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The Liberal Ketua Pemuda

It’s good that the Ketua Pemuda admits he is liberal. He had never admitted it before and in the previous article, we just labelled him as such only due to his affinity towards doing something unorthodox and non traditional. We half expected him to say that he is at most, a modernist.

Meaning, trying to modernise Umno and strengthen it by adapting with the change of times. But never a liberal. We dangled the word because his policies and speeches often mimicked the self proclaimed liberals in DAP and PKR. Here is the true meaning of the word liberal in its political sense:

1) Not bound by orthodox tenets or established forms in political or religious philosophy; independent in opinion; not conservative; friendly to great freedom in the constitution or administration of government; having tendency toward democratic or republican, as distinguished from monarchical or aristocratic, forms; as, liberal thinkers..

2) One who favors greater freedom in political or religious matters; an opponent of the established systems

So there you go.

Now we are certain that he is indeed, a liberal.

By the way, do you know why Ketua Pemuda Umno no longer care about the court ruling involving the Allah issue? Precisely because he is now liberal.

As at this time (2pm), no tweets were forthcoming from the Ketua Pemuda. Only his non-Umno minions are busy lambasting the court ruling.

The focus now is no longer about religion or even race (that letter M in UMNO used to mean something). Besides, if he is seen as being too much gung-ho on anything about his agama and bangsa, might not sit well with his liberal friends outside Umno. That will only make him less popular.

The focus now is about liberalism and to a greater extent, how to use this liberal agenda to gain further support for his political career from outside Barisan Nasional. Grassroots Pemuda Umno do not really understand the word ‘liberal’ in its political context.  Just maybe, even the Ketua Pemuda does not understand the history behind the word ‘liberal’.

When Pemuda Umno see their Ketua Pemuda as popular and even gets positive remarks from people within Pakatan Rakyat, they then feel that they must vote him at all costs. Maybe in the future Umno will get more votes from Pakatan Rakyat fans -just because he is popular. What Pemuda Umno know is just what they see. Not what they think.

The Ketua Pemuda will just follow the hottest trend of the day. That’s why sometimes he regressed on his words and does an about turn on a lot of things just to pander towards a more popular sentiment. For all these self-promoting actions, only a trained mind will able to discern them in the next couple of years. The oblivious Umno members will just be like rats being led by the pied piper.

22 thoughts on “The Liberal Ketua Pemuda

  1. Salam JMD,

    When a corrupt leader is appointed, we can safely assume that the followers are also corrupt. The rakyat will reject them. PRU 14 will prove this point.



  2. And this guy supposed to inherit the Malaysian premiership in the near future. A Malay leader, heading a youth wing in Malay-based party doesn’t have Malay interest at heart? How could that be? You have have no idea JMD how eerie it sounds to the Malays at large.
    No wonder he is popular with the Pakatan felllas, the liberals and the like-minded. Hope he does something to shake up that image. To carry on with it will be damaging in the long run. You may score some points with it but it won’t last long. You have babies at home, what do you need to shove your nipple to the monkeys in the jungle?
    He has to remember he is not heading a youth of somewhat obscure and liberal party within Malaysia. This is Umno. Malaysian biggest race-based party. A real deal. A Malay beacon of fortress and hope. A Malay vehicle to assert its dominant and control from aggressive and opportunistic parasites. The threat is real. Recent GE 13 has shown it. They’re indeed trying to knock the Malays off the perch. Should they succeed in doing it, you and your colleague in the cabinet would be out of job by now. Stay at home scratching your balls. You’re the future leader of Umno. and Malaysian prime minister in waiting. You’re going to have a successful political career. It is haram to sing a tune of liberalism, centrism, left wing, right wing, flying without wings or whatever names you want to call it while you’re an Umno member. Our PM had learn the hardest way from it. The lesson of life I would say. He’s lucky the Malays didn’t abandon him and he gets to keep his job.
    If KJ keeps on doing what he does right now, he better get prepared for the worst. I’m afraid there will be more and more hands that will shake and rock the tree that he’s trying to climb. An awful lot more than before. With higher up he goes, the greater the fall.


    • No, the guy is not supposed to inherit the Malaysian premiership in the near future. Ever. Only he hoped so – notice the past tense, coz he said he had thought of giving up his struggle – for 4 years not given any post, first time ever done to a Ketua Pemuda.

      Agree he doesn’t have Malay interest at heart. Also thinking and talking strange many times. Even wanted to fight Perkasa Ibrahim Ali. He must be a mad fellow. Been rumoured his father died committing suicide. If so, he must have a hereditary illness. Sorry to say on a Hari Raya Haji. But the issue is very important lah.


  3. JMD, now he is not only popular among the liberal of the pakatan rakyat, he is much more popular in UMNO. 191-0 kinda popular I would say…phew…dont cry for me UMNO…


  4. Bro, isn’t it damn strange 24 hrs after his triumph and declaration that he has a progressive mind and agenda, he’s now appear to be playing safe in the kalimah Allah ruling by not making any comments. And not even a rep from Pemuda UMNO to the Palace of justice. What is his party’s stand and his wing’s stand on this?
    Any manipulation and tinkering with UMNO by a self-confessed “liberal” until the party is devoid of its inherent characteristics, features, roh dan semangat will only strip UMNO of its core strengths as it becomes another political vehicle.
    Is he the so-called Ketua Pemuda UMNO for the betterment and growth of the party or is he there for its annihilation?
    Is it coincident why some non-Malays are said to have celebrated his victory in a big way and counting tik, tok, tik, tok?


  5. I was quite happy with the result. Clean sweep as well. UMNO Youth really made many people happy.

    Perhaps, the “conservative” faction could join Perkasa and transform it to a political party instead of an NGO. I think it is fallacious for the “conservative” faction to hide behind the newly liberalised UMNO.


    • I know this guy from some place. During the discussion on Chin Peng, he revealed he is a Chinese from Sitiawan, the birth place of the communist terrorist leader who was not allowed to enter this country even in the form of ashes. Obviously his views are against the traditional Malay thinking – conservative he calls it.

      He is clapping and cheering for the so-called liberal Malay Khairy and Najib who he promotes to lead this country for their pro-Chinese stand despite the Chinese tsunami. His name is an advert leading to his blog that takes swipes at Tun Dr Mahathir who he does not show any respect and calls anti-Chinese etc. And of course he tries to put Mukhriz down.

      We must put him, this Shadow Banker, down instead.


    • This bloke drops in here and there trying to promote Khairy and Najib till eternity. In traditional pro-UMNO blogs. The UNMO Youth election results were “a clean sweep” he said here and there. He doesn’t even know how many votes went to the other contenders. Indeed, none of us knows up to now.

      He must be reminded about the system of electoral colleges voting adopted. Nobody disputes Khairy won but there have been complaints reported and commented in JMD’s earlier post and in SyedOutsideTheBox blog. If they lead to any Division’s voting being declared null and void, it may not even be “a clean sweep”. But the fact remains that the absence of knowledge on how many votes for Khairy’s two opponents shows Khairy’s support may not be overwhelming as he tries to project for his own ends.


    • ” UMNO Youth (under Khairy) really made many people happy,” he said.

      He does not know that so many more people were not happy than those who were happy. He should be reading those comments – including a few in JMD’s earlier post – saying the majority of the UMNO voters’ level of education, their economic position being such as not even affording them to own computers and be IT savvy, hence not well informed on what Khairy or even Najib’s political stand, words and deeds, thus their votes cannot really reflect “the wishes of many people”.

      He also chose to ignore that for the past 4 years Khairy himself was not happy, ignored, after winning just about 1/3 votes for his first term, laughed at as a “minority Ketua Pemuda”, not appointed to any post in Government, statutory body or even GLC, never before happening to any Ketua Pemuda in the history of UMNO. As the Star reported, he even admitted that at one point he thought of giving up.

      Najib did not trust Khairy not just because he was found guilty of money politics before that first election attempt, but also for saying things as Ketua Pemuda that sounded strange to many UMNO members and supporters. But after the Chinese tsunami Najib was desperate as he was lambasted by many Malays for his pro-Chinese deeds yet being given the Chinese tsunami, he wanted help to ensure no one contested him as President. He appointed Khairy Minister, Khairy’s minions into statutory bodies and GLCs, including a fake Master’s degree holder as CEO of the hugely rich Tabung Haji.

      Najib got the help from Khairy and his minions. But his image and that of Khairy, who many suspect did money politics this time as well, has not changed and the 19 October voting will tell if they get worse.


    • He further said, “Perhaps, the “conservative” faction could join Perkasa and transform it to a political party instead of an NGO. I think it is fallacious for the “conservative” faction to hide behind the newly liberalised UMNO.”

      Yes, this kind of Chin Peng-minded guy will not hesitate to delve into the affairs of UMNO and the Malays to split them further so that he and his kind get what they want – the same as what the anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP wants – the kind that caused the race riots of 1969.

      Hell of a cheeky, even seditious and subversive bloke, appearing to want to ban the “conservative” Malays from UMNO into joining Perkasa. He has said more seditious words than those elsewhere, damn him. This kind of mentally deranged blokes know no boundaries and try to say anything he likes, anywhere he likes. Well, I got nws for him – for a long time already we have been shitting on such fellows as him, like I do now.

      This time he even dared to shoo the “conservative” Malays from what he stupidly claimed to be “the newly liberalised UMNO”. But what is clear from what he said above and elsewhere is that he is one who doesn’t like those Malays who strongly defends the sensitive Articles of the onstitution on the Ketuanan Melayu, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, and on Islam being “the religion of the Federation”, thereby showing he does not respect and abide by the Constitution of this country. In that regard, he and his kind are the ones who should be shooed out of this country and told to migrate, or plainly, to scram.


  6. Caught between a rock and a hard place. How can we not choose Anwar as the alternative when UMNO has lined up a new generation of corrupted leaders to take over the helm?

    Sad day indeed for Malaysia.


    • Anwar is outdated and obsolete.
      KJ is Anwar 2.0. Not liberal enough for you guys?
      Anwar’s your alternative?Looks like you beat UMNO folks on being stupid, choosing UMNO rejects and all.


  7. KJ give me the creeps… I had never understood why the youngsters like him… Maybe I just come from old school where there are clear boundaries and value system… What kind of a nation are we going to be if we have spoilt brats like him leading? There is no such thing as liberal Islam …. you are either a Muslim or you are not….


  8. Salam. Bro, I wrote a short piece questioning the logic of Ketua Pemuda and his Big Boss about wanting to turn UMNO into a more liberal party. How do I pass it to you to see if it could be guest posted? My FB ada 700 followers je, but I’d like the message to go out cos really, their strategy makes no sense and I want people to see that. Cheers.


  9. A “self-confessed “liberal” might not even practice any religion, and wears baju Melayu and songkok only for show. Maybe some anti-Khairy UMNO people should watch him 24/7 for a few weeks to confirm yes or not. If yes not praying etc, propagandize it.

    I am sure if this guy ever gets to become UMNO President/ PM (God forbid), the Malays will suffer. Bad enough with Najib putting aside NEP in his NEM, etc, etc, but if this Khairy guy runs the country, he might even banish Ibrahim Ali and the conservative Malays fighting for the original aims and objectives of UMNO. .


  10. Well unless some hanky panky went down during PAU, the representatives of UMNo already made their choice in PAU.


    UMNO can go rot.


    • Read, man, read. The Star etc has been reporting on the Pemuda and Wanita election complaints. Azmi Khalid (in charge of whatever during the party elections) said some complaints need to be investigated by the Disciplinary Committee. Megat Najmuddin, the Acting DC Chairman (don’t know where the permanent DC Chairman has gone to) has asked certain actions be taken.

      How come you dunno there were hanky panky reported in the newspapers, man. And the major part of the elections will be held 19 Oct. How come you said UMNO reps have made their choice.

      No, UMNO will not rot. Only those using money politics in the elections will rot. Khiary was found guilty of money politics before the previous UMNO elections. A lot of talk of money politics at the Youth elections last Saturday, too.


      • Oh yes, the person found guilty of money politics PREVIOUS ELECTION is not only defending this election he also won very big.

        I’m terribly impressed, UMNO.

        So liberal.

        So transformed.

        So, forgive me if I’m so not looking forward to the next part.


    • Jocelyn Tan, the Star reporter and columnist with good access to top UMNO brass, said “The personal touch is very important. One campaigner said that when he went around on behalf of a minister, delegates asked why the minister had not come himself. They told the campaigner that so-and-so came the other day and hosted a gathering with dinner thrown in.” Oh Yeah? Dinner as well? 146,500 voting members total?

      The campaign rules are said to be very strict but those with resources and creativity know how to get around it. Those with Cabinet positions have been hosting a string of programmes in the name of their portfolios but which are thinly-disguised events to touch base with the delegates. Maybe the Disciplinary Committee is a toothless watch dog. Acting DC Chairman Megat Najmuddin is a softie, isn’t he?

      One of the VP incumbents has taken out so many full-page advertisements about his ministry’s projects and programmes that some are asking whether it is government money or his own money that is being poured into all those ads. Even it’s non-government money, where did the money come from? Is this country going US way election spending wise? But thank God, we won’t have a government shut down like in US, I don’t think.

      But, what the hell, man?


  11. Assalamualaikum….
    ai sey…very d sedih la…y this man menang ketua pemuda….telus kew kemenangan dia mcm 5 tawon dulu gak….apew nak jd ngan malay pemuda….no hope la umno cenggini….moga m’sia di lindungi Allah dr pemimpin keji…amin amin amin…aiiih..very d tet ttut tot la pmuda umno…


  12. Jeng jeng jeng, here comes the spoiler, Red Beans controller, provocateur:

    Declare Umno wings’ polls illegal, DAP tells ROS
    The Star Online – ‎1 hour ago‎

    PETALING JAYA: The Registrar of Societies (ROS) should declare Umno’s Youth, Wanita and Puteri wing elections last Saturday as illegitimate in view of allegations about missing ballot papers and rejection of recounting, said DAP assistant national publicity …

    They spoil things la. When they say those, the UMNO Disciplinary Committee etc will become careful not to fall into their trap and will likely just eye wash those complaints as purely “teething problems”.

    The DAP people are stupid in not waiting to say those until a much later date.


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