heard that a wise man “keep his friends close but his enemies closer”.

                Corrupted Indonesians’s dirty money (is) parked in Singapore. “According to Teten, embezzlers prefer to deposit their funds in Singapore because they feel safe there although the origin of the funds is illegal. The reason for this is that Singapore does not have a Money Laundering Law nor is it yet willing to sign an extradition agreement with Indonesia. ” Makes sense to be near money source.


                Listen up, Tun Dr Mahathir was THE MAN invited, not Lee Hsien Loong. “Disambut Jokowi, Mahathir-Megawati Bersua di Teuku Umar”

                Do check this out:

                Free advice – read up extensively before trying to teach Ah Ma to suck eggs!!


                • Typical braggadocio… evade the hard questions by going off on fantastical tangents.

                  SOP and par for the course for supremacy apparatchiks who wouldn’t know competition and meritocracy even if they reared up and bit them in their posteriors.

                  Are you stating that Pisa rankings and university rankings are irrelevant? That will be news to the government who seems to be mightily exercised about such matters.

                  But if Malaysian schools and universities are content to wallow in mediocrity, then so be it. It’s no skin off my nose if these school leavers and graduates are still looking to cari makan months after leaving school or graduating.

                  Oh, btw, it was reported that Najib will be meeting Lee Hsien Loong in Singapore this week. While sampling the best of Malaysian durians, I don’t suppose they will be discussing tolls, money laundering, MAS, Iskandar Malaysia and other mundane issues.


        • @ minah kool.
          Rural kids world over get scores lower than urban kids. Only difference is, our hp6 haprak 3/4 gomen lower the standards to accommodate them and thereby lowering our education standard as a whole. Its better to set a different set of exams and syllabus for rural kids as they live in a different environment. More sports(can be a lucrative career if properly adminstered) and agriculture/biology perhaps plus geography. Not so much maths and other sciences.inany case, it should be for students toselect whatever subjectsthey wish.itsnotthe business ofgomento tell you which subject and religion you should adhere to.


          • temp1

            Lowering of standards ??

            My, my, for your much-required ENLIGHTENMENT, it is called Affirmative action, practised by countries all over the world. Even Singapore implements a racial quota through the HDB allocation of units in an apartment block called the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP).


            Affirmative action or positive discrimination (known as employment equity in Canada, reservation in India, and positive action in the UK) is the policy of providing special opportunities for, and favoring members of, one group over another, when those being favored are perceived as a disadvantaged group who suffer from discrimination within a culture.



            • Ah, the afioncados of “victimisation” speak!

              Oh, the unfairness of it all….

              Maybe that’s why MAS came a cropper…..must be this “affirmative action” thingy.

              Or just plain incompetence?

              That doesn’t reflect too well on those who chose these supposed “incompetents”!


              • whoah … jsv

                Which part of my convincing rebuttal you don’t understand huh?

                So instead of providing a solid counter-argument, you resort to your standard-template response which is to use bombastic words (which I suspect even you fail to understand)

                … and try to confuse the readers eh??

                heh heh

                P.S. avocado makes delicious slurpy drink, you know


                • Your “rebuttal”?

                  Whoa, mate….a tad ambitious, aren’t we?

                  Why are you ducking the questions about MAS?

                  Answer those and we’ll see about ” rebuttals”.


            • the gomen does not tell anyone to do what, but some people need the guidance and exposure in tackling certain issues in their life.


      • “Why won’t meritocracy help the rural bumis?”

        The same way meritocracy doesn’t help Chinese to get jobs at Chinese companies. Who cares about qualifications, it’s all about race. Show us the stats of Chinese companies — how many senior management positions are held by other races?


  5. It looks like Mamakutty still thiinks his way back in the *80s and 90s is the only way and the right way.

    What a sad tale of a soon to be dying men seeing his achievements being overshadowed by someone better than he is.

    Guess he has caught the PHD bug/virus or is it his ponzi scheme is falling apart cos the people and funds are drying up?


    • Dandy,The biadab dud, who grew up lack of love n attention is at it again !!! And HA called him kurang ajar !

      Nenek Kampung


    • Still with the appalling racism. Mamakutty here, Mamakutty there. We are beginning to think that your race was gang-raped by Mamaks when they first landed here.

      Drop the racism. Maybe then you can join the rest of us Malaysians.


  6. Tun’s “teguran” just shows that the statesman still CARES for Malaysia and her rakyat. Najib is overly concerned with his nice guy image, he is bending backwards to please everyone. His “I love PM” betrays his weakness to be popular at all cost. He even had a chinese new year ad, with him wearing a red samfoo and clasping his palms in a chinese traditional gesture. He also had Psy flown in to buy votes.

    He was well rewarded with the chinese tsunami, which should have slapped him into reality check, instead he coolly stated that the chinese were ill-advised.

    Tun’s comments came after all the decisions made by Najib failed to improve Malaysia’s direction. I still remember Najib in a zebra shirt and Rosmah in a brown hippo outfit. The opposition camp must have had a great laugh.

    His loyal supporters’ comments just expose Najib’s leadership style. “Angkat” him and you will be well rewarded. Ku Nan was Paklah’s ‘teman setia’ and Hisham almost got voted out. Najib should learn that sugar-coated candies cause diabetes and bitter medicine cures all ailments.

    Listen to the good doctor’s advice. Tun is not campaigning for Najib’s resignation.


    • Ezekli, At times i feel that he is paving ways to serah the KERAJAAN to the Pakatan rakyat in a subtle way coming PRU 14…..

      P/S :About the zebra shirt and hippo outfit….Yep…The pembangkang camp really had a great laugh
      Remember Marty the Zebra and Gloria the hippo of the film Madagascar?…..they had a pic of Marty and Gloria together….. and you can guess the rest…


      • Yeah right, with clown like anwar, sided by guan eng, kit siang wan ajijah and so on and on and on. We could make a circus..big one.


  7. Najib teruk kena fitnah dengan pembangkang dan takde pulak pembodek2 ni backup. Harap blogger2 ciput juga lah yang tolong defendkan Najib. Sekarang ni bila Tun M tegur Najib, ramai pulak pembodek2 ni yang backing Najib bagai nak rak.

    Come on bro, bila orang tua menegur kita kena dengar. Bila ada musuh fitnah kita kena bersatu dan lawan. Ini sudah terbalik.

    Frankly I don’t care much about subsidy cutting, GST but I’m more concerned when Najib listen more to the opposition rather than the people who voted him during PRU. I believe most of us is pissed by that.


    • TDM said the plain truth and it may or may not as accurate as some of the points stated. Nonetheless, as it stand Najib or his pemandu should response gracefully and be reminded that TDM still have some support from rakyat, I means rational rakyat…not some pakatoon people.


  8. Love to read on all comments. I love TDM. I support UMNO and BN. It would make me frust if UMNO BN lost in the next general election. Najib should come out from the box and understand on the Rakyat needs. It was not all about giving money!


  9. re: “The inability of Umno leaders to address each and every point made by Tun Mahathir is really comical.”

    It is this self-defeating habit of casually side-stepping pertinent – even serious – issues that causes the government ministry concerned to lose credibility. If you can’t reply intelligently and reassuringly to what honest and educated members of the public are determinedly presenting on cyber forums, then it is easy for everyone to conclude not much or nothing will be done by leaders who don’t understand the situation, or worse still who don’t care about the consequences!


  10. On Hishamuddin’s comment – ‘I have nothing against you DS, but your comment further distinguish the difference between a visionary leader and an administrator who do fire fighting’.


  11. One of Tun M’s weaknesses is he is too trusting and has a bad judgement on characters. He also believes that a good deed must be repaid to the T.

    As a consequent he tends to make wrong decisions and wrong choices of Deputies. He again made the same mistake thinking that Datuk Seri Najib is the correct choice after Tun Abdullah. The only reason I can think of as to why he chose Najib is because he wants to repay the kind gesture the late Tun Razak had given him.

    It is not written anywhere if you’re indebted to a person you have to pay back to his/her lineage. It is like the Hollywood movie ” Paying Forward”.. you payback to someone other than the person you’re indebted to.

    Tun M’s reasons for withdrawing his support for Najib are not unfounded or new. The only thing that I found it strange why it took Tun M this long to realise this. A lay person like me can see what Najib is doing is not right since day one he held office.

    The only thing to do now is for Najib to admit his mistakes and go back to the drawing board. Get rid of those no good advisors and the Yes Ministers. Majority of the Ministers and the top civil servants (ununiformed and uniformed) are clueless of what to do and are unfit to be in the government. Period.


    • @ wanitabukittinggi
      You are very wrong.TDM has no faith in melayus. All his deputies except for baba, which he thought was nyonya blood,are of mixed blood.even petronas bosses are of indian blood. Bank negara? Turk. He is practicing what he wrote in his book i.e. melayus are genetically inferior.


        • Ray,

          I like your rebuttals and you put down real hard JSV, Temp1 and the like and these goons just don’t match your offensives or they really lacked oxygen supply to their brain! You have said enough yet they’re not getting it, don’t need to waste time and energy anymore on these boneheads!

          If you have a blog somewhere, yours would be a good intelligent read.

          That said JMD’s comment forum is a good platform for a healthy debate albeit not for ‘snake heads’ whom goes around as if they own bragging rights!

          Melayu Luar Negara


          • Dear Ashe

            I treat these misplaced self-righteous “goons” as fodder for amusement.

            Seriously they have a right to their misguided opinions but I derive pleasure in rebutting their pathetic survival attempts, whenever I can spare some time that is.

            Thank you.

            P.S. The non-bumiputeras should really stop calculating money all the time and start COUNTING their blessings in beloved Malaysia.


      • JMD izinkan saya…


        Pada zaman sebelum Dr Mahathir jadi PM..memang orang Melayu corot…sebab tu beliau tulis buku ‘The Malay Dilema’. Tidak ramai orang Melayu yang bijak pandai masa itu.

        Kita jangan jadi macam bangsa Arab. Pada zaman jahiliah lagi mereka memang ada sifat perkauman. Sehingga sekarang pun mereka pentingkan status dan keturunan. Anda tahu tak orang Arab menganggap orang Islam yang bukan daripada Al-jazeera(peninsular Arab) sebagai kelas bawahan. JIka anda telah pergi ke tanah suci Mekah&Madina anda mesti faham ini.

        Kebetulan Governor Bank Negara ada darah campuran macam jugak DS Hisham. Pengasas UMNO nenekanda DS Hisham. Allahyarham Tunku ada darah Siam.Jadi bukan darah keturunan punca segalanya tetapi sifat jatidiri dan sayangkan negara itu mesti ada.

        Kaum Cina mempunyai sifat jatidiri yang jitu sebab itu mereka meminta Sekolah Cina…Universiti Cina…ekonomi mereka pegang…sekarang mereka sudah pun memerintah satu negeri. Orang Melayu tak ambil kisah semua ini. Jadi nak salahkan siapa?


        • @ ray
          Throw away babies lessen their suffering. If you go to switzerland, you can sex( prostitution is legal).
          , drugs( provided by the state so that addicts are controlled) and die happy( euthanasia is legal).


          • Quote from the writeup: “endows medical authorities with the power to grant or deny life to millions of children”.

            temp1 is not only admitting that the chinese produce INFERIOR babies but he also believes that denying them life is perfectly alright.

            And if he represents the thinking of DAP politicians, concerned Malaysians must refrain from voting DAP.


        • I dunno why you are defending the toon. He basically cheated to be the right tengku razaleigh has defeated him in the UMNO election if not for ‘ghost branches’. There is no substitute for high class education and research policy. We are neglecting these. No use building 100 storey buildings if its filled with morons. Malay paddy farmers are still dirt poor. This is market controlled and dominated by malays people. Intially,they blamed the nons for controlling the marketing and processing. But its now 100% bummies. Why are the farmers suffering the same fate as when non bummies were in the picture? The most productive rice field is in kuala selangor where the planters are non malays. Unfortunately,bernas is suppressing them.
          The malays have not realised they have been sodomised by pesudo malays ( anwar being one of them- tamil father). They all claim to be defending malay rights when its their personal interest is what they are after.


  12. Sir,

    Not to spoil your weekend, but you have to read this shocking news about close relationship between DuSable Capital Management and Najib. Read below.

    Najib should explain to Malaysians why 1MDB invested US$500mn into solar business in Kedah via a NEWLY set-up Private Equity Fund based in USA that is closely linked to OBAMA? Why must 1MDB go through that US-based company to invest in a Malaysia company? Something is not right somewhere. Go search for DuSable Private Equity and you will see the following news. The next GLC that will join 1MDB is Tabung Haji with investment of US$200 million!!!


  13. Tsk tsk tsk pathetic jsv

    Listen up! What is the use of glorious Pisa rankings (Pizza would be more delicious) when your highly educated workforce are unemployed – conveniently displaced by foreigners, huh?? Perhaps the underlying reason is that they are exam-smart only??

    Do read SLOWLY to ensure you can chew and digest well, okay.

    “It is estimated that as many as 80,000 Singaporeans are now unemployed with many of them in the 40s and 50s age group. Under employment is also rampant as retrenched mid-career PMETs took to driving cabs or become property agents in the fight for survival – ironically in our prosperous high-GDP city state.


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