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A guide on what not to do during the #MH370 crisis

There are so many speculations on the recent crisis pertaining flight MH370 which could distract and hamper the search and rescue activities currently underway in the South China Seas.

Fortunately, the management of this crisis has been handled very well by Malaysia Airlines and the relevant authorities. With the Department of Civil Aviation taking charge of the search and rescue missions, it is commendable on the part of the agencies involved to remain professional in their duties.

The management of the crisis could have gone either way and it is a mark of true professionalism that Malaysia Airlines so far is on the dot in the proper procedures in handling this serious incident. Below is an article from the Business Insider which could have been taken as a case study on what not to do during an aviation crisis.

Asiana Airlines Needs Serious Help With Crisis Management

As the FAA and NTSB continue to investigate the July 6th accident in which 3 were killed and 182 were injured at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), crisis management experts are scratching their heads at the perplexing response of Asiana Airlines.

Crisis Management protocols

When there is a crisis, the proper procedure is for PR-savvy company representatives to talk with the public through the media to reassure them that everything is being done to investigate the cause and insure the safety of the airline and the wellbeing of its passengers.

The idea is to get ahead of the story and make current and future customers as comfortable as possible in doing business with the Airline. As Korea’s second biggest airline, Asiana needs to make every effort to take care of its passengers and protect its reputation while allaying the fears of the flying public.

Asiana’s response

Asiana, however, has done the opposite of what crisis management protocols suggest. With the exception of a brief apology to victims and families a day after the crash, Asiana has been largely silent. When CEO Yoon Young-doo arrived at SFO airport 3 days after the accident, he declined to comment. Even more surprising, the airline did not have a trained public relations representative accompany the CEO to address the media either. The following day, six of twelve flight attendants appeared at a news conference, but none of them said a word, and some hid their faces. It appears they don’t know that when you are silent, many in the public think you are hiding something. While lawyers often recommend you don’t talk, marketers know that silence is the opposite of what a company faced with such a crisis should do.

Attempt to silence passengers

What’s even worse is the Airline has instructed passengers not to talk with anyone. On Wednesday, CBS This Morning featured a story about the Xu family who told reporter Carter Evans in an interview he taped on his iPhone that the Airline controlled nearly every aspect of their lives and told them not to speak with the media. In fact, when the reporter arrived at their hotel, airline security tried to prevent him from speaking with the family. Since these efforts to stifle the media appeared on camera on a major news broadcast, they supported what the Xu family was saying and raised further suspicions about Asiana.

Pointing fingers

Even though the pilots involved in the crash were novices landing and supervising the landing of a Boeing 777 at SFO, they pointed the finger at the automatic speed controls of the plane. According to the head of the NTSB, there are no signs of failure of the automatic speed controls or other automatic flight equipment on the plane that crashed. Such accusations by the pilots do nothing to inspire public confidence – especially since the early evidence points to pilot error as a potential cause of the accident. Also, the fact that this is the first fatal accident involving a Boeing 777, which has a record of being one of the safest planes in the sky, makes the finger-pointing even more suspicious.

Risky Business

While flying is the safest form of travel, it is a risky business for those involved in making and flying the planes. When bad things happen, the best companies can do is to quickly figure out the problem and be forthcoming with customers. What can any business learn from this latest incident involving Asiana Airlines? Employ the fact procedure to protect your reputation.

    • Admit the problem, and apologize if necessary (do not “point the finger” at others because it is likely to compromise your credibility).
    • Limit the scope (in this case put the incident in perspective and provide data that shows that flying on a Boeing 777 from Asiana is very safe).
    • Propose a solution so it will not happen again (if it is found to be the cause, a more rigorous training and pilot supervision program would be the solution).

If implementing the fact procedure is premature

In a case such as this when the cause of the accident is not yet known with certainty, the airline should not be silent as Asiana has been. And, it should not try to control what the passengers say to the media. This just fuels suspicion. It should make it clear to the flying public that it (1) is doing everything in its power to cooperate with the investigation and (2) will continue to do whatever is necessary to insure the safety of its airline and the wellbeing of its passengers.

Since Asiana has proven to be inept in this crisis, and some believe this may be a cultural issue, it should hire US crisis management experts for advice to protect its reputation going forward.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/asiana-airlines-accident-response-continues-to-be-just-plane-stupid-2013-7#ixzz2vY1AbuMP

69 thoughts on “A guide on what not to do during the #MH370 crisis

  1. I agree that generally speculations on air and other disasters could distract the search and rescue activities. But I think there must be a distinction between “helpful” and “unhelpful” speculation, especially when there is no clue at all on what happened to MH370.

    The experts have to weigh in and they may speculate so that no leaf is unturned by the authorities conducting the investigations, and good that the authorities are looking at all possibilities. As experts also differ in opinions, the more the opinions, the more angles would have been looked at. As the news reports show that the relatives and next of kin, even the Chinese government, have become unhappy at the Malaysian authorities’ inability to provide definitive answers – which is natural under the circumstances – perhaps the speculations can give some ideas on the possibilities and something for them to ponder.

    With experts pointing to the possibility of a catastrophic explosion causing the sudden disappearance from radar and voice communication links, hijacking and terrorism have been spoken about and investigated by the authorities. With the sole intention of getting the authorities to really look at ALL possibilities, especially after more than 72 hours have now passed, I’d say that they should also look at the possibility of accidental shooting during military exercises etc, like in the following cases:
    – 1996 TWA Flight 800 was shot down south of Long Island. ….. US Navy Master Chief on USS Trepang admits Navy shot down TWA 800. …. PRECEDENTS FOR ACCIDENTAL SHOOT DOWNS OF CIVILIAN PLANES BY MILITARY FORCES – see whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/CRASH/TWA/twa.php‎ and http://www.wnd.com/…/is-u-s-navy-coming-clean-on-twa-800/‎.

    – BBC ON THIS DAY | 3 | 1988: US warship shoots down …
    An American naval warship patrolling in the Persian Gulf shoots down an Iranian passenger jet after apparently mistaking it for a fighter plane. See news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/july/3/newsid…/4678707.stm‎

    – Navy Missile Downs Iranian Jetliner – Washington Post
    Jul 4, 1988 – A U.S. warship fighting gunboats in the Persian Gulf yesterday … It was the first time any U.S. military unit had shot down a civilian airliner. See http://www.washingtonpost.com/…/flight801/…/july88cra…‎

    Constructive kind of comments should not be considered as speculative and should not be hindering ongoing investigations. It is aimed at making the investigations exhaustive and such investigations should not be restricted only to certain theories, especially when there is still no clue to what has happened to that fight now on the fourth day of its happening. Any new line of investigation can be carried out concurrently, especially considering the many offers of assistance from well qualified foreign agencies.


    • This one is hoped to be the “informative” kind of comment.

      Google News headlines pages on MH 370 disappearance have many thousand entries. To help those who may miss the few that may be relevant or have some connection, allow me to copy 1-2 here:

      A terror threat was made against the Beijing Capital International Airport days prior to the abrupt disappearance of the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

      China Airlines has revealed they had alerted the authorities at the Civil Aviation Administration of China regarding the terror threat which was made on 4 March by an unknown man.

      The airline operator’s chief representative in Beijing, Peng Rong-min, said the unidentified man made the phone call threatening that a terrorist strike would take place at the Beijing airport.

      The spokesperson added that they had informed the authorities concerned immediately after the call, the China Post reports.

      The anonymous caller started off the conversation in French but later spoke in Mandarin as the China Airlines’s staff do not understand French. He said he represented the East Turkestan Liberation Organisation; the authenticity of the phone call or the person’s identity could not be verified.



    • Terror group claims responsibility of missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

      A group known as the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade has reportedly claimed it is behind the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

      Late last night, an email was sent to a number of journalists in China, threatening: “You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as payback.”

      It makes a purported threat in the wake of a knife attack in Kinming last week, in which 29 people were killed and over 100 injured.

      However, officials in Malaysia have cautioned the email could be a hoax designed to increase ethnic tensions in China.

      “There is no sound or credible grounds to justify their claims,” said Malaysia’s acting Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin, adding that the email did not explain what had happened to the plane.

      Blame game erupts as China criticises Malaysia over MH370


    • The following are not intended as speculation but just as “information on possibilities” – after 48 hours no- result search, the MAS Group CEO has said that the relatives and next of kin should be prepared for the worst” kind of information.

      • A bomb: Several planes have been brought down, including Pan Am 103 between London and New York in Dec 1988. Also an Air India flight in 1985 and a 1989 plane flown by a French airline (not Air France) which blew up over the Sahara Desert

      • Hijacking: Traditional hijacking seems unlikely – captors typically land at an airport and have a demand. But a 9/11-like hijacking is possible, with terrorists forcing the plane into the ocean

      • Pilot Suicide: There were two large jet crashes in the late 90s that investigators suspected were caused by pilots deliberately crashing the planes

      • Accidental shoot-down by some country’s military: In 1988, a U.S. Navy missile cruiser accidentally shot down an Iran Air flight, killing all 290 passengers and crew. In 1983, a Korean Air Lines flight was shot down by a Russian fighter jet

      • A catastrophic structural failure of the air frame or its Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines: Given the plane’s long history and impressive safety record, experts suggest this is unlikely.

      Note that, while it may appear to too late to hope for good news, God sometimes works in mysterious ways. We don’t lose anything but will gain goodwill and peace of mind if we continue to pray for the passengers and crew.


  2. What become “unhelpful”, even bad, “speculations” are the hoaxes and unnecessary blame-game comments by irresponsible people, those casting aspersions on the airline and its staff, or those that unwittingly bring up hopes that may dramatically shock the relatives when the opposite situation surfaces.

    MAS has been realistic in saying – after 48 hours of no-results search – that the relatives have to prepare for the worst, and they provide other forms of assistance like accomodation and food, both in KL and Beijing, make available volunteers to comfort the relatives who may need comforting by others, even offer them (two per pax) free flights, accomodation and food to and from KL.


  3. Good that current investigations were focused on the two passengers with stolen passports. And that PM Najib said all airport security protocol should be reviewed.

    A senior police official told Reuters that people armed with explosives and carrying false identity papers had tried to fly out of Kuala Lumpur in the past, and that current investigations were focused on two passengers who were on the missing plane with stolen passports.

    “We have stopped men with false or stolen passports and carrying explosives, who have tried to get past KLIA (airport) security and get on to a plane,” he said. “There have been two or three incidents, but I will not divulge the details.


  4. One news report quotes U.S. and European government sources close to the investigations saying Malaysian authorities are voicing skepticism that the airliner that disappeared early Saturday with 239 people on board was the target of an attack,

    But good that the report also says neither Malaysia’s Special Branch, nor spy agencies in the United States and Europe have ruled out the possibility that militants may have been involved in downing Flight MH370.

    One U.S. source said Malaysian authorities were leaning away from the theory that the plane was attacked based mainly on electronic evidence that indicates the flight may have turned back toward Kuala Lumpur before disappearing. But that information has not been confirmed, so they should investigate the attack possibility seriously. This is because the aircraft did not make automatic contact with a flight data-monitoring system after vanishing from radar screens.

    The aircraft was equipped with a maintenance computer capable of talking to the ground automatically through short messages known as ACARS. “There were no signals from ACARS from the time the aircraft disappeared,” a source involved in the investigations said.


  5. Our hearts and prayers go to the crew and passengers of the flight MH370.amen.
    After a heavy night of boozing and partying (friday night) i woke up to the news of the disappearance at about 9am on CNN. And the conclusion i got from the interview they did with MAS staff was that they too were boozing and partying and only realised the plane disappeared after beijing office probably inquired about the plane whereabouts after it failed to land. The initial respond and action was pathetic. The search and rescue was delayed by 7 hours after the plane disappeared.
    But glad to see damage control coming in only after ten, and finalised about noon with the dca boss taking charge.


    • When you went out getting drunk, please do not assume other people were doing it too. What kind of a sick mind do you have and yet you seemed to typed in a lot of holier than thou kind of comments. Are you not well Tempawan? There were continuous communications between all ATCs and the airline along the flight paths which had monitored the plane and continuously monitoring the the whereabouts of the plane along the path until it didn’t show up in Beijing at 630am that morning. If you believe otherwise, than I hope you will pray very hard that all the officers in all the ATCs along your next flight to somewhere will not be sleeping or boozing while you were on board. Thank you.


      • Obviously you have not met some of the sick pilots that served on airlines. Some are deep in debt due to gambling at casinos in sydney and london. They party all night long like me. Some of the sick stewards refuse to serve me alcohol on board flights.taliban service nowadays.
        And now we have sick air force radar controllers who only reported about tracking MH370 two days after the plane went missing. This kind of airforce do not deserve a new fighter aircraft. Eapecially when its incompetence is glaring. No wonder our MIG’s are grounded. Its nothing to do with expensive parts but due to bummy agents asking for too much, especially when the agent is member of a royal household.
        And what about the sick co-pilot on MH370 who was caught inviting a dishy aussie lassie onto the cockpit and was found smoking on board for a flight between phuket and kl when he was the pilot on a 737’s? All companies should practice zero tolerance for insubordination to company’s regulations. Its all part of HSE policy which must be complied with. And if pilots ignore, then they deserve to be executed.


        • I think you have nothing more to comment, so you would just type in bogus comments. You must have a lot of imagination to put one and one together to make it three.


          • Dude’s losing his mind, bro. Sad to see. Hang on a sec, no, it’s not. Good riddance, Tempawan, you salty (lit.) dog (lit.)!


        • tempawan,

          The one to be executed is you. A sick bloke who talks thru your rectum – they say cannot use the word arsehole coz it’s reserved for Anwar.

          You never learn, do you, sick fella. Repeatedly told not to make wild and unsubstantiated allegations, you doggedly continue to do so. You don’t bother to provide links to reliable sources when you put in opinions and doubtful information in here. As a result, your opinions and unjustified comments become shit. You have often been proven to be lying in here.

          I cannot allow you to say anything you like, any time you like, without being walloped back. Accusing Malaysian pilots “deep in debt due to gambling at casinos in sydney and london”, alleging “our MIG’s are grounded, nothing to do with expensive parts but due to bummy agents asking for too much ..the agent is member of a royal household”, without any proof or substantiation, you are nuts and bastardly.

          You have no upbringing, do you? As a kid you were probably left by the pig sty when your pa and ma went to toil in the fields. Yet you lie about “party all night long like me.” Partying by the pig sty? Not “Taliban service” but pig reban service?

          You are hell of a bugger. We’ll shoot you every time you come in with irresponsible comments. Shoot you and wallop you verbally. Until you learn to write comments with decorum and decency.


    • Yours must have been a drunkard conclusion, tempawan. You drank toddy or what?

      Good you had nice words for the pax and crew but you are a nitwit for putting out those nasty conjectures on MAS staff at a time like this.

      Still drunk, are you? Can discuss the time line at a later time and when you are not drunk, ok?


    • Oi, tempawan, read the following Star report on how well DCA handle the situation this far – the DCA team includes MAS GCEO who has always been at the press briefings and questionings.

      As JMD pointed out above, they have been contacting the Air Traffic Control of those countries between KL and Beijing, not boozing like you, stu.

      I’ll c & p the whole report for readers’ ease of reference and quick booing of your comment:

      SEPANG: While the world’s attention is transfixed on the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, all eyes and ears are also centred on Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, who is in charge of one of the largest search and rescue (SAR) operations for a missing airliner in many years.

      He was the DCA’s airworthiness director who investigated several cases of aircraft accidents in Malaysia. But this is the first time global focus is on him.

      “It is a challenge beyond words. I am always on the phone with authorities from other countries to exchange information.

      “There are a lot of (SAR) activities going on in many areas. All must be reported to me,” he said in an interview.

      The 56-year-old Temerloh-born engineer, who has led the DCA since 2008, came out strongly against accusations that he was withholding information.

      He said updated and verified information was vital for him to plan the next course of action.

      “I just cannot announce something without confirming the details with the other authorities. There have been many unverified reports which were later found to be untrue.

      “Imagine the consequences if I just picked up these unverified reports and told the whole world about it,” he added.

      “The entire world, especially the relatives of the aircraft’s passengers are hanging on to every word I say.

      “We are now dealing with an aircraft which has disappeared with many people on board and I’m determined to find out why,” he said.

      Journalists covering Azharuddin’s press conference at Sama-Sama Hotel, where the MH370 operations and media centre have been set up, praised his efforts in providing information despite the difficult situation.

      The Star’s Putrajaya bureau chief Zuhrin Ahzam Ahmad described Azharuddin as “extremely calm”.

      “I’m here for his daily press conferences and he answers questions very carefully. There are many times that he never refers to his notes during the briefings,” he added.

      AFP Kuala Lumpur correspondent Shannon Teoh said that Azharuddin seemed to be able to handle the pressure and was well-briefed about the frantic search for the Boeing 777.

      Astro Awani broadcast journalist Tan Su Lin said that despite being grilled by the media, Azharuddin did not try to avoid the horde of reporters during the long wait for updates.


      • I have no issue with the dca. But his authority have been compromise by the IGP with regards to the five passengers who checked in but did not fly. The IGP said no such thing happened.
        And now, our airforce said their radar tracked the aircraft back to the straight of malacca. So why didn’t the morons at the airforce report about this before the search and rescue started? This is the result of overzealous enforcement and abuse of the NEP and race based discrimination by the gomen. Nothing is free. The pay back comes in later. That is what the abuse of NEP has created. Incompetency and tolerance for substandard work.


        • They know about this much earlier. You knew about this much later because you are a civilian and the reports you heard has to be verified and only later on were released for public consumption to the media. You as a civilian can never get anything on real time basis. This is common sense. Don’t you have any? Thanks.


          • Hullo! The RMAF studied recording of the radar for MH370 movement. That means the nutcase manning the radar was either sleeping or busy making babies. If they had put as much effort working instead of making babies, we could be a successful and prosperous country by now.
            When the plane disappeared, MAS should immediately set up a command centre as its their plane. But based on what a happened, they did not realise the plane disappeared until the next morning. My conclusion based on their response to news organisation queries. Even if they were not partying,and if the emergency command centre had been set up, the first person to contact will be the RMAF radar department. The phone number should be in their emergency response book.
            standard chartered bank is a very good example. They can set up a bank next to the one that was blown up and all it’s staff dead the very next day. It’s all written down on what to do in a tragedy to minimise confusion. MAS should have these as part of their HSSE. Shipping companies are audited for these so how come airline companies are not? If you do not have these HSSE, you do not get to work for oil companies As you have basically failed as a competent organisation.
            Coming back to RMAF, ok, maybe they got somebody manning the radars, but was not alerted by MAS as they were busy partying on Friday night. But they should have done the tracking of the mysterious flight immediately as it originates from where Mh370 veered off.
            Anyway, in this country, nobody learns from anything. Even people who participated in murderous racial rampage got amnesty. So is people can get away with murder,what more if they are incompetent. They will be honoured.
            By the way, the PRC’s did not know that hishsmuddin was involved with some threatening kris waving antics some years ago. If they had known, there could be a boycott of MAS flight to China. But I think it is only a matter of time before everything will be revealed In today’s WWW.
            Swissair and pan am did not survive after a tragedy. Let us see if MAS and the Gomen can survive this if the conclusion is bloody and horrific. Good night!


            • By your standards, Chinese authorities must have been out partying or making babies or simply sleeping on the job when they made a blunder of releasing incorrect satellite images of ‘wreckage’ in South China Seas a few years ago. Oh well, that is the price to pay when engaging criticisms from a lunatic. Thank you.


              • That satellite photo wasn’t sent by PRC authorities. It was sent by other sources. If there was an unidentified flying object on the radar,surely the guy manning the radar should alert the fighters, i.e. assuming if it can still fly. I think they have F18’s in butterworth. Don’t tell me you need the source code from washington before taking action.
                If this is the attitude of our armed forces,sinkie would have no problem invading this country in one night. By the time we wake up the next day, we would be singing ‘ majulah singapura’ as the national anthem!


                • Tempawan, why do you keep lying on behalf of China? Are you their self-appointed spokesperson? China Embassy apologised for the mistaken images and yet you are lying here saying they were not wrong? Tempawan, if you keep on making up stories and lying, we have no choice but to block you from commenting. A liar is not welcomed here. You won’t like if any of your family members become liars. The same concept applies here. You have been forewarned. Thank you.


              • Bloody well rebutted, JMD. Bravo. Using some of his words to spit into his face, too.

                Let the lunatic talk. The non-offensive lunatics we sympathize with. The nasty lunatics like this one, we laugh at him, ridicule him, shit him, while we counter the points he put out.

                He is the no-maruah kind, no self esteem, no pride in himself, shitted at endlessly in the past, he doggedly behave in the same manner. Wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations. There will be quite a few hitting him back in due course.

                It’s entertaining to see him blasted, bambooed, bamboozled, maybe even sodomized. He certainly has Anwarul Al Juburi kind of thinking.


            • Tempawan,

              You are psychotic, actually. You should be seeing a Psychiatrist and taking psychotic pills. Making fun of the RMAF personnel manning the radar as either sleeping or busy making babies when they even had the blips of non-military aircraft recorded, their superiors notified and the Standing Orders on such a situation carried out, you certainly have a screw loose in your head. And the General did say out about the blip at press briefings – emphasizing that it was just a “possibility” it could be MH370, as obviously their radar system was not meant to identify non-military aircraft and they had to corroborate with civilian radar.

              Do go and see the Psychiatrist, will you. Otherwise you’ll be laughed at and ridiculed every time you come in here. You put in so much effort in making babies that it is always in your mind, eh? Trying to insult people by saying they had not put as much effort working, you must be deranged and mentally unsound. If you have already seen a Psychiatrist and has been on medication, do take your psychotic pills, ok?

              Now who the hell told you that MAS did not realize the plane disappeared until the next morning? Just saying “based on what happened”? What actually happened, psycho? Or you just have a “conclusion based on their response to news organisation queries”? Ain’t that damned stupid to conclude that way?Lu sikola mana? Chinese schools? Dong Zong President fake PhD user Yap Sin Tian taught you that way? Take your psychotic pills, man.

              You have no clue on the timeline of what MAS people did, scurrying around contacting all those concerned, having one consultation and meeting after another until the DCA-led investigation started working as a team. You don’t even know they have Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) for airline accidents and you are now being so stupid as to suggest “placing RMAF radar department phone number in their emergency response book.” You just have no capacity to understand such things as SOPs, Emergency Manuals etc, more so when your psychotic mental condition gets control of whatever mental capacity you might have. Bodoh is the standard word for you. Gila is another one.

              More knocking of your head on your other points – another time.


            • tempawan, read the following:

              PETALING JAYA: PKR leaders have swiftly dismissed a British tabloid report which claimed MH370 flight captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah-Anwar link.

              PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil said the Daily Mail report was “wild allegations” and the paper “is a sensationalist tabloid known for cooking up stories.”

              “These allegations are wild speculation for the moment.”

              Note the words “the report was “wild allegations” and the paper “is a sensationalist tabloid known for cooking up stories.” and “These allegations are wild speculation for the moment.”. Your comment, too, tempawan.

              Note also PKR afraid of any sabotage linked to them. Guilty conscious for whatever reason?


            • in this country, those who don’t “learn from anything” is you and the likes of you. Whacked on the head, in the buttocks and wherever else Anwar likes to do, still coming out with psychotic comments, not taking the psychotic pills before writing your comments.

              Wei, gila fellow, would you like to substantiate your statement, “Even people who participated in murderous racial rampage got amnesty. So is people can get away with murder ..”?

              And you are instigating, eh, saying “if the PRC’s .. know that hishsmuddin was involved with some threatening kris waving antics some years ago .. there could be a boycott of MAS flight to China.”? You don’t have an ounce of loyalty or a fraction of patriotism to this country in you, do you, DAP ultra kiasu bugger? You should jump into the south China Sea – without a life jacket or rubber dinghy, as per the favourite expression these days.


            • Aiseh, tempawan, According to nst.com, PKR exco member R. Sivarasa confirmed the pilot of Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft pilot Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah is a life member of the party.

              So, what do you say? PKR or Sivarasan to write the book? Better what, he knows the thinking of PKR people better, isn’t it?

              Or now you say the whole of PKR are suicidal people? Or you call the PRCs to whack Anwar and the entire PKR? Got logic?


        • “authority have been compromise by the IGP”? ” the straight of malacca”?

          Your English grammar guffaws all over the place, blaming so many things on the NEP, you must be a product of Chinese schools, DAP type, opposed to the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Ipso facto, you have no respect for the Constitution of the country in which the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras is enshrined, you probably have absconded this country Malaysia and blogging from such places as Australia.

          Good riddance to you. But you feeling homesick and cannot part with longing sentiments for this rich country, the majority of the population (Malays and Bumiputeras nearly 70%) being so tolerant that you always exploit and try to abuse – which you cannot do and instead you get abused, disliked, spurned and spitted at in such places as Melbourne. Stay absconded, man – we also don’t like you to come back here. We want only those loyal ones, who can respect and live by the Constitution of the country.

          To put the record straight for the readers here –

          The Air Force General said their radar picked up some signs that the plane turned back, they were checking with civilian radar, the turning back was “a possibility” and never said in a definitive manner. You twisting and spinning bastard – hope JMD allows my use of this word but this tempawan bloke deserves it and I am prepared to prove that he is a bastard by the English terminology and based on the Oxford English dictionary.


        • tempawan,

          People say it’s easy to talk in hindsight. But you are not even talking right in hindsight. You are talking backside. Anwarish, are you?

          Kamon lah, you go back to the tape what the Air Force General said – that which CNN re play each time their reporter Jim Clancy appears on screen. The General said they were still checking – “doing the forensics” over what appeared on their radar screen.

          You know what? You should do a forensics on your brain before you press the “Post Comment” button!


        • tempawan twisted and forked tongue. Saying “I have no issue with the dca.” but in the same breath said “his authority have been compromise by the IGP”. Lu sikola mana?


        • What not to do is don’t be like this tempawan bugger. He’s playing the blame game. So he deserves to be shitted. So that readers will not be influenced by his nasty thinking.

          He should be watching CNN and BBC news right now, but being drunk on toddy and the like, he should when sobbe read such websites as the following that shows China has satellite pictures of possible 777 body parts since Sunday but put in their website only 7 hours ago and have not officially informed Malaysia until now:


          — CCTV America (@CCTV_America) March 12, 2014
          Images from Chinese satellite on 9th shows three objects in the possible site of MH370. Verification is in progress. pic.twitter.com/AQzdLdfiI6

          China’s State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense announced the discovery, including images of what it said were “three suspected floating objects and their sizes.” The objects aren’t small at 13 by 18 meters (43 by 59 feet), 14 by 19 meters and 24 by 22 meters.

          The images were captured on March 9 – which was the day after the plane went missing – but weren’t released until Wednesday.

          The Chinese agency gave coordinates of 105.63 east longitude, 6.7 north latitude, which would put it in waters northeast of where it took off in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and south of Vietnam.

          9.43pm GMT

          The Chinese agency that published the satellite pictures taken on Sunday actually released them Wednesday night local (Malaysian) time. CNN and the BBC reported the pictures in the past hour.

          But the American arm of the Chinese-funded English-language broadcaster, CCTV, tweeted the pictures seven hours ago.

          10.25pm GMT

          The satellite images published by the BBC and CNN are raising some concern in Malaysia. As we mentioned earlier, they were first posted by the Chinese science and national defence agency’s website some hours ago (though those picture appeared on their satellite images on Sunday).

          Malaysian Civil Aviation director general Abdul Rahman tells CNN his agency has not received or seen the satellite images (He was asked around 6 am in Malaysia March 13, 2014)


          So, tempawan, China has a population of 1.2 billion, so many more smart people than Malaysia with only 28 million people, 150 plus of the passengers were Chinese, yet not even a message to DCA since the satellite images existed on Sunday, not even any formal communication to DCA until 6 am this morning.

          And you trying to blame Malaysians – NEP, DCA, Malaysian Air Force etc who are mostly Malays? You must be an animal with a shit head.


        • Here is the same website (British – the respected Guardian newspapers) latest entry which says a lot and I have placed in capital letters the message that I think they are trying to put out –

          “10.31pm GMT

          The story about the Chinese satellite images has been amplified by China’s official Xinhua news agency,
          WHICH SAID ON WEDNESDAY THAT THE IMAGES FROM AROUND 11 AM ON SUNDAY, appear to show “three suspected floating objects” of varying sizes.



          Yes, this is the British “gentlemen” kind of scolding of unreasonable people, however aggrieved they may be.

          Those who understand should feel piercing pain worse than the “exasperation” or even the shouting and throwing of bottles at MAS people sent out to comfort and soothe the passengers’ relatives in Beijing.


          • It’s ironic that China is calling for Malaysia to be more transparent and forthcoming when they themselves withhold information for three days re: images found on Sunday but only disseminated on Wednesday. Thank you.


      • Oi, tempawan, read another Star report about the US Navy praising the SAR efforts (copied in full to knock sense into your head) –

        Missing MH370: Malaysian SAR efforts ‘exceptional’, says US Navy commander

        PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Government is doing an exceptional job organising the search-and-rescue (SAR) effort to find the missing Malaysia Airline airplane, says the United States Navy Seventh Fleet.

        “I give them a lot of credit. They have done what I would call an exceptional job,” said spokesperson Commander William Marks, in a recent interview with Sinosphere, the China blog of the New York Times.

        He credit to the Malaysian Government for a ‘well-organised’ plan in coordinating the SAR effort.

        “They coordinate both the water-space and the airspace management. It’s like a big chessboard out there. It’s really like moving chess pieces around, and that’s 3-D. You have three dimensions, you have the water-space and the airspace.

        “If you don’t do a good job of it, there is a very real possibility of an accident. They track all these assets coming in from all these countries, they make assignments, and they’re very efficient, very professional,” Marks said.

        Two US Navy guided-missile destroyers, the Pickney and Kidd, are among the dozens of ships searching for the MAS plane that disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last Saturday.

        Marks said the SAR effort was a ‘very difficult, very challenging puzzle’ as the search box that started closer to Vietnam got bigger with each hour that passed, particularly with the latest report that claimed the plane may have turned around.

        “So we are now looking at this area in the northern part of the Straits of Malacca, in case it turned around.

        “This is a very large area. We are talking hundreds of square kilometres. The good news is it’s an international effort – there are a lot of assets down there. The country of Malaysia is in the lead. They’re the lead organisation, and they’re doing a terrific job of organising all this. The last information I had, had about 40 different ships here, and over 30 aircraft,” Marks said.

        To a question on how much longer the search could last, Marks said the first 72 hours was considered as a search mission for the survivors.

        “After that, it’s at the decision of the Malaysian Government what they want us to do, and where they want us to be,” he said.


  6. It has been more than 50 hours of search and rescue. Not even a tiny piece of scrap coming from the airplane have been found , let alone the whole wreckage. Even with eagle eyes of international rescuers with years of experience behind their back, still failed to locate the plane. In their efforts combing the surfaces of the sea, they still at lost of it whereabouts. Compared to Air France 447 which crashed in the Atlantic in 2009, South China Sea is not an ocean. It is a just a sea off the Gulf of Thailand. It is a shallow water. The aircraft should have been easily located if it indeed crashed. It is not supposed to be that hard to find. The place is a busy air route for commercial air travel as well which made the disappearance even more weird. Boeing 777 is like a big frog in a small pond. A plane with that kind of size could have been located immediately if it plunged into the sea or exploded mid-air. It has got to be some kind of rubble, or scraps, somewhere floating in the vicinity. Something which is light enough coming up to the surface of water. There has got to be debris somewhere. If they couldn’t found it by now, they probably never will.
    It is baffling indeed. the plane fell off the radar while comfortably cruising in the altitude an hour and a half after it took off. The weather was good. The sky was crystal clear. The plane was in tip top condition. No distress call from the cockpit. All signs pointed to perfect condition. The only possibility is the plane had never crashed in the first place. The plane actually had never crashed or landed in the area where it was reported missing. It did fell off the radar and disconnected from air traffic controller but it just then disappeared or rather was made to be disappeared. By looking at all clues and facts, the aircraft was off the radar the moment it left Malaysian air space and was about to enter Vietnamese air space. There’s no way something quick and catastrophic happening to the airplane such as hijacking. Even it exploded and disintegrated mid-air, the heat and infra due to explosion could had been picked up by the satellites. It was a huge plane mind you. There’s no way explosion could had gone unnoticed.
    By looking at the manner of it disappearance, it looks like it was rather due to the navigator himself rather than the plane which contributed to its mysterious disappearance.The pilot himself wanted the plane to disappear and had planned it beforehand. I don’t want to speculate his motive at this stage but with the confounding way of the plane went missing, he’s the only one who knew the all the answer. If there was someone who is capable in orchestrating the disappearance of an airplane and deviated it from its original route undetected, it is going to be him. As an aviator, he was the only one who had a total control of the aircraft, dictating its direction and eventually determine its destination. The plane was reported fell off the radar a minute after leaving local air space. So the aircraft went missing with a perfect timing. It was not accidental incident but meticulously planned. The plane had been planned to fly off the radar the moment it entered foreign air space. An hour an a half after leaving Malaysia, the guy then switched off everything so the plane would be off the map and off the radar.
    Search effort that we have put into place right now will probably never bear any fruit. We are looking for something which is not there. To spend all the energies and resources in ‘that area’ will be an exercise of futility because it is not there. It was always the pilot intention in wanting you looking at the wrong place. It is like running away from a bunch of angry hornets, The way to distract the hornets is by jumping into a river or a pond and placed a ‘dummy head’ on the water’s surface.Those hornets encircled that dummy head thinking it is actual head while you’re making an escape route to safety. Same thing goes to current research and rescue undertaken by the authorities and international agencies. It happened perfectly according to the pilot’s script.
    MH 370 was a 6 hour mid-night flight bound for Beijing and expected running out of fuel at 8.30 am the next day. With the amount of fuel it had in its gas tank, the aircraft could have flied further way pass Beijing. The plane could have gone to different routes from the one it was supposed to go. In this case, it must be the kind of route we least expected. With fully loaded fuel, the pilot could flied the aircraft in night journey thousand of miles away in the middle of an ocean. It could deviated to a different route and gone straight into North Pacific Ocean. Or he could had turned around the aircraft over the Sumatra and flied into wide area of an Indian Ocean. The aircraft then ran out of gas, stalled and plunged into international water.
    Just expand our efforts within bigger radius covering larger area way pass South China Sea. Answers must be lurking somewhere over there.


    • My dear chap, you said you don’t want to speculate, but your entire paragraph – and more – are purely your speculation. No basis at all, man. Just pure speculation by you. You have not said anything like the IGP said at his briefing just now – the 4 areas of their criminal investigation include the state of mind (psychological) and the personal problems of the crew – and the passengers as well – that may drive them to suicidal acts.

      So, without even knowing the pilot or “navigator”, it is rubbish for you to say “The pilot himself wanted the plane to disappear and had planned it beforehand.” And do you think the control panels as well as the many automatic recording and information relaying systems in an airplane can simply be “switched off .. so the plane would be off the map and off the radar”?

      My parents taught me not to be rude, especially in this hour of bereavement the victims are experiencing. So, I’ll refrain from saying any more to you. Just this: have a heart, will you.


  7. BTW, maybe JMD should give a guide to the journos at the PC on how to behave in a proper manner at a PC as grave and serious as the MH370 briefings. Their behaviour is disgraceful.


  8. What not to do includes not being like irresponsible Opposition leaders during crisis situations. Tian Chua of PKR demeaned the role and efforts of the security forces – 10 of whom lost their lives defending the country – during the Tanduo Muslim Filipino incursion recently. He got arrested, dragged to the Jinjang Police lock up and charged in court for sedition, his trial is still pending. Note that Mat Sabun a few days ago announced in Shah Alam that he has 7 court cases pending trial.

    Now PAS Khalid Samad stupidly said the “Chinese government is upset with Malaysian government” regarding the search-and-rescue (SAR) efforts on the missing MAS Flight 370. Yet New Straits Times quoted the Chinese Ambassador saying, CHINA is satisfied with Malaysia’s efforts in handling the SAR operation.

    “Malaysia has done well in the SAR as well as dealing with the needs of the passengers’ families and next of kin,” he said after a courtesy visit to Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia yesterday.

    Maybe Khalid thinks the views of incorrigible DAP buggers represent those of the Chinese government?


  9. tempawan,

    You giving up arr? Don’t lar, we want excuses to whack blokes like you, lorr. We can do so without you but more syiok hitting at your comments, man.

    The 1 or 2 liners nonsensical comments have been weeded out. You put out long comments but often senget, unbalanced, even warped thinking ones. Some of us love to play the “balancing act”. Otherwise called “putting the records straight .. showing the other side of the coin ..” but, most importantly, “getting people claiming to be Malaysian citizens (even non-citizens resident or interested in Malaysia, possibly including you?) to be in line with, respect and live by the Constitution of the country.”

    And in this post, to get them know what to say and not to say in tragic situations.


    • What not to say is like the China and many Chinese (including in Malaysia) saying conflicting information about the course of the SAR was “pretty chaotic”.

      “So right now, there is a lot of information, and it’s pretty chaotic, so up to this point we too have had difficulty confirming whether it is accurate or not.” Blardy hell, they had satellite images possibly showing the missing aircraft remains but kept them for 3-4 days. Not helpful, now irresponsible talk.

      Hishammuddin, however, dismissed the allegations, saying, “It’s far from it. It’s only confusion if you want it to be seen as confusion .. There is a lot of speculation that we have answered in the last few days.”

      Malaysian air force chief General Rodzali Daud attempted to explain why the search zone had been expanded, saying that military radar had detected an unidentified plane early on Saturday north of the straits of Malacca. He said they had “plotted” the plane but were not able to confirm it was MH370. And buggers even thestar.com said “China said conflicting information about its course was “pretty chaotic”.

      Staying on course: Hishammuddin, flanked by Army chief Gen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin (left) and Department of Civil Aviation director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, stressing a point during the press conference in KLIA, Sepang.
      Staying on course: Hishammuddin, flanked by Army chief Gen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin (left) and Department of Civil Aviation director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, stressing a point during the press conference in KLIA, Sepang.
      Asked about reports that flight MH370 could have veered well off course, as far as the Malacca Strait, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters: “We noticed that the Malaysian side later denied this piece of information.

      “So right now, there is a lot of information, and it’s pretty chaotic, so up to this point we too have had difficulty confirming whether it is accurate or not.”

      Hishammuddin, however, dismissed allegations that search efforts were mired in confusion after a series of false alarms, rumours and contradictory statements.

      He said Malaysia would “never give up hope” of finding the plane’s 239 passengers and crew.

      “It’s far from it. It’s only confusion if you want it to be seen as confusion,” he told a press conference yesterday. “I think it’s not a matter of chaos. There is a lot of speculation that we have answered in the last few days.”

      Malaysian air force chief General Rodzali Daud attempted to explain why the search zone had been expanded, saying that military radar had detected an unidentified plane early on Saturday north of the straits of Malacca. He said they had “plotted” the plane but were not able to confirm it was MH370.

      Even the bloody thestar.com reporting this says, “The confusion (thestar also abetting them) has fuelled perception that Malaysian authorities are unable to handle a crisis on this scale.” They want to sell their so-called news and write shit, eh? Yet even the US acted on “new evidence (that) has emerged” – see my next comment below.


      • The “pretty chaotic” statement was made by China’s foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang. Sounds more like Gang-ster.

        DAP type. PKR Tian Chua type. Mat Sabun type.


    • Even US the US acted on “new evidence (that) has emerged” and took initiative to search the relevant area on their own. China should follow the US lead if they want to respected and not regarded as a bully in this region. Read thestar.com report excerpts below –

      US zeroes in on Indian Ocean to find missing MH370

      PETALING JAYA: A new search area in the Indian Ocean has raised hopes of finding the missing MH370 with the Pentagon confirming that new evidence has emerged.

      A Pentagon official told The Star that the US was opening a new area of investigation following indications that the Boeing 777-200ER could have gone down there.

      He said this when asked to confirm a report by ABC News, which reported that US officials had an “indication” that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane may have crashed in the Indian Ocean and was moving the USS Kidd to the area to begin searching.

      Reuters reported that White House spokesman Jay Carney said they had new information on the whereabouts of the plane.

      “It’s my understanding that based on some new information that’s not necessarily conclusive – but new information – an additional search area may be opened in the Indian Ocean.

      “And we are consulting with international partners about the appropriate assets to deploy.” he said.

      See? Even not confirmed information they shared with others and mobilize their assets to pursue. Let’s see if the blasted sensation news seekers – including CNN reporters – will call them confusing and chaotic.

      And see them, despite being a Super Power, saying they will CONSULT THEIR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS.

      Not bloody China, the Chinese on the mainland and those unloyal blokes in this country.


      • Just before 9 am CNN Richard Quest announced that White House Press Secretary said the US may be looking at the wrong place.

        Confusing information? Chaotic? What do the CNN blokes and China Foreign Ministry bums who said so now have to say?


        • The 9 am CNN broadcast said the Pentagon said they believe MH370 is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

          O ye, O ye you buggers who spin and twist information and statements of “possibilities”, will you please jump into the Indian Ocean? Any ocean. Without life jackets or rafts.


        • Clarification:

          White House Press Secretary said they are looking at the Indian Ocean and sending a naval asset there, elsewhere might be the wrong place to look at.

          Whatever it is, better than the Black House in Beijing which said “pretty chaotic” information dissemination of the SAR.


          • Now you are talking better .. appearing to defend Malaysia and hitting at those antagonizing this country.

            Confucius was a wise person. But those who adopted Confucianism maybe made the mistake of adopting Taoism and Buddhism also, and practicing all three religions at the same time – as a “triple insurance against calamity,” said one Professor of Chinese history.


  10. Even the age-old British news agency Reuters are not helpful to the Malaysian-led Search efforts. Saying “Earlier, Malaysian officials denied reports that the aircraft had continued to send technical data and said there was no evidence that it flew for hours after losing contact with air traffic controllers early Saturday” without explaining the limitations of the Malaysian expertise and equipment tracing aircraft “pings”, “blips” and the like that the Americans have, which have now made them search the Indian Ocean.

    Kamon lah, US are the manufacturers of the aircraft, Rolls Royce the manufacturers of the engines which are now said to have included the kind of system producing those “pings”, and Malaysia has no satellites to track such sounds on the air frequency in this area. So, you supposedly gentlemanly British brats, in the midst of the accusations of “chaotic” information dissemination, when you say the Malaysians deny this or that, place a caveat or explain a bit the limitations of this small country.

    We know that Britain has for a long time no longer been an Empire. But no reason for you to sound empirical.


    • “If by pro-opposition” you mean the comments by Lee Ee May, a management consultant and “a former aide to a Malaysian opposition politician”, it may not be accurate. The fact that she is “a former aide” suggests that her “opposition” stance may not be as before – she is not important, her name is not known anyway. The New York Times must have been refused interviews by those who matter that he/she could only speak to an unknown woman.

      Yes, the person concerned must have been “embarrassed when .. Hishammuddin Hussein .. rejected a reporter’s assertion that the search for the airplane had been disordered.” The reporter got told in the face ““It’s only confusion if you want it to be seen to be confusion,” in front of the huge assembly of reporters – “an international audience”, she said.

      Served him/her right for being bitchy at a time of sorrow, anxiousness and anxiety.


    • If you mean nytimes.com is pro-opposition and nytimes.com is owned by the New York Times, maybe they are pro-Malaysian opposition. I suspect New York Times are owned by Jews, and there are many Zionist Jews in the management and staff, the kind that Anwar Ibrahim has been trying to befriend when in US. Jews are OK, Zionist Jews are not.

      Zionist Jews are the ones who have been bullying the Palestinians for scores of years and want to subvert all Muslim-led governments in the world, starting from the weakening and downfall of those in Egypt and Libya that Anwar Ibrahim has hoped would happen in Malaysia. Many of them are in the Israel Lobby that is active in US and elsewhere.

      Yes, I note your sarcasm on the ” ever helpful pro-opposition contribution to the search for MH370″. They are never helpful. Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Sang and others talk about reconciliation but only to mock and belittle the government’s attempts at it. They exploit each and everything they can find to promote their own political agenda.

      Pakatan Rakyat Selangor even sabotaged the Federal Government’s plan to bring water to Selangor from Pahang by refusing to sign the Developmemt Order for work to commence on the pipe-laying work under the Langat II project. Khalid Ibrahim finally signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Government when he got fed up with Anwar and gang trying to oust him from the Selangor Menteri Besar’s post 1-2 weeks ago. Under that MoU, the Development Order for the pipe-laying work would be signed – one report said that Khalid signed it the very day he signed the MoU.

      Yes, what not to do at a time like this MH370 crisis is not to sabotage necessary and honourable efforts. And what to do when that happens is to whack and whack such blinkered, irresponsible and utterly detestable words and actions by the opposition.


    • Sure the pro-opposition and opposition are critical and not helpful. Anwar Ibrahim calls the BN government handling of MH370 as “inept” and “inefficient”.

      But is he himself efficient? If he sodomizes efficiently, away from Malaysian laws, he wouldn’t have faced Sodomy I & II, 6 years in Sg Buluh prison and now 5 years in not-sure-which prison.

      As a RM1 Selangor Economic Adviser, he asked the Selangor PR government not to sign the Development Order for the Federal government to start work on the Langat II project laying huge pipes to bring water from Pahang to Selangor. And Selangorians been suffering with not enough water for a long time already, now water rationing tak boleh mandi tiap 2 hari, makcik makcik angkat air 3-4 tingkat sampai nak patah kaki. Is he and the PR state government efficient?

      Is his handling of the so-called Kajang Move efficient? Khalid refused to resign as hoped for, Khalid signed the water MoU with the Federal government in retaliation against the PKR top leadership trying to oust him from the MB post. Now the Khalid-Azmin Ali-Rafizi fights are intensifying.

      Anwar should fly to China, get the Chinese to be more co-operative with Malaysia, offer their services sincerely, consult Malaysia like the others do fully, especially when China announced they were re-adjusting 10 of their satellites monitoring mechanism to search for MH370. Be fully co-operative la, both Anwar and China. Instead, Anwar went to Japan – was even refused entry first time, coz he was a convict – what for?


  11. Richard Quest, the CNN self-acclaimed Aviation Specialist, is also trying to sensationalize the MH370 SAR reporting. Asking if Malaysia is witholding information, he certainly is not in the quest for truths, not pointing out that this is the first time Malaysia is dealing with this sort of disappearing aircraft – like the genuine air accidents expert he interviewed at 11.05 am Friday 14th.

    Another genuine expert, the retired NTSB Chairman, answered the Quest guy’s not well-intended question by saying that Malaysia’s investigations are much better now although at first they were “overwhelmed .. just like any country which has not experienced this kind of situation.”

    Andrew Steven of CNN Hong Kong is more realistic in his views. Most of the others, including Jim Clancy, have been talking without regard about Malaysia’s lack of experience, lack of sophisticated equipment and expertise to interpret radar blips, sonar pings and China’s pongs.


  12. A few years ago, I met a colonel who was involved in the rescue of the American troops from farah aidid in Somalia. He was asked by his commanding officer to write a book about the accounts. But until today, he is too lazy or could not be bothered. With this attitude, how can we be equal to the white master race. If this colonel had written something, it may inspire a generation of mats to write and make this their livelihood and earn a decent income instead of pestering Petronas for contracts.
    In the end, somebody else wrote a US version, Ridley Scott made the movie and hollywood made the money. They can’t even pronounce malays correctly. They said may-lays.
    I suggest the DCA boss write his version of the accounts that transpired wrt MH370 when the episode is concluded. Sell a copy to the publishers and another to Hollywood. He gets a cut of the movie revenue plus some advance.
    Then gets his payment in London or Singapore where non residents are not taxable and opening a account is easy, unlike in Malaysia. The Gomen here treats foreigners having an account like criminals even if what they do is legit. How to be financial centre and create business?
    That is how to be prosperous. By doing some positive work. Not being a wheeler dealer and high mark ups that is killing the nation.
    Then translate into mandarin and make another deal with the honky tonks for a movie blockbuster. Money in the pocket. Can have a Chao Mei Mei alongside if he so wishes.
    There are so many books regarding Vietnam war. Initially I was impress. It was all about mayhem and bombardments. But the book that really got me was the one written by a Vietcong translated into English ( nobody translate their books in Malay as they don’t bother to read except books on religious subjects). It was written with excruciating pain. You can feel it through out the book. Both physically and mentally. I stopped reading American war books after that. This book is a classic. Lent it to someone and it got lost.

    Coming back to the DCA bosses book. It could be titled, “hunt for MH370”. Good night !


    • Don’t bull shit, tempawan. A bloke like you is not likely to have met a colonel. Your kind of thinking would simply be loathed by any Military Officer, let alone a Colonel. No sense of loyalty to the country, no respect for established authority, talking thru your arsehole. Not even in a group where a Colonel may be around. You are just not it – no standard at all, not in the league, not fit to be in the company of a Military Officer who is usually gallant, stands up and fights for his country always.

      And what the shit is this about being “equal to the white master race”? You a communist? A yellow one a that? Racist in thinking of the white is superior that you want to be equal to? You must be a so lowly in life, thinking you are inferior when we all are equal to the white race. Less in material wealth a bit maybe, but we are equal otherwise. But being what you are, talking the way you do in here, serves you right thinking you are inferior, and maybe you are indeed inferior, thinking you are Chingkie second class citizens like DAP blokes do,

      I’ll never hope blokes like you would speak well of Malaysia, stand up for the country, will never fight for the country, instead try to destroy it to benefit from anything you can get when destroyed. I shudder at the thought of you being around in the front lines of battle in the event this country is at war – you might shoot sideways, or be shot from behind. By Anwar Al Juburi kind. Real, life bullets, not the squirting kind.


  13. Oh and one more . About 18 years ago, shell malaysia trading insisted that all vessels and lorries that are contracted to them should be fitted with a satellite tracking device. This was done to stop cargo pilferage bu unscrupulous operators or their workers. Shell can monitor whereabouts of these lorries or vessel anywhereas they send location every ten few minutes. It cost about RM20k to fit and you willbe charged monthly fee for the tracking. Even airport limo had them fitted and that was the reason for the huge bulge on the roof .
    Shipowners protested as it isnot required under marine regulations andit adds up to costs, but when two of the vessels were hijacked, the owners were able to track the position of the ships and allerted the authorities.in one vase, they got the vessels intact. In another, the cargo was stolen before help could come.
    I suggest the airlines fit this on their planes. Most of the time,it is not required. But it is certainly helpful when you need it. And it should be designed to be independent of the planes control systems and cannot be put off.


    • Each plane has ACARS – Aircraft Communication Addressing Report System to monitor the plane wherever they go. Thank you.


      • Acars give the reading according to flight data on board. The system used on our vessels are being tracked by the satellites. And you can upgrade to include engine monitoring, cargo volume, bunker usage and volume, pumping rate etc. So this cannot be manipulated.


        • When, without condemnation, you make suggestions, even when I don’t understand them as they appear technical to me, you are laudable. Keep it up, will you.


  14. Saying “lazy or could not be bothered … pronounce malays .. may-lays” like the French word that brings bad meanings to the Malays, you are trying to make fun of the Malays, is it?

    Read these about your kind:

    “You think all you Chinese are hard working and doing well? You don’t realize that even the Chinese in China were given the tongkat by the Manchu foreign rulers (Manchuria became a part of China only after World War II) – the southerners, who you were mostly descended from, were considered a disadvantaged, left-behind lot, and the Manchu Emperors who ruled China for several hundred years, reserved for them and gave them 25% of the civil service posts.

    Your forefathers came to this country and were given the tongkat by Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim in the mid-19th Century – jobs in his tin mines, mining land and even capital for some Chinese to start mining operations so that he could tax them to build roads etc. Were they grateful and said thank you? No, they started the Larut Wars instead. Damn them. Read about the Ghee Hins and Hai Sans in the History of Perak by Professor M.A Fauzi Basri, published by Yayasan Perak.

    Then the British colonial rulers also gave the Chinese the tongkat – mining licenses, mining land leases, licenses for lotteries (easy money to raise capital for other businesses) and various kinds of gaming, licenses for trading in tin, rubber, etc. The Chinese continued to use the tongkat after Merdeka until now. Billionaire Robert Kuok got the monopoly to import and distribute sugar and became big. Daim Zainuddin gave Vincent Tan a lottery license from which he grew big yet Vincent still wanted the tongkat for the football betting license a few years ago. Lazy, eh?

    And are the Chinese prostitutes, brothel keepers, masseurs of all sorts, pimps, gambling joint minders, secret societies, thugs, gangsters, Ah Long illegal money lending runners, etc etc not lazy bastards?”


  15. Please lah! Robet kuok got monopoly for sugar because he started sugar plantation in perlis. The malay rulers and british gave mining license because the chinese have been mining for minerals for thousand of years.initially, maybe for coal to keep warm, but later for copper, iron etc for war.
    Robert kuok, IMC of hong kong and the malaysain evergreen agent help the gomen start MISC.
    I think we should support zaid ibrahim when he said some gaming license should be given to malays. And you go scold me for may- lays pronounciation for what? It was in the movie “black hawk down”.


  16. Yes, on what to do and not to do during the #MH370 crisis, I support the decision to exclude Opposition MPs from the briefing, as per thestar report –

    “Pakatan MPs fume over exclusion from briefing

    KUALA LUMPUR: A special briefing by acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein on developments on investigations into the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 raised the ire of opposition MPs, who said that they were excluded from it.

    Tanjong Karang MP Datuk Seri Noh Omar said that once the issue was settled, there would definitely be a briefing. “If the issue is talked about before that, it will definitely be spinned by the Opposition,” he said.

    He added that if the briefing involved the Opposition, the issues discussed would be spread worldwide before any decision could be made.”

    Gud, gud, gud. There’s enough spinning and twisting by them already. Well done, DS Hishamuddin.


  17. Don’t anybody be crazy to attribute the problem to Malaysia’s “antiquated radar system”. Anybody thinks it possible for developing countries to install “the next generation” kind of GPS-based radar costing 70-80 BILLION dollars? And American dollars, that one. And it won’t solve the problem, only “give a better read on the last known location” –

    “Part of the problem, said Andrew Thomas, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Transportation Security, is that airline systems are not as sophisticated as many people might think. A case in point, he said, is that airports and airplanes around the world use antiquated radar tracking technology, first developed in the 1950s, rather than modern GPS systems.

    A GPS system might not have solved the mystery of Flight 370, which disappeared March 8 while flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing. But it would probably have given searchers a better read on the plane’s last known location, Thomas said.

    “There are lots of reasons why they haven’t changed, but the major one is cost,” he said. “The next-generation technology would cost $70 to $80 billion in the U.S.”


    • I understand the anguish of the passengers’ relatives but I don’t understand why they threaten to go on hunger strike – what can possibly be achieved now that the search area has become over 2 million square miles and some 26 countries involved in the search yet still no news or reliable information on MH370:

      Malaysia missing plane: Relatives threaten hunger strike
      BBC News – ‎3 minutes ago‎


  18. Waaah, JMD, you got mentioned in the star report – thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/03/19/Missing-MH370-French-journalist-Hisham-protected/

    This was in connection with the stupid French woman asking low-mentality question on MH370 to Hishamuddin, which drew laughter from other journalists at the press conference held in the hotel in Sepang – if Hishamuddin was Najib’s cousin and if he was “protected”, to which Hishamuddin said yes but that he did not know what was it he was supposed to be protected from. Walloped by netizens on Twitter, she tried to defend herself, saying protected from being fired.

    Thestar report said, “This was however met with negative responses from Malaysians such as @JebatMustDie who said; “As of now, why should he be fired? Stopping short of calling Superman, the plane would still be missing. Your angle is wrong.”

    I support your comment. If “nitwit” is the word for for men, I wonder what it is for women. @carrienooten (the French woman): No gender protection when you try to make fun of my country.


  19. It’s simply contradictory stands and contradicting interests. The newsmen want news. The Malaysian authorities are willing to release only verified and corroborated information, to protect the interests of pax relatives etc. So, the newsmen “make” news – that the Malaysian authorities are not providing information, a confused lot, etc. The French news woman also “made” news – by asking stupid questions and got laughed at by other newsmen and women at the press briefing.

    And Anwar Al Juburi also wants to “make” news – by saying he can handle the matter better than DS Najib. The newsmen want to sell newspapers. Anwar wants to sell ….. well, you guys figure out what. But not many want to buy his whatever – he’s the kind who said he didn’t know the pilot who was being investigated for possible “human intervention” of the flight, in connection with his political stance of being obsessed with Anwar who got sentenced to 5 years in prison for Sodomy II, but soon after that, Anwar said he knew the pilot, as he was related to his son’s in laws.

    All told, everybody should realize that those who accuse the Malaysian authorities of being confused are themselves confused – the newsmen, Anwar and all.

    Good that the authorities are firm – give out only verified and corroborated information. So that less twisting, spinning and sensationalizing by the “news” people. This is an unprecedented situation. We stick our goal post firmly right from the early stages. We may be going for the long haul.


  20. Here’s an example of the sensational kind of reporting that damages Malaysia’s image –

    “Families Storm MH370 Press Brief

    After getting around security at the Sama Sama Hotel near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Wednesday, angry relatives of Chinese passengers stormed a press briefing demanding answers. “Where are my sons? I need to know where they are,” one woman cried out. “It’s been 12 days. How can the Malaysian government not let us know of our son’s whereabouts?” pleaded another. “Not one Malaysian official has said one comforting word to us,” she claimed. Security officials physically removed the protesters and locked them in a room across the conference hall where they could not speak to the assembled media.

    Read it at South China Morning Post
    March 19, 2014 6:56 AM”

    Yes, those were the facts of what happened. So many sentences negative to Malaysia, none that points to the fact that the answers are simply not available now. Nobody knows. Storming the Briefing Hall won’t help.

    Maybe those are said in the subsequent paragraphs and the above paragraph serves only as an advert to get readers to read the South China Morning Post – their selling point. But that fact of commercializing the info on the act of “demanding answers” is detestable to me. And I even refuse to read the paper even if it’s placed on a silver tray for me.


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