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“Buruk ketuanya, buruklah pengikutnya”

For the past couple of weeks there have been no articles regarding the upcoming Umno elections in this blog. It was on purpose because this Umno election, well at least to the opinion of this blogger will not see much change. Whether specifically on the line-up or generally on Umno itself.

We can bet, after the winners have been announced and the confetti being swept away clean, and after the party president gave an arousing speech that the new (more or less) line-up will pave way for a new and re-energised Umno, the party will revert to its old ways of doing things.

This blog tried to stay away from commenting on the candidates because honestly, there are bigger things to ponder about.

But when a known stooge of the incumbent Ketua Pemuda unfairly ridiculed the father of an Umno Vice President candidate through his tweets, then this blog just had to say something about him and his boss – the Ketua Pemuda. Something along the line – ‘kokok berderai-derai, ekor bergelumang tahi’.


Obviously trying to mock Tun Mahathir and his son


Obtusely disparaging Tun Dr Mahathir

Since the Ketua Pemuda and his lackeys have no due regards towards the older generation and had extensively in every turn tried to denigrate the grand old man in very way possible, let us then write something about the Ketua Pemuda just to remind his pack of mongrels to look in the mirror first before poking their noses where they don’t belong.

First off, we begin with these few paragraphs which were written back in November 2008:

Since 2004, Umno is permeated with a culture of being ‘biadap’ to its illustrious former president. This culture of running down their own former leader was one of the factor Umno lost the support from many of its own members.

When Pak Lah and followers were rude to Tun Dr Mahathir, many were turned off by their diatribe. The 4th floor boys were working overtime in discrediting Tun Dr Mahathir. Even NST, Umno’s own newspaper were used to criticise the grand old man. An astute blogger, Datuk Sakmongkol had succinctly put it in a few words;

“The present administration is distinguished in its feverish attempts to discredit as much as possible the legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir. Hence the open ended freedom to strike and assassinate given to political storm troopers like Obergruppenfuhrer Musa Hitam, the purveyor of the term elegant silence plus the barking Rottweilers and Dobermans like Nazri Aziz, Sabry Cheek, Azalina Othman, Ismail Sabri, Zaid Ibrahim, Zaid Hamidi and the man who claimed to be primus inter pares– Shahrir ‘the silverback’ Samad.”

Summarily, they still do not realise their mistake. This barrage of criticisms prolonged even after the general election.

When Samy Vellu was criticising Tun, where were the Umno Youth wing to defend their own leader? Again, as aptly said by Datuk Sakmongkol in one of his earlier writings;

“When Tun Dr Mahathir was his boss, Samy Vellu did not find anything wrong with Tun Mahathir. In fact, Samy Vellu was the greatest apple polisher Tun Mahathir had. Indeed sometimes Samy was more Mahathir that Tun himself. Who shall ever forget, Samy’s act of filial devotion by hand feeding Tun Mahathir with a Deepavali morsel?

Meanwhile in UMNOland, it was All Quiet On The Western Front. Not a single UMNO leader defended their one time president. This man was the UMNO president for 22 years. Their dreadful and shameless behaviour confirms my belief that all these UMNO leaders must be resign en bloc from their MKT positions. If they cannot defend their own leader, how can we ever hope they will protect us? Let the UMNO electorate now judge you.”

With this kind of scenario, I am surprised that Khairy Jamaluddin still do not get it. When many of his underlings in the form of pro KJ blogs are condemning Tun left right and centre, one left to wonder if he could really learn any lesson.

Until now, there is one question that can never be answered comprehensively by KJ and his followers.

“What was the basis, the merit and the reason that enable KJ to be elected unopposed to the post of Deputy Umno Youth Head of Malaysia in 2004?”

And yet, he and his bloggers have no qualms in ridiculing Tun in the blogosphere. In their effort of criticising their political rival Datuk Mukhriz, the only modus operandi of these cyber troopers resort to is to question Mukhriz’s pedigree and his father’s.

I cannot help but to be amused with this. Because, if I were to take the same route, I can also compare Tun with KJ’s own father in law in the process. A feat I would happily relish.

Since they assume that today, Tun Dr. Mahathir is protecting and promoting his son, let’s go down memory lane and read this:

Back in 2009 during the pervious Umno election, the current Ketua Pemuda was caught by the Disciplinary Board of Umno but was able to continue on despite the money politics charges. It was written:

Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam

Verdict : GUILTY


Khairy Jamaluddin

Verdict : GUILTY


Datuk Seri Mohd Khir Toyo



My take? It will be interesting to see whether Umno Youth delegates would still want to vote a candidate that was deemed guilty of money politics. Umno disciplinary board had made mockery of all Umno members. I can imagine the headlines should KJ wins the contest next week:


Can anyone takes a guess how did the son in law of the Prime Minister at that time could be let off so easily even after being caught in money politics? The only possible explanation is because he had blatantly said time and time again that he will use the protection from his father in law to attain his ambition.

He actually said:

“There’s a certain extent (to which) these people in Umno will not go after me. So it gives me ‘protection’ to change things. 

“If I don’t use this ‘protection’ to change things for the better, then I’m just wasting time and marking my time to go up the ladder of politics. That’s not what I am about.

“I want to use this time that I have while I have this ‘protection’ to change things, to change Umno for the better,” he said yesterday during a question-and-answer session at the Kancil Awards Festival Speakers series.

Yes, he is not about to wait his time and patiently and slowly go up the ladder of hierarchy like other people. He unashamedly said that he will USE his position as son-in-law to change things! But judging from what we can see for the past 9 years, Umno didn’t become better. The only changes we have seen is him, promoting himself and going up the leadership hierarchy in record time – just like what he said he would.

And yet, the underlings, those sycophants of this Ketua Pemuda had the gall to tell us that he is where he is now because of his own merit?!

These yes-men must have gone full retard!

The only reason why he is in the race as Ketua Pemuda back in 2009 was because he won unopposed as its deputy in 2004. That is not merit. That is nepotism.

The reason he became Ketua Pemuda was because the Disciplinary Board of Umno felt that it needs to give protection to a corrupt candidate guilty of money politics, which of course he won the race.

In 2008, Barisan Nasional did not get the majority votes from the youth. In 2013, Barisan Nasional fared even worse than in 2008 with the majority of youths again, did not vote for Barisan Nasional. Now what have Ketua Pemuda Umno and BN Youth Chairman had to say about that?

Well in not so many words he said – I have fulfilled my KPI and must be made a minister. Again, that misplaced arrogance and misguided sense of self-entitledment.

The reason he became a minister is because he is the Ketua Pemuda Umno. That’s it.

The only thing that was accomplished by him is that he is now loved by the leaders from Pakatan Rakyat. All the Barisan Nasional Youth Fair, all the BN Job Fair and all his other initiatives he had concocted, did all those manage to gain votes from the youth? Of course it didn’t. Otherwise BN could have gained a few more seats. What it did gain is increase of his popularity.

In other words, BN Youth Wing and Umno Youth Wing do not understand the basics of voters’ mentality. Even from his speeches, the Ketua Pemuda is way off tangent in understanding the basics of Umno’s raison d’etre.  His political speeches once suffered a few criticism from yours truly and a few bloggers.

The problem with this Ketua Pemuda is that he wasn’t brought up within the ambient of Umno’s struggle. Most of his life, he spent it away from this country. He can be termed as liberal and somewhat progressive. The only reason why he is even in Umno is because that is where the power lies. And with power, comes the many forms of benefits such as – twitter toadies.

It is not a sin to be liberal and progressive. The only problem is the apparent dichotomy of being liberal philosophically but trapped in a right wing party.

And when you surround yourself with like-minded liberals as your groupies, then it takes a toll in your reputation from within the party. Although being thick skinned is this particular Ketua Pemuda’s trademark, being wise is certainly not.

This Ketua Pemuda wants to be liberal in Umno and be looked upon as liberal in national politics as well.

Therein lies the problem and the central theme on why he is not trusted by most grassroot Umno members.

The Ketua Pemuda of Umno must always be seen as the protector of malay rights and the Constitution. This must be seen even in national stage and beyond. For if the Ketua Pemuda is too liberal and is friendly towards the enemies of malay rights and the Constitution (like how he as successfully achieved), then any speeches he made within Umno’s context is deemed as hypocritical.

You cannot be a left wing at national level but right wing at party levels. It just doesn’t make sense. That would be called, playing to the gallery.

Many still remember this:

Forked tongue

We usually will never trust liars

And what is worse about this Ketua Pemuda, he changes tact at a drop of the hat. At one time he kissed the keris to protect the malay rights when he made speeches during a party assembly, but at certain times, he wants to make Umno more centrist.

Confused much?

Now if at national level Umno is being attacked from all corners, who is there to protect the malay rights and it’s position in the Constitution? The liberal Minister of Youth and Sports? Or the sometimes conservative, sometimes centrist but most of the times confused Ketua Pemuda?

The right way to do things as an Umno leader in this multiracial country is to be right wing at national level (nationalistic, patriotic, protecting the Constitution, defending malay rights) but be very strong in advocating progress in the thinking of Umno members (malays must be progressive, must not rely on the crutches forever, must attain meritocracy etc). That way Umno as a party will progress and yet its position at national level is defended.

You can’t be both liberals at national level AND at party levels.

Currently we have one Prime Minister who tries to inculcate moderation and liberal ideas at national front but during Umno assembly, made fiery remarks on how he will protect malay rights.

It doesn’t makes sense for the 3 million Umno members.

His actions in launching damning initiatives towards the malay agenda since 2009 did not help his cause. That is why when he recently announced a few policies to help the bumiputera community last month, it was immediately deemed as pandering towards the upcoming Umno elections. Thank God (for him) that he was unchallenged. Therefore, there could be a risk that those policies will not be pursued with vigour after all.

And we also do not understand why this Ketua Pemuda has this nonsensical urge to spew rhetoric:

Khairy Jamaluddin, who looks set to be returned unopposed as Umno Youth chief, will use his second term to cultivate a more centrist approach for the wing that has traditionally been a pressure group.

He said that being vocal in expressing right-wing sentiment in defending the interests of the party was no longer appropriate.

“I am trying to change the DNA of Umno Youth from being mostly right-wing and Malay-centric to a more centrist wing that focuses on issues and their solutions,” Khairy said in an interview.

Will focussing on issues and solutions brings back votes from the youth to Barisan Nasional and Umno? What are the examples of Pemuda Umno focussing on issues and providing solutions that had gained majority flocks of votes into the fold of Barisan Nasional in the last general election?

Before this article gets too carried away, just a stark reminder to those who want to ridicule other people – please look at the non-accomplishments of your Ketua Pemuda first before criticising others.

Some of this yes-men of the Ketua Pemuda may argue that this blog is trying to ‘bodek’ Tun Dr. Mahathir. But unlike the Ketua Pemuda, Tun Dr. Mahathir has no say in the government and has no powers in Umno. He only has his words and charisma.  There is nothing to gain by defending Tun Dr. Mahathir. This is done just by the sheer respect he commands.

Not many leaders have that capability. Most people only command respect when they are in the position of power. Something most Umno leaders past and present often forgot.

This is not an article to dent the chances of the Ketua Pemuda to retain his seat. We have no doubt that he will win with a big margin. He has done that before in 2009 and he will do it again. Umno members especially the Pemuda have no ability to discern between what is good and what is bad for them anyway. This article is just for the lackeys of Ketua Pemuda and hopefully they remember the kind of person they are supporting. There is actually nothing to be proud of. Like some old wise men always say “Buruk ketuanya buruk lah pengikutnya. Pengikut kurang ajar, pemimpin hilang maruah”.

Just as mentioned at the start of this article, this wouldn’t have been written if it’s not because of a few uncouth people.

47 thoughts on ““Buruk ketuanya, buruklah pengikutnya”

  1. Honestly speaking, for the past 3 years, we have not seen anybody who can provide a perfect or should we say a close embodiment of Tun Dr Mahathir except Khairy, of course then from the eloquence trait perspective. There’s no doubt that, KJ being Umno KP, gradually seeming likely to climb up the hierarchy to Umno VP not too distant future is actually a horror story to tell, especially given the thought that he might change umno into more of liberalist sort of. Rightfully as you pointed it out, KJ stances seems to contradict with the purposes and the reasons of umno existences in the first place.

    Nevertheless, what fews of Umno should do now is to consolidate the VP posts collectively, retain the good balance composition for a few years without KJ in the picture and wait a bit until we can see somebody else who possesses the perfect skills set to be a good Umno KP, of course again he should be the one who must know the sole reason why Umno is founded by our forefathers.


  2. JMD,

    U lihat, bila PM umumkan program pemerkasaan Melayu dan Bumi. KJ senyap diam membisu. Bila DAP melampau2 menghina Melayu, Islam, Raja2 hatta UMNO sendiri yg dikatakan mengANJINGkan ROS, di mana suara KJ? Di mana suara Pemuda?


  3. Jebat,
    Pemuda had been a total failure these last few years. Basically they abdicated and only care for the projects dished out among cronies.
    So what leadership to talk about within Pemuda. It’s really phathetic and disgraceful !


  4. Khairy may have been the product of Oxford and with the gift of the gab. However, he is childish and immature . He doesn’t have the leadership qualities that can transform UMNO to a progressive party. His forte is rhetoric which exposes his immaturity , childishness and hypocrisy. I hope the mature UMNO youth will reject this guy.


    • Well abu, i wont bet my wager the pemudas will do just that. Look how they have acted in 2009. They’ll still taking kj for KP this time around for a reason none of us will understand. Let just hope Mukhriz is doing great this time around. He’ll be our safest bet so far in term of younger one taking over this country come that day. He’s not afraid, level headed, consistent and most of all his father will be there for few years to prepare him the responsibilities.


  5. Dear blog owner, if this article was published 2 weeks ago, i wud have spent every single sen that i have to print, photocopy and distribute them to each and every perwakilan pemuda yg akan mengundi esok!! Perwakilans are just an ill-informed lot.. they don’t like to ikut akal, they prefer to stick to ikut hati, like kata orang tua-tua melayu dulu ”ikut hati, mati..”, so they want to join in the effort of sama-sama ikut KJ bagi UMNO mati…

    Perwakilan DO NOT know the real truth! What is fed to them by the media on KJ’s great accomplishments, coupled with the goreng-goreng being done by the Ketua2 Pemuda Bhg, and KJ’s machinery yg dok pi kelentong orang ramai how great the current KP M’sia now is, semuanya memang kena tipu bulat2! A wiseman once said, ”politics is a game of perception..”, what KJ has sold to us lot is the perception that he is Gods gift to Pemuda UMNO! The messiah being sent from above! And for that, come esok, kebanyakkan perwakilan pemuda yg ”bijaksana” akan mengundi perception tersebut, coupled with the help of some puluh2 or ratus2 RM being thrown in for good measure to make sure the great KJ remains as the undisputed KP M’sia lah.

    I think i know perwakilan pemuda well enough, be it G2 dulu or now G5 from Cawangan, they’re all cut from the same cloth, and believe me when i say UMNO’s RM psyche will NEVER change.. Klu sapa2 nak dispute my comment ni, let me tell you, i seorang Ketua Pemuda Bhg yg masih ada umur but decided, after coming from the ranks jadi AJK Pemuda Bhg, Bendahari Pemuda Bhg, Naib Ketua Pemuda Bhg and now Ketua Pemuda Bhg (which my tenure will end tomorrow) that i dah PENAT main ”game of perception” ni and i’ve seen enough of this game to see that one day, it’ll destroy UMNO.. to quote John Lennon; ”The more i see, the less i know for sure..” unquote..


    • I find your comment very interesting. I hope you pop in here again and again and respond to comments made in here so that others may benefit from your knowledge and experience in understanding how the Khairy fellow gets voted in. So that in the process, some active UMNO members may be able to do something – whatever and however little it may be – to get rid of him from UMNO leadership. He is a menace to UMNO’s hopes and aspirations – and those of the Malays, too – as far as I’m concerned.

      As Ketua Pemuda, he has not been playing the role that the past Ketua Ketua Pemuda have been doing – as some kind of check and balance on the unreasonable demands and comments of the non-Malays pertaining to such things as NEP, Sekolah Cina etc. And also as a pressure group against the Government not protecting and promoting the rights and the interests of the Malays.

      Like PM Najib who, in bending backwards to entertain the demands of the non-Malays and in his liberalization programme rushing to achieve developed nation status even ahead of the target date of 2020, muted the NEP in the first draft of his New Economic Model and did not feature it prominently in the final draft. Such that his Bumiputera Empowerment exercise announced just before the party elections nominations date appeared not sincere – more of an attempt to ensure that no one contested him.

      I look forward to comments on views such as the above from you and others who are active UMNO members like you.


    • Mr Algaa,

      It is not too late at all for you to do whatever you can within the time still available before the voting. And I earnestly hope you do.

      Yes, most voting perwakilan may be campaigning or are involved in the campaigning as audience members or listeners to what others say at coffee houses and such until the time they get ready for the actual voting but a few may be resting and hopefully reading comments in blogs such as this one. And non-perwakilan members of UMNO, or contacts or close friends of the perwakilan may be doing so, and may impart 1-2 points from their reading at breakfast and such this morning before the voting.

      Let us therefore keep on saying whatever that should be said in the effort to change the power play in Pemuda UMNO. I simply cannot tolerate such things as Azeez, a man heavily criticized in blogs etc as using a false Master’s degree – a clear sign of dishonesty – being made CEO of a huge organization like Tabung Haji. Such things I believe was due to pressure by Khairy – yes he does apply pressure, but at the wrong places and for the wrong purpose.


    • Mr Algaa,

      I’m most interested to know whether Khairy uses money politics in the Pemuda elections this time. I would appreciate you or any one giving an opinion on this. I’m sure many others are as interested to know as I am.

      He was found guilty of money politics prior to the previous party elections. He got in as Ketua Pemuda despite that.

      Apart from handing out of cash – reported in the mass media as “duit minyak” for delegates – whether he and his group do make other kinds of vote influencing offers. Now that he is Minister, he does have some clout as far as job offers are concerned. His man, Azeez at Tabung Haji, too, has a wide network of Tabung Haji plantations, oil mills and other manufacturing or business assets throughout the country that enable him, through his cronies, underlings and orang suruhan, to make job or job promotion offers to the voting perwakilan and/ or their relatives, contacts and grassroot supporters.

      If such are being dished out, surely the UMNO Disciplinary Committee should be informed. Members can then shout for the Disciplinary Committee to be a “toothful watchdog” and take action accordingly.


  6. Yes, likely to be more of the same. Especially if Khairy and Shahrizat are voted in. It will mean Azeez (two e and with a fake Master’s degree) as Tabung Haji boss, Isa as FELDA boss, and what’s the name Indian-just-turned Muslim (also with a fake PhD degree) as CEO of FGV. More Malays will get fed up and the fate of UMNO/BN will be tak tentu at PRU14.

    It’s been said and worth repeating that one way to make Najib realize his mistakes and make amends is for the voting delegates to deny Khairy and Shahrizat the Ketua Pemuda and Ketua Wanita posts. Let’s see the results to day.

    Another way is for them to vote in Mukhriz Mahathir and one other newcomer as Vice Presidents next week. Mukhriz has said that he hopes to become Vice President before UMNO/BN goes down at PRU14. I like that. I think it reflects his father’s thinking, too, that UMNO’s position at PRU14 will be dicey.


  7. JMD,

    Real leaders in UMNO are a dying specie.

    UMNO delegates are not going to rock the boat today(12 Oct 2013) nor on the 19th October. Not when there are lots of funds introduced by PM as in GES 2013 yesterday. Plus those he announced during his speech ‘Memperkasakan Ekonomi Bumiputera’. Who would in their right mind want to change the Captain when the ship is about to sail out on the smooth seas and in good weather.

    I really hope Im wrong, though.
    All the best to UMNO. May Allah guide you to the right path.


  8. I just voted in my capacity as a branch KP in Terengganu. Of course I put down Akhramsyah as my choice, and tried my best to get those within my circle to do the same, but I sensed a wall of indifference in my bahagian. The division higher ups were not actively campaigning for KJ, but they really didn’t have to. The delegates are apathetic. They would vote for the incumbent just because that is the unthinking and easy thing. Not getting any support from AMU and his boys rankled too, despite repeated reminders from me.


    • Good of you to vote other than Khairi, asri. And trying to get others to do the same. And to write in here about it.

      Now you can try to do the same in the VP voting next week. 1 week is quite a long time to try and canvass for people who would help make DS Najib realize that he needs to change his ways if UMNO/BN will win big at PRU14. Or win at all. If people like Hishamuddin gets in again, I think UMNO will lose more Malay votes.

      No doubt it’ll be a big task since you sensed a wall of indifference. Hope you and Mr Algaa will continue to tell us more and let’s have an exchange of ideas here. Maybe 1-2 readers here can give some suggestions or more views some of which you might find useful when talking to fellow voting perwakilan. Best wishes to you. I hope people like you and Mr Algaa will get higher on the UMNO party ladder..I like the thinking and the stand you both have.


    • “wall of indifference” –

      Any chance to get UMNO conduct courses on selection of leaders? Any BTN kind of courses?

      Or too much personal interest involved for the higher ups to want to promote or accept the idea?


      • If UMNO HQ not interested in such an idea, would it be feasible if Bahagian or Branch do it on their own?

        Maybe find a sponsor – company or well-off individual to pay for a seminar and makan at the State capital or big town, give duit minyak for those attending, and the like.


      • Khairy said, “Whatever I can do to change the DNA of Umno Youth I will do in this last term and one way I want to do it is by rewriting our political education training module for use in the finishing school.

        “He added that both the Umno president and deputy president had agreed to the proposal to set up the finishing school which will be headed by supreme council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.”

        Blardy hull ..

        O delegates to PAU who have voting rights, please put as many new faces as possible into the UMNO VP line up and the UMNO Supreme Council. If you do that, the top leadership will think twice about agreeing on whatever the Khairy fellow suggests.

        Dia nak kacokkan Melayu mampaknya. But kalau ramai yang ngundi tak Internet savvy, camna kita? Tolong lah yang Internet savvy dan kenal depa yang ada kuasa ngundi, gi cakap kat depa sebelom 19 Oktober ini. Cuba lah sedaya upaya. Do’akan selamat maju jaya.


  9. Thx AKU for the invite to pop in and continue my comments, i’ll probably do so after i’m sober enough from being drunk in the euphoric celebration that KJ, AS EXPECTED has won again.. As correctly put by a very close friend of mine who is a Setiausaha to one of our Menteri, ”ORANG GILA je yang kata KJ Kalah..”.

    Started my day early for Msyt Perwakilan Pemuda at 8.30am, and finished the Msyt at about 10pm tadi! Close to 12 hours of msyt, who says we Pemuda UMNO are not a dedicated lot?!! No lah, mana ada bahas-bahas usul perjuang A Ba Ta, dok sibuk kira undi from Pengerusi Tetap Pemuda UMNO Malaysia sampai le ke AJK Pemuda Bahagian yg last sekali. Not an easy task when you have a few hundred perwakilan cawangan nak pilih berpuluh calon dr UMNO M’sia until AJK Bahagian. Tedious process, count, re-counts and re-re-counts sampai semua calon yg menang / kalah puas hati.. I won’t bore you or anyone who may be reading my posts with the details (that i can do next time if anyone is interested to know how the ”pemilihan” process is done..). Now i’m just gonna summarize my thought with a quote i read somewhere by Robert C. Byrd, a former U.S. Senator ; ” It is money, money, money! Not ideas, Not principles, but money that reigns supreme in American politics..” unquote. So today i pinjam his quote; ”It is money, money, money! Not ideas, Not Principles, but money that reigns supreme in UMNO politics..”.. You can slam me if it doesnt show true again come on the 19th next week…

    Encik Hashim, people like me or Asri (correct me if i’m wrong Asri), will NEVER go higher up the UMNO ladder because, we may have IDEAS and we may have PRINCIPLES, but we don’t have the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY…

    Best regards to all of you.. Now i nak pi kira semua hutang piutang i kat my wife, mum and dad, adik beradik, sedara mara, financial institutions and ah long services that i owe for all the money i’ve used selama i jadi KP Bhg ni.. Contrary to popular beliefs, cuma 10% je out of the 191 KP Bhg yang kaya-raya and tak payah nak berhutang untuk gerakkan apa jua program Pemuda bahagian, yang lain semua marhain like me je, jadi MANTAN KP terus jatuh berhutang keliling pinggang.. all in the name of perjuangan.. and to quote my loving wife; ”taik kucing perjuangan…” unquote.. hate it when the wife’s right.. hehehe…


    • I’m dumbfounded. My worst fears now borne out by the testimony you gave. Very disheartening that ”It is money, money, money! Not ideas, Not Principles, but money that reigns supreme in UMNO politics..” It’s flabbergasting. UMNO will go down the drains and the Malays will suffer if this continues unabated.

      Thanks for coming in again, bro. Hope you will continue coming in again and again after you have recovered from the hard work and the nausea of money politics playing at the Pemuda, and presumably at the Wanita and Puteri elections as well.

      We need to hear the details on how money politics worked so far, so that we can fully understand, and perhaps more effectively – or at least more loudly and confidently – echo and amplify the sounds of disgust those of you not involved in it feel and voice out. And we hope Jebat Must Die will let this post on as it is, or write a new post, to enable us to keep talking and shouting against money politics until well after the UMNO elections.

      Ways must be found, and acted upon, to get the top leaders weed out money politics in UMNO. I simply cannot find any other party that can be alternative to UMNO in protecting and promoting the rights and interests of the Malays. There must be many million others like us, hence UMNO got 88 seats at PRU13. But that may change drastically if we have too much of “more of the same” after this PAU. It’s unbearable to think of the situation if UMNO/BN loses at PRU14 and the crooks that include the anti-Malay, anti-Islam and those causing the race riots of 1969 rule this country.

      So, please, both of you Mr Algaa and asri, do come in again and again to tell us (without compromising your real identity or positions) the details of the reasons why Khairy and Shahrizat got voted in again. I also appeal to others who participated in the recent voting to chip in and tell us your experience, so that we may be able to find the various angles to attack money politics etc from.


    • Hahaha…Mr Algaa is spot on. I could not even win a spot on the Pemuda Bahagian committee, much less dreaming about becoming a KP Bahagian and making some changes.

      But a good part of that is my fault too. Probably i was not as dedicated in making my face known to the division delegates. Some good people got in as AjK pemuda in my bhgn so I am counting on them to do good, with my support.

      But truthfully, people like me have it rough. We are cut (kena kerat) from the cai list because we pose a danger to those already in. And those who won are considered safer bets because they seem easier to control. Someone like me who is a bit educated, has no need to suck up to make a living and have fresher ideas are deemed a threat.

      Money is a prerequisite, I agree. But it works two ways. Either we have it to splash around so the delegates are softened by us buying them meals, or we actually have enough to focus less on our career so we can work the ground in earnest for months and years to make ourselves known to the ground people. That way, they can see who we are and choose us come party election.

      Believe it or not, I still see hope in my party, or at least in my division. The election was clean insofar as the procedures and the counting was conducted. And with a bit more effort by good people, the delegates can be swayed to choose those who actually care about the cause, not just their bellies.

      If they had longer memories, they would remember that the last KP they elected showered them with goodies during the 2008 contest, but neglected his duties as KP to the point that many branches became inactive due to inadequate member registrations. They chose a better one this time, eventhough some people engineered his would be rivals’ withdrawals so that he came out unchallenged. I hope that doesn’t backfire on him later.

      As for me, I will bide my time and continue my work at branch level. Kalau ada rezeki, lawan lagi diperingkat bahagian pada pemilihan akan datang.


      • Txs for your comment on behalf of many participants in this blog who are keen to know the voting process, especially if there was any hanky panky. If you are reading this, I hope you will respond in the latest JMD post, as readers tend not to read past ones.

        Good that “Some good people got in as AjK pemuda in my bhgn”. I have read and heard from many UMNO active members since long ago about the “(kena kerat) from the cai list because we pose a danger to those already in .. those who won are considered safer bets because they seem easier to control.” Good also that you know the remedy – to get closer to more of them, especially those likely to be voting members next time.

        I’d appreciate it if you would say more on the Money thing – especially if there was any element of “politik wang/ janji janji ganjaran” – Khairy was found guilty of politik wang prior to his first election as KP. Maybe they had not dared offer you money, reading your stand on issues that they must have observed. But do say what others you associate with know of or think.

        I note you mentioned “the last KP they elected showered them with goodies during the 2008 contest”. And can you elaborate “some people engineered his would be rivals’ withdrawals so that he came out unchallenged”, please.

        Good to knoe your stated stand for the future. Wish you the best of luck and may God put honest people into UMNO for the sake of protecting and furthering the rights and the interests of the Malays.

        Pls don’t forget to type your reply in the latest post, txs.


      • Mr Algaa, asri and any others who had been closely involved in the Saturday 12 Oct voting,

        Pls say something about number of voters in your bahagian, the kind of people the voters are, education and economic levels, have independent thinking or just go with the crowd kind of mentality.

        From what I read, a minimum of five delegates from each Umno branch will be voting for the VPs and supreme council this Saturday. They will comprise the branch head, the Wanita, Youth and Puteri branch heads plus one delegate for every 50 members in the branch. Delegates from the Youth wing will make up about 10% of the votes.

        I’m interested to know how many % of those will just follow the crowd, how many likely to be attracted to money politics. TQ.


  10. Dear JMD,

    First of all, I am not Umno member but I ‘was’ a supporter of Umno and BN because of the relevance of Umno in Agama, Bangsa and Negara. When Tun reminded Umno member to listen to outsider and to choose wisely, it simply mean that it is about the signal of the future. It is very unfortunate that Umno members’ signal is the future Umno is to serve certain group of people that is yet to prove their ‘Jati Diri’ and corrupted. It simply showed that the future Umno will ascertain Umno as corrupt, unreliable and irrelevant. Your article as always, spot on.

    Umno veteran member and leader do have what we refer as ‘Jati diri’ agama, bangsa dan negara. Even Pak Lah also have these before he became our PM and start the demolition of Umno. As a result, the signal is Umno always relevant. But now… the future signal from Umno is rotten Umno,

    I love my country. I hope my prediction is wrong. If this is the trend now and these so called liberal and non proven ‘Jati Diri’ is still the leader and decision maker, then Umno and BN chances in PAU 2018 will become 50% and by PAU 2023 we can say adios, bye-bye, ciao to Umno.

    for Khairy… khaikkk tuihhhh… same species as Anwar but hopefully without the aljuburi….


    • Good to hear your views, resaksegorgonite. I hope you also would continue giving your views in here, as the future of the Malays is clearly at stake now that UMNO corruption is evidently still rearing its ugly head. Despite some action being taken by the Disciplinary Committee before the previous PAU where Khairy was found guilty yet is still voted in yesterday.

      Yes, we hope our fears about the politics of this country, the future of UMNO and the Malays don’t come true. But money politics appears rampant in UMNO now. We have yet to see how it plays in the VP and Supreme Council elections next week but I fear it’s also “more of the same” as the commenter Sinaran said.

      Yes, all of us Malays love this country, the Constitution states our Ketuanan Melayu as reflected in the various Articles pertaining to the YDP Agong, Raja Raja Melayu etc, and spells out our Special Position in this country. But the most important reason is that, unlike the Chinese who even the British colonialists said had the “transient” mentality, we Malays have no other country to go to. This is our country, warts, moles, shit and all. We can live with the warts and moles but we must push the shit into the sewers as much as possible.

      We must continue shouting at the so-called liberal Malays, especially those in leadership. No Malay is liberal if he does not see the need to level the playing field, e.g continue with the NEP indefinitely – after all the citizenship right of the non-Malays is for an indefinite period. Najib has muted the NEP in his New Economic Model at first, and even did not feature it prominently in the final draft. We must do things that’ll make him realize that such an act is not acceptable.

      Now that Najib has been returned unopposed, presumably through Khairy’s and Shahrizat’s networks, and Khairy and Shahrizat were voted in yesterday, another way of making Najib realize our displeasure is for the delegates to vote in new faces at the Vice President and Supreme Council elections next week. As has been said, Mukhriz has spoken about fears of UMNO/BN losing at PRU14, when most others appear to take it for granted that somehow UMNO/BN will win again. To me, that consciousness distinguishes him from the others and will make him a good VP.


  11. It’s not a glorious morning for me this morning. For the same reason as spoken above.

    Here’s what Jocelyn Tan, the Star reporter and columnist who was said to have good access to Rosmah and, ipso facto, to Shahrizat, says in her 7 am report:

    “The experience of Maznah and Raihan shows that one cannot wake up one fine morning, decide to run for a top post in Umno and expect to do well. It does not work like that. Apart from having a track record, one needs to have the network, do the groundwork, set up a campaign team.”

    Really? No network? If talk of UMNO politics being rampant, complicity in the Lembu Affair (she must have known what the husband and kids been doing – she was a practicing lawyer, man) did not deter the voters, would a network kelp much? Or could anyone build an effective network in the face of money politics?

    Anyone knows if the Lembu network dished out money? Even “duit minyak” that the non-corrupt contender may not afford?


  12. DS Najib said,

    “The decision also aimed to weed out money politics that had played a major role in the previous elections.

    When asked whether it would still influence the election process this time around, Najib said that the party members have already made up their minds.

    “If there is money politics, it does not necessarily play a major role because they already know who to vote for,”


    I’m not convinced. Any one believes him?

    Has that system weeded out money politics? Or widened it? Becoming more expensive to win UMNO posts, leading to bigger corruption?


  13. KJ is Anwar in the making – and UMNO is paving the way for another Anwar. These guys may not whistle to the same tune, but they walk towards the same tunnel. These pied-pipers have the power to lure rats, and unfortunately UMNO is infested with rats – dahulu dan kini sama sahaja. How to rejuvenate the party when the top are just as ratty, shabby and shady? Only 1 week to work for possible changes before PRU 14 – gegarkan the top posts!


  14. Hahaha, the Ketua Pemuda – ‘kokok berderai-derai, ekor bergelumang tahi’.

    Sekarang dah bau busuk lagi Pemuda dan Wanita. Apo kito nak buek, Udin hah?

    Bak kato yang di ataih tu – khaikkk tuihhhh. Tapi oden nak dongar jugak apo ahli UMNO nak buek. Oden tak ahli, sokong ajo, dah camni tau nak sosssaaaah ajo. Tapi nak dongar cadangan lain di mano mano.


  15. Jocelyn Tan (The Star) said, “Somewhere along the campaign trail, Mukhriz and fellow VP aspirant Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam have bonded and they have taken to wrapping their arms around each other when posing for the media.”

    Is it good for Mukriz to bond with Ali Rustam? The latter was found guilty of money politics before last party elections and banned from standing that time.

    But he was against Abdullah Badawi and some said he was wanting to make a vote of no confidence against Pak Lah. So, he had political affinity with Tun Dr Mhathir and OK for Mukhriz to be pally with Ali Rustam in the VP race?


    • Sure better than teaming up with Isa, isn’t it. Isa also found guilty of money politics and banned from holding high office for some years.

      But Isa is a Najib man – so much flak being heaped on Najib for letting Isa in charge FELDA and allowing a fake PhD Indian Muslim convert be CEO of FGV.

      Maybe a natural gravitation towards Ali Rustam. I hope that bonding image will lead to Mukhriz becoming VP. I do want to see a young face as a VP.


    • Been wondering whether Tun Dr Mahathir still has his network in the Divisions and Branches that Mukhriz can resort to for help and assistance in garnering votes for the VP slot.

      This Khairi guy must be thwarted in his liberalization attempt to change UMNO such that it might dilute the original aims and objectives of the party. I believe Mukhriz as a VP can speak up against that.


  16. For reasons of my own, I have no love for the Outside The Box fler. But these views of his (appearing in some place), I like. He talked about the “popular votes”, maybe emulating Anwar Al Juburi:

    He asked, ” what is the number of popular votes cast? This is what we want to know. Don’t forget there are about 80,000 voters for the Youth chief post and another 80,000 voters for the Wanita chief post. Spread over 191 divisions, this averages out to about 400+ voters per division only.

    “So where is the popular vote count? Or is Umno going to cover it up?” he questioned.

    “Did Khairy and Shahrizat win or lose the popular vote?” he asked, referring to the total number of votes cast for each position and what percentage of those did the two win.

    However, he believed the party would not reveal the answer and alleged that Umno would cover up the matter.

    I might not agree with his prognosis – “Umno is certainly doomed.” But I like his statement, “Tainted candidates who have no talent other than polishing and storm trooping have carried the day.”


    • Here are some of the complaints on the voting reported so far:

      sms about the results in one Bahagian election in Perak :

      “Saya dengar Hamidah Osman kalah Ketua Bahagian Wanita Gopeng pada k***a p****i …..duit berlambak. Pemberi orang kuat H*******din bernama T**h. Akhirnya pemimpin yang sendiri main politik wang. Cara Umno ingati jasa penyelamat Perak.”

      Here is another complaint from Kedah .. more serious :

      “Salam Guys. There is a scandal brewing in Merbok which may expose the extent of manipulation in the polls. In Merbok, the booklet with candidate names, photos and associated candidate number WAS NOT GIVEN OUT TO THE DELEGATES. Instead, what was given was a list or Chai which is effectively KJ’s dream team. The Chai even had UMNO’s logo seemingly making it an official document! The Star has begun with a story today, but more has to be revealed… Questions need to be asked..”

      The Star has more news about these ‘teething problems’ that have cropped up. Here is The Star today :

      .. similar ballot papers for national and divisional posts led to many spoilt votes and “unintended” choice of candidates for Umno’s three wings. problems surfaced when 220,000 members from Youth, Wanita & Puteri cast votes. complaints include “missing names” in booklet, shortage of ballot papers & delay
      delegates unable to differentiate ballot papers because colours and designs were almost the same as the national ones.

      “many delegates find the simultaneous national and divisional contests confusing,”

      voting process in Langkawi had to be stopped half-way when the election committee members realised that many delegates were “utterly confused” and marked the candidates’ numbers on the wrong ballot papers.

      “additional briefing session before voting was resumed”. Siti Balkish(‘s) name “disappeared” from the candidates’ booklet.

      Some divisions in Malacca faced a shortage of ballot papers. Bukit Katil Umno Wanita division had to make photocopies of the ballot papers. 415 delegates but only received 400 ballot papers from the headquarters

      Pokok Sena ..ballot papers contained extra slots for candidates. 15 candidates, but it received ballot papers for 20 candidates.

      Possible manipulation?


      • Here is another irregularity reported yesterday afternoon:

        The Johor Umno nomination committee is investigating the Gelang Patah division election process following an irregularity in number of voters. The number of votes cast were found to be greater than the number of registered delegates.

        I suspect there are other incidents not reported publicly. Would there be more irregularities revealed as the days pass towards the next voting on 19th October? Would they lead to declaring the voting of Khairy and Shahrizat null and void?


      • UMNO election committee deputy chairman Azmi Khalid said some of the complaints warranted investigation by the disciplinary board.

        “Some issues involve disciplinary problems,” he said when commenting on claims that the Merbok division Youth delegates were not given booklets containing the list of names of candidates vying for central posts in the wing.

        Umno Disciplinary Board acting chairman Megat Najmuddin meanwhile urged complainants to lodge a report to facilitate investigation. I hope they do now that the Disciplinary Board has said so.


  17. Got somebody with good credentials like khairy and the oldies does not like him.oxfart and university college london is much better than najib’s nottingham and other kampung institution.
    And his wheeling and dealing ways will get him a prominent job on wall street or the city in london.
    I hope this guy will turn umno into a liberal non discriminatory party that put civil liberty and the right to freedom of faith above all else.
    And revoke the amnesty given to all those who killed, rape and pillage in previous race riots. Justice must be upheld no matter what the crime.


    • What you talking, tempawan? The usual wild and unsubstantiated allegations, eh?

      What “good credentials like khairy” you meaning? The word “oxfart” that you use is very apt.

      Many non-Malays cll Ah Jib Gor a dearie, a liberal and all. You don’t? Imply UMNO a discriminatory party? Where do you put your head? In between your tails?

      You mention “the right to freedom of faith above all else”? You unhappy the Appeal Court says the Christians cannot use the term Allah? Observe the law, respect the courts, tempawan. Otherwise you might be arrested and made to face the court.


    • Catholic weekly The Herald editor Father Lawrence Andrew disagreed with the Appeal court ruling that the use of the word “Allah” was not integral to the Christian faith. He said, “In the Middle East and Indonesia, Allah is a term used by both Christians and Muslims. You cannot say all of a sudden that it is not an integral part.”

      But, I say Father Andrew, we are living in Malaysia, man. We are governed by the laws of Malaysia, the Constitution of Malaysia and the Courts of Malaysia. Not the Middle East, not Indonesia. Like Professor Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim said to the misbehaving fellows at Dataran Merdeka on Merdeka eve 2012, if you don’t like this country, Berhijrah lah. And the Minister of Home Affairs said to Anwar and gang not accepting the PRU13 results, if they don’t like the system in this country as codified in the Constitution of the country. go and live in countries whose system they like.

      And please don’t talk about conditions hundreds of years ago, Father Andrew. When the Portuguese won, the Malays/ Muslims had no say. When the Dutch and later the British ruled, the same. During the 80 years of British colonial rule, we could not spiak. When the High Court ruled, we also could not spiak. Now our Appeal Courts spiak. Please respect that. You people’s turn not to spiak.

      Follow what your counsel Selvarajah says. Go to the the Federal Court. Sure they will “decide according to law and established principles of constitutional law,” Meanwhile, accept the Appeal Court decision, stay quiet and be responsible people. This matter must not be sensationalized.


  18. Unfortunately, UMNO Youth have voted in a Pakatan Rakyat man:

    KJ, your actions speak louder than anything else
    Malaysia Kini – ‎6 hours ago‎

    YOURSAY ‘Are there progressives and conservatives in the party? KJ, please tell us what progressive ideas you are espousing. Spell them out;’ Khairy: The progressives have triumphed.

    Very endearing words, eh? As endearing as calling Ah Jib Gor.

    May be new words Khor Ju Gor?


  19. Moments after acknowledging that he had won, Khairy said it meant that the grassroots were ready to go along with his progressive and liberal agenda.

    Read those comments above which talk about the indifference of the grassroot members, the non-IT savvy and relatively poor kampong and marginalized urban folks with voting rights who can’t even afford to buy computers. And read about the electoral college system which means that although he won, the total number of votes he got may not be that high.

    How the hell can he then claim that the grassroots were ready to go along with his progressive and liberal agenda? Looks like UMNO politics are becoming a farce.


    • Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad, the former political secretary to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Khairy struggled in his first term as Umno Youth chief because he was regarded as a “minority leader” after securing only slightly more than a third of the votes in the three-way fight in 2009. His first victory as Youth chief was followed by one of the lowest points in his political career.

      He was not appointed to any Government, statutory or any GLC post. Najib presumably did not trust him because his statements sounded strange at times. He said he had spent the last four years trying to rehabilitate his career and admitted that there had been a point when he thought of calling it quits.

      He was made a Minister only after PRU13. Najib had been lashed badly because of placating the Chinese all sorts yet was given the Chinese Tsunami. He was desperate and wanted UMNO Youth and Wanita help to continue as President uncontested at the party nominations. He got it.

      But still not clear how strong Najib and Khairy’s positions are now. The October 19 voting results will shed more light.


      • Umno Supreme Council candidate Annuar Musa took a swipe at Najib to day.

        He warned that their Umno party would lose its dominant position if reforms were not carried out. Annuar also called on others in the supreme council to shake off their ‘inferiority complex’ and be brave enough to chastise Najib when he is wrong.

        This may be posturing for the VP and Supreme Council (he is a contender) election on October 19. But I like his statement, “There is no one else other than the supreme council that can make the government right. If the supreme council only waits to kiss the prime minister’s hand, Umno will soon be lingkup,” Btw, do they still kiss the PM’s hands these days?

        “The supreme council must have leaders who are not afraid to voice their views and must not be willing to compromise on the party’s struggle,” Annuar said. But the question is: what can they do to those who have been compromising on the party’s struggle.


        • PS:

          Wonder if Najib minds being a punching bag. I suppose the fact that he has been returned unopposed as President, he wouldn’t mind.

          Anything goes among politicians as long as can scratch one another’s back. Some have pretty thick skinned backs, they say. Maybe Annuar had winked an eye at Najib before he spoke to the press on that.


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