4 thoughts on ““America must stop asking the question – ‘Why Do They Hate Us?'”

  1. Bill Maher is a Jew but makes fun of the Jews in his own comedy programme “Politically Incorrect”, which was discontinued at CNN, the network that employs many Jews (presenters Larry King, John King, Wolf Blitzer often on the screen in recent times).

    After that he carried on his own programme in another network and was often a guest at Larry King Live on CNN, where he occasionally poked fun at Jews there, too, to the chagrin of the old man Larry whose programme was discontinued either due to old age retirement or decreasing rating.

    Maher (pronounced Meyer, which is a common Jewish name) is hard hitting and often very succinct, clearly politically incorrect against the US government policies and almost anything that represents the Establishment in the US. Somewhat like DAP in this country except that the DAP is crude, has no class, often crass, rude, caustic and debased.

    He even criticized Israel and he appears to be one of he few who the very powerful Israeli Lobby could not get rid of from the US mass media – that Israeli Lobby was said by a Harvard University professor and a Chicago university professor, in a paper they jointly wrote, to have “unmatched power” in the US.


    • Israel bully Palestinians and Arab countries. Wanted US to bomb Iran nuclear places. Now want US to bomb Syria saying weapon of mass destruction gas bombs also. US very close with Israel also because of Israel Lobby. So Arabs hate Israel and US.


  2. Having pumped in the anti-Jews and anti-DAP line up there, I’ll now write on why the Americans stopping asking the question “Why do they hate us?” –

    The Americans by and large stuck with the Monroe doctrine – non-colonization, and non-intervention – since the 19th Century until the World War. But, persuaded by Britain and provoked by the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941, they entered World War II. They won and led the victors. They never looked back ever since. Power and all that represents. They adopted the role of Policemen of the world.

    They faltered and tottered at the Bay of Pigs invasion, they lost the Vietnam War, but they produced a stupid President George W Bush, who was nudged on by the powerful Israeli Lobby and Zionist Israel to bomb Iraq. Weapons of Mass Destruction, they said, which they never found in Iraq until to day.

    These are the kinds of stupid actions by the US government that Bill Maher was hitting at – the hate and untold resentment against the Americans in the minds and in the feelings of the Arabs, so much that many were willing to blow themselves to death to show that hate to the Americans.

    Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, the Yanks shouted. The latest incident is in Nairobi where 67 were killed, 69 are missing and hundreds of innocent people injured in the Westgate Mall attack which the Americans also link to Al Qaeda, although the Al Shabaab attackers say they did it wanting the Kenyan forces out of Somalia.


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