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Pak Lah : Awakening the bad memories

I wrote this paragraph about Khairy Jamaluddin in an article (do read it again, thank you) a couple of months back:

There is also this principle that one must always use in politics. When the enemy hates you, you are doing the right thing. But when your political enemy is loving you, then something is indeed wrong. 

Therefore, when the opposition leaders, no less than Anwar Ibrahim had lavished praises to Pak Lah over the purported publication of ‘Awakening: The Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia’ we will certainly have to take a closer look at what that implies.

Not to mention the fact that book itself will be launched by none other than Nurul Izzah, the daughter of Umno’s nemesis. Nurul Izzah’s presence for the book launch is an obvious symbolism that the book itself has the blessings of Anwar Ibrahim.

Is there anything else to be said in this matter?

Let us read what the main culprit had to say:


Sejak dua tiga hari yang lepas, banyak berita diterbit mengenai ‘buku Pak Lah’. Isu ini juga mendapat liputan luas dalam media sosial dengan pelbagai reaksi dan komen. Sebelum saya memberi apa-apa komen, mungkin saya perlu memberi sedikit penjelasan tentang buku tersebut.

Pertamanya, buku tersebut tidak ditulis oleh saya. Buku ini disusun oleh dua ahli akademik, James Chin dan Bridget Welsh, dengan memuatkan beberapa rencana oleh pelbagai penulis yang telah menyumbangkan tulisan masing-masing mengenai pentadbiran saya sebagai Perdana Menteri. Ada yang dikhabarkan positif dan banyak juga yang negatif dan kritikal.

Kedua, saya sendiri hanya terlibat melalui wawancara yang dibuat oleh James Chin dan Bridget Welsh. Wawancara ini lebih kepada menjawab soalan-soalan yang dibangkitkan oleh penulis-penulis yang telah menyumbang kepada buku tersebut dan memberi saya ruang untuk menjelaskan beberapa perkara dari sudut saya sendiri.

Ketiga, saya tidak menaja atau meminta buku tersebut diterbitkan. Sudah menjadi perkara biasa para akademik membuat analisa tentang sejarah politik negara kita dan sudah pasti era saya tidak terlepas dari kajian ilmiah. Saya cuma telah setuju untuk diwawancara agar suara, pendapat serta penjelasan saya dapat dimuatkan didalam buku tersebut.

Keempat, oleh kerana saya bukan penerbit, pencetak, pengarang ataupun penulis buku tersebut, saya tidak tahu, tidak diberitahu dan tidak bertanggungjawab diatas mana-mana jemputan untuk melancarkan atau membincangkan buku tersebut. Berita yang mengatakan pemimpin dari parti pembangkang dijemput untuk melancarkan buku ini di Singapura – kalaupun benar – adalah keputusan penerbit buku, bukan saya.

Kelima, saya tidak merancang untuk menghadiri pelancaran buku tersebut. Ini kerana saya tidak mahu orang membuat andaian yang buku ini ditulis atau ditaja oleh saya. Saya cuma menjawab soalan yang ditanya. Biarlah jawapan-jawapan saya menjadi tumpuan pembaca.

Berlatarbelakangkan fakta-fakta diatas, saya berharap orang awam mendapat gambaran yang lebih jelas tentang ‘buku Pak Lah’. Sekali lagi, ini bukan buku yang ditulis atau ditaja oleh saya. Mungkin ada yang bertanya, kenapa Pak Lah setuju untuk diwawancara oleh pengarang-pengarang yang dikatakan selalu menulis rencana yang kritikal? Saya bersetuju diwawancara kerana perlu ada penjelasan saya sendiri didalam kajian ilmiah ini. Suka atau tidak, setuju atau tidak, saya berpegang kepada prinsip keterbukaan sebagai paksi kepada demokrasi yang matang. Prinsip keterbukaan inilah yang saya amalkan apabila didatangi dengan permohonan oleh para pengarang buku ini untuk diwawancara. Walaupun saya dimaklumkan buku ini bakal memuatkan rencana yang kritis dan ‘unflattering’ tentang kepimpinan saya, saya masih setuju diwawancara atas semangat keterbukaan demi perdebatan yang seimbang dengan mengambil kira semua sudut pandangan.

Sudah pasti pandangan-pandangan dalam buku ini akan mengundang reaksi-reaksi tertentu. Terpulanglah kepada semua pihak untuk membuat rumusan masing-masing. Prinsip keterbukaan bermaksud kita sedia memberi ruang kepada semua untuk bersuara. Tetapi janganlah pula ada yang membuat andaian bahawa buku ini ditulis oleh Pak Lah yang sudah bersubahat dengan pembangkang untuk menentang partinya sendiri. Itu sudah memesong fakta dan menjadi fitnah. Apa juga teguran yang diberikan dalam wawancara saya yang dimuatkan dalam buku ini dibuat kerana saya ingin melihat UMNO terus diberikan mandat dan kepercayaan oleh rakyat. Saya tak pernah meninggalkan UMNO dan Insya’Allah bila tiba masanya nanti, saya akan menghembuskan nafas terakhir saya di dunia ini masih lagi sebagai ahli UMNO yang cintakan negaranya.

12 Ogos

First and foremost, it does not matter if this book was not written by Pak Lah himself. But the fact that he contributed his thinking in the form of specifically arranged interview session which in turn became the very first chapter of the book shows that it wasn’t just a case of ‘saya tidak menaja atau meminta buku tersebut diterbitkan’. Surely an agreement should have been made to ensure that he will be indemnified by the publisher should litigation suits were brought forward against him. Surely proper controls and mechanism have been made in order to publish a book which is beyond reproach and above suspicion.

What is more important is the fact that Pak Lah should have the awareness that this book might be used against Umno by the opposition leaders. Sure enough, you can see Anwar Ibrahim squeezing every ounce of it with glee. It is good to have ‘semangat keterbukaan‘. But intelligent people should know that there is time and place for such ‘keterbukaan’. The last time he wanted to have this sort of thing, he lost 5 states and for the first time in history, the two thirds majority in Parliament.

If there is such written publishing agreement then surely there is a clause inserted by his team that the publisher must not let the book be exploited by politicians especially from the opposition in order to further their cause. The fact that Nurul Izzah is launching it proves that a) the opposition is politicising it and b) there is no such clause.

The inability to look further beyond the nose is a stark reminder of how ill-equipped and poor Pak Lah was as a Prime Minister. It is like the skillset did not match the job scope. Some people can wing it. Some will thrive in it. But most fail miserably.  Today, we are living in his mess.

And he probably did more damage to himself and also to his son in law’s reputation within the party by using this opportunity to run with a pack of opposition figures.

Since the first chapter is a rebuttal of whatever criticisms being hurled (if any) by other writers in the subsequent chapters, then it will be opened to further criticisms and a trip down memory lane.

Already Terence Netto, a pro-opposition writer had written about it –

Here Abdullah missed out on a good opportunity to shed necessary perspective on a matter that dogs almost all serving politicians: how to counter the inevitable public perception of bias when the powerful are blood relations to underlings seen as wielding undue influence?

Abdullah’s response – conveyed in reflections that appear in a compilation of assessments of his premiership titled “Awakening: the Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia” – is flat denial that Khairy wielded “undue influence” on him in the five years and five months he was premier.

It was against this background of Abdullah’s vacillation on police reform that Khairy Jamaluddin’s transition from political novice to powerful presence behind the scenes took place.

The grapevine began to buzz with stories of Khairy’s influence on major decisions and even of his interference with the civil service.

Exasperatingly, Abdullah mixed vacillation over police reform with deafness to the need to decisively demonstrate that Khairy was not a power behind the scenes.

Khairy increasingly became a target of criticism even as public disappointment mounted against Abdullah over the latter’s dithering on reform.

It is disingenuous on Abdullah’s part to now say that Khairy had no “undue influence” on him. As well believe Wanita Umno leader Shahrizat Jalil when she contended that she had nothing to do with the scandalous way in which a national cattle breeding project was managed by a company run by her husband and children.

Pak Lah’s simple flat out denial in the book that Khairy had vast influence in his administration reminded us about an interview he made in 2006 denying that his son Kamal Abdullah had received any contracts from the government. A simple discovery later revealed that Scomi, a company which his son has a lot of interests in at that time, received huge contracts from Petronas and in other companies. Some of them are:

1. In March, The Malay Mail reported that KTM had in 2005 awarded a five-year RM50 million contract to Scomi Group ‘to overhaul and maintain’ as many as 1,000 wagons.

2. Also in March, Business Times reported that Scomi Group was going to submit a bid for a RM120 million contract ‘to make body parts for about 400 buses for state-owned Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd’. Which they eventually won.

3. In April, The Edge reported that Scomi Engineering Bhd is acquiring a 51% stake in MTrans Transportation Systems Sdn Bhd for RM30 million to provide it a platform to be a key player in urban transportation.

4. Scomi Marine Bhd received a letter of intent from TNB Fuel Services Sdn Bhd for a coal shipment contract for three years from Oct 1, with an option to extend for another two years, the company said. Scomi Marine announced to Bursa Malaysia on April 14 that under the contract, it would be required to transport 500,000 tonnes (with 20% variation) of coal from Australia, Indonesia and South Africa yearly. It said TNB Fuel Services would determine the actual quantity of coal to be transported and from which country upon finalisation of the contract, The Edge reported.

5. Also recently, Scomi Group Bhd, an oil services company, won a contract from Petronas Carigali (Turkmenistan) Sdn Bhd to provide drilling fluids and other services for exploration works in Block 1, offshore Turkmenistan.\


In this particular matter, he actually lied in a live TV interview!

There were more lies and examples of ineptitude which he had made throughout his career as the PM. Did anyone remember him saying on 13th February 2008 that the Parliament will not be dissolved? But he made an about turn and dissolved the Parliament on the very next day that he earlier confirmed won’t be dissolved! What kind of clowning deceit was he trying to do? A stupid one of course.

When the leader lies to the rakyat and doing stupid things, obviously the cabinet ministers will do the same. Anyone remember back in May 2008 his cabinet assured the rakyat that there will be no increase in petrol prices till September? Well, they increased it 78 sen to RM2.70 in August!

That was the single biggest jump in fuel price ever recorded in our history. To make matters worse, his minister said that they wanted to make a 50 sen increase but decided on 78 sen because they do not want to increase it twice later on. Wasn’t that a galactically stupid decision? In the mean time, the rakyat suffered inflation and all kinds of repercussions.

Back in 2007, he also quashed rumours that he had remarried but soon afterwards, it was revealed he was indeed married a few weeks before that. Talk about a natural born liar.

There were many many more mistimed and ill-advised decisions which were made during his time as Prime Minister. One of the biggest mistakes they made is the decision to create Iskandar Corridor in Johor. Many parties had warned his administration that opening up lands for sale to foreigners particularly Singaporeans will create damaging implications to the state of Johor.

Currently, the Menteri Besar of Johor is having headaches on how to curb the spiralling home property prices and how to curb influx of foreigners gaining properties there. All these negative implications have detrimental effects on the locals there particularly the malays; the largest BN vote bank in Johor.

But to the Fourth Floor boys at that time, wealth and quick money coming out of it was more important.

And the fact that he revealed he had a sleeping disorder called ‘sleep apnea’ which made him dozed off during meetings is prove that he indeed, was sleeping on his job. A responsible leader would have turned down the offer. But he felt that having power is more honourable than embarrassing the nation when pictures of him sleeping during meetings and public assemblies were circulating in media all over the world.

But miraculously, he revealed that his sleeping disorder was cured after he had stepped down. The fact that the illness could be cured easily is testament that all this was just an excuse. He was indeed irresponsible and had laid too much importance on other people to run this country.

Back then the monicker and popular phrases people had associated with him were – The Sleeping PM, Kerajaan Tiga Beranak, UnderLah Pak Lah etc’

Now this is the type of Prime Minister which after 2009, all the opposition leaders love to compliment. Even now all of them are heaping praises towards Pak Lah and his son in law, Khairy Jamaluddin. Again, when your political enemies are loving you, then something is indeed wrong. What sort of pact is going on here?

Shall we go back in time and read what Lim Kit Siang, had written about Pak Lah? You can read it here. Mind you that this is one of the ‘milder’ articles about our PM back then. Excerpt:

Abdullah should seriously find out why more and more people, including in government, the ruling coalition and the public, are talking in this vein about “a sleeping PM” when it was never said against the four previous Prime Ministers, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in the first 46 years of Malaysian nationhood.

One could disagree with the first four Prime Ministers, whether on government policies, measures or specific issues, but no one would attribute it to lack of focus, attention or interest by the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, under Abdullah’s premiership, more and more people are putting the blame for many of the ills in government and country on “a sleeping PM”, which has not been helped by several factors, including:

  • Abdullah’s trebling up as Minister for Internal Security and Minister for Finance when it is clear that he does not have the time nor temperament to be a full-time hands-on head for either Ministry.
  • His 83 overseas trips in 44 months as Prime Minister;
  • His “gate-keepers” at the “fourth-storey” in Putrajaya who have made the very personable Abdullah even more inaccessible to those who want to meet him when compared to his predecessor Tun Dr. Mahathir, who had the public image of being arrogant and haughty.

I have for instance stopped asking for an appointment with the Prime Minister after meeting him twice after the 2004 general election where he would invariably end each meeting with the polite standing offer to call on him whenever necessary. This was after my several requests to meet up with him were blocked by his “gatekeepers”.

I do not think Abdullah is aware as to who are asking to see him. In fact, I do not think Abdullah even reads or is informed of the gist of official letters written to him, for instance, my letter registering “strongest protest possible” to him on Tuesday at the most unsatisfactory reply to a parliamentary question in Malaysian parliamentary history which totally evaded the specific query posed — and the reply was in the name of the Prime Minister.

I do not think Abdullah has seen my “strongest possible protest” letter which had also asked for the missing answer to be furnished.

In contrast, I never had doubts that when I wrote a letter to Tun Dr. Mahathir when he was Prime Minister, it would be seen by him. There was one occasion when I wrote to Mahathir protesting against his public criticism of the DAP for not speaking up against the atrocities and genocide committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, telling him why it was baseless and untrue as he was victim of the media blackout of DAP. I immediately received a terse one-paragraph apology from Mahathir!

Although I am Parliamentary Opposition Leader, I do not want talk that the country has a “sleeping PM” to continue, as this is not good whether for the people or the country internationally.

Secondly, he must re-assert authority as Prime Minister and ensure that he is in control of the “gate-keepers” in the “fourth storey of Putrajaya” and not being controlled by his gatekeepers.

So Lim Kit Siang, who are the gatekeepers? Are they still running around creating havoc in this country? Are they your friends now?

There are a lot more we can write here but the most important thing regarding the book is this – it is just an effort to change what really happened during his years as Prime Minister. 

– Ineptitude and stupidity are disguised as inability to reform Umno (Umno members are to be blamed here),

– Mismanagement and corruption of his cronies and family members are disguised as “Mahathir’s pet projects will make this country bankrupt”,

– Cronyism, nepotism and total control of mainstream media editors are disguised as ‘democratisation of society’,

– Wastage and unwise decisions are disguised as national projects,

– Dictatorial tendency where nobody within the party can criticise the Prime Minister is disguised as proponent of democracy  

Perhaps the best way to look into how easy people forget what had happened merely 10 years ago is from the tweet of one called Lokman Adam. In the effort to defend Pak Lah,  today he tweeted:

“Pak Lah pun pernah bawa kita menang besar PRU 2004, kita juga pernah hilang 2/3 tahun 2008.”

That is an erroneous statement. Pak Lah did not bring about the huge mandate in 2004. He wasn’t the main factor. He was barely 5 months into his term as the Prime Minister back then. What kind of reform has he done within that short space of time to garner such huge mandate? But the loss of 2008, yes we can attribute it mainly on him, judging from all the stinging vitriol by the opposition leaders as well as the rakyat’s loss of confidence in him. All those were resulted from his own undoing.

But of course, we have to forgive Lokman Adam because wasn’t even in Umno during that time as he was with Anwar Ibrahim in PKR. But now after he crossed over to Umno during Pak Lah’s reign and currently managed to become a Youth Exco, memory could be a little bit jarred.

There is no point defending the indefensible. It is a futile effort.

Nevertheless, people must remember what had really happened and since we could not rely on the opposition leaders to tell the truth about Pak Lah nor can we rely on the Umno Youth members in correcting the perception that this book could just be a pact between Pak Lah and the opposition, then we must use our own ability to search for the truth. Just use google and search its archives on all the happenings from 2004 to 2008.

This trip down the memory lane will make us re-live the nightmares.

37 thoughts on “Pak Lah : Awakening the bad memories

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  2. The chinese are furious with anwar for failing to grab Putrajaya in PRU13. Their concerted chinese tsunami efforts came with high costs and huge repercussions. The full impact is yet to be seen.

    Paklah was perceived to be a southern neighbour lackey, whose major decisions benefitted that neighbour over Malaysia.

    So now is the time to reclaim ‘political losses’ by supporting next-in-line successors – anwar’s daughter and paklah’s son-in-law – proxies for Malaysian Malaysia.


    • Many malay people also southern lackey.not only badawi. machiam Najib who gave away ktm land for pieces of paper. Some others still supply sand to singapore. These are the elites jebat tried to dispose in order to free the malays from the shackles of feudalism and idolatory. We even got some other lackey who crashed his Lamborghini in leepublic of singapore police was told off by the owners bodyguard to get lost.


  3. In the publication of the book, the role of the man called Riong Kali, whose name Tun Dr Mahathir said refers to both the Indian God and the Islamic Allah, has been mentioned time and again. That man was the scheming, manipulating and spinning lackey of the so-called Fourth Floor Boys of Tun Dol’s time.

    When Tun Dol was PM no more, Riong Kali had become rich, by his own shares and presumably by being nominee shareholders of others in that gang. The Fourth Floor was then said to be led by Khairy, who Tun Dol had the cheek to say did not carry any official position and did not influence his decisions as PM. Now Riong Kali is said to have master minded the publication of the book in order to promote Khairy’s “guilty-of-money-politics” image and prospects of being retained as Ketua Pemuda. Many had said it backfired. I wish to God that this Khairy is put out of the equation in UMNO forever. Next to Anwar, he has done a lot of damage to the interest of the Malays.

    Tun Dol was indeed a good man, a “Mr Clean” and all. The emphasis is on the word “was”. Always pleasant and polite as a graduate of Islamic studies, perhaps PMship got the better of him. Especially when he got smitten by Jeanne – now also a Tun for nothing (unlike Tun Dr Hasmah who was Bakti President etc for 22 years) – and started the Perth trips, etc. He must have experienced the kind of love that he never had before. And at a time when his poor wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And he even went to the extent of denying he was married to Jeanne at first, perhaps out of a guilt complex, soon after admitting it out of another guilt complex. The poor Islam Hadari man – whatever that inadequately explained concept was. And the poor dying wife was reported to have said she herself had wanted Tun Dol to marry the one-time Seri Perdana House Keeper. This was a mockery of the “Upstairs And Downstairs” TV series of huge proportions.

    Sad, very sad. And the purpose of telling this sordid sad story of the man, the House Keeper and the poor dying wife is to let the public know that, despite his one-time good, Mr Clean image, now whatever this Tun Dol says of his son-in-law, the former PM TDM, should not be believed. In the interest of protecting and promoting the well being of UMNO. That which has been looking after and promoting the rights and interest of the Malays for the last over 60 years. That which Najib must do now. And towards that end, Najib must cease bending backwards for the tsunami Chinese and disregard the destructive calls of the Opposition such as discarding the Sedition Act.


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  5. from this, we can diagnose that Abdullah is suffering from lying habits that have no cure at this moment. But he can join the AA with Anuar Ibrahim and the gang who were habitual liar and never live their life in current reality.

    what you say JMD??


    • Tun Mahathir not much better in the honesty department either, in fact he’s the champ in this department. How else could he be PM for 22 extremely long years?


      • Kah Kah Kah… orang Pak Lah dah masuk bagi komen dah!

        Itu je? Setakat tu je komen? Pendek bebenor..

        Kalau tak dishonest dan kaki penipu cuma jadi PM kurang 5 tahun, maksudnya Tun Mahathir lebih berkaliber dan ada integriti dari Pak Lah la..


  6. The renown English playwright William Shakespeare said,

    When beggars die, there are no comets seen
    The Heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.

    Abdullah Badawi’s PMship has died. There were comets seen in that many people rejoiced at it. His prince SIL has not died. Goodness, the number of people wishing his political career dead. And when he dies politically, perhaps both Heavens and Hell will blaze forth.

    And so Abdullah Badawi tries to defend his prince. Riong Kali, Brigit Welsh and all trying to prop him up. The effect would have been better if Abdullah had clarified his position much earlier. Alas, no one advised the old man to do so.

    When one’s political position dies, nobody bothers about one any more
    Especially when one has abused that position to the chagrin of so many.

    Note: The last 2 lines are not Shakespeare. It’s anonymous.


  7. Salam JMD,
    The latest phenomenon implicating Pak Lah with a book the contents of which are detrimental to UMNO’s interests, hence the Malays, is proof that Pak Lah, who is happy to be deemed “Mr. Clean” , that Pak Lah is an astute politician and live up to the assumption that every politician is generally a “Machiavellian”.

    So Pak Lah is clever to strike at his ” enemies ” in concert with his allies , at the most opportune time. Bravo Pak Lah.



    • I disagree, Sdr Mat. I think the word “astute” does not fit the bill for Tun Abdullah at all. Not even the word “clever”.

      I think he got to become PM by default. Anwar Ibrahim’s defective character trait of being unduly impatient cost him the prospect of becoming PM and Tun Abdullah stepped in – he was around at the right time and place.

      Anwar, Abdullah, Sanusi and one other were members of Tun Mahathir’s so-called Kitchen Cabinet when elegant silent Musa Hitam was DPM. They cooked mee, brain stormed etc in the kitchen at Seri Perdana and strong espirit de corps among them. But Abdullah joined TEAM B when Tengku Razaleigh contested TDM for the President’s post. TDM won and Abdullah was in the doldrums for a period of time. Maybe the Kitchen Cabinet camaraderie had gotten him invited back to TDM’s cabinet later.

      Then Anwar tried to oust TDM. He was kicked out from the DPM post, later charged with sodomy and corruption. And Abdullah was around and stepped in as No 2. Then as PM when TDM stepped down. But his record as PM was dismal – “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy”, shocking results at PRU12 and lost his job.

      I tried hard to figure out what exactly he did that the country can be proud of. But can’t. I think even his involvement in the book is, at best, as an unwitting participant of the interview which was exploited and placed at the beginning of the book. Making many people to think the book was written by him.


  8. Bridgite Welsh and Chin, the editors responsible for compiling the essays by 20-30 academicians, and their publishers, have not been smart.

    By timing the pre-launch release of the books before the UMNO Gneral Assembly and party elections, in which Abdullah Badawi’s son-in-law Khairy will surely be bidding for an important post, the book got branded as a Khairy promotion effort. Any praise of Abdullah Badawi’s performance during the “Abdullah Years” will be read as attempting to project the image of Khairy, who played a significant role in Abdullah’s administration – despite Abdullah saying to the contrary.

    By asking Nurul Izzah to officiate the book launch, people see clearly that the book is an Opposition agenda. But then Bridgit and Chin may themselves be a part of he Opposition agenda. They have no love lost for UMNO and the government that has been ruled by UMNO-led coalition for the past 56 years. They have been criticizing the Malaysian government from their base in Singapore for a long time. They deserve the shit they have been getting.


  9. Salam Sdr Halim,
    Your reading of Pak Lah is spot.
    We have to admit that there must be some thing special about Pak Lah such that he could survive the political ups and downs and ended up as PM, though by default as you rightly put it .Better mortals than him finished their political careers dismally.
    Thank you

    Thank you.


  10. Naturally Anwar Al Juburi will exploit on the situation – he will exploit any situation that will weaken the Government, belittle UMNO and put down Tun Dr Mahathir’s image. Sure he’d comment on what Abdullah Badawi said, trying to drive a wedge against TDM. He will fish in murky waters, heck, he even fished in clear waters – so damn clear BN won PRU13, yet he tried to fish the rakyat’s support for the nonsensical Black 505 rallies, whatever the name implied. Thank God the rakyat was wise, the turn out was far, far below what he had hoped for.

    Anwar has been said to be a man of no principle, hardly having any scruple. He bit the hand that picked him up from the gutters. He was a nonentity until TDM paved the way for him to become a Minister and later reach the Number 2 post in UMNO and in the Government. He would have been PM for 10 years already had he waited for his turn and not tried to oust TDM as PM.

    What principle and scruple can be attributed to the man when he devised the Katak Lompat Scheme of becoming PM via bought-over political turn coats. Promised his followers of taking over the government and misled the rakyat into believing there would be a change in government on the infamous attempted Katak Lompat coup d’etat on 16 September 2008. He even had the cheek to ask to meet then PM Abdullah Badawi to discuss a hand over of powers and brazenly asked for an audience with the YDP Agong for an appointment letter.

    And the latest proof of lack of principle and scruple was where he said he would retire and teach in France if PR lost PRU13. And the damn cheek of the man to simply say he would not retire after PR lost, and continued being a menace to this country. Man oh man, we all need to be careful and watchful of this Al Juburi bloke. There appears to be no limit on the extent he’d go to get what he wants. I would not touch him with a 40 ft pole.


    • If the 40 ft pole is bamboo and sharpened at the end, maybe it can be shoved into his anu. It’s then called “Anwar di sula”, a punishment said to be applied to traitors during the Malacca Sultanate some 500 years ago.

      I have observed that he has also been called a traitor to his bangsa and negara. He talked about so-called ketuanan rakyat when others talk about Ketuanan Melayu as reflected in the Articles of the Constitution pertaining to the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Malay Rulers, the Rulers Council, etc.

      And he arranged for funds from the Neocons, Jews and Zionists in US and elsewhere sent to organizations supporting his activities designed to weaken the Muslim-led government in this country, in line with the Zionist agenda the world over.


      • With that kind of bloke Anwar is, can there be any truth to the Malaysia Chronicle report:

        Umno source says supreme council, Dr M have agreed to unity govt but Pakatan …

        KUALA LUMPUR – More feverish speculation has popped out on the political rumor mill following recent revelations that Prime Minister Najib Razak had tried to seek a sort of “unity government” with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

        I find it abhorring.


      • Thank you for your assessment that religious scholars are hypocrites. Nowadays malays are forced to worship them or be persecuted, suppressed and oppressed for having other ideas. Imagine he masters of the land denied reading materials and speaking up freely. How can you turn these people into a creative and dynamic race if you suka suka apply laws that subjugate.
        All the kali types have been using malays as pawns for their personal interest.


        • Wat you talk one, tempawan? What “religious scholars are hypocrites”? Where got “Nowadays malays are forced to worship them or be persecuted, suppressed and oppressed for having other ideas”? What laws that subjugate?

          You just accuse only, don’t substantiate, arr? You typical Oppo hippo, eh? Be fair, lorr. Can accuse but must justify, man. Then we can have a discussion. Otherwise you get pooh poohed, lorr. And nobody cares about what you say.


  11. I agree with Tun Mahathir that Anwar wants to create an Arab Spring in this country. Bring the government down by causing anarchy, lawlessness and chaos. Hence he orchastrated the many demonstrations without Police permits, including those under Bersih, and contravening the Peaceful Assembly Act after it was enacted last year. Demo after demo until it became evident that the Malaysian public was not buying into it, he and his organizers lost steam, constipated and dissipated.

    Yet the Arab Spring in Egypt has still not achieved its objective. 2 plus years after the event, they could not even get a Constitution that is satisfactory to the main groups adopted. And the democratically elected President was toppled by the Military 1-2 months ago. The same kind of Military that grabbed power and ruled some 60 years ago. The Emergency laws that allowed Hosni Mubarak to rule continuously without elections for 30 years. Yesterday over 200 Egyptians died trying to restore the democratically elected Presidency. Dead largely at the hands of the Military.

    The “Abdullah Badawi Years” were not a happy period, certainly not a period of glory, sing, song and dance. The label “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” attached to his administration I think will stick forever, poor man.

    But imagine if Anwar had been ruling the last 10 years. Gays will now be holding hands, perhaps even kissing all over town, if not even allowed to marry in this country. Jews and Zionists will be all over the place and PAS’ voices muted by his government. DAP might have half of their members and supporters made up of secret societies, thugs and gangsters, shooting one another dead every other day. God forbid!


  12. All UMNO politicians treat the country like their own personal piggy bank. Same with Badawi and Dr M.if their siblings need some money, they will get it eventually.
    Why does JMD need to meet the PM? Crony wheeling and dealing is it?
    Badawi should have built the bridge cross he causeway,but not the crooked bridge. It should have been simpler design like those bridges across the Danube, just sufficient to allow tug and barges and yachts to pass underneath, especially now with so many marinas planned to be built in Iskandar.
    The stupid UMNO gahmen gave away ktm land and now plans to build high speed rail to singapore.
    LKY was correct when he said it does not matter whether it is UMNO or opposition who rule the nation. It will be the same incompetent malays. Whether that malay guy is foreign or locally educated, the final result remains the same.mokhriz ban on shiites and hishamuddin gaffs are all there to see. This incompetency exists in greater numbers in the GLC. Especially when they announce buying of assets at a premium. EKUINAS, SIME DaRBY/ E&O, Eco setia are examples.
    Malay BIG businessmen until today are mostly dependent on the gahmen. Maju group,supermokh are examples.
    Lim Guan Eng should give a letter of commendation to Sanusi Junid for coming up with the tunnel idea in 1997. in fact SANUSI’s plan was more comprehensive in that it includes new port and airport built north Prai/kedah border plus mrt connections to island via tunnel.
    Badawi’s openness was actually due his first wife,may God keep her in paradise. IT was due to her influence that made Badawi to reform the country’s frank and open discussion. When she passed away,Badawi got lost and there after remain uninspired except possibly in lust.


    • tempawan,

      All sorts of wild allegations again, eh? Quoting grandpa Lee Kuan Yew, too. Your hero whose statements are always perfect, is it? Of course you’d take what the Maha Chauvinist and Racist old man says as the gospel truth, innit? See, I have hardly accused you. Mainly asking questions, so far.

      LKY said “It will be the same incompetent malays”? Really arr? Would you like to state the page of the book where he wrote that?

      And you think he is competent? Why the hell then did he fail to solve the allegedly low Chinese birth rate in Spore? Got so-called exasperated by it. Or was it pretense only, using it as an excuse to make Spore now 72% Chinese, covering his chauvinist and racist character of the highest order? Brought in Chinese from Mainland China etc then cursed them for wanting all sorts of freedom when they hardly knew freedom in communist China.


    • tempawan,

      “Malay BIG businessmen until today are mostly dependent on the gahmen,” you said.

      And how many BIG Chinese businessmen are not dependent on the gahmen? How many of Yeoh Teng Lays, Sunway what’s the name etc who are not interested in government contracts and turn-key projects?

      Heard of Vincent Tan having got the easy-money Lottery licence given by Daim Zainuddin, became worth many hundred millions, yet was hoping for the football betting license that Najib finally decided not to issue? Which cave were you in when a lot of those were talked about in the mass media?

      And “Badawi … remain uninspired except possibly in lust”? How about you – holding your wife’s bust? Angry with me? Don’t be stupid man, I’m referring to the sculptured bust.


      • Funny you mentioned it.
        but ytl partner in IPP and ERL i think is armed forces pension fund LTAT. But YTL, like malakoff and other IPP whack their shareholders and consumers by imposing hefty management fee. Maybe up to 10% of revenue. This is why our cost of living is so high.
        You go ask Daim if UMNO has any interest with vincent tan. Then you go tell those kids now inspired by cardiff city to abandon the idea because he is a no good china man.
        As for sunway, i hang round the complex admiring their students, especially the female variety. You won’t find these types in UM or UKM. The moment you enter gomen universities, your creativity and divine ideas will be crushed. They call it education. I call it indoctrination.


        • Aiseh, tempawan, instead of answering what people ask you, you make some more accusations. You the kind who simply open your mouth without thinking arr? “Hefty management fee” = “our cost of living is so high”? What school you went one? Chinese school arr?

          You hang around Sunway admiring the female students there arr? You never say what they say or what kind of thinking they have, suddenly you accuse, “The moment you enter gomen universities, your creativity and divine ideas will be crushed.”? You communist arr? Or gila, no logic fella, out only to create ill feelings, accuse here and accuse there like the dastardly DAP Red Beans. Are you one?


  13. I doubt if Pak Lah is aware of need to have agreement to ensure he will be indemnified by the publisher should there be litigation suits against him. Maybe he just said yes when Bridgit Welsh asked to interview him. Maybe he didn’t even ask if the interview would be published in that kind of book.


  14. “go back in time and read what Lim Kit Siang had written about Pak Lah .. Mind you this is one of the ‘milder’ articles about our PM back then.” –

    Lim Kit Siang is another sad, sad specimen of the political animal. Ran around for Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP when Singapore was in Malaysia 1963-65. Carried here and there banners containing the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, that was/is chauvinistic, racist and anti-Malay. Questioning the Special Position of the Malays, which was extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak when Malaysia was formed in 1963.

    When LKY, PAP and Singapore were kicked out of Malaysia in 1965, LKS and a few others formed the DAP. Carried on hogging the LKY Malaysian Malaysia slogan. Continued questioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras. Until they caused the race riots of 13 May 1969. Thereafter whacked by the Malays until they ceased using that slogan. Tried to change it to Middle Malaysia some time back but the rakyat showed them the Middle Finger.

    Like old man LKY, Kit Siang paved the way for his son Guan Eng to lead the DAP. Ruling by the iron hand, gag orders, membership suspension and expulsion from the party from time to time. Used dirty tactics to ensure they and their loyal supporters hold party positions to enable them to perpetuate their leadership. Many members, particularly the Indians, complained to the Registrar of Societies. The Central Executive Committee is now not recognized by the RoS and DAP has been told to hold another CEC election.

    Now 47 years after formation, DAP has not got anywhere except Penang. They were thrown out during Tun Dr Mahathir’s time and will be thrown out again at a subsequent PRU. And now Kit Siang is fuming that LKY, the man he had for so long adored and worshiped like a demigod, aped and copied PAP policies and even dressing, threw brickbats at DAP and Pakatan Rakyat. Not having the ability to rule Malaysia, said LKY, Pakatan Rakyat is an “opportunistic ad-hoc group not held together by even vaguely coherent set of ideas but by a common desire to unseat the government,”said the old man further. Sure now Kit Siang will be writing much worse on any PM than he did on Pak Lah. Trying to weaken and bring the Government down so that DAP and PR will be able to rule. Also to vent his frustration brought about by old man LKY’s statements in his recently published book.

    But that was a huge slap on old man LKS by older man LKY who might not write any other book after this, and who might even not be able to read any more being at the ripe age of 90. That’s a polite way of wishing him gone. Even wishing both gone soon. There’s no law saying one can’t wish that. After all, those two even broke laws. The highest laws of the land – the Special Position of the Malays and the Buiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak is written in the highest set of laws, the Constitution of the country.


  15. I agree that Pak Lah did not bring about the huge mandate in 2004. No one can be said to have brought a huge win on the basis of just a few months’ rule. And that the shocking loss of 2008 – loss of the 2/3 Parliamentary majority – was attributable to him, surely. He had ruled for 5 years plus. A lot of it was misrule or lack of a rule – “auto-piloting and sleepy on the job.” A lot of the our present miseries started from there.

    But I’m very concerned about Pak Jib’s rule. Giving so much to the Chinese yet he got the Chinese tsunami. And yet he appears to continue placating the Chinese and the Opposition. DAP, tsunami Chinese and all. Threw away ISA, Emergency Ordinance, Restricted Residence Act, and soon, the Sedition Act. Crime rate spiraling now. The Malays who have voted UMNO/BN at PRU13 feel sidelined. If Pak Jib is retained at the coming UMNO party elections and he does not change course, UMNO/BN might lose PRU14. Then it’ll be hell of a life ruled by the ultra kiasu, the unscrupulous and the not-so-pious.


    • For heaven’s sake. PAK Lah did not lose. He won by a smaller majority in 2008. But everybody jealous he broke the record in 2004. Then when first wife passed away, his inspiration died with her. SHE should have been the PM instead.
      Malays are not sidelined. But the amount of money invested assisting malays are not getting the returns everyone expected. There is only so much you can do without affecting the whole country’s economy and competitiveness.
      In the private sector, you need to socialise a lot especially in marketing. And because malays are forbidden to do this, many employers are ignoring malays from this posts. They don’t really want problems with religious authorities, especially the MNC’s. Who do we blame for this situation?


      • It’s becoming increasingly clear you got a perception or thinking problem, Mister. People not talking about Pak Lah losing, stu – people talking he shockingly lost the usual 2/3 majority in Parliament. Jealous he broke the record in 2004? How shallow your thinking, man.

        And you are getting stu again – “assisting malays are not getting the returns everyone expected”? Who is “everyone”? You and the likes of you? What about agreeing you all be given citizenship right after 150 years of being Stateless in this country? What returns can you speak of? Become citizens yet not even respecting and abiding by the Constitution of the country. Let alone loyalty and patriotism to this country.

        The PKR bugger Tian Chua even belittled our security forces ten of whom died defending this country at Lahad Datu – good that he was charged in court, though the trial is pending. The bastak Lim Kit Siang even asked that the unrepenting, unapologetic, uncompromising bloody communist terrorist Chin Peng be allowed to enter this country. What ta …


  16. I had the opportunity to brief half the Cabinet Ministers with Pak Lah chairing it. For more than 2 hours he was sound asleep.
    In lslam, if you are not fit to lead, you should not have assumed the position.
    I wasted 9 months of hard work with my team of 8 people.


    • Sorry for you, mate. I’m sure many others have the same kind of frustration over him.

      The Institutes of Medical Health National Library of Medicine says: “When your sleep is interrupted throughout the night, you can be drowsy during the day.” With a new and much younger wife, I’m not sure what actually interrupted his sleep!

      It also says: “Lifestyle changes, mouthpieces, surgery, and breathing devices can treat sleep apnea in many people.” A simple lifestyle change is to sleep in the afternoons, like Tengku A Rahman did. Never mind what the rakyat says – better than going down in history as the “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy Prime Minister.”

      Sorry guys, I have no sympathy for this man who started the problems we are suffering in this country now due to lax administration during his time.

      And I’m losing sympathy over Najib for being overly liberal to the extent I don’t feel secure going out these days. The necessary laws repealed, all sorts of crime all over the place.


    • Its not sleep apnea you fool. Its i dream of Jeannie. This sleep thing happened when he got married with jean and the country’s governance was neglected.
      On the other hand, maybe you need improve your oratory skill in order to capture your audience.


      • You obviously are a bigger fool, tempawan. In your comments above you defended Pak Lah. Now you make fun of him.

        Then you said, “you need improve your oratory skill in order to capture your audience.” You referring to Anon whose comment you were replying, or you were referring to Pak Lah? You sound cuckoo, don’t you?

        But I have done one round of rebutting your comments to day. Wish you made sensible comments. If only you justify what you say, then they can become a meaningful exchange of views.


  17. Why must the politicians make us live nightmares? Why must they create nightmares for us to go through? Damn them.

    Politic is described as:

    1. the science and the art of government, of political principles
    2. (Of person) sagacious, prudent, (of actions etc) judicious, expedient, scheming, crafty

    I don’t mind 1 but bloody hell, can some one change 2 by throwing out the expedient, scheming, crafty?

    And they say politics is dirty, but isn’t the politicians who are dirty? Anwar Al Juburi even throws away political principles, Tun Dol Al Sleepy may be too sleepy to know all those.

    Maybe 90% of our miseries are caused by politicians and 10% by seditionists, common criminals, secret societies, thugs and gangsters. But now the politicians are also encouraging them by demanding, and Najib agreeing, throwing away the important laws designed to effectively control them.


  18. What an astonishingly petty, deluded and backwards-thinking bunch of people prostate themselves at the false altar of UMNO. Your repeated, high-pitched whining about “rights” and your “wanting strong Malay leaders” who will sodomise you harder than Anwar Al Juburi ever will. Not just in your assholes, but in your pockets, too. Congratulations. Your ignorance of history and of the present is sad, and staggering.

    Once we rid Tanah Melayu of every single blood-sucking pendatang and return it to its pristine state, with “strong Malay leaders”, and our religion no longer threatened, we’ll be left confronting the spectre of our own utter weakness, mediocrity, lack of achievement and lack of ability to achieve in the future.

    UMNO can take a bow for that.

    Truth hurts, doesn’t it?


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