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Impact of Pakatan Rakyat’s mindset onto the people’s intelligence

On Labour Day last Thursday, a demonstration organised by Pakatan Rakyat to protest the implementation of GST (Goods and Services Tax) were held in Dataran Merdeka.

And as we all know, most people who take part in demonstrations do not actually know what they are protesting. Some even got their information backwards while others don’t even know why they are there in the first place.

Kudos to Pakatan Rakyat leaders who had successfully stupefied some of the rakyat.

As per the video below, we can now see the extend of stupidity Pakatan Rakyat leaders like Rafizi Ramli, Ong Kian Ming, Nizar Jamaluddin etc had done onto the average people on the street.


17 thoughts on “Impact of Pakatan Rakyat’s mindset onto the people’s intelligence

  1. All of those idiosycrancy started in the late 70s when a ‘mantan’ PM. opps! ‘mantan’ Education Minister changed the syllabus contents of Malaysian school education and inserted into the system a liberal type of education without any proper target. History and geography was out and the by-products of that system were left in a limbo, knowing nothing about Malaysian history and left feeling that loyalty is about leaders not nation.


    • Very good point.

      Really, having made History compulsory in schools since 2013, the Government must now ensure loyalty, nationalism and patriotism be taught in schools. And that a substantial part of the History syllabus must be Malaysian history. Loyalty, nationalism and patriotism must be taught under that subject and all SPM examinations must carry 1-2 questions on those.

      And although the Government is now led by the Education Minister who made changes to the Education Act pertaining to powers to act on Chinese schools, and has been giving financial grants to Chinese schools at by elections and general elections, we must keep on asking for changes be made to the education system that could bring about a loyal, nationalistic and patriotic citizenry in this country. The ancient Romans have the expression to “fall on your sword” and the Japanese have “harakiri”, that reflect their tradition of loyalty, but we, instead, have only street demos and rallies, showing “loyalty is about leaders not nation.”

      It’s a crazy situation in the country now with flagrant non-respect of the Constitution, attempts to question the sensitive clauses that are protected by the Sedition Act, making fun of the national anthem and the national flag, and endless cases of sedition including those by lawyers, even the questioning of the prerogatives of a Ruler (who was also a former YDP Agong) that are spelled out in a State Constitution. Yet oaths of loyalty that are taken by all concerned are to the YDP Agong and the Country.

      When schools teach all those in a subject that pupils must pass to get a SPM certificate, future generations can be expected to have a sense of loyalty, nationalism and patriotism to this country. Next is to discuss what to do with the current generation that is reflected in the video put out above.


    • On what to do with the present generation that knows not about loyalty, nationalism and patriotism, and going to street demos on issues about which they don’t even understand –

      1. The Ministry of Communication and Multimedia must harness all their resources, their power under the various enactments, their influence under that power which they may not wish to use as a big stick all the time, to inform and explain, in various ways, including other than just plain printing or reading of news. Documentaries, films, plays, dramas, using the whole range of multi-media at their disposal. Even resort to psychological warfare tactics, if necessary. Use their influence to get the privately-owned mass media organizations to to the same, and work with the Ministry of Home Affairs which has the big stick in terms of licenses. (Btw, any one knows of any documentary RTM has produced on loyalty, nationalism and patriotism all these years?)

      2. The Ministry of Home Affairs should ensure no further changes to existing law enforcement tools, and in particular, the Home Minister should request the Prime Minister to not even talk about repealing the Sedition Act any more. Doing so emboldens the fellows with seditious tendencies – said so by many in blogosphere. Enough of bending to Anwar’s call for “repeal of archaic laws”, and good that there was a replacement of the ISA – SOSMA. The IGP has said after the arrest of the SAMM guy under SOSMA that he is satisfied with the tools available now.

      3. The Police must continue to constantly take action on any unlawful street demos and acts not conforming to the Peaceful Assembly Act. But, most importantly, to continue to arrest and charge the seditious fellows, like they have been doing recently e.g on Teresa Kok, Tian Chua, even Karpal Singh. There must not be any let up or hesitation on those as the hard-core seditionists will take silence as consent. It hardly matters if prosecutions do not lead to jail term and heavy fines, but continue driving the message that the Police adopts a no-nonsense attitude all the time. Even when PKR Nik Nazmi is re-charged but got discharged by the Sessions Court on technicalities, the fact remains that he got hauled to the Police Station for organizing an illegal rally, dragged to Court and charged and re-charged. In the process, it may have gone into his head that doing so took so much of his time and convenience and, where relevant, risked going to jail.


  2. Detailed information about GST is available at and looking through I can see that it is highly likely that despite zero-rated (zero GST) and exempt items such as essential foodstuffs, medical treatment, public transport, etc., and exemption from collecting 6% GST by businesses with an annual turnover of under RM500,000, all consumers could still end up paying for GST paid to the supplier which is passed on to them.

    For example, a patient in a private hospital does not pay GST directly but the hospital pays the 6% GST on purchases, such as medicines from its suppliers and cannot claim that back from the government, so it most likely would pass that cost onto its patients.

    Of course, GST replaces the current sales and services tax, otherwise known as “plus, plus” – i.e. plus 10% plus 6%.

    Right now, a chain outlet like Starbucks charges 6% service tax on coffee purchased, whilst the Mamamk shop down the road does not but with GST, a Mamak shop with an annual turnover of RM500,000 or more will have to charge 6% GST just like Starbucks will have to but since most lower income citizens frequent Mammak shops, they will end up having to pay.

    Also, even if the annual turnover of a Mamak shop or a roadside tea stall is under RM500,000, the question remains as to whether it will pass on GST incurred in purchases from the supplier to customers.

    It’s also well know how the Malaysian government is pretty poor when it comes to implementation and enforcement, so what if an outlet with an annual turnover of under RM500,000 charges “GST” and keeps it for itself, even though it is not authorised to collect GST. What recourse do consumers have against such unscrupulous outlets.

    Part of the opposition to GST, especially amongst small busineses, is the the additional burden of the claim back process of 6% GST paid to the supplier immediately up the value chain.

    For example, the manufacturer charges the distributor 6% GST on the price of goods sold to the distributor and remits the 6% to the government. The distributor charges 6% GST on its marked up price of goods sold to its dealer, remits it to the government and claims back the 6% GST it paid to the manufacturer.

    The dealer then charges 6% GST on its marked up price of goods sold to the customer and remits that 6% GST to the government, whilst it claims back the 6% GST it paid to the distributor from the government.

    So any customer rich or poor ends up paying 6% GST on non-exempt or non-zero-rated items purchased. For example, all customers who purchase say a mobile phone will have to pay 6% GST on it, unless they can find a dealer whose annual turnover is under RM500,000.

    This regime will burden the rakyat, especially lower income earners in urban areas, though it could perhaps help drive business to small retailers whose annual turnover is under RM500,000.


  3. Ouchhh.. that is quite embarrassing. Maybe that should give our government some ideas of what to do to counter these ppl – Engage with the crowds at the demos and ask them questions that we know they can’t answer. I can see some red faces in the video. Few might go home and start looking for the truth.


    • Good suggestion. RTM should do that.

      They can even contract the work to private individuals. Do on quiet basis if they don’t want Oppo hippos to blame them. But do it at every street demo. Make sure show it news time.

      And good JMD does above.


    • Actually those who took part in demo probably never pay a single sen of tax in their lives. So gst scared the shit out of the whole lot. In UK gast isnealy 20%. But that does not stop our hudud loving politicians from shopping there.
      Engaging these zombies is a losing proposition.they will quote some religious text and nobody can say anything otherwise you end up in jail for no point debating.


      • Aiseh tempawan, you are nasty to your bed partners PAS by saying “hudud loving politicians”.. shopping in UK arr? PAS loves Hudud, UMNO does not “love” Hudud, so far only said will listen if PAS wanna talk to them about it.

        Won’t feel cold in bed when PAS cabut lari from you DAP blokes arr? And lu bole tahan Anwar Al Juburi in bed with you arr?

        Haha, don’t want to engage PAS – you look down on PAS people so much is it? You fear sedition – you guilty conscious is it? Don’t like that lah, PAS people will mark you down for being nasty to them and when the time comes, you will lose your hands, feet and tongue, worr.


  4. Was waiting for you to say something about this, mate. What took you? I want more, we want more…give more insight please…(sorry, ta’ada budi bahasa mintak tolong macam ni, cuma desperate checking out this site for updates frequently).


  5. So if we buy imported cars taxed at 300%, must pay NEP bumi AP tax at maybe RM50k on top, now must add GST another 6%? We all know mamaks, massage parlours, night clubs will charge gst but will never remit these back to the gomen. They will simply declare their turnover to be less than RM500k. This loophole must be plugged. We should ensure even the tom yam stalls pay gst. After all, this sector of society got the most benefit, but contribute the least. If you have a legitimate tax and rates paying business operating from shop houses,a illegal stall can set up shop next to yours and need not pay even rental or license, but authorities allow these people to flourish even if its filthy on grounds of race. Same race but sometimes different to progress if low standards are tolerated?
    We will be forced to pay gst, but gomen are not cutting costs. The petrol and diesel subsidies are amongst the highest in the world percentage wise. Our diesel is one of the lowest quality you can get in south east asia. And the gomen should investigate why it costs only RM50 million for fuel for our 4 RMAF private jets, but RM174 mil in maintenance annually as stated by our accountant general.airlines all over the world pay moreforfuel that anything else. And the cost of maintenance is enough to buy a new private jet. If the goemn anyhow spend, then the rakyat will suffer.A country cannot prosper if the gomen does not function properly. Then it will be the case of more taxes to come.
    By end of the year,sinkies are predicting RM3 to S$ 1. That means, zero inflation for sinkies, but our inflation will spiral out of control.that also means one bonk in bukit bintang equals to RM300 Whereas a sinkie only pays S$100. Is this fair? The wealth of sinkies is not due to their pay rise, but more due to the appreciation of their currency. And yet,the costs of basic food items is not that big a difference. Maybe 30% more in RM terms.


    • Aiseh man, making fun of NEP, being seditious ah? Wanna be charged in Court like Teresa Kok, Tian Chua, Karpal Singh, etc?

      Karpal went dead before sentence execution – you wanna go that way? God is sometimes kind to the Malays/ Muslims, you know, those talking so-called Malaysian Malaysia wanting equality, not respecting the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, wanting NEP be scrapped, God takes them away before time, you know.

      The rest of what you say are just your opinion. It’s only as good as anybody else’s.


      • “We should ensure even the tom yam stalls pay gst”

        On the need for a GST, UMNO Sabah former Sabah chief minister and politician has this to say:-

        “At the moment this may not be such a serious problem when we have oil and gas to help finance the county’s growth and development. But what will happen when this oil and gas runs out (and which will happen for sure)? How will we then finance the country’s growth and development?”

        So it’s pretty obvious why Najib and his government are touting the GST so strongly as a measure which has “no alternative” – i.e. when the oil runs out, Malaysia goes bankrupt, so to avert that, the rakyat must bear the burden.

        On the other hand, I think this GST thinggie will end up as one big farce which the gomen will not be able to properly enforce, especially when it cannot properly enforce the existing Sales & Service Tax or collect tax from businesses which can afford to pay but fiddle their books through “creative” accounting.


        • A matter of theory and practice, my friend. Form and substance. Having the tool and using it fully.

          So long as the GST is there and efforts at enforcement are made, we at least have something. And when we have a no-nonsense government, can straight away act by whacking those cheating fellows and the corrupt ones in cahout with the fiddlers and cheats not paying up.

          I think a no-nonsense government will show up one day. May have to wait for some time but we should not sound like the tempawan guy who appears negative about everything – except perhaps Pakatoon shit.


    • tempawan,

      You said, “We all know mamaks, massage parlours, night clubs will charge gst but will never remit these back to the gomen.” How you know “We all know”? You been doing it, is it? You and DAP blokes doing it does not mean everybody doing it, what. Whatever it is, stop doing it lah, tempawan, be honest and responsible citizens, don’t tipu sana tipu sini all the time like you Pakatan politicians do. Bringing 40,000 Banglas to vote nonsense.

      “but authorities allow these people to flourish even if its filthy on grounds of race.”? Where got, tempawan? Be responsible lah, don’t just make wild accusations all the time like Pakatan goons. What “Same race but sometimes different to progress if low standards are tolerated” you talking about? If people say your race is terrible, you like or not? So, careful with your mouth lah, otherwise can go to jail also for sedition, like you said in your earlier comment. Remember, Tian Chua got sentenced already, Karpal Singh got sentenced also but went dead, and now Teresa Kok got charged for sedition also.


    • tempawan,

      Wat you talk one “Our diesel is one of the lowest quality you can get in south east asia.” What made you say so? No facts, just opinion ha? Stupid innit? Say lah if got impurities, whether you find tahi tikus in your diesel tank, or shit in your carburetor due to Malaysian diesel. If so, state when, where, how, who witness etc.

      Or go scientific, state the ISO 22/21/18 rating or ISO contamination codes of particles of microns present in the fluid. If you don’t know, research lah a bit, not just blabber shit, making people shit you back, ok?

      You talk a lot of generalities and jump from one subject to another that sometimes makes me think you are a nut or a cracko. I better stop now as your statements up to now have irritated me already.


  6. Sir JEBAT,

    FYI, PKR is helping NUFAM doing picket outside MAS main gate on 15/5/2014. Abdullah Sani and his PA Shatiri Mansor and TNB staff Mohd Roszeli M will picket for NUFAM but using MASEU’s name to kill MAS staff…so MAS will have the ground to sack all Graded Staff…please inform MASEU and MAS. Thank you.


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