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Anwar Ibrahim the habitual liar?

When Bernama broke the news that Khalid Ibrahim never paid RM15 million to Anwar Ibrahim as what had been bandied about in the blogs for the past couple of days, Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat’s supporters must have given a sigh of relief.

Khalid nafi bayar RM15 juta kepada Anwar

SHAH ALAM – Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim hari ini menafikan dakwaan kerajaan negeri membayar tuntutan elaun dan sebagainya berjumlah RM15 juta kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim selaku Penasihat Ekonomi negeri.

“Perkara itu tidak betul,” katanya ringkas ketika ditemui pemberita selepas persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri di sini.

Dalam pada itu, Setiausaha Akhbar Menteri Besar, Arfaa’ Eza Abdul Aziz ketika dihubungi Bernama, turut menegaskan dakwaan tersebut palsu dan Abdul Khalid tidak pernah membuat sebarang kenyataan dan ulasan mengenai tuntutan berkenaan.

“Pejabat Menteri Besar sendiri tidak pernah keluarkan kenyataan mengenai tuntutan Anwar dan saya berasa hairan bagaimana isu itu boleh timbul malah mendakwa pula ia disiarkan di laman web rasmi kerajaan negeri sedangkan itu tidak benar.

“Saya telah membuat semakan dan tiada berita sedemikian disiarkan namun tidak menolak ini permainan pihak tidak bertanggungjawab untuk mengeruhkan keadaan sedia ada,” katanya.

Beberapa laman blog baru-baru ini melaporkan Anwar didakwa membuat tuntutan kira-kira RM15 juta tahun lalu membabitkan tuntutan elaun pejabat, perjalanan ke luar negara dan  perbelanjaan makan serta minum. – Bernama

But perhaps the journalists did not ask the right question. So how much did Anwar Ibrahim receive from Selangor state government regardless in terms of salary, claims, allowances, expense account etc?

In this regard, The Mole made a good verification and had revealed something of which Anwar Ibrahim gleefully knew and accepted but remain unknown by even the strongest supporters of Pakatan Rakyat.

Selangor paid Economic Adviser RM150,000 a year

KUALA LUMPUR : The Selangor government paid RM150,000 a year for 2012 and 2013 to its Economic Adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, not RM15million as alleged by certain quarters.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s political secretary Faekah Husin clarified that the RM150,000 a year allocation was approved by the state treasury and not by the Mentri Besar’s office.

There has been allegations, following the exorbitant pay hike of Selangor state assembly members, that state economic adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had also received about RM15 million in office allowances, overseas travel expenses and subsistence.

“It is not true. The Selangor state did not pay RM 15 million to Anwar. If the15 million was approved the mentri besar and his officers would not be facing such pressure as we are experiencing now.

“A sum of RM150,000 was allocated by the treasury in 2013 and it was the same provision in 2012,” Faekah said in a text message to The Mole.

She reiterated that the RM150,000 a year for the state Economic Adviser was not paid by the menteri besar’s office but Faekah did not elaborate on the ‘pressure’ faced by Khalid and his officers.

Khalid has also denied reports that he had issued a statement on his Economic Adviser’s RM 15 million claims and allowances.

“The Menteri Besar’s Office never issued any statement on Anwar’s claims.  I am surprised how the issue came about, even saying it was posted on the state government official website,” he was quoted as saying.

PKR Wanita chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin said she was not aware of the RM15 million allocation for Anwar. She said the allegations were libelous.

” As far as we are concerned, Anwar’s paycheck is only RM1″, she said when contacted.

Anwar, Azmin and several other PKR bigwigs had recently critised Khalid for being a stingy state leader who was more focused in increasing the state’s cash reserves than serving the people.

Anwar Ibrahim had always took pride in his arrogant piety that he is willing to work for the Selangor state government for just RM1 in return per month. And he told everyone about this. What a good man he is, willing to sacrifice monetary benefit just to serve the people. One day, he will be the greatest Prime Minister this country ever had. But in actual fact, he gets so much more as the report above stated.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 2.37.25 PM

Do you think a habitual liar and a non-transparent megalomaniac can become a good leader, more so a good Prime Minister? And all this concerns Khalid Ibrahim as well for not being forthcoming in how much does the state is really paying this God’s Gift to Mankind. In this regard, Khalid Ibrahim is a liar too.

 You pay money to monkeys and you won’t get anything, not even peanuts.

18 thoughts on “Anwar Ibrahim the habitual liar?

  1. Ah Jib Gor salary may be less than the Selangor MB but he sure paid a lot to the consultants to do his job,about RM 7.5Billion. Even its true Selangor MB paid peliwat Anwar RM15million as an economic consultant its way a less that what Ah Jib Gor spent.


    • I don’t even bother to check the proposed Khalid’s and the current Najib’s salaries but if Khalid’s salaries are higher than Najib’s, whatever the circumstances, it’s just ridiculous and utter nonsense. Apa ini, MB of just one state gets more than the PM of the whole country?

      Must be skewed thinking, warped mind and demented personality the bloke proposing that. And the fellows supporting it.


  2. The Messenger of Allah s.a.w. cautioned us: “Indeed, among the sayings of the ancient prophets which humanity still recognize is this: “If you have no sense of shame, then you will do as you please, whatever.” “


  3. Of course it’s pretty disingeneous to make a hell of a lot of noise about the RM1 per month allowance as an economic adviser while quietly pocketing RM150k per year. That’s actually putting it lightly;” cheating” would be a more appropriate description. At least Najib doesn’t keep quiet about it.

    Defending cheats, for whatever reason, reflects one’s moral standing especially when that cheat aspires to be the leader of a nation.


  4. Now, isn’t that a lot of balderdash to say that the Selangor Mentri Besar’s RM150,000 a year salary or allocation “was approved by the state treasury and not by the Mentri Besar’s office”?

    Where else can you hear a Political Secretary saying that? Daft, absolute daftness. Is Faekah saying that the State Treasury is not instructed or informed or intimated to or whatever the applicable word by the Menteri Besar or one of his underlings?

    Is it possible that Faekah doesn’t really know the relationship between the political masters and the bureaucracy in Selangor? The fact that the bureaucracy is responsible to the political masters, whatever parties they are, and that a major and significant expenditure such as for the Economic Adviser must get the MB’s nod before disbursement, even allocation, under the State Budget? Which means it’s not “approved by the state treasury”, but by the MB.

    Is Faekah daft not to know that the State Treaurer (a Federal – PTD – Officer, officially known as the State Financial Officer, just one step below the State Secretary) would know and is sensitive to the fact that Anwar is leader of the Opposition at the Federal level, and that he must have made the allocation and disbursement only on the instruction of the political boss in the State?

    What utter goobladigook.


  5. Anwar Ibrahim the habitual liar? No, much worse than that.

    He lies to us, but conjures, concocts, fabricates, twists, spins, slants, bends, what have you, to the Neo-Cons, Jews and Zionists in the US etc.


    • Forgotto, gomen nasai – he also stoops. Not to conquer, but to be conquered.

      So, they all arranged for funds sent to organizations supporting him – Suaram, Bersih, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini etc. Lucky for us he lost the erections. If not he would have brought all kinds of Neo-Cons, Jews and Zionists into this country.


  6. “Abdul Khalid tidak pernah membuat sebarang kenyataan dan ulasan mengenai tuntutan berkenaan” – tentu lah begitu. Siapa nak buat kenyataan atau ulasan kalau bayar senyap senyap, hehe. .

    Setia Usaha Akhbar Khalid kata, “Pejabat Menteri Besar sendiri tidak pernah keluarkan kenyataan mengenai tuntutan Anwar ..” Anwar ada buat “tuntutan”? Kalau ada buat tuntutan, takkan Khalid tak bayar – Anwar kan boss dia.


  7. It is possible that Khalid pays Anwar RM15 mill, based on an understanding with the PKR bossman, on two counts:

    1. Khalid himself wants big money for himself by way of substantial additional remuneration in the coming 4 plus years in office or Anwar’s closure of one eye to some huge kickbacks from projects that are ongoing or to be announced. The motive is there as Khalid has a Court Order for the repayment of a RM66 million bank loan that was not enforced because he was still Menteri Besar. Not a small sum that RM66 mill.

    2. Anwar is facing a possible prison term arising from the Appeal on his Sodomy II charges. It’s a non-bailable offence and if the Government’s appeal is allowed, Anwar will be imprisoned. It may be the end of his political career as he is 66 years old now. So, why not go to prison with a RM15 million bang. It may not be much compared to the RM3 billion he was said to have amassed as a Finance Minister before, but he hasn’t been in a position to get any sizable income since that time, a long time ago. So, why not make the deal with “needy” Khalid.


    • Can anyone tell me how Khalid is going to repay that RM66 million bank loan? Yes, it’s his bloody business, but as a public figure, we have an interest to know, surely.

      He got the loan to purchase shares in Guthries in his personal name during the takeover of the plantation company by PNB many years ago, such that he, as a PNB General manager at that time, became the Chief Executive Officer of Guthries as a fairly worthwhile-mentioning also-owner-of-shares.

      It was a high gearing business proposition. He was supposed to have earned enough dividends from Guthries to repay the bank loan. But he took the company into opening up plantation lands in the God-forsaken part of Indonesian Borneo where there were no metaled roads to carry the oil palm FFB to the mills, and the palm oil to the port, and no nearby port for shipping the produce. As a result, when all plantation companies made huge profits, Guthries suffered losses and could not declare dividends. His bank loan suffered and the bank got a Court Order to recover the loan from Khalid.

      And Anwar bailed him out to a certain extent – gave him the Selangor MB post that Azmin Ali was fuming about ever since. But maybe that was only lengthening Khalid’s lifeline, not really giving him a new lease of life. All the same, Khalid must be so thankful to Anwar for letting him be MB again after PRU13, much to the chagrin of Azmin who by now could be a vermin. Of sorts. He was fuming mad.


    • What the heck man, gaji Prime Minister tak sampai RM23,000, gaji Menteri Besar Selangor RM29,000 lebih. Mana masuk akai?

      Hooi Anwar, awat hang tak kasi tau Khalid gagap itu bikin rakyat pikiaq hangpa gila duit pulak – hangpa dah lah depa tuduh gila kuasa, dah kalah pun tak ngaku, nak demo sana demo sini.

      Gaji Federal Minister tak sampai RM15,000, hangpa punya Exco dapat RM20,000 lebih, Gila ka hangpa?


      • Hahaha, salepas naikkan gaji dia dll, Khalid gagap cadangkan Najib naikkan gaji Najib dll pulak –

        Selangor MB suggests federal government to review salary of PM and MPs
        Astro Awani – ‎3 hours ago‎

        Cakap dia bodoh, marah. Macam mana pengundi boleh undi diorang dulu tu?


      • Aaaaaaaa, sekarang baru ada nampak Pakatoon gempaq sikit – Malaymailonline says

        Khalid Ibrahim is facing growing pressure to review the state’s plan to raise its lawmakers’ pay with his allies in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) now united in calling for a review of the proposal.

        After chairing the bloc’s presidential council meeting today, Anwar Ibrahim said the proposal had drawn widespread flak and forced the Pakatan to be on the defensive.

        He said he was concerned with the criticism it received from voters, which is why the Pakatan had decided that a review by the Selangor government would be apt.

        Gagap lagi lah Khalid. Sori lah kita dok panggil dia gagap, go personal pulak, tapi dia dok tipu kita kata simpan duit untuk rakyat tapi sabenarnya untuk diri sendiri tu kan personal jugak punya cerita.


        • Satu contoh dia patut gunakan duit berlebihan itu ia lah penuhi janji diManifestonya – pelajaran percuma (free education). Sekarang di bangkit dek Pemuda Gerakan –

          Keng Liang hands in memorandum to Selangor MB
          The Star Online – ‎1 hour ago‎

          SHAH ALAM: Gerakan youth chief, Tan Keng Liang on Tuesday handed a memorandum to the State Mentri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim questioning Pakatan Rakyat’s promise to provide free education as promised in the manifesto prior to the 13th General …


      • Yang di atas tu laporan themalaymail, yang pro-PR, lembut sikit bunyinya.

        Yang ni laporan theStar, keras bunyinya:

        Pakatan leaders demand that Khalid review proposed Selangor pay hike

        KUALA LUMPUR: The Pakatan Rakyat top leadership has demanded that Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim review the proposed salary hike for the state government leaders and lawmakers.

        Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang collectively said …the quantum should be determined carefully.”


  8. I have always been baffled by this Anwar Al Juburi, his politics, his intentions, his sex preferences etc. I don’t understand the man .. well, maybe I understand but refuse to accept the fact that kind should exist in this country or should still want to be PM – after all those.

    He has made all sorts of mistakes e.g:

    – bit the hand that brought him up from the gutters until he became Deputy PM
    – became impatient in not waiting for his turn, otherwise he’d be PM for 10 years already
    – became desperate until he was a traitor to his country – went to US badmouthing Malaysia
    – became a traitor to his own race – in cahout with the Neo-Cons, Jews and Zionists
    – became half mad in not admitting defeat at PRU13, went on street demos here and there
    – after 5 years in prison, still engaged in sodomy and will now face Sodomy II Appeal Court

    The prospect of him going to prison again is quite strong and the authorities are so serious to avoid the incidence of a DPP turning coat, like in the last Sodomy II trial, that they have engaged a well known criminal lawyer to be the DPP for the Appeal trial. Hardly any Muslim commits suicide but, after all those stated above, I would not mind if Anwar does so, literally.


    • Anwar badmouthed Malaysia not only in US. Elsewhere, in Europe, in ASEAN (Jakarta) and in Australaia, too.

      But happy to say that the Aussie PM bo layan him. He wanted Australian gomen action against the Malaysian government allegedly for asking Malaysian students not to attend his speech in Australia. But was pooh-poohed by the Australian gomen.

      Desperate and bodoh betul dia.


  9. Anwar has been a liar for a long, long time. Since in his twenties, nearly 40 years ago. As a student, he was anti-Establishment. Got ABIM on the streets demonstrating against one thing after another. Then he lied to the public about his disposition. He accepted an offer to join UMNO and the paving of his way upwards. He became pro-Establishment. In fact, when he was brought into the Cabinet as Deputy Minister, he was the Establishment – a part of it.

    Anwar can easily be said a Machiavellian. The end justifies the means. Anything for his political convenience. Instead of waiting for his turn to be PM, he, as Deputy PM, tried to push out the PM. All hell broke loose until he landed in Sungai Buluh prison. Hibernated there for 6 years.

    He came out of prison 6 years older and in greater hurry than before, broke an understanding with Pak Lah (who helped him to get out and was immediately handed a passport to go overseas by the son-in-law) that he stayed politically quiet for a period of time. But not long after that, he started snide remarks at Pak Lah’s government on BBC when in London etc, graduated to outright criticisms against old man Tun Dol. He was lucky because by that time even Tun Dr Mahathir could no longer stand Tun Dol’s “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” administration, was whacking his “wrong choice” all over the place. The result was BN’s historic loss of the 2/3 Parliamentary majority.

    Anwar benefited greatly from that. Exploited the opportunities that presented themselves. On with the Machiavellian tactics, started the marriage of convenience among PKR, PAS and DAP. Lied to the rakyat that they are a reliable, united, able-to-run-the-country force. When they can’t even agree as to who to be PM. Disagree on Hudud, on usage of kalimah Allah, etc. The voters must realize all these. We must propagate the fact that they lie and trick us all the time. They must be prevented from reaching Putrajaya at all costs.


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