9 thoughts on “Solar panels on roads

  1. It will be nice but these renewable energy are unpredictable and expensive. As for solar, our country may be hot, but we do not get the sunlight due to cloud cover.
    Dams are the best renewable source of energy. Plus tidal currents. If we can restrict the flow of tidal currents to the south channel, port klang,maybe able to generate predictable energy as themoon will not be going anywhere soon.
    I have seen how fast the flow of water is down there. Dam it and put a turbine. Maybe enough energy generated for port klang.
    On wind turbines,klang valley has turned into a heat sink. Hot air rises during the day and causes the cool wind from the coast to flow quite swiftly and predictably except maybe on rainy days.Place a few along pulau ketam coast. I think one big wind turbine can generate 3 MW. Place 500 of these and it will be about the same as ytl paka power plant.except paka plant produces reliable power.
    Why the engineers at kapar power plant do not notice this is beyond my understanding. But they could have been one of those who were sent to do technical subjects under gomen scholarship after memorising the koran by heart. And when they returned, look into the holy book to find answers to the world’s problems.
    I think the answers are not in the book, but in the nature and environment all around us.


    • So nice to hear you speak like the above, tempawan. I must compliment you. Though a lot of opinions, but nothing against anybody this time.

      But, the language, the English, etc sounds not like the usual you. Got another person using the same name tempawan? It doesn’t matter one bit to me. Just curious.

      Have a good day, my friend tempawan. Hope to have more of this kind of engagement between us. Cherrio.

      I’ll opt out of what appears to me as scientific discussions. Actually am quite sick about Al Gore’s global warming and hardly any action by those concerned – maybe because he’s associated with Anwar Al Juburi, hehe. Some days ago the British Meteorological source was quoted as saying Malaysia might face El Nino with no rains up to 6 months. But the Malaysian Forecasting Centre says only June unusually dry but July onwards about normal. And they are doing cloud seeding with RMAF.

      Hell, whatever it is, don’t give me the kind of heat that made my durian trees flower like mad but only 1-2 fruits this season.


      • Even the bloody bees were not there. I read before that global warming may wipe out bees and other insect population in certain places and cause food and fruit shortage due to lack of pollination.

        Not a single bat (the best durian pollinator) was seen for miles around during the flowers blooming period. But birds of the kind that produce the Chinese luxury food item – birds’ nest for soup – are being trapped (is that the right word?) more and more by the increasing number of concrete 2-3 storey buildings constructed for that purpose all over the countryside.

        Those I suppose are also a part of the environmental problem that has a bearing on the economy of the country. But I like the Ministry of Agriculture asking the Drainage and Irrigation Dept to do some preparation to avoid no water and not enough rice planted, and kudos to the Meteorological Dept doing cloud seeding together with the RMAF.

        Need we say any more about Selangor Pakatoon gomen and the water problem causing tak mandi beberapa hari? Useless fellows.


  2. tempawan did make a nasty remark, against the Muslim engineers – “the engineers at kapar power plant .. could have been one of those who were sent to do technical subjects under gomen scholarship after memorising the koran by heart .. they returned, look into the holy book to find answers to the world’s problems ..”

    He’s incorrigible, isn’t he? Must be his upbringing, or the lack of it, that made him always come out with acidic and offensive comments. As a Muslim, I pity his parents for not having either the education or the time in the rush to ultra kiasu-ism to bring him up properly.


    • You must under stand why i make this nasty comment. Most employees in tnb and petronas are mats and?minahs. They have research department in energy. But they are only interested in doing ‘lawatan sambil belajar’ going to other places of research and enjoying their paid holiday. Very little money is actually spent on actual research. Maybe the board has very little faith in these departments and laggards are sent there as nobody can make anymoney in the department, unlike the guy in tenaga who was involved discussion with MMC on the power purchase agreement for their tg pelepas power plant, and when it was settled, and everything signed,he resigned and joined MMC. Opps! Everything under osa you know.
      In the west this would be coflict of interest or insider trading and perpetrators punished. This is a criminal?offence ashe was negotiating for tnb when in fact he was bought off and probably getting the best deal for MMC.
      So i think i have the right make vile comments as i think the mats and minahs are asleep and not taking their jobs seriously. Like the RMAF radar operator on MH370 turn back but did nothing( maybe asleep or not even there). And nobody from dca can give an explanataion why their radars did not see the turnback. Very funny hor. All asleep on the job.


  3. Yes, if no rains for months means more sunlight, by all means harness the solar energy for solar tech services. But why when no rains got so much pollution, sunlight also not reaching ground level, how to tap solar energy.

    Anybody thinks the jerubu problem will ever go away? Malaysia and Indonesia will stop the blame game and really whack the jerubu culprits?


  4. Coming back to solar, its only good for producing electricity during the day. So its wasted if you cannot store the bloody thing. Some wise crack has just created vanadium batteries. This battery is even more efficient than lithium ion types.what it does is it stores power during low usage like the middle of the night, when power is cheap ( does not apply here in malaysia where power is expensive 24/7) like in singapore, stores it and we can harness the power the next day when power is expensive. This battery can be manufactured to enormous size and store huge amount of power. If we can have thousands of this, we do not need so many power plants and cut carbon emission.
    Solar cells can be built above our roads instead of on it. This will act like a shade and cools down land surface. Soomething like an artificial tree. The tree itself is a natual harnesser of solar energy.


  5. Since we got lots of thorium in pekan, we may as well build a research thorium reactor, put a few first class honours students in it, and watch them fry. You see,nowadays, a first class student is as good as a no class one. I dunno if the lecturers are giving away these grades to mats just to please the superiors. Meanwhile at petronas, these first class grads are creating havoc.they got the budget they asked for, but dunno how to do the job. Its not only dunno, but did not even bother to do the jobs. So projects are delayed, contractors all scratching their heads as they need to pay salaries and debts.
    Anyway, maybe somebody should put a good word to najib about thorium reactor research dince we may nd up with plenty of it at lynas. The good thing about thorium reactors is that it can be turned off, unlike uranuim and plutonium. China,india,norway ( because it has plenty of thorium), US, britain andjust about everyone else is doing this. It can be built beside the new university malaysia pahang site near pekan by the sea.


  6. Waaah, tempawan, you came back to this site after 3 weeks ha? What happened? Second thought after so long? Or you just read abut the new idea and wanna impress us here?

    No problem with your suggestion. Only problem is your uncalled for opinions on no class, good class graduates, lecturers etc. You forgot what people have told you ha? That your opinions are only as good as anybody else’s unless substantiated with facts and justified by cogent arguments.

    Givap giving loose opinions lah, tempawan. You sound like the kedai kopi apek each time you do that. Nobody cares abut what you say unless justified. And I’m here now only to disabuse your stupid rants on the no class, good class grads etc.


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