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How Pakatan Rakyat aspire to finance itself

Most people think that Pakatan Rakyat politicians are human beings with excellent moral values and integrity. They portray themselves as the people’s saviour against Barisan Nasional politicians which they accuse as the corrupt devils greedy for riches.

In actual truth, the politicians in Pakatan Rakyat are as greedy and as corrupt as the ones they are accusing. And since they always arrogate themselves as the epitome of goodness, this hypocrisy renders them even worse than their Barisan Nasional nemesis.

Take for instance Rafizi Ramli’s overzealousness in trying to create the perception that the LRT extension project, which had been awarded to George Kent – Lionpac consortium, was dubious and it should have been awarded to Balfour Beatty consortium instead.

And it was later discovered and exposed by this blog that Balfour Beatty’s main partner is Ingress Corporation Bhd whereby the main player in the latter is a close crony of Anwar Ibrahim.  Luckily, the motive of Rafizi Ramli’s incessant accusations were uncovered and since then, he has been quiet about this issue.

Another example is how Tony Pua is belittling 1MDB and backed YTL over the tender of a power project. The blatant  support for a corporation to win a multi billion was so unashamedly done, eyebrows were raised as to why a senior DAP politician would do that. Ironically, DAP which is very much known for its principles on socialism is now seem to be capitalist in nature. Are they shifting their raison d’etre when big money is involved?

Hypocrites rule the roost and Pakatan Rakyat’s lust for money and opulence can be seen openly. Otherwise, why would DAP politicians in Selangor who should be a socialist in nature, demand near 300% hike in their salaries?

The latest incident involve water crisis in Selangor will raise more eyebrows. For a start, this is the chronology of the whole fiasco:


PKR politics as we all know is very much a carbon copy of Umno’s but in one huge difference – they do everything much worse.

On Wednesday, the Federal and Selangor governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will facilitate the implementation of the Langat 2 water treatment plant project and the takeover of water assets in the state.

The MoU breaks a five-year impasse that has stalled the implementation of water projects in the country’s most industrialised state. – Source

However, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli had claimed the party was in the dark about the MoU, and said the state executive councillors would be asked to explain.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali said the Mentri Besar would be summoned to brief Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim once he returns from Japan.

“We want to hear Khalid’s side of the story as many are still in the dark about the details. We are concerned over whether there would be an increase in water tariff prices and whether there would still be free water for Selangor,” he said yesterday.

Anwar’s official Facebook page showed that the Permatang Pauh MP is currently in Japan.

It has been reported that several PKR leaders were not informed before the state signed the memorandum on the water restructuring exercise while it is unclear if Khalid has the backing of the top Pakatan Rakyat leaders over the deal. – Source

Zaid Ibrahim had a different take on why top PKR politicians was in the dark about the deal:

Kajang by-election contestant Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said that PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim got “checkmated” by Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim on the water deal.

Zaid said it was too late for Anwar – who is apparently setting his sights on the office of mentri besar – to influence the deal that has just been struck between the Federal and state governments.

“It is too late. It is a checkmate for Anwar,” he told a packed press conference at his residence here yesterday.

However, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli had claimed the party was in the dark about the MoU, and said the state executive councillors would be asked to explain.

But Zaid believed Anwar knew the MoU would be signed.

“I am sure Anwar knew about the deal …in the event a new mentri besar takes over from Khalid, he cannot do anything to ruin the deal.

“I think what Khalid did was right and I agree with him.

“At least the future of the Selangor people would be more secure with the end of the privatisation of water supplies,” he said. – Source

Zaid Ibrahim’s press conference can be seen as below. There are many sneak peaks on what Anwar Ibrahim intend to do once he will become Menteri Besar of Selangor inside the video.

And today Khalid Ibrahim told the public on why the water deal was made in such clandestine manner. Basically, he did not want the trio of vultures – Anwar Ibrahim, Rafizi Ramli and Azmin Ali to take over the water deal for their own benefit. This triad of political schemers had been working against Khalid Ibrahim since day one of the Kajang plot.

Some PKR top brass wanted to set price of water assets, says Khalid

SHAH ALAM: Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim disclosed that there were party leaders from PKR who were trying to influence the valuation of the water assets in the state.

He said some party leaders had introduced him to a few people who were trying to make their case as to why the pricing of the water assets should be higher.

“I have been an investment banker for so long that I look at the principle of valuation before determining the price (of the assets). I stood by my principle of valuation and set the price at RM9.65bil.

“These people wanted to set the price and wanted the valuation to justify their price,” he said in an interview with The Star yesterday.

Khalid also explained why the mechanics of the deal could not have been revealed to all and sundry in and outside of the party before the agreement with the Federal Government was signed on Wednesday.

He pointed out that the information, if revealed, would have an impact on the price of the stocks related to the water assets.

“I was also concerned about possible abuse of information and insider dealing. These are reasons why PKR leaders were not informed ahead of the signing on the water deal between the Selangor state government and the Federal government,” he said.

Khalid said he did not inform his party leaders due to those reasons to ensure that the implementation of the transaction was right and adhered to proper corporate governance.

Like George Orwell’s Animal Farm – the ones who think could be the saviour, will eventually become worse than the alleged oppressors once they have tasted power.


43 thoughts on “How Pakatan Rakyat aspire to finance itself

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  2. a friend from indonesia, when asked to describe how the situation is after suharto was removed, said “pak…anjing yang lapar akan makan apa saja, dan mungkin juga akan makan anaknya sekali”

    same thing here. hungry dogs, all. woof woof


    • Maybe yr friend was on of suharto’s cronies who got monopolies for sales or exports of goods from indonesia, but they open a marketing company in singapore and stash all the money from their sales there instead of remitting it back to indonesia where it belonged.


      • tempawan,

        Always amusing to read your comments. Something to laugh at, to remind us of the kind of Opposition wild and unsubstantiated allegations, of fast-gun cowboys who shoot from the hips, who just say things for the sake of saying things, and making fools of themselves.

        So, to counter your comment on the same basis, can we say Lim Guan Eng always goes to Singapore to bank in cash received from commissions, kickbacks and profit shares from dirty transactions e.g sale of Penang state land like in Bayan Mutiara into his secret bank accounts?


  3. One thing being corrupt. Another thing being corrupt and accusing others doing so. It’s double fault. Usually done by people who like such terms as double happiness, double heaven and they go to double hell.

    All the sins that BN people do, PR people also do. Worse, much worse. Imagine doing so only after 5 years in power. If 50 years, they would have sold this country to the dogs.

    The bastards don’t care. They have no principles or scruples. PKR is an extension of UMNO, corruption-wise. Anwar’s former Private Secretary, who handled even his bank accounts, was reported as saying that Anwar amassed RM3 billion when he was Finance Minister.

    DAP is worse still. Their disenchanted former Youth leader pointed out in his blog SYA that DAP Perak Nga and Ngeh did the Tailorgate corruption just 49 days after getting power in Perak in 2008. Later on got 10,000 acres land in Kelantan from PAS MB Nik Aziz, reportedly for agreeing on PAS Mohamad Nizar become the Perak MB Sakejap – was toppled by PR ADUNs doing the katak lompat.

    Yes, PR aspires to finance itself from corrupt money. The devil also engages in evil. Let’s throw them out of the saddle. Especially in Selangor and Penang. Deny Anwar a Kajang win so that he will kepala pening. .


    • I think the worse is being corrupt and stupid. The crony got immense wealth from a privatisation and the gave only 10% kickback.all these can be eliminated by a transparent tender excercise done with good intention!


      • Yeah, like Lim Guan Eng claimed to have done a “transparent tender exercise” for the undersea tunnel privatization but did not state which newspapers the advertisement inviting proposals were placed in, did not give the list of those who submitted tender proposals, did not state the names of the tender opening committee, evaluation committee – the technical aspect and the financial aspect – tender award committee, and the tender prices of all those who submitted the proposals.

        Corrupt and stupid, eh? Sure lah, commission and kickbacks in numbered bank accounts in Singapore, Switzerland, etc. Dishonest intention, innit.


      • Let’s see… 10% of RM6.2 billion is how much? Oh wait. I mean… RM4 bil… or wait… Dang my Excel crashed. Was it 550 delegates x 10% x RM4 bil / RM6 bil? I dunno, these DAP mathematics are so darned exceptional.


  4. Like you said JMD, the water crisis in which Selangor and KL residents faced right now could have been avoided if the Selangor government heeded the advice of the Federal government back then. I’m not sure if Mou signed for Langat 2 is a little too late but at least it is a step in the right direction. I’m glad Khalid got his conscience clear this time around. He got it right by striking a deal with the Feds. Kudos to him. He shouldn’t let his judgment clouded with petty partisan politics as water issue is a big deal. Water is life necessity and people in charge shouldn’t be be played around with it. Our survival is at stake here. He should now listens more to his administrative experts than the political experts around him. Politicians play politics to deliver the best for the people. Politics is the means or the vehicle to deliver, not the end result. But at the moment in Selangor, it is the other way around. Politics is the end result. So Langat 2 is unnecessarily shelved and politicians in Selangor scored an illusionary victory. Several years later, it is the people in Selangor reap the benefits. They ended up become the victims of water crisis.
    The crisis threw into question the way the current administration go about in administering the state. Are they fit enough to govern a state the size of Selangor? They bungling in the face of crisis. How on earth then if they were to govern a country? I don’t know much about water reservoir, catchment areas or issues regarding long dray spell but experts in Selangor state government should had anticipated this kind of crisis earlier. They should took the necessary steps to address the issue before it turned into full blown crisis. If Langat 2 is extremely necessary, then they should tell MB straight away. They should tell the Chief Minister what he needed to hear. Not what he wanted to hear.
    Nevertheless, to heap the blame solely on the state administration sometimes seems a bit unfair. Like Mahathir always said, people get the government they deserved. It is them actually, the people in the state who voted those people into power and form a government. Me included. So you can’t really jump the track right now. GE is several years away. We’re like cars on the cable and there’s no rewind button. At least Langat 2 is already up and running. Till then, we should all cradle our head in our hands and pray. Pray to God things will not get worst.


    • “.. but experts in Selangor state government should had anticipated this kind of crisis earlier.” Pardon me, but what “experts” do they have in the Selangor State government? The Meteorological Dept is a Federal body. No doubt, they must serve all the people in Malaysia but would the Selangor political masters trust their forecast? That there’ll be no rains until end of March? There have been issues of trust and distrust even between Syabas and Khalid Ibrahim on announcement of water levels of the dams. One saying the other is scaring the rakyat into possible panic.

      “They should took the necessary steps to address the issue before it turned into full blown crisis.” But has it not blown into a crisis stage already? For so long housewives have been climbing up stairs of 4-story walk-up (no lift) flats carrying pails of water, yesterday Star news saying one poor woman had a miscarriage of her twins due to the physical stress of doing so. The situation been like that already for years. Since well before PRU13.

      The voters must be informed – and informed convincingly – of the danger of voting those who do not have the capability of either thinking out of the box, realizing that such matters must not be politicized, ensuring basic needs such as water be given to the rakyat at all cost. Blardy hell, Khalid saved billions in Selangor state funds but used them to hugely increase the Selangor politicians’ salaries and allowances, instead of replacing decades-old water main pipes that burst from time to time, like in Damansara Utama several days ago during the weeks-old water shortage period.

      What the heck, man, what’s become of Pakatan Rakyat/ PKR Selangor gomen? Now Khalid Ibrahim is doing something re the MOU with the Federal Government on the water issue but looks like more of a vengeance against Anwarul Al Juburi wanting to take over his MB post than sincerely addressing the water needs of the people. PKR top guns quarrel among themselves and we all separuh mati tak cukup air.

      O dear Kajang voters, please know and realize which side your vote has potable and drinkable water and not the dreaded sodomizing liquid, and do vote accordingly, please.


    • My comment, meant as a response to Keheningan Malam’s comment, I think will appear lower below – forgot to press the Reply button.


    • The peoples in malaysia does not appreciate water. They must learn to conserve like the australian. If my indoesian maid washes the dishes,she turn on the tap to the max despite repeated reminders. It is not right to charge more for water, but there must be some education on how we should try and conserve. The muslims, in this regards uses quite a lot for their rituals and bath.


      • Hi, maybe you should chastise the buddhists in Thailand to cancel their yearly water festival. So much water was wasted needlessly. No? Stop persecuting muslims please.

        Thank you.


        • Chongkran is not a buddhist festival.besides the chao phraya never stops flowing as although it may be hot and dry in bangkok, it never stop raining somewhere near the himalayan highland where the river mekong and chaophraya originated from.
          But i have to apologise about the remark regarding muslim rituals. They have the right to perform their rituals anyway they like as long as it does not injure or offend anyone .i just hope they extend the same privilege to the bumiputra christians on the usage of words issue.


          • Yes, Malaysia never stopped raining as well. If one part is suffering drought, some other parts are having heavy rainfall. And this doesn’t mean the muslims here do not know how to appreciate water, like what you said earlier. Again, stop persecuting Muslims.

            Thank you.


      • Who said people in Malaysia do not appreciate water? Ask Anwar Ibrahim. Read about people who wanted to make money from water that was said by Khalid Ibrahim. Anwar only cares about the colourless liquid that went into pretty boys’ rectum – psst, don’t use the word arsehole, that’s obscene, his Doctor wife Wan Azizah prefers the word rectum, ok?

        You got Indonesian maid? Buntut ka? Don’t starve her like that 60 year old Chinaman and wife in Petaling Jaya both of who will be hanged in Kajang prison for starving the 26 year old maid to death, ok? Two lives against one life is still not right coz it’s murder, ok?


  5. When God created mankind, everything was fine. When God created cheats, liars and prostitutes, things were still fine. When God created politicians, things went haywire. Especially Pakatan politicians.

    When God created Anwar ….. O God, why ….

    Malaysia has never been this disunited and divisive. All because of Anwar. His politics mess things up. He has no principles, no scruples. Pakatan Rakyat is not even registered. So diverse in political stand that component parties can’t even agree to have it registered. It’s just a marriage of convenience to satisfy his lust for power. He even main belakang to satisfy his lust for sex. His driver’s, his assistant’s … one case is now still at the court..

    And now he and gang want to make money out of water. Selangor water supply. A very basic need of the people. Thank God Khalid Ibrahim saw the evil intention. Pre-empted that – never mind whether out of conscience or vengeance for the perceived plan of ousting him from the Selangor MB’s post.

    God needs to punish Anwar. He has already been punished 5 years in prison. Hopefully another 10 years at the end of the Sodomy II Appeal. .


      • We don’t remember the country being so divided and disunited during Tun M’s era as Prime Minister. In fact, almost all were living in harmony from the period 1981 to 2003. Multi racial at its best. Please do not believe in your own lies you are trying to spread. Thank you.


  6. Why “a bit unfair .. to heap the blame solely on the state administration”? The voters voted on what they promised during elections. Only later they said election promises are not promises.

    They stood as candidates saying – aloud or to themselves – that they are capable of administering the state. When they failed and are proven incapable, it’s only them to blame.

    They have the State government officials, the key posts held by Federal Officers since time immemorial – that’s the way it has been and shall always be under what has administratively been known as “the Federal List” and “the State List”. Those that come under Federal expenditure and those under State expenditure. If MB Khalid chose to keep funds in the billions in the State coffers and spending on salary increases for him and the Selangor ADUNs, instead of spending them to replace ageing water pipes that burst here and there wasting the precious commodity, especially due to varying pressures – physical and emotional – during lengthy dry periods, that’s his funeral.

    With Azmin previously and now Anwar wanting his post, it might truly be Khalid’s funeral. Politically. Inna lillahi wa ilaihi …

    In politics and in war, there’s no saying kesian.


  7. They accuse others all sorts yet they do the very things that they accuse others of. Double mistakes they make there – accuse and doing what hey accuse. Lidah bercabang, lidh tak bertulang, cakao tak serupa bikin, what have you. DAP, PKR but less by PAS these days.

    Btw, anybody knows why PAS is keeping relatively quiet these days? Waiting to pounce on Anwarul Al Juburi (pangkat Mat Sabun beri) with a surprise demand for the MB position as they have more seats than PKR and their trusted man Khalid Ibrahim Anwar boots out if he wins Kajang?


  8. Khalid is brilliant.not only did he sidelined anwar,but he threatened to ration water supply to pm’s residence and department forcing najib to agree to his terms for the takeover of selangor water concessions.
    A long time ago, the haprak, hp6 gomen denied tnb to build new power plants causing a nationwide blackout. They justified this to privatise newbuilt power plants that made tons of money and turned a third rate companies like ytl into global icon.
    Now with 1MDB,we are back to square one. Might as well not privatise in the first place. It would have been cheaper for both consumers and country saving billions which could have gone to upgrade the living standards of those in poverty.
    Its just like our north south highway. The gomen could have built it cheaply and paid for it by tolls. By privatising, it was one bail out after another,all using tax payers and epf money.
    Pakatan ex-umno mats think like umno mats. They think the country’s money is their personal banks account. This thinking must be eradicated. Thank goodness forkhalid, the bugis warrior.
    But i dontch understand why bugis people so scared of hchristian head hunters from sarawak. Please do the right thing and allow bumiputra christians to practise their faith freely and revoke unjust laws in the state that persecute and violate civil rights.


    • Where got Khalid “threatened to ration water supply to pm’s residence and department”, Mista? Where you got the info from? Quote your source lah, state the paper and date of the news so it can be checked. Or you just manufacture the info yourself? You Christian ha? Why you do that ah?

      Even if Khalid has said that, you so stupid as to believe that as a genuine threat? If he threatened, Khalid can be counter-threatened with arrest under sedition charges etc, do you know that? Which school you came from? You sound so childish as to say “forcing najib to agree to his terms for the takeover of selangor water concessions.” You don’t even know who benefited more in the deal, don’t even read the comments Khalid made that he was doing it in the interest of the water users in Selangor.

      Blind to DPM Muhyiddin’s statement – obviously meant for Anwar – that the deal is irrevocable, meaning what the Federal government has got cannot be changed? Deaf to what many people have said that Khalid did it also out of vengeance against Anwar wanting to take over the MB post from him.

      You think not telling the party boss about signing the MOU is a small thing ha? You cannot read the implications of that ha? Like that, he can be “forcing najib to agree to his terms” ha? And, as usual, you talk a lot of nuts, man.


      • tempawan,

        You should read these that appeared in today (and next time when commenting, do like this so that readers may believe you):

        “They know that Tan Sri (Khalid) would put aside political rivalry to protect the interest of the people,” one of his supporters said.

        He said the common man on the streets, grassroots members were more concerned about real day-to-day problems such as families being forced to cope with a water shortage.

        And you think he was “forcing najib to agree to his terms for the takeover of selangor water concessions”? What ta ….

        Btw, you did not read Khalid saying the agreement with the Federal government is confidential? You want to lie to people by implying you know the terms? Christian, did you say you are?


        • today quoted Khalid as saying the state government would declassify the MoU, but could only do so after going through a few official procedures.

          He also whacked Rafizi for making “baseless assumptions” over the water deal between the Selangor and federal governments.

          It’s clear therefore that tempawan is bullshitting, lying to the readers here.


      • @ tempayan dunno the art of negotiation. Go learn from sinkies on how to squeeze malay balls during negotiation. What did we get in return for the ktm land that divided sinkiland in two? Our johore straits is still divided but sinkie land is now united. In the end, our moronic HP6,haprak, 3/4 gomen build crooked bridge in penang instead of to singapore. Syiok sendiri mentality.


        • Waaa, you know nego arr? Learnt from Lim Guan Eng or Anwar Ibrahim arr? But you always “squeeze balls” arr? Try running your fingers below your navel in between your legs now, see if your balls are there. Maybe you have become an eunuch – know the word?

          No need to counter your stupid comment up there. Not worth it coming from an eunuch.


    • wow..state excos in Selangor have yet to see the MoU but tempawan already knows the T&C. Are you Khalid Ibrahim or are you just a liar?


    • Engaged by the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor gomen? Let’s arrest the PR gomen leaders for harbouring illegal Banglas.

      Fine them very heavily, too. Coz been harboring them since PRU13.

      Also find out how much they have collected from the Banglas as “harbouring fees”, and how much went into the Treausry that Khalid said has gone up in funds under his administration.

      Maybe the harbouring fees funds will be used mainly for his and Selangor ADUNs’ hefty salary/ allowances increases.


  9. Would Anwar or anybody in PKR/PR throw in some spanners into the works and sabotage the arrangement for the Federal Government to sign a “heads of agreement” (details on the MOU) with the Selangor state government pertaining to the restructuring of the state’s water industry? Here’s an extract of the fresh news:

    SHAH ALAM: The Federal Government has agreed to sign a heads of agreement with the Selangor state government pertaining to the restructuring of the state’s water industry.

    Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the agreement would be signed in a week.

    “The agreement will have more detailed information about the restructuring exercise,” Khalid told a press conference after chairing the weekly exco meeting on Wednesday.

    The Selanoor government will be represented by Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad. Are those fellows loyal to Khalid and will not be influenced by his arch enemy Azmin Ali or “clever boy” Rafizi or the supremo “pandikutti” – it means piglets and the word was used by the Mamak, who was said to be fluent in Tamil, when he was complaining about so many things happening on or around the PRK Kajang nomination day – his court cases, even Karpal sedition sentencing.

    Presumably the details had also been discussed and agreed upon – recorded and witnessed complete with tapes – but had not been put on legal jargon at the time of signing the MOU. Khalid and the Selangor State government, as well as the Dahrul Ehsan blokes, can be sued if they renege. TS Muhyiddin has already said publicly that what they had agreed are irrevocable.

    Didn’t Khalid say he did it to preempt some people (presumably including his nemesis in PKR) trying to use the water issue to make money to finance PKR.


    • No sooner said than the perennially deviant bloke coming out with something nasty:

      Khalid told not to sign water pact until Pakatan gives greenlight

      KUALA LUMPUR: Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has been instructed not to enter into the water industry restructuring agreement with the federal government until the Pakatan leadership is properly briefed and gives him the go-ahead.

      Anwar said Khalid, who recently signed a MoU with the Federal Government to solve the Klang Valley’s water woes, should first provide a thorough explanation to Pakatan leaders on the deal.

      He said, “At this very moment, Khalid is having a meeting with the Selangor members of parliament and state assemblymen, explaining to them the contents of the agreement in detail.”

      He added that representatives from Pakatan, including DAP national vice-chairman Tan Kok Wai, PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution and Pas Research Centre director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, were present during the meeting.

      It’ll be very interesting to see how Khalid will react. I want Selangor people to not face water problems again in the future. I also want PKR and PR to go asunder. On both counts I want and support Khalid to proceed with the signing. I think this is the first time I support what Khalid is doing. You got my vote this time, Khalid.


      • Good that Khalid has the presence of mind to explain the agreement in detail to the Selangor ADUNs and MPs. He has done his job, I think.

        On whether he should explain to the PKR leadership – if they don’t bother about his position and want to take his MB post without following what was discussed with him, Anwar and Rafizi – as he said they did and agreed on a deal involving Azmin Ali resigning his Bukit Antarabangsa seat first – why should he not disregard them.

        That’s natural in politics, innit? Especially when what he is doing may stop the blokes from exploiting the water issue for their own personal gains – not just making money to finance PKR but for themselves as well.


      • Anwar gave the “instruction” to Khalid too late?

        Khalid Ibrahim said today (theSundaily) the state government has also signed another agreement with Putrajaya on Tuesday, containing more details on the restructuring of the water industry in the state.

        “The (second) agreement is more detailed and we have discussed with Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili to make the MoU and the second pact public, especially for the Selangor citizens.

        “He (Ongkili) said it can be done as it does not pose a threat to national security,” he told a press conference today after the state executive council meeting.

        Abdul Khalid said the delay in releasing the documents was because there are certain procedures that have to be followed involving the federal and state governments. Thus, the consensus of Putrajaya is needed (to release the details of the MoU), he added.

        He was responding to statements made by PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and director of strategy Rafizi Ramli, who had demanded the state to make the MoU and the second agreement public.

        Bernama says Anwar wants Khalid to postpone the agreement pertaining to the construction of the Langat 2 water treatment plant as long as the PR leadership is not given an explanation on the matter.

        Anwar reiterated his comment that Khalid should have discussed the matter with the PR leadership first before making a decision.

        Looks like Khalid is ignoring Anwar. Good, good, good. The interest of the Selangor rakyat is more important than that of Anwar. Water is a basic necessity.


        • report published at midnight last night and updated at about 7.30 am this morning does not mention about Khalid having signed a “more detailed” second agreement.

          However, it states that Anwar said “the Pakatan leadership did not wish to unduly interfere with Khalid’s administration as he had been given the mandate to negotiate the water deal,”

          But he talked about the Mentri Besar should nonetheless display “a more humble approach” to doing things. So, was his a humble approach to Khalid? I don’t think so. He bulldozed the Kajang Move despite Azmin Ali had not resigned his Bukit Antarabangsa seat that Khalid said was agreed upon at a meeting in his presence.

          He said, “It is better we have some humi­lity to be more transparent ..” Forked tongue was he?

          Nevertheless, he did not threaten or envisage what action would be taken if Khalid proceeds signing after having explained only to Selangor ADUNs and MPs. In fact, his statement “We want him to be more cautious, and we have communicated our view that the briefing (to PR leaders) must be done before the agreement is signed, or else it will be meaningless” shows he has accepted the fait accompli nature of the whole matter.

          But let’s see whether there will be forked tongue again.


  10. When US Foreign Secretary John Kerry says they are “committed to finding ways to de-escalate” the Ukraine crisis, it means they have not agreed with Russia etc on the issue. They are still frantically talking and discussing.

    But when PR and PKR leader Anwar says Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid should not sign the water agreement with the Federal government until after he explains it fully to PR leaders, apparently talking through the news media, it means not only that there is serious disagreement in PKR/PR, but also that:

    1. The plan to make money from water to finance PKR and PR is fizzling out – the word rhymes with PKR Fizzi

    2. Khalid saying “people want to make money from water” exposes the selfish and greedy intentions of PKR/PR

    3. PR and PKR are in disarray as others are seeing the heartless blokes who even want to exploit the water issue that has made not just the voters but the entire rakyat of Selangor suffer – poor pregnant women were even reported suffering miscarriages due to endlessly carrying pails of water up the stairs of 4-story flats

    4. Anwar is desperate because the plan for him to be in Shah Alam in order to be near Putrajaya backfires. Khalid is not willing to resign the MB post, even appears to be sabotaging Anwar and gang’s plan in the name of protecting the interest of Selangorians and Anwar cannot say anything beyond “Explain, explain, explain.” And, at the very time Anwar said those, Khalid was explaining to ADUNs and MPs in Selangor, which included PR leaders – acknowledged by Anwar himself.

    5. Anwar is at his wits’ end now, complaining everybody is gunning him down – the courts, his Sodomy II trial endless appeals on blocking lawyer Shafee to lead the prosecution not granted, his own lawyer Karpal found seditious by the court and sentencing is due shortly, even blames the Election Commission for fixing the PRK Kajang nomination day on the day he was scheduled to give a speech in Parliament as an Opposition leader – thinking that everybody must watch his diary, he must be going bonkers and should see the psychiatrist.

    Moral of the story: Stop main belakang for God’s sake. If you stop, no more Sodomy trial, a serious offence, and you won’t get jittery about the prospect of going to jail for 5-10 years, again, and you won’t start talking crazy, blaming everybody, man. And maybe – just maybe – you might get away with the plan to make money on water to finance Pakatan Rakyat. The rakyat will still curse you but you might get away, like you amassed RM3 billion as Finance Minister, as your former Personal Assistant told the press a few years ago.


  11. Kena sebiji lagi si Nuar, gedebuk di bantai dek Khalid yang nampaknya geram sebab nak gulingkan dia dari jawatan MB Selangor. Habis le peluang nak buat duit untuk menyaran belanja Pakatan Rakyat –

    Khalid says to keep MB post, if “accepted” by all

    MSN Malaysia News – ‎1 hour ago‎

    Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (pic) says he wants to keep the Selangor Mentri Besar post after the Kajang by-election on March 23, “if he is accepted” by all parties.



    Here’s Malaysiakini’s “Live” report –

    4.52pm: Court resumes.

    4.55pm: Justice Balia Yusof says this is a unanimous decision.

    4.57pm: The prosecution says the judge have erred in its decision.

    “The learned judge had misconstrued on the integrity of the samples. He ruled there was tampering of the HKL plastic bag.

    “We have scrutinise evidence of the IO Jude Blacious what he did was cut the bottom of the plastic and put the recepticle, in each envelope.”

    “The tampering is on the plastic bag and not the evidence. The seals of the samples are intact and did not compromise the samples.”

    He said if the learned judge conclude the tampering is on the plastic bag only, and having examined the grounds in the judgment.

    “We find the judge has no reason to depart from his earlier finding (in calling the defence).”

    “The learned judge has failed and appreciate in coming to the conclusion. The judge has erred in listening to the foreign experts.

    “We find the judge had misdirected itself on the issue of the integrity of the sample.

    “We allow the appeal and found guilty of the charge.” (Mkini must have gone frust and lost control of their English and clarity in writing the report).

    5:03pm: Karpal applies for mitigation to be done next week. only manages to print their headline as of now –

    Updated: Friday March 7, 2014 MYT 5:11:25 PM
    Anwar sodomy appeal: Guilty

    Wonder if Anwar will be brought to prison straightaway – is this a bailable offence?
    I suppose DAP would now lead in finding funds to finance Pakatan Rakyat? They say Khalid would not do it.


    • Here’s what the Malaysiakini reporter/ editor tried to jumble up and confuse readers in the above report of theirs (below is from New Straits Times):

      The leading Judge, ‎Balia, speaking on behalf of the whole panel, ruled that the trial judge failed to judicially appreciate the evidence and give proper weight to prosecution witness testimonies.

      “PW25(Prosecution Witness 25 investigating Officer Supt Jude Blacious Pereira) had merely cut open P27(the plastic) to remove the receptacles(containing the semen samples) to be put into separate envelopes.

      “It is beyond dispute the tampering is only to the plastic and this is supported by PW25.

      The receptacles were intact. If they had been tampering, the (semen)samples were undisturbed,” Balia said.

      Balia said the court is of the view that the trial judge had erred in giving weight to DW2(Defence Witness 2) and DW4 that seemed to be armchair experts.

      “We allow the appeal and set aside the High Court judgement,” Balia said before ruling that Anwar is found guilty of the offence.


    • Finally, a huge disappointment for me – Anwar to spend only 5 years in prison, given a stay of execution and only RM10,000 bail.

      6.46pm: Judge Balia says the court having heard what the counsel told the court and found Anwar guilty.

      “He is convicted and sentenced to five years.”

      6.52pm: Judge Balia asks the two sides to stop arguing. Justice Balia says the application of stay of execution is allowed, pending appeal, with bail of RM10,000.

      He can still create all sorts of nuisance until the next Appeal is heard.


    • Actually, the country is wasting a tremendus amount of resource trying to implicate anwar for a crime, in the end could not find any and decided to charge him on sodomy. But due to media exposure, our kids in school all got corrupted instead. So they could be experimenting with this corrupted form of sex just for kicks. Who shall we blame for this?
      In any case, datin wan azizah was a better leader than anwar for the opposition. She was the one who led to 2008 tsunami. And she had a shadow cabinet. Anwar only use cabinet or his bum boys. Removing anwar made the opposition stronger because it removed the dirt of UMNO style politics in pakatan.


      • Where you put your head saying ” the country is wasting a tremendus amount of resource trying to implicate anwar for a crime, in the end could not find any and decided to charge him on sodomy”? You dunno he spent 6 years in Sg Buluh prison for corruption and sodomy but was released only after his sodomy appeal was allowed. So, his conviction for corruption remained, stupid.

        Wan Azizah “was the one who led to 2008 tsunami”? What psychedelic pill are you on, Mista? Mat Syabu arr?

        As I said earlier, always amusing to read your comments, boy. Come in often and amuse us, ok? Give us a lot of excuses to wallop you and the Pakatoon oso.


  13. “the politicians in Pakatan Rakyat are as greedy and as corrupt as the ones they are accusing” –

    They are worse. 5-6 years in power in Selangor and Penang, already creating havoc corruption-wise. In Perak, 49 days holding power already got corruption case. If 56 years, terrible.


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