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Here are the top 5 clowns you need to know

Presenting the top 5 clowns of March:


Number 5: Tian Chua


Tian Chua

Tian Chua sitting quietly by himself, is already a bona fide clown. But when his beloved leader Anwar Ibrahim was sentenced to a 5 year jail after being found guilty for sodomy, he immediately tweeted that Pakatan Rakyat will bring down the government within the next 5 months.

Our brains then took a backflip from reality. Maybe he was nudged in the ribs playfully by his boss to tweet that? Because you see, all these threats are getting old. Remember September 16th 2008? Remember Bersih II? Remember Black 505? How many times have the government changed hands since then?

Tian Chua  tianchua  on Twitter

Which people that will bring down Najib? Will these people go up against our security forces and die or jailed for the sake of Anwar Ibrahim? Hands up to those who are willing to do that. A word of caution though, Tian Chua will be the first person to claim innocence and cry buckets if he were to be sent to jail for it.

Number 4: Mahfuz Omar


www.themalaysianinsider.com_images_uploads_mugshots_mahfuz-omar-aug2Mahfuz Omar is one wily politician, but for a human being he failed at it miserably for, a pre-requisite to be a human is the existence of a brain.

And when he said he is willing to exchange places with the passengers and become a hostage in return, there was a loud silence from his fellow Pakatan Rakyat leaders and a roar of laughter from the rest of Malaysians.

“Our concern now is the safety of the passengers. I am willing to exchange places with the passengers and become a hostage if the need arises,” he said.

To whom is he directing this offer? To the non-existent terrorists and hijackers? To CNN? Hoping that the non-existent hijackers can call him up and arrange for a flight to take him instead?

All this one-upmanship just to score some political mileage which contradict common sense must have made the average IQ of unthinking Malaysians dropped even further. But as March was such a terrible month for some Malaysians, what Mahfuz Omar said was a welcomed respite. Teruskan lagi, badut!

Number 3: Lim Lip Eng

LIMLIPENGLim Lip Eng possibly is not very bright to begin with. Otherwise how could an intelligent person, who knowingly have zero knowledge and experience in the navy or the air force, could tell the government to appoint his political peers in DAP as the navy or air force chief? 

As if that wasn’t enough, he genuinely believes that that is the only way for the rest of the world to find the missing flight MH370!

Well, since he is not an intelligent person, he definitely wouldn’t know that his suggestion would be a historical landmark because there was never a time, in any country in the modern world where a politician is promoted to be the commander in chief of an air force or a navy.

Unless maybe, Lim Lip Eng secretly has over 30 years in military service. We do not know. Playing video games do not count YB. If you want to become a civil servant that much, you shouldn’t be in politics. There’s Camp Wardieburn somewhere in Setapak and Camp Batu Kentonmen in Jalan Ipoh. Perhaps you should walk in and enrol yourself.

Thankfully Lim Lip Eng regretted and retracted his statement but stopped short of an apology.

Number 2: Rafizi Ramli


rafizi ramli 1The problem with Rafizi Ramli is, he thinks he is right all the time and do not take criticisms gracefully. These are the signs of arrogance and conceit.

Rafizi Ramli is known for trolling other people in cyberspace but when critics trolled him, he could not accept the lashing he received and blocked almost everyone who had expressed different views.

Hounded by charges in breaching the BAFIA Act, Rafizi has not shied away from entertaining us with his comedic schemes to divert Malaysians’ attention from the rotten morass that dwells in his Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

As it turned out, the by election that he proudly claimed to have engineered was just a ploy to divert attention of Anwar’s court ruling. All those excuse (to fortify Selangor, Umno is using racial and religious politics, Khalid Ibrahim failed to change Selangor into a model state of Pakatan, crying crocodile tears etc), are just to help Anwar Ibrahim gain public sympathy (again? How much more sympathy Anwar wants?).

His boss’ political mileage is fast reaching its end. The credibility among most Malaysians has gone. Rafizi Ramli is fast approaching a level where whatever he speaks will be scoffed at. He has made his bed and now he has to lie on it. With all the make-up of a clown.

Number 1: Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah



Political rivals touching each other in a loving embrace

This is a tie. Never has been since the movie Titanic have we seen a lover made not for each other doing foolish things together.

But when Anwar Ibrahim announces his candidacy to challenge his wife for the Presidency post of Pakatan, there was a gasp of disbelief not only within Malaysia but within the vacuous head of Rafizi Ramli too.

How on earth can Rafizi Ramli spin this laughable turn of event?!

So let’s get this straight..

Anwar Ibrahim is challenging Wan Azizah because he sees Wan Azizah as his political rival? Or he does not believe Wan Azizah is the right material as the President of PKR?

Anwar Ibrahim is trying to portray that PKR is a democratic party where just about anyone can challenge the President and he is that only person who can challenge the President?

Or during the eve of nomination day just before they sleep, Anwar whispers to Wan Azizah to let her know that he will be fighting her for the top post? This happened because two minutes earlier, she declined to step down in order to give way for her husband? And then both fell asleep in each other’s arms. And all this decision was made without any input from the rest of the party members of PKR. Even the nosy court jester, Tian Chua was in the dark.

Or is this just another harebrained scheme to checkmate Azmin Ali and/or Khalid Ibrahim? Who cares. This is a family business and PKR, as Anwar Ibrahim’s private vehicle does not care what outsiders think.

We are surprised that Nurul Izzah did not enter the presidency post foray. Now that will be an awesome threesome. Incestuous nepotism and cronyism is synonymous to Pakatan Rakyat. And it is being led by an army of clowns.

67 thoughts on “Here are the top 5 clowns you need to know

    • I don’t think “most non-Malay Malaysians still look up to them as paragons of virtue.” “Many” yes, but not “most”.

      I’m not being pedantic but the point must be made that, even if going by the much touted “popular votes”, a big percentage of those voting the Opposition at PRU13 were Malays – PAS and PKR supporters. And while MCA lost many seats, those Chinese voting them were still significant in number. Especially when considering the many PR wins were over small majorities.

      Many of them didn’t “look up” to the Opposition but merely got swayed by the Opposition DAP Red Bean propaganda of hate and racism.

      Malaysians must be informed that most non-Malays in the country still look up to the Barisan. The figures are even better now, judging from the results of PRK Kajang and PRK Balingian.


    • Minorities want the standard of governance equal to or exceeding that of UK, US,Canada or Australia. That means civil liberties above race and religion. That means no discriminatory practices and freedom of beliefs for all and the right to practice ones faith freely and inpeace.
      Presently, BN and PR cannot guarantee these rights. Both are haprak, hp6, 3/4 bums who will be questioned in the next life on why people are suppressed and oppressed when they hold power.


      • Including freedom to hack people’s telephones, too? Like in UK where blokes in Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid newspapers did, who were publicly damned sometime back?

        Including freedom to bomb Iraq? Like US and the “Coalition of the Willing” did?

        Civil liberties above religion? You talking from Anwar’s rectum? LBGT, sodomy and all? Not bothered about Article 3 of the Constitution stating Islam is the religion of the country?

        You have no religion? Then why talk about the next life? You smelling atrociously and hp7?

        My counter arguments to your statements are fitting, eh?


      • To do so then all race based programs must go, including vernacular education. I argued about that in TMI stating that I’m ok to remove Bumiputera rights provided that vernacular education must go as well and what I got was people saying I’m callous for wanting to deprive the non-Malays of their cultural rights.

        Just goes to show that nobody in Malaysia wants true equality, more like “equality that puts me at an advantage above all others”


        • Just respect the Constitution, that’s all. The Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah ahd Sarawak is in Article 153. Bahasa Malaysia being the official language of this country is in Article 152.

          Any of you descended from those who got citizenship right only after Merdeka – a right also stated in the Constitution – but if you do not respect the Constitution and get told to migrate, don’t feel bad. It’s the only fair thing to do as you can’t change the sensitive Articles of the Constitution.


        • Hullo! Vernacular is not race based but language based. China first nation to detect ping from MH370 using basic equipment. Malaysia leh! Dunno our navy ship hot engine or not.china got 8 or 9 ships scouting for a lost malaysian plane!


          • Following your logic, then the national education is language based – Bahasa Malaysia. So why does a Malaysian needs a chinese language education here? No other countries in the world have an extensive vernacular education as part of their nation’s education policy. Why should Malaysia. Bob Vettel is correct. And by the way, next time Malaysia wants to upgrade our navy assets, please tell the opposition not to oppose such moves in the Parliament.

            Thank you.


            • Belgium, switzerland, canada are some first world first class countries that uses multiple language in their education system.
              US have a significant hispanic population but found it cumbersome to introduce a second language.
              Vernacular schools in malaysia assisted in out trade with china.
              Robert kuok sells his palm oil directly to china market. Felda sells through hongky tonk businesmen because dunno how to speak language. See the difference?


              • Belgium, Switzerland, Canada do not have vernacular schools which solely cater for specific language as their main medium of instruction. They have classes that teaches those languages in their national, uniformed, education system. We should retain one school system here with elective subjects to learn multiple languages. That’s what the US is doing as well. By the way, Felda exports its products globally. Tempawan, if again you give out false information and lying just to fit your agenda, your comments will be treated as spam. Thank you.


              • Get your facts correct. tempawan, otherwise people call you stupid don’t get angry.

                You dunno Robert Kuok has been dealing with China since even 50 years ago, the Government has he records of the number of visits he made even before diplomatic relations China-Malaysia, travelling in and out of China on special passes, his Malaysian passport not chopped, no record of entry/exit.

                What “Vernacular schools in malaysia assisted in out trade with china.”? After making wild accusations, now you make wild claims. You a wild fellow issit?


          • If you glorify China and not appreciate one bit what this country has done, you should surrender your MYkad and migrate to China, stu.

            Defending Chinese schools, you appear a DAP Chinese, masquearding/ using a name sounding like a Bumiputera of Sabah/ Sarawak. Masquerading is the trademark of DAP Red Beans. Red Bean, are you?


            • I am not glorifying china.but it seems china, with whatever navy assets they have, are doing their very best to retrieve the plane. If they do not have a pinger locater, they improvise and used one adhoc. They put satellites searching for the plane.
              Malaysia like tidak apa pass the buck to australia to handle. Wash their feet and assume nothing has happened.where is our navy? I forgot, the money to buy ships went to amin shah who now resides in dubai. And the army pension fund, boustead was asked to bail out the navy patrol boat programs. Now boustead is more interested in building offshore vessels and oil platforms. How can private local yards compete? Boustead mark up a lot building patrol vessel and subsidise these to get offshore works contracts.
              Just the other day in another pub, a non bummy ex navy. told me he quit because the mats dunno how to handle technical stuff. Don’t understand english instruction manual. So he must train the mats, they got promoted, but he was maintained to train more mats. So he quit, no prospect. That is how the gomen ethnically cleansed the armed forces.
              Now our gomen got no money already.spent too much subsidising petrol and diesel and indirectly, bailing out the rich oil companies. They could have introduced bio diesel and subsidise the bio part. But our brain dead administrators i think do not understand the technical part of how to make this work.


              • Don’t be stupid, boy, Malaysia only a small country, very limited resources, not much naval assets etc. Australia offered help as a member of Commonwealth – you unnerstand that term?

                China a huge country, 2nd largest economy in the world, a lot of naval and navel assets, 2/3 of MH370 passengers were their nationals, at first just kept quiet, then gave out satellite images showing wrong location of MH370, wated people’s time and energy.

                Ooooo you picked up gossips in pubs, from disgruntled non bummy ex navy. ah? Sure you didn’t pick up prostitutes and Anwar-type gays to sodok you arr? “the gomen ethnically cleansed the armed forces”?No, they cleaned cannot-trust, disloyal and traitorous blokes like you.

                our administrators brain dead or you and the likes of you good-for-nothing blokes, knowing only to accuse, picking up gossips and prostitutes in pubs and bars. Reform, man. Be useful to society, do something good for this country, otherwise vamoose, migrate to elsewhere. To China which you glorify yet deny without even explaining.


  1. Why Malaysia is blessed with such character in opposition , nothing good in them , just a waste of public funds.
    Never been seen in Malaysian history ,a constructive opposition that the government and the people could relied on.
    As though being an opposition is just to open your mouth , but what they are talking ?.


    • The gomen waste huge amount of money funding the incompetents. They now heads various gls’s, government departments, given lucrative contracts by goemn etc. Half the creative opposition were denied their rights to return after the communist surrendered.


      • The usual wild allegations without any substantiation and justification? Gomen heads various gls’s, government departments? Wat you talk? No processed in the grey matter, eh?

        What “Half the creative opposition were denied their rights to return after the communist surrendered”? Again talking without thought processing, eh?


        • Wild allegations? This is based on CNN report. Our ruling elites are a bumbling lot.this is also the conclusion from consensus from the relatives of victims of the air disappearance including those from malaysia.


          • Missed answering this one earlier –

            What CNN report? What date, what time of the report? TV or Online? Tell us so that they can be checked and verified if necessary.

            Which one was in the CNN report? The “gomen waste money funding the incompetents”? “They now heads various gls’s, government departments”? Who? Why not even one name given as example? “given lucrative contracts by goemn etc” Who, what contract, where, when? “Half the creative opposition” – what creative? “denied their rights to return after the communist surrendered”? Who said so, when and where?

            Not saying all those means you were just making wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations, stu.

            I can say your father didn’t teach you manners, decorum and decency. Or your mother stole her boss’s money. Or you were a communist who surrendered. But I don’t, do I? If I do those, then I’ll be making wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations. Understand? Comprende? Wakaru? Maronong? Kopratu koplak iku? .


          • Your saying “This is based on CNN report” refers to your comment on APRIL 4, 2014 AT 8:25 AM which I queried you on APRIL 5, 2014 AT 3:16 AM.

            Any reply now must be based on those. Not replying by making further wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations. Doing that would clearly show you are mad.


  2. adoi.. this frigid prune in her whatever you call it and her Berut Tua kaki Pil K**** to be the FLOM and PM of Msia. Only in their non-lucid dream trips..haha


  3. Tian Chua –

    More than a clown, he is a seditious bloke, even appears disloyal and unpatriotic to the country.

    His sedition against the Armed Forces defending Lahad Datu against Muslim Filipinos intrusion, for which 10 members of our Armed Forces lost their lives, was the most hideous act by this bloke. Heartless, headless, kurang ajar, no sense of loyalty and patriotism to the country at all. Good that he was dragged to the Police lock up, interrogated, and charged in court.

    Now he is, like Anwar Al Juburi, trying all legal means available to delay the trial. Tried to get the charge set aside but the Court in mid February his year disallowed that and he has to appear in court again to defend himself.

    I hope to God that he’ll be found guilty and sentenced to near the maximum penalty in prison. And sent to the same prison as Anwar. See if he and Anwar can “bring the prison down in 5 months”.


    • Thesundaily says Tian Chua may opt out of the contest for the PKR No. 2 post. Maybe he is scared he would lose, cannot bring the 5 other contenders down.

      He keeps saying “I believe I’m the most senior member out of all of the party candidates” showing he is complex stricken and trying to pre-empt from being voted out. Bloody hell, now he knows he can’t even win the PKR Deputy President post, let alone bring down Najib’s government.


  4. Why don’t you add the bumbling idiots who could not get the last words out of 370 correct? Oh wait, they are probably affiliated to your master….so stfu eh.?


    • You should give some of your particulars out so that they can be added to the blog post as the 6th most stupid idiot.

      How, good reply, eh? Written even when I’m sleepy ok?


    • Those are not the MH370 idiots. The idiots you are looking for are the dumbass whiny bitches who play Call of Duty and think they know how to command the Lahad Datu invasion better, and now with the missing flight display their astounding military prowess by asking why no one is sending out Scorpenes. Let’s not even talk about the clueless buggers who hate the country and don’t know the difference between party allegiance and patriotism. What a disgrace to the world. So stfu.


    • Those idiots who gave the incorrect last words from mh370 were from the dca owned control tower. And the boss who heads the investigation is from the dca. They are trying to hide their wrong doings. The head ofinvestigation should be from department. The police should rightly head the investigation with a assiatnce from MAS pilot union. The pilots will guide the police on why the plane flew in such a strange fashion.
      And how come penang or langkawi control tower did not try to contact the plane when it flew over their airspace. We all knew there were no operators awake in the airforce radar control room. Were the dca guys asleep also?


      • “investigation with a assiatnce from MAS pilot union”? What about those cabin and toilet cleaners, janitors and all?

        “The pilots will guide the police on why the plane flew in such a strange fashion”? You no read or watch tv news on the various experts, local and foreign, engaged as part of the investigation?
        “And how come penang or langkawi control tower did not try to contact the plane when it flew over their airspace”? You a small boy thinking or somethin’? You dunno the plane’s communications system was out?

        The last straw is you saying “We all knew there were no operators awake in the airforce radar control room.” That entitles you being called a Tg Rambutan Hospital Bahagia inmate. You dunno know about that grand institution for OKU like you?


      • The incorrect last words came from the Daily Mail who got it somehow from China (atrocious translation & all) which then spread through the other media. It was refuted by the DCA chief very early in the investigation. Problem is nobody in the media had caught on and reported it as such. It’s the same Daily Mail who associated Anwar with Captain Zaharie as well (which is why I was perplexed that Anwar & clown no. 5 tried to pin that on the government.)

        As for Penang & Langkawi Control Tower not contacting the plane – it’s simply because they can’t see the plane as the transponder is off. Civil radar will only detect a plane if their transponder which provides data on their height, speed & call sign is on. Military radar meanwhile can detect a plane without transponders, but they will not be able to know which plane the blip represents. I suggest that tonight, at around 12 am – 1 am, go and access and see how many planes are flying over Malaysian airspace at that time, most of which are heading for Europe from Singapore, Indonesia even as far as Australia. And when you see the page, imagine that the planes you’re tracking doesn’t come with the info that the flightradar24 site provides – that’s how a military radar works.


        • It’s sensationalizing and politicizing events, the bread and butter of the low class media and politicians.

          The Daily Mail has been a British tabloid, often referred to as just that, not even called a newspaper. Stuffs read by janitors, road sweepers and construction workers who may use them as toilet paper when shitting in isolated places away from the crowd.

          Anwar has long been politicizing events when desperate for attention and now on bail, on the way to prison. Clown No. 5 is the worst of the PKR politicians – he should have joined the DAP as most of them there are like that. But then, in DAP, he could not have gotten to be Vice President. He’s so damn proud of being one in PKR, kept saying he is “the most senior” of the Vice-Presidents. See, what stuff PKR is made of.

          But he is more than a clown as far a Lahat Datu Filipino incursion is concerned. He is disloyal, unpatriotic – seditious, to say the least. And he got brought to court for that, charged for sedition, trial pending. He is a son of a gun for treating lightly the role of the Armed Forces 10 of whom lost their lives defending the country against bastards coming in with guns.


        • Then tell me why it took dca weeks before they corrected the error? It seems everybody in adminstration take their time eating curry puff and kopi o during meetingand it has clogged up the blood vessels inthe brain. Whats the word? Tidap apa attitude. No urgency. I hope MH370 bring this adminstration down.


          • Did you not read the news link I gave you? The DCA almost immediately corrected the Telegraph by saying their transcript is inaccurate. Are your braincells being clogged up? Have you been eating too much curry puffs and drinking alcohol for you to miss this piece of news? Since the transcript of the last words were not priority, and obviously verification and corroboration from other parties have to be determined, it may take slightly more than a week for them to put the accurate version for public consumption. You may not understand this. Plus, you hardly use this information for anything anyway. Does it strengthen or weaken you ridiculous theory on why the plane went missing?


          • If only this bloke ask, not accuse, then we won’t call him bastard.

            Now not only not loyal to this county by supporting it in difficult times, but this real bastard wants the administration/ country down with the MH370 tragedy.

            Shoo, you disloyal and traitor. Get lost, disappear, migrate.


  5. Hahaha, “Teruskan lagi, badut!” Mahfuz Omar.

    Ini lah jadinya bila penderhaka bangsa dan negara Anwar pecahkan perpaduan bangsa Melayu. Berpecah belah, keliru, pilih wakil rakyat yang otak lembu. Wira konon, tegok lah dia palai kot dan tie, beb. Patut pakai kupiah tutup kepala yang kosong dari banyak segi.

    Rakyat dah jadi tak bijak, pengundi tak gunakan otak bila mengundi, ikut apa Pakman, Paksin dsbnya cakap baguih. Tunggul tunggul pun habis di angkat jadi ADUN, jadi WR.

    Tapi nasib lah Mat Sabun tak di angkat. Melopong dia kali nih. Yang tu kena puji rakyat dan pengundi di kawasan dia bertanding. Syabas Pak Long, Poksu dll nya.


  6. This article appeared in the Opposition Malaysia Kini. Here are the many statements that I like about the article that made me wonder why Malaysia Kini published it:

    Anwar’s nefarious smear campaign

    No citizen in this nation has ever been ruthlessly attacking the government locally and also internationally – except Anwar Ibrahim. While the government is trying its best to solve the mystery of MH370, Anwar Ibrahim has launched an international onslaught on Malaysia’s prestige and repute in disgraceful ways.

    Unashamedly, Anwar is persistently using international media to hurl baseless criticisms at the leaders about the manner in which they are executing the search and rescue (SAR) operations and taking advantage of the media exposure to criticise governance issues with the obvious intention of riding on the MH370 wave to gain political mileage whilst discrediting the government for all and sundry to see.

    Concerned Malaysians have expressed outrage at the way in which Anwar is stooping to a new low in his below the belt attacks. He is sickly when behind bars but when free; he has superman energy to execute his agenda to spread his venom and hatred for purposes of destroying this country, which our government is diligently trying to develop for all.

    It is common knowledge that the Pakatan Rakyat propaganda of hatred has had a negative influence on the outlook of many Malaysians. At such a time, we must question why Anwar is on this hate campaign. Instead of slamming and cursing the government, Malaysians must realise how Anwar is disgracing the country in the statements he makes in interviews with international television and print media.

    Few would realize that even as the government is stepping up efforts to find MH370, Anwar is intensifying his Hate Malaysia campaign because no leader has ever spoken to as many international media in such a negative fashion and at such a high intensity.


  7. Yes, why did Anwar speak to international media and not to local media on the MH370 handling?

    The Malaysia Kini-published article said (I copy and paste for effect) –

    “In an interview with South China Morning Post on March 17, Anwar Ibrahim said he had seen the captain of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane at meetings of his political party but denied knowing him personally. He even criticised attempts to link the captain’s political affiliations to the plane’s disappearance 10 days ago.

    The next day, South China Morning Post (March 18, 2014) carried this article headlined ‘U-turn as Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim admits MH370 pilot is in-law’s relative’. Shamefully, SCMP even footnoted: “This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as ‘Now Anwar says pilot’s an in-law’s relative’.

    While Anwar criticises the authorities for giving conflicting information about MH370, he practices double standards as always in making conflicting statements. Does he have the right to condemn others while he is on a campaign of disinformation? From denying knowing the pilot, he went on to say he is a distant relative and then to defend the pilot after stating he has only seen him at two meetings. Does all this make sense to anyone?”

    Other examples were given by the writer. But the following again made me wonder why the Opposition so-called news portal published the article –

    “A political leader or a traitor?

    He talks about fraudulent elections, control of media, and the lack of freedom and how courts are used as an apparatus for their executive to decide their policies. There are no holds barred as he drags the country’s name through the mud in his criticisms without batting an eyelid, eyes piercingly menacing as he rants about the failure of departments from airport to police and how some international media criticised the way the government handled the tragedy.

    Is such behaviour befitting a political leader or more that of a traitor?”

    I like to think that Malaysia Kini has abandoned the 5th Clown. Why? Anwar can bring no more money to Malaysia Kini from the Neo-cons, Jews and Zionists in USA as he is going into prison 5 years any way? Malaysia Kini now has sufficient funds or some financier, no longer obligated to Anwar? Malaysia Kini playing footsy with the gomen, still trying to get a newspaper publishing license after the recent rejection?

    No harm to think those, eh?


    • Actually, anwar is another clown. Dunno his relative also. His minds is on his bum boys.maybe he has sex addiction but he cannot go for massage with ” happy ending” or ” volcano massage” because of his faith. I think datin wan azizah is fated to be the first woman PM. I thinks her wise,wisdom and quiet ways will cleanse this country of scums and retards that lurks in the corridors of power.


      • How can she clean this country of retards and scum if her own husband is one of the clowns? You need another alternative because you clearly haven’t think this through. Thank you.


        • Where got he thinks anything through. He thinks thru Anwar’s rectum, how can get thru. Then he pretends not liking Anwar, only likes the wife, Anwar’s collaborator. The idiot tempawan cannot eevn see that the waife is as guilty as Anwar.

          Tempawan is Clown No. 66. Cannot be No 6 because he has no political stature at all. He is a political nitwit.


  8. The female clown No. 5 the other day said no intention of becoming MB Selangor. Clowning again. Tak habis habis.

    Anwar’s Jambu Rafizi (Clown for April?) now quiet about the much touted “strategy” of becoming MB Selangor as a so-called prelude to becoming PM of Malaysia, Shah Alam being near to Putrajaya, konon. Boss going to prison, wifey sits in as candidate at PRK Kajang, won, could have become MB Selangor. But now cakap no intention to be MB. Yet all the weeks of campaigning and after never said no intention. Now only say so. Apa daaaaaa.

    Diaorang ingat rakyat and voters are bodoh ka? Mebbe they are right – those who voted them are bodoh. Al Juburi cakap mau lari ka Peranchis become a teacher if kalah PRU13, kalah, didn’t go, went on the streets demonstrating, pun mau sokong dia and bini dia lagi.

    But, give credit where credit was due, many did not join him on the streets. Until the Padang Merbok demo was attended by less than 5,000 when Anwar expected 100,000. Leading him to give up going on the streets.


  9. Opposition there must be for a viable democracy. But it must be a responsible Opposition. Not clowns and irresponsible blokes who even politicize a tragedy like MH370.

    Two types of Oppo hippos:

    1. Those crude, loud-mouthed, almost uncivilized anti-Malay, anti-Islam DAP that caused the race riots of 1969
    2. Those not so crude but desperate for Clown No.5 to become PM, his age catching up, his past catching up on him

    I’m feeling a bit relieved that PAS has been relatively silent these days with the likes of Nik Aziz no longer holding any power and Mat Sabu not even an MP – damn glad he lost at PRU13.

    I’m hopeful that PAS and UMNO can work together in one form or another. Let the PKR and DAP blokes clown all they want


  10. I have watched and listened to the clowns, watched and listened, jeered and frowned, shouted, clenched my fist and controlled my spit and what have you. I think some of them ought to be shot. Lined up in front of the firing squad and some one shout the order, “Fire!”

    Traitors to race and nation, seditious to the Police and the Armed Forces 10 of whom lost their lives defending Lahad Datu against the Muslim Filipino incursion, lying and fooling the rakyat going on the streets not admitting defeat after PRU13, subversive and inciteful in their anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-NEP rhetorics.

    Yeah, yeah, allow them freedom of expression in a democratic country, but others have their freedom, their right, too. So, whenever they appear breaking the laws, just pull them by the collar, drag them to the Police lock up, interrogate them in the cell for the period allowed under the law, then drag them to the court and charge them.

    No two-way about it. No procrastinating. No fearing of political implications. After all, they will accuse you all sorts whether you do those or not. Let them fight to the highest court of the land. Drain their resources, make them thin and looking fraught with HIV, balding head, craggy, deep facial lines and the like, Like Clown No.5 male.

    If only I’m Prime Minister. Or Tun Dr Mahathir be brought back as PM. I don’t mind at all if he would censor the Internet like he said he would. It’s those clowns and their supporters who will get censored, I’m sure.


  11. Yes, “Tian Chua sitting quietly by himself, is already a bona fide clown.” His very face in that photo up there is the face of a clown.

    But he is not just a clown. He is a seditious, even a subversive bloke. He has been charged for sedition belittling the Police and the Armed Forces 10 of whom lost their lives defending Lahad Datu against the Muslim Filipino incursion. He has no sense of loyalty, nationalism and patriotism. So are many others who claim to be Malaysian citizens.

    Some may know but let their greed for power override feelings of loyalty, nationalism and patriotism to this country, including Tian Chua’s boss Al Juburi who kept degrading this country in interviews with the foreign media in recent times. And so many DAP members and supporters have no clue at all about loyalty, nationalism and patriotism. The bossman himself, Lim Guan Eng, officiated the opening of a building named Sun Yat Sen who has nothing to do with this country except tumpang duduk running away from the fighting and killing during the revolution in China. Guan Eng wants Malaysians to look to Sun Yat Sen and China, instead of to Malaysia, making a mockery of his so-called Malaysia First, Chinese Second shit talk.

    Those are the kind of blokes who will never volunteer to fight the enemy in times of war. Blokes who, if conscripted and sent to the battle front, might be shooting sideways instead of to the front at the enemy.

    It’s high time that the Government teaches loyalty, nationalism and patriotism in schools. All these must be based on the Constitution of the country, so the broad principles of the Constitution must also be taught. These should be taught under Civics or History subjects – better under History as it’s compulsory since last year.

    And ensure a few questions be asked on loyalty, nationalism and patriotism as well as on the Constitution at every SPM examination. Only when they understand will they feel those and only then can they be expected to express their sense of loyalty, nationalism and patriotism to this country. Otherwise this country will be in tatters in no time.


  12. Clown No 1 Anwar been saying bukan aku, bukan aku regarding the sex videos.

    Clown No.5 Tian Chua been saying I’m the most senior, I’m the most senior among the VPs.

    Now clown No 5 opts out of deputy president’s race. 6 people contesting worr.

    So many ploblems PKR has. Wish they go bust and kapputz.


  13. Clown No.5 Tian Chua jailed and fined. But not long enough in prison. Should be for 1 year, then he’ll be disqualified as MP. He’s not worth as an MP – how can a clown be worth it. Seditious on the Lada Datu Muslim Filipino incursion incident – he should be imprisoned 5 years for that (trial not yet on) and shoved into the same prison as his boss Anwar Al Juburi.

    Read the report on his Bersih crime –

    KUALA LUMPUR: Batu MP Tian Chua (pic) has been sentenced to one month’s jail and a RM1,000 fine for disobeying orders to leave Pulapol, a protected area, after being released from detention following the Bersih 3.0 rally in 2012.

    Judge Mahmud sentenced Tian Chua to a month’s prison starting yesterday and fined him RM1,000, in default another month in prison.

    Tian Chua, who appeared worn out, told reporters that he would be appealing against the conviction and sentence.

    Yes, wear him out, like his boss Anwar Al Juburi, looking haggard, thin and scraggy now, 5 years prison term hanging over his head.


    • Hah, dia sudah malu, banyak malu, accuse the Police “BEHAVE SO UNPROFESSIONALLY .. for being “publicly humiliated”, cornering him & FORCIBLY seizing his mobile phone”. And, in doing so, sounding seditious again, disrespecting the Police having the authority to do so. He, really is a nut.

      In a series of tweets last night, the PKR vice-president said he had been “publicly humiliated” when a team of plainclothes policemen cornered him at a hotel in Petaling Jaya before taking away his mobile phone.

      The explanation given was it was part of an investigation over the politician’s suspected seditious tweets and Facebook postings, promising to topple Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in five months, on the heels of Clown No.1 Anwar’s sodomy conviction. He has also been slapped with sedition charges for over allegedly seditious remarks uttered at a May 13 forum last year.

      But he is aware of another possible arrest – “I think they (the police) will charge me over the next few days,” the Batu MP predicted.

      The clown has been sentenced to 1 month’s jail for sedition, pending appeal. He was also charged in the Sessions Court with four others last year for allegedly uttering words that have the tendency to call on Malaysians to change the government by unlawful means. That carries a fine of up to RM5,000 and a jail term of up to three years, which would mean the clown losing his Batu parliamentary seat. I hope he does and gets imprisoned for years.


  14. Clown Number 3: Lim Lip Eng – saying he’s not very bright is being polite, saying he’s stupid is being real. But with the many Malaysians not respecting the Constitution, no sense of loyalty and patriotism, so much hate and racist tendencies, such a bloke won a seat at PRU13, in an area probably full of disloyal or “unloyal” blokes.

    I fully support the proposal that loyalty, nationalism and patriotism be taught in schools. And Parliament conducts in-house courses on those and Clown No. 3 be among the first to attend. It’s such a shame to be reading about a bloke not understanding the role and function of the Armed Forces and making light of the role and responsibilities attached to the posts of the Armed Forces chiefs. And Clown No 5 Tian Chua even belittled the Police and the Armed Forces 10 of whom lost their lives defending Lahad Datu against the Muslim Filipino incursion, now sentenced to jail.

    How then can people call them Yang Berhormat? How can they be perceived as genuine “lawmakers”? What law can they be making?


    • This bloke sounds like a DAP Red Bean bugger. “Wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations and claims”. Perhaps in the same category as DAP guy Ng Wei Aik who once told someone in Penang to “balik India”, now want to help the “expired” British Overseas Citizens who absconded Malaysia, burnt/ tore/ handed to the Malaysian Embassy in London their passports, believing that would ensure they get permanent stay in UK, but ending up being being stateless there. The Home Minister has denied that the abscondees would be allowed to return to Malaysia.

      So many clowns in DAP.


  15. Clown No.1 Anwar is more than a clown – he has become a cartoon character. Just read the following news headings of a leading, genuine news portal –

    Anwar may pull out of PKR race

    PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim may pull out of the PKR presidential race against his wife, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

    And for that news heading, here are the

    Related Stories

    Anwar may pull out of PKR race
    PKR polls: Anwar still up for president
    What kind of game is Anwar playing?
    Straight fight for PKR president’s post between husband and wife
    PKR to launch election machinery on March 8
    PKR polls: Anwar may pull out of presidential race, says Saifuddin


    • More than a clown, he is damn stupid. And why is DS Najib not saying so of the clown? He just uses the word “illogical” when criticizing a statement by the clown who claimed he could solve the mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in one second.

      I think TD Mahathir would have used the word “stupid” on Anwar. Hard-hitting, impactful and right to the point. It’s plainly so. Saying illogical gives the impression that Najib is lembik and no wonder he was given the Chinese tsunami. He should call a spade a spade, a seditious or subversive as seditious and subversive.

      And why is Bernama quoting and making a news report on a weak statement Najib made? They have nothing better to report? They have no sense of what can and cannot be exploited by the public to the detriment of the PM who Bernama, as the national news agency, are supposed to serve?

      Yes, report the facts – what happened, who said what, when, where etc. But have some imagination and political acumen, lah, find the substantive statements Najib makes, not those that make him look lembik.


  16. Such a damned piece of good news to read that Karpal Singh told AFP he received new court documents indicating prosecutors will push to increase the sentence by an unspecified level.

    “As Anwar is too old for whipping, they must feel five years is too light,” said Karpal. Good to say those, Karpal.

    Surendran, PKR vice president, called the case “a frontal assault” on democracy, denouncing the bid for an increased sentence as “selective, vicious and politically motivated”. Yes, frontal assault for a backside stab.

    In Malaysia, sodomy is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment. I want to see he gets a minimum of 10 years. This is a repeat offence, he should even be given 15 years.

    And I want the well experienced criminal lawyer Shafee to prosecute again.


  17. Here’s another piece of good news, this time regarding Clown No.5, Batu MP, Tian Chua. Police impound his handphone at a hotel in Petaling Jaya about 8pm last night for a probe on another sedition case.

    Kuala Lumpur CID deputy chief, Asst Comm Khairi Ahrasa today said the handphone belonging to the MP was impounded for an investigation under the Sedition Act. “Further information on the case will be disclosed in a media release later by the Public Affairs (division) of the Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent Headquarters”

    Good, investigate the often seditious fellow. Sentence him to prison some more. He has got one case heard already. Charge him and prosecute him on as many cases as there can be. We must not tolerate seditious fellows. Clown or no clown.


  18. Clown No I and his party PKR will both be clowning on support to PAS intention of implementing Hudud.

    Universiti Utara Malaysia political and international studies senior lecturer Shukri Shuib said, “PKR has not been consistent in its stand on hudud and it doesn’t look like it will compromise as it has its own direction.”

    On Monday, PKR secretary-general Saifuddin said PKR would make a stand only after Pas explained the mechanisms and effects of the law – the party had yet to be briefed by Pas and that the matter had not been discussed by the opposition pact’s presidential council.

    Political analyst Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani said PKR would play it safe by not taking sides on the issue.
    “I think PKR will keep silent and let this issue die down. We see that (Datuk Seri) Anwar (Ibrahim) is also playing it safe by distancing himself from making a statement.

    “If he doesn’t agree, Pas will see him as un-Islamic, and if he does agree, what are the Chinese and Indian DAP supporters going to say?”

    So, Anwar and PKR would just clown around on Hudud. Clowning includes keeping silent on a partner’s intention and hopes.


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