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Lest we forget: Rafizi Ramli’s stupid scheme

The boy who cried trying to explain the Kajang Move he orchestrated. Fast forward 7 months, we have a huge mess and upheaval in the state of Selangor.

He even had the cheek to say “we do not manipulate the system like how Umno manipulates the system”.

Spoken like a true conniving manipulator and master spinner.

Shouldn’t he take responsibility and resign, like a man? Enough of this stupidity. Even his explanation on the Kajang Move was filled with nonsense. No mention of Khalid Ibrahim either. Rafizi Ramli is the boy that should be blamed.


15 thoughts on “Lest we forget: Rafizi Ramli’s stupid scheme

    • Dear Randy Dandy,
      What you wish others to comment back was ” He is God sent to human kind” or ” He is a boy genius hand picked by Anwar, The Great Leader-ala Mao Tse Tung”.

      What nobody can’t deny is the green leaf Rafizi FAILED miserably in his Kajang Move…if that does not constitute low intelligence and defect planning, what else were you thinking to utter such snobbish word i.e ” He is after all PKR Strategic Director. And you?”


    • I fail to grasp the logic of crowing at the idea of having the stupidest strategic director in the country. So what if he’s the Strategic Director of PKR? The boy’s an idiot. And so are you.


    • If he is the cleverest of all PKR peoples…i dare not to think of the rest. Maybe they need rafizi for the next dawn of planet of the apes.


  1. Miss Rafizi seems to be doing the impression of big bum ostrich at the moment..hoping that the KETUM will firget about his incredibly ‘strategic’ scheme.Dandy,being elected into a position and failed miserably is definitely not an evidence of high intellect.However I cannot deny that to your mind level..he is God indeed..hehehe


  2. He sounds a lot like DSAI. Never really says anything, just throws words around, and stops like he’s made a compelling argument.


  3. Who cares about rafizi.the fact is, in one term, pr turned a developed state into a third world despot. No water, no civil rights protection against religious oppression. shiites, bumiputra christians, ahmediyas,al-arkams are all oppressed and suppressed. If the religious department are really sincere about protecting religious sanctity,then they shoud ideally ban/ censor hollywood movies and western tv shows which promotes promiscuity, homosexuality, violence, liberalism etc.
    By right,the MB should resign if he cannot protect the oppressed in his state.what more shortage of water which he says he can overcome using underground sources. If his water alternatives did not work, he should resign.many projects are held up due to this. Its hindering growth and all the money saved by the state in the least term will be spent buying the water concessionaires and put the state in debt.


  4. May I ask wats the big picture that he was talking about? and why is PR afraid of the sleeping UMNOs in Slgor? Stop bullshitting the rakyat lah…..wahai Parti Retard….ur Ketum going to jail and all hells break loose. Tell me how u gonna lead Malaysia when u cant even handle Khalid Gagap who is over the retired age. As for DAP ..the racist party desperate for Malay votes ..why not u just let Anwar run Penang if u think the Ketum is PM material lah…or just go back to ur Motherland coz we dont need u here……kira budget pun salah….PAS …what can I say…Lalanggg…


  5. For people who have irrationally high hopes for RM1 Anwar , PKR & it’s RM1 Strategist… suffice to say… hopeless. He singlehandedly managed to make the title so revolting..


  6. Don’t be taken for a ride …. The RM 1 is just the camouflage . What is more important is the benefit that might come out to millions …………………………………..


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