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Anwar Ibrahim is using #MH370 pilot as his chess piece

What can we say about Anwar Ibrahim?

He had recently announced that Malaysian government is accusing the captain of the missing #MH370 flight as a potential hijacker.

This act which can only be described as an utterly vulgar political misinformation and distortion of facts, is a genuine act of desperation befitting someone who is grasping for any political mileage.

To make matters worse, CNN is now a party to it.

What he just did, not only unfair to the running investigation, but also disrespectful to the family members of the pilot,  Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (53). Anwar Ibrahim had just used this unfortunate event and the unlucky pilot as one of his political chess pieces to further his sadistic agenda.

There is no realm outside the realm of profanity can best describe this latest manoeuvre of his. “Despicable”, “rotten”, “shameful” could not capture the very essence of what he had just did.

In the interview linked below, Anwar Ibrahim asserted his disinformation efforts by saying it is unfair for the Government to say that the pilot would commit such a thing (hijacking) without any investigation.

That was pure lie. In every press conference, we were told that investigations are being made by the authorities and all sundry know that the government have not suspected anyone. They are investigating all credible leads and all passengers and crew members are subjected to thorough investigation. No witch hunt, no finger pointing.

But Anwar Ibrahim thinks that everything is all about him.

He is saying that the government is attacking him about his connection with the pilot just to cover up the ‘incompetence and failure’ in handling the crisis. So far, in all the PCs involved, nobody from the authorities had attacked him. His name was never mentioned.

The CNN reporter failed to raise the issue that the speculation was first brought up by a UK tabloid. In fact, the reporter stupidly asked Anwar Ibrahim why did the government throw this kind of narrative to the public when in the first place, the government of Malaysia is not doing that at all.

Is CNN employing run of the mill reporters these days? Must be. Since they could swallow whatever Anwar Ibrahim is pushing down their throats with glee. If they want to contact the government, they should just get the facts from the press conference directly.


The Daily Mail article

But CNN is acting like a below average news network – not doing its research and homework. The speculation that the missing pilot could have a political motive was hatched by a UK tabloid called the Daily Mail. In that said article which was actually filled with speculation, conjectures, unverified information from unnamed sources, Daily Mail had alluded that the pilot could have hijacked the plane.

This story is the basis of rumours which is then used by Anwar Ibrahim to make a wild allegations towards the government. And of course we have The Star and all their stupid editors lapping up the conspiracy theory by republishing the story for Malaysians to read.

The fact is, all aspects of the missing flight are currently being investigated.

Anwar Ibrahim must stop being delusional and paranoid. We think he is losing the plot. All megalomaniacs will suffer this kind of downfall in credibility. He must admit that in this particular crisis, he is not relevant. What kind of input can he provide to help find the missing aircraft?

Like the wise saying goes – “if you have nothing good to say, better not say anything at all”.

26 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim is using #MH370 pilot as his chess piece

  1. CNN? They are not to be trusted. I don’t watch CNN ‘cos I know that they are biased. Of course they will project Anwar as legit and holy ‘cos they are in the same cahoots.


    • Call me racist whatever, but I don’t like Jews – the Middle Eastern or Far Eastern varieties. They have a desire to weaken Muslim-led governments of the world, and of Malaysia. And I don’t like Anwar either, for being in cahout with them.

      Googling it didn’t show that Ted Turner, the owner of CNN, being Jewish. The respectable British newspaper, the Guardian, even reported:

      CNN chief accuses Israel of terror | The Guardian

      Jun 18, 2002 – Ted Turner, the billionaire founder of CNN, accuses Israel today of terror … decline in the news network’s already poor relations with the Jewish state.

      But CNN CEO, Jeff Zucker, is a Jew. And many of CNN staff are Jews – Larry King, John King, Wolf Blitzer, Tom Foreman, etc. One article even has the term “Real Jew News” –‎

      And this news heading says

      Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner OWN most media, and Neither is …‎
      Mar 15, 2011 –
      So when you say Jews run all media, either you can grasp that or you can’t. … Walter Issacson is the News Director of CNN which also has Wolf Blitzer … both are Jews.

      And another article talks about CNN’s new Jewish CEO Jeff Zucker and “How CNN was Taken Over by the Neocons and Zionists –…/216504-How-CNN-was-Taken-Over-by-the-Neocons-an…‎

      That’s why Anwarul Al Juburi befriended the Neocons, Jews and Zionists of the Israeli Lobby in the US who funded the NGOs assisting him to weaken the Muslim-led government in Malaysia. Damn.


      • Why you hate jews so much. They did nothing to hurt you nor the malays.this anti jewish thing propagated by arabs because the lost palestine. A long time ago, arabs treated jews like a human being.the only place jews can seek refuge were in arab controlled territories. Otherwise there were living with jews with no problems. This was created because european jews wanted a sanctuary where they do not have to depend on anyone else and chased the arabs out.


        • Good that you asked, not wildly accuse, tempawan. And since you asked rather politely, I’ll give you my views politely, too.

          The man has given the answer, right in his 1st paragraph – “They have a desire to weaken Muslim-led governments of the world, and of Malaysia. And I don’t like Anwar either, for being in cahout with them.”

          Now, on why many Muslims dislike the Jews –

          1. The Jews and the Arabs originally belong to the same family – they were cousins, in fact. The Arabs stayed where they were, the cousins left wandering elsewhere. They found the religion, Judaism, but they were so selfish (kedekut in BM) that they didn’t want to share it with the cousins or others. Until now, they don’t even want to talk about their God, Yhwh or Yahweh, and their missionary activities have been more of preventing their people leaving the religion due to inter-marriage, enlightenment etc – not keen at getting others to join Judaism, unlike the Christians. This was said by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the Greek History Lecturer, who wrote hundreds of pages of commentary in his Translation, Interpretation and Commentary of the Qur’an, published by Amana Corporation, USA.

          2. The Jews were at one time successful in ancient Egypt, even managed to become Pharaohs thousands of years ago, but the dynasty got chased out because of their utter selfishness, misrule etc. They migrated to Europe, started the thing called “usuary”, lending money at huge interest rates, something like the Ah Longs of Malaysia, no compassion or pity to those who could not repay the loans. They were hated in Europe etc, British playwright William Shakespeare even wrote a play, “Merchant of Venice”, about the Jew who went to Court demanding a pound of flesh of the fellow who could not repay his loan.

          3. Hitler killed very many of them, the Jews claimed 6 million of them were killed in the gas chamber etc, the Iranians said it was only a propaganda claim, intended to gain sympathy from the Americans, British and others after World War II, when they migrated to Palestine in big numbers and unilaterally declared independence, first recognized by the Americans, then the British and others. They simply took land belonging to the Palestinians. Having got Israel, they built more settlements in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that they occupied after the Arab-Israeli War in 1967. Presumably they want parts of those Palestinian land declared as theirs when the Palestinian State is formally established by the world body, the United Nation.

          4. The Zionists (the politically nasty Jews) in Israel have always been plotting to weaken the Muslim governments of the world but the Palestinians and other Arabs have from time to time all these years been firing missiles into Israel from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria etc, and the life of the Jews there have never been peaceful, always feeling insecure, not knowing if and when the next missile will fall in their front yard.

          5. They were very scared when Pakistan, a Muslim country, succeeded in building nuclear weapons. They have been trying to prevent others from doing so, they must have a big part in getting western powers to stop Iran from having nuclear capability. But iran will be a nuclear power one day and the Zionists will shiver some more unless they behave themselves.


  2. Actually they should put Dr M behind bars for inviting anwar into UMNO. But cannot blame Dr M also. He has no confidence in the malays people. He even wrote this down in his book ” malay dilemma”. Malays dna is sub prime he said.
    Anwar on the other hand, just like musa hitam, has 50% non malay dna. Just like badawi also.


    • And you a Jew of the East? Running down the Malays, eh? Making wild allegations like the usual Oppo hippos, eh?

      Have you read the comment about your origins in China? Let me know if you want a reminder.


        • Where have you heard this, tempawan? I’ve never heard that in my entire life.

          You Chinese? Deflecting to the Indians the accusation that the “ultra kiasu” Chinese are “the Jews of the East”?


  3. And this anwar chap don’t even realise he is related to the pilot. Pilot from penang free school. The same school that produced slimes that lead to sime darby buying E&O shares at inflated rates.


    • Your 1st sentence I agree. Your 2nd sentence I don’t mind. Your 3rd sentence I deplore.

      No proof of “slimes” and “inflated prices”, eh? Talking thru your ….


  4. “In the interview linked below, Anwar Ibrahim asserted his disinformation efforts by saying it is unfair for the Government to say that the pilot would commit such a thing (hijacking) without any investigation.”

    Well that’s exactly what the police are doing – i.e. an investigation.

    I saw a video about a CNN reporter, an Asian with a western accent, asking police in an accusing tone, as they were leaving the captain’s home after removing some materials. The police refused to comment.

    To me, this is just a regular police investigation and and any information unearthed could help in better understanding what could have happened or perhaps nothing.

    However, as it turned out, evidence of the pilot’s interest in airfields in that part of the Indian Ocean have been found in the simulator with data records deleted,something which investegators, including from the FBI find rather suspicious, since it’s not normally done, unless the pilot had something to hide.

    However, that still is not enough to accuse the captain of any wrong doing but is just a lead, which is being investigated further, as experts try to recover the deleted data to see what it could reveal.

    What I would like to know is what other simulated airfields were on the flight simulators, since if there were others in different parts of the world as well, then the presence of simulated airfields in the region in question would be less significant and perhaps just part of a flight simulation enthusiast’s collection.

    However, the way the CNN reporter was questioning the police seemed to me more like they were interrogating the police as if they were doing something repressive, when they only going about their job to help find answers as to what happened and where the plane could be and perhaps even save the lives of its passengers and crew, even at this late date after the incident.

    The different responses to this incident involving MH370 and 239 souls, including that of Anwar, his party members, pro-opposition media and some opposition supporters has laid bare what really goes on in their hearts and minds.

    Thank you very much for exposing your true disgusting selves.


  5. Has any one noticed that Anwar has been balding fast since the 5 years’ prison term sentencing? The polite words are “forehead receding”, but why should I be polite to a bloke I regard as a traitor to race and country, and can prove those. Especially in the CNN interview by the roadside yesterday – looking thin, sickly, “lean and hungry” like Cassius who stabbed the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, as described by the famous British playwright William Shakespeare.

    All sorts of things gone awry for him – the jail sentence, the so-called Kajang Move, MB Khalid not willing to resign, even his daughter Nurul wanting a divorce and not yet resolved. He might even fall dead of heart attack, whatever. Call it my hopeful thinking, I don’t mind.

    Now, where in the world would you find a bloke who is prepared to sell his race and country for the sake of becoming PM. Yet, if the had waited his turn, he would have become PM 10 years already, starting from the date Tun Dr Mahathir relinquished the position.

    Now, forlorn and desperate, he’d go to any extent to try and recover lost ground. In the process, latah, too. Or deliberately lying. At first he denied knowing the MH370 pilot who was being investigated for culpability in the airplane disappearance. Then admitted that he knew the pilot who is related to his family – his son in law’s relative or something.


  6. after being side line by the major local regional media and world media since his court verdict which also coincide with the MH370 incident Anwar sneak his way into the limelight, with the help of CNN and Dam Limy (daily mail)


  7. I have been surfing the news locally and from the US and UK medias and forums since the disappearance of MH370. I have discovered that a lot of the criticisms on the handling of the investigations, on the forums and media reports were coming from Malaysians. I have issues with some of the decisions and transformations and whatnots that the BN govt does, but i would not go to the extent of saying that all is bad. And in the handling of the MH370 loss, to be fair, I do believe that the govt is doing their best with what very little information that they have and the resources that we have. And they have been very protective of the crew and passenhers. Just look at the PC and see how the media is pushing for some conclusive views on the pilots and how Hisham has refused to engage in speculations. That to me makes him a stand-up guy.


    • Agree with you that a lot of the criticisms on the handling of the investigations, on the forums and media reports were coming from Malaysians – from the pro-Oppo newspapers and the so-called news portals.

      The Establishment has not got good pro-Government newspapers and not known to have the so-called news portals, not many even respectable blogs. Heck, New Straits Times, after being raped and sodomized by a former Tun Dol henchman who was angry that the Registration Dept did not allow his daughter be registered as a Malay, now has a management and staff that employ fellows who can’t even write English well, let alone wholesome reports that don’t leave readers askance, e.g not providing background to the news they publish. The Malay Mail was bought by pro-Opposition interests last year or so, and the report on Syed Mokhtar Bukhari buying that paper has not become a reality.

      Until and unless the Government takes meaningful action on the “news portals” that the Minister of Information said his Ministry was considering upon his assuming duties several moths ago, like was done by Singapore, we will continue to face the same problems. And Anwarul Al Juburi will continue to get good coverage, to the detriment of Najib’s image.

      Najib wants to appear liberal. Repealed the detention-without-trial Internal Security Act, the Emergency and the Restricted Residence Act, etc. When Najib is scolded, the SAR shouted at, the Government ridiculed and so on, we have to grin and bear it. And can only whack the miscreants here and there. And whack we shall do.


      • And where is the Ministry of Information, the Department of Information that is usually staffed by scores of Officers some even posted to Malaysian Embassies overseas, and the national news agency, Bernama, in all these?

        What are they doing in trying to correct the false impressions of nothing or not being enough done, of projecting and drumming into the minds of the blokes concerned that only information that has been verified and corroborated could be released, that the SAR authorities simply cannot entertain, promote or condone speculation of any sort?


  8. Obama might have wanted to avoid touching the sensitivity of the Malaysians and Chinese nationals by keeping quiet, only letting US agencies provide assistance in the search process. Only now, In his first on camera comments, he came out saying

    ” ..the search for the missing Malaysian airliner was a “top priority” for the United States and offered every possible resource – including the FBI.

    “We have put every resource that we have available at the disposal of the search process,” he said. “There has been close cooperation with the Malaysian government.”

    Hope Anwar doesn’t feel bad that DS Najib gets the full support of the US in this.


  9. JMD

    Untuk menjawab soalan JMD apa yang boleh dikata mengenai Anwar Ibrahim, banyak kata nama boleh digunakan tapi saya takut kena saman sekiranya beliau baca blog JMD.

    Diatas tuduhan beliau menuduh bahawa kerajaan PM Najib tidak berkemampuan untuk menangani krisis MH370 adalah langsong tidak berasas. Saya ingin bentangkan dua fakta berikut:-

    1. Apabila operasi mencari dan menyelamat digerakkan PM Najib dan juga DSHishammuddin telah menekan bahawa keutamaan mencari pesawat yang hilang mengatasi keselamatan negara.
    Bayangkan ketua negara mana yang mampu berbuat demikian semata-mata atas dasar perikemanusian rela berkongsi data keselamatan bertujuan membantu mencari pesawat .
    Bolehkah Anwar Ibrahim berbuat demikian sekiranya beliau mengetuai pencarian ini?

    2. Sebagai ketua negara PM Najib telah menunjukkan keinsafan atas teguran-teguran bahawa beliau pergi bercuti hujung tahun ketika negara dilanda banjir dan hampir darurat. Ekoran ini beliau telah meletakkan keutamaan mencari pesawat paling atas dan MEMBATALKAN lawatan beliau ke Mauritius dan seterusnya ke UAE dan Qatar.
    Adakah Anwar Ibrahim sanggup MEMBATALKAN tujuan PKR untuk bertanding dalam PRK DUN 25 kerana hendak memberi sokongan dan bantuan kepada pencarian MH370 dalam apa jua segi?
    (NB: Kejadian kehilangan pesawat 8 Mac, penamaan calon 11 Mac. Beliau mempunyai cukup masa untuk berfikir.)

    3. Fakta dua diatas cukup kuat untuk membezakan siapa yang penuh bertanggongjawab dan dedikasi sebagai seorang pemimpin disaat-saat krisis melanda negara.

    Akhir kalam sudah menjadi lazim pihak pembangkang tidak menghargai segala pengorbanan anggota keselamatan,pemimpin negara dan rakyat amnya yang turut membantu didalam apa jua krisis yang berlaku di negara ini. Ada saja lawak jenaka dan tomahan yang dilemparkan. Perilaku ini samalah dengan pihak media asing yang hanya mencari kelemahan dan kesalahan pemerintah apabila kita menghadapi krisis besar.

    Ada disebut dalam Al-Quran Surah Al-Jathiyah ayat 19: diantaranya …SESUNGGUHNYA ORANG YANG ZALIM ITU SEBAHAGIANNYA MENJADI PENOLONG DAN PENYOKONG SEBAHAGIAN YANG LAIN (dalam perkara yang batil)…..

    Secara rengkas jika kita mengamati pula peribahasa inggeris ..”Birds of a feather flock together”… dimana jelas kelihatan perhubungan antara CNN dan pihak media barat yang lain yang turut membantu Anwar dalam memburuk-burukkan kepimpinan negara Malaysia.
    Waullah hu’alam.


  10. In the CNN interview on Wednesday, the PKR de facto leader also defended the flight’s captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, whom he said had met on several occasions.

    This was reported by no less than his pro-Platan Malaysia kini –

    Yet at first he said he did not know the flight captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah. Whatever suited his convenience and moods.

    O Lord, please save us from this kind of crooks and liars.


  11. Ni lah p****** munafik paling gila kat kuasa kat Malaysia ni. mampos lagi baikla nuwar … kau bapak kau, mak kau bini kau anak beranak kau semua p******* sial babi tahap gaban.


  12. One day Mulla Nasrudin was in the market and saw birds for sale at five hundred reals each. “My bird,” he thought, “which is larger than any of these is worth far more.” The next day, he took his pet hen to market. But no one he asked would offer him more than fifty reals for it. So the Mulla raised his voice:
    “O people! This is a disgrace! Yesterday you were selling birds only half this size at ten times the price.”

    Someone interrupted him: “Nasrudin, those parrots are talking birds. They are worth much more because they talk.” “Fool!” said Nasrudin; “you value those birds only because they can talk? This one, which has wonderful thoughts, yet does not annoy people with mindless chatter, you reject!”

    Slick-talking politicians, just like talkative parrots, may be irrational in their utterances; but the parrot at least is not subject to megalomania and probably does not have a faggot habit.


    • I like the word faggot. Though I’m not sure it’s meaning.

      Anwar has been called Al Juburi not for nothing. His fellow Pakatoon colleague called him that – Mat Sabun. The Mat fellow was the one who first used the title for Anwar. It’s on record, no denying that, so many people have said so also.

      And Anwar was jailed 6 years for Sodomy I. Now sentenced 5 years for Sodomy II. That Al Juburi title is for life.

      But Mat Sabun is also another character. He said in Shah Alam 1-2 weeks ago that he is facing a total of seven court charges not yet heard. And they have not even arrested and charged him for saying communist terrorist Mat Indera of burning Balai Polis Bukit Kepong fame a national hero. No wonder he lost in his MP seat contest at PRU13.

      My worry is that Kajang voters make the mistake of voting Wan Azizah to day. O God, please don’t let them do so. We rakyat suffer if they do. She is an accomplice to so many bad deeds. Including Anwar’s sodomy and China Doll denial. Part of the conspiracy to topple Khalid Ibrahim. A lot of in-fighting in PKR that she is President of. How to rule Selangor properly like that. We will have water problem endlessly. Gua sudah tak mandi 2 hari. O God, please help.


  13. What can we say about Anwar Ibrahim?

    Wow, hell of a lot, Sir. Adverse ones. I can’t think of anything good about the man.

    Beginning from his homosexualism. OK in school MCKK maybe it’s the boyish thing, cocooned in boys-only hostel, getting randy at puberty and beyond, shove his sword at anything that moved maybe. But right to the stage of an old man – hell, he’s 66 years old now still doing it. Yes, now in US the homos even marry each other, but hell, this is Malaysia, man. And calling Malaysia having archaic laws and so on – just to justify his main belakang tendencies.

    And bloody hell (excuse the too many hell, JMD, but must drive home the point emphatically) – this is a Muslim country, Islam is “the religion of the Federation”, clearly spelled out as Article 3 of the Constitution. And he was a Minister, even a Deputy Prime Minister before, for crying out loud. Surely he has utterly no principle and no scruple when he just ignores all those. And caught sodomizing not once, spent 6 years in prison, but did it again and has just got another sentence – 5 years in prison. What a bastak of a man like that.

    And because of that kind of attitude, his daughter has also been what many Malays call kurang ajar, saying Malays can choose religion. How not to kurang ajar when the father tak ajar the principles and the laws of Islam as practised in this country.

    I say, there us such a lot more to say against the hell of a bloke Anwar, but I’d better take my tea and rest a bit now.


  14. I tell you, it’s much much more than just the lying about his relationship with the MH370 pilot, I think the man may even be going bonkers – crazy, psychotic.

    Blogger Just Read has pointed out that the man asked DS Ahmad Zahid to resign as Defence Minister, as reported by the Malay Mail, when Ahmad Zaid is now Home Minister and DS Hishamuddin is the Defence Minister.

    The man may have so many things falling on his head at about the same time – 5 years prison term for Sodomy II (he was very scared about going to prison again after serving the 6 years of Sodomy I sentence), then his lawyer Karpal Singh was also found guilty of sedition – both of them will lose their MP status. And his grand but-not-so-clever scheme of becoming MB Selangor, touted as being near to Putrajaya, did not work out. Not only he could not stand as PRK Kajang candidate, Khalid was also adamant in not willing to resign from the post. Now the Khalid-Rafizi/Anwar grudges have been boiling under the surface, the Khalid-Azmin Ali enmity been exploding in the mass media from time to time, the Khalid-Wan Azizah suspicions may even lead to Khalid trying for PKR President’s post at the coming party elections. Not possible? Let’s see.

    And even his daughter Nurul Izzah is not helping by having her divorce case reach court producing unwarranted publicity at about the same time, too. He must have cursed his own stupidity for not waiting for his turn, otherwise he would have been PM for 10 years already. The man has gone thin as a rake, looking much older than 66, has been at his wits end on how to delay his going to prison until … until he becomes PM in absentia, perhaps?

    Gawd, no pity on the devil. He has been the single most divisive factor in the entire country, splitting the Malay community, his somewhat psychotic rantings, wild accusations and irresponsible statements encouraging further racial tension in the country. I don’t mind if he disappears to morrow but I’ll continue to pray for the missing MH370.


  15. Now that PM Najib has announced MH370 ended in the Indian Ocean and no survivors, I suspect the Anwar Al Juburi will korek here, korek there, instigate everybody affected to come out hitting the Malaysian government for not handling the flight disappearance as well as he claimed he would have done.

    To pre-empt that (not that anyone except the Police can – he even sodomized again after spending 6 years in prison for Sodomy I), he needs to be reminded that a total of 26 countries have participated in the S&R efforts, and the relevant experts, which include from US, UK etc, agree with the approach taken by the Investigating Team.

    Heck, even the often critical Air Asia boss Tony Fernandez praised Hishamuddin, who is i/c of the S&R as Acting Minister of Transport. But nooooo, the main belakang fellow got nyanyok, even called for Home Minister Ahmad Zaid to resign from the post of Minister of Defence which has been taken over by Hishamuddin – so said a report in the Malay Mail. Jahanam negara if he gets to lead.

    He is a no good fler that main belakang SOG. They should not have allowed bail for him so that he goes into prison pronto and not create any more nuisance.


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