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Why is DAP so eager to censure Tanda Putera?

Why is DAP so eager to censure Tanda Putera without any of their leaders seen it?


DAP is so against Tanda Putera because it is a fact that they were one of the villains during May 13 racial riots and one of its leaders at that time is still alive today.

Don’t torture yourself with endless possibilities; for more information, just read:

NOC White Paper

The true and fair view of 13th May 1969 Racial Riots

Thank you and Selamat Hari Merdeka!

24 thoughts on “Why is DAP so eager to censure Tanda Putera?

  1. Read your analysis, nothing to add. They want us to believe that the umno malays make the big broom and pass to the chinese to bring around KL to topple tunku? its the malays that started it,…and the killings were done by the chinese with the order of some umno malays…so its umno that killed the malays…and now umno got no balls to stand up,…the book by that so called “Dr.” was written many years ago …umno keep quite…Tanda putera was ready for viewing but suspended, the umno lead gov..when you got no guts to stand up for the truth, laying down and die slowly is a waste of time, jump to the sea please,.., sad Jebat already dead…


    • Cannot use Hang Jebat’s ways. His ways were and are wrong. Especially now, we have all sorts of laws, encoded and internationally recognized. We must follow the laws.

      But sure, there have been instances UMNO was lacking balls. Keeping quiet in the name of decency, being proper, protecting peace and unity – when others did not care two hoots about such things. A clear example was when PAP and chauvinistic and racist Lee Kuan Yew started to ungkit the Special Position of the Malays and he Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak by words and deeds such as his seditious slogan “Malaysian Malaysia”, Tengku A Rahman so-called “kicked Singapore out” of Malaysia in 1965. The net result was one important territory belonging to the Malays since time immemorial was given to LKY FOC. Damn.

      And other UMNO leaders fully realized that. They fumed, finally grinned and bore it. The anti-nationals have long been “melanda landa”, even “naik kepala”, since Tun Dol’s time. But one Home Minister even became known as Menteri Amaran – warning only, no action taken. Until Ahmad Zahid became Home Minister. Many blokes got arrested, dragged to the Police lock up to taste life there, after that dragged to the Court and charged for sedition etc. That’s why I want leaders like Ahmad Zahid to lead UMNO.


    • And the Minister of Information and Multimedia so far only said he’d refer the matter of banning Tanda Putra in Penang cinemas to the Attorney General. And now, on the eve of Merdeka, I haven’t seen further statements on that. I’d like to see a lively debate on these things at the coming UMNO PAU.

      We must stand up, speak up and take action. According to the laws. When there is a doubt, give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. After all, we are the majority in this country. And running the government. We can fight to the highest court of the land. We have time and the resources and no need to rush. Never mind if we go to the Federal Court often. Especially on Anwar Al Juburi’s case. Let him be shoved in prison for as long as possible. He’s the one who causes a division among us and weakens us to the point of being exploited by others.


  2. Ahhh,..Jebat, u know what!!….surf the blogsphere,…ramai yang tak tau pasal buku “dR” tuu…la ni geng belah nu dok juai idea dari buku tu kat blog depa…geng belah ni dah hebuh suruh siasat buku tu la, suruh itu ini….dah lama buku tu keluaq,…baru la ni depa riuh….melayuu…


  3. Betul tu Al Watan.

    Rujuk balik laporan AIDC news 8/4/2013 tentang – Razali : Perancangan
    Strategik DAP Menawan Putrajaya. Mereka di latih oleh pakar-pakar zionis.

    Sudah tiba masa Kerajaan mesti mendidik rakyat cina yang di pesongkan
    Kepercayaan Songsang balik ke landasan betul.


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  5. You guys gotta be kidding right. This administration of the country does not respect personal liberties and civil rights. It protects special privilege and religious rights of certain faith only.
    Certain race in this country do not have the privilege to freedom of faith, despite the special privilege.
    And worse, certain religion are now being forced to conform to the rules of the majority and banned from using certain words, despite the law saying otherwise. There is no words in the dictionary to describe this behaviour.
    I witness a nepalese who works for yemen embassy being told off rudely by the malay driver when he greeted him with salaam. The thing is, the arabs have no issue when nepalese greeting them this way.
    The thing that amaze me is,even the leaders of the privileged behave this way despite being educated overseas.
    Now they want to ban shiites making us even more intolerant nation than Saudi as they allow shiites into mecca.
    Can you all see where the privileged race is heading? Its turning into a intolerant racist group suppressing and oppressing minorities under the guise of the special provision in the constitution ( article 153 of the constitution in Malaysia and article 152 in singapore).
    After seeing all these, penang states position is nothing compared to the civil rights violation the government did on many counts due to special rights and religious grounds.
    A good government should protect the rights of each and every individual citizen. But this government protects the religion over that of the citizen.
    No wonder Brunei, another malay gomen, decided work with sinkies instead of Malaysia. Their currency is pegged to sinkie dollah and their army and navy cooperate and have regular exercises.. They even send their navy ships for repair in singapore despite numerous shipyards in miri.
    What the people with privilege now needs is a leader to take them to a higher plane. Otherwise they will end as the people with special needs.
    By the way, it turns out that on the said movie, the director said that pissing on the flag was fictitious. The way I see it, it was malicious.even seditious.
    But I am all for freedom of expression. If the movie depict chinese as disrespecting the flag by pissing, then everything goes. But that is not the case. Its a one way traffic.


    • I witness a poor indian got smacked in the head by a rude chinese yuppie for doing nothing except get his order wrong.

      I witness a chinese hardware man rudely speak about his malay customer in hokkien but the poor malay man didn’t understand he is being cheated on the price.

      I witness an ah so pulled the ear of her indonesian maid right in the middle of concourse area of Empire Subang.

      Can you see where all the chinese are heading? No wonder no malays or indians give a crap about what a chinese is thinking. Or commenting. They are lower than dogs in terms of public behaviour. Wanna see a video of an ah so shitting in an elevator?

      Is that your mother Tempawan?

      With these kind of behaviour imported from China, they are just insignificant in this country. Sooner or later, with the dwindling chinese population, they will just be limited to pockets of areas in a few urban cities and it is just a matter of time when the majority of races overwhelm them with numbers.


      Your grandchildren might not be safe here in this country when that time comes. Why are you still doing in front of the computer? Do some exit strategy quick.


      • Agree.

        The chinese employers are mostly the ones who ABUSE their Indonesian maids, giving Malaysia a bad name. They also INSIST on recruiting only mandarin speaking chinese for employment.

        The special position that these pendatang grudges is a trade-off for FOC citizenships given to a million stateless peoples. If this provision means special privileges, then no one can complain.

        If the special status were to be revoked, the pendatang citizens will immediately become STATELESS peoples with no rights to Malaysian mykads. Not sure if China wants these unpatriotic people back to their country.


      • In the old days, a samurai will correct the unjust. These days, our incompetent police like moral police just see evil and injustice done without saying a word or lifting a finger.they are just peeping toms catching people doing what they like doing most. The honorable samurai would have committed hara kiri if he had failed in this endeavour. Our moral police won’t do such a thing. That is why this country is filled to the brim with the lethargic and the hopeless and will end up in the gutter if something drastic is not done soon.
        The woman is not my relative, but she reminded me in history of how a hero of a community assasinated James Birch.


    • By the way about Tanda Putera, the pissing thing did happen. Ask the chinese back then in 1969. So what if the chinese then during the victory procession in 1969 acted like assholes (like you)? Not all chinese were like that.

      It was a fact.. if you cina behave like a monyet, that was history. You can learn something. Which is… don’t provoke the malays with your stupid comments. They might come after you during the night. Why? Because like that ah so who pulled the ear of her maid in public, karma will bite you in that tiny flaccid thing you call your d*ck.

      You thought by voting by bulk pakatan, you can have this country last May. Even with near 98% of chinese supporting Pakatan, malay vote based kept you cina from getting this country. And now you cry because of being treated ‘unfairly’?

      Tempawan, why do you whine and cry a lot? Complain only you know. Do you have no dignity? No pride? No shame ah?

      Are you so dirt poor with collar bones sticking out from your shirt? Did a malay slave driver whipped you too many times today?

      You worked hard to be where you are now and you complained why you had to work hard? You are shameless and laughable and a puny human being.

      I have an advice for you—

      Just be good and behave yourself. Like how your forefathers did when you people begged Umno for citizenship in this country. Remember Tempawan, when China didn’t want your granddaddy or your whorish grandmummy, it was the malays and the sultans who agreed to receive you here and be part of this country. Doesn’t matter if your small footed grandmummy didn’t know a thing about the bahasa or if your granddaddy was selling opium. They all became Malayans.

      Your ancestors were accepted by the GRACE of the malays. And now you wanna talk bad about that race? You are lucky you can even work under the sun here. If not, you would just be a product of an opium selling, trickshaw pulling daddy who married a whore from China and got you instead. What kind of a creature are you? Did you live with pigs and develop their swine like behaviour too?

      Be good Tempawan and stop complaining.



    • tempawan,

      Your nemesis TEMPAYAN here.

      I’m also for freedom of expression. Which in this blog works both ways – I also have the right to whack you back on your unacceptable views. The tone of the whacking depends on your intent – anything that appears to deliberately ignore, especially offend, the Malaysian Constitution, will get severe whackings, because I love my country and will defend it, and its Constitution, to the best of my ability. Especially the day after Merdeka Day, the anniversary of the day on which the Constitution was promulgated.

      You seem to know even the Constitution of Singapore Article 152. Either you are a Singaporean without balls to comment in Singapore blogs because of the Iron Hand rule there, or a Malaysian absconding this country and has ever since felt a longing for it, finding it not too bad compared to where you are in, but being not perfect like even the US (now wanting to whack Syria after bombing Iraq for the never-found WMD 10 years ago), you want to continue hitting because you found it difficult to accept the Malaysian Constitution, including Article 153.

      But, because i have time before going out “invited” by a friend who is entertaining an outstation mutual friend, I’ll “entertain” you in a manner suitable to the tone of your comments here. In short comments.

      And I’m glad Moral Police has come out with 2 comments on what you say. Plus a video on a truly Cina Bukit kind of woman in China. This is the kind that in Malaysia caused the race riots of 1969 – sub human species with no moral compunction at all, no respect for anybody, just bloody uncouth, uncivilized, uncaring, terroristic, hoodlum and pig behaviour.

      Imagine, that kind of creature still exists in this world to day. In China of all places. Where penalties against the law are often extreme. Maybe they’d shoot her anu in front of a firing squad – not to her death, but to batter her brain against doing an animal act inside a lift!


    • And now your usual wild. unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations. You never learn from previous bashings, do you? But we will continue to hammer your head with the antidote to neutralize your ill-conceived, badly perceived, nastily conjured thoughts on the administration of this country Malaysia, on your accusation of non respect of personal liberties, civil rights and whatever else nonsense you are talking.

      You obviously do not respect the Constitution of the country which states what you term as “special privilege” and spells out that Islam is “the religion” of this country.

      A Constitution that has been drafted based on the many discussions and negotiations with the British colonial masters in the 1950s, drafted by the British legal experts at that time, tabled to the Malaysian parliament, debated by the representatives of practically all the ethnic groups in this country, and passed as an Act of Parliament, and became the highest set of laws of the country, all other laws emanate from it, cannot contradict it. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the country. Why the hell do you not respect it, man? Why don’t you just scram to any country whose Constitution you like and forget about this country?

      I should copy what I wrote above and re-produce it every time you come out with the same mischievous and even seditious comment as above.

      I picked just one paragraph of your comment below to show how mischievous you are and how much shit you wrote:

      “Certain race in this country do not have the privilege to freedom of faith, despite the special privilege.
      And worse, certain religion are now being forced to conform to the rules of the majority and banned from using certain words, despite the law saying otherwise. There is no words in the dictionary to describe this behaviour.”

      1. Not stating what race
      2. what is it that they ” do not have the privilege to freedom of faith”
      3. “despite the special privilege” – what is it?
      4. “certain religion are now being forced to conform to the rules of the majority” –

      a. what certain religion
      b. why are you scared of mentioning it even though it may be your religion
      c. what rules are they being forced to conform?
      d. who said they “are now being forced to conform”?
      e. why don’t you spell out the “words” being only the term “Allah” – you being funny trying to imply there are many words?
      f. what “law saying otherwise”? Why don’t you spell out the name of the law? You don’t know? Then why the hell do you want to quote the law?
      g. “There is no words in the dictionary to describe this behaviour.” – what behaviour? Your gangsterish and seditious behaviour implying the authorities cannot enforce the laws that are written in the Constitution and in the laws to administer religion in this country that have been passed by Parliament?


      Damn stupid, you. How about that? Isn’t it plainly stupid to make wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations that just one short paragraph of yours produced so many points you are shitted at above? And trying to be seditious, too. As shown in g above.


    • tempe

      Did you know that Brunei never grant citizenship to any chinese? They can only be permanent residents. Now that teaches the chinese how to behave. Indonesia and Thailand force the chinese to eradicate chinese names with no special chinese schools to pamper the chinese. Even singapore abolished all chinese schools to cripple the communist ideology.

      What is WRONG with Malaysia, is that they are TOO nice to the chinese so much so that these chinese gets overly swollen-headed. They bite the hands that feed. Victims include Najib, Ghani and Ali Rustam.

      What is obvious here is your warped and faulty perceptive faculties which renders your analysis as shallow and irrelevant.


      • Malaysia embraces diversity, which i like. You go to brunei, their gohmen have friday and sunday off. Saturday work at half speed. Take mC and they can enjoy long weekend only in miri or labuan by ferry. Now if we build a bridge across brunei bay to menumbok via labuan, that money can be distributed to KK as well and will unite Brunei, Miri-Bintulu (score) and north west coast of sabah into a dynamic and -progressive economic entity. There is abundant labour in sabah. But they lack power.
        Presently there insufficient flights between miri, labuan and .always Full. Same with bsb to kk. Firefly announced two years ago that they would introduce bsb-kk flights and people in brunei was buzzing out affordable flights to kk.. But events finally cancelled that.
        Some chinese were given citizenship in brunei.those that were not given had already got singapore or british citizenship. But dunno why they avoid malaysia.


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  7. I stand for all citizens and their right to be free from being enslaved or abused. Is that wrong? The UN declaration of human rights is my guide.
    We must put the rights of individual above that or businesses, organisation and religion. And the law must be upheld protect the individual and his right to preach and practice whatever he believes in, that includes if he in the al-arkam or believes in ayah pin as long as no physical harm is inflicted to anyone.


  8. nonsense tempawan, UN human right u say? what UN do now when there’s even chemical bomb landed on Muslim people at Syria? UN not able to do anything concrete…
    “Adil” is not mean equality. “Adil” means put what is it suppose to it’s place as necessary.
    For me, Al-Quran & As-Sunnah is my guide.
    Malay Muslim is 60%, so do please respect the constitution.

    This is not LGBT country i remind u

    (ibarat dah bagi betis, nak peha pula….
    patutlah ada kisah kiasan: Bagai anjing takut dengan bayang2….macam tu jugaklah LGE, )


  9. ” in, that includes if he in the al-arkam or believes in ayah pin as long as no physical harm is inflicted to anyone.”
    written by TEMPAWAN..AT 2 sept: 8:23am

    —BODO statement, i bet u didn’t know that these is matters that “mmecahbelahkan ummah”
    (unlesss u has motive to see this and to justify this, to break the unity of Muslimin Muslimat here in Malaysia.)


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