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Pakatan Rakyat and their incorrigible #TURUN hooligans/leaders

The countdown celebration in Dataran Merdeka was cancelled just now because a couple thousand of people had crashed though barricades and stormed the concert area at the field.

Pakatan Rakyat and their leaders have to answer for this travesty; where they claim ‘peaceful’ gathering of their supporters will not disrupt of create any chaos in the city centre.

But knowing these leaders where they do not uphold and accountability not integrity, they will deny any involvement and shift the blame to the government.

The plight of the rest of the crowd who went to the concert in order to celebrate and have fun with their friends and family members will not be of any importance to them. Their intention was to usher in 2014 with much joy and happiness but this had been greatly denied by those Pakatan hooligans.

Now who should be held responsible? Demonstration like this will only affect the reputation of the nation. It is appalling to say that Malaysia is on the brink of disaster and the people are very very unhappy because of government’s mismanagement when everywhere in Malaysia (including in Dataran Merdeka) normal citizens are trying to have fun.

19 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat and their incorrigible #TURUN hooligans/leaders

  1. Those are not patriotic Malaysians. They are samsengs n idiots being exploited by irresponsible PR hate ideology. “Melayu mahu bunuh Melayu, mahu bunuh Cina, Mahu bunuh India, lagi mahu bunuh siapa?”….bunuh diri lagi baiklah, jika nak berhenti jadi orang, janganlah mengasok dan mengkacau orang lain. Dataran Merdeka bukan bapak lu punya!!!


      • He wants to show that he is a Malay, that his son Omar Ong is a Malay and justified to be appointed by Najib to Petronas BOD etc. Elsewhere he has written views that make him appear as if he is a Malay by definition under the Constitution – speaks Malay habitually, practices the Islamic religion and follows he Malay way of life – pakai kain, songkok etc.

        But when off-guard, it shows he is not, like the above. Most of the time he “acts” as a Malay for his family to get what they want in life, but does not think being a Malay all the time, because he is not a natural Malay. He is even seditious against the Malays in the above statements he made.


      • No real harm in wanting to be a Malay. But be careful lah what you say – all the time. Imagine using the word “bunuh”. He said he’s an old man (son Mustapha is in his forties (?), yet uses the words “Dataran Merdeka bukan bapak lu punya!!!”, too.

        Putting those “bunuh Cina” etc words in quotation but not saying who said them – if ever they were said by anybody – makes him not only irresponsible but also appear as having ill intentions.


      • We cannot rule out the possibility of a DAP bastard masqueradng as him – masquerading, using other people’s names, are one of their favourite dirty and despicable tactics in blogosphere. DAP is on
        record as anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969.

        Let’s sea if there is anyone claiming to be the real Mustapha Ong coming out disclaiming writing the above nasty comment.


  2. Frankly, should get a very tough, honest and strict leader for this nation. The country is becoming more and more uncontrollable. Thanks to you M;sian politicians, BN and Oppo. One side is corrupted and the other is power crazy, not democratic inspite of their rhetoric and fucked-up battle cry of good governance. Hypocrates!


  3. We should keep a balance diet if we want to remain healthy and move forward into the year of the Trojan horse from today 2014 and beyond. Happy New Year 1st day and move on please! Malaysia belongs to all of us now, the present and future generations! Malays are given and guaranteed by the Constitution to lead this nation based on fair and reasonable principle with strong and healthy political ideologies, so do it properly and let others progress economically that will benefit all of us Malaysians, even from rags to riches! Malays, bumiputras, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Iban dan lain2 suku bangsa di Sabah dan Sarawak.


    • Aaaaaaa, the bloke using the name Mustapha Ong comes out again.3 hours later. He does not disclaim the first comment above. It shows he is the same person writing the first despicable comment.

      And in this comment he sounds his usual self. But writing the first comment above shows he is really a despicable person. It diminishes greatly the value of, even nullifies what he said in, the 4.33 AM comment.

      No need for you to say “Malaysia belongs to all of us now”, Mister. Just behave properly, avoid making stupid and defamatory and seditious comments like your first and the blog first comment above is good enough to show you are a Malaysian. Don’t be like the blokes using the name “Malaysian” when blogging but talk very un-Malaysian. DAP buggers. Surely you are not one of them? So, behave so, will ya?

      When everybody does so and live in accordance with the Constitution of the county, respect it and follow all existing laws, then we all can have a Happy New Year. This year, the next and the next. The old and the younger generations.


    • You are the trojan horse, a celup Malay, sent to rob the Bumiputeras.

      Quote: “fair and reasonable principle with strong and healthy political ideologies” are some bombastic concepts (copy paste) from colonialist propaganda – whose essence YOU fail to understand.

      To the Malays, “fair and reasonable” means revoking all pendatang’s citizenships as they have been actively attempting to NULLIFY the constitutional rights of Bumiputeras. They brandished the sly and sneaky term “meritocracy” to negate the constitutional provision.

      The next pendatang who shouts “meritocracy” must be rendered an illegal overstayer with immediate effect.


  4. Granted that many ppl were not happy with the price hikes etc but to do what they did last night is just shameful and obviously without sense of pride and love to the country. No wonder many of us just can’t support the Pakatan Rakyat in spite of poor administration by the current BN government. Pakatan simply failed to show us what good can they do for the nation. Disrupting peace, causing havoc and all other nuisance in the other hand is what they good at.


  5. It has all the trademark of Anwar Ibrahim. He has been good at demonstrations since the 70s. And that’s all he’s been good at. Rabble rousing. I wish his “following” were more intelligent. But what do you expect? The most disruptive students are usually the problematic ones, people who cannot cope with their studies. Their only outlet for “meaningful” expression is by being simply disruptive, obstructive.

    And anywhere you go, the majority of them will be Malays, roused and led by people like Tian Chua. Yes, Malays! Always Melayu. Nothing wrong with admitting some Melayus are weak. Used by others in business, in politics, in social disruptions. Directionless Melayus, led by their noses like cattle.

    There are also those whose minds are closed by their ketayaps and tudungs. These are also cattle, spouting the same slogans everywhere mindlessly, always smiling like………?

    Maybe the government should reduce expenditure on scholarships, bursaries, loans and what not for these students that run into the billions and put our taxes to better use instead of funding these beggars who can never justify any positive returns on the investment of public funds.

    Why not TURUN all them funding, eh Najib? The less of them as “undergraduates” the better. Less problems, save money that can be better spent on the real rakyat’s needs, less “legitimacy” as supposedly brainy people.

    What’s your take on this JMD?


    • If you want to take back all those, it should be across the board (all races), since malays are not the only people who get scholarships. Thanks.


    • I’d say reducing scholarships is unwitting, reducing the number of universities or the student intake may be.

      The fault lies not in the scholarships but in the lack of proper upbringing pre-university, hardly any parental control when at the university, evil influences in campus and outside.

      The University and University Colleges Act should be tightened, no politicking in the University, the lecturers be scrutinized and made to see the big picture, Anwar and his goons banned, etc.

      All those mess started with the auto-piloting by Tun Dol, exploited by Al Juburi and the ultra kiasus, made worse by bending-backwards Najib. Bring back Tun Dr Mahathir kind of leadership in UMNO and we can see things improve.

      Otherwise we might have to wait for some disaster happening for those in high office to realize the follies of their policies, those trouble-making leaders be put in jail and their influence neutralized, even stopped completely. Then we can see unity, discipline among the students, long term peace and order.


  6. ‘astound us with your intelligence’ ..but i’m not that intelligent, so i just want to ‘maki-maki’ them who caused all the troubles last nite….


    • I also don’t like a number of things Najib did or didn’t do. But if I were to say “It’s Najib’s fault”, I would at least give a few examples. Then hope readers would believe me.

      So, please tell us his actions that “provide lots of bullets to opposition”. And we can discuss them here.


  7. “they will deny any involvement ” –

    Sure they deny involvement. They have already said so. Even before the event.

    But what the hell is that Chegu Bad doing holding the loud hailer and shouting all sortson the New Year’s eve at the relevant places, shown in videos here and there? Isn’t the son of a gun a PKR leader. Of sorts, at a certain level. given a seat to contest but lost at PRU13.

    My goodness, if that kind of a bloke gets elected, he’ll go from Bad to Worse. But lucky he resigned from teaching. Otherwise he would have created havoc on the thinking of the poor school children who cross his path.


  8. Yes, Pakatan Rakyat and their incorrigible leaders, unrelenting racist anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP stand.

    Pakatan Rakyat no longer has any constructive views, any worthwhile political stand. Even what they had prior to PRU13 all dissipated into thin air, many out of cakap tak serupa bikin, election manifestos that were not promises – never done in any democratic countries, only in countries like Zimbabwe and the Banana Republics. They got many of the popular votes mainly because of riding on the anti-UMNO sentiment by PKR and PAS and exploiting the anti-Malay feelings of the non-Malays that DAP has been adept at since they caused the race riots of 1969. So, they continue instigating racial and religious animosities in the country.

    Having shown their irresponsible behaviour concerning the New Year’s eve do at Dataran Merdeka, now they are exploiting the kalimah Allah again, the Klang Church challenging the decree made by the Sultan of Selangor, supported by the Pakatan Rakyat people and the not-so-Pakatan attention-seeking groups and individuals like Marina Mahathir and SIS whose members include Marina Chin, the new Chairman of Bersih.

    Btw, is there a curse on the name Marina – they seem to evoke disgust and disdain pretty often. Just asking, not cursing though.


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