Tanda Putera – a depiction from historical accounts

A group of us friends watched Tanda Putera just now and are somewhat happy with the movie. Minus a few bloopers eg., seeing something out of place – a mercedes car from the 90’s shown in a scene supposedly during the 70’s, or police outriders with bikes from the 80’s etc., the movie itself was commendable.

These bloopers are negligible and did not really alter the essence of what the movie is trying to deliver. Even Hollywood films are not immune to bloopers.

Tanda Putera basically is just a story of Tun Abd Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail in events just prior to the racial riots of May 13, 1969 up to their respective passing. Tun Dr. Ismail in 1973 and Tun Abdul Razak in 1976.

We had fun trying to look for who’s who in a movie which is filled with famous personalities of our rich history. We can see Tun Saadon Zubir, Tan Sri Ghazalie Shafie, the young Tun Haniff Omar, the dashing Tun Tan Siew Sin, Dr Mahathir in his 40’s, and even a younger version of Tun Hussein Onn.

We are not going to discuss the story line of this movie; however this article will try to depict a few scenes which are worth notifying and cross reference it to the real incident that had happened during those times.

First off, the killing of an Umno worker by few chinese members of the Labour Party (one of the opposition parties at that point of time). It was shown in the first few minutes of the movie:

This was the incident that triggered anger from the malays at that time

This was the incident that triggered anger from the malays at that time; just 3 weeks before the general elections. However Umno leaders at that time did not permit demonstration by their members over the death of its member.

Shuhaimi Baba did a good job in depicting this incident as it sets the mood of the movie. Although this murder wasn’t the first inter-communal killing, it is sufficient to establish point of reference. Inter-communal killings and riots have been happening in Malaysia since the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

Racial riots of 13th May, 1969 wasn’t exactly the first nor was it the last.

Next was the death of a chinese Labour Party worker by the police.

Six days before the 1969 elections, 3 police constables came across a group of youths from the Labour Party painting anti-election slogans on the road. When challenged by the police, they attacked using iron rods and hurling firewood and stones. They put up such a fight that the police had to open fire in self defense. One of the youth was wounded and died later in the hospital.

The opposition took advantage of the youth’s death and wanted to organise a large funeral procession on the polling day itself!

Anyway, the police together with the permission from the Home Ministry however, gave the permit for the procession to be held on the 9th instead.

Tanda Putera captured this moment briefly with just a few dozens extras being used to populate a funeral procession. However, the real incident was much more sinister.

Back in 1969, 14,000 chinese marched for eight miles around Kuala Lumpur.

The sight of the jeering hooligans marching slowly around the city for that many miles must have been an agonising experience to bear for the Malays living within the city.

They chanted Maoist slogans, sang ‘The East is Red’, and displayed portraits of Mao Tse-tung and the Red flag. The procession passed through the heart of Kuala Lumpur and tied up traffic in almost every major street in the city and provoked Malay bystanders with shouts of ‘Malai si!’ (Death to the Malays) and ‘Hutang darah bayar darah’ (Blood debt will be repaid with blood).


Bystanders watching the procession went by with all the taunting slogans in the midst


Thousands of people marched through the city into the Malay areas

And all this was just a day before election day. As the result, the election on 10th May 1969 was an extremely highly-charged affair.

Then Tanda Putera showed the events after the election results were announced. After which, the Gerakan Party as well as DAP party members hold victory parades all over Kuala Lumpur on 11th and 12th of May, 1969.

The account of what happened can be read below. Note that Tanda Putera DOWNPLAYED the real happenings probably due to the nature of the demonstration can be deemed too offensive for the current day audience. Please read and comprehend the situation at that time.

Taken from the NOC Report

Taken from the NOC Report (double click to read)

Taken from the NOC Report (double click this to read)

Taken from the NOC Report (double click this to read)

Next was the fact that Datuk Harun Idris climbed on top of a bus to calm the rowdy crowd already seething with anger over the victory parades illustrated above.

The background story of what had happened can be summed up by what Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad had said 4 years ago:

The tragic and vicious incident need not have happened had Tun Razak’s message to Dato’ Harun Idris, the menteri besar of Selangor, reached him 30-minutes earlier or had Tan Sri David Tan Chee Khoon and Tun Lim Chong Eu spoken to Tun Razak 30 minutes earlier relaying their decision not to cooperate with DAP to form the state government of Selangor nor worked together in Perak and elsewhere. I was beside Tun Razak when he took the calls from them late past tea time on the fateful evening of 13 May. I recall clearly what Tun Razak told Harun “…the good news is you will continue to run Selangor. Chee Khoon and Chong Eu had just spoken to me that they want status quo preserved. So tell the people gathering at your house to disperse.” Harun thanked Tun and asked him to convey his gratitude to the two statesmen. Between five-to-ten minutes after that Harun rang Tun Razak to say that it was too late. As he was persuading them to disperse news reached the crowd that clashes had begun in Chow Kit Road and surroundings and beyond.

Tun Razak asked Harun to calm the gathering and urged him, in strong terms, to attempt his best to stop the clashes from escalating. The rest, as they say, is history. Though Harun and I were not on good political terms I must be fair. I think he did try, but by then, to no avail.

Again, you have to watch Tanda Putera to understand this incident in a more visualised manner.

What really happened though can best be described by the chilling hour-by-hour report by witnesses as stated below:

The fateful day of 13th May

Events leading to the fateful day of 13th May


What really happened at Datuk Harun’s house


Trouble started in Setapak (just like Tanda Putera had portrayed)


Further historical account of the riots

What was missing in the movie was Tun Dr. Ismail’s famous ‘Democracy is Dead’ speech on national television. That was a pivotal moment which could have driven the point on what repercussions of racial riots could be. Would have loved to hear that speech.

A glaring bit of inconsistency appears when Tanda Putera tried to slot in the then Dr. Mahathir’s letter and his subsequent sacking from Umno just a few days after the riot.

This is erroneous. Fact is, Dr. Mahathir wrote the letter to Tunku Abdul Rahman more than a month after the May 13th riot (17th June 1969) and was sacked in the middle of July. From the book “Surat Dari Dr Mahathir” by Zainuddin Maidin, it was stated:

Keruncingan hubungan Dr Mahathir dengan Tunku Abdul Rahman terus memperhebatkan lagi gelora politik tanahair terutama dalam kalangan orang Melayu selepas peritistiwa 13 Mei. Tunku menganggap surat Dr Mahathir kepadanya yang tersebar luas di seluruh tanahair sebagai memusnahkan seluruh pengorbanannya terhadap negara dan bangsa sejak 17 tahun lalu.

Ini mendorong Tunku memberikan kata dua kepada Umno. Pilih “saya atau Dr Mahathir”.

Apabila Timbalan Presiden Umno, Tun Abdul Razak menyampaikan kata dua ini kepada mesyuarat Majlis Kerja Tertinggi (MKT) Umno di Sri Taman pada 12 Julai 1969, Harun Idris berkata,

“Tun (Razak), kalau begitu, buat apa panggil mensyuarat ini, buang sahajalah Mahathir”.

Pandangan beliau disokong kuat oleh Ketua Kaum Ibu Umno, Tan Sri Fatimah Hashim dan juga Pengerusi Pemuda Umno Negeri Kedah, Syed Nahar Shahabudin.

Tun Abdul Razak seterusnya memberitahu bahawa Dr Mahathir sebagai ahli MKT telah melanggar tatatertib parti kerana membuat kenyataan kepada umum tentang perkara yang sangat penting mengenai parti.

If the DAP and their fans who never watched this movie are saying that this movie is fictional, then the scene where Dr Mahathir got sacked a few days after the racial riot, is indeed that piece of fiction.

The rest of the movie, including DAP members wrecking havoc and provoking the malays in Kuala Lumpur, are exactly shown as it had happened more than 44 years ago. Therefore, we could not fathom why would Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are so against this movie.

Overall the movie itself, for its historical value, is good.

There were good acting skills being presented. Special mention has to be given to one Linda Hashim who played Tun Dr. Ismail’s wife. Her portrayal as Toh Puan Neno was realistic and showed true emotions demanded by such role. A friend actually cried as she cried over the death of her husband.

People should watch this movie if they are too lazy to read books of our nation’s history. It is a good effort. For far too long we as Malaysians were fed with history movies about ‘Zaman Jepun’ or Hang Tuah related movies.

Thank you Tanda Putera.


Any effort to exonerate DAP or the opposition of that time has been countered and quashed in the article which can be read HERE.

47 thoughts on “Tanda Putera – a depiction from historical accounts

  1. Why was this movie made?

    1. It’s artistic value
    2. It’s historical value
    3. It’s reminder factor
    4. It’s unifying factor

    Why was this movie objected to?

    1. Non-recognition or non-acceptance of the above
    2. Guilt conscience, on the part of those objecting, of their identification with or involvement in causing the riots
    3. Shame to the younger generation, including their children and grand children
    4. The anti-Malay sentiments, and public reactions to those, following the Chinese tsunami of PRU13

    We can discuss the above, and other points others may have, in good time, as we go along.

    Yes, meanwhile, those who have not read the established books or explanations on the tragedy, go watch the movie. See if the above reasons are applicable or not.


    • The artistic value and the historical value are obvious. But the reminder and the unifying factors are a problem. DAP doesn’t agree with those. They banned the movies from Penang cinemas – whatever you call the misleading words used in the stupid Municipality letter to the cinema operators. They even called for a boycott of the cinemas elsewhere, if I’m not mistaken.

      Now there are many calls for the Malays to boycott the cinemas, practically all of which are Chinese owned. In some blogs, they are even blaming FINAS for not having the foresight to initiate and encourage the development of Malay-owned cinemas. I support that view. Many cinema goers have been Malays, for ages giving money to the Chinese who, like the tsunami Chinese, are apparently responding to the racist DAP call.

      Yes, set up Malay-owned cinemas, FINAS. Arrange for Indonesian films, Hindustan films, in addition to locally produced Malay films like Tanda Putra, of course. FINAS should have the clout to iron out any problem over the import of foreign films. And the Information and Multimedia Ministry should have some “influence” in ensuring no sabotage of such Malay-owned cinemas by the TV operators..


  2. “A glaring bit of inconsistency appears when Tanda Putera tried to slot in the then Dr. Mahathir’s letter and his subsequent sacking from Umno just a few days after the riot.

    This is erroneous…”

    Regarding the inconsistencies, at the end of the movie, there were some info mentioning about the adjustment to timeline to fit the movie’s story-line or something. I believe it was almost at the end of the show (after all the names of the cast, crew, etc). So, I believe it was intentional.


  3. “Tanda Putera basically is just a story of Tun Abd Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail in events just prior to the racial riots of May 13, 1969 up to their respective passing.” –

    So, DAP should not object, should not want to ban or boycott it. It’s guilty conscience. Clearly, the established records show their members and supporters behaving badly when convoying in celebration of the additional wins at the general elections of 1969.

    Even Lim Kit Siang must have felt his words, tone and insinuation of the Ketuanan Melayu, the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak had more than raised eyebrows. And he went to Sabah, some accounts saying Tengku A Rahman advised him to go there. True or not, he is one of those, with his son, Lim Guan Eng, who strongly opposed the film’s screening.

    Naturally they don’t want the “reminder factor” of the film. It brings shame and a guilty feeling to them. As for the “unity factor”, DAP is among the least interested in unity. They have been divisive in their stand right from party formation nearly half a century ago. They tried to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras, made wild and unsubstantiated allegations against the Establishment and were seen as hating anything Malay, because the Establishment was/is largely Malay. Freedom to criticize yes, but in very caustic and thuggish fashion, and often without substantiation and justification, and without regard for what are stated in the Constitution.


  4. I think the movie not gory enough. Maybe low budget or bad directing. I need huge doses of blood after watching 9/11 live on TV.
    Everyone can come up with their story about 13/5. But we cannot settle this until all the law breakers are prosecuted. RCI is not enough. Giving amnesty is probably the reason why the country is in a state of lawlessness. Now everybody treats the law like an ass. Rubbish everywhere. The Whole country stink because of unfettered hawkers who dump their stinking water on the road and food in the gutter.
    Maybe that is why that unlicensed workshop can get away polluting diesel in our water system in Selayang. I would have thought polluting is a criminal offence. The AG should charge the fella for jail plus fine of a few hundred thousand. Or is the 3rd grade officer in the ministry in charge of environment asleep in the office. Or even worse, this illegal workshop guy is given an amnesty.
    Law is taken too lightly in is country even the religious authority blatantly improvise their own laws in order to further diminish the situation.
    But one fact i know about 13/5. Its the same hp6, haprak 3/4 gomen that is still in power. The only reason why the country still survive is due to the tenacity of its private sector and the unprecedented high price of crude oil. We should thank china for this.


    • Not to mention we still have the same half past six, seditious and malicious, good for nothing opposition too. Thank you for the comment.


    • You like blood, eh, tempawan? Why don’t you volunteer for service at the war fronts in the Middle East or Africa. Syria is one place good for you now. Doesn’t matter it’s Muslims versus Muslims fighting there. Or in Africa where blacks versus blacks. Many Americans volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil War where whites killed whites. Like Earnest Hemingway, author of the novel, The Sun Also Rises, made famous by a Hollywood movie by the same name..

      Or for more gory scenes, go to the highlands of Papua New Guinea where the tribes there still practice cannibalism – man literally eating man.


    • Lawlessness is about the only thing in your comment that I can agree on. But I find your use of the word amnesty perplexing.

      And I disagree with you saying “the religious authority blatantly improvise their own laws”. What are you saying, tempawan? Shooting from the hip like a cowboy again, arr? Take aim lah, Mister, be specific in your target,so that we can have a discussion, not letting go your bullets randomly and earning you some wild shots, too, in return.

      Same about your shooting the gomen. But that deserves another comment on its own..


    • Quote: “I would have thought polluting is a criminal offence”.

      Yup, polluting the blogs with goblok comments is definitely a human rights abuse. Tempe should have been imprisoned for destroying sanity and endangering others’ psychological health.


  5. No films are historically accurate, not even historical documentaries. This is because of the vast number of events that make a historical event, one part or the other, or even one aspect of the same event, is bound to be missed out or told slightly differently. No film can cover everything that constitutes an event in a given span of time.

    Tanda Putra is a film, not a historical documentary. Even William Shakespeare, the endlessly celebrated English playwright of the 16th century, made gaffes by including items or events only of later periods in a story of an earlier period, like wearing a watch during Romeo and Juliet’s time. It’s called an anachronism – Gawdd, I was searching for that word in my mind and in Roget’s Thesaurus until I perspired just now, but it came out just before typing this sentence – thanks to the morning glory, as sunlight is now breaking in my area.

    It’s a wonderful, wonderful world, if only the likes of those causing the race riots of 13 May do not exist. And those who denied that they caused the riots or that they were race riots. Hell, now they even want to deny others from watching the film, out a sense of guilt, of shame to the younger generation. I’d better cease writing now as the glorious feeling has dissipated once talking about those blokes. Have a good weekend every one.


  6. Tempawan,

    You must be a very angry young man. Taking pot shots all over the place. Nothing seems to be right by you. I am, angry too these days, but when accusing, I always try to justify it with at least some explanation.That way I think my views get better heard, not resulting in the readers’ animosity and bad taste towards me and bringing a low opinion of me by others.

    “ the same hp6, haprak 3/4 gomen that is still in power”? That’s a loaded statement but with no justification or explanation. You always do this sort of accusations, don’t you? Now how do you think readers want to respect you? You don’t care about respect for you? How come? A man is only as good as his words, they say. That statement usually refers to honouring one’s words, But it can also apply to cases of not caring about or not choosing one’s words when talking, merely rattling off what crosses one’s mind, not processing the thought in one’s brain. Wonder how you are getting on at work, with friends and family members, tempawan.

    I may sound lecturing on behavior but my intention is only to get a more meningful discussion by participants in this blog and I hope you’d not fault me for that. I like varied opinions to widen one’s views and perspective. But it must be opinions that are borne out by facts and reasonable explanations. So I hope to hear your explanations why you think the gomen in power is “ hp6, haprak 3/4 gomen”, giving facts and quoting reliable sources of information, providing links to authoritative websites etc. How about that, my friend, fair for me to hope that, don’t you think?


  7. “Tunku menganggap surat Dr Mahathir kepadanya yang tersebar luas di seluruh tanahair sebagai memusnahkan seluruh pengorbanannya terhadap negara dan bangsa sejak 17 tahun lalu.

    Bila di kaji pengorbanannya dengan keputusan bodohnya memberi Singapura kapada Lee Kuan Yew dengan percuma di tahun 1965, “pengorbanan itu” nampak tak seberapa dan “keputusannya” itu nampak sebagai menderhaka.

    Mana ada sesiapa lain di sejarah dunia (modern world history) cebiskan sebahagaian negara yang tercinta dengan begitu saja? Tidak boleh di lupakan, tada ma’af baginya, agar jangan sesiapa lain buat demikian bagi negara Malaysia ini.


  8. I think we all agree that provoking and killing is 2 different level of crime.
    What shit from the movie is try to blur the difference btw these. Of cause we all agree that some incident was really happen like what you mention above. But pls case by case, We must felt sorry that Innocent ppl died on those incident. But pls dont try to make it an excuses for killing ppl with a prepared deadly weapon. That is not even a manslaughter with using a “batu” or “Kayu” beside the road. It is with the “prepared” weapon.
    According the officially report, those very first victims all related with the “members of UMNO Youth gathered in Kuala Lumpur, at the residence of Selangor Menteri Besar Dato’ Harun Haji Idris in Jalan Raja Muda”(Sorry i just copy it from Wiki). The anger raised after they received those killing story that claimed that “Malay got killed by Chinese” which came from nowhere (properly fate news ). So whats was Dato Harun did and why was the prepared weapon there for those member, I think only Dato Harun can answer.
    But i’m sure that u also agree that no matter how ppl provoking, killing ppl with amount of deadly weapon is another story. 1 may go to prison or has some punishments but 1 can only hang untill die.
    I’m sure maybe we all have difference perspective that normally follow by the selfish blood inside our own race. None of us cant avoid to have prejudice hiding behind the skin color…but as a religion ppl, I think God or Allah knows how to distinguish between “Provoking” and “Murdering”. And He know how to judge.


    • That’s true. When the Umno member, Kasim Omar was killed by the opposition members a couple of weeks before the 1969 general election, we must not make excuses for killing people. That was the first blood drawn.

      Please watch the movie or at least read more credible official reports other than Kua Kia Soong’s book.

      And please do not refer to Wikipedia. That would be laughable.

      Thank you.


      • Yes, very laughable to use and to refer to Wikipedia. Any Ahmad, Chong or Muthusamy can write in the always-changing articles in there. Ever changing because the editors keep questioning the veracity of the information given and asking the writers to provide the authority for certain statements made. Yes, the Kua Ka Soong kind of information, not reliable, laughable and at times completely opposite the actual facts or happenings.


    • provoking and killing is 2 different level of crime? What about offering a bribe and taking a bribe? Any statistics on those arrested offering bribes?

      Sure those offered are likely to be Malays because those with power and influence .i.e those bribeable ones are mostly Malays and those offering are you know who – corruption was rife in China even 2,000 years ago, has become a culture among them there and those who came here.

      Those provoking and causing the riots? Yes, JMD is right – the first casualty was a Malay killed and splashed with red paint. Same or worse level or not, the fact remains that those provoking were those who killed the poor UMNO worker and splashed his body with red paint. .

      The moral of the story is: don’t provoke. The Malays have the word “amok”. Even the English took that word into the English dictionary. The British fist saw the Malays mengamok in 1875 or thereabout when the British, who interfered in the affairs of a Malay state, Perak, leading to the signing of the Pangkor Treaty “under the barrel of a gun” in 1874, got the first British Resident, JWW Birch, to bring some men to put notices to the Malay kampongs that they would start taxing the produce of the Malays – tin ore etc. Dato Maharaja Lela and his men krissed/ speared the British Resident to death along the banks of the Perak River at Pasir Salak. The word amok came into the English language from then on.


      • Oh my God, i cant believe what i saw here. Sure, “offering a bribe and taking a bribe is same level of crime.” I totally agree, just like offering a killing and killing is same level of crime bc they have the same motive to murder. I condemn both…..But, how can you try to make it a similar with “provoking and killing”? is that a joke?
        Last year i got robbed by a young man and cause me not only a lot of properties lost also a heavy injured. After I recognize him, can I buy a gun to shoot him death? or should i only report to police for help?
        Remember once, I ask a police officer abt should I install a electricity shock on the gate on top floor to prevent theft to break in my store, he replied:”Bang, janganlah buat tu. Walaupun dia pencuri, tapi life juga ni, kalo jatuh mati pun manusia juga.” I really felt guilty abt my evil thought after heard.
        I’m not sure do you have religion or not, but i got my believe. When God ask you why do you kill them? Can you reply :”bc they provoking me first.”? I’m not sure abt you, but I definitely cant, bc “You shall not kill” is one of the top on my believe.

        I dont agree that all incidents are connected like “a Malay killed and splashed with red paint in Pinang.” is directly related with 13May. That’s why i reject ur theory and what the massage had bring to the audience like you. Although lot of film critic also say that is not all abt the 13May is more abt some more real conflict in our history and relation ship btw Tun and Dr.Ismail here, I believe it, but some time i doubt when some gila have said that “Dont be afraid to accept the film, Chinese no need to fell guilty abt 13May, it is only some Chinese in past generation did it…” on news. Oh my God! What’s that mean? After I saw what did JMD wrote here has told me that the film is more than that.

        This already make me reject the movie although I willingness to watch it b4, thats why i came to find the critic. I never try to claim the movie is fiction (bc i haven’t watch it, sorry), but is how they told the story and guide the audience and send the massage. Those pieces they put together and compose within few hour, why they choose this and ignore that? Finally come out “Chinese cause the Incident??!!And have to be responsible for that?!”
        As u said, I have read Dr. KKS book, but just half finished it bc I already know what conclusion he try to guide me to. but doest mean that I fully believe what have wrote in the book. Just another perspective. But why some one have watch the movie will came out with those conclusion as Nazri claim on news?

        First, I’m sure it might bring a lot emotional anger during that time when see some innocent ppl got killed. But the movie put this on the first place seem like they already make the direct connection btw 13May and the case. What make the movie maker got these connection? 1 was in Penang and 1 began in Selangor. I totally have the anger on those who did this on the victim and 100% agree to punish the killer under law, but not with killing ppl which far away from Penang due to their anger across the state. Do you agree? What is the massage he try to send with this screen? The 13May happened in Selangor bc an tragic happened in Penang?

        Allow me to bring some logical thinking here. Sometime We can assume the case from opposite assumption,
        –first, “Will 13May be avoided if the Umno worker didt got killed although Umno lost most of their power in Selangor?” or
        “Will it happened if Umno win a beautiful result in Selangor although the LPM make heavy provoking Malay or protest on street or the Umno worker got killed in Pinang?”.

        I think the answer should be ….”it problably will happened anyway if Umno lost their power in Selangor regardless any other incident around.

        And it can only be avoided “if Umno win a beautiful battle during the election there.”

        Otherwise, the conflict should happened anytime far b4 the election or anytime after the election(like 3 weeks b4 due to the incident in Pinang), not just after the election result came out.
        So why i put Dato Harun here, and said jst copy it from WIKI, bc he is the one who officially known most related with the issue (no need to bring other higher level reference to support it). Maybe not like the Conspiracy which mention in KKS books. but He is the most related person here. He got the motive, he is the target who got the direct provoking and insult, he lost the most, he got the influencial, and all cases began around his house and location. This is enough to make him a first suspect and so all record that “according to Dato Harun Idris” is meaningless. (and he also had a bad record on curruption detween 1975 to 1977.)

        Like our belove Tunku Abdul Rahman told during an interview in 1972 :

        “It seems as though the expected trouble was anticipated and planned for by Harun and his UMNO Youth. After the humiliating insults hurled by the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, and after the seeming loss of Malay political power to them, they were clearly ready for some retaliatory action.

        After meeting in large numbers at Harun’s official residence in Jalan Raja Muda near Kampong Bahru, and hearing inflammatory speeches by Harun and other leaders, they prepared themselves by tying ribbon strips on their foreheads and set out to kill Chinese. The first hapless victims were two of them in a van opposite Harun’s house who were innocently watching the large gathering. Little did they know that they would be killed on the spot.

        The rest is history. I am sorry but I must end this discussion now because it really pains me as the Father of Merdeka to have to relive those terrible moments. I have often wondered why God made me live long enough to have witnessed my beloved Malays and Chinese citizens killing each other.”

        Did you mention this point here? Did the film mention abt this? (The book is from wrote by Raja Petra Kamarudin, http://www.slideshare.net/guest5904d/the-real-story-of-may-13) pls correct my mistake if wrong.

        As a second gen after the incident, I’m quite curious that every time when BN claim that the conflict like 13May might happened if they lost power in coming election. None of the parties except BN would ever think like this way. How they so sure abt it, if according to the logic and official report, wast that if no 1 provoking on street or no innocent got killed b4 or after, furthermore there is no more Malaya Communist and no more LPM here….How could it happened?

        Can anyone please tell me? The only conclusion i can get from the meaning behind the word is—– “It is not abt the provoking, it is not abt any incident that burn the anger nor abt Communist…….it is all abt if Umno lost power.” Isnt that is clear from the word which Umno claimed each time b4 the election? Otherwise, how come they said so? Bc deep inside someone mind, If it should happen, it will happen regardless any other third parties involve.

        And here, you are talking Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and you use the word “amok” here. Can you pls dont try to insult Malay ppl here….I live in Kelantan, and what the story abt 13May from last gen is “Local Malay come to kampung baru and protect us, and said that who ever come to hurt us should pass through their dead body first.” Is really touching wright? I’m not sure is that a true story, but at least a story like this passed through 2 generation with our own race is much meaningful then any.

        Lastly, dont try to make Malaysia seem like back to the stone age or 1000years b4. That is no excuse with killing ppl, even it happened 40year b4. Nazi also got the reason to start the War 2 and killed the Jewish too, did any of them make a movie to claim that they kill for some reason? or have u seen some stupid leader today represent German come out and say that Jewish got kill bc they try to against the German will during war2. Not even a hint my friend. How can we still spread this kind of stone age massage? Of cause I agree both have to be condemn, and most of us did’t doubt the bad behavior which had made by Chinese supporter over there. Again, it must be condemn and be stopped. But I kill them bc the provoking, u make me kill you. Not even sorry and come out with some shit like “Chinese don’t fell guilty on causing the killing..”. As i said , We all sinful ppl. But God kno how to judge the provoking and murdering. Not even God, our modern human law also knew how to recognize the differences.


        • Today, if someone was brutally killed in Kedah, people in Melaka will not feel the anxiety and worry of what happened to the guy?

          Of course they will. Sentiments are not confined within a locality. It can be felt and reverberated across the states.

          We can hear it in the news and word of mouth.

          Your simple assertion is too gullible and is biased towards your desire to see that that the malays that took part in the riot were guilty and your belief that the chinese who provoked the malays were not guilty at all.

          The fact that you think the murder of that Umno worker 3 weeks before the general election had nothing to do with the already seething malays at that time proved that you had no information on the racial tension that had been accumulated a couple of years before 1969.

          This came about due to your lack of knowledge on the issue since your only reference to it is Kua Kia Siong’s book and Raja Petra’s whom both are known to have skewed and biased opinion towards Umno.

          Those two purposely did not include any facts and events pre-May 13 and would want you to believe that Malaysia had no racial tensions but suddenly out of no where, Harun Idris ordered the killings of innocent ‘we meant no harm’ chinese opposition supporters. Even what Tunku had said about Harun Idris in 1972 did not extinguish the fact that the opposition at that time launched massive hate propaganda towards the malays. It wasn’t the malays or Harun Idris who shouted “Melayu jakun masuk hutan, Melayu balik kampung, Kuala Lumpur cina punya, etc” while carrying brooms, sticks and insulting the malays with lewd and provocative gestures in a procession across the city centre. Read Tunku’s book ‘May 13: Before and After” and you can see Tunku’s anger towards the DAP, Labour Party and the communists”.

          Please shift your perspective and eradicate the siege mentality you are suffering. Nobody is blaming the current generation of chinese. Nobody was even blaming the chinese that didn’t take part in the riots. In fact there were many incidences (shown on the movie too) that the chinese helped malay families hide in their house during the rampage and vice versa.

          If the chinese in general were to be blamed in perpetuity over May 13, there is no way Tun Razak can build this country the way it was in the 70’s, 80’s and onwards.

          What you are feeling now is the years of brainwashing by DAP that May 13 was perpetrated solely by Umno. Why? Because they (DAP) were one of the guilty parties back then! Misdirecting and apportioning blames are the specialty of DAP leaders.

          My advice is for you to read the NOC report first since it uses simple language and is less than 100 pages long. https://jebatmustdie.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/noc-white-paper.pdf and then proceed to read a few more books. You can even read https://jebatmustdie.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/13-may-1969-analysis-by-jmd.pdf which discusses your theory (Kua Kia Soong and Raja Petra’s too) about Harun Idris and the conspiracy.

          Do that first then we can continue to discuss whether extreme provocation towards the malays by the chinese opposition at that time must get no retaliation from the malays.

          Your absence of empathy towards the malay sentiments at that time is just a stark reminder that your generation has lived in a peaceful, inter racial harmony all these years precisely as the result of what Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr Ismail had salvaged, developed and nurtured post May 13.

          Lastly, when you say ‘and the rest is history’, please do so when you know the subject. Otherwise, it is not history. It is just an opinion without facts.

          Thank you.


        • Xin,

          We have a problem. You and us. Perception problem. You looking at things in a strange, not normal way. Despite you being overseas for some 10 years. Wonder where you went. And what kind of people you mixed with. And language problem. That may have caused difficulty in your perception and communication of your thoughts and ideas. Difficulty of understanding what people said and communicating what you meant. But I’m going to try and communicate with you another time. In the interest of mutual understanding and peace between us.

          I’ll put it in another way – cause and effect. Action and reaction. Have you heard people say for every action, there is a reaction. That happens in science and has become even a scientific rule or law. You mix two chemicals, there is a reaction. It’s called chemistry. Didn’t you study that in school? So, some people killed an innocent UMNO worker. Others reacted by becoming angry. No counter killing at that stage.

          During the election campaigns of 1969 non-Malay politicians talked in an inflammatory manner (check your dictionary to understand that fully), raising Malay issues like Ketuanan Melayu and the Malay Special Position that are stated in the Constitution. The Malays became angry again. Then, when the Opposition won some additional seats in the elections, they (practically all were Chinese) went in a convoy of cars, vans, trucks etc in KL, beating drums and cymbals,passing through Malay areas in Kampung Bahru, the Police Station and barracks (mostly occupied by Malays) in Jalan Pudu, Jalan Traverse and Jalan Brickfields, shouting “Melayu balik kampong lah … ini negara sekarang kita orang punya .. kita orang raja ..Melayu sudah takda kuasa …” and all sorts of vulgar words, some on trucks and lorries even unzipped their trousers in front of Malay women and children. All those led to the huge gathering at the Menteri Besar’s house, just across the road from one part of Kampong Bahru. Then one thing led to another, simultaneously or in a quick succession, leading to the Malays mengamok and riots began.

          Cause an effect. Action and reaction. Saying one is more severe than the other is irrelevant. Like in science, when two chemicals are already mixed, the reaction follows, unstoppable. If you cannot accept that, you will continue to be a problem with us. In which case you should not have returned from the 10 years being away. Because it will be difficult to have understanding and peace in that situation.

          As JMD has said, do read the papers he recommended and even provided links to them above, and read again carefully what we write in here, then tell us again whether you understand fully what are being stated and explained.


        • “dont agree … “a Malay killed and splashed with red paint in Pinang.” is … related with 13May”? After all the explanations given to you? What’s the matter with you arr?

          Yet you say you from Kelantan not DAP, not ultra kiasu. etc. Tell us what kind of school you went, what kind of materials you read, who your friends are, what you normally discuss, so that we can try to understand you. When understand, maybe there’s chance for unity.


        • Xin,

          A long comment deserves many replies.

          No, you cannot buy a gun to shoot the robber to death? Yes, you should only report to police, not only for help but also to get justice done – so that the Police will try get the bloke, and get him imprisoned.

          But how to compare that with race riots, Xin? Yours is just between the robber and you, not many people.

          I agree with people saying you have a strange way of seeing things.


        • You asked a police officer abt installing electricity shock on your gate? You were thinking of taking the law into your own hands. Which must not be done. Good that you asked the Police first, and really felt guilty after the Police advice.

          But that’s the kind of on-the spur-of-the-moment thoughts that, when a tense racial situation exists, can break out into racial clashes. So, we must avoid situations causing racial tensions. Maybe even the provokers are more at fault. Because they started the tension causing racial tension. Without tension, no racial clashes.

          About religion and provoking – I think all religions say do not provoke. Check that out with your priests.

          Also, ask your elders if your culture has the proverb “No smoke without fire”. And try to understand what it means.


        • You said, “I totally have the anger on those who did this on the victim (the UMNO worker in Penang) and 100% agree to punish the killer under law, but not with killing ppl which far away from Penang due to their anger across the state. Do you agree?” No, I don’t.

          The killing in KL was related and it was the result of provocation built up over a period of time since the Penang killing, continued during the irresponsible 1969 election campaign speeches, culminating in the racially charged taunts and extremely humiliating behaviour of those in the election victory celebration convoy of cars, trucks and lorries.

          Xin, do read the White Paper “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969” (Google those words and you’ll get there), the many first-hand accounts in the Police reports made by witnesses of those events at the time, then tell us what you think.


        • “no more Malaya Communist and no more LPM here”? You mean KPM?

          Got. Remnants of KPM especially at time of 1969 race riots. Read the White Paper recommended many times already.

          You don’t know night curfew still on in some areas e.g in Perak even in 1980s? The Haadyai Accord only later. Only after Haadyai Accord the communists went to live in Betong salient, south Thailand.

          Maybe now still some communists. Not in uniform or saying they are communists. Those using communist methods and tactics. In politics etc.


        • Aiseh, how to talk to a weird thinking fellow like this Xin saying ”(the race riots) problably will happened anyway if Umno lost their power in Selangor regardless any other incident around. And it can only be avoided “if Umno win a beautiful battle during the election there.”

          But talk we must – to get it into his demented head that his thinking is wrong, abnormal, accusing UMNO unjustifiably, and damn racist.

          He has not replied to the many comments against him since the second time he came out with the strange views. Maybe, hopefully, he has realized the many things wrong that he said because his thinking was way out.

          He has to learn such things as action and reaction, human sentiment to the killing of an UMNO worker in Penang, the provocations by DAP and other Opposition politicians during the election campaigns of 1969 and the extreme provocations by those in the convoy of cars, pick up trucks and lorries after the election results.

          Kamon Xin, you have been mixing with the wrong crowd, that’s why you got weird ways of looking at things. Join the mainstream, read the right stuff, don’t rely on Wikipedia, be a normal and useful member of Malaysian society if you want to live in this country permanently after living abroad for 10 years.


          • Xin has to learn that there is such a thing as mass psychology, crowd mentality and “join-the-crowd” kind of reaction during a tense situation, racial or whatever.

            That is the kind of stuff revolutions are made of all over the world and throughout history. The French Revolution in the 18th Century even had huge crowds storming the Bastille, the prison, and releasing the prisoners, making the situation worse. Thank God, we don’t have a revolution in this country – the communists tried but failed utterly.

            Don’t anyone ever try that coz the Army will come out to help the Police restore law and order. And the last time the Army came out was after the race riots broke out and this Xin fler had to use the words “prepared weapons”, implying that many civilians were killed by them – maybe for breaking curfews etc, as they are trained to act in a no-nonsense manner.


    • What “prepared deadly weapon” you talking about, Mister?

      You mean guns? Of the Police and the Army? You implying many Chinese were shot by the Police and the Army? But even if so, if they broke the curfew the first few days of the riots, when the Police and the Army might not know whether those breaking the curfew were thugs or gangsters having weapons out to kill anybody, and when they had orders to stop curfew breakers who might have made the situation worse instead of better, you blame the Police/Army if they did that?

      And those curfew breakers might have been communists with weapons. Do you know that among those who took part in the race riots were communists? They were around at that time. Google “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969” to know those.


    • xin,

      You always “follow by the selfish blood inside (y)our own race”? So, you are racist? Remember, it’s okay to be kiasu, but damn unacceptable when you are ultrakiasu. Ultra kiasu means always want to win, never want to lose, correct? And do know that being racist means being antagonistic to other races. Want to promote the interest of your own race is ok, but if you touch on the interest of another race when doing so, you are damned.

      Like DAP. Want to promote Chinese interest is acceptable. But touching on or even trying to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, that’s antagonistic to the Malays and the Bumiputeras and is totally cursed. That’s why DAP has been called racist, anti-Malay and and anti-islam, causing the race riots of 1969.


      • Yes..that is what i believe “follow by the selfish blood inside our own race”? sorry, I rather use “human race”. Sorry or us word “our” here. Bc this is what my personal religion believe, and the theology of my religion — we all born with sin, and growth as a sinner if Godless. The only way to save is have to recognize the sin and evil inside our own first and ask God to help. So, that’s why ppl need God. And I thought we both have same believe on this. Sorry abt my wrong assumption.
        I’m not Kiasu, i’m looking for truth and justice here. If the story go the other way round like Malay make the provoking, Chinese start killing, I will say the same thing–The killing should be condemned more. As i also condemned what the bad thing that China Government did on Tibet, I condemn those opposite supporter spread the fake news through the web.

        And things you ar wrong abt me is ……I’m not a DAP supporter. I never met any of them in my whole life. bc i grow up in Kelantan and Terengganu, so that is no DAP around. Here only got MCA PAS and Umno. I left my country since 1999 and just came back last few years. So what you said abt DAP is nothing with me. If it really like what u say so, then yes. Bc i really dont kno much abt DAP. sorry.

        I just try make my point which stand on my faith and what I have learn outside my lovely country in past 10years. How ppl judge the history, and what my religion guide me to see. Those ppl who Provoking have to be stopped and jail, Those who start the killing have to be judge and punished under law too.


        • No problem at all with your religion – though whatever it is I have not read you mentioning it. All religions teach us to do good and avoid the bad. But the problem is in our interpretation of religious rules, laws and pronouncements, not all of which are stated in clear terms. The established religions all started thousands of years ago anyway.

          But nobody accuse you of being a DAP supporter. Yet you accuse people of “things you ar wrong abt me is …(accusing being DAP supporter)”. You interpret things wrongly, Mister. So, how? Siusah lah like that, butut tak? Apa maciam want to be united in this country?

          And we are talking as Malaysians, yet you said ” left my country since 1999″ and “learn outside my lovely country”. Why not say “our” country? You implying the others like me, Jebat and other readers here are not Malaysians and this is not our country? You see, that’s an example how your words and manner of saying things can be provocative – though I don’t feel anything coz I excuse you for narrow thinking this time. But under the circumstances of May1969, you would not have been excused and would have been shouted back.

          Good that you said both the provokers and the killers have to be stopped and jailed. But they were stopped and jailed, weren’t they? If not, many more would have died than the hundreds stated in the records. But saying “The killing should be condemned more” is a moot point or arguable point. It serves no purpose to dwell on that. Better we talk about what should be and should not be done in future. Btw, do you agree History made compulsory in schools?


          • Clarification:

            “the problem is in our interpretation of religious rules, laws …”

            should be

            “the problem is in our interpretation of religious rules, laws …”


            • You mean the problem is in “your” (Xin’s) interpretation of religious rules, laws … isn’t it. Yes, readers get the message, it’s ok missing the “y” and thank you for clarifying.


        • If you are “looking for truth and justice here”, go for the facts, avoid the opinions. Avoid saying killers more to blame than provokers. And saying “If the story go the other way round”, coz what has happened, has happened. Think what to do and not to do in future. No need to ask if people ” have religion or not”.


  9. “The moral of the story is: don’t provoke.” – Physical, as well as verbal.

    Those marauding blokes on a convoy celebrating the additional seats they won at the PRU in 1969 got so abusive, rude and vulgar, even unzipping their trousers when passing by the Malay settlement in Kampong Bahru, KL, and the Police living quarters in Jalan Pudu, Jalan Traverse and Jalan Brickfields, that many people would have responded in an amok way, but must have restrained themselves, especially those near the Police Stations.

    Now it’s the DAP fellas, Red Beans and all, who have been provocative with their words, often seditious. The same kind of fellas who caused the race riots of 1969. They should note all of the above and avoid doing them. For peace in the country.


  10. What is the point of debating who killed who first? The fact is that all the killers got away with a perfect crime. And the HP6, haprak 3/4 gomen is involved in this complicity due to their inaction.
    I would have thought they would have learnt from their mistakes, but in a similar situation several decades later at kg medan, they did the same thing. So looks like those who are involved in racial murders are above the law.

    The gomen is suppose to protect every citizen in terms of their rights and from harm. But this 3rd grade gomen seems intent in violating both in order to protect its interest.
    First, the rights of al-arkam memebrs were violated. Then it was ayah pin. Now it is followed by persecution of shiites and christians. And to make it worse, schoolchildren rights were violated when they were made to eat in clean toilets and later interrogated ( maybe even intimidated) by the police. The HM who allowed these violations will not be penalised, like those racist killers. Maybe he could be promoted to raft the next big education plan.


    • You have been given all sorts of advice in the above comments on how to be constructive or at least non-offensive in your comments. But you persist in making wild and unsubstantiated allegations. You are now fair game for the participants of this blog to hit you back.

      I’m quite sure many will be asking you to justify many of the points you put out in due course. I’d like to do that, too. I will, in good time.


    • tempawan,

      You said, “The fact is that all the killers got away with a perfect crime.” What fact are you talking about? Which and who are the killers you referred to? And what perfect crime was it? You are talking from your nose, aren’t you?

      And still using the phrase “the HP6, haprak 3/4 gomen”, aren’t you? You must have skewed thinking, a warped mind, and a demented personality, eh? What “complicity” are you accusing them this time? The government at that time declared curfew, called the Police, called the Army to patrol the streets during all curfew hours to make sure people are not prowling all over the places killing one another more than that already happened – you called those “their inaction”?

      As already said by others, you and your kind must be so damn stupid, blind and illiterate all at the same time for not reading the books on the tragedy, not seeing the movie or documentaries and not hearing the relevant information from others who had.


    • Antara mengkomen di atas topik post dengan membetulkan kata kata yang tidak bijak dan mungkin megelirukan pembaca, saya pilih yang kedua. Dalam hal membuat demikian, susah nak megelakkan dari membodohkan si tempawan ini.

      Maka amat bodoh dia mengatakan hak hak Al Arqam di cabuli. Dengan tidak menyebut mana satu hak dan apa hak itu dengan khusus. Sudah di nyyatakan berkali kali dan selama beberapa tahun yang lalu bahawa AL Arqam ada lah ajaran sesat. Mana tidak nya bila pemimpinnya mengakui dia lah yang akan menjelma sebagai Imam Mahdi di suatu masa nanti.

      Saya fikir in benda Allah yang menggunakan nama tempawan bukan Islam pun. Dia tak mahu akui bahawa Islam ada lah agama negara ini, nyata di perkatakan begitu di Perkara 3 Perlembagaan negara. Dia tak mahu terima bahawa ada juga undang undang yang telah di luluskan oleh Parlimen berikutan dengan Perkara 3 itu. Yang menubuhkan badan badan Kerajaan bagi mentadbir agama Islam sejajar dengan Perkara 3 Perlembagaan itu. Maka undang undang itu juga mesti di hormati oleh semua rakyat, jika tidak mereka tidak menghormatinya dan tidak menghirmati Perlembagaan negara boleh berhijrah ke lain negara.

      Benda Allah tempawan ini ada lah jenis yang keras kepala macam batu, tak masuk di ajar walau bagai mana pun, yang seharunya di sumbat di penjara selama lamanya. Jadi, tidak guna berpanjang lebar membuat penerangan apa itu Imam Mahdi dsbnya. Perlu dia di kutuk dan di keji sehabis habisnya. Saperti yang di lakukan sekarang.


      • Please do not use religion/race as an excuse to oppress and suppress. And please do not use your opinion shackle others.
        Everyone should be free to practice their faith without being threatened or blackmailed.


        • Yang sepatutnya kamu menerangkan kenapa Al Arqam boleh di benarkan berterusan, kamu hanya kata jangan “oppress and suppress”. Pulaknya, tidak ada langsung penerangan bagaimana “oppress and suppress” itu. Bila di kata bodoh, marah. Mengata pula “do not use your opinion shackle others.” Juga tidak menerangkan bagaimana “shackle others” itu. Atau bagaimana kamu terasa “threatened or blackmailed”.

          Ini lah jenis manusia yang menyusahkan di negara ini. Tidak tahu adat berbincang, tidak tahu berhujah. Maka selalu menuduh liar, mengeluarkan pendapat haprak. Mendatangkan kemarahan yang membawa kapada pergaduhan saperti pergaduhan kaum di 13 Mei 1969. Pulaknya mereka tidak mahu mengakui nya. Maka perlu di keji dan di beri penerangan sehabis habisnya.

          Wahai manusia bernama tempawan, di negara ini semua orang di benarkan mempraktikkan agamanya dengan bebas, selagi tidak menyentuh undang undang atau hak penganut agama lain. Terutamanya undang undang tertinggi di negara ini, ia itu Perlembagaan negara, yang menyatakan di Perkara 3 bahawa Islam ada lah agama negara ini. Dan undang undang lain yang di timbulkan mengikut Perkara 3 Perlembagaan itu, bagi mentadbir agama Islam.


    • tempawan,

      I should have been here again earlier, but here I am now.

      What is the “perfect crime” you talk about? What is the government’s involvement “in this complicity due to their inaction”? And what “same thing” the government did at Kg Medan years later? And why so wild your words saying “those who are involved in racial murders are above the law”? And so many other accusations in one and the same comment.

      You see, you might have got some people believe in what you were trying to say if you don’t make too many wild allegations. You call make many allegations, but not at the same time, not in the same comment. Break up your comments. Pick out 1-2 points of interest to you according to your own priorities. Then prepare your accusations well. Get some facts at least and put out your arguments well. Remember, get authoritative or verifiable “facts” and information.

      You can do so fairly easily. Do some googling and quote some newspaper reports and the like, preferably provide the links as well. And avoid so-called “news portals” that hardly provide facts but mostly opinions that are slanted to the Opposition interest. Avoid Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicle, for example. The moment you quote them you get shot down. Nobody will believe you, in fact, readers will laugh at you. Nothing wrong to quote The Star, the Sun, and such – you don’t even have to quote Utusan.

      Try those the next time you come in. You can put in as many comments as you like, so long as you break up the accusations and say them 1-2 at a time, complete with the facts and reasonable arguments. I’m sure Jebat and the readers here won’t mind. So, how about trying that?


    • Bagi mengelakkan berlakunya lagi pergaduhan kaum saperti 13 Mei 1969, dan untuk boleh mencapai perpaduan kaum dan keamanan dalam jangka masa panjang, sekolah Cina dll yang tidak menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa pengantar perlu di serapkan ke dalam sistem Sekolah Kebangsaan. Tidak lain dan tidak bukan. Kita perlu buat penerangan saperti ini selalu, dan berterusan, tanpa merasa jelak dan bosan, sehingga mencapai realiti.

      Nyata di Perkara 152 Perlembagaan bahawa BM ada lah bahasa negara ini, bahasa ibunda boleh di gunakan hanya “selain dari untuk tujuan resmi”, dan sekolah ada lah tujuan resmi mana mana negara.

      Bersyukur lah kita, dan berterima kasih lah kita, bahawa Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Menteri Pelajaran Tan Sri Muhyiddin telah memestikan Sejarah sebagai matapelajaran di sekolah sekolah. Saya fikir sudah tentu Perlembagaan di ajar kapada murid murid. Generasi akan datang akan sedar pentingnya menghormatkan Perlembagaan dan betapa perlunya semua sekolah menggunakan BM sebagai bahasa penantar.

      Demikain juga Rang Pelajaran Negara atau “Education Blueprint” yang di sediakan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran menambah masa untuk BM di sekolah sekolah, akan mendatangkan lebih kesedaran pentingnya BM kapada generasi akan datang. Kita perlu mengucapkan syabas kapada Tan Sri Muhyiddin.


  11. Denial of the occurrence of the Holocaust brought anger to the Jews who occupied Palestinian lands and unilaterally declared the state of Israel after World War II and getting the sympathy of many nations including US and Britain.

    Denial of causing the race riots of 1969 brought the DAP guilt conscience expressed even in opposing History being made compulsory in schools. And Kua Ka Soong writing a shit book trying to deflect blame for causing the race riots, based on reports of a foreign correspondent in KL during the riots. Calling his book “Declassified Documents …” brought laughter and fun poking on him who claims to have a PhD, especially when Yap Sin Tien, President of Dong Zong, administrators of Chinese schools, was revealed to have been using 2 fake PhDs during the Dong Zong Rally in Kajang some time back. And Kua Soong quarreled big time with Yap leading him to leave his position as Principal of a Chinese school in Kajang, earning further laughter and fun poking being “the war of two fake PhD holders”.

    Moral of the story: If you want people to believe your arguments for defending Chinese schools, don’t use fake PhDs. Or don’t try to re-write history on a very serious, sombre subject based on foreign correspondents’ news dispatches and calling them “Declassified Documents”!


  12. Several hundred years ago the famous British playwright William Shakspeare wrote,

    “The evil that men do lives after them ..”

    So do the evil that the DAP men did on 13 May 1969.

    But even after those perpetrators of the crime had died (one in particular has not, though), the evil still sticks on their successors-in-title – the present DAP leaders, members and supporters.

    The sad thing is that they don’t admit that it’s their kind who did those evil deeds. Tun Dr Mahathir also has a famous quote that can apply to them, which should read

    “The DAP Chinese have a short memory”.

    Yet again, this is not a natural, medical condition. It’s called selective short memory. They deliberately want to avoid remembering those evil deeds. They select those deeds they want to remember. Like Sun Yat Sen’s deeds that they want to remember by Lim Guan Eng officiating the opening of the building in Penang named after Sun Yat Sen.

    Then we ask what is it that Sun Yat Sen did for this country that deserves to be remembered by DAP and their kind? The historical records show that Sun Yat Sen did nothing except stayed in Penang for a while, running away from the revolutionary condition in China at that time. So, it’s China which should be remembering Malaysia, not Penang and the DAP remembering China.

    That deed by DAP Lim Guan Eng may not be evil in the physical sense. But it certainly was evil in the psychological sense, in the national sense, in the sense of where the loyalty of Malaysians should be.

    But then that’s also selective memory in the sense of forgetting what he said of being MALAYSIAN FIRST, CHINESE SECOND. By that deed of officiating a Sun Yat Sen building, he had shown a deed that was CHINA FIRST, MALAYSIA SECOND.

    And on and on the cases of the evil that DAP people do living after them.


  13. Communist terrorist leader Chin Peng is dead. The communists played a part in the race riots of 1969. Malaysians hate him so much that they don’t want even his ashes be allowed to enter the country. 150 retired Policemen in Kelantan held a demonstration to demand that the authorities disallow his remains be brought into the country. The IGP had announced actions being taken to ensure that won’t happen.

    Utusan even reported a source saying the date of death was changed from 15th to Malaysia Day 16th September to make him better remembered by the people. Yes, the bloody acts of the communist terrorists must be remembered, not so much of Chin Peng. And what should also be remembered in equal seriousness is the race riots of 1969. Those that the film Tanda Putra was made for. I think by and large, the people will remember the race riots and the communist atrocities more than Chin Peng. The bloke will only be remembered with disgust and disdain. To hell with him. Whether the film was well received or not, the fact that DAP was against the screening of the film shows they are very concerned about the public knowing DAP’s role in the riots.

    And starting this year History has become compulsory to pass for school children to get a SPM certificate. The race riots will somehow be mentioned in History classes. So, future generations will be assured of knowing the race riots, those responsible for them, and will be aware of the need to avoid words and deeds that might lead to a recurrence.


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