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The ‘Independent’ Malaysian Insider is just a Toady

The Mind of the Analyst

 by Chedet

1. Among the cleverest people in the world are the analysts – the people who can see through solids, even see and recognise what lies behind. This gives them power and as we all know power corrupts. Few among the analysts can restrain the corrupting influence of their power.

2. The analyst who works for Malaysian Insider clearly is one who cannot resist the abuse of that power. Given a task by his master he comes up with a fantastic analysis on the recent decision by the court that the word “Allah” is exclusive to Islam and may not be used by the Catholic “Herald”. He saw an opportunity to serve his master like the toady he is.

3. His master had recently demonised me by incorrectly and clearly deliberately translating my statement on corruption. I had said that I was sold by my divisional representatives for RM200/-. The English version was correct. But the Malay translation implied that I bribed my divisional delegates with RM200/-. Why I should bribe them so they would not vote for me is beyond me. But the opportunity to blacken my name in the eyes of the Malays was too good to be missed by his master.

4. When asked to correct and apologise, Malaysian Insider decided to demonise me instead by stating that Twenty-five years ago when “Tun Mahathir Mohamad dismantled one of the most respected judicial institutions in the Commonwealth and destroyed the concept of separation of powers in Malaysia rhetorically he asked “how many Malaysians were truly upset with his interference?” In one sentence he made a lie appear to be an indisputable truth, without stating what indeed I had done to deserve the demonisation.

5. The arguments by the great analyst are rather convoluted but the implication is clear. The Malaysian courts (and here Tun Suffian words are made use of) will never be able to recover the respect they had before I “destroyed” them.

6. The truth is that the courts often made judgements against me or the government I lead. The classic case is when UMNO, the ruling party was declared illegal because a few branches cheated. Yet recently when the Central Committee of the DAP was found to have basically cheated, it was simply asked to hold another election. But for UMNO, when four out of more than 6000 branches did not follow procedures, the whole party was declared illegal. The judge who made this judgement was then promoted. I did not object.

The rest of the article can be read at his blog here.

For more articles on how The Malaysian Insider is really a running dog for the liberals who are afraid that their own smokescreens of under-achievements, weaknesses and insecurities  will be discovered by the public, please go here, here and here.

43 thoughts on “The ‘Independent’ Malaysian Insider is just a Toady

  1. I have read Tun’s latest writing…his arguments never ceased to amaze me…when I read an excerpt from MI about Tun admitting that he got himself elected through a bribe of RM200, I knew that it was just a matter of time when the Tun would jump to his defense and clear his name..nobody with high integrity and with a high degree of self confidence would just sit back and tolerate such blatant lies…Oo..how I wish that the powers that be in UMNO have just half of his caliber…

    Well..just a wish…just a wish….


    • Maaf tumpang promosi lagu “AIRMATA SEORANG MAHATHIR”… Kalau ada masa tolonglah bagi undi kat Youtube sebab lagu ni dapat pencalonan ke “Youtube Awards 2013 – Sponsored by KIA”… Terima kasih.


    • Sharifah,

      I think “the powers that be in UMNO (do) have half of (Tun Dr Mahathir’s) caliber”. Except that they don’t use whatever they have for purposes that UMNO had sworn to do when formed 67 years ago – to protect and promote the rights and interests of the Malays. To develop this country based on the Constitution that UMNO fought hard in the drafting of it – the Special Position of the Malays in consideration of citizenship right for pendatang etc.

      After all, those UMNO people were the ones who fought against the concept of the Malayan Union that would have diminished the Malay identity. What Najib has been doing appears to lead to that. He is rushing to a developed nation status irrespective of the economic position of the Malays. He even sidelined the NEP in his New Economic Model. He announced the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment only just before the nominations in the recently held party elections, designed to ensure no contest to the post of President that he held.

      There have been many complaints on the lack of deliberately organized attempts to distribute the NEP and the BEE over a wider spectrum of the Malay community. It appears to have been done on the basis of “siapa dekat, siapa cepat, dia dapat”. There has been no proper monitoring of the NEP benefits to avoid the same people getting them again and again, and instead spread them to those genuinely interested in doing business and in doubling and trebling the NEP benefits they get through their own efforts.

      Right now we don’t even know how many % exactly the Malays have in the corporate sector and there has been no attempt to calculate and monitor Malay wealth in the other sectors of the economy, like commercial buildings and residential properties. For example, percentage of Malay ownership of the Golden Triangle – not counting buildings owned by Tabung Haji, Petronas etc because they are institutional, not necessarily Malay owned.


      • “that would have diminished the Malay identity” –

        Any one ever wonders how many foreign visitors going about the cities and towns of Malaysia getting the feeling they are in a Chinese country?

        The so many Chinese names on buildings and shop houses. The so many Chinese names in shops in the various shopping malls. In Indonesia, there are Indonesian names to buildings, shops and businesses. The same in Thailand and the Philippines – Thai and Filipino names. No matter if the Chinese there have local names.

        What attempts by the Najib government to change these? One way or the other. Does Najib even bother to think of the need to change these situations? Not with his rush to a developed nation status no matter what.


  2. You know what JMD, master toady will assign another spin. We say good words, it is just another demonisation for them.

    Still the same MK happily ever after…


  3. The present gomen is content to let foreign agents run loose in this country. Instigating demos, setting up racial and religious clashes, even setting up media portals, and lying with impunity. Mahathir hit it right on the head when he said all this is happening because the current gomen is lembik.

    Interestingly, what is lembik in the eyes of the commoner is liberal and progressive to the liberals and progressives. These bangsawan offsprings and son in law of ex PMs and their privileged lives have a real self esteem problem, they want so much to be liked by everyone, and ending up being liked by no one. Stupid little shits.


    • This goemn is not lembik. It is stupid. They promoted all the 3rd graders into the civil service and many unemployable joined UMNO and turned it into a privately run mint to print more money.
      Recently ngv tech, a bumi owned shipyard went into receivership. That was just months after delivering a navy boat. With it, several boats that are in various stages of construction willbe auctioned. These boats were partly paid by overseas owners.
      Will the upscale top notch university just up the road (UiTM) make a case study on how this shipyard collapse ad teach the students on what not to do when doing businesses instead of anyhow blaming the minorities?
      And make another study on why a shipyard manage by iniai kiara(monopoly on port dredging) is also on the the fringe of collapsing. But unlike ngv, inai has super mokh to rescue.
      Meanwhile,shipyards in sarawak and sandakan are going full blast exporting ships to the domestic and world market.UiTM should really go into this and teach its student some pointers.


      • Waaaah, tempawan, you will jump at the opportunity to clap your hands when people say the government is lembik. Add some more by saying it’s stupid, eh? So far, for so long, I have not seen one positive comment out of you. But I have news for you – I also have not said anything nice about you.

        Ooops, got reminded about my appointment now. Got to go. Will whack you another time, man.


      • Oh God, you’re like the undead villain in a bad horror movie. Why can’t you just die and stay dead? Your argument is highly flawed. I was about to counter them but then the more pressing issue is: you’re off topic. Go away and do your own blog post on the issue and maybe we will come and comment.

        In the meantime, tell your f****** smart Chinese schooled kids to stop going for higher wages in Singapore, sacrifice themselves for the patriotic good, and enter civil service. Everyone knows SG is run by Malaysian Chinese, anyway. So why don’t you f*** ups stay here and make it better, ey.

        You fellas like to talk talk talk and complain about how shit things are but yet you shirk the responsibility to do something about it. Masuk polis tak mau, kutuk polis ambik rasuah saja tau. That’s what your people are good at: offering the police bribes when you have been caught red-handed, and then complain about it afterwards to excuse your own bad behaviour. Have some pride, will ya.

        JMD: Comment moderated with apologies.


      • tempawan,

        It is stupid of you to make stupid allegations. You have no clue what you are talking about. “They promoted all the 3rd graders into the civil service and many unemployable joined UMNO and turned it into a privately run mint”? Says who? Why don’t you give some figures, quote the authorities, who, when, where, how etc? If you do those, you won’t appear very stupid.

        You are out to show the weaknesses of Malays who have no culture of doing business, of taking risks, making profits, acquire assets etc, but have you read about the weaknesses of Chinese in China who, despite thousands of years of business knowledge and experience, were regarded by the West as economic pariahs until only 1-2 decades ago? And have you not read the Chinese in Malaysia who go bankrupt, others chased by thugs and gangsters paid by Ah Longs, and those who commit suicide for business failures, despite the system of help through clan and sub-clan associations and all kinds of business guilds?


      • tempawan,

        If all Chinese – even if most Chinese – are 1st graders, good in business etc, why the hell there is such things as putting up an illegal settlement in Mantin, as reported in the papers:

        Several DAP lawmakers arrested over Kg Hakka issue
        The Star Online – ‎Oct 30, 2013‎

        SEREMBAN: Police arrested several DAP members, including Seremban MP Anthony Loke, for obstructing a developer from demolishing houses at Kg Hakka in Mantin near here on Thursday.


    • Ramayana,

      The question must be asked – and I think we must discuss it – what do we do under a lembik gomen which is not keen on NEP and which may cause UMNO/BN to lose PRU14. I agree with Mukhriz wanting to be an UMNO Vice President to help ensure a win at PRU14.

      But a person clearly conscious of that could not get enough electoral votes, though he got more of the popular votes than Hishamuddin at the recent party elections. And Tun Dr Mahathir has fired a salvo – said to be the first since after the party elections – against money politics apparently prevalent in UMNO. but disregarded by Najib. That cancer which UMNO may succumb to.

      I call for TDM to start a campaign like he did that led to Tun Dol being ousted some years ago. It’s OK to rock the boat now, still about 5 years to PRU14, rather than at the next party elections in 2016 when PRU14 will be held at least by 2018. Letting Najib continue as leader will surely get more Malay votes run away and the 88 seats UMNO obtained at PRI13 may decrease at PRU14. And the Chinese tsunami fellows are not likely to come back as MCA continues in turmoil and Gerakan even appears confrontational against UMNO.

      I believe TDM with his 22 years experience of leading UMNO know how to bring about a leadership change and still has the influence to lead a Save-UMNO/ Malays campaign.


  4. The huge deficit and escalating cost we face today is partly the result of Dr M’s policies and programme.
    Every sq ft of office space in putrajaya, the gomen must pay RM8. That probably includes the mosques and the PM and DPM residence. I dunno how much putrajaya charges the civl servants for their housing and terms of contracts as its under OSA. The stupid citizens are not supposed to be nformed of such matters so that they will anyhow pay taxes and gomen can anyhow spend like women on steroids going shopping.
    And when they planned and built putrajaya,they forgot about the public parking for certain buildings.nor did they install proper trams or regular bus service. And how do the public access putrajay from KL? No transport. HP6, haprak 3/4 as stated by the old man himself. The town planner and his family should be executed. Its the only way these mistakes are not repeated.
    Is it a crime to be liberal? Liberals do not jail and torture people because they are different. We just accept the way things are, unlike Dr M, who spoke up against shiites. Seems to be the only place shiites and sunnis can live in peace and harmony is in the west,where everyone,irrespective of colour and creed are protected.
    I won’t want to indulge Dr M’s use of gomenmachinery to save the skin of his sons. Two of them were rescued, one using MISC and petronas, and the other, Danaharta and indirectly, khazanah.
    But out of the bad, comes the good.
    Marina has become the beacon of hope and glory. The only one in the family that is truly independent and full of wisdom. Our joan of arc.the one that could save the country from hopelessness and calamity. Shine on Marina!


    • The USA, the most liberal nation in the world, jail people without trials and torture them with impunity.

      As for Putrajaya, wasn’t that place planned and executed during Anwar Ibrahim’s time as Finance Minister? Wasn’t he the one who couldn’t wait to sit on the throne there? In fact, the layout plans for Prime Minister’s residence – the Seri Perdana was made according to his wishes since at that time he was supposed to be the heir apparent.

      Thank you.


      • Man plans but God dispenses …. he made a throne for himself but was unable to dress himself up with kingly qualities, now he’s just a common Berahi.


    • tempawan,

      The problem with you is that you are the common “Oppo hippo who makes the usual wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations and claims.” Who is going to believe you like that?

      I’d just laugh at what you say and scroll over your comment. But I happen to like walloping fellows like you as it provides fun and entertainment. So, here goes:

      Who says “The huge deficit and escalating cost we face today is partly the result of Dr M’s policies and programme .. Every sq ft of office space in putrajaya, the gomen must pay RM8”? You say? You don’t count.

      Who says the amount “putrajaya charges the civl servants for their housing and terms of contracts (are) under OSA”? Have you asked the Ministry of Finance? Or visited their official website and ask? You don’t even know what the OSA is. Saying “The stupid citizens are not supposed to be nformed of such matters”, can I call you a stupid citizen? Speak for yourself, don’t speak for other citizens. You have unnecessarily irritated the citizens by calling them stupid. You are a thug and gangster DAP/ Lim Guan Eng kind?


    • tempawan,

      You don’t even paragraph you writing, showing you are the anarchistic kind, not following rules and norms of writing. Clouding up what you say, all jumbled up, no pause but merely rattling off. That’s precisely your thinking, your behaviour. So, how to expect responsible views, worthwhile comments and meaningful input in the discussion that you jump into.

      Kamon lah, be responsible, man. People may believe you if you start quoting some reliable sources of the information you provide or accusations you make. And you will have achieved some purpose in making people believe what you say.

      Now you want Putrajaya Town Planner executed, when so many others have praised Putrajaya. And using big, bombastic word too – “executed”. You really are sounding thuggish and gangsterish now, man. And why “and his family”, too? You sound deranged, even mad there.


    • Waaah, tempawan, I must say I’m enjoying bashing you this time. None of the points you make are acceptablle to me, man. And this is a free country. So I’m free to bash you lah.

      No, it is not a crime to be liberal. Not unless you are in DAP. Lim Guan Eng has just issued instruction to DAP Organizing Secretary Anthony Loke to start witch hunting those in DAP “who wear the Rocket badge but have BN hearts”. They didn’t send you the memo on that? What a pity. You must be so low down the line that DAP memos don’t reach you, like the notices to the December 2012 CEC Election that led to the RoS instructing DAP to hold a Re-Election recently.

      I say, Mista, Dr M is damn right when he spoke up against shiites lah. If you don’t understand Malaysian laws, you ask lah. Don’t just stupidly say this and that making you being laughed at. The Constitution states Islam is the religion of the country and, in pursuit of that, Parliament passed laws to administer religion in the country, and the authorities have decided that the Islam allowed in this country is the Sunni Islam, not Shiite Islam. Have that sunk into your head or I’ll call the Talibans to sink you.

      Aiyya, I spent so much time wanking you olely. Might come in another time, to disabuse your stupidity, ok?


      • Shiites are muslims too you dumbo. Only thing is that they are on the wrong track, like many religionist. Why must they be enslaved by religious scholars? Don’t they believe in God? They only believe in religious scholars meh?


        • The way you talk shows you being one or more of the following:

          1. You are a bastak who doesn’t care about all the explanations given earlier, including lengthy ones by Anon above

          2. You have a thug and gangster mentality who doesn’t respect the laws of the country pertaining to religion and Islam

          3. You are an anarchist who doesn’t respect the Constitution of the country which spells out Islam as “the religion of the Federation” and allows other laws to be enacted for the administration of religion and Islam by such bodies as Religious Departments, Fatwa Councils, etc.

          Not respecting and abiding by the Constitution of the country, you should migrate, get lost to countries whose Constitution you respect.


    • “Liberals do not jail and torture people because they are different.”

      Uhuh. Ever heard of the French Revolution? That was the birthplace of liberalism. What did they do to all the royals, conservatives and even their own kind who opposed them, again?


  5. Yes, the Malaysian Insider becoming known by its wrong doings rather than good ones. Apologies abound, including when they were threatened with court action and had to advertise their apologies prominently and repeatedly in mainstream newspapers, like they did on ex-MAS Chairman Tajuddin Ramli’s court action threat.

    Their master has been called Riong Kali Kalimullah, a name Tun Dr Mahathir said sounds both like the Indian God and the Muslim God. A former Managing Editor of the New Straits Times during Tun Dol’s PMship, holding substantial shares for himself and/or for proxies under a takeover scheme devised by the group involving Tun Dol’s son-in-law, hence the news coverage slanted to favour the SIL prior to the UMNO Youth elections recently.

    But what has perplexed me is the MI Editor, Jahabbar Saddiq, a name that also doesn’t sound Malay, more of an Afghan, and was photographed wearing a hat often worn by the Taliban. He was for quite a number of years working for Reuters, the British national news agency, set up during or before World War II, playing a significant
    role in the procurement of war information for the British public and the dissemination of information, some in the category of propaganda, to the outside world. Yes, news organizations had been and are still used in the world of espionage and intelligence gathering, including the American and the Russian ones. Only Bernama may not, for its lack of sophistication and even poor command of the English language.

    Although existing for over half a century in the world, one wonders if Reuters in Malaysia has discipline in information gathering and reporting that Jahabbar should have acquired and applied in the so-called news portal that is not, for its periodic defamatory behaviour. Looks like whatever he might have learnt was thrown asunder by the lessons he must have been taught or forced upon by the Riong Kali who appears to continue to be promoting the interest of the SIL. And putting down TDM is obviously in the interest of the SIL whose paw-in-law and he himself have been demonized. More so now when TDM’s son, Mukhriz, is on the rise – even won more of the popular votes as a first-timer than Hishamuddin the second-timer candidate at the recent UMNO Vice Presidential race that was decided by the electoral college system.


    • Unless he learnt the propaganda aspects of the “business”, and applied it to MI fully, which to them means that anything is “fair game”, including spreading half truths and untruths, maligning, twisting, spinning and slanting so-called news.

      But the fact that they have become a laughing stock for having to apologize every now and again suggests that not many take them seriously except their usual followers. They have been called the “syiok sendiri” group, as they don’t publish views submitted other than those of their own kind.

      Even the Malay Mail, which has in recent times also experienced a take over by those not quite “the Establishment” kind, used huge lettering to their news heading, “The Malaysian Insider issues fourth apology in over a week”, pointing out the apology to Tun Dr Mahathir, Khazanah Nasional Bhd, etc.

      Even the “anti-Establishment” Malay Mail uses the words “In yet another blow to its journalistic credentials .. The Malaysian Insider was forced again this weekend to publish two more apologies .. making this the fourth time the news portal had to do so in a little over a week.”

      Blow after blow, they should have fallen down dead. But maybe they have 9 lives. The power of the Indian god Kali and the Muslim god Allah.


    • And now that they have established their fort in Malaysian Insider, they have sent the whole gang to hijack the Malay Mail pulak. What is Ah Jib Gor doing in the meantime? Sleeping at the wheel. This anak bangsawan is 10 times worse than the previous old fogey.


  6. Tun mahathir is untouchable! He is a good man and always be a good smart man. So who ever try to destroy him will instead be destroyed . Listen to his advise. Good leader is not easy to find and we will never have a respected leader like him. But we have so many clowns available ready to be leaders


  7. Maaf tumpang promosi lagu “AIRMATA SEORANG MAHATHIR”… Kalau ada masa tolonglah bagi undi kat Youtube sebab lagu ni dapat pencalonan ke “Youtube Awards 2013 – Sponsored by KIA”… Terima kasih.


  8. Pardon me, but why are we missing the other pathetic newspaper, i.e. utusan. They created and lost more legal issues than all the other newspapers combined possibly. Made to apologise numerous times. And yet, despite all these, refuse to buck up and improve on their reporting standards. Arrogant! more interested in provoking malays to create mayhem and hatred at the nons than honest to goodness reporting.
    The fact that circulation is assisted by gomen distribution to all its department, whether anyone bother to read it is another matter.


    • You are not pardoned. Utusan is not missing. Intentionally not mentioned. Majority Malays support Utusan.

      You blokes are incorrigible. When Court decisions in your favour, make noise. When not, also make noise. What man, you. Be like us lah. When High Court decides in favour of Christians, we kept quiet. Now Appeal Court decides in our favour, we also accept.

      The rest of what you say are bradugubligoblok. “more interested in provoking malays to create mayhem and hatred at the nons ..” etc are just wild accusations. Nobody listens to what you say.


  9. “afraid that their own smokescreens of under-achievements, weaknesses and insecurities will be discovered by the public” –

    They adopt the policy that the best form of defence is offence. The Editor knows the weaknesses in the “reports” of the “reporters”, the lack, in one or the other, of the what, who, when, where and how kind of information that should have made the story wholesome. But let them through and have them published.

    Maybe because of the attitude that, in the worst case scenario, they can simply apologize, even taking up half or full page adverts of apologies in the mainstream newspapers, and they will get the hook. Maybe RM30,000 – RM50,000 cost of adverts plus lawyers fees would allow them to get away. Demented attitude.

    But their Masters would have a lot of satisfaction from the writings that put down their enemies and those they are vengeful of. More so, of feeling that the rakyat will be informed of whatever half truths, twists and spins they put out against those concerned. The end justifies the means. Machiavellian.

    And since they won’t publish what we want to say about them in their blog (and whoever says their are a news portal?), we say them here. Again and again and again.


  10. Whatever happened to the calls made when the new Information Minister was appointed after PRU13 for the so-called news portals like Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini, Malaysia Chronicle etc be licensed or controlled?

    If I remember correctly, it was the new Minister or Deputy Minister who spoke about following Singapore which has licensed such rogues “news portals”.

    Cold feet? Wanna follow Najib;s liberalism? Kamon la, get real, people. They don’t print news, but just twists and spins.


  11. Something wrong with mjority malay mentality.i am not christian, attended methodist primary school, sang gospel,attended st johns, and still not a christian.


    • Something wrong with you, tempawan. Sang Gospel etc yet not a Christian. You just made use of Christianity arr? Just for your convenience issit?

      Or you the kind they say adopt the practices of 3 different religions all at the same time since the 6th century in China? Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. As triple insurance against calamity, they say. Ancestor worship, burn joss sticks, paper money etc, yet follow the Buddhist ways. And you even sang the Gospel, that’s the Christian way.

      Btw, do you admire the green flag with the white bulan? That’s PAS flag and they are Muslims, you know.

      You want to follow what religion, your business lah, tempawan. But when you say something wrong with majority Malay mentality, you are asking for trobol – that’s the Filipino way of saying it, you know.


  12. Now that Malaysia Kini been allowed by the Court to apply for a newspaper license (though can’t remember exactly the wording of the Court ruling), Malaysian Insider and others might want to apply also.

    But not sure whether the Home Ministry will issue the license – I think nobody, not even the Court, can force the MHA to do so as it’s the sole prerogative of MHA. If they get a license to publish newspapers, Riong Kali will finance them. It will be havoc to the country them publishing all sorts of nonsense.


  13. The mind of the average analyst is OK. Objective, fair, states both sides of the coin, then gives an opinion which to him or her is better. Matters not whether academic or on just plain, everyday issues.

    But the fairness of the mind of the Opposition is a big question. Especially in young and developing countries like Malaysia. Britain, which has been practicing democracy for hundreds of years, where the level of education of the general public is comparatively high, where sense of responsibility is held in high esteem by the average citizen, even the Opposition analyst is often fair, and it’s only a matter of the average citizen choosing which viewpoint he/she prefers.

    Bu not so in Malaysia. It is even difficult to determine the ones that deserve to be called analysts. Merely rattling rhetorics, accusations that are often unjustified or even unsubstantiated do not analysts make. Many are in the so-called Opposition news portals, including Malaysian Insider. It is also difficult to tell what constitutes average. The lengthy comments of the kind that have been referred to as Red Beans are certainly not.

    There’s the DAP PhD fellow who was supposed to analyze the GST proposals in the Budget 2014. He even complained to the TV moderator not addressing him as Dr. Then rattled off “hardships” the GST on electricity bills will cause the rakyat. He did not even mention the 3.3 million consumers or 50% of TNB electricity users who will be exempted. And another 900,000 consumers estimated to be using less than RM20 per month electricity who would not have to pay any electricity bill at all under the Lifeband policy. So, no such thing as fair analysts as far as they are concerned.


    • This is not about Malaysian Insider analyst, but about those who support such analysts, as reported by Bernama –

      “Opposition would also implement GST if in power,” says Anwar.

      And the point is ……..? Wat are you talk Anwar? Where’s your shadow cabinet? Where’s your shadow Budget? Where’s your shadow, period.


  14. Hah, once in a while we read good Malaysian Insider news headlines in the Google news page –

    Cheap sugar and rice at BN carnivals in Sungai Limau got PAS worrying
    The Malaysian Insider – ‎2 hours ago‎

    But to me, the best news is that Kedah MB, YAB Dato Mukhriz, slept at a fisherman’s house last night. He slept on the floor like many kampong folks do. He slept in the open area in the front part of the house.

    That shows he is a man of the people, an MB berjiwa rakyat, hope the voters know that and realize that he is a sincere and honest man and that they will help him and his party win the PRK Sg Limau.


    • Don’t let yourself be fooled. MB can sleep anywhere and with anyone as long as he gets he vote. But his statement of persecuting those of different religious beliefs, and punishing those who did not vote BN more or less sums up his tolerane for those of different faiths and opinion.
      After the election, these types who wears italian shoes will most probably go for winter holidays in europe. Its a malay sickness nowadays to go for winter holidays.
      The fishermen will appreciate if the state buys fish from them at a high price and sells to consumers at a low rate.it is better we spend subsidy money on fishermen directly instead of lavishing it to oil companies.


      • tempawan,

        Are you saying Khlid gagap can sleep in the office with Faekah but gets no vote and Lim Guan Eng can sleep with Rainbow wherever and gets the ashtray and afterwards plaster on his forehead?

        Where got his ” his statement of persecuting those of different religious beliefs, and punishing those who did not vote BN more or less sums up his tolerane for those of different faiths and opinion”? Write what specifically he said lah, state the papers, date, when and where, or give the link, bole ka? Or you just bantai saja ka? Lu Red Bean ka?


      • tempawan,

        If “a malay sickness nowadays to go for winter holidays, what about Chinese sickness? Go for endless mahjong sessions at Waldorf Astoria, room service for everything including samsu, take turns to sleep on the bed and on the floor, don’t come out for days? Sailang arr?
        Hahaha, “the state buys fish from them at a high price and sells to consumers at a low rate”? You want to tipu the Malays and others arr? You think we don’t know one little bit about business arr? Buy high sell low shit. Subsidy is not like that lah, stu. You really can be stu, innit?

        And what got “lavishing it to oil companies”? Lu budak kicik ciakap main main arr?


      • tempawan,

        “.. wears italian shoes will most probably go for winter holidays in europe. Its a malay sickness nowadays to go for winter holidays.” –

        The Chinese have been sick for thousands of years, sicko. One documentary said the Chinese discovered gun powder. But used it for fireworks, entertainment. The Europeans found gun powder. Used it for shooting guns and canons.

        As a result, the Chinese have been backward until only 1-2 decades ago. Bullied by the Japanese, Europeans and others. Hong Kong was returned to the Chinese only in 1990.

        Now the Chinese on the rise, tries to be funny with Japan over ownership of an island. The Japanese are talking of re-arming themselves, maybe going nuclear also, wanting to change their war-renouncing constitution.

        The Russians are talking with the Japanese about joint security now. The Chinese are angry. You wanna go to China and defend it against the Japanese and the Russians? Go lah, I stay in Malaysia and watch.


  15. See examples of the twists and spins of Malaysian Insider reporting/ publishing:

    1. Sabah defections merely a storm in the tea cup, say opposition politicians. (Many would disagree – those defecting are not ordinary members, they are MPs, ADUNs).

    2. For BN, the slight increase in Chinese votes (in Sg Limau PRK) is a lifeline for parties like MCA and Gerakan which descended to the state seat to prove their vigour after the major setback of Election 2013. (No mention of Lim Kit Siang even brought the Malay Chinese (it’s a new race, hehe) Zairil Khir Johari to Sg Limau, trying to show Kedah Malays DAP has got a Malay CEC member. No mention that even the Chinese DAP Kedah Chief rejects Zairil nomination as Kedah DAP Chief).

    3. “Ban all racial political parties in the country.” said Karpal, who said such parties were a setback to the country’s unity. (No mention that DAP has been the most racist of all, tried to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak until they cause the race riots of 1969, pretending to be multi-racial but only a handful of non-Chinese, tried very hard to get the Malay Chinese Zairil into the CEC until DAP was on the verge of being de-registered for not being able to count 1800 votes.

    4. Any chance of a meaningful solution in Allah furore? – Dr Ronnie Ooi. (The use of the words “Allah furore” is mischievous, even seditious. The question itself, too, implying that it’s possible there’ll never be any solution. Whereas they should be respecting the law – the Appeal Court has made a ruling which they must adhere to, any dissatisfaction must be filed at and they wait for the highest court of he land – the Federal Court – to decide. And when the Federal Court decides, that’s the final solution. But bloody MI must publish an article like that and use that heading to twist and slant. They should be damned.


  16. Wow…ramainya Melayu insecure….takde benda lain but merapu dan membodek! Asyik salahkan orang lain aje!!! LoL
    Rocky’s aka Si Tocang’s Nemesis….


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