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Why evade the real issue, Kit Siang?

This article below is taken from the blog Empire Strikes Back:


Lim Kit Siang wrote this in his blog:

The Empire Strikes Back – and the plot for a putsch by reactionary anti-democratic forces thickens with the call for a return of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to Putrajaya.

The blog by former Information Minister and one of Mahathir’s top propaganda minions, Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin, for the return of Mahathir to Putrajaya to help the Barisan Nasional federal government “tackle raging racial, religious and economic issues” is not only a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak but marks a new stage in the conspiracy and plot by reactionary anti-democratic forces in UMNO and the Barisan Nasional government for a putsch.

Lim Kit Siang’s reference to the Blog Empire Strikes Back ( and that this move is aimed at bringing Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad back into the government is a distraction from the main issue.

Empire Strikes Back has been instrumental in exposing the wrongdoings of DAP, in particular regarding the December 2012 party election and the September 2013 party re-election, both of which have violated not only the rules of the RoS but also the party’s own rules.

The fact that the RoS is taking action against DAP is because of more than a dozen complaint letters which the party’s own members and leaders sent to the RoS.

The complaints that the RoS received are as follows:

1. Inadequate notice period (which should have been 10 weeks, as what Karpal Singh himself admitted).

2. The 851 delegates who were absent or not invited to the re-election when they were eligible to attend and vote at the meeting.

3. The 985 instead of 865 branches that were involved in the re-election.

4. The delegates’ list of 15th December 2012 was not used, as they should have.

5. The proper notice of the meeting was not issued.

6. The election was not transparent.

7. Suspected elements of fraud.

8. Suspicious election results.

9. Manipulation of votes.

Lim Kit Siang should address these issues and explain how this happened and why nothing has been done to correct these violations in spite of repeated requests by the RoS.

DAP is trying to play the victim in this tussle with the RoS although from the admissions of the party’s own members and leaders DAP is actually the aggressor that not only violated the law but is stubbornly refusing to correct these transgressions.

Is DAP purposely inviting action from the RoS so that it can play the sympathy card and pretend that it is the victim of persecution and injustice?

This is more important to be answered than this fairy tale that there is a move to bring back Tun Dr. Mahathir to Putrajaya.


Most likely the longest serving party ruler in the history of the world

15 thoughts on “Why evade the real issue, Kit Siang?

  1. Buddha’s Wisdom for Lim Kit Siang, the neo-Maoist racial chauvinist bent on laissez-faire capitalism:

    Abandon your imagined “isms” and return to the reality of your own soul, and old uncle, you should have retired by now to prepare for the cosmic journey ahead of you. Go find a rightly-guided spiritual teacher before it’s too late!


    • Agree with Chris on the term neo-Maoist for Lim Kitty Siang.

      Lim uses the words “reactionary anti-democratic forces”, which were often used by communists and especially during the Mao Zedong era.

      The terms “chauvinist and racist” has been used against Lim for ages – since he started hogging the Maha Chauvinist and Racist Lee Kuan Yew’s slogan of so-called Malaysian Malaysia, wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of he Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak until LKY and Singapore were kicked out of Malaysia in 1965.

      Lim headed DAP which became anti-Malay and anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969. He featured prominently in events that led to the race riots. .




  3. There is a common saying , ‘kalau jumpa keling dengan ular , bunoh keling dahulu’ but now I think that have to change or upgrading , ‘kalau jumpa cina dengan keling , bunoh cina dahulu, never mind the ular because ular only strike once not repeat action ,that also if provoke .


  4. “ not only a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak but marks a new stage in the conspiracy and plot by reactionary anti-democratic forces in UMNO and the Barisan Nasional government for a putsch.”

    I guess if it does come to a vote of no confidence in Najib, LKS will will be one of those who supports Najib.

    Love him or hate him, Malaysia was economically very well off under Mahathir until the Asian Economic Crisis of 1997 and the fall out with Anwar in 1998. Malaysia post-Mahathir is directionless and confused as to its direction ahead, and history shows that it’s during such times when the people will look towards a strong, no nonsense leader who will lead them out of the mess.


    • I support your opinion that “Malaysia post-Mahathir is directionless and confused .., it’s during such times when the people will look towards a strong, no nonsense leader who will lead them out of the mess.”ene

      I wish TDM, or some one of his political will and shrewdness will return to the scene. Alas, I see none among the present line up – only TS Muhyiddin perhaps has some of the qualities TDM has.

      But Khairy Jamaluddin and Shahrizat have to got rid of for Najib to be replaced. Let’s campaign for all those to happen.


  5. I have personally known uncle Lim Kit Siang since the mid 70s when he was in his prime political journey to build a new image for DAP and rebranding from his socialist stand after he left the service of LKY. The latter left for Singapore and build his own kingdom on the advice of the late 1st PM Tunku Abdul Rahman on the separation of Malaysia and Singapore in the mid 60s. LKS is a shrewd politician and a number of his right hand men could not tow his lines and had abandoned the DAP struggles. One of the prominent ex DAP leader is Lee Lam Thye my old enemy turned friend from the mid 70s.

    I wish to ask and remind LKS that our former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir is a genius and national icon who had done a lot for the people and nation in his 22 years of reign as the 4th PM. Dr.Mahathir is a strong willed and remarkable political leader and until today still remain steadfast as an life UMNO member. He was nearly ousted from power in the late 80s when the chips in maintaining political power was in a mess and he was blamed for all the mishaps of the party that all Malays, including myself love the party from our early days in the 60s until today. Dr. Mahathir was saved from disgrace by the political strategy of the late Tan Sri Mohammed Rahmat and his SB team, including myself, who were entrusted to revive UMNO when the party was declared dead by the ROS in 1987. The rest is political history in UMNO that should not be forgotten.

    As the recent spin for Dr. Mahathir to return to power and help Najib in this troubled times, created by the opposition and religious extremism and dispute between Muslims and the Catholic Christians in this country, that could marred the continued unity of our citizens, I opined that it’s not an issue and I personally also support a revival of Mahatherism. Why not if Najib, UMNO/BN is now really in deep shit? I do not think that Najib is powerless or greed in preserving his political power to continue ruling this nation and country. However, having said that, I have suggested to PM Najib that Dr. Mahathir should be invited to return to UMNO so that his ideas and criticism of both the BN and PR government could be heard by the people in the proper perspective. An appropriate designation should be endorsed for Dr. Mahathir to enable him to play a vocal and effective role not as a PM in return but perhaps as “A senior Minister in the Cabinet”. This is my two sen worth of my opinion, take it or leave it, depending on how my views are taken, either seriously or thrash to be forgotten.


    • I always have a problem with you and your son Omar Ong. I have doubts on your sincerity and I do not understand how come Najib gave your son special treatment. What is it that Omar Ong has that others with similar, if not better, qualifications and experience don’t have, and you have not been willing to tell. Call me jealous, envious whatever, I simply don’t like it, and I believe I’m entitled to express this view when you come out with comments some of which appear misleading.

      For example, you said above, “he (Tun Dr Mahathir) was blamed for all the mishaps of the party that all Malays, including myself love the party from our early days in the 60s until today.” All Malays including yourself? Are you claiming to be a Malay when your surname is Ong? Would you like to explain (that’s a polite way of asking, isn’t it?) – would you like to show proofs that you have lived the Malay way of life, the third element in the definition of a Malay? If not, you would be misleading us with such a statement as the above.

      You also said, “Dr. Mahathir was saved from disgrace by the political strategy of the late Tan Sri Mohammed Rahmat and his SB team, including myself, who were entrusted to revive UMNO when the party was declared dead by the ROS in 1987.” What is SB team? Special Branch of the Police? You in the team? How come?.

      “including myself, who were entrusted to revive UMNO”? Are you an UMNO member? Surely Mohamed Rahmat would not have included you as a team member unless you are an UMNO member. Even if so, you must have some special knowledge and experience to have been “entrusted” to revive UMNO when there are so many others who are 100% Malay UMNO members? I simply don’t believe that. Unless you can prove that. Until you do that, I simply take it that you are misleading the readers here, trying to show your importance and influence, which I doubt you have or had.

      You have the right to say what you like, but not to mislead readers, and when you do, we have the right to ask you to substantiate, or call your bluff. Btw, in your comment in a previous post you said (seriously, I think, because you are an ardent admirer of Najib) you were planting kangkong with your daughter in China? You have migrated to China now?


    • PM Najib is a spinless person and leader. So does his army of equally clueless team of advisors.
      Contrast this to his late father Tun Razak and Tun Mahathir and their team of advisors who can see the wood for the tree. The only blot in YAB Tun Mahathir legacy is to appoint two incompetents as his successor. May YAB Tun able to right his wrong.


  6. The chinese should have realised by now that DAP is just a family dynasty. The Dec 2012 party election and the Sep 2013 party re-election were clear manipulations by the big shots. The latest Mercedes for Tokong Lim should have flagged the warning signal of more-to-come abuse of power antics.

    The question on Malaysians’ minds (specifically the chinese) must be “WHAT have the Lims contributed to the nation all these years?” besides barking and pointing fingers.

    If the chinese place a higher premium on their racial sentiment than their rational and objective assessment, then I dare say they will continue to be taken for a ride, while the Lim dynasty prevails to enrich themselves.


    • Tokong Bishop Lim believed his shining rainbow brand new Mercedes Benz S300L was a great investment because the Chinese Car Dealer ‘gave’ a RM100,000 ‘discount’.

      In other word, two months after acquiring the Toyota Camry, Tokong Lim probably found out that the Camry was a bad investment.

      However, his cinabeng kiasu racist chauvinist hypocrites DAPsters defended Tokong’s Mercedes by saying the Tokong fully deserved it for his ‘shining’ contributions to the ahbengs ahlongs ahlees and ahkows.

      So we wanted to know, if it was a ‘deserving act’, why talk about ‘discount’ or ‘investment’ in the first place?

      And we also wanted to know from smart brillliant economists and investors, especially the Dapsters, is buying such a luxury car a ‘great investment’ by people-elected gomen?

      As for Father Dynasty Lim Kit Siang, he believed only his Johore born son from Melaka, and not any DAP or Chinese guy in Penang or any part of this country, is most deserving and most capable of becoming CM of Penang.

      Hence, never ever question Tokong Lim’s Mercedes S300L’s brilliant investment. He fully deserved it. Dont believe? Ask his Father.

      As for Ah Jib Gor, wake up fast, or ship out soon. You are slipping and the Malays are watching.


    • If the question on MOST Malaysian Chinese’ minds is “WHAT have the Lims contributed to the nation all these years” besides barking and pointing fingers”, I’d be happy. Sad to say, so many Chinese have been taken by the Lims’ chauvinistic and racist exhortations and instigation such that they produced the Chinese tsunami at PRU13.

      Sadder still, there have been no signs of a let up. Guan Eng exploiting the kalimah Allah issue despite the Appeal Court decision and all. There has been a lot of racial and religious tension in the air. I fear it might explode into another May 13.

      The race riots of 13 May 1969 benefited the Malays – the NEP was born. The Army came out on the streets and showed everybody that they should fear the Army and avoid the suspension of democracy, and business suffered during curfews etc.

      The younger generation of the population may not realize the sad consequences but they should be cautioned against any acts or utterances that’ll lead to another May 13. The Lims don’t seem to care despite the fact that he old Lim was detained under ISA for 2 years. Damn them.


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