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Why is Khazanah Nasional in San Francisco?

Just a few days ago, we tweeted:


The answer is found in a newsfeed by Bernama:

Najib opens Khazanah office in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak officiated Khazanah Nasional Berhad’s regional office for the Amerikas, Khazanah Americas Incorporated (KAI), in San Francisco Sunday.

He hoped that the opening of this office would help propel Malaysia into a developed nation status by the year 2020.

The Prime Minister said Malaysia’s visionary ambitions to reach a developed nation status by 2020 could be achieved by moving up the value chain and creating an economy driven by knowledge, innovation and technology.

Najib said this when officiating the office located at the 45th Floor, 101 California Street, San Francisco, the third Khazanah’s regional office after Beijing and Mumbai.

Also present were his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek; Second Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh; Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Ewon Ebin; Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin and Director, San Francisco Mayor’s Office of International Trade and Commerce Mark Chandler.

The Khazanah Americas Incorporated office has a scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the world’s longest and tallest suspension bridge when the bridge was completed in 1937, to connect San Francisco with Marin County across the 1,600 metre-wide strait known as the Golden Gate which links the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean.

Complimenting Khazanah for “the great choice of sparkling office with a nice view”, Najib said Khazanah had made the right choice to be in San Francisco as the city is the centre of innovation in the United States – one of the most dynamic regions in the world, home to the most admired and innovative businesses and institutions.

Najib, who is also Khazanah Nasional Berhad chairman, said the opening of the office has shown that the Malaysian government fully supported and underpinned its seriousness on creating a competitive, sustainable and innovation-friendly environment and encouraged private and government entities to invest in key sectors abroad.

The Prime Minister also said Malaysia was keen to invest in exciting high-value areas such as life sciences, green technology and cutting-edge innovation that could help Malaysia’s transformation efforts.

Najib said Malaysia hoped to learn from the United States its remarkable culture of innovation, risk-taking and entrepreneurship to spur Malaysia’s own economic growth.

He said he was looking forward to see the innovation that would emanate from this regional office initiative.

He said that over the years, Malaysia’s business and economic interests had expanded across the globe and hoped that the Khazanah office would be able to identify potential partners and get the people in innovation in Americas to partner with those in Malaysia.

Najib also said that Iskandar Malaysia in Johor had established itself as a high value innovative centre and its Pinewood Studios, an integrated media production studio facility, are expected to be completed and opened next year.

He said Malaysia had a lot to offer to investors such as big economic growth number of 4-5 per cent a year, its Vision 2020 efforts on track and a low inflation rate of 2 per cent, which was not bad considering the current external factors affecting the world economy.

“With Khazanah Americas, we can further strengthen our presence and build strong networks with businesses here and I hope we can identify potential partners in America to help propel Malaysia into a developed nation status by 2020,” he said.

In his welcoming speech, Khazanah Nasional Berhad Managing Director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar said the opening of the Khazanah Americas Incorporated office would be a hub for Khazanah into innovation and technology as well as a bridge between the two countries and regions.

Najib, who arrived in San Francisco with his wife early Sunday, is on a working visit here until Sept 24, prior to his visit to New York to lead Malaysia’s delegation to the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) from Sept 25 to 29.

He is scheduled to deliver a statement at the High Level Meeting UNGA on Nuclear Disarmament on Sept 26, and Malaysia’s statement during the General Debate on Sept 28. – Bernama

And this is an opinion on what Khazanah Nasional is really doing in San Francisco (taken from the Facebook page of Kijangmas Perkasa, who often writes in the blog Demi Negara:

… and the CONmen go marching in.

This time a lavish Khazanah Nasional rep office in one of the most expensive downtown office towers in very expensive San Francisco. Where the in-building parking (if you can find one) charges run at U$3 (RM10) per 15 minutes or US33 (RM110) per day. That would be RM3,300 per month for one car in a dingy basement — the rental rate of a very comfortable KL apartment.

While being fawned head-over-heels by CONmen from Frost & Sullivan and likeminded parasites, PM Najib reportedly complimented the breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge and praised Mr. Non-Performer Royale, Azman Mokhtar for making “the great choice of sparkling office with a nice view.” Yes indeed. A million dollar view that will captivate many a heart. But is Khazanah promoting Malaysia or Northern California?

Who will staff this luxurious office? How many Malaysians? From where and based on what criteria? Another bunch of cocky 26-year olds “selected on merit” who will splash scenes of their wild parties and sinful weekend getaways — this time in exciting SF — on FB? Don’t be surprised if some of the PEMANDU party animals get recycled and sent here to liven up the wild Bay Area LGBT nightlife.

So how much are the rakyat (yes, Malaysian taxpayers) paying these people? Let me guess ………… a lot. Yes, a lot because San Francisco is one of THE most expensive cities in the U.S., with rental rates three times the U.S. average. The median rent for a 1-BR, yes one bedroom apartment in this city is about US$3,300 (almost RM11,000) per month. In preferred neighbourhoods, 1-BR rentals — if you can actually find one — would be US$3,600-4,500. For 2-BRs? You’re staring at US$5,000-8,000 per month. 3-BR? Don’t ask. And we have not even looked at other costs in a city ranked in the top 3 most expensive in the U.S.

How I know all these? I have a SF rep office as well. You pay through your nose in rental, parking and staff costs but as long as you make money, lots of it, its fine.

So will Azman Mokhtar and the merry-men and -women of Khazanah actually “make money” to cover this yet another splurge of the rakyat’s hard earned ringgits?


By bringing in investors? Isn’t that job already done by the likes of Mida, Matrade and Miti? Seriously, what can Khazanah do that Mida and Matrade cannot do or has not already done? Mida has six offices across the U.S. — Los Angeles, San Jose, New York, Boston, Chicago and Houston. Martrade has offices in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. And we have investment minister-counselors in our Washington, D.C. embassy and consulates general in New York and Los Angeles. Throw in Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines and you’ll have a heck of a lot of “rep offices” offering the same thing again and again to confused Americans.

So what exactly is Khazanah’s role in SF? To attract investments? Again, that’s Mida and Miti’s job. To expand trade? That’s Matrade’s job. To secure tourist dollars? That’s Tourism Malaysia’s job. To play a hand in diplomacy? That’s the foreign office’s job via the embassy and consulates.

Oh, I forgot ….. Khazanah is supposed to SPEND money, NOT make money. While part of the fat budget has been blown on expensive office rental and staff costs, there must be quite a chunk left for a Silicon Valley spending spree. Najib reportedly said in SF, “Malaysia [is] keen to invest in exciting high-value areas such as life sciences, green technology and cutting-edge innovation that could help Malaysia’s transformation efforts.”


What exactly do all those Powerpoint jargons mean?

I’m sure Mr. Kool wannabe here would throw in “value proposition” and “value chain” and “leading edge” and “next-gen” and “ears and eyeballs” and other so-very-90s-lah CON-sultant bullsh*t somewhere in his speech.

As for stopping the spending spree, its too late lah people. The depleting chequebook’s out. Khazanah must be seen to spend on something somewhere to justify their SF office adventure. You see, their No.1 KPI is “to spend money, lots of it” and No.2 KPI is “to lose money, most of it” and No.3 KPI is “blame others, all of them.”

I’m just waiting for some announcement of a “strategic investment” in some “new economy” scam involving solar powered green-coloured multiheaded dildos or something like that run by a couple of Taiwanese H-1B visa abusers out of a Sunnyvale garage repackaged, of course, into some sustainable eco-friendly healthy green technology gizmo that purportedly will yield a financial windfall for Khazanah and propel Malaysia to new heights of economic ecstasy ….. blah, blah, blah. Sounds familiar? A sucker born every minute? Remember InventQjaya? Remember E-Village in the Dengkil boondocks? And don’t let me get into cow farms and such. Just finished a late dinner meeting with some old ex-ministers and the possibility of regurgitating the horrendous raw sturgeon wrapped in salty seaweed and boiled cabbage is very real indeed.

Oh, ….. saw in the newsfeed that Najib had just committed the rakyat’s money into yet another new fund management company, Putra Eco Ventures Inc. The report said: “The company will channel the investments and provide business consultancy services to green technology companies.” Now, that’s a triple whammy of oxymoronia. “Channel the investments”? “Provide business consultancy services”? These types of phrases have scam and leakage and abuse and misadventure written all over them. Throw in “green technology” and you are looking at a financial trainwreck in the making.

So people, another little chapter of the follies of GLC Malaysia unfolds away from the public radar. While the rakyat bicker about twenty sen fuel price hikes and lack of decent affordable housing, the jet-setting chimps-in-suits of Khazanah (… and soon PEMANDU and TalentCorp and 1MDB and other disasters) throw our tax money into bottomless pits in faraway America.

My problem with Najib is that every time he launches or announces or officiates something somewhere, I get an overpowering sense of mindless, needless wastage of the rakyat’s money. And this Khazanah rep office in San Francisco is no different. Again, I just don’t understand the logic. To attract investments, Mida, Martrade and Miti and our embassy and consulates have already done that for umpteen years. No need expensive, lavish office overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in SF. On the other hand, if you just want to throw money at American companies, to invest in their business schemes or scams, they couldn’t care less about your office. They just want your money, lots of it. Heck, they wouldn’t give a hoot even if you work out of a Motel 6 by the 101 freeway …. as long as you give them money.

So again, what’s this “great choice of sparkling office with a nice view” in San Francisco really about? Is this a necessary strategic move to oversee the deployment of our sovereign funds — our children’s money — in foreign-based ventures crucial to our economic competitiveness, ……. or is this yet another expensive stupid out of control ego trip by some chimps-in-suits condoned by a weak, gullible Prime Minister easily fooled by meaningless CONsultant jargons liberally dished out in slick Powerpoint presentations?

We value second opinion. Please share what you think.

Thank you.


Blogger Din Turtle wrote his opinion about it here >>

82 thoughts on “Why is Khazanah Nasional in San Francisco?

  1. Something rotten in the state of khazanah !!

    we need real economic solutions. we need more industries, we need banking reforms, we need to get to mars!

    Khazanah does not have a clue..neither does the PM and his world of “perception”.



    • “We value second opinion,” says the blog owners. Let me put out mine, irrespective of whether it’s valuable or not.

      First, let me echo what Kijangmas said – I also cannot understand the logic. Mida, Martrade, Miti and our embassy and consulates have been there to attract foreign investments for umpteen years. Unless someone owns up, saying they have not performed satisfactorily, and/ or explain how and why Khazanah is going to do a different kind of investment attracting, using not the usual government officers, or methods that the usual guys with their training, experience and databases built up over these years will not suffice, then why the bloody hell spend that kind of money?

      Many people may think that Najib not being contested in the current UMNO party elections shows his genius of some sort as a leader, and that, with an Economics degree, whatever he does or doesn’t do are OK. But that is not necessarily so. There have been a lot of rumblings, dissatisfaction and anxiety expressed on him and his policies that had caused BN to lose more seats than at PRU12, many even openly asked that he be replaced, appealing to the 146,000 UMNO voters to do so in blogs and private conversations. But the UMNO system can easily be exploited by him to his advantage. Simple politics – appoint the UMNO Youth Head to a Minister’s post, the beleaguered Wanita UMNO Chief as whatever with the rank of Minister (whatever their worth may be other than canvassing UMNO votes), send the UMNO Executive Secretary to all the states asking the MBs/ Ketua Perhubungan to ensure “no rocking the boat” by the Divisions and Branches, regurgitate the NEP by announcing “a Bumiputera empowerment policy”, he had it made. Bingo, no contest.

      And so he happily went to San Francisco where his underling has prepared a nice office for him to bask in the glory of another 6 years as UMNO President/ PM (too near the 2018 elections for anyone wanting to change the Presidency at the next party elections in 2016). One gets to wondering what kind of resting facilities may be provided at the multi-storied building housing the new Khazanah offices in SF. One’s active mind has flashes of the Bill Clinton tryst at the Oval Office. And our man is not an angel in that respect. .

      So, could those be the other way of understanding the logic of having Khazanah in SF?


  2. Only khazanah is rotten meh?
    The whole administration stinks. So many offices in the US and europe. Their only job is to pick their bosses to and from the airport and act as tourist and shopping guide. They will then use this cable they obtained for their business deal when the age of internet, i thought offices will extinct.

    This is the problem when you have too many sons and daughters of tuns and tan sris who graduate and in need of some prominent jobs. The minister, who happens to be ‘uncle’ will find an opening somewhere.

    Our HP6 haprak 3/4 gomen is too big and so are the taxes they lump on to the productive sector of the mddle classes. I would have thought tax cuts will stimulate the economy. Doing away with huge import car taxes will definitely do this. And probably cause bankers to work harder to find clients. Presently, thanks to huge car taxes, bank money goes to gomen and car buyers finance their taxes. So small business gets very little attention.

    It is not only matrade, miti with offices all over. MAS also got offices everywhere in europe and probably US.


    • tempawan,

      Your nemesis TEMPAYAN here again.

      Kamon tempawan, which cave are you living in? Or which level of the skies are you floating? Your feet not on the ground, with toddy or sake intoxication, eh? Are you gone bonkers saying, “.. in the age of internet, i thought offices will extinct”? So, who will occupy the huge office complexes of the world, Martians?

      MAS cannot have offices everywhere in Europe? You must be living on the trees thinking airlines can operate without offices in the countries they want to fly into.

      I wanted to write longer but with your kind of comments above, I’d be bringing myself down to your level if I continue.

      Try writing sense, tempawan, then we can have a discussion.


    • Quote: “you have too many sons and daughters of tuns and tan sris who graduate and in need of some prominent jobs” – that is a problem to you??

      They are rakyat too, better give them proper jobs, befitting truly qualified graduates, rather than living on handouts.

      Or your REAL worry is that ‘Bumiputra graduates’ are increasing exponentially. And that the favourite cinabeng accusation of Bumis being lazy and stupid has indeed been PROVEN a fallacy.


  3. Feeling very sick in the stomach with all this. I was asking the same question myself – why does. KNB have to be there when there are so many other ways to be close to where the action is and we already have numerous agencies already doing a job of it. Also, there are sooo many cost-efficient ways to keep in the know or be in the action – hello, it’s the age of internet. People can now make millions without leaving their homes. For wanting to be close to innovation, they sure as hell showing they’re sure showing they are as backward and gullible as ever – and don’t even get me going on the wastage of our money!


  4. What the Huha? Najib retained as UMNO President aka PM without any challenges. That mean UMNO members blessed and accept his leadership. So what ever he do and did is for the benefits of the people especially UMNO’s. otherwise someone will challeged him and again there’s none. So long live Ah Gib Gor and the Chinese is smilling all the way tot he banks.


  5. Saw this sickening news by Australian newspaper about Tabung Haji’s latest shopping spree in Melbourne, Australia. Mr New Chairman, Azeez Mat Rampit must have been very busy travel all around looking for more overseas deal?

    Malaysian fund stalks $170m office building

    The Australian reported last month that the group and fellow Malaysian player Tabung Haji were looking to back a play by Singapore’s CIMB Trust Capital Advisors for Walker Corp’s Australian Taxation Office tower at its development in Melbourne’s Docklands.

    – See more at:


  6. Another Blunder by PM. Imagine his compliments is on the view of the office instead of how the office will benefits the country and how many new investors will be generate through the office. Both of them do not have a clue of what they are doing. Azman must go.


    • If PM made the “blunder”, why only Azman must go? Shouldn’t PM Najib also go?

      I support the view that whatever Khazanah does, Najib was at least consulted, if not he himself wanted it done. Remember, he is Finance Minister. And PM. And he is an Economics graduate, may want to see the economic development of the country proceed along the lines he personally wants it. The sad thing is that he rushes to developed nation status at he expense of the NEP – he even marginalized it in his New Economic Model. He unfairly expects Malays to compete in a non-level playing field – his Bumiputera empowerment announced before the party nominations was a mere appeasement of the disgruntled among the party voters more than anything else.

      I also find it disquieting that CIMB, run by his brother Nazir, gets the Khazanah consultancy jobs with huge fees. If there is any truth to the suggestion that Nazir’s terms of appointment at CIMB allows him to take a commission form the fees on projects he brings to the bank, then it is fishy. And Nazir is said to be very rich.

      Najib’s position is well entrenched now since no one challenged him at the close of party elections nominations last Saturday. He will be UMNO President/ PM for at least another 6 years until 2019 – the next party elections at 2016 will not likely see him challenged because it’ll be too close to PRU14 in 2018.

      But we need to keep on speaking up.


  7. JMD,

    There is nothing wrong with having Khazanah being housed in an expensive office.

    We don’t want Americans to think we are country bumpkins. Gaya mesti mahu.

    It will also signal the fact that Malaysians have a lot of money to spend and we should be treated with respect.

    So what if we do not bring in any investments, so what if nobody wants to visit Malaysia, all that matters is that Americans know Malaysia has a lot of money to burn 🙂

    You are just jealous because your crappy little office in San Francisco is nowhere as nice as Khazanah’s.

    It is no good complaining about Khazanah’s behaviour.

    Similar wastage of funds have been happening in Malaysia for years and years but nobody has really said very much because the receipients of those funds have been Malays and/or have pushed the Malay agenda.

    The sad thing is that only a small handful of Malays have benefitted immensely while 90% of Malays have suffered in poverty. Similarly, 90% of Chinese and 90% of Indians have the same problem but we choose not to see their poverty.

    Do we care? No. The Chinese and Indians are pendatangs, not like bumiputeras who have come from Sumatra, Java, Suluwesi … Ooppsss, ignore that last bit about the origins of the bumiputeras.

    We only need to pretend that we are looking after the Malay agenda. We can always blame the Chinese and the Indians for the poverty of the Malays. Faham, tak? Senang je, eh? 🙂

    Until, we, as a nation think of helping Malaysians who are poor, regardless of their race or religion, stop complaining about the likes of Khazanah and PEMANDU – consider their behaviour normal.


    • You really are Second Class, aren’t you? In your thinking especially. You even sound like a communist. Wanting a classless society? Sad for you, Chin Peng has just gone dead. Even his ashes not allowed to enter the country. Not because he is a Second Class. Because he has no class at all. He is not even a citizen of the country. Advised to apply twice, but maybe as a terrorist after the Haadyai Accord, he thought that a citizenship certificate must be brought to him in a silver tray, refused to do so.

      To get First Class in your thinking and mentality, get the proper perspective of the history of this country, read the relevant history books on the Malays, the original inhabitants of this country, so that you pendatang should respect your end of the bargain in what is called the Social Contract, that came into being when the Malays agreed to you pendatang being given citizenship right and the Ketuanan Melayu and the Special Position of the Malays written in the Constitution of this country at Merdeka, that Special Position being extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia.

      The books that best provide the information that’ll make you First Class in thinking are

      1. The Malays Civilization
      2. Tamadun Alam Melayu

      both pubkished by The Historical Society of Malaysia, available at Wisma Sejarah, opposite IJN, Jalan Tun A Razak, KL. Buy them, read them, then come in here to argue again, will you?


      • Thank you for proving my point with your response.

        Yes, I am really Second Class. That is the way I am treated in my country, Malaysia.

        Yes, I am a pendatang and you are not because you come from Sumatra, Java, Suluwesi, Celebes, etc.

        You want me to get First Class thinking? Well, there are many plain ordinary second class Malaysians who have your First Class thinking and as far as I can tell they are still treated as second class Malaysians.

        Classless=Communist? If asking for help for poor Malaysians without regard to race or religion is to be accused of being a Communist, so be it. It’s your First Class views that matter anyway because I am a second class Malaysian.


        • You clearly resent the fact that people from Sumatra, Java, Suluwesi, Celebes are treated as “bumis” – which display your historical ignorance.

          You should thank the social contractual terms for granting you FOC citizenship. The “pendatang” from Sumatra, Java, Suluwesi, Celebes are not ‘pendatang’s because they share the same heritage unlike the chinese.

          You may want to TRY applying for citizenship from PRC, India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand – just to EXPERIENCE the hassle and obstacles of getting citizenship of a foreign country.


          • ray,

            Of cos, the bumis from Sumatra, Java, Suluwesi, Celebes are not pendatangs – they are now Malaysians.

            It’s a shame they are not considered Indonesians by Indonesians though.


              • JMD,

                Not at all.

                We consider them as Malaysians when they come here but when bumis from Malaysia go there they are not considered Indonesians.

                Apologies for not clarifying.


                • You pendatang have no right at all (read my lips – no right at all) to say “We consider them (the Malays of Javanese, Sumatran etc origin) as Malaysians”.

                  In fact, you talking like that make them refuse to accept you as Malaysian. Shoo, vamoose, migrate from this country. .


            • Heh heh

              and you 2nd class are also Malaysian, with MyKad and by virtue of that, you get access to the wealth of Tanah Melayu – which is much more than PRC or India can give you.

              I note the perpetual resentment of the nons against well-off Bumis, the Raja Raja and the well-heeled leaders. You should scout for the mansions belonging to the pendatangs and their descendants who enjoy club memberships, twice yearly vacations to 1st world countries and a host of luxuries.

              And compare that vision with the rural bumis …


              • Actually, I have no access to the wealth of the land despite being a Malaysian.

                Pendatang mansions? Not too many around my kampung but we do have several belonging to UMNO bigwigs.


                • How come you have no access? Lazy arr? You people accuse the Malays of being lazy. But the Malays know you Chinese also lazy. Sit around doing Ah Long easy money. illegal, no license, or go collect protection money, or open legs at prostitute or massage palours.

                  Look at the thousands of acres of State land being illegally occupied. In the towns, the outskirts of towns, road reserves, drain reserves, river reserves, under Tenaga Nasional lines also. Dare devil kind, take risks, use gangsters to threaten authorities etc etc.

                  Don’t say you blokes don’t get state land – also illegal occupaton, in Pahang, Perak etc, Cameron Highlands, Raub and so on. Near election times, you got the land titles. Some people must do research how many tens of thousands of acres you people wallop,

                  No access to the wealth of land? Bullshit.


          • Second Class Malaysian,

            You are free to feel Second Class. The Government will continue its policies based on the Constitution of the country. Nothing you can do about that. You can’t change the sensitive clauses of the Constitution even if you fellows get to Putrajaya, which you could not at PRU13 even with the very few percent pseudo-liberal Malays (liberal olok olok – check the Kamus if you don’t understand those words), the Malays and the Bumiputeras who constitute nearly 70% of the population, will not allow you.

            If you want to change Article 153 on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, the Malays and the Bumiputeras want you to give up your citizenship right, as that was the consideration or the quid pro quo.

            In Fiji, the British colonialists allowed the pendatang to become the majority, they won the general elections, they could not taste power – the Army grabbed power.

            No “plain ordinary second class Malaysians who have (our) First Class thinking” so long as you don’t accept and don’t want to know the established history of this country, have your skewed perception of it, don’t want to respect and live by the Constitution of this country. You can go “as far as (China) to tell they are still treated as second class Malaysians”, nobody is going to care except the liberal olok olok fellows who get dumped by the majority.

            Classless=Communist? Yes, it’s the basic theory of communism, don’t you know? But that’s theory only, Chin Peng belonged to a different class from the other rank and file communists. He got much better treatment by the others in the jungles, traveled and stayed in China comfortably a few times even when the others got shot at by the Malaysian security forces in the humid, thick and often impenetrable Malaysian jungles. That’s why you need to read, learn and accept the established facts of history, especially those of this country. You get warped thinking and shooed out of this country if you don’t.


        • See the kind of thinking by you and people like you – you won’t even try to read the books that have been suggested you read to know about the Malays, instead, you rush to repeat your statement that the Malays “come from Sumatra, Java, Suluwesi, Celebes, etc.”

          Ever heard the Malay Kingdom of Langkasuka existing in the northern part of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu about 2,000 years ago? Complete with a King, a system of government etc? You refuse to know about those, do you, just banging on your DAP Red Bean kind of wild and unsubstantiated allegations. You ultra kiasu, DAP kind. Those books say the Malays originate in this Gugusan Pulau Pulau Melayu or the Malay Archipelago some 6,000 years ago and are a “Large Family of Malays” or the “Rumpun Melayu”.

          Give you another chance, man – read up the books suggested above, then state your opinions here.

          You are the richest community in the country for many decades, the poor among you should ask for help from the multifarious clan and sub-clan associations and business guilds – the Chinese engineer multi-millionaire would still have the RM30 million donation that UTAR refused to accept 1-2 years ago. There has been an established system of helping the less fortunate among you all for decades. The Malays don’t have anywhere to go for help in their own country, except the government.

          Talking about “poor Malaysians without regard to race or religion” – you are talking about the DAP so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, are you? You not acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays (which was later extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak upon the formation of Malaysia), are you? That which they got when they agreed that you people, stateless in this country for 150 years, be given citizenship right at Merdeka? That Special Position which is stated in the Constitution of the country? You not respecting the Constitution? Careful now, many have already said those who do not respect the Constitution should migrate. If you harp on that, there’ll be shouts of “Berhijrah lah” on you and the likes of you.


          • Let me clear this up – I am not a DAP person and as such I don’t really know what DAP’s stance is on many things. My views are entirely my own from what I have read and what I have seen.

            Langkasuka was merely one kingdom – there were others. It may surprise you to know that there were Chinese settlements in Kelantan a long long time ago as well when the Siamese ruled everything in sight.

            It’s interesting to note that you feel the Chinese should ask for help from their own. I suppose you think the Indians should do the same as well. I know, you don’t really care because we are all second class citizens anyway, right? 🙂

            Special position of Malays? Hm, I have not really formed very much of an opinion on that yet as I am still doing my reading.

            So far, I can definitely say that from what I have seen, only some Malays are special, the other Malays are, well, to be exploited just like any other second class Malaysians.

            Maybe, I should be calling myself a third class Malaysian to distinguish myself from the exploited second class 🙂

            Anyway, I am getting bored with this discussion, it’s all basically the same stuff I’ve heard time and time again to justify the unjustifiable.

            To return to the original reason for my comment, stop complaining about the excesses of Khanazah, PEMANDU or corruption. There is nothing you can really do about it – special position or no special position.


            • People can complain for whatever reason they want and be subjected to redress and rebuttals. That is the essence of first class mentality. If you do not want people to complain, then you shouldn’t complain about being in this so called ‘2nd, 3rd or 4th class citizen’. These are just feeble self-victimisation attempts coming from misplaced siege mentality just to camouflage the fact that people of all races have lived well here in Malaysia. Even your access to internet and ability to air your complaints here shows that you are neither poor not 2nd class citizen. There are only the rich, the middle class and the poor here in Malaysia and anywhere in the world which transcends all races, religions and creed.

              So far what we can read from all the people who complained they are 2nd class citizens are merely tantrums from people who are living well. Such is the by-product from a thriving and relatively prosperous country. We can do better, no doubt, but to say you didn’t benefit at all from it because you deem yourself as a ‘2nd class citizen his highly unfortunate and idiotic.

              Thank you.


              • The son of a gun is not complex stricken when calling himself 2nd class. He is just making fun of the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak.

                Look at his statements

                – “from what I have seen, only some Malays are special, the other Malays are, well, to be exploited ..”
                – “There is nothing you can really do about it – special position or no special position.”

                He should be thanking his lucky stars for being in Malaysia. If he is in Papua New Guinea highlands plateau where cannibals still exist, he would have been skinned and eaten alive.

                So now we follow the laws – the law code and the law of reason. It is reasonable that those who don’t respect the Constitution – the highest set of laws in the country – be asked to leave the country. I support the opinion – yes, two well known personalities have said so – that fellows like this subversive guy be shooed out of the country.

                The prospect of peace and unity is better without them.


                • I am so sorry if you think I am making fun of your special position.

                  I thought I was pointing out that some Malays seem more special than others.

                  It is no good hiding behind laws and screaming subversion and sedition at those who point out uncomfortable truths to you.

                  I have read comments here that allowing others to complain requires a First Class mentality.

                  If so, why am I being told to leave the country?


                  • Hahaha, you saying you have a First Class Mentality? Another bullshit, man.

                    As I said earlier, you people do have a weird perception and warped thinking.

                    Claiming to have First Class Mentality, hahaha.

                    It’s that kind of thinking – not respecting the Constitution and claiming bullshits – that get you told to leave the country, stu.


                • My reply to the comment by A Second Class Malaysian
                  SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 AT 12:27 AM

                  came out on my screen in corrupted form. So here’s another attempt at submitting it a little above it, as follows:

                  Hahaha, you saying you have a First Class Mentality? Another bullshit, man.

                  As I said earlier, you people do have a weird perception and warped thinking.
                  Claiming to have First Class Mentality, hahaha.

                  It’s that kind of thinking – not respecting the Constitution and claiming bullshits – that get you told to leave the country, stu.


              • JMD,

                No, it is not feelings of self-victimisation where I come from but a reality.

                Yes, people can complain but it does no good.

                My access to the internet does not reflect my wealth and I do not have large sums of money tucked away anywhere.

                I am just an average Joe as Malaysians go.

                You are right, we can do better in Malaysia where people who are poor are helped regardless of race or religion.


                • Get it into your head, Mister – there is the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak which allows them to be helped by the Government. Whether the distribution is equitable or not, it’s their business, not yours. And the Government has repeatedly said, and in fact are, addressing the problem of wider distribution among the Malays and the Bumis anyway.

                  As been told many times up there, you go get help from your clan associations and business guilds, man. They won’t help Malays one bit, Malays can’t even enter such associations and guilds, Malay business men get different prices and terms.

                  Would the Chinese businesses in Malaysia help “people who are poor .. regardless of race or religion”?.Bullshit. Even job advertisements state requirement for Mandarin. Cakap tak serupa bikin all over the place.


            • Quote: “stop complaining about the excesses of Khanazah, PEMANDU or corruption” – my my my!!

              For a down-trodden 2nd class citizen, you have the makings of a commie DICTATOR. You don’t believe in freedom of speech? You questioned so many “wrongs” and when you are challenged, you say you are BORED??

              I guess the smileys are your version of a peace pipe? Kesian …


            • Second Class Malaysian,

              While you try and clear that up (nobody actually accused you of being DAP, only said that you sound like DAP), let me now try to clear a number of things that you try to confuse the readers here with. And, since, after the so many explanations, you appear completely intransigent in your stand, not even accepting the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. bluffing readers here that you are “still reading” about it, and when losing the arguments, you plead being bored, I hope to clear you from here as well.

              1. You accused the Malays of not being the earliest settlers in this Semenanjong Tanah Melayu. You don’t even indicate a willingness to read the history books recommended to you, Instead, when pointed out that the Langkasuka Malay Kingdom existed nearly 2,000 years ago, you said, “there were others” but without saying what, when, where, etc. Then you stupidly said, “It may surprise you to know that there were Chinese settlements in Kelantan a long long time ago ..”, also without saying when and where. This is the kind of talk you blokes often engage in that cause a lot of problems in this country, saying anything you like, without justifying what you say, confusing and misleading others. But, when you don’t respect the Constitution, for example the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras that is expressly stated under Article 153 of the Constitution, you deserve to be shooed out of the country – scram, get lost.

              Professor Emeritus (History) Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim said those who don’t like this country (behaving badly at Dataran Merdeka on Merdeka eve 2012), “Berhijrah lah.” Minister of Home Affairs, Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid said those who don’t like the system that is stated in the Constitution of this country should “Migrate”. I say those early in my comment(s) to you to day, so that you don’t mistake it and still claim to morrow that you are “still reading” it!

              2. When I pointed out about the Langkasuka Malay Kingdom being nearly 2,000 years ago, you said “there were .. a long long time ago .. when the Siamese ruled everything in sight”. But again, without. saying when, where, etc. Now, how the hell do you want to argue that there are other kingdoms or civilizations (communities with a Ruler, complete with a system of government, law and order etc) earlier than Langkasuka without specifying names, dates, locations etc? Instead you tried to cast aspersions on the already established fact that the Langkasuka Malay Kingdom is proof of the Malays being the earliest settlers of this country. You really should get lost from this country.

              3. What you stupidly claimed to be “Chinese settlements in Kelantan” were NOT Chinese, only the name referred to in the Chinese Annals, Chi tu, was Chinese. And they were in the 4th Century, much later than Langkasuka.

              (To be continued)


              • Note that even the name “Chi tu” may not be Chinese, but local. Look at the name of the cave in the area that was inhabited since at least 8,000 years ago – Gua Cha, a name that exists to this day.

                Read what the Archaeologist Professor Dr Nik Hassan Shuhaimi wrote, as given in an extract below.


                • Talking like that without giving details only shit make.

                  Where the hell are “Chinese settlements” along the coast of Kelantan”?

                  Ancient to you is 19th Century? What the xxxx


                • Second Class Malaysian,

                  Where is the logic of your statement “Chinese settlements” along the coast of Kelantan do not a kingdom make.”? What are you trying to say? Lost the trend of your argument? Don’t know how to argue any more?

                  You implied that the Malays are not the original settlers in this country. Books and History Professors have been quoted, for example, on the Langkasuka Malay Kingdom having existed nearly 2,000 years ago. Are you implying that “Chinese settlements” along the coast of Kelantan have been earlier than 2,000 years ago?

                  Yet you said, they “do not a kingdom make.” Are you saying that they were just a smattering of a few Chinese here and there, without a King/ Emperor, a system of government, sets of political and social rules and the administration of law and order, and they lasted 2,000 years just like those? You even sound cracko if you meant that. You also sound cracko not explaining what you said.

                  Despite the “Amused Onlooker” showing his/her shallow-mindedness in not realizing the importance of trashing out the points you stupidly put out, I’m pursuing your skewed thinking and harmful perception of the historical facts and the Constitution of this country to kingdom come, until you become silent or the blog post changes.


                  • Sorry the rather long comment turns out to appear much longer and difficult to read in a very thin column as a reply to the Second Class fellow.

                    But reply I must in order to set the Second Class-twisted record straight.


                    • I say, my comment on SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 AT 9:16 AM turns out on my screen in corrupted form again. Here’s an attempt to re-submit it:

                      “Sorry the rather long comment turns out to appear much longer and difficult to read in a very thin column as a reply to the Second Class fellow.

                      But reply I must in order to set the Second Class-twisted record straight.”


              • The following comments of mine appear on my screen as corrupted in form, becoming long, 1-2 alphabets lines. Here’s an attempt to re-submit it as a reply to an earlier comment, hoping they’ll not appear too thin or corrupted in form again:

                SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 AT 9:16 AM

                Sorry the rather long comment turns out to appear much longer and difficult to read in a very thin column as a reply to the Second Class fellow.

                But reply I must in order to set the Second Class-twisted record straight.

                SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 AT 9:19 AM

                I say, my comment on SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 AT 9:16 AM turns out on my screen in corrupted form again. Here’s an attempt to re-submit it:

                “Sorry the rather long comment turns out to appear much longer and difficult to read in a very thin column as a reply to the Second Class fellow.

                But reply I must in order to set the Second Class-twisted record straight.”


            • Here are the relevant points from the article written by Professor of Archaeology Dr Nik Hassan Shuhaimi Nik Abdul Rahman, published in the Encyclopedia of Malaysia, Volume on Early History:

              Chi tu: An inland kingdom

              “Chi tu guo ji” is an account, in documentary form, of a visit to the Malay Peninsula by Sui envoys of China in the 7th Century, from 607 to 610.

              The location of Chi tu, or the “Red Earth Land” is “still not confirmed”, but academicians favour it to be in the interior of Kelantan. This region, rich in gold, known as Ulu Kelantan, has been inhabited for at least 8,000 years – the evidence is the prehistoric burials found at archaeological excavation site at Gua Cha. Recent excavations showed a large cache of Mahayana Buddhist tablets perhaps dating from Srivijayan (the 7th-13th Century Malay Empire based in Palembang and Kedah) times (9th-11th Century).

              It was a local, Malay, kingdom – NOT a Chinese one, as the stupid and seditious 2nd Class Malaysian bloke tried to say. The Kingdom established a relationship with China in about the year 607, and the Sui Emperor sent envoys to Chi tu under Chang Zu.

              The Chinese records list various officials in the King’s administrative system, including one for administering political affairs, another for administering criminal law.

              The Chinese records show that on the way to Chi tu, the envoys sailed past the Kingdom of Langkasuka, in their fleet of 30 ships.

              Mr 2nd Class Malaysian, read those books and accept those facts. If you still cannot accept them and the Constitution of the country, you definitely must vamoose from this country. We don’t want your kind causing trouble by being seditious and subversive to the established historical facts of this country.


                • As I said above, Talking like that without giving details only shit make.

                  Where the hell are “Chinese settlements” along the coast of Kelantan”?

                  Ancient to you is 19th Century? What the xxxx


                • Now, Dol (or Doliah, if you are female), have you heard the expression

                  “Little amuses the nuisance, what more the fool.” ?

                  If you haven’t, think about it, see if you understand it.

                  If you are non-Malay, let me know, there are other names to address you by.

                  You can’t even get your spelling right here and there, innit? Why the hell then don’t you concentrate on learning your spelling?

                  If you have to come in, why don’t you write a few words on the post topic? Never mind those who want to get their points across in here. You don’t have to read them, just scroll over to the ones you like to read.

                  You must have heard the expression “Mind your business”. You’d do well to do just that – you don’t kena knock on your head from one or both sides in the argument.

                  Let the blog owner decide how many comments can enter his blog, how lengthy the argument may be, OK?

                  Your comment shows that you don’t have the substance to understand what the guys are arguing about. So, I suggest you limit your comment on whether you agree or don’t agree and give reasons where you can. Not saying offensive words that’ll get you clobbered for nothing.

                  And believe me you are not being clobbered yet, this is just friendly advice. It’s OK to comment, but people like should just say you agree or not, etc, OK?


    • “helping Malaysians who are poor, regardless of their race or religion” – unconstitutional

      “stop complaining about the likes of Khazanah and PEMANDU” – no freedom of speech huh, dictatorial lah you, like dap tokong


      • Unconstituitional to help Malaysians who are poor, regardless of race or religion? That is a new one to me.

        Hm, ok, then don’t stop complaining. That means I am no longer a DAP tokong, right? 🙂

        Keep complaining – it will still get you nowhere.


        • Poor 2nd class, you NEED to memorise the constitution – the special status of the bumis is RACIAL not racist. So if you delete the racial criteria for help extended by the government, it becomes unconstitutional. The pendatangs were given FOC citizenship in exchange for the special status.

          So now that you pendatangs are granted permanent MyKad, why must the special status be rendered temporary?? Both provisions are complementary which means. if one is permanent, then the other must also be permanent.

          If you pendatangs keep questioning the special status, perhaps it is also TIMELY for the bumis to QUESTION the permanency of MyKads for you pendatangs.

          As for your next part of reply – me catch no ball!


          • Many times explained already. He just does not accept the Constitution, let alone memorize it.

            He should just be told repeatedly to leave the country – migrate.


    • 2nd Class,

      Like most Malays, I’m 3rd Class from wealth angle, business knowledge and experience angle, professional field angle. So how?

      During the 80 years of British colonial rule, and even for some time after Merdeka, there were only primary schools in the kampongs where most Malays lived. Four years of school and only in the Malay language. Schools far in between the kampongs that many Malay pupils had to walk 4-5 miles one way to school.

      Whereas there were both primary and secondary schools in the towns where most Chinese lived. And schools in the English language, too, which was the passport to success at that time and for a long time after that.

      The Chinese have a culture of doing business, of taking risks, making profits and accumulating wealth. The Malays do not have that kind of culture, have the culture of “berdagang” i.e exchanging goods for daily necessities, and becoming rich was not their preoccupation. British colonialists didn’t teach or encourage the Malays to do business because they wanted the Malays “to look after the food production of the country”. Hence they let the Malays with just four years of primary schooling and become rice farmers and fishermen. Professor Zainal Abidin Wahid, then of UKM, researched and found, for example, that Malays in Krian and Klang (then still a kampong) asked for English schools but were refused by the British,

      So you Chinese became the richest in the country for decades and have been 1st Class economically and educationally in general. Only a few are really poor, but can get help from your many associations that help your poor. But you grudge the Malays and the Bumiputeras who the NEP help because, after all, they have a Special Position under the Constitution. You want everything arr? Don’t think of the others arr?


      • If you are 3rd class in wealth, business/professional knowledge and experience, why should you not get help if you are a Malaysian?


        • That’s not the point made by 3rd Class, stu.

          Damn difficult to talk with you blokes, not only the problem of wild and unsubstantiated allegations, but also the problem of your weird perception, warped thinking and twisted arguments. Especially the Red Bean kind.

          That’s why elsewhere I see many use harsh and even foul language against you people. I also want to but decide not to out of respect for JMD.

          JMD : 😄


          • It is damn hard to talk to us blokes because you don’t follow the thread of the comments.

            The other responders have responded on topic but I had difficulty trying to decipher your comments within the context of the discussion.

            Never mind, still, thank you for your comments.


            • “responded on topic” – what topic? Post topic or topic/ points you raise?

              Others answer your points. You don’t answer others’ points. Example, what “Chinese settlements” on East Coast?

              Look at the Thumb Up and Thumb Down on the comments – cannot see?

              You better migrate.


            • unless you have a comprehension problem, what’s to decipher? from where i’m reading Bull Class and all those who have responded to you have been more than clear and coherent. appears to me you’re just incapable of giving convincing rebuttals.

              if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you’re not only second class, but also outclassed! 🙂


  8. .. there is an ancient Chinese proverb: 富 不过三代 (Fu bu guo san dai) which means “Wealth does not pass three generations”. The first generation works extremely hard to build the family fortune. The second generation reaps the benefits. The third generation squanders the wealth. While the second generation may see the value of hard work, the third forgets it.

    Malaysia under PM Najib is such an “overachiever” that they are doing the 2nd and 3rd generation altogether! The way these people spend the rakyat’s money really makes the rakyat want to vomit! Nowadays I truly hate seeing all these fat cats on TV. Accept for spending money, they are really clueless in everything else.


    • Good that you put out the Chinese proverb. As with all proverbs, they are all true, tested against time over so many generations in history. And so the Chinese must also be facing ups and downs in life, money made in one generation lost after the 3rd generation. In fact, Chinese history is full of ups and downs, perhaps more so that others.

      I don’t mind you being anti-all the rich people – who are mostly Chinese anyway – but I resent your inference that “these people spend the rakyat’s money” are Malays, because practically only the Malays are in government now, after the Chinese tsunami made the guilty-conscious Chinese refuse to kongsi kuasa and be responsible in spending the rakyat’s money together with the Malays.


  9. So much has been written against Khazanah and Najib, for example, regarding the MAS-Air Asia share swap that Najib’s brother “bastardization-of-NEP” Nazir had a big part (with huge consultancy fees) in, and that Najib was thought to have at least been consulted on, if not himself made the decision, together with or prodded on by the Level Four Boys , that, even when Najib reversed the share swap (in reaction to the representation made by the 28,000 strong MAS Employees Union), the distaste in many people’s palate remains until now.

    Now again, Najib and Khazanah “conmanship” (to borrow the word above) appearing, this time in San Francisco. Najib will care less what others think, not even what UMNO thinks, especially now that he has been returned unopposed as UMNO President at the party elections.

    It’s UMNO’s fault. It’s the Malays’ fault. Specifically, the UMNO Malays. Hoo hah a bit prior to GE13 when Najib was bending backwards to get Chinese votes, gave away cash to Chinese schools, gave scholarships to Chinese students whose community has been the richest in the country for decades, has the system of helping their less fortunate by the long-established clans and sub-clans associations and all kinds of business guilds, such that UTAR refused a RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer millionaire for scholarships etc.

    The hoo hah against Najib prior to PRU13 soon dissipated when UMNO got more seats at PRU13 although overall BN got worse results than Tun Dol at PRU12. And with the stroke of the pen, just before UMNO elections nominations, Najib announced the Malay empowerment policies – the effects and results of which have yet to be seen – the Malays kept quiet, none did a Sulaiman Palestin to Najib (only Sulaiman’s daughter did to Najib’s crony – his wife Rosmah’s crony actually – Shahrizat), and all quiet on the Western front as far as talk of contesting Najib went. There has been a “consolation” kind of talk that, despite Najib getting to continue as President/PM, there will later on be a move to call for Najib’s resignation and Muhyiddin becomes President/PM.

    But, “Melayu mudah lupa,” said Tun Dr Mahathir, and that may be the subject of another comment another time.


  10. Not sure why Khazanah or any other Malaysia companies get so excited when they receive an award from Frost . Its a PR and marketing gimmick by Frost to rub shoulders with gullible CEO’s . Do you know how many awards do these guys give out in one year?


  11. I think that Khazanah is benchmarking itself against Singapore’s Temasek Holdings and GIC.

    Anyone know how many offices Temasek and GIC have established in the US? In the UK and Europe? In the Asia-Pacific region?

    Are you implying that we don’t have what it takes to compete in the same league as Singapore in attracting foreign investments (and talent)?

    And please go ahead and benchmark Matrade and Mida against Singapore’s IES and EDB (Economic Development Board), and judging from the numbers, see just who has done a better job?

    I understand that the overseas offices of the EDB, GIC and Temasek are staffed by young Singaporeans who have graduated from top universities in the US, UK and Europe.

    No one in Singapore throws a hissy fit about this.

    But, here in good old Malaysia, the “tall poppy syndrome” is alive and well. Which includes pulling people down to the lowest common denominator instead of playing by worldclass standards.


    • Dear Petronius,

      You mean Khazanah will benchmark its performance to Temasek’s?

      Like how Temasek has performed?

      It can be read all over the news.

      Maybe you should close your gaping mouth when these Khazanah people are talking to you about their so called world class standards since obviously, your own interpretation of world class standards is so low, billion dollar losses is considered highest common denominator.

      Khazanah itself has its fair share of subpar financial performance, mind boggling investments and other stupid decisions. Again, it can be read all over the news.

      Good luck with that.

      Thank you.


      • Well, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, in it’s rankings of SWFs, tells a different story.

        And I note that for transparency, both Temasek Holdings and GIC are rated higher than Khazanah.

        Think I am fibbing? Go Google “Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute”.

        In any case, Petronius did raise some valid points.

        How do you convince the likes of Google, Facebook,, eBay, Microsoft, IBM and the other high-tech titans in Silicon Valley and Seattle to come invest in Malaysia and set up their regional offices here?

        Something that Singapore has, by all accounts, managed to do.

        Can it be that Matrade and MIda are not pulling their weight and convincing these high-tech MNCs to set up shop in Malaysia?

        Could it be due to the quality of the staff in their US offices, or the chopping and changing of Malaysian government policies?

        So, if Khazanah sets up shop in San Francisco, could it be a tacit acknowledgement of the above?


        • Amazon has only a web service centre in Singapore while eBay has a service centre over there.

          Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and many other high tech titans (can’t call them titans anymore after the Silicon boom-bust in the early 2000s) all have offices in Malaysia as well. Intel, Oracle, Hewlett Packard and such have been in Malaysia for years.

          These companies never needed Khazanah to bring them here.

          It is a waste of money to send Khazanah overseas and setting up expensive offices when for a fact we know Khazanah’s track record is not that glittery to begin with.

          Thank you.


          • Good that you shoved into the bloke Goobeman’s face the fact that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Hewlett Packard etc have been in Malaysia for years.

            The bloke keeps glorifying Singapore at the expense of Malaysia. And said he noted “that for transparency, both Temasek Holdings and GIC are rated higher than Khazanah.” What the hell transparency is he talking about, apart from ball polishing for Singapore?


            • Offices in Malaysia, yes.

              But where do these companies put their regional HQs, support centres and data centres and their top regional management? Where do decisions get taken, except in regional HQs and corporate HQs?

              In Malaysia? Give me one example of a global high-tech MNC that set up it’s regional HQ in Malaysia.

              Go through the list – Apple,, eBay, Cisco, Facebook, Google, H-P, IBM, Intel and Microsoft. And these are just the US companies. What about the companies from Europe and the UK?

              Where’s the independence when offices in Malaysia have to refer back to regional HQs before implementing key policies and decisions?

              As for SWFs transparency, go Google “Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute” and check their SWF rankings.

              Both GIC and Norway’s Oil Fund carry the top rating of 10. Temasek Holdings is rated 6. Khazanah is rated 5.

              In your math, maybe, 5 = 6 or 5 = 10!


              • Well it is just a matter of preference, based on specific companies’ needs. Some international companies have HQs here in Malaysia, some have in Singapore, some companies set up their regional HQ in Thailand etc.

                Does Dell have an office in Singapore? Because it has one in Malaysia. Does that make Singapore any less better than Malaysia? Or does Malaysia become better than Singapore because it has South East Asia HQ in Bukit Mertajam but Singapore has none?

                All this doesn’t bring us closer to the answer (besides the one given by KijangMas Perkasa in the article above) on why would Khazanah waste money in San Francisco?

                To get WalMart or General Motors to build HQs here in Malaysia?

                The only one who are happy Khazanah had set up an office in San Francisco is Khazanah themselves.

                Maybe you should re-read KijangMas’ opinion. And somehow, even with losses of billions of USD by Temasek and its funds they still manage to have higher transparency index than Khazanah, can you imagine how low Khazanah’s real index should be if SWF take into account all the losses Khazanah had incurred over failed businesses and deals?

                Thank you.


  12. This story reminds me of one past deputy PM who used to state that holding on to 3P Principle is very crucial for political survival : 1) Perutism 2) Poketism 3) Pangkatism. In fact one more additional “P” is gaining importance, ie. P**t*tism.


  13. Najib and most of the bozos in the govt are arseholes (yes that includes all the new bozos in Selangor and Penang as well … no need to talk about Kelantan). A lot of great ideas here in Malaysia, no need to go to SF. When you try to do something new, they will say “Nobody has done it before, risky to invest”, When you want to improve a current process/tech, they will say “Oh … somebody must be working on it “. I really wanna work with these highly paid bozos. You just need to learn a few sentences, must know how to tweet, login to facebook, change the font of the powerpoint(and the titles .. maybe the author as well) and put on costly attires. Celaka!


  14. JMD,

    1. Khazanah’s overseas investments are not only in questioned here.

    2. I cannot give my opinion on Khazanah because I dont know how they operate.

    3. Its off topic but I just want to share with you because GLCs are also under Khazanah’s umbrella.

    4. The thing is that some GLCs performances at home are also in deep shit.

    5. Maybe you’ve heard of one high income-tax-paying GLC that awarded its project to a foreign company. The project later turned out disastrous.There are other projects facing the same fate and needed to be salvaged.

    6. The project owner got no choice but to turn to a local bumi company (who has a proven track record of completing their work in time) to salvage the project in questioned.

    7.. Rumours has it that after the President of this GLC stepped down and being replaced by someone whose stature is uncomparable to the former, everything went haywire.

    8. As a result most projects are delayed… costs over run…and need to be salvaged.

    9.. This is just one story that I know of.

    10. Another GLC is famous for not paying their bumi contractors on time. Corruption everywhere. If you complain they’ll backlist you and you wont be getting any works order.

    11. Eventhough your company happened to be listed in the Teras group …if the GLC execuitve said your job scope is such and such and you cannot participate in a different one’re stucked. That’s the mentality
    of a GLC executive. Can you figure this out?

    12. All in all even if the statistics of all GLCs and Khazanah looked pretty on paper , if you have one bad executive or worse a CEO who thinks bumi contractors have got no class…you’re doomed man!

    Thank you.


  15. Things are that bad, eh? I don’t mind the off topic thingy so long as it has the slightest connection – keep ’em coming as far as I’m concerned.

    So many rotten apples that we need to think of how to get the tree replaced with a good one.

    I’d like to say more but have to wait for a more convenient time.


  16. JMD, a USM lecturer has pleaded in NST yesterday for Najib to focus on ‘knowledge revolution’ (pls correct me if I’m wrong) among Malaysians instead of rushing for innovation in US (with visits to Google, Twitter & FB offices). I believe he has made a very valid point. That ‘knowledge revolution’ should start with our PM and his circles of ‘knights’.


  17. why the malays is way behind?..we should blame najib father. he send all the malays deep into jungle via his felda,felcra, etc.. project and keep all the Chinese in the big city…


    • Don Kaduk,

      Careful with what you say now, otherwise you might one day find you don’t have any tempat duduk.

      Since the Chinese Tsunami, more and more people have been asking those who don’t like this country, who don’t respect the system under the Constitution to vamoose, scram from here.

      You sound like making fun of the Malays and especially their revered leader, Tun A Razak. That’s even worse than not respecting the Constitution of the country.

      I’ll say it right to your face now – get lost from this country.


      • Well said Samdol. Those who do not agree should leave the country. Get out!

        The same goes for those here who are trying to back stab Najib. If you dont like what our Prime Minister as Leader of our nation is doing, get out! Mahathir has lots of land in Argentina I hear. They should move there and set up their own community.


        • Those expressing political views but not necessarily disliking the country, and are respecting the Constitution, should not be shooed out.

          Mahathir has lots of land in Argentina you hear? What we hear from others needs not be true.


  18. Actually hor, khazanah has a master plan in SF. And That is as a start up(embryonic) fund for new ideas since creativity it is lacking in malaysia.
    You see, creativity and new ideas cannot flourish in a environment where liberalism is curtailed due to race or religious sensitivities.
    Writers, artists, directors, dancers, scientist etc thrive in a free and liberal societies. A society where those with ideas and merit are idolised and highly regarded.
    In Malaysia, these traits are punished. You are liberal, religious department or racist supremacist groups will come for you. Even a movie about a love story in emergency era and various ghost stories are banned from screening. Forget about beauty pageants are considered are discouraged even though for those born beautiful, it is one avenue to fame and fortune as a actress or model.
    Does anyone care about persecution of shiites and christians, many of them bummies( english for bumis)?
    Besides Our education system does not recognise diversity. You have to speak certain language or belong to certain race if you want full benefit. Reason for this is forced conformity.
    If you want to know, there are many from chinese schools who are thriving in taiwan and hong kong but their abilities are worthless back home.
    You can only become famous in Malaysia if you become a religious or race fanatic like ridhuan tee or sing some arab song without certain sensitive words otherwise it cannot be broadcast as its not allowed to be heard non muslim minorities.


    • You always write a lot of bullshit, don’t you? Wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations. I and many others can do the same to you buggers and your kind. Wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations. But that’d be irresponsible of us. You don’t care about being irresponsible, do you? Why do you call yourself a Malaysian then?

      There are clear signs you are not respecting the Constitution – the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, Islam “is the religion of the Federation”, Bahasa Malaysia, etc e.g by your saying

      – religious department or racist supremacist groups will come for you
      – Does anyone care about persecution of shiites and christians
      – many of them bummies( english for bumis)?
      – Our education system does not recognise diversity. You have to speak certain language or belong to certain race if you want full benefit

      If you don’t like this country, its system, its Constitution, why don’t you migrate? Why stay here and torture yourself? You can’t change those that you complain about, those that pertain to the sensitive articles of the Constitution. Those that are protected under the Sedition Act. Even if the Sedition Act is repealed, they’ll replace it with one having about the same effect. Like the new law being tabled in Parliament now to replace the ISA – the Opposition are crying that it’s about the same as ISA, EO etc.

      If you migrate, you will be happy, those of us left behind will be happy, too. Win-win situation, man.


  19. Najib “hoped that the Khazanah office would be able to identify potential partners and get the people in innovation in Americas to partner with those in Malaysia.”

    Those in Malaysia includes the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak? How many of them are qualified in and are engaged in businesses described as “an economy driven by knowledge, innovation and technology”? There should have been synergistic or parallel actions. Has he devised policies that would ensure sufficient Malays and Bumiputeras in those fields?

    But then, he doesn’t care much about the Malays and the Bumiputeras, does he? The Bumiputeras empowerment policy he announced just before UMNO party elections nominations doesn’t seem to be heading that way, does it? Must liberalize, he says. The Malays and the Bumiputeras can compete, never mind if on uneven playing fields. Well, the anti-Najib ground swell will be building up in the course of time.


  20. Is it the Bernama report not putting out fully Najib’s or Azman’s explanations on the purpose or functions of the Khazanah office in San Francisco, or the highly paid consultants that came out with the “Endless Possibilities” slogan for Malaysia not advising on how political and corporate leaders can be explicit in their relations with the public, or is it me not sharp enough to understand them?

    But the fact that JMD puts this post out, together with the opinion of Kijangmas above, suggests that it’s not my comprehension problem, but some other.

    So I now read about what Najib and others say

    – moving up the value chain and creating an economy driven by knowledge, innovation and technology.

    – the right choice to be in San Francisco as the city is the centre of innovation in the United States – one of the most dynamic regions in the world, home to the most admired and innovative businesses and institutions.

    – Malaysian government .. seriousness on creating a competitive, sustainable and innovation-friendly environment and encouraged private and government entities to invest in key sectors abroad.

    – Malaysia keen to invest in exciting high-value areas such as life sciences, green technology and cutting-edge innovation that could help Malaysia’s transformation efforts.

    – looking forward to see the innovation that would emanate from this regional office initiative.

    – hoped that the Khazanah office would be able to identify potential partners and get the people in innovation in Americas to partner with those in Malaysia.

    Azman said

    – opening of the office “would be a hub for Khazanah into innovation and technology as well as a bridge between the two countries and regions” (Is that Azman’s or Bernama’s English language deficiency?).

    I’m afraid a lot of the above are hula baloo. There should have been clear explanations on how the Khazanah office will bring about all those glorious sounding hopes stated above into reality. And why it’s necessary. despite so many other Malaysian government trade and investment promotion offices are already in the US for decades.


  21. Those khazakhs in khazanah have done it again. They opened another office in istanbul. Maybe they want malays to at kebabs and wear songkok with tails.
    I cannot see anything good in turkey. Go ask izzat emir. He had to leave the country. Only good ing is tourism with the ancient roman .


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