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Top 10 Reasons Why Pakatan Rakyat Is Lowering Your Standards

The standards we are talking about is the standard of being you set yourself as a citizen of this country. Your standard as part of the larger society. And this standard of yours is quickly being eroded by Pakatan Rakyat. Here’s how:

10. When it comes to corruption, all Barisan Nasional MPs and leaders must be seen as corrupt free. But when the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat do it, all of you turned around and say – look Barisan Nasional is even worse. Yes, Pakatan Rakyat had successfully lowered your standards in terms of corruption. In your minds, Pakatan Rakyat can be corrupt because Barisan Nasional is corrupt too. In the end, it is okay for YOU to be corrupt because everyone else is corrupt too.

9. When it comes to Barisan Nasional leaders, the Pakatan Rakyat politicians are telling you that you need better leaders than Bung Mokhtar or Hassan Malek or G. Palanivel or most of the current crop of MPs from Barisan Nasional. But when it comes to their own leaders it does not matter who they are and what quality they possess; the lower the better. That’s why you are okay when Loh Gwo Burne became MP (your lowered standards voted him in), when Anwar Ibrahim was caught in a video with a China doll, all of you still voted for him. Let’s just cut the nonsense and admit that he is that fella in the video and on top of that, he is also guilty of sodomising someone against his will (a homosexual rapist is another term for that). Why can’t you people admit that? Standards too low already? Should we even delve and talk about Mahfuz Omar and even Hew Kuan Yau?

8. When it comes to the education qualifications of Barisan Nasional leaders, Pakatan Rakyat wants you to scrutinise their intelligence and education background. The standards they set for you is that you deserve Barisan Nasional leaders with at least a doctorate level education. But when it comes to their own leaders, anyone will do. Even the intelligence level of Mat Sabu will get him your votes. Recently, a  26 year old UiTM graduate with only one year working experience as a trainee in a law firm is being put as an MP candidate to serve a constituency of 60,000 people. The selling point to the people in Teluk Intan? A promise of hope for things to get better. Yes, we all know the value of a promise in Pakatan Rakyat’s election manifesto. But who cares, your standards are quite low so that is okay. God forbid if Barisan Nasional fielded a candidate with the same amount of education qualifications to what say, Mahfuz Omar acquired. All hell will break lose.

7. Pakatan Rakyat wants you to hound Barisan Nasional leaders for shoddy services and below average performance by the ruling government. You only deserve the best and above all, must not thank Barisan Nasional because it is their duty to provide these to you in the first place. But when it comes to the services by Pakatan Rakyat state government, they want you to lower your standards and forgive them for any poor performance. Because it is not their job to give you top notch services. Even promises can be broken. But don’t stop there, they want you to be angry at Barisan Nasional for any third-rate, poor quality services rendered by Pakatan Rakyat state governments. The JAIS raid on Bible Society as well as Selangor water fiasco are two such examples.

Lying and giving poor services are Pakatan Rakyat's standards which are acceptable by you.

Lying and giving poor services are Pakatan Rakyat’s standards which are acceptable by you.

6. Normally, hypocrisy is a trait which is shunned by most people. But since the arrival of Pakatan Rakyat, they have successfully  ingrained this attitude into you as an acceptable characteristic. You have been downgraded as a walking hypocrite. Take for instance, the call of cronyism and nepotism by Pakatan Rakyat to Barisan Nasional. You people echoed the same sentiment and propaganda against Barisan Nasional. But when it comes to Pakatan Rakyat, they can take all these nepotism and cronyism to another level yet you are okay with it. Not only that you embrace it lovingly and say it is okay for them to have father-son, husband-wife, father-daughter intra-party relationship with a whole gamut of feudalistic family oriented parties. It is all nice and dandy. Right? So sad.

 5. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, double standards is a big no on your part. You are bred by Pakatan Rakyat to believe that Barisan Nasional must never resort to double standards. Say one thing, but do the other. That is unforgivable. But for Pakatan Rakyat, you are blinded or worse, brainwashed to see that practising double standards is acceptable on your part. Want to have a multi racial country but support segregated vernacular schools; want to have an equitable and just society, but want to impose hudud only for muslims; want to have a free and fair elections, but their party elections are very autocratic and riddled with corruption and strife.

4. The freedom of speech within Pakatan Rakyat is near non-existent. You must not criticise the leaders in Pakatan Rakyat, especially if you are a member, and especially if you have a valid reason to criticise. All that will be swept under the carpet and the complainers will be issued gag orders. Worse, they will be kicked out. But God forbid if the freedom of speech against Barisan Nasional is slightly curtailed. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, there must be a no holds barred attitude against them. The Prime Minister must not stifle any unfair defamatory speech against him. But Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim and their ilk can sue anyone who says something which they do not like. In other words, there are practising totalitarian leadership right under your nose. Yet, you bask in it pretending it to be a liberal democracy.

3. For years Barisan Nasional has been ridiculed by you when you say it is an old party, filled with political has beens and dinosaurs. You laugh at Barisan Nasional without being cognisant of Pakatan Rakyat’s own pack of grizzled old men. Leading the charge is of course DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, who will be 77 come next general election. Your ‘prime minister in waiting’, Anwar Ibrahim will be 71 in 2018. Abdul Hadi Awang, your future DPM, will also be 71 in 2018. There are many more oldies in Pakatan Rakyat. So why are you people lowering your standards in accepting dinosaurs as your leaders? Because Pakatan Rakyat asked you to.

2. As your intelligence is being lowered even more, you still find enough time to believe what Pakatan Rakyat told you; that Barisan Nasional treats non-malays as second citizens and that only malay cronies could reap all the benefits this country has to offer. But at the same time you believe another propaganda that says non-malays pay more tax than the malays. And so, those who are ‘oppressed’ by Barisan Nasional suddenly get a lot more income that’s why they are taxed! This contradicting logic would be so preposterous to an intelligent mind, but alas, Pakatan Rakyat has stupefied you to the point of no return. You can’t even step back and take stock on any messages Pakatan Rakyat throws at you. You can’t even perform logical and critical thinking anymore. You just gobble everything up as the truth.

1. When it comes to Barisan Nasional, you are made to believe that the current state of perceived despair and worsening fate of the country has always been the case since Independence. You were made to believe that only Pakatan Rakyat is the saviour of this country. Judging from 9 points mentioned above, it will take only the stupid to believe that Pakatan Rakyat will make this country better. Fact of the matter is, the country under Barisan Nasional has made this country one of the best place to live on this earth and to say that things have always been terrible would be a great disservice to your standard of intelligence. Yes sure, things have not always been perfect. But remember the great 90s and the decades before that? Remember the great country prior to 2008? One of the things that made this country worse is the birth of Pakatan Rakyat. Where were you in the 90s? Perhaps living a happy life at that time with few complaints. Even Lim Kit Siang was a happy, tolerable fellow at that time.

107 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why Pakatan Rakyat Is Lowering Your Standards

  1. Good points and accepted as quite valid.

    However, why still the need for Cinabeng, Keristian, non-Melay bashing? Why no stiff actions taken on those out to disrupt harmony and peace.

    Why let issues of non-Malays with good results be made an issue year in and year out which can be absorb easily into any university?

    Why create fears and anger onto non-Malays to be used as political fodder?

    Guess that’s why, most non-Malays and even educated Malays who see the injustice in such insults start looking elsewhere to other parties.

    You see, in the end, most simple normal humans need and wants to see fair play and justice.

    Power play and who rules are just games politicians play.


    • Non malays with good results who can’t enter university became an issue every year because that’s precisely what Pakatan Rakyat want you to believe. Do you think, malays with good results can all enrol and get places into public universities? Besides UiTM, public universities intake among races is now 55% bumi and 45% non bumi. With 66% bumi population in Malaysia, they are now vying for just 50% of the allocated seats. The chinese with just 25% of population gets more than 30% of the allocation in public universities.

      In the year 2000 for instance, out of 1.38 million students in public universities, 450K (33%) were chinese and 828K (60%) were bumiputras.

      Maybe you have this misconceived idea that if there are 1 million non malay students taking SPM, all of them must be enrolled in public universities afterwards because all non malays are more clever than malays. Is this true? I hope not.

      Even with just 50% allocated quota in universities, the entrance in universities are based on merit. If you scored 10D in SPM, there is no way you can get into any universities, not even UiTM. We now have 20 public universities and 33 private universities. With 45% of students in public universities are non-malays, have a guess how many percentage of malays who can’t enter public universities but have to resort to enter private universities? Have a guess on how many malays are there in PRIVATE universities? Take an educated guess. The issue you write above is just a smokescreen presented to you by Pakatan Rakyat because, if there are 10 non malay students who can’t enter public universities because of good grades, there will be 20 malays students with good grades who can’t enter those universities. And since these malay students can’t afford to pay the tuition fees of private universities, unlike their non malay counterparts, they will have to take their third choice (when you apply for university placement, you have to give 5 choices in the UPU form for them to place you). Most non malays turn down public university placement which is not in their top two choices because 1) they can afford to study elsewhere 2) they can play victim and hold ransom towards the UPU/Government. Anyway, this argument now is moot – because of the existence of PTPTN which will give soft loans to students to subsidise their tuition fees in any universities. Besides, non malays shun public universities anyway; telling the world how poor the quality of those universities anyway. Why bother to enrol in them?

      But thing for sure, there are many, many more non malays who got scholarships from the Government especially from JPA since decades ago. But of course Pakatan Rakyat wants you to believe that non of the non malays ever received any help from the government.

      You see, people do want to see fair play and justice. And that cannot be done when the issues created are based on misperception and wrong information, because the educated malays will then see that these non malays are talking without merit and right information – just pure propaganda crap from the opposition. Therefore, the ‘injustice’ perceived to be taken place may just be imaginary. Now who actually created this misplaced fear and anger? Maybe should put this as Reason number 11. And yes, there are non malay bashing; just like there are malay and islam bashing by the ‘oppressed’ groups.

      Thank you

      Source :


      • Please don’t anyhow say anything hor! Indians manageto get only 4% of seats in public universities.and chinese is now down to 23%. And every year its getting lower. Reason could be many things. But who wants to stidy in a taliban institution. End up as a graduates who can only shoot blanksand hot air.


        • Pass History and Bahasa Malaysia subjects because those are prerequisite. Otherwise, don’t bother talking about getting your preferred course. Many students fail to understand this.


          • @ shook
            What history are you talking about. I was searchig for the candi at merbok in kedah and there were no sign board to even indicate this early malay peninsular culture. The best the state gomen can do is dismantle the found buildings,and evacuate it to a place that the state can properly keep an eye on with a map on where it was found. The candi i saw their bricks were vandalised or stolen.
            This taliban gomen never mention about an earlier malay peninsular civilisation in kedah in education curriculum. This is a hindu based civilisation. Probably a stepping stone to the conquest or influence to the stepping stone to the rest of southeast asia. Including borobodur/prambanan,angkor wat and others. Sanskrit influenced thai,myanmar,cambodian and malay culture. And that is a fact. But you willnot learn about this history. Its all about the muslim malacca sultanate. I am looking at the fact that cheng ho could have influence the malay archipelago to turn muslim.after years of arabs and indians,a chinese muslim could be very convincing.


        • Hello tempawan. Your nemesis here. Will always come in when I see you here.

          I can accept dissent. But will not tolerate nonsense. But you talking percentages and things without quoting verifiable sources and sounding like you just picked them up from thin air makes you nonsensical.

          Read the figures jebatmustdie gave up there and from to time. He researched them, not pluck from thin air like you always do.


    • A,

      jebatmustdie has addressed substantially your comment above. Let me add my views.

      First, my comments in general –

      There have always been cause-and-effect, action-and-reaction, the whys to any issue. You need to say something on those, determine the causes and the parties who acted, that caused others to react. Only then can you try to find answers to the questions you posed.

      You need to ask why the issues surfaced in the first place. For example the Cinabenging, the Keristian lashing and the Malay bashing could not have come out of a vacuum. In fact, scientifically, a vacuum does not exist except in scientific experiments – air rushes in the moment a vacuum begins to develop.

      For all those, you need History in order to know, to understand fully and to determine the causes-and-effects and the whys. Thank God, and Tan Sri Muhyiddin, History has has been made compulsory in schools since 2013. Future generations starting with the 2103 pupils will, hopefully, be better equipped to lessen the benging, lashing and bashing. But the present and older generations – the ones who got away from History being forced unto them – are the major problem.

      Without a decent knowledge of the history of this country – and acceptance of the material facts – especially the circumstances of the fight for independence, the framing of the Constitution, the tabling to, the debating within, and the approval by Parliament of the Constitution itself, all sorts of misconceptions, prejudices, unjustified propaganda came out, and purely evil, Machiavellian politics often rule the citizenry. Undermining, subverting, straining and endangering peace and harmony among the races in this country.

      All of us must live on the basis of that Constitution. It’s the highest set of laws in the land. All other laws were derived from it and cannot contradict it. Respecting it and abiding by it will definitely lessen “the Cinabenging, the Keristian lashing and the Malay bashing”.

      Next, going into details on the above and on the specific points you raised.


      • The Constitution should be the mark of loyalty and patriotism to country. Those not respecting and willing to live by the Constitution deemed “unloyal and unpatriotic”. No such thing as loyal just by paying Income Tax – even foreign labourers pay Income Tax by way of Levy imposed on them.

        Issue of Ics should be upon swearing of loyalty to King and country and of protecting the Constitution – at 12 years old school pulpis should have some idea what it is all about.

        Appointments to Government Service should be on same basis – swearing made a MUST for them, especially Division One appointments.


      • There are 70-odd SBP’s, 50-odd MRSMs and 00’S of RK/ controlled schools, Yg Bhg Sdr Jebat
        where Malay students dominate .. because the Chinese believe vernacular education is so superior and fear of children converting to Islam.
        (to Christian OK, pulak)

        It is still surprising that PR leaders cannot acknowledge Malays/ don’t know(?) who the bulk of the 13,970 SPM straight A’s were.

        It may be the best kept secret(?) that Malays lead academically but still badly lag in business, at all levels.

        To the all dedicated teachers :
        Selamat Hari Guru dan semoga diberkati Allah SWT !.

        Haji M Zin, 25-year PIBG veteren
        Alor Gajah DPH


        • @ hjzin
          Of course if you goto mrsm,the answers to the questions is right in front of you. Sure can get multiple aces. But when tjey send overseas al, thesemrsm top scorers, only a few will make it into the top schools like harfart, oxfart,stanfart. Why? No spoon feeding.


      • History? history as taught here is actually a front to prosyletize the nons to islAmic and malay culture. Andthe islamic zealots in this country has time and again ignored the constitution, including the judges, in cases where religious rituals are disputed.
        Now why can’t student study less subjects, but more intently and deeply in the subjects they choose. We are still stuck in arts and science stream. This should be abolish many decades ago. And students should graduate at a younger age. 24 is too old for undergraduate studies. 20/21 is about right, like the US and the west. That means spm at 15, a level at 16/17,and graduate at 20/ 21. The younger these guys work, the better their enthusiasm, and the gomen gets to collect taxes from them at a earlier age.


        • Wat you talkin’ one, tempawan? Giving wild and unsubstantiated opinion? Not a thread of evidence? Loose talk, eh? Shooting from the hip like Western cowboys do? Careful, the bullets might ricochet and hit you below the navel and in between your legs.

          What about SPM at 10, eh? And my opinion is better than yours, you know. Why? I don’t have to say why – you didn’t, why should I? .


          • SPM at 10 could be an option for those who are gifted. But our education system is to rigid to allow individuals with capability to move up at their natural ability.


    • A,

      You see, based on history and the Constitution, the the Malays have been feeling that they have agreed to the the non-Malays being given citizenship right at Merdeka, which their forefathers did not have and were Stateless in this country for 150 years before that. As the quid pro quo, they have their Special Position and Ketuanan Melayu (the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc) enshrined in the Constitution under Article 153 etc, including in 19 of the 184 Articles that pertain to the Monarchy system of Parliamentary Democracy practiced in this country.

      That Special Position which the British said in their Parliament when debating the Malaya Independence Bill, “has been there since day one” (the latest example being the fact that they sought permission from the Malay Rulers to set up trading posts in Penang and Singapore in the 18th and 19th Centuries). That Special position which was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia in 1963.

      Additionally, the Malays as represented by Tengku A Rahman had after Medeka even dispensed with the language test etc for the issue of citizenship certificates, leading to the MCA President Tun Tan Siew Sin saying, “The Malays have been generous enough”, and the MIC President Tun Sambanthan saying words to the same effect in Parliament.

      But, when DAP picked up and hogged the chauvinist Lee Kuan Yew’s subversive and seditious slogan “Malaysian Malaysia”, wanting equality without simultaneously acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras, Cinabenging started. The cause-and-effect situation could be seen there. And Malay bashing went on in sarcastic remarks, innuendos and oblique references, including during the election campaigning in 1969. It led to the race riots of 13 May. NEP came out of those, but the DAP and the Tsunami Chinese continued on the so-called Malaysian Malaysia thingy in disguised forms until now.

      I think the race riots might not have occurred if all citizens had known the history of this country sufficiently. And were grateful for the citizenship they got freely and the issue of certificates were made easy and expedited. But that situation did not exist because, for example, so many of them could not even speak Bahasa Melayu, the language of the country as spelled out in Article 152. And because of other issues pertaining to the Constitution respect for which was not forthcoming, for example on Islam being “the religion of the Federation”.

      Which leads me to further comments that I will make in due course.


      • The latest Cinabenging has been due to the Chinese tsunami. PAS re-activated their Hudud calls after that and in recent times.

        To my mind, generally, those non-Chinese tsunami people respect the Constitution.


    • Cinabeng-ism came about when the Malays saw ultra kiasu-ism rising in unlimited proportions – nak lagi, nak lagi, nak lagi to what they already got, and hell of a lot they already got – citizenship, being the richest community in the country for decades, so many millionaire and billionaires, so many professionals as doctors, architects, engineers, lawyers, you name it they are the most.

      The damn British colonial government provided them with all sorts of schools and in the English language as well (the passport to success at that time) in the towns where most of them live, whereas the Malays had only 4 years of education in schools far in between in the kampongs – the British intended them to “look after the food production of the country”, therefore let them continue as rice farmers and fishermen.

      But the extreme came when they wanted more to the extent it ate into the portions meant for the Malays and the Bumiputeras who have a Special Position in this country. Worse still when they appear to question that Special Position, criticizing the NEP that was – to say the least – inspired from that Special Position. Then they also call for the repeal of the Sedition Act that protects the sensitive clauses of he Constitution including the Special Position clause.

      Now many are shouting to UMNO that if Najib even talks again about doing away with NEP, to do away with Najib. Enough of the chaos with criminals all over the places after being released when the ISA, Emergency Ordinance and related laws were repealed. It’ll be much worse if the Sedition Act is, too. Criminals like lawyer Karpal Singh (sentenced but died), potential criminals like Tian Chua (sedition trial date already fixed), Teresa Kok (sedition charged already preferred against her), etc will get emboldened. And the so-called news portals that published neither news nor portals will misbehave with impunity (Najib had issued lawyers letters against Malaysia Kini in his personal and in UMNO’s names).


      • Actually the mat gomen’s fault for not giving due attention to education opportunities. The mat gomen could have , if they had wanted, employed non mat professionals in the education system. But nope. They had to make sure the lecturers are mats as well. Ethnic cleansing. And if you had seen the type of lecturers they employed, you would undertand why standards are so low. Those who graduate with no working experience are allowed to lecture students.
        Now the NEP was not part of any special privilege. NEP was formulated after the malays went berserk, created mayhem,murder,rape, brutality and anarchy like spolit brats and in the end obtain quotas and extra special privilege on top of the privilege. End result is incompetency on a massive scale. This was highlighted on the MH370 disappearance. Its embarrassing. But i suppose malay voters can tolerate idiots as long as their children can graduate from third rate schools and colleges.


    • Mr A said, “Guess that’s why, most non-Malays and even educated Malays who see the injustice in such insults start looking elsewhere to other parties.” The important point has to be made – it’s not even looking to Pakatan Rakyat component parties.

      Abdullah Zaik of ISMA, with religious education at pre-university level, graduated from Egypt’s leading educational institution, Al Azhar University, Cairo, didn’t look to PAS, like such graduates used to before.

      He insisted that defending the Malays is not racist. “When we defend the fate of our race, to speak on behalf of them, that is not racist,” said the son of farmers in Trengganu. He has a degree in Islamic Law. ISMA, the NGO that he leads has 20,000-members, fully funded by contributions of members, with a few corporate sponsorships, according to the Star. .

      Unlike Malay-rights NGO PERKASA, ISMA’s members comprise a large number of professionals including academicians, doctors, engineers, scientists, a smattering of non-Malay Muslims and a strong student involvement who make up its largest support base. Malaysia is predominantly Malay-Muslim which is why ISMA upholds Malay interests, said Abdullah Zaik. That in turn, translates to national interest, he said.

      Note that although two important personalities other than Ridhuan Tee have stated those unhappy with the country or refusing to respect the Constitution should migrate, Abdullah Zaik/ ISMA does not believe in that. Yet the propaganda is that he/ ISMA is extremist, like PERKASA and DAP are labeled.

      “We support Ridhuan Tee’s views. To us, he is Malay,” said Abdullah Zaik. However, Abdullah Zaik opposed Ridhuan Tee’s suggestion that unhappy non-Muslims should leave the nation. “It is not our approach to ask them to leave but they must understand,” he said. Non-Muslims must adhere to the social contract, laws and constitution and not “naik kepala”.

      There you are. Is Abdullah Zaik/ ISMA the cause or the effect of “non-Malays and even educated Malays see(ing) the injustice in such insults (and) starting to look elsewhere”? Given the tendency of religiously-inclined persons and organizations to join PAS in the past, is he/ ISMA affected by the doubtful standards or the lowering standards of Pakatan Rakyat? Or merely stating a simple and valid fact that all “Non-Muslims must adhere to the social contract, the laws and the Constitution, and not “naik kepala”. I agree with him.


    • Jebat can you tell me why is that, during the PRU13 BN won mainly b’cos of the orang ulus of Sabah Sarawak and the orang kampungs of Peninsula Malaysia plus some educated fools like you. As for the courts convicting Anwar–it has been proven thru the linggam video scandal that most of the judges in Malaysia are corrupted to the core.


      • What’s this got to do with the 10 points mentioned above? Are you sweeping all the above hypocrisy under the carpet and pretend Pakatan is all virtuous and fine? It seems some ‘educated’ people who voted for Pakatan are not that educated at all. Thank you.


        • JMD, let me answer Sebastian Low. I see this as a great testimonial from the opposition supporters on BN’s good effort so far. Those people chose BN because they confirm and acknowledge, only BN can bring development and progress which the opposition is of no match. In addition, Sebastian Low has just demonstrated the fact that once the rakyat grow wing and able to fly, they began to be exploited by the nonsense opposition. The Malay says, “Seperti kacang lupakan kulit”. Please bear in mind that DAP is nothing if Anwar wasn’t sacked in 1998. DAP is just an opportunist which is a Nobody if there is no extraordinary event for them to prey on. They are useless and Nobody and only become what they are now after stooping so low as a Opportunist Parasite that grow on propagandas brought by others. One day PAS would soon realise their big mistakes making friends with the devils. Exploited, exploited and exploited. After BN sow the seeds, it is disgusting to see how the fruits are enjoyed by undeserved people that want to bring down the government.


          • Rainbow Rainbow said ” Those people chose BN because they confirm and acknowledge, only BN can bring development and progress which the opposition is of no match” Who are the people—mainly from the ulu areas of Sabah Sarawak and the kampungs of peninusula malaysia. What is their intelligence level—easily can be bought by the rich BN. What do they know about the level of corruptiion that has been committed by their leaders. These stupid fools vote in these corrupted leaders who lead a maharaja lifestyle and these stupid fools lead a “kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang” lifestyle. Comparatively the opposition were mainly voted by the educated urbanites who are exposed to the corruption and all the nonsence committed by these BN robbers. The alternatif media is accessible by these educated urbanites and know what is happenning in the country. You also said only BN can bring development and progress—–can any one state ruled by BN stand near Penang and Selangor–the most developed states in the country ruled by the opposition.


            • Sebastian Low who are you to label us in Sarawak as low in intelligence? Maybe you have never been to any cities and towns in which I believe are more developed and organised than any states in Srmenanjung. We Sarawakians are fine example of living in tolerance, respect and harmonious regardless which race we belong to. You are just a racist piece of Chink Shit like the rest of your opposition inclined Chinese. And the manner that your posts are being written suggest that you have another piglet continuing your legacy of being a certified piece of Chink Shit hypocrite. A piglet offspring of a swine so majestically shrouded in a cloth to disguise your xenophobic nature. Coming from an uncircumcised piece of Chink Shit like you we would be surprised if you can shoot straight anyway. You don’t sound apprehensive about your racist and Malay bashing demeanour anyway. So cut the crap cause you have already exposed your true self anyway. Another one of those Chink Shit working out through the night just to further your Chink Shit agenda to bash the Malays.


      • This Sebastian Low is worse than an “educated fool”. The half baked, wrongly educated SOB, dangerous in thinking, seditious in utterances and subversive in actions. He deserves the ISA, or its replacement, SOSMA.

        His thinking is not only DAP as he even sounds Chin Peng, the communist terrorist who, thank God, is now dead. Wild and unsubstantiated allegations including on the Malaysian Courts, he should really be charged in court and elevated to the ranks of the dead Karpal Singh, the not-so-dead Tian Chua and the bitchy Teresa Kok.

        Anybody disputes the above titles including “bitchy”, look up the dictionary.


        • A Anon you must be from the incestful race, with the mat rempit mentality. The truth hurts is it, your race is the most corrupted in Malaysia and the world. All Umno leaders are the NO 1 ROBBERS IN THE COUNTRY—stealing in the billions and living beyond their means. The civil service is all full of corrupted incestful race of yours. What unsubstantiated allegations on the Malaysian Courts–didnt the Linggam video scandal expose the level of corruption at the judiciary–difficult to accept reality SOB.


          • Hi, must be hard for you to walk around in Malaysia since malays are everywhere and you hate and despise all malays. You don’t even have malay friends do you? Considering all of the malays are incestuous, corrupt and filled with mat rempits. Must be hard living among them. Looking at the malays with contempt and disdain. Truly, we pity your predicament. A superior race like yours must never stoop so low living with the malays. Maybe you should end your life? Better to die honourable than to live in disgrace, or in this case, torturously living with subpar race like the malays. It’s your call. But there is always a solution –> STOP BEING RACIST.


      • Sebastian Low, you judged Anwar’s guilt or innocent on the basis of linggam video!!! So how much $$$ was High Court Judge Ariffin corrupted to acquit Anwar? See, only educated fools like you will support the blardy racist DAP hypocrites.


  2. Sodomised against his will? I don’t think so though I agreed the incident did happen. UMNO need to clear their own house from those thief with tudung first .


    • And its okay for the hypocrite DAP and PKR leaders and members to cheat, manipulate and mismanage their party elections (the heck with integrity) while at the same time bash SPR over the 40,000 banglas and blackouts, right?

      Hey, have you heard about the alleged tokong pastor thief who swindled the Mutiara land deal and the Undersea Tunnel? And the site allocated for low-cost housing? The talam gate…the list is piling in just over 5 years, holy mackerel. I suspect Tokong is Umno planted. Umno need to sack their Penang CM and Selangor MB. Even PKR and the HY tudung speaker allegedly wanted the Selangor MB out. How about you, hypocrite ahpek?


  3. Let me at the 11th.

    What written are simple facts that no rocket scientist is required to understand. But ironically the pakatan supporters still choose to believe and support those people who constantly insult their intelligent.


  4. What you are saying is true but lets’ not be negative about it. Most supporters of BN parties, especially the right thinking supporters of UMNO, are not going to allow the current unsavory and unscrupulous political maneuvers by rival PR parties to just happen like that without challenging them. Obviously there have been more good done by BN as compared to PR in the governing the country. And of course there are more corruption and cronyism among the PR members than among BN members. But isn’t it true also that some BN / UMNO members and leaders practice corruption like it’s already entrenched in the UMNO culture? So it’s crucial that BN/ UMNO clean its image first, simple as that. Bright aspiring young members should be encouraged to lead UMNO while weeding out the useless old members and If that is achieved I’d like to believe there is still a future for UMNO and the BN government to run this country. God bless.


    • What Sora-Chan said is true.What I am suggesting is that UMNO should analyse itself by asking why voters especially urban Malay do not like UMNO? Is it cronyism, nepotism or corruption or all of them? How can UMNO unite all Malay? We are having all the current problems because UMNO is weak. If the current problems are not handled with care, they can explode that all Malaysians will suffer a lot.

      Ignore PR. They are bunch of hypocrites. They even cannot handle their own houses properly as we can see from PKR and DAP elections. Their leaders are dictators of the higher order. UMNO must be very strong and UMNO must get rid of bad leaders including KJ.


      • Najib pun – get rid kalau dia nak buang Akta Hasutan, lenyapkan DEB, mengarut nakkan liberal apekebende nya.

        Mana liberal nya kalo tak sedor Melayu di pinngir dek Bretes beratus tahun, di eksploitasi mcm Setongkol Arif Sabri dan budak mentah Dyna Sofya mengangkat bontot DAP yang anti-Malay, anti-Islam.


      • RBA succeded beyond expectations Sdr Helang
        to unfortunately blanket-spray UMNO as corrupt in the social and alternative media.
        We alhamduli’Llah have more honest UMNO YBs and good government servants serving in the rural heartland. The rural voters know better and we must increase the budget allocation for them.
        (RM 54 billion for education alone in 2014 budget)

        English politician Lord Acton wrote in 1887:
        Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        So there is a role for honest opposition to provide check and balance, of any abuse. Admittedly not all opposition members are bad.

        They should however not avoid to support all the good government policies and actions.
        We should also not automatically expect them to perform to standards, when in they gain power huhu.

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH


  5. Why when Rakyat point out the weakness in BN Govt. the common answer is to compare it with the opposition as the standard?

    Who’s ruling the country and who is the Govt. now?

    What level of garbage politics is this?

    Worse, if NGO’s behavior and statements are linked or implied as supported by the Govt. Nobody elected the NGO’s as their wakil Rakyat. What makes them think they represent everyone or a certain race or religion?

    Even worse, is when Govt bodies, judiciary, universities, religious bodies also start playing politics instead of providing service according to their roles. Is that how a country should be governed?

    It has been and always will be the ruling party which forms the Govt of the day provides Service to the Rakyat and not the other way round. Respect and recognition comes from good governance and never governing by threats, fear, rumour mongering, sly or creating animosity.

    It has always been Govt, of the people, by the people, for the people and likewise Power will always come from the people, by the people and of the people.

    In Malaysia, people means Rakyat and Rakyat means all those human beings of different races, religion,
    And political beliefs even if they are just dunggus.


    • Sapa cakap compare it with the opposition as the standard? Pakatan mana ada standard? Orang cuma nak tunjukkan Pakatan lebih dahsyat salepas ha nya 5 tahun di Selangor dan kali ke2 di Penang.

      Awak tak faham politik ngapa nak menyibuk di sini? Cakap le apa kelebihan Pakatan, apa kebolehan depa, baru le ada makna komen awak. Air pun takda, sampai Kak Mah, Mak Lijah setengah mati ngankut air hari hari 4 tingkat di flat sana sini.

      Kalo nak kritik BN pun, bagi le bukti, sekurang kurang nya butiran sapa kata apa, bila, di mana, sapa ada dengor atau nengok. Macam yang dengor dan nengok Anuor mengamuk kat pendemo bantah PKR election semalam. Tak guna punya manusia. Cakap berdegung degumg, berak berteraburan.


        • You have no respect for the Orang Ulu, you SOG. Many of them have had high education and have become professionals, despite the hardships of getting to schools and lacking in all sorts of basic life amenities.

          Instead of giving facts, data and convincing arguments to show that Pakatan has not lowered standards, you come out with just 2-line shit statement. No wonder you blokes lost PRU13 and the so-called educated fellows don’t even know the meaning of electoral college votes or the principle of the first who passes the goal post wins.

          Btw, which Chinatown you live in, cocooned among the DAP thugs and gangsters who have shaped your stupid yet arrogant thinking.


          • Anon from the incestful and most corrupted race in Malaysia and on earth, yes the orang ulus who are highly educated wouldnt have voted for the corrupted BN. How not to lose when GERRYMANDERING is the order of the day. Small constituencies with mainly the incestful race is created to win. Whereas, where there are non bumiputras the no of voters can reach 100 thousand and become one parliamentary seat compared to a bumi constituency which only has about 30 thousand voters–like Kepong and Putrajaya.
            Btw never mind I live among thugs and gangster not like you blady hipocrites who **** your own daughters, your leaders are the most corrupted in Malaysia and the world, the mat rempit race, the bohsia race, your women **** negros, banglas, pakistanis and give birth and throw the baby in the longkangs, toilets and sawah padi. Your race has the highest no of drug addicts in the country.

            JMD: Please mind the tone and obscenity. This blog wishes to maintain some decency, otherwise your future comments will be blocked. Thanks.


        • Thanks Sebastian Low for conforming only BN is the trusted government to bring development and progress to the people. What has DAP done throughout its establishment to the people? Nothing significant. How then does DAP rise to power that it has now? By depending on propagandas and preying on people’s intellectual. Hence again Jebat has made a brilliant point by pointing out this phenomenon that PR is lowering your intellectual standard. Bull-eye Jebat. Good job and well done. Big Conclusion: Pakatan is elected through lowering people’s intellectual standard and what a big insult that is to the people.


      • Patutlah PR asyik kalah, cakap macam Yg Bhg Sdr Sebastian ni
        (standard politik semakin teruk? No 11?)
        Mereka pandang rendah sangat Melayu, Iban, KD-M di pergunungan.
        Jelas sangat tak faham-faham cara berpolitik, dan semakin jauh lah nampaknya Putra Jaya.

        Perasan bijak, tak boleh diajar huhu:
        We may be less educated(?) .. namun jangan sekali anggap orang selain YB Rayer dan DAP bodoh/ sebodoh mereka.

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH


    • Dandy, didn’t you read this article before commenting? Point number 10. Have a relook. The standards Pakatan set for you when weaknesses in Pakatan were pointed out was to benchmark it against BN. And all this while you were brainwashed by Pakatan thinking they are way better than BN. So is it okay for Pakatan to be worse than BN (worse because they did not walk the talk)? Then your standards are really low now. Thank you.


      • Penang is going to blunder the way Selangor government does. They put populist approach over long term economic gain.

        Selangor fights Fed Gov over water issue, in the end the rakyat suffer.

        Penang insist on undersea tunnel, thus limiting the depth of Penang Port. Penang Port cannot be expanded anymore when state government goes ahead with their plan.

        Fed Gov have no choice but to build another port in Yan, Kedah to cater for larger vessel. Northern region is in dire need of capable infrastructure because Malaysia is also serving southern Thailand. Yes, they export their goods through us. The gullible rakyat will not see this until they are hit with reality.

        Penang cannot solely depend on tourism. What they are doing now is just unlocking all the land values. Yes, PDC returns to black, but only after 2nd bridge has been completed. PDC is only monetizing their government granted land assets which was given long before DAP came to power. The state is bleeding investment. Penang cannot depend on cheap labor and support service only. If it hadn’t been for Fed Gov, Motorola would have jumped to China already. They don’t see through Lim Chong Eu’s vision.

        Lim Guan Eng is good with words, but he lacks essence.


        • Now you merely repeat what you have said earlier. Product of Chinese schools, eh, used to regurgitating and repeating loudly what the teacher says in class?

          No place for you in this country except in the Chinatowns among the secret societies, thugs and gangsters, and from time to time got flushed out by the Police.


          • Anon from the incestful race, chinese students are the top students in Malaysia. You go to Harvard and see how many chinese students are there and how many malay students can enter Harvard. The right place for you are the kampungs, where you can easily **** your daughters to avoid from being caught for INCEST

            JMD: This is your last comment here. You are blocked. Your vile, racist generalisation makes members of the KKK and Perkasa seemed mild in comparison. Goodbye racist.


        • Poor Sebastian Low

          Your inconsequential parrotic repetition of a brain-damaged content only PROVES that your IQ is truly substandard closer to minus 30.

          Your pendatang clans created the chinese tsunami at great cost and sacrifice and what do you get?
          BN still rules blessed MALAYsia or historically TANAH MELAYU.

          Dude eat your heart out!


          • Ray you also must be from the incestful and most corrupted race in Malaysia and on earth, How not to lose when GERRYMANDERING is the order of the day. Small constituencies with mainly the incestful race is created to win. Whereas, where there are non bumiputras the no of voters can reach 100 thousand and become one parliamentary seat compared to a bumi constituency which only has about 30 thousand voters–like Kepong and Putrajaya.
            You came from where—definetely from Indonesia. Now you call the Chinese pendatang


  6. May I repeat what you said to highlight the points – “Obviously there have been more good done by BN as compared to PR in governing the country.” BN been doing it 57 years now. But PR only 5 years in Selangor, for example, had caused me unable to bathe for so many days in the last few months of water rationing. Crazy, water, the very necessity for existence, that millions of planets in the universes (note, more than one universe the astro-physicists now say) are not habitable coz no water). And if the Selangor PR gomen had agreed to the BN gomen proposal on water supply in 2009, millions of Selangorians would not have suffered. Damn.

    “And of course there are more corruption and cronyism among the PR members than among BN members.” More than cronyism, PR, especially DAP and PKR even has dynasty-ism in the Lims, the Karpals and the Anwars.The more sickening thing is that PR people very often cakap tak serupa bikin, meaning bohong, tipu, pedaya what have you. Heck, DAP been shouting about corruption, yet no less than Ronnie Liu, Selangor DAP Chief, complained about DAP money politics at no less than their party election convention a few years ago. And the DAP gangster looking Municipal Councillor whatever must have pushed MACC witness Teoh Beng Hock out of the window to protect Selangor DAP Exco members during the investigation into their State financial allocations and expenditures – the bloke was the last known to be with TBH before his death.

    Yes, money politics is still a huge problem in UMNO and must be acted upon endlessly. But the DAP have promoted themselves to doing other forms of corruption as well. A lot of talk about huge commissions, kickbancks, nominee and proxy shares from the sale of Penang State land at RM1.07 billion at Bayan Mutiara, another at Taman Manggiis, and the RM1 billion Turn-key sPICE Project and the undersea Tunnel project whose cost mysteriously increased from RM4 to 6 to 8 billion even before project commencement.


  7. BN konsultans and lackeys still don’t get the points mentioned above isn’t it? Looks like time for a change instead of continue with the current standards of governance.

    Let the change comes and like Marie Antoinnete who still eat cakes and live in the castle, she wouldn’t know until she is lead to the guillotine.


    • Not sure why Pakatan cybertroopers will immediately assume that any criticisms against their beloved Pakatan Rakyat will always come from BN ‘lackeys’. They will refuse even to remotely think that these criticisms may come from the average people on the street which has the ability to think that Pakatan is not all roses and not perfect too. Yes, BN has few problems and need to change.

      But the moment Pakatan cybertroopers think that ALL rakyat are with them without being aware that there are other ordinary people which do not agree with Pakatan Rakyat, then they will realise that they have only been preaching to their own kind of people which standards have been dumbed down to the point of stupidity. Case in point, with all the data supplied which had debunk the point you have mentioned initially, the only rebuttal that came afterwards was a mention of Marie Antoinette. If fact and data are rebutted by citing what a historical figure may or may not did 300 years ago, then truly, you are no longer capable to absorb different opinions by taking a step back, take stock on what you have been fed with by your Pakatan leaders. Thank you.


    • Wo wo wo, ini Mister A sudah lebeh. An unacceptable, even dangerous, mindset. Typical of Pakatan goons.

      His first comment was quite ok, a lot of questions, though with the usual Pakatoon lack of substantiation. They have been argued in quite sane and rational fashion by participants of this blog. But now, boom,

      His first of 2 paragraphs was tolerable. We can accept dissent. But his second refers to conditions before the French Revolution 1789-1799. And the doing away of the nobility and the Monarchy in France.What change is he talking about? Is he implying any of those in Malaysia? Is that the kind of thinking that Lim Guan Eng had when he officiated the opening of a building named Sun Yet Sen in Penang – the man who had nothing to do with this country except taking refuge on the island from the revolutionary upheaval in China? Is revolution and Republicanism in the minds of these blokes? If so, they are to be dragged out in the manner of citizen arrests, collared, heaved and swung to the Police Station, accompanied by concerned citizens who make Police reports urging that they be charged for sedition and subversion.

      The A blokke should have argued out his case. Counter the counter-arguments of those who responded to his comment. But that’s the perennial problem with these no-standard Pakatan Rakyat. The biadap kind that DAP Vice-President Tengku Aziz said of LGE as he stormed out of the party. The DAP kind that has been living on hate fomented some 50 years ago on the formation of the DAP, enlivened through the decades, heightened on 13 May 1969 and the race riots, now rearing its ugly head again.

      One sees absolutely no relevance to Malaysia the beheading of Marie Antoinette, other than mischievous and nasty thoughts concerning our democracy and constitutional monarchy system of government. Let it be known that the Malays shall not tolerate such nonsense from the pendatang and urge the Police Special Branch to observe these blokes constantly in the Internet, as is known that they do.

      And on the point of cause and effect, here is another example that the words of the bloke calling himself A have deprived him of the title “Mister” A and the word pendatang, which is not seditious but may not be used on respectable Malaysians, is now applied to him.


  8. JMD hit the points strongly. BN leaders lead by example – Tun Dr Mahathir is a very great example. He leads BN, a strong supporter of BN and if you read his blog, he did write a lot of articles that highlighted things to be improved and some constructive criticisms on BN.

    I am a supporter of the Government. I worked hard to help the party in the last election. But I must admit that I disagree with quite a few things the government is doing.
    – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

    But Pakatan cybertroopers? Deaf and Blind they are and that is exactly the point JMD is putting up that Pakatan is lowering your standards, your intellectual standards. Given all the facts, instead of reading the lines, they rebuke and just like a broken record repeat their Pakatan mantra.

    It is the pot calling the kettle black.


  9. Even Malaysian Insider has to reluctantly make a +ve report on May 22nd today:

    Malaysia jumped from the 15th spot in last year’s list to 12th in the World Competitive Rankings 2014 report released by the Institute of Management Development (IMD, Switzerland) today.
    This comes after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said last November that he wanted Malaysia to break into the top 10 of the competitiveness index on the back of government initiatives.

    Competing top 10 next year or after, insya-Allah!

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


    • Good point, hjzin.

      With Pakatan Rakyat lowering their standards, to almost no standard after 5 years in Selangor and Penang the voters gave them in 2008, they simply cannot begin to imagine that they can compete with BN.

      But their Red Bean and other dirty propaganda, exploiting on the non-Malays and now on the Malays like the pengkhianat bangsa Arif Sabri (former BN ADUN Pahang) and budak mentah Dyana Sofya contesting as DAP candidate in Telok Intan, needs to be countered again and again.

      The voters need to be made to realize that DAP has been promoting hate, anti-Malay and anti-Islam since party formation, culminating in the race riots of 1969, and still doing so now. That’s debased politics, and really no standard to speak of.


      • QUOTE
        Devan Nair who was amongst those who founded the DAP, later returned to Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew, then Prime Minister of Singapore under the PAP, explained in 1981 that “the Cabinet decided that Singapore-Malaysia relations would always be bedevilled if Devan Nair remained a DAP leader. I persuaded him to come back”.
        END OF QUOTE (Souce: Wikipedia)

        Those “pengkhianat bangsa Arif Sabri (former BN ADUN Pahang) and budak mentah Dyana Sofya” should try to live in Singapore and see where the Malays stand in Singapore which consists of 77% Chinese and 14% Malays for a taste of the DAP’s Chinese chauvinism. These short-sighted Malays don’t realise they are being fooled as the puppets of DAP to achieve their dirty interior motives. The Malays are being toyed with in DAP just like the Malays in PAP. This is really stupidity at its very best.


        • Come crawling faster
          Obey your Master
          Your life burns faster
          Obey your Master

          Master of Puppets I’m pulling your strings
          Twisting your mind, smashing your dreams
          Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
          Just call my name, ’cause I’ll hear you scream
          Master, Master
          Master, Master, where’s the dreams that I’ve been after?
          .. Master, Master, you promised only lies
          Laughter, laughter, all I hear or see is laughter
          Laughter, laughter, laughing at my cries
          Fix me!

          (.. great guitar solo follows, by Metallica 1986)

          Haji M Zin
          Alor Gajah DPH


        • Rainbow,

          Agree with you.

          Better still, why not ask them to stay in China. Just for one Parliammentary term – 5 years.

          Wanna say more but time not permitting.


        • I think arif and dyana knows very well that two former british colonies in south east asia that are not part of alaysia, are so much wealthier in per capita terms. 15th place competitve rankings etc is of no use if the people cannot earn a decent living and are in perpetual debt due to high taxes and utility charges.


          • My earlier comment above also applies to this one, tempawan.

            Let me repeat the relevant sentences for effect to you – to drum them into your mind –

            Giving wild and unsubstantiated opinion? Not a thread of evidence? Loose talk, eh? Shooting from the hip like Western cowboys do? Careful, the bullets might ricochet and hit you below the navel and in between your legs.

            And my opinion is better than yours, you know. Why? I don’t have to say why – you didn’t, why should I? .
            Example: Where got “people cannot earn a decent living and are in perpetual debt due to high taxes and utility charges”? Came out from Anwar’s or Tokong Lim’s arse?.


          • In Singapore during the stage when PAP develop the country, how many oppositions were there in the parliament? At one time they only had 2 – Anson Road and Potong Pasir. Malaysia might have more successes if we don’t have the existing useless opposition parties. DAP is the last thing that Malaysia need or put simply Malaysia would prosper better if DAP just extinct from this planet. DAP is the cause of hatred politic in Malaysia and a disunited Malaysia. If we don’t have DAP, then Malaysian are more united. If we are more united, then we would grow better as a country. United Malaysian would still constructively criticise the government to do better and better and united Malaysian would do this in a more civilised way, not conducting streets demonstrations and loud-mouth to the world how bad Malaysia is. Do you all agree?


            • My point is,BN has failed to uplift even the paddy farmers. That is why their numbers are getting lower. In the US,they give money for farmers to grow crops.its called food security. Then the US sell it to the public at a discount. This subsidy is better that petrol subsidy. Petrol subsidy only enriches the smugglers and big fat oil companies.


              • I don’t know from which planet you live in. In Malaysia, agriculture makes up 12% of our GDP. 16% of our population are involved in agriculture. 24% of our land is dedicated to agriculture alone. We produce about 1/3 of the world’s rubber export. Do you even know that our rubber are much sought-after because of the quality and good pricing? Do you know these products have been used in various sector throughout USA, Japan and Europe? Do you know that we diversified in our agriculture turning to oil palms when there is an opportunity to enrich our agriculture front? If not for our government’s proper agriculture planning, our agriculture would not have attracted those related stakeholders including farmers. Hence, it proves another point this blog is telling you: Pakatan Rakyat has effectively lowered your standard. So, look at the other side of the facts and try to work with BN, within BN and continue to build the country. We don’t need PR for all its nonsense, just so many political stunts to disunite and destroy our country.


      • Opposition now have little say, Sdr Halim
        and RBA is getting desperate.
        TMI blocks many of the rebuttals that I tried to post to their mostly ant-Malay/ establishment biased articles.

        RRR are key issues for Malays in the Peninsula.
        Actually Religion and Rulers are only big issues on the Peninsula, but not in Sabah and Sarawak where
        – there is no enactment on the use of Kalimah Allah, and
        – the pressing issue is still rural development

        BN can’t go wrong with empowering our Race: Melayu, Iban, Kadazan-Murut and Dusun.
        The RM 54b in education for the 2014 budget must be some kind of world record- That is an average of RM8k per capita(?) babies and grandparents included.

        As a dakwah activist I do not see religious issues as really political and DAP is just a tool for the evangelists.
        Peninsula Christians use English in Church, so the actual target are the 200,000 odd Orang Asli who speak Bahasa Melayu and not Malays due to constitutional restrictions and clear Tawhid win vs Trinity

        So, let the voters decide in Teluk Intan.
        I’d really be quite happy to let Ms Dayna S loose in DAP with her proud anti-RRR shouts
        (with YB Zairil, Melayu?)
        that will insya-Allah sound the death knell for PAS.

        Salam Jummat and 1Malaysia!

        Haji M Zin
        Alor Gajah DPH


        • Salam Sdr Hjzin,

          One comment of mine in response to yours, about the Rumpun Melayu and the books published by the Historical Society of Malaysia disappeared when submitted in this outstation place with weak Internet connection, I think.

          Will re-write it when returning from outstation. Hope this one goes in and gets published.


          • Salam Sdr Hjzin,

            Here’s what was said in the missed out comment, plus some now added in :

            Agree that BN can’t go wrong with empowering our Race: Melayu, Iban, Kadazan-Murut and Dusun. They belong to the same Larger Family of Malays or Keluarga Besar Melayu that originated in this Gugusan Pualu Pulau Melayu or the Malay Archipelago some 6,000 years ago, not from Yunan or Taiwan as were suggested in the 1930s, theories that lasted until the 1950s.

            Thereafter so many researches were scientifically done by experts in languages (linguists), the study of mankind (anthropologists), the study of ancient remains (archaeologists), DNA specialists etc, by experts in the West etc, and including experts from our own country. Their findings are explained in the books, “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu”, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, available at the Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun Razak, KL.

            The HSM was founded since British colonial times, current membership includes Emeritus Professor of History Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, Emeritus Professor of Malay Studies Dato Mohd.Taib Othman, Professor of Archaeology Dato Nik Arikin Shuhaimi, Professor of History Zainal Abidin Wahid, etc.

            Colonialism and religion divides the Rumpun Melayu that comprises 350 million in the region and forms a formidable racial grouping of Malays in Indonesia, Indonesians, Filipinos (who call their independence fighter Jose Rizal “The Great Malay” and their Ambassador to Malaysia is named Malay, if I remember correctly). DAP of course dislikes that kind of history, they even opposed History being made compulsory in schools,.It was fellows like them who opposed Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal’s idea of Maphilindo, an entity comprising Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia, that was mooted out in the early 1960s.

            DAP not only has no standards, they are a divisive and destructive lot, anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969..


            • Correction and addendum:

              “Malays in Indonesia” should have been written as “Malays in Malaysia”.

              Linguists played an important part in those researches, having done such since the voyages of Captain Cook in the 18th Century. He brought along language scientists who studied the languages of the people in the countries they visited.

              They and many others after them have established that there are more than 1,200 languages in the Keluarga Besar Bahasa Melayu. Similarities in words, grammar and syntax were recorded among the languages of the 350 million people, including in Madagascar, Indochina (the Khmer Malays still exist as a distinct entity in Laos and Cambodia to this day), in Taiwan and even in Hawai.

              That one native group in Taiwan still uses a language with affinity with the Malay language does not mean the Malays originated from Taiwan as theorized by some in the first half of the 19th century. In fact, as explained in the books mentioned above, what is true is the reverse – some Malays from the Malay Archipelago sailed and settled there.

              Comments on those books have appeared here quite some time ago. Reading them is exhilarating for me.


          • Yes, the Singaporeans are still in denial, Sdr Halim
            when they published the 2009 HUGO paper.
            (Human Genome Organization’s Dr Vikrant Kumar)

            The findings from Genome/ DNA were
            – East (China/ Korea/ Japan) and Southeast Asians share a common origin.
            – A common ancestor of the Negrito and non-Negrito populations of Asia entered into the continent …

            Keturunan Datuk Adam who came via India to Malaysia were Negritos, who went on to populate China and Australasia as aborogines. Imagine the Chinse horror worldwide to discover that the Middle Kingdom race did not down from heaven huhu, but were Negritos?

            (1) Melayu’s are the migrants who much later returned from China, but who were originally from SEA pre-historically, so OK common Rumpun but we must now include the Orang Aslis.
            (2) Sdr M Arof Isyak is from MHS of which my wife was a former committee member. His book covers more recent events vs Genome which covers pre-history.

            Haji M Zin
            Alor Gajah DPH


            • I will try to be civilise. But its difficult to do this when surrounded by barbarians.instead of taking this as an insult,barbarians conquered the chinese and the romans.
              There were two waves that migrated out of africa. The first wave, curly haired people, includes tamil, orang asli, papuans and aborigines.
              Malays belong to the second wave.originate from what is now called china. People that migrated to american continent, eskimos etc also came from the same part of china. Maybe there was a drought or calamity that forced them out. But by race we are not chinese.
              Culturally,malays are the same as the myanmars,the thais, the khmers and indonesians. Examples are never point with our legs, or use our second finger but the thumb, bow down when passing in front of a person sitting, build houses on stilts etc. Then these same people were influenced by sanskrit of india. Similarity with thai words with malay includes raja,perdana menteri etc. But you wouldn’t know it as they sound different with their tonal expressions.
              Malays and other south east asians then evolve ( this word in malay maybe banned by islamic religious department) differently than the chinese. But deep down, whether we are whites, africans, asians, we are basically the same. Its the environment that makes us different. Some are infortunate enough to be born as a muslim. After a few thousand years, their body wil be devoid of any pig immunity, like swine flu. Those that do not eat cow meat may be susceptible to mad cow disease.

              Tuan hj want to drive from kuching to tawau leisurely. But those in the oil and gas has no time for this. Oe day delay can cause millions in USD losses. Those in bintulu, miri,labuan, kk region needs a highway and and a bridge from muara to labuan/ manumbok. Thans to brunei, we do not have to spend so much on the highway. They have done their part, but we are still in the third world stage. Small country like brunei now embarking on a bridge between muara to temburong, 30 km long connecting two parts of brunei.only 20km above water.
              I can write more. But its happy hour and my mates are here. All and cultures religion races making friends in the pub.unlike theoutside.


              • tempawan,

                “surrounded by barbarians .., barbarians conquered the chinese ..”?

                You using the old tipu Chinese historians or officials in the Emeperors’ palaces who re-wrote historical facts to suit the Emperors’ wishes and likings, claiming the Chinese are the only civilized lot, China was the “Middle Kingdom”, all others around them were barbarians? Chinese schools taught you that ha?

                Kamon grow up, be educated a bit lah, tempawan. Ever read what Professor Wang Gung Wu, formerly Universiti Malaya now in Singapore, saying in his Essay on the Overseas Chinese that many people thought only themselves as civilized but later found out many others were more civilized than themselves. He didn’t say “many Chinese” though like that – he is always a polite man, won’t offend others, including his own kind. But you? Gone case lah, you tempawan.

                You didn’t read the comments sometimes copied into here in the past ha? Including about that American Professor who said that so many Chinese historical records for certain periods of Chinese history were re-written by palace officials? Let me know if you want to know more and I’ll dig that one out, ok.


              • The “waves that migrated out of africa .. The first wave, curly haired people, includes tamil, orang asli, papuans and aborigines. Malays belong to the second wave.originate from what is now called china.”

                The above your own theory ha? What year you living in, 1930s? So many hypotheses have been thrown out, many hypotheses did not even reach the “theory” stage, even theories that were accepted for a period of time, have been discarded, superseded by later ones, you don’t know ah?

                You may even read about the “Little Emperor” in the “Little Red Dot” south of the Peninsula. Don’t believe those also lah, tempawan – people have been making fun of Lee Kuan Yew by coining those terms.

                The Malays originated in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu or the Malay Archipelago some 6,000 years ago, have been moving in and out of the numerous islands, including the Peninsula,known since about 2,000 years ago and later named as Semenanjong Tanah Melayu. The Langkasuka Malay Kingdom had existed as a civilized society, with rulers and systems of administration, justice etc since the 2nd Century AD.

                There are now some 350 million of the Keluarga Besar or Rumpun Melayu, divided by colonization and religion. Read the books “The Malay Civilization” and “Tamadun Alam Melayu”, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, as spelled out by Halim above.

                Note that PM Najib has also acknowledged this Large Family of Malays when he said in China only the other day that the Malay language is the 5th largest language, spoken by over 300 million people in the world.

                The Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak and the Orang Aslis also belong to this Large Family. Ever heard the terms “Proto Malays”, “Deutero Malays”, “Malayo-Polynesians” and “Austronesians”? They all belong to the Rumpun Melayu. .

                That “out-of-China” and “out-of-Taiwan” hypothesis on the origins of the Malays lasted only for 2-3 decades and has been discarded since the 1950s.

                Read History books, tempawan, not Wikipedia where DAP uses it trying to re-write history like ancient Chinese did. And got told by the Editors to provide credible sources of information, not coffee shop talk.


              • Kindly refer to the 2009 HUGO paper, Sdr Tempawan
                ( Just Google search for the paper by:
                Human Genome Organization’s Dr Vikrant Kumar )
                extracts of which I had posted earlier on 25th March above.

                Don’t know about our Iban and KD-M cousins but yes, Malays probably came back from China. After releasing the paper however, the large HUGO Singapore centre has kept quiet(!) Why, is it so shocking?
                Based on conclusive DNA evidence and quoted below .. the earliest Chinese were prehistoric Negritos originating from SEA !

                “The findings from Genome/ DNA were
                (1) East (China/ Korea/ Japan) and Southeast Asians share a common origin.
                (2) A common ancestor of the Negrito and non-Negrito populations of Asia entered into the continent … ”

                The origins of civilised Chinese like our Rumpun were proven scientifically prehistoric Negritos, not sent down from heaven to the Middle Kingdom. We can throw away our old history books and our SEA History Profs are now history, no pun intended.

                Grand Rumpun:
                We are all alhamduli’Llah one really big Rumpun- stretching down the whole Asia/ Pacific down to Australia and of course, our earliest ancestors were Prophet Adam and Grandmother Eve.

                Cheers mate, and have a great weekend/ school holiday week!

                Haji M Zin
                Alor Gajah DPH


                • Txs for your response, Sdr HjZin. As the column is getting too thin, for ease of reading our further chats, I’m going to write my response in a new comment at the bottom of these comments.


        • Hullo tok Haji!
          All the wealth from miri, lutong, etc ended up in klang valley some for non economic unviable ostentatious and grandiose religious buildings which costs quarter of a billion in klang valley. Better check if got corruption in award of these contracts. Peoplethink there areno hanky panky in religious departments. But catholics already uncovered perverts within their priesthood. So beware.
          Those billions building non viable houses of worship could be better spent building a highway from bintulu to brunei border, and a bridge from muara in brunei to to labuan and manumbok,and a highway to kk.
          This will transform the logistics efficiency of that oil and gas area. How can anyone tolerate 7 hours it takes to driveto manumbok before taking a ferry to labuan. In the peninsular, same distance takes only 2.5 hours. And there is not enough flight tickets as planes are always full.
          I think the people of this region deserve this infrastructure. It will unite their economy and turn the region ito another economic dynamo like the klang valley, jb or penang. After all, they are already the shipbuilding capital of malaysia.


          • Where got “non economic unviable ostentatious and grandiose religious buildings which costs quarter of a billion in klang valley”? Am inclined to say you talk shit but won’t .. oops, the words came out olely, hope will get published as they are not seditious, only aimed at you and a valid accusation.

            You are the one wanting readers to believe what you say, why the hell ask people “Better check if got corruption in award of these contracts”? Damn stupid, ain’t it? Red Bean style, eh? Just say for the sake of getting your hate messages across, eh? You anarchistic or what?

            Now you getting seditious, saying “People think there areno hanky panky in religious departments. But catholics already uncovered perverts within their priesthood.” I’m not a Christian but you hantam the Catholics because you are an Evangelical Christian? Don’t do that lah, especially when you don’t show proof or quote reliable sources.


          • You raised a great point Yg Bhg Sdr Tempawan
            about the wealth from Miri, Lutong, etc.

            According to Sdr Brewin Edward in the Malaysian insider on April 29th however:
            ( Of Sarawak, oil money and secession )
            People who are in favour of Sarawak seceding overlook the fact that the Federal government is actually spending more than collecting money in Sarawak ..

            So what are the actual facts?
            Can we stop taking positions until we Malaysians regardless from where are convinced on the Sarawak $ numbers, boleh?

            Re: Pan Borneo
            (1) My family are excited to do a slow drive from from Semantan and Kuching through to Serudong Tawau by 2016, highway sempat siap?
            (2) If awarded to Tan Sri A Halim, the highway would have long been completed, kan?

            Haji M Zin
            Alor Gajah DPH


  10. I think jebat got the topic not quite right. It should be “Top 10 Reasons Why Pakatan Rakyat Is Lowering Your Standards from an already pathetic benchmark”. WE should strive to kick both BN and PR back to the caves where they belong. We want british standard of adminstration. High crass ,not kampung standard. Claridges, not tune hotels. But who can deliver this? Nobody at the moment.


    • Ooops, my reply to tempawan here did not show after pressing the post comment button. Maybe jebatmustdie will locate it and publish it – a constructive criticism against tempawan, that one.


      • No joke ray.
        You need towering individual to transform the mats into productive and creative individuals like the germans and the nips,the koreans and the chinese. Nowadays the chinese can build a tower in weeks.


        • You can’t beat the Japanese. They bullied the Chinese before World War II. When they lost, they themselves volunteered the war-renouncing Constitution. American military assets all over and around Japan to defend them against the Chinese menace.

          Still, the Japanese can build an aircraft carrier with their eyes closed – they built many of them during World War II. The Chinese have constructed and tested only one aircraft carrier so far. So, what you talk one.

          I support ray’s proposal to appoint you supreme emperor. To dance to our tune. Wearing the Joker’s cap every time.


    • Concerning standards Yg Bhg Sdr Tempawan
      (BS? British Standards)
      UK competitiveness is actually stuck at No 18 according to IMD Switzerland vs Malaysia risen to No 12.
      UK can afford to just sit and digest the wealth they plundered from their former colonies.

      (1) Re Sarawak wealth, allegedly plundered from Miri, Lutong, etc.
      vs what the Federal government is actually spending in Sarawak to empower our Iban cousins.

      What are the actual facts? Can we stop taking positions until we Malaysians regardless from where are convinced on the +/- Sarawak $ numbers, boleh?

      (2) Re Pan Borneo, my family are excited to do a slow drive from Semantan and Kuching through to Serudong Tawau in 2016, highway sempat siap?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


      • In the UK,despite the lower so called competitive standards, you get voting information without even registering for elections. You get reply from gomen departments regarding queries. The civilians are given freedom of information act while ours are under official secrets act. Their gomen can respond to questions, our hide the incompetence and corruption under OSA.
        And despite their so called uncompetitvesness, they are at the forefront of many research and development in many scientific field. Including medicine, semiconductor, space, particle physics, etc. We are still stuck with PORIM.


        • Why cant you up a bit your already low standard mentality by responding to hjzin with facts and figures, numbers and details, instead of going around the bush with generalize comments and straying away from the subject, befitting the typical DAP hypocrites? I like to hear your rebuttal and argument with facts, not fictions. Even kampung standard are high class compared with your level. You really let down even the paddy farmers. I pity Pakatan.


  11. Pakatan has never bothered with standards. It is propelled more by the chinese tsunami and the green envelopes.

    In the eyes of the world, Malaysia is a great country to emulate – where the descendants of pendatangs emerged as the richest and the most highly educated.

    Perpetually goaded by the neighbourly doctrine of “meritocracy” these descendants question article 153 which they falsely perceive as discriminatory. Singapore has long been the goal of chinese malaysians, where power and control is jealously guarded by the non-Malays.

    Anwar was to have been the catalyst for the chinese to wrest political power from the Malays. He had failed so far, in spite of the huge funds routed to this cause. Nurul was the next reformasi icon after Ambiga failed big time. Now is the Uitm candidate who spouts raw inexperience with little intelligence.

    To DAP, PAS is problematic and PKR is selfishly unrealiable. So DAP tried with Tunku Aziz to con the Malays. Thankfully he wised up. And now we have a fresh brainwashable rookie to further their Malaysian Malaysia rule after the failed chinese tsunami.

    Only the greedy and the gullible will be recruited to pakatan.


    • I agree with most of what you say. To add a bit, if I may –

      Yes, Malaysia is a great country to emulate – where the descendants of pendatangs emerged as the richest and the most highly educated – especially to the Nanyang or Overseas Chinese. In Thailand, despite adopting Thai names, speaking the Thai language, wearing the Thai dresses, the Chinese Shinawatras are being ousted one after another. In the Philippines, despite the same kind of integration or even assimilation with the native Filipinos, the Chinese are spitted upon behind their backs. So are the Indonesian Chinese – Chinese schools and even the lion dance were not allowed during Sukarno’s and Suharto’s times. How many of them migrate to this country, I wonder.

      I also often wonder if many mainland Chinese harbour the thought of visiting this country, over-stay, bribe everybody concerned, get permanent stay, then citizenship, especially considering the “low PR governing standards”, that attract them to be free from the rigorous laws, rules and competition in China and to rise up relatively easily in business here, having connections with the mainland suppliers of goods and services. The DAP, with yet lower governing standards, will welcome them so that they can exploit the higher number of Chinese in this country to make all sorts of additional demands.

      I have serious doubts on the Statistics Department that does population census every 10 years. For the last census in 2010, the census forms did not even ask for IC numbers for verification of race and nationality as and when required. And I got flabbergasted when the Census showed the Chinese increased in percentage from 23% to 25% – despite the DAP publicizing their anxieties over lower birth rate in Penang and elsewhere and despite the constant migration, including those “British Overseas Citizens” who tore their passports to get assured of permanent stay but got stranded in UK.

      Yet the Malay population percentage was apparently shrinking. The Malays were, under that Census tabulation, placed under the same category as the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. When they should have been 70%, it was shown as only 68%. And that Department has been full of Chinese – those with qualifications in Mathematics (the preferred ones), and rose to high positions since British colonial days.

      Yes, the BN government must increase their standards as far as this matter goes. Enforcement of over-staying visitors, even illegal entries through the human smuggling links, strict checking of fishing trawlers landing illegal settlers along Pantai Remis, Sitiawan, where the pendatangs landed since the days of Chin Peng’s father, or on the long coasts of Sarawak and Sabah. After all, the armed Filipino Muslims could even slip into Kampong Tanduo in Lahad Datu. And the BN government must make changes at the Statistics Department to ensure no connivance with population figures.


      • The most worrisome state would be Johor closest to Singapore. The red dot planned for 6,9 million population. I suspect Johor will be a serious consideration for this accomodation.

        If the spillover is mostly chinese then there will be a ratio maladjustment if left unmonitored.


        • Ray, I agree with you on this. Something must be really checked here. What is the real benefit here for Johorean? The land is for the rich, property prices go up and the job industry is not expanded enough. The land should be used for industry investment that create more jobs so that Johorean can have better job market, increase their income and buy reasonable house. If the land is just being developed for expensive property, then it goes away to the rich Chinese (if what you say is true i.e. spillover is mostly Chinese). If the argument states that property development creates more job opportunity then what you have would be Johorean who work in the expensive land but at the end of the day, the go back home to their cheap low-mid standard house which is far away from their job place. This in fact has already happened in Singapore. The Singaporean live in the HDB house whereas the foreigners live in expensive property.These Singaporean then see the opportunity to get better property in Johor because they cannot compete with the rich foreigners in their own homeland. So the foreigners ‘snatch’ their land and they go to Johor to settle there. The question is where then would the Johorean go to when the foreigners snatch the land in Johor?

          The government should seriously look into this. While they are proud of Iskandar Development, the question that we should ask, how would the Johorean benefit from this? Who benefit more? This is our country and we should live in it like it is our own, not watching who are living in those big houses and exclusive township.


    • PR has 2 standards, 1 for itself which JMD has elaborated and the one for BN which is world class standard. For PR, they are opaque, nepotism, cronyism as shown by PKR and DAP which are basically family affair type of political organisations.
      For BN, PR sets very high standard like freedom of speech that goes against the constitution that safeguards the rights of Malay and Islam. Within PR no such freedom of speech and democracy exist as shown by their party elections and how DAP chose its candidates for byelections.
      Umno has to get rid of half past six politicians. The decay in Umno has taken root during Pak Lah’s time and I believe it is still continuing rotting.
      We Malay must ask ourselves this question “the present Umno leadership does not really care about the welfare and well being of the Malay, what will happen to us in the future?”
      The rise of Perkasa and Isma is because Umno and Pas have abandoned the Malay and Islam. Do we have to remind the leadership of both parties of their original objectives? We Malay must decide which way that we must go before it is too late. We do not want a politician like Anuar Ibrahim who is destroying the Malay and Islam because his personal interest is above everything.


      • The present Umno leadership cares about the Malays. But they care more about themselves and the others who can give them votes.

        Do we have to remind the leadership of both parties of their original objectives? Sure, we have to. All the time. Especially UMNO whose objective is clearly the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of the Malays.


  12. I disagree with the last sentence – “Even Lim Kit Siang was a happy, tolerable fellow at that time.”

    Was he ever happy? Look at his face in photos since he ran around for the Maha Chauvinist and Racist Lee Kuan Yew when Singapore was in Malaysia in the 60s. His speeches, innuendos and snide remarks in the 1969 election campaign, his role in the race riots following that. The sullen looks, “lean and hungry looking” countenance and demeanour of Shakespeare’s Cassius, murderer of the Roman Emperor Julius Caeser. And when he speaks, the sharp side teeth clearly showing they are canines, ready to tear meat into pieces..Yet, for over 40 years since DAP formation, he has not really bitten any UMNO/BN tiger.

    Getting personal? No, that’s what he is and I’m just explaining my perception of him, just like the writer perceives him as happy and tolerable, which I disagree, No such thing as happiness for ultra kiasus, who keep wanting more, more and more, with little regard for what belongs to others.

    The man who apes everything that the chauvinist LKY did, even to the extent of wearing the all-white, long sleeves, trousers and no-tie uniform during and long after the formation of DAP.

    Kit Siang simply has no standard. He opposes and blames everything that is UMNO and BN. His kind even tried to blame Karpal Singh’s road-accident death on BN. And he wanted communist terrorist leader Chin Peng, who caused thousands of death, huge losses of properties and belongings, and untold suffering and miseries in this country to be allowed to enter Malaysia. Now, where has he any standard like that?


  13. How come DAP is labelled as full of Communists? Our PM is in Communists China and treated so well and UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc all doing business over there and in other communists countries like Vietnam, Laos, Kahzahstan, Russia etc.

    So, who is more Communists friendly?

    Why then is DAP labelled as Communist? It does not make sense, isn’t it?


    • You must have crawled out from an idiot hole somewhere. Communists associated with DAP has got nothing to do with the communists policy of China. To cast similarities between the two will show how stupid the DAP cybertroopers are.


    • DAP labelled as communist is actually a compliment. At least the communist admits they are communists. But the arrogant racist DAP kiasus are blardy hypocrites, the species that have 2 sets of standards….its all right if they cheat and at sane time accuse others of cheating. Like cheating in their own CEC elections but accusing SPR of banglas and blackouts. Now, does this make sense?


      • Communists means believing in Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Carlos, Che Guevera etc. No?

        What has it got to do with DAP CEC elections? I don’t see LKS or LGE speading Comunism or the DAP members.

        Either I am Stupid or I don’t have the twisted intelligence like you have. Yes?

        Maybe you mean DAP is Socialists party just like UMNO and BN implementing socialists policies? Yes?


        • “Communist” also means dictatorship. Like Dear Leader Kim of North Korea. That’s why Tokong is also called Dear Leader Lim.

          He will not give freedom to choose leaders to those who are not pro him. That’s why many DAP members were not sent notices of the CEC Election/ Re-Election meeting. That’s why DAP is labelled communist.

          You may not have “twisted intelligence”. Therefore, by your question, you must be stupid.


        • Yes no yes no yes no….u asking me eh. Since you asked, this is my answer:

          Yes, you DAP racist hypocrite is stupid and you have twisted stupidity. Now, go figure out yourself what communist is all about. Reasoning out with u cinabeng kiasu species is sheer stupidity.


    • Dandy,

      You have no clue about the bloody communist terrorists of this country under the banned Communist Party of Malaya led by the bloody but recently dead communist terrorist leader Chin Peng. The number of times the words “bloody” and “communists” used in the sentence above should give you an idea how bloody the communists and the DAP were and are.

      The communist terrorists killed thousands of people including innocent civilians, destroyed a vast amount of properties and belongings, caused curfews which restricted people’s movement making it difficult to earn a living, the economy went down, bringing more suffering. They wanted to bring this country under the control of communist China, which was then also behaving irresponsibly like the communists here. They were hunted down, shot, harassed and scrambled to the jungles running from death. Until they finally reached the border with Thailand and then ensconced in the Betong Salient in Thailand until now.

      You should have learnt history that is now made compulsory in schools. China is still communist but have become more civilized than under Mao Zedong. They have been practicing capitalism for decades now, that which was their sworn enemy before.

      The communist terrorists resorted to various nasty tactics in spreading their propaganda, including sedition, subversion and incitement of people’s feelings. The DAP also has been doing those – sedition by Karpal Singh, Teresa Kok and others, subversion by Lim Kit Siang who was ISA-ed in Kamunting, and incitement that led to the race riots of 1969.


  14. Sdr Hj Zin,

    Re my earlier reply to your comment, I did a quick read of the article you referred. Yes, studies will continuously be made all the time – scientific, DNA, etc, and one set of study results may suggest the one before is out of date. But I think I’m going to stick to what were written in those books published by the Historical Society of Malaysia in 2007 and 2009.

    The current membership of the HSM (formed since British colonial times) includes Professors of many disciplines, their Executive Committee had, at times, included Professors of History. While the author is not an academic, and he merely explains the research findings of various professors and others carried out over quite a long period of time, the fact that the book is published by the Society shows its reliability and is sufficient for me to cling on to until more acceptable theories become accepted world wide.

    As for the the HUGO Pan-Asian SNP Consortium paper, I note the following:

    – The survey is from “a broad geographic sample of Asian human populations” and that the findings were only “indicative” that SEA was a major geographic source of East Asia populations. (I didn’t read much that bit about the in-and-out waves of migration to and fro SEA).

    – One Professor, P.K.Das, of Utkal University in India commented:

    1.It is generally seen that non-anthropologists generate blood samples arbitrarily without tracing the geneology before drawing samples from the population
    2.The ethno-history, linguistic affiliations, kinship terminogies, place name, materal cultures are never studied seriouly to show relatedness between genome diversity and cultural diversity
    3.When we say that ancient population migrated from India to China, it is essential to know whether it was from tribal stock or caste stock. This has to be attested by ethno-historical and archaeological facts.We have found out ALDH2*2 gene (Han-chineses gene) in certain section of Bonda Highlanders .What could be the explana- tion? Was the variant from China or emerged in the tribe independently? How do we establish in-out migration?
    4.Finally, region specific study should be undertaken as Indian population is vast and diverse.

    I do not know much about research methodology in general, much less on highly scientific studies like the above. But the comments by the Indian Professor adds to my doubts on the reliability of the genome study. Especially when Singapore academics are involved. Those in the Singapore National University are suspect. Every piece of writing by Assoc Prof Briget Walsh that I read is highly critical of Malaysia and the Malays. What crosses my mind about this genome study involving Singapore academics is that the findings may be convenient for use by Maha Chauvinist Lee Kuan Yew (otherwise known as the “Little Emperor” in the “Little Kingdom down south” to claim superiority of one race over the others in one way or the other, like “haplotypes” and such. I detest the DAP Red Beans and such ultra kiasu extremist blokes calling Malays “lazy, bodoh, etc” – they carried LKY’s subversive “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan after he was kicked out of Malaysia in 1965.

    There you go. My strong dislike of DAP and PAP may have clouded my views on scientific research findings. But I’ll stick to the research findings explained in the books published by the HSM.


  15. TQ Yg Bhg Sdr Tempayan
    and together with my wife who is long a former HSM committee member, we have tried to lobby HSM including Dato Nik and Sdr M Arof to look at Genome.

    This is scientifically more powerful than archeological sciences. We have a big Genome centre but my guess huhu, it will be full of biologist and IT experts.

    I am an engineer and quite comfortable with biology. We are hoping local historians not to be overawed by the biology. Maybe you could challenge some of the younger/ technically savvy history students to assist.

    (US $ 14+b)
    The Human Genome Project is the world’s largest collaborative biological project over many years involving DNA in all nations. It’s credibility shouldn’t be in doubt.

    Singapore happens to be the Asian centre, and they have inadvertently proven something about East Asians that certainly isn’t to their expectations !
    ( pure Middle Kingdom, my foot )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


    • YBhg Sdr hjzin,

      Txs for your response.

      I think HSM is sticking to what are contained in “The Malay Civilization” and the “Tamadun Alam Melayu” books for a long, long time yet. Especially now that DS Najib has acknowledged that the Malay language is the 5th largest and spoken by over 300 million people in the world, indicating acceptance of the Rumpun Melayu – he even publicized his Bugis origin not long after became PM.

      It will be extremely difficult to persuade them at HSM otherwise. Not being a technical man – and I know most of the HSM people are non-technical – it’s quite difficult to understand, more so to accept the genome research methodology and how to apply their findings to populations that are quite diverse and having a history that spans thousands of years. But it’s easy to accept that the ancient Malays had boat building and navigation skills against archaeological proofs of perahus fitted with floats, and the records by the Chinese Buddhist traveller IXing marvelling at multi-tiered Sri Vijayan Malay galleons he travelled on between Palembang and Kedah in the 6th Century AD.

      Credibility of any hypothesis, or even a theory (defined as a hypothesis that has gained some acceptance but not yet treated as a fact) is always subject to doubt. Perhaps you’d like to explain, in simple, not too technical and in 1,2,3,4 point forms, how the research was carried out and how they avoided such things as raised by the Indian University Professor PK Das as said in my earlier comment.

      Enough with the “ungrateful ingrate pendatangs” in this country – anything that emboldens them into further big headedness is a no no to many of us Constitution respecting and abiding Malaysians. Anything that shows we came from China in whatever “wave of migration” will embolden them. That will demean us. Sorry, no way. But I’m willing to listen to your views.


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