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Korupsi, Kolusi dan Nepotisme (KKN) – THE ANWAR WAY

The latest development on the Kajang by election is that Wan Azizah could be the next Menteri Besar of Selangor. With this news, the nepotism practised by Pakatan Rakyat is truly institutionalised.

Anwar Ibrahim cannot accuse anyone else of practising nepotism and cronyism because Pakatan Rakyat, that loose coalition of convenience led by him is riddled with blatant instances both practices.

Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang has a father who is the party leader of DAP. And now, we might have a Menteri Besar of Selangor whose husband is the party leader of PKR.

Perhaps, it is time all Pakatan Rakyat leaders from the top all the way to the bottom climb down their puny horse and admit that their coalition is much worse than Barisan Nasional. Worse, because they do not practise what they preach. Below is the list of cronyism and nepotism practised by Anwar Ibrahim since he was in power.


Written By Allan Chan

Anwar Ibrahim banyak bercerita tentang korupsi, kolusi dan nepotisme. Mungkin antara penyokong beliau, mereka sengaja tidak mahu lihat cacat cela kepada Anwar. Mungkin kerana mereka sendiri yang mendapat faedah daripada KKN Anwar. Dan sekarang, orang miskin dan orang biasa dikelabui oleh mereka-merekka yang mendapat faedah untuk menentang kerajaan yang telah memperkayakan mereka.

A good example is Anwar’s former private secretary Nasaruddin Jalil, who ran away to study law in Buckingham after he was implicated in a CBT case involving KUBB. Nasaruddin came back to become “vice-president of Mbf” – a politcal payoff by the Mbf group to Anwar, the finance minister. Nasaruddin became owner of an airline, was awarded the privatisation of the ambulance services (which charges the poor for services provided free previously by the Government), a finance company and many others.

Kamaruddin Jaafar – a research officer in the Prime Minister’s Department was made political secretary to Ghafar Baba on Anwar’s recommendations. Ghafar was in his own simple way too trusting. He brought in an enemy into the camp, little knowing that Anwar would one day use all information gathered by Kamaruddin to topple Ghafar as deputy prime minister. Betraying the trust of people is an Anwar trademark.

Kamaruddin was rewarded after leaving Ghafar. He became co-owner of listed company Yangtzekiang, later renamed Westmont. He became chairman and co-owner of many of Vincent Tan’s companies, receiving many privatisation projects, including Digicom, the cellular phone, the Linear City and others. Kamaruddin through his involvement with Charterfield, received six major contracts in the KLIA – a project chaired by Anwar Ibrahim. He became major shareholder in Kanzen after Anwar “persuaded” Chen Lip Keong to finance and guarantee the purchase of Kamaruddin’s shares. Kamaruddin became one of the richest Malays in Kuala Lumpur in six years from 1992 to 1998. In 1992, as political secretary to Ghafar, he earned a total of RM7,000 ringgit a month, including perks.

There are many others. The crude Ahmad Saad, Anwar’s deputy in the Permatang Pauh division. Since Anwar became finance minister, he did an MBO of Volvo’s Federal Auto Holdings. Ahmad Saad controls listed LBI Berhad.

Anwar’s secretary in the division – Ishak Ismail – controls Idris Hydraulics and Kentucky Fried Chicken. When the Lau brothers of Leong Hup Holdings tried to ouster Ishak in a boardroom battle, they were arrested by police. On whose instructions?

Anuar Othman of Kumpulan Pinang. The number of privatisation projects within Penang and the country that went to Kumpulan Pinang will astound Malaysians.

Sarit Jusoh, his former political secretary, who owns a piece of KFC.

Yusof Yusoh, or Yusof Perancis, his former private secretary, who has received licences for two Independent Power Plants in Sabah.

Azmin Ali, a private secretary to Anwar since he graduated in 1988. Living in a posh double story bungalow in Damansara Heights, chauffeur driven in a BMW – all on a salary of RM2,500 a month. Azmin’s wife, Shida. An executive director of Phileo Allied’s property divison. Paid RM20,000 a month by crony Tong Kooi Ong.

Nazeri Abdullah of MRCB. For being a close supporter, he became controlling shareholder in four listed companies – MRCB, NSTP, TV3 and Malakoff. Not to mention the numerous privatisations and IPPs he received.

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi – he was a staunch ABIM supporter from the early days. In five years – from 1993 after he quit his RM7,000 a month job as political secretary to Najib Tun Razak – controlled listed companies such as Kretam and Hexagon and became chairman of Bank Simpanan Nasional. His multi-million dollar house in Country Heights and his 10 luxury cars are an open secret.

Latiff Mirasa – from being private secretary to Farid Ariffin in the Health Ministry earning RM2200 in 1993, he became a very rich businessman in 1994. He used his money to challenge and defeat Farid for the head of the Bagan Umno division. Then Anwar made him an executive councillor in Penang after the 1995 general elections. But he quit two years later to concentrate on “his lucrative business”.

Ismail Munir – another ABIM man. Suddenly, he was awarded a RM 2 billion IPP project by Anwar. Another mega-rich friend overnight.

Salomon Salamat, a former political secretary. Overnight a shareholder in listed companies and a multi-milliionaire, barely months after leaving his RM7000 job as political secretary to Anwar Ibrahim.

Rahim Ghouse – a relative through marriage and Anwar’s divisional Youth leader. Suddenly a major shareholder in listed Abrar Corporation and its executive director. From no background in business to running a multi-million dollar corporation backed by Kuwaiti funds. It is no surprise Abrar is today on the verge of bankruptcy.

Tong Kooi Ong – a young stock-broker, a whizz-kid, who packaged the MRCB deal for Ahmad Nazeri Abdullah. He was given the Central Co-operative Bank, now Phileo Bank, and now controls three listed companies through Anwar’s largesse. All within a period of five years. Tong could threaten Securities Commission chief Munir Majid with impunity. With similar impunity, he refused to join the Malaysian Stockbrokers Association, the only non-member in the industry, because he had direct access to Anwar.

And then, the family.

Father-in-law Dato Wan Ismail – director and shareholder in many listed companies, including Stamford College.

His daughter Wan Fairuz, sister of Wan Azizah, received 2000 acres of land in Batu Berendam, Malacca. Her former occupation? Photographer of Bernama news agency, earning RM1200 a month.

Anwar’s sister, Farizun Ibrahim, a housewife, with no experience in business. A co-owner of the Gianfranco Ferre franchise together with his adopted brother, Sukma Dermawan.

His father, Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman. Chairman and substantial shareholder of IOI Berhad. Dato Ibrahim was awarded 50,000 hectares of state land for ranching by the Sabah Government over whom Anwar exercised tremendous influence. Received bumiputra share allocations in many listed companies.

His brother, Rani Ibrahim. Deputy head of Bagan Umno division. Deputy chairman of Olympia, a gambling company which obtained gambling liciences for Sabah from the Finance Ministry despite objections from the Sabah Government. Recipient of many bumi share issues.

Brother Marzuki Ibrahim. An operator of a petrol pump. Received licence to operate another two petrol pumps. Received bumi shares in listed FACB Berhad.

Brothers Idrus Ibrahim, a teacher, and Rosli Ibrahim, no known job, but driving in Mercedes Benzs and living upper middle-class lifestyles.

Anwar does not practise cronyism or corruption. Malaysians are being asked to believe that all those named above and many more whose names are not mentioned here but who, having been ordinary Malaysians like the rest of us, suddenly live the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Only because they knew Anwar and were his friends or relatives. What then is KKN?


22 thoughts on “Korupsi, Kolusi dan Nepotisme (KKN) – THE ANWAR WAY

  1. Anwar, O Anwar, why don’t you give up? Why be a menace to society, get yourself laughed at, ridiculed and frowned upon by right-thinking Malaysians.

    Whatever you accuse the BN, the Government, the Establishment of, you also can be accused of. JMD’s list up there is long – endless, many of your weaknesses and wrong doings not listed for lack of space. Hell, you have been accused of sodomy when others in BN, the Government and the Establishment have not. Twice brought to court – 6 years already spent in prison, another 5 years sentence has been given to you.

    Repent, man, repent. Ask God for help. Go to Mecca, pray in front of the Kaaba for God to forgive you, to show you the right way. Maybe God will tell you to go and teach in France, like you said you would.


    • Yes, Anwar KKN. On top of all those, he’s also Anwar SODOM.

      Crazy lah you, Anwar, already imprisoned for Sodomy I, did again Sodomy II, and why the hell you must shout about what you called “archaic laws” in Malaysia and called for freedom of LBGT? You want to main belakang and tell the world that you are the sodok kind ha?

      Let the gay blokes in US marry and publicize it – and now in UK also – but why must you want to publicize LBGT in Muslim-dominated Malaysia? Not just Muslims, the Catholic Christians also don’t allow main belakang, what. You want votes, you go to any extent to get them ha? Have some principles la.

      No end to this bloke’s wrong doings. Bit the hand that brought him up from the gutter, didn’t want to wait his turn (otherwise PM for 10 years already), corrupt, cronyism, nepotism and what have you, and sodomizing also. What kind of a human being is he. Yet want to be PM. Exploited those DAP and DAP kind who hate Malays, hate Muslims, and those who don’t like the government for one reason or another, caused further division among the Malays, worsen racial tension, etc, etc. Crazy fellow.


  2. anwar, enough is enough! As is there is already a long list of wrongdoings you need to answer to the Almighty. Just stop keep doing truants and repent. Now you are dragging your next to know nothing wife to become MB of Selangor. Your times and your wife’s are up …in fact as the saying goes …rumah kata pergi kubur kata mari so stop….stop….doing all the rubbish you’ve been doing. For once takutkan lah Allah kerana in the past nothing you have done showed it! Kembalilah ke pangkal jalan. There are millions of people fyi out there do not support you and you know you are up there because wrong people supporting you for their gains.


  3. Anwar, we all are so tired of gossiping about you. You’re a real nightmare to all of us. For once, please do us a favour by retiring(for good) and spending time with your cucu (especially the one in the USA). With you gone, there’s a good chance that peace will eventually prevail in this beloved country of ours that you are working so hard to malu and porak-perandakan.


  4. Muga Allah cucuri rahmat buat Anwar, Wan Azizah, dan semua Rakyat Malaysia. Kupohon Allah tunjukkan kebenaran, biar aman Malaysia ….


    • Saya pun sayangkan Malaysia. Tapi tak mahu Allah cucuri rahmat kpd Anwar dan Wan Azizah serta anaknya Nurul Izzah yang mengarut kata orang Melayu boleh pilih agama.

      Saya do’akan Allah cucuri rahmat kpd rakyat Malaysia yang ikhlas dan jujur, tak cuba porak perandakan perpaduan negara ini dan do’akan negara ini aman. Anwar punca besar pemecahan perpaduan bangsa Melayu dan negara Malaysia.


  5. The Pakatan leaders never use the term “nepotism and cronyism” these days to condemn BN. They only use “cronyism” but conveniently leave out “nepotism” coz they are the master culprits of the latter. Lim Kit Siang did so in one of his most recent articles.

    These Pakatans are blardy hypocrite!


    • The irony is that even if they are just using ‘cronyism’ these days, they are still lying to their hopeless supporters. Pakatan leaders don’t practice cronyism? Sure. I bet cows can fly, too, in lalaland.


  6. JMD,

    Thanks for putting out the Allan Chan article. I never knew the extent of his cronyism and nepotism. Jahanam lah negara if he is allowed to lead this country. Cakap tak serupa bikin, lidah bercabang bloke. Like all Opposition buggers are. That DAP MP bugger who said that Pakatan Rakyat would have found MH370 if given the same resources is now reported to be eating his words – the news media reported him withdrawing what he said the other day. Utter nonsense of a fellow.

    I often wonder what a life Anwar and his family has. Suffering and tortured Wan Azizah – she must have suffered the humiliation of the husband’s erratic behaviour for decades. She doesn’t sound and doesn’t look like the firebrand, politically committed soul to have taken Anwar’s antics in their stride. She looks so feeble, meek and wifely that she evokes pity each time Anwar breaks the news, sodomizing, China Dolling whatever. But because she also appears as having no principles and no scruples, no pity may be given. She appears a political animal, and animal she must be regarded as.

    Daughter Nurul Izzah – pages can be written about this SOB who says Malays can choose religion. One article “NURUL IZZAH: TO RIDE A BUCKING HORSE” says “Nurul has when convenient, allowed her party to vilify everyone ranging from the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the former Chief Justice, the courts, parliament, the wife of the serving prime minster and anyone without the capacity to properly respond to the scurrilous and often manufactured, nasty, unfounded allegations of improper conduct, murder, bribery and corruption by her party and its supporters.” –

    Anwar and family is a joke, a farce, unprincipled and without scruples, riding on the anti-Establishment sentiments of people worked up and instigated by the Communist-inspired, leftist-minded, uncouth, unlettered, also unprincipled and unscrupulous ultra kiasu DAP blokes.


    • Anwar is at his wit’s end. Known as KKN for a long time already but now more and more details are given out, more curses are being heaped at him and family, 5 years prison sentence hanging on his neck, the “Kajang Move” gone awry, Sarawak PRK landslide victory for BN against the PKR candidate, CM TS Adenan saying “it’s the beginning of the end of PKR in Sarawak”, even Mukah town voters deserted the DAP/PKR team, all sorts of problems in PKR Selangor and the party elections facing all sorts of strange developments.

      But what’s more interesting is the opinion that “It’s all about running Azmin Ali out” –

      The contest for the PKR presidency is seen as a ploy to stop deputy president Azmin Ali from vying for the post. Party members expect Anwar to pull out, enabling Wan Azizah to be returned unopposed.

      In spite of Wan Azizah’s well-known clashes with Azmin, an Anwar protege and loyalist, the husband and wife have always backed each other up politically. When Anwar was barred from contesting in the Kajang by-election, Wan Azizah stood in his place. She was party president when he was in jail and won the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat but resigned to make way for Anwar in 2008.

      Azmin, who is Gombak MP and Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman, and expected by some to possibly try the Presidency post, arrived an hour before nominations closed at 5 pm.

      “I had a long discussion with Anwar before we finally decided that I defend my post of deputy president,” he told reporters. He declined to confirm or deny speculation that he had originally intended to run for president. “Well, that is history. What I have decided I have put in my nomination papers,” he said.

      Looks like Azizah was not sure if Azmin would not submit nominations for the Presidency. So she also had hers submitted. And Anwar? At his wit’s end, he just let it be. After all nepotism means it’s all in the family.

      Pity for Azmin Ali, anyone?


    • Let’s make this simple: Wan Azizah deserves whatever shit she gets because she consented to being the dumb bitch for hubby. Isteri mithali? My ass. Islam has clear restrictions on when it is haraam for a wife to do what her husband bids her to do. She crossed the line, she suffers God’s wrath just like another human. Crying Makcik ain’t no saint, have no illusions about that.


  7. Wan Azizah the next Menteri Besar of Selangor? Teruk lah kita. She might renege on the MoU regarding water that Khalid has signed with the Federal gomen. Anwar will tell her to do so. Tarak principle, tarak scruple fellow. Selalu tak mandi lagi ler kita asyik tak habis habis takda air di Selangor.

    But she is contesting the PKR President post against hubby Anugerah Tuhan Anwar. What happened? Her nomination was submitted last minute and announced after nomination closed at 5 pm. The short statement she issued in BM after that was not convincing at all. Even no logic. Said she did so “on advice by some members”. No mention that she had consulted Anugerah Tuhan hubby.

    Sudah gaduh with Anwar ka? Anwar could be PKR President uncontested. Showing his popularity. Now he is being pitted against the wife. May show the wife more popular? What does it matter when he is going into prison as soon as his Sodomy 2nd appeal is heard – not likely he’ll win, is it? They’ll continue using Shafee as DPP. Not that kind of DPP who lost the first case, then showed up in court defending Anwar in another case not long after that.

    Maybe she and/or “advisers” read JMD’s post above and want to show no corruption, cronyism and nepotism?


    • Wan Azizah said her decision to defend her PKR presidency was to counter the danger posed by Umno – “efforts are underway to deny Anwar his democratic right to contest the party’s presidency, especially after the Court of Appeal’s overturned his acquittal of his second sodomy charge”. What efforts?

      The Deputy President post has 6 candidates including one unknown PKR member – that one planted by UMNO? The Vice President post has 23 candidates – many are planted by UMNO? Or is it that PKR is now lintang pukang, Anwar no longer able to control PKR members, so many factions, so much infighting, Khalid-Azmin, Azmin-Wan Azizah, Khalid-Rafizi/Anwar strategy team, etc?

      What logic is that saying that Anwar was not even allowed to complete the so-called “Kajang move” due to his conviction and subsequent five-year jail sentence, and he stands for PKR President post but she contests him? Has she gone bonkers or is this another unexplained “strategy” cooked up by the PKR Strategy Director Rafizi, like he did the “Kajang Move” that was disastrous.


  8. Anwar’s cronyism and nepotism knows no bounds.

    According to the Malay Mail Online, Karpal said he has no choice but to vacate his party posts as the law states clearly that he cannot continue to hold any party posts until and unless his conviction is either set aside or his fine reduced to below RM2,000, to legally qualify as an office bearer under the Societies Act.

    So, why is Anwar filing nominations for the PKR President’s post? Strategy or not strategy to stop Azmin Ali standing as President, the very fact that he had his nominations filed shows the unruly nature of the man. Kamon man, Karpal is your lawyer for ages, surely he had advised you about the law disallowing a convicted person from holding party posts pending appeal?

    No muka, no integrity, no principle?


  9. Apa kisah nya kroni Anwar si Aziz Bari yang dulu mengajar di UIA? Yang derapkan pindaan Perlembagaan Negrei Selangor tapi tak dapat di laksanakan. Bukan main ampu si Nurul Izzah, mengata ada potensi menjadi PM Malaysia, konon nya. Nurul yang kata orang Mlayu boleh pilih agama. Kupra worak dia.

    Si Aziz tak dapat kerusi bertanding di PRU13 kan? Terumbang ambing ke dia sekarang? Apasal tak ada keluar berita?

    Ingat lah: Jangan menunjukkan pandai tak tentu arah hala ke lain. Berteraburan le kamu akibat nya. Bukan Anwar nak tolong kamu. Dia sendiri nak minta tolong tak dapat, dah kena hukum penjara 5 tahun.

    Bertempiaran dia, jadi bingung nak tanding jadi Presiden PKR lawan isterinya. Pada hal loyar dia Karpal Singh ada kata bahawa yang di hukum dek Mahkamah saperti dia tak boleh pegang jawatan di mana mana pertubuhan, walau pun hukuman dia hanya denda RM4,000. Apa tah lagi si Anwar di hukum penjara 5 tahun.


  10. It doea not matter if the corrupt cat is black or white. Both must be decimated. And that means including the morons in the garmement.
    Next month, kedah state gahmen will hold a meeting for its state civil service in sydney! Now why would they want to do that? Unless of course to buy loyalty to the MB. Isn’t this a form of corruption? Wasting state money for unnecessary expenditure? Shouldn’t they employ top notch city planners to turn alor setar into another sydney instead? This will be impossible because the mentality is very far away from that of a sydneysider.


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  12. Aku tak mahu di perintah oleh parti parti yang ada KKN Anwar penuh korupsi
    Aku tak rela dia ada apa apa bahagian pun dalam pemerintahan negara ini
    Aku do’akan dia cepat di hapusi
    Apa cara pun termasuk di songket babi hingga tak sedar diri
    Babi DAP, babi hutan, mahu pun babi dalam Pakatan Rakyat sendiri

    Sudah nyata dia tak berperinsip tak semenggah dan sentiasa serong memandang
    Parti dia PKR pun sekarang sudah tunggang langgang
    Berbagai puak bertelingkah, menyondol dan berperang
    Laki bini bertanding jawatan Presiden, 5 orang pengikut tegarnya Azmin Ali nak di guling
    Aku harap partinya karam dan tenggelam hingga mata mereka semua juling


  13. Siapa masih lagi simpan keratan akhbar yang senaraikan semua org yg dapat something daripada kekuasaan Anwar sebagai TPM dulu. Senarai tu dikeluarkan atas arahan Tun Dr. Mahathir menjawab serangan Zahid hamidi (masa tu balaci Anwar) tentang kroni / nepotisme yg konon dilakukan oleh TUn Dr. Mahathir


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