Endless possibilities on the issue of ‘Endless Possibilities’

We would like to thank the people behind these websites for trying to correct our earlier article regarding the consultants’ slip-up:

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But it was not about who copied whom. But it is more about the people who had thought of the idea for our PM and how they had done a really sloppy job in making background check about the slogan.

But since there are over 50,000 words in the English vocabulary, the chances of two words coming together and coincide with national slogan of two countries is one in a billion, therefore it is no longer by chance. It is by design. Popular notion is, the same brand consultant was used.

It was written in the blog – Brand Consultant Asia:

At the end of last year some firms were invited to “submit slogans for a new Nation Branding project”. Of course a slogan isn’t a Nation Branding project but it was considered a start.

The slogan chosen was probably “Endless Possibilities” because this was used during the World Economic Forum in Davos to promote Malaysia as a South East Asia location for investment and tourism.

Therefore, it is advised that the PM’s department to screen these firms/consultants properly and carefully vet them for their previous and current clients. Do we need another embarrassment where our slogans were used by countries that are not really having good reputation with the majority of Malaysians? But in this case, it was none other than Israel.

Now here’s another youtube video from Mongolia taken more than a year ago.

(Taken from the blog – FOUL, with thanks)

There is really not enough thinking being done by the consultants when we paid them to come up with ‘Endless Possibilities’.

It could just be surfing the internet and youtube for catchy phrases. Was our money spent, justified?

Thank you.

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