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Hudud: Why Umno must not fall into Pakatan’s game

Currently there are a lot of stories which can be read in the media about how Umno will support PAS in implementing Hudud laws in Kelantan.

Back in November 2013, Annuar Musa had this to say:

Get PKR to agree to hudud first, Annuar Musa tells PAS

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional will consider allowing the implementation of the hudud law in Kelantan if PAS and PKR fully agree to it first, said Tan Sri Annuar Musa (BN – Ketereh).

Annuar, who is Ketereh Umno chief, said PKR must first prove that they are together with PAS on implementing hudud.

“It would be odd if PAS needs to ask Barisan, their political rival, to support hudud while their ally (PKR) does not agree to it,” he said in the Parliament lobby.

Annuar said the PAS-ruled Kelantan state government needs to ensure that all parties including PKR, the state assembly and the implementing agency in the state, agree to carrying out hudud law.

Currently, Kelantan has no DAP elected representatives.

“If the implementation of hudud in Kelantan requires it to be brought to Parliament, then the same principle applies whereby all must agree to it.

“PKR must be ready to support the implementation when the matter is brought to Parliament.

“Only then will Barisan consider the move, based on the readiness of the party who is proposing to carry out the hudud law,” he said.

Earlier, Datuk Mahfuz Omar (PAS – Pokok Sena) had proposed that Annuar helped to convince the Federal Government to allow hudud law to be implemented in Kelantan.

The PAS vice-president said the party was still discussing whether to put forward a motion to debate hudud law in Parliament.

It was reported that Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim who is in charge of parliamentary affairs, had said he was prepared to back a motion to debate hudud law in Parliament.

However, he said whether or not the motion would be passed depended on PAS’ allies in the Opposition.

That was a wise decision by an Umno MP. He is talking from the perspective of Barisan Nasional – the multi racial, multi religious coalition of shared moderate values.

MCA being the moderate chinese party that they are, have lambasted DAP for being a partner to a party which want to impose sets of law which the minority will object.

MCA was getting the upperhand. DAP had to make numerous statements criticising PAS. PKR on the other hand, based on their chameleonic leader made no such strong remarks against PAS. Their strongest statement came from the feeble reply of Anwar Ibrahim – “PAS is free to do as they please in implementing hudud, but PKR and DAP are  not bound to support the private bill their partner plans to table in Parliament.”


The  chaotic leadership of Pakatan Rakyat

Already there are discontent and confusion in Pakatan Rakyat’s rank. There will be an implosion soon and Barisan Nasional would just have to sit back and enjoy the show.

But a few days ago, Annuar Musa made a reverse statement:

Annuar Musa sedia lobi Umno sokong hudud di Kelantan

Tan Sri Annuar Musa (gambar) menyatakan kesediaan membantu mendapatkan sokongan terhadap pelaksanaan hukum hudud di Kelantan dan akan melobi ahli Parlimen Umno untuk menyokong pembentangan rang udang-undang persendirian kerajaan Kelantan di Parlimen, lapor Sinar Harian.

Akhbar itu melaporkan, Annuar yang juga ahli Parlimen Ketereh berkata, sebahagian besar daripada 88 pemimpin Umno di Parlimen akan menyokong pembentangan tersebut di Parlimen.

“Sebenarnya ia tidak perlu dibawa ke Parlimen memandangkan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kelantan sudah meluluskannya, tetapi sekali lagi saya nyatakan tidak harus ada tanggapan negatif dan kita perlu bersangka baik. Jika PAS ingin membawa perkara ini melalui undang-undang persendirian, maka kita mengalu-alukan dan saya sedia melobi ahli Parlimen Umno supaya menyokong.

“Saya sudah bercakap sebahagian besar ahli Parlimen Umno dan mereka positif untuk menyokong,” katanya seperti dilapor Sinar Harian.

Bekas Pengerusi Barisan Nasional (BN) Kelantan itu berkata, walaupun terdapat pendapat mengatakan hudud yang diluluskan kerajaan PAS Kelantan itu tidak bertepatan dengan  hudud sebenar, namun ia perkara berbeza dan harus diselesaikan pada peringkat ketua agama.

“Tetapi apa yang penting, jika mereka berkeupayaan melaksanakan hukuman itu berdasarkan kelulusan DUN dan sokongan politik, ia sepatutnya dilakukan,” katanya.

Wait a minute, even when all the muslim MPs in PKR and DAP will not support the PAS’ version of its hudud laws, how come Annuar Musa (representing Umno) suddenly is quite overzealous in supporting it?

This threw Barisan Nasional into a quandary much worse than Pakatan’s predicament. For now, the chinese voters who had seen how disorderly Pakatan had become because of this hudud issue, is turning back to MCA and say – “hey look, you have been telling us how DAP is being bulldozed by its partner about this hudud law but look at you? Umno is stabbing you not only on your back, but right smack on your forehead!”

If Umno and Annuar Musa want to act exclusively as if it is not part of Barisan Nasional, then by all means, Umno should just get out from Barisan and form a muslim coalition with PAS and alienate everyone else. All this hypocrisy of “all for one, one for all” concept being touted as the main principle of Barisan should just be thrown into the dustbin.

Why should Umno agree to PAS’ hudud proposal in Parliament when Pakatan couldn’t even agree about it among themselves?

And why can’t DAP, PKR and PAS agree on hudud among themselves first before wasting other people’s time pursuing it in Parliament?

Barisan Nasional (that’s consist of Umno lest they forget) should throw it to PAS, ask them to table a hudud proposal based on an agreed decision by the whole of Pakatan Rakyat. Otherwise, tell them – “please do not waste Parliament’s time!”

Kelantan is a malay majority state. But that doesn’t mean there are no non muslims there. And what Umno does in Kelantan, doesn’t mean the non muslims and non malays in other states are not looking into it. DAP is currently backpedalling. PKR’s principle is now languishing somewhere between the abyss and the nether regions.

Does Umno want to follow suit?

Just sit back and do nothing. Let those fools in Pakatan Rakyat sort their own house first. Why do you want to poke your nose where it doesn’t belong?

Thank you.



Hudud : “..Malaysia is doomed” – TAN SRI MOHD SHERIFF MOHD KASSIM

45 thoughts on “Hudud: Why Umno must not fall into Pakatan’s game

  1. It used to be “Get DAP to agree to hudud first,” as Lim Kit Siang said “Never” and Karpal Singh said “Over my dead body” to Hudud. Karpal died early this morning in a road accident. Now it’s “Get PKR to agree to hudud first”. Wonder if anyone would say wait for Anwar to die first.

    Yes, I agree that Umno should not agree to PAS bringing hudud proposal in Parliament when Pakatan couldn’t even agree about it among themselves. And DAP, PKR and PAS should agree among themselves first before wasting other people’s time discussing it in Parliament.

    DAP, PKR and PAS must be a responsible opposition. They have not even registered themselves with the Registrar of Societies as an opposition group until now. That’s not being responsible. But then how to ever think of them as responsible when DAP even break their own party rules in the election of their CEC in 2012, and again, in 2013. And, instead of furnishing the information not sufficiently given in their report on the election, they threatened to sue the RoS. And how to think of PKR being responsible when Anwar as the RM1 Selangor Economic Adviser must have advised the Selangor MB not to sign the Development Order for the Federal Government’s Pahang-Water-Into-Selangor Langat II project, causing untold suffering and misery during months of water rationing.

    We should be shouting over and over again, “Get DAP and PKR to agree on Hudud first” before Parliament allows the Hudud proposal to be discussed in Parliament.


    • Over Karpal’s dead body indeed. PAS leaders should not let go of this golden opportunity, if they are sincere enough about hudud.


  2. Some people say Hudud will lead to two legal systems, the Police confused on taking action on the Muslim convert father kidnapping his son from the non-Muslim wife, people losing faith in the system, visitors and businesses not coming in, Malaysia will be a failed state.

    If so, blame Pakatan. Especially Anwar who caused many people to go against the system already well set up.


  3. Going by the previous trend, even at the height of Chinese support towards BN in 1999 (when the Malays were angry because Tun M kicked out Anwar), it was only at 30% of their community. Now they have completely deserted BN. That 3% only came from MCA Branch leaders and their wives. Not even their children voted for BN.

    With that 3%, UMNO-led BN is still able to form government. In fact, UMNO has been eroded of Malay votes for many years already because they were seen appeasing to their non-Muslims (particularly Chinese) component members.

    So, why do you think they need the Chinese votes? They might as well work on Malay vote bank. The Malay muslim groups have been pushing on for Muslim solidarity when they see their religion being challenged left, right and centre.

    Just like the afghans post-soviet occupation. When everyone was hauling bombs and mortars at each other during the civil war, the afghans had to choose between chaos or strict rule. They chose the strict Talibans.

    The same thing is happening here. The Malays were pushed to decide between Islam being challenged or hudud. Whether PAS’ version of hudud is fair and just is secondary to them. The Chinese made them choose. Now everyone has to pay ultimate price.


    • Interesting view. I’ve seen this expressed elsewhere. In strong terms, too.

      So you Chinese, you asked for it. Especially DAP. Pity those Chinese in Kelantan.


    • If malays choose hudud just because the non malays did not vote for UMNO, then the malays are idiots. Hudud will enslave malays. It has no effect on non malays.
      Even Brunei has decided to postpone hudud.
      UMNO should put policies that will take malays further away from religion if malays are to advance, not towards it.


      • You are being seditious calling the Malays idiots, whatever their reason for choosing Hudud.

        You must be worse than idiots – a skunk maybe. Stinking to the core, hideous in smell, abominable in looks and prohibitable in existence. Why the hell do you exist with that kind of tiny brain, full of shit in your head.

        How about it? Being given a taste of your own medicine, nice?


  4. Talking about backlash, a retired Court of Appeals judge, Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah, last year warned the Chinese of a Malay backlash for purportedly betraying the Barisan Nasional at the PRU13 Chinese tsunami. Though he does not talk about a backlash in terms of pushing the Malays and the Muslims to choose Hudud as a reaction to the unreasonable acts of the adherents of other religions in the country, yesterday he told Benama what he thinks of some of those acts:

    ‘Huge’ Hindu, Buddhist statues against Islam, the ex-judge says. The “huge” statues at a Hindu temple in Batu Caves and Buddhist temple in Penang are an affront to Islam as Islam forbids idolatry, he explained. He stressed that such sculptures of non-Muslim deities should not be built in the open, but should be placed within an enclosed building instead.

    “With such a huge statue, you’re showing that your religion is all mighty and powerful,” he said of the 42.7-metre high statue of Lord Murugan, the Hindu warrior god, at Batu Caves in Selangor.

    I like it when he quoted the Federal Constitution which states that “Islam is the religion of the federation”, and gives his stand that “Islam is above other faiths”. “When non-Muslims build such big idols, it hurts people’s feelings,” he said. He added that non-Muslims had freedom of worship, but that such freedom must be exercised in a way where “Muslims don’t feel threatened”.What he meant is that other religions “may be practiced in harmony”, which is also spelled out in the Constitution.

    The retired judge also criticised the 30.2-metre high statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, at a Buddhist temple at Air Itam, Penang. “Islam forbids images (of gods). Here, you allow images of Buddha in the country. That’s not consistent with Islam. But if you cover it up, you can allow it,” Mohd Noor said. I think he is being reasonable.

    Attempts at “showing that your religion is all mighty and powerful” when it is “Islam (that) is above other faiths” as he said above, tend to make the Malays and Muslims in this country choose Hudud. Don’t push the Malays and the Muslims. Be reasonable.

    Note that the Talibans blow up by explosives huge ancient historical figures of Buddha in Afghanistan. Please avoid acts that would create Talibans of Muslims in this country. Kelantan already has passed Hudud laws in the State Assembly. Now a Private Bill is proposed to be discussed in Parliament.



    • They should consider banning and blowing up all religious behemoths, not only statues, but buildings and places of worship. Religion is evil. The holy books warned us about religion which they termed as ‘idol worship’. It turns humans into slaves. Cannot think and do using logical thoughts and wisdom.


      • The following reply was meant for the above comment –

        You are free to not have a religion. You are not free to prevent or hinder others from doing so. You ought to be shot.

        You don’t have “logical thoughts and wisdom” when saying “The holy books warned us about religion which they termed as ‘idol worship” without naming which and under what circumstances. You ought to be circumcized.


  5. (Continuation)

    The retired Appeals Court Judge Mohd Noor also called for Malaysians to simply think of themselves as Malaysians, in order to foster national integration. “The constitution does not divide the community to Malays, Chinese, Indians and others. In the Federal Constitution, Malaysia is composed of the Orang Asli, natives, and non-native community,” he said.

    He pointed out that the constitution defines natives as the Malays from the Peninsula and the Bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak. “Malays now are inclusive Malays, not exclusive,” he said.

    Mohd Noor said that based on the Federal Constitution’s definition of a Malay — who is defined as a Muslim who speaks the Malay language and conforms to Malay customs — Malaysians who convert to Islam should be considered Malay. And I agree with him that nobody should grudge this. Not the non-Malays, not even the Malays. “Why should the Malays be jealous and reject them as Malays? People tell me that if Muslim converts are considered Malay, we’re selling off Malay rights to the Chinese and Indians. But Islam says that you should share and share alike with Muslims,” he said.

    The retired Judge also called for the abolition of vernacular schools and said that Mandarin and Tamil could be taught at national schools instead. “We can make English, Malay and Mandarin compulsory in national-type schools,” he said.

    Yes, very important to foster national integration. Very important to respect and follow the Constitution. Religion is very important to the Malays and the Muslims who form the majority in this country. Please remember the Constitution Article 3 says “Islam is the religion of the country” and the Appeal Judge says that “Islam is above other faiths”, none of which is mentioned in the Constitution by name. I personally disagree on PAS’ version of Hudud but the non-Muslims should not push the Muslims in this country into wanting it.


    • I have to disagree with your opinion Sir Halim!
      I think non malays who speaks fluent malay should be considered as bumiputra. No need to go so far as to make them change religion and culture.This is the incentive that non malays will want to speak the local lingua. Presently, speak malay also no use. Cannot get into gomen universities and jobs.
      If you make people convert for the sake of getting special privileges, it will only create hypocrites.

      The one shool for all is bullshit. Monopolies will normally create huge inefficiencies. We should consider opening or giving approval for more education syllabus to operate in malaysia, starting with UEC. In UK, london,oxford, cambridge, southerrn,scottish,welsh etc all have their own examination boards, syllabus.


      • You simply and plainly are a bullshit. Not just for saying “The one shool for all is bullshit”, but you entire comment is bullshit. And not just this one above. Many of the others, too. Giving opinions with no basis at all.

        Thought of arguing you out but decided not to as one should not argue with idiots. You don’t even give opinions with decorum and decency, “bullshitting” here and there, and you deserve to be bullshitted back.


    • You are free to not have a religion. You are not free to prevent or hinder others from doing so. You ought to be shot.

      You don’t have “logical thoughts and wisdom” when saying “The holy books warned us about religion which they termed as ‘idol worship” without naming which and under what circumstances. You ought to be circumcized.


  6. “Law is nothing else but the best Reason of Wise men applied through ages to the transactions and business of mankind;
    But again, a law may be both Constitutional and Expedient, and yet may be administered in an Unjust and Unfair way;
    Discourage Litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser — in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a Peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a Good man. There will still be business enough.”

    — Abraham Lincoln on the Law


    • It’s true of conditions during Abraham Lincoln’s time, it is more so of conditions in Najib’s time. Hell broke loose when Tun Dol tried to be liberal – konon. Let all sorts of so-called news portals to publish seditious statements which they now do practically EVERY DAY. Malaysia Kuno, Malaysian Chronic News, Malaysian Outsider and a whole jingbang of such.

      Tun Dr Mahathir said he’d censor the Internet if he were the PM again. But the point is: no need to censure but just take the seditious and subversive ones to Court. Never mind what Lincoln said, those blokes must not be allowed to be emboldened. Court cases are so common now that private individuals think nothing of the cost of fighting in court. The rich even make fun of it – billionaire Khoo Kay Peng wants a divorce in a Malaysian Court and estranged wife wants it in a British court so that she could get half of his billions, each one spending lawyers’ fees already many million Ringgit.

      But Najib made conditions worse. Trying to be more liberal than Tun Dol, he even repealed ISA, the Emergency Ordinance etc, such that the streets were flooded with hard core criminals released before due dates from Simpang Renggam Prison etc, and gangsters killing one another became common. Of course, civil suits and litigations followed suit under such conditions.

      Now MCA is talking with a panel of lawyers about stopping PAS from bringing 2 Private Members’ Bills to Parliament on Hudud implementation. If sued, imagine the endless suing and counter-suing, DAP, PKR and all joining in the do. Hell hath no fury like political parties suing one another endlessly and Abe Lincoln will be turning in his grave many times over.


  7. Number 1, Annuar Musa is no longer Kelantan UMNO Chief, what he says doesn’t represent Kelantan UMNO

    Number 2, could his talk of gathering UMNO support for PAS’ Hudud discussion in Parliament be designed to taunt PAS into persuading PKR and DAP into agreeing on the Hudud discussion only to be infuriated when finding at the last minute that PKR, in camaraderie with DAP, won’t give the support?

    Number 3, could his talk be just to show voters in Kelantan etc that there is some goodwill in UMNO to Hudud, knowing that PKR will never agree and a sizeable number of UMNO MPs would also not agree?

    Everybody knows PKR Anwar’s statement, “PAS is free to do as they please in implementing hudud, but PKR and DAP are not bound to support the private bill their partner plans to table in Parliament.” And that, while Karpal Singh is dead and no longer able to shout “Over my dead body”, Lim Kit Siang is still alive and able to yell “Never” to Hudud. And that, if ever PKR agrees to support PAS on Hudud, Pakatan Rakyat will go kapputz.


    • Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday Barisan Nasional will study the private bill for hudud proposed by the Pas-led Kelantan government before announcing its official stand on the matter.

      He said “Barisan Nasional” will study it, not just UMNO. Sure, MCA and MIC will weigh in with their views.

      I think under ordinary circumstances, BN will not support it. But considering the Chinese tsunami, UMNO will assess fully the benefits of PAS-UMNO co-operation, against MCA’s rather irresponsible behaviour in “boycotting” government posts after their heavy losses at PRU13. And whether working with PAS would crack up Pakatan Rakyat and throw them asunder.


      • Hullo, punishing people who disagree with your sick view is akin to dictatorship! Zalim! Please allow diverse opinion and idas to flow. Only Then can we as a society evolve for the better. Your type of thinking will put you in trouble if you live in scandinavia. They jail people like you ovee there you know as you inhibit creativity.


        • Woi, stu, here’s what you said in your comment below:

          “PAS is a party filled with zombies – brain dead walking humans. They should put human welfare ahead of religion. Its only by fulfilling their commitment to upgrade the situation of their constituencies that they can progress. Religion only inhibit the human mind.”

          That is worse than “sick view”, dumbass. No substantiation, no justification, not even explanation. What “put human welfare ahead of religion”? You didn’t even give an example.

          And who the hell says “Religion only inhibit the human mind.”?

          As has been stated many a time before, you are a sicko. Take your psychotic pills, man.


    • DAP without Karpal Singh will be a bit mute. Yeah, Lim Kit Siang also shouted “Never” to PAS Hudud but Karpal’s “Over my dead body” shouts were louder, shrill, even sounded gangsterish, somewhat fearsome. Now Chinese-based parties say DAP should quit Pakatan Rakyat should it fail to stop its partner, PAS, from pushing ahead with its hudud plans. But how to stop, they could not do it even when Karpal was around.

      In a joint statement, MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and LDP said “DAP should take the responsibility to stop the Islamist party from imposing theocratic laws.” This was in response to PAS’ announcement that it would table a Private Member’s Bill in Parliament in June to pave the way for the implementation of hudud law in Kelantan. They also bame DAP for misleading the Chinese community by supporting PAS in the last two general elections.

      Sure they will make loud noises. Sure DAP and PKR, even UMNO, will pening kepala. I agree with Ribut that it’ll cause a ribut. Especially if PKR or UMNO supports PAS’ private bill. I agree with Jebatmustdie’s advice to UMNO: Just sit back and do nothing. But I also wanna clap on the Chinese-based parties challenging the DAP in words and deeds over Hudud. MCA has sounded a bit louder under the new leadership. I expect them to shout on the top of their voices against the DAP from now on.


  8. We have to look into the bigger picture. Malaysia is usually bad at implementation. It is not just about going for Hudud but can PAS implement it effectively and efficiently?

    Then I agree UMNO should step out. Isn’t it Pas who join the PKR and DAP so-called coalition to topple BN so that when the coalition form the government PAS can then lobby for Hudud to be implemented? So, why not PAS get back to where they belong and seek approval from their friends among DAP and PKR? Imagine if BN was toppled during the recent GE and PKR, DAP and PAS form the government. Then when PAS bring Hudud to Parliament they should look back at who’s who in parliament to support them. I find it just plain pathetic. PAS is clueless in politic. They simply get themselves bullied in the coalition. They are being abused for other people’s agenda and they can’t even put forward their own agenda in the coalition.


    • I agree with you. I think PKR is a lot like that, too – being made use of. DAP whipped up the hate politics that made the Chinese going tsunami and got the 38 Parliamentary seats. PKR got 30 seats and the votes of the disenchanted Malays, not necessarily those who genuinely like PKR. Will write longer when time permits.


    • PAS is a party filled with zombies – brain dead walking humans. They should put human welfare ahead of religion. Its only by fulfilling their commitment to upgrade the situation of their constituencies that they can progress. Religion only inhibit the human mind.


      • You talk like DAP Red Beans, making wild accusations, using such caustic words that if PAS can get hold of you, they’ll send you to the Talibans, or, worse still, to the Al Qaeda, to blow you up.

        I will repeat what I have said earlier: What “put human welfare ahead of religion”? You didn’t even give an example.

        And who the hell says “Religion only inhibit the human mind.”?

        As has been stated many a time before, you are a sicko. Take your psychotic pills, man.


  9. Menjelang lawatan resmi Presiden Barrack Obama ke Makaysia, ada pihak pihak di US menyatakan pendapat bahawa Malaysia ada lah sebuah negara Islam tercontoh, yang “moderate”, tidak ada Taliban atau Al Qaeda – Insya Allah. Dan wajar lah Obama melawat dan US berbaik baik dengan Malaysia, yang tidak di lawat oleh Presiden Amerika selama 50 tahun, sejak Presiden Lyndon B Johnson dahulu.

    Maka, kalau UMNO/ Krajaan pusat membantu PAS mahu mengimplementasi Hudud di Kelantn, apa kah imej Malaysia itu akan bertukar di kalangan mereka yang memuji Malaysia sekarang? Apa kah Malaysia perlukan imej “moderate” itu?

    Dari segi pelaburan dati mereka di negara negara Barat, imej “moderate” itu perlu. DS Najib sendiri nampaknya mahukan imej itu dengan pendirian “liberal” nya, yang juga di gelar “pseudo-liberal” oleh beberapa pihak tempatan, kerana merangkumi beberapa isu yang tidak di sukai, saperti bantuan nya kapada sekolah Cina.

    Najib juga mahukan perhubungan rapat dengan China, untuk dagangan dan perlaburan. Sehingga kemajuan Iskandar di Johor di katakan di bolot oleh mereka, mengkhuatiri jika benar, sebab pengaruh ekonomi boleh membawa kapada pengaruh politik sesebuah negara.

    Kita perlu berwaspada. Perlu ada perseimbangan (balance) di antara pengaruh kuasa kusa luar, terutamanya China, sebab 23% penduduk negara ini ada lah orang Cina dan pergaduhan kaum pernah berlaku di 13 Mei 1969 kerana politik orang orang Cina di DAP khasnya. Jika Hudud boleh menjadi alat bagi mencapai perseimbangan itu – walau pun ke dua dua Amerika dan China tentu tidak tertarik dengan nya – mungkin boleh kita fikirkan dan bincangkan.


  10. How about starting small first, like smoking..
    Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa Majlis Kebangsaan Bagi Hal Ehwal Ugama Islam Malaysia Kali Ke-37 yang bersidang pada 23 Mac 1995 telah membincangkan Hukum Merokok Dari Pandangan Islam. Muzakarah telah memutuskan bahawa merokok adalah haram dari pandangan Islam kerana padanya terdapat kemudharatan.

    Or is it that the Quran is silent on smoking so it’s open to interpretation?


  11. UMNO Deputy President Tan Sri Muhyiddin has proposed the establishment of a national-level technical committee comprising experts on Hudud law – including those from overseas – before PAS tables a bill on Hudud in Parliament.

    “The committee will look at Hudud from all angles and how it could be implemented in Malaysia, especially in Kelantan, or whether it could be implemented or otherwise,” he told reporters yesterday. He said the Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah reacted positively to it.

    From one angle, this appears as a step towards Hudud implementation in this country. If so, many have said that the Chinese tsunami have brought about this situation.

    From another angle, the proposal appears merely as a realistic reaction to PAS’ plan to table the bill in Parliament. Muhyiddin said Hudud law should be discussed in detail as many still do not understand what it actually meant. He is right in saying “.. Muslims are still unclear and there is a need for more in-depth and widespread dissemination of information.”

    The question has been: who should be doing the job of dissemination of information? Logically, since PAS was the one keen on Hudud and has been having it on their agenda for decades, they should be the one doing it. And they should have been the one getting their bed partners DAP and PKR to agree on Hudud. Especially now that Karpal Singh is dead and PAS can have a chance for Hudud to pass “over his dead body”.

    Muhyiddin said it loudly and clearly – “Non-Muslims would also want to know the situation as this is an independent country. Other citizens also have the right to know as they are fearful of its effects,” More than being an independent country, in this matter, I would add that this is a democratic country.

    As to whether UMNO will support the Bill, I think it will depend on the findings, views and recommendations of the technical committee. I think it’s a very smart move by the UMNO Deputy President. And, while not implying that it’s Muhyiddin’s intention, I’m reminded of the intention of Sir Barry Appleby of the BBC “Yes, Minister” comedy series when he proposed the setting up of such a committee.


    • “MCA Youth to embark on nationwide campaign to explain impact of hudud law” –

      Why can’t PAS Youth be doing such campaign – any body knows?

      Sure MCA Youth will harden further the anti-Hudud sentiment of non-Muslims. Then PAS etc will blame UMNO? Where got meaning?


    • The Star reported that Lim Guan Eng said DAP has never agreed to PAS’ move to implement hudud on Muslims in Kelantan, before or after Pakatan Rakyat was established in 2008. He said DAP was surprised by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s claim that the Pakatan leadership council had agreed to PAS’ intention to have hudud.

      “This is the first time that I have heard that DAP has agreed to PAS’ implementation of hudud law on Muslims in Kelantan. If so, Hadi pun mau bohong ke? Looks like the whole lot of Pakatoon Rakyat jenis bohong membohong.

      Guan Eng said if Hadi had been correctly quoted on this matter, he should show proof to back his claim because DAP had never agreed to the implementation of hudud in Kelantan. He accused Hadi of making “an unfortunate mistake and a wrong statement,” Ini macam, apa macam PAS can hope to get Hudud implemented.


    • Oooooo, now Karpal is dead, the son wants to “Over my dead body” to Hudud pulak ke? Gobind Singh Deo said Hadi should not attempt to twist the truth in claiming that the Pakatan leadership had agreed to the matter. If such reports quoting Abdul Hadi were inaccurate, the PAS leader should then correct them, he said.

      Hah, very stern and serious statement by the son maybe wanting the “Tiger” title too. He said, “If it is true, then perhaps PAS should seriously reconsider the relevance of its continued existence in Pakatan Rakyat.”

      In other words, PAS got told to scram from Pakatan. Where PAS can put muka now?


      • Aiseh, the Deo fellow should shut up, or even get DAP out of Pakatan – if the SUPP Youth can have their way, that is.

        SUPP Youth expressed shock at Hadi’s “revelation” that the Pakatan Rakyat leadership council had agreed to the implementation of hudud in Kelantan. And said that DAP should do the right thing by pulling out from Pakatan to prove its sincerity and accountability to the Chinese, Indian and non-Muslim communities and also to prove that DAP is not a ‘toothless tiger’ or ‘Pak Turut’ (‘blind follower’) within Pakatan.

        In a statement the day before yesterday, they said that DAP, a partner in Pakatam, does not take this issue seriously and proves very clearly that it has not been sincere with the Chinese, Indian and non-Muslims who gave DAP the majority of their votes.

        The statement says “Clearly, DAP is only interested in realizing its political agenda and is willing to do whatever it takes. Knowing the risks and the consequences, DAP insisted to align with PAS and campaigned for PAS’ candidates, defended their hudud agenda as ‘harmless to non-Muslims ..”.

        They also pointed out the strong opposition by Keadilan Youth Movement against DAP for asking PAS to leave Pakatan on the Hudud issue is yet more evidence on the ineffectiveness of DAP to have its voice heard in Pakatan Rakyat.

        So, after suggesting the formation of a technical committee (see an earlier comment above), UMNO should just sit pretty, let the PR component parties whack one another over the Hudud issue. DAP asking PAS to leave Pakatan, Keadilan Youth whacks DAP for asking PAS to leave Pakatan …


  12. Hahaha, according to Malaysian Insider, PAS insiders (including reject Husam Musa) are blaming UMNO for incessantly goading PAS to try to implement Hudud, leading to an open spat with its PR allies now. Alo alo, don’t blame UMNO lah, I not member of any party, also want PR to pecah.

    Husam said, “To me, the biggest issue here before we go further is to know what is Najib’s stand. Will BN support this private bill? If yes, then we can discuss. If not, it is clear that they are just playing with PAS to serve their agenda.”

    But Najib said, “We want to hear from PAS. If they are willing to propose it to us, we are ready to listen,” Najib had said, although he cautioned that the people must understand the law before it could be implemented.

    But you fellas should blame Kelantan Menteri Besar Ahmad Yakob lah. He was the one who recently announced the state’s plan to table a private member’s bill in Parliament to implement Hudud law in the state. He started it all.

    As usual Pakatun behaviour ah – blame the sunrise and sunset also on UMNO, issit? But if Pakatan is in sunset mode, blame me also I won’t mind, hehe.


  13. This is interesting –

    PAS’ joining the opposition coalition had six conditions, including no opposition from any party to PAS continuing its agenda to make Malaysia an Islamic state. This was said by USM Political Science lecturer, Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff. (I like these academic guys coz they keep records and check what people said and did.)

    He said the conditions were enshrined in the PAS’ Ulama Council Secretary’s Working Paper, and accepted by the Council on Oct 10, 2010. “Other conditions include ensuring the position of the Muslims is not threatened and PAS can continue to implement Islamic laws.

    So, “PAS’ Ulama Council has the power to decide whether the party stays in the opposition coalition or not if its plan to implement the Hudud in Kelantan continues to be opposed by PKR and DAP,” he said.

    Kamarul pointed out that in 2001, PAS left the opposition coalition which was then known as Barisan Alternatif, and so it is not impossible this would happen again if DAP continued to oppose the implementation of Islamic laws.

    So, to the tsunami Chinese – Hudud, any one? People say the resurgence of Hudud in PAS has been due to the Chinese tsunami. The effects were not just on UMNO/BN but also on PAS – PAS got the lowest number of seats among the PR component parties.


  14. Tuan Jebat, could you please assist this group on exposing MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari? The situation inside MAS is extremely urgent for PM to intervene. A purchasing requisite has been issued by Azhari Dahlan together with his co-partner Aminudin Zakaria approved by Ahmad Jauhari to purchase 60 airbus aircrafts from tony f.

    Staff not happy of the current management!

    Why? T&C for staff not settled especially for years. As result a number of 88 crew, 120 technicians, 33 new engineers resigned and joined AA. MAS Unions & Associations given full support to AJ but his team of management reported to government it is the union’s and association’s fault of the loss making airlines.

    Zahrah Zaid as Director of Human Resources and Azhari Dahlan, CEO of MAE should have made proposal to increase the salary for cabin crew, technicians and engineers so they will stay will MAS.

    During the previous management, staff can hold onto something because there was blue print BTP1 & BTP2 but the current management have no long term planned – no blue print and they make decision based on what was presented on their plate.

    After 41 years, where is our talent management gone? Instead, we see there are more imported expatriates (players). Azhari’s qualification is far average and very general i.e. License Aircraft Engineers and FOCA license. His education is lower than MAS current staff who are more qualified to fill the post. With Azhari’s low and near zero knowledge and qualification – there’s why there have been major incidents.

    Head of HR is former British American tobacco who did a blunder and was VSS-ed by British American Tobacco. With such broken records for AJ’s team, Tony brought in rotten apples into MAS to complete his sabotage against MAS so he can buy MAS at RM1 after MAS declared bankruptcy under AJ, Zahrah Zaid and Azhari Dahlan.

    When the trio joined MAS, they planned to destroy the unions and associations but found out it was not that an easy task. So Zahrah Zaid under AJ’s instruction received from Tony F to find faults in all Unions & Associations representatives.

    Airbus team arrived in KL these days to negotiate with AJ team to buy 60 numbers of aircrafts. We believe the purchases will be retrieved from Tune Air or Tony F because he has place a larger order most recently.

    With the current situation of flight MH370 and the loss making airline, the management led by AJ, continues discreetly…to sabotage more inside MAS.

    The MAS staff pray everyday to get sympathy from the public and the government to investigate this matter and if possible to change the current management and to bring back the glory for MAS. Please ensure enough numbers of internal staff to run the company efficiently.

    Only prime minister can help us with this issue and do not let us wait too long.

    This source is from the independent observer.


    • Wish I have more time but can only comment on your statement “A purchasing requisite has been issued by Azhari Dahlan together with his co-partner Aminudin Zakaria approved by Ahmad Jauhari to purchase 60 airbus aircrafts from tony f.”

      Surely that sort of “purchases” are, if real, approved by the Board of Directors first? What “independent observer” source you talking about? And who is “us”?

      I think you are bluffing, you fellows are making all sorts of uncalled for and unfair complaints just to put the management down.

      Come on, fellows, support your management, help the airline make good profits, then you could expect salary increases. If not, if the airline folds up, you people would be out of jobs.


  15. One PROF DATUK DR ABD RAHIM MOHAMAD, claiming to be Presiden Persatuan Perubatan Islam Malaysia (IMAM) – excuse me for not knowing if that organization really exists – wrote in Assoc Prof Ridhuan Tee’s blog saying “Melalui pelaksanaan Hudud, bius (anesthetic) sama sekali tidak dibenarkan…. ia terbuka kepada perdebatan dan IMAM bersedia menerima mana-mana pendapat berdasarkan hujah Syariah yang berkaitan untuk diamalkan oleh doktor-doktor Islam.”

    If true anesthetic is not allowed under Hudud, the statement by the Kelantan Timbalan MB (?) on Hudud amputation being done by doctors is therefore questionable. Doctors of the above organization may not want to carry out the operation.

    The above shows the validity and wisdom of DPM TS Muhyiddin’s call for the setting up of a technical committee at the national level comprising of experts, including from overseas, to study, explain and make recommendations, including whether PAS’ Hudud should and could be implemented in multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia, like has been commented by Aku, above.

    Seems to me there’s no question of UMNO playing into the Opposition trap if UMNO takes Muhyiddin’s stand. No reason why not, as he is UMNO’s Deputy President. Now there are people asking if PAS has not fallen into UMNO’s trap, with the hoo haa on bringing a private member’s bill into Parliament and getting laughed at. .

    But I agree with PM DS Najib’s stand that if PAS wants to talk with UMNO on Hudud implementation, UMNO is willing to listen. Absolutely no harm in listening.


    • Not likely the majority of Malaysians will agree with a Technical Committee’s recommendations even if it recommends Hudud implementation because Hudud looks down on women. DAP has Teresa Kok, PKR has Azizah high on the leadership list.


  16. Sounds like a political animal that Annuar Musa. Fishing in murky waters. Not easy to get nation-wide publicity when one is no longer the State UMNO Chief which is now Tok Pa Mustapha.

    Then again, he could be a member of a close circle on this do-up PAS thru Deputy MB Kelantan’s proposal to bring a Private Member’s Bill on Hudud to Parliament. I would do the same if I were in the shoes of the UMNO leadership – play the tune, dance to it a little, when the music goes awry, keep quiet, stay on the sidelines and watch.

    Annuar might have had a chat with the top UMNO leadership, he might even have been the one proposing it, and the top leadership needs not go beyond saying they are prepared to listen to PAS’s proposal if brought to them in discussion. DS Najib has said that, and DAP went keriau, not quite melompat coz Karpal Singh is dead.

    Stupid Lim Guan Eng merely manages to dispute Hadi’s statement that Palatan Rakyat has agreed to it but nothing more. I’m awaiting the issue blowing up into huge proportions to the point of no return between PAS and DAP and a break up of Palatan Rakyat.

    Maybe when Anwar Al Juburi goes into prison, nobody to pull the 3 groups together – Azizah can’t even reduce the in-fighting within PKR, let alone get Hadi and PAS to listen to what a woman says. Hudud has a very low regard for women. Doesn’t Hudud require two women witnesses to crime instead of one for man. And Sisters in Islam website points out the Terengganu PAS Hudud Draft Bill proposes that a woman cannot be a witness.

    Dear Registrar of Courts, pls get early hearing of Anwar’s Sodomy II Appeal trial so that the man goes to prison pronto, hopefully with an increased (2nd offence) prison term.


  17. There you go, belom pun Private Member’s Bill sampai ke Parlimen, ada yang dah gigil lutut –

    DAP worries if Private Bill becomes ‘Govt Motion’
    Free Malaysia Today – ‎1 hour ago‎

    Prime Minister Najib’s willingness to discuss hudud with PAS is fueling fears that if implemented in Kelantan, it could extend to the federal level.

    Padan pun UMNO nampak gaya nak tengok DAP melutut. Dan akibatnya Anwar frust, mungkin membonxxt. 10 tahun penjara lagi. Bagus, bagus.


    • Now angry, really angry – cuba dengar apa Guan Eng kata –

      Can you really trust Umno? DAP asks PAS as hudud rift widens
      The Malay Mail Online – ‎1 hour ago‎

      DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng asked PAS if it could really trust Umno’s apparent support of its hudud bid. – Picture by Saw Siow FengKUALA LUMPUR, May 4 – In yet another warning to PAS to back off from hudud, DAP told its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) …

      Suka saya dengar reaksi mcm ni, “yet another warning to PAS” kata pro-Pakatan Malay Mail. Karpal Singh “Over my dead body” already dead. Menunggu situasi meletup antara depa.


    • I’m waiting for Pakatan break up, and Kit Siang says it –

      Hudud issue can lead to Pakatan breakup, says Kit Siang

      PETALING JAYA: DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang has hinted that Pakatan Rakyat may split up “if hudud becomes a major issue”

      It’s a major issue alright. Aku tunggu. Aku rasa ia akan berlaku. Karpal dead, Anwar imprisoned, Kit Siang too old and alone, Hadi – what does he care, so long as his members want him as PM, like resolved at their last Muktamar.


  18. Hudud Allah vs. Hudud PAS

    100% tiada seorang yang beragama, sudah balir dan sempurna akal fikiran akan memilih hudud parti politik kecuali mereka yang ada kepentingan politik semata. Jangan katakan istilah hukum hudud, nama Allah pun belum tentu ada wujud didalam perlembagaan parti.

    Lebih bermanfaat kalau diteruskan saja agenda transformasi memaju dan memperkayakan negara dan rakyat dengan keadilan dan saksama tanpa mengira agama dan bangsa sampai berjaya.

    Bila semua orang sudah senang-lenang, kaya-raya dan sudah faham dan tahu menghormati setiap budaya dan setiap agama dinegara ini, mungkin pada masa itu DAP dan MCA pulak agaknya terpaksa merayu untuk melaksanakan Hudud daripada PAS dan UMNO.

    Kita harap satu atau dua generasi daripada sekarang setiap parti politik akan dipimpin oleh mereka yang betul-betul matang berpolitik, bijak, pintar, berani dan berakhlak mulia bukannya jenis sampah-sarap tidak berguna.


  19. The Star reporter/columnist Jocelyn Tan said UMNO Deputy President TS Muhyiddin “dropped in” on Nik Aziz in his kampung house in Kota Bharu, in simple dress without a tie and donning a ketayap. And UMNO President DS Najib visited Dr Haron Din being treated for his chest pains at IJN, Haron Din sitting coss-legged on the hospital bed “chatting like friends”, Najib shaking the patient’s hand with both arms with get-well wishes upon leaving.

    Increasing speculation that there must be something in the offing Hudud way. Lim Guan Eng must be panicky, dumbfounded now when Hadi or some other answered Lim’s allegation by saying that Pakatan leadership had agreed on Hudud a long time ago. Anwar quiet, must be fuming Gun Eng and the DAP blokes some more, the self-appointed Pakatan leader not helping to diffuse the situation.

    Najib’s visiting Haron Din was humanitarian, innit. Muhyiddin dropping on Nik Aziz while on a work visit to Kota Bharu was a … well, adat Melayu menanya orang tua tu apa khabar, betul tak?

    Shhh, jangan cakap kot dia memberi takziah sebab rakan karib nya dah mam .. I mean, mati.


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