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13th General Elections – What next for Barisan Nasional

My view is that the Chinese voters have given their best shot to vote for the DAP and the Pakatan in this round of elections versus the Malay voters who did not turn out in full force. – OutSyed The Box

The results of the recent concluded general election revealed one pertinent point.

That with the majority of chinese in peninsular Malaysia voted Pakatan Rakyat in bulk, they could only secure 89 seats in Parliament. That is just ONE seat more than Umno’s ability to garner the votes from Malaysian voters. We haven’t even take into account the rest of component parties in Barisan Nasional.

UMNO – 88
MCA – 7
MIC – 4
Gerakan – 1
PBB – 14
PRS – 6
SPDP – 4
PBS – 4
PBRS – 1
UPKO – 3

Total – 133

It is now imperative that Barisan Nasional look into their strategy of national reconciliation. Obviously, all the reconciliation efforts for the past 4 years under the Prime Minister in order to appease and mollycoddle the chinese community particularly in the peninsular Malaysia did not work.

All the money being pumped into their chinese schools, all the recognition given to their university and their exam certificates as well as uplifting their education system (to the detriment of national unity) and all the opportunities given to their businesses, has failed.

The PM must recognise that the advice given by his advisors on the chinese issue were miscalculated and erroneous.

With the MCA and Gerakan totally decimated by the will of their own community, it is therefore be concluded that the majority of chinese here in West Malaysia do not want to be represented by the federal government.

You are responsible for the consequences of your voting action.

What needs to be done now is for the PM to appoint more wakil rakyats from Sabah and Sarawak into the cabinet. There are many more communities over there that still appreciate what Barisan Nasional has given them all these years – development, peace, stability and economic prosperity.

Since we know the people in Sabah and Sarawak (be it chinese, iban, malays, indians, kadazans etc) care about Barisan Nasional, Barisan Nasional in return must focus more on East Malaysia.

Perhaps, more representation in cabinet is befitting. As the chinese here in West Malaysia rejects the concept of 1Malaysia, 1Malaysia should make a stronger presence in East Malaysia.

Why would we want to focus on people who do not want to be part of the ruling government?

It is also timely for Barisan Nasional to give direct membership to people who believe in the Barisan Nasional philosophy but quite apprehensive in joining Umno, MCA, MIC, PBB or other component parties. This will definitely appeal to the urban populace who are politically incline to contribute.

There is also a need for automatic registration to those who reached the age of 21. This is vital for the fight in the next general elections.

Barisan Nasional again has been caught sleeping. It has been sleeping since 2004. If they continue to sleepwalk their entire administration for the next 5 years, be certain that Barisan Nasional will lose Johor and East Malaysia as well.

Although Umno gained more seats this time around, do remember that they lost many, many more seats they had contested. The sense of accomplishment that Umno had performed better than 2008 is exactly the sense of false strength that will be their downfall in the coming years.

Although Umno and their East Malaysian component parties can rejoice about this false victory, they must be cognisant of the fact that Pakatan Rakyat is gaining ground. The opposition would just need to break the malay votes further and launch a campaign that will ensnare them to vote for Pakatan in the next general election since they have already secured the chinese votes.

This is the reality. If the effort to continue appeasing the chinese here in West Malaysia is looked upon as a sign of weakness by Umno, be sure that come GE14, there will be more spoilt votes.

Yes, we are talking about voting along racial lines as propagated by the DAP and its chinese community. Hence, the chinese tsunami of 2013.

And poor PAS with its 21 seats. That’s 2 seats less than what they had won in 2008. It seems that their sacrifice in being the accomplice of DAP has made their dream to institute hudud law in this country getting gloomier as the years gone by. Muslim malays just can’t seem to catch a break.

The next immediate step for the PM is to form a cabinet sans all the old faces we inherited from Pak Lah’s administration. No more Nazri Aziz and his ilk.

People say that the PM needs a Rottweiler in Parliament. But how many times this puppy went against the BN consensus and issued statements which are friendly towards Pakatan?

If the PM wants a Rottweiler, there are many more capable MPs which can do the task even better. It’s just they had not been given the chance. Belum cuba belum tahu.

As for cabinet posts, emphasis should be given to the Home Ministry as this ministry will have its hands full for the next 5 years. Hishamuddin Hussein failed in his task as Home Ministry and should be given the the job of Foreign Ministry so that he can learn to have more cojones while working abroad.

Hanifah Aman, should head the Home Ministry as he is seen as having more strength and determination in performing his task. He was fearless in engaging overseas protesters and perhaps, in the spirit of focussing more on leaders from East Malaysia, this move is perfect for both the PM and the West Malaysians.

The Umno Youth head with an increasing majority in his constituency should be made a deputy minister in a junior ministry, at most. There were talks that he should be made a full minister but this may not be a wise move as one should learn the ropes first. One must remember that Umno Youth failed to make inroads among the young voters despite organising many events trying to attract them towards Umno and Barisan Nasional. The social media unit of Umno Youth was abysmal and could not fight against Pakatan’s more organised social media users. As the result, Umno/BN youth lost the young urban votes.

Another vital ministry is the Finance Ministry where the PM should let go of the position Finance Minister I and give it to a professional. Zeti Akhtar for instance. Or perhaps Husni Hanadzlah should just hold the ministry in its sole capacity. I believe he is a good man and has performed his duty well.

These are just a few pertinent points in the cabinet issue. There is no point in discussing more of it until the PM has decided. Only then we can see if the PM is serious is improving and transforming his team.

Thank you.

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  1. I’m not optimistic on whether DS Najib’s cabinet will really reflect the needs of the current political scene. I suspect he’ll still maintain the multi-racial representation despite the hoo haa on MCA opting out. Tun Dr Mahathir favours the Chinese in – power sharing, he said. Much has been said on MCA and Gerakan not performing, and now I’ll just shut up.

    Menteri Dalam Negeri is damn important. The chap can go wanking everybody, causing tension one way or another, or run to China bowing and apologizing for some wrong we never did, like Azmi Khalid. I’m willing to live with Hishamuddin being retained, a cousin DS Najib can trust his life with.

    The Rottweiler will still be there in cabinet coz he’s a good bouncer, too. Even Tun Dr Mahathir pun kena on one occasion some time back. Loyalty, he said. DS Najib needs that.

    Remember, what is absolutely important in cabinets the world over is political expediency and long-term survival of the PM. Not so much whether geniuses should be given posts. But I’ll be damn disappointed if Rais Yatim is still included. Get a strong character who’ll make full use of the government resources at its disposal, who can influence the independent media and rein in the wild and unruly cyber troopers and others in the social media, please.


      • Yes, a very good article. If you don’t have much time, at least just glance through it.

        Very revealing about Anwar’s intentions to grab the leadership of Malaysia backed by the Americans and the British with their “Containment of China” grand design.

        The Jew Madelene Albright, former US Secretary of State, and another Jew, George Soros, appearing to have a significant role. Cash remittances directly to Bersih etc from the United States via the National Endowment for Democracy’s National Democratic Institute (NDI), and convicted criminal George Soros’ Open Society.


        • When two convicted criminals plan something … ex-convicts Anwar and Soros …

          It’s just simply dangerous.


        • What have you got against jews? Did the holy books say to make enemies with jews? The holy book only express its dissapointment with the jews. Their behaviour as described in the holy book unfortunately are imitated by many in this country by those who profess the ‘master race’ mentality


    • Is this what’s next for BN?

      DS Najib “should recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) of Chinese independent schools immediately “as a symbolic proof of BN’s appreciation,” said UMNO Supreme Council member Saifuddin Abdullah? “Immediately”? Appreciate their voting DAP? Is this fella real? Is he representative of the UMNO Supreme Council members? Is he nuts?

      True, UMNO must stay moderate like he said, but the fler does not even agree with Najib’s use of “Chinese tsunami” or “urban tsunami” to describe the swing in Chinese votes towards the Opposition. And he counts himself and Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin (see for the brickbats thrown at the fler) as among the few “open minded” UMNO members, while the majority are “yes men” and the others are “radical”. No wonder this deputy higher education minister lost in Temerloh at PRU13. But why the hell was he voted into the UMNO Supreme Council? Because he smiled a lot?

      True, “Umno’s future direction and approaches will depend on (the line-up of the) new supreme council after the party elections later this year.” Let’s hope they voted this Saifuddin fellow out. He does not even seem to know what national unity through single-stream schooling is. And what Article 152 of the Constitution on BM is all about.


      • I’m glad that Former Education Ministry Director-General, Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad, has called for the abolishment of vernacular schools in favour of a single stream school which uses Malay as medium.

        “If we still allow such schools, don’t ever hope to talk about unity, it will only be lip service,” he said on Sunday. reported it.

        The man should know what he is talking about, having the Ministry as a professional and as the top Education Officer for many years. He must have been frustrated that the politicians continue to pussy foot on the matter since the time he was DG decades ago.


        • You can abolish vernacular schools, but can BN implement a fair and just education system which will reward those with excellent credentials based on merit or will BN continue affirmative action policy as a tool to suppress and oppress those of different ethnic identity. I remember when many minorities spoke perfect malay when malay syllabus was in introduced but what is the point of learning the languange when it does not give any incentive into higher education. So blame BN policies for minorities abandonment of national language.


  2. The chinese didn’t vote against the federal government. They voted against MCA and Gerakan. Why not try having umno candidates in urban areas in GE14? Cos I know a lot of chinese still support BN minus mca gerakan. Might have a landslide victory! How can you blame the chinese (plus a lot of malays) for voting PR. Free education, free highway, free wifi, lower fuel prices, lower houses prices etc etc. You must be a MORON for not wanting to vote for all these benefits! GO GO GO bring your east malaysian voters their booze and cash. They are waiting.


    • You must astound us with intelligence, not stupidity. Umno did put up candidates in urban areas. Can’t you just think of one area where an Umno candidate lost due to majority chinese did not vote for him? Thank you.


    • Apa lagi Cina mau? Lagi-lagi in the state of denial when they lost both ways.

      These racist chauvinist arrogant liar kiasus are forever gunting dalam lipatan, musang dalam selimut, api dalam sekam, bagi betis minta paha typical chinatown type.

      Any better word to describe this ungrateful greedy hypocrites?


      • Ok Zhen Moon, I agree with you that the Chinese didn’t vote against the federal government, but they voted against UMNO instead, err come to think of it against Melayu, Ghani Othman and Salahudin Ayub!



        • Ghani othman if iam not mistaken, acquired privately owned land around senai airport and gave it to a crony, and he used it to sell to his listed company for hundreds of million in profit.
          And now, he wants to sell properties in iskandar to foreign investors. He deserve to lose but not because of his race,but because of his questionable governance.


      • Apa lagi cina mahu? End to discrimination, oppression and suppression using affirmative action and religion as an excuse.


    • ZHEN MOON … What a stupid jerk… MAYBE only 1 Chinese will vote BN out of 100,000 thousand…Go drink you milk and put on your diapers…and go to sleep…forever


    • You must be one of the many assh*le who voted for PR in the recent GE. I do not know which state you belong to but the Chinese in Penang and Johore states has clearly voted for opposition mainly DAP clear Chinese based party though they claimed to be multiracial..


      • Why would a non bumi ethnic minority vote for a party that officially endorses racist policies? PAS at least claim to end this.


  3. As a Sabahan i’m actually glad that the east Malaysians will see more representation in the national level. The result of GE13 shows that the Sabah and Sarawak are the pillars which enable Barisan National to form the Government. With our show of support, I hope the BN government will reciprocate. For starters, Sabahan would like to see improvement on the highways connecting KK to Miri as well as to sandakan & Tawau. Believe me, we east Malaysian won’t bite the hands that feed us.


    • Cik Siti,

      We are all proud of the Sabahans and Sarawakians, and their representation at the Federal cabinet has in the past been high, am sure will continue,

      Yes I’m sure the highway KK to Miri, Sandakan Tawau will also be improved. I’d like to see the Trans-Sabah-Sarawak highway be completed not too long from now so that more parts of the states along the route will be developed and the interior be opened up.

      Let’s help the government run down the anti-national elements so that they won’t take too much of everybody’s time and energy which should be focused on national development.


  4. Jebat,

    I wish somebody has a brain and guts of Tun Mahathir to take over the rein of home ministry. Still remember during his time, whenever he speaks, the pemuda UMNO brought all the sepanduk and gather en masse giving all the support.

    No opposition were couraged enough to cross the line and even the coalition partners dare not speak a word. They are like hooligans but hooligans for a good cause. However, those days are gone. Eventhough nowdays they gather en masse, people either find their gathering insincere or don’t carry enough balls……Those were the days….


    • Noh Omar used to be a very garang T. Menteri Dalam Negeri. Can never forget the time when he chooses to fight Ah Longs kaw-kaw, until suddenly the tidurLAH PM ubah him after some kongsi gelap elements in the government cannot tahan the heat.

      Other than him I would agree to Anifah Aman. He is sure garang!


    • Governing using thugs and threat of violence was also used by Hitler, Mao and stalin. In this day and age, we should abhor such behaviour.


  5. 1. Menteri Amaran Cousin Hishammuddin should be heading Menteri Sukan again. His amarans and warnings to all Sports Associations will do no harm to anyone physically. No police or FRU units will be required. In fact all sports lovers will love him most everytime he gives amaran for the enhancement of sports.

    His main task as Menteri Amaran Sukan will however be to issue stern amaran to certain associations headed by the Sultans or Sultan’s son. Especially that Association of Kena Sepak Malaysia or FKM where the President has been at helm for nearly 30 years and our once lowest ranking of 75 has improved termendously to 163 but fell to 161 yesteday.

    The other Association worth mentioning is the Persatuan Kena Takraw Malaysia where even the Indonesians and Koreans are beating them quite regularly lately. Dont wait till the Pakatan recruit Bangladeshis to represent our country after GE14. Hishamuddin would excel in this Ministry, i tell you, coz he has a broad broad smile even when he is not smiling.

    2. Menteri Rottweiler? Its time he heads a new ministry, Kementerian Cakap Besar or KCB, if Najib decides to establish one.

    3. Zeti Akhtar Aziz as Finance Minister? I think she will make the best Finance Minister ever, among the very best in the world.

    4. First Lady Minister Rosmah? No matter how best Najib’s cabinet line-up may look, it will be up in the smoke should this gorgeous minister not being sent to the Dapur. Seriously, very gila negative perception by the Gen Y lar. Najib, Najib, Najib…..listen, listen, listen

    5. Chinese ministers? Apa lagi Cina mau?


    • It’s not clear whether lack of prosecution is the fault of the Minister of Home Affairs which has power over the Police. We often read news of the Police submitting investigation papers to the Attorney General’s Chambers and that court charges are prepared by that office, although minor cases may even be prosecuted by MACC Legal Officers etc. We need some legal mind to weigh in here.

      And it’s not clear who the AG is responsible to. There was, before, a Law Minister. When there wasn’t, the AG may be responsible to the Cabinet. Indeed, the AG official website says the AG is the Legal Adviser to the Government. In the absence of a Law Minister, the AG may be responsible to the PM and I doubt if he is responsible to the Home Minister. If that is true, non prosecution of criminal acts cannot be blamed on the Home Minister.

      Indeed, one of the most publicly scrutinized aspects of the Attorney General’s role is the responsibility for criminal prosecutions. But a legally qualified opinion is welcomed here because one law website says in England – from where our laws emanate – the Attorney General does not direct or cause charges to be laid. “While the Attorney General and the Attorney General’s agents may provide legal advice to the police, the ultimate decision whether or not to lay charges is for the police.” Once the charge is laid the decision as to whether the prosecution should proceed, and in what manner, is for the Attorney General and the Solicitor General. In this case, lack of prosecution and more of amaran appears as a weakness of the Home Minister.

      Would a legal mind come to the rescue here, please.


      • I’m glad to read that Police will haul up the organisers of Saturday’s rally at the state stadium in Batu Kawan, Penang, because it was held not according to the Peaceful Assembly Act.

        Penang police chief said the organisers sent a letter to Seberang Prai South OCPD to notify him about the gathering only at about 4.15pm on Friday.

        On the same day the OCPD replied and urged the organisers to postpone it as they did not abide by the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, which requires the district police chief to be notified 10 clear days in advance of any gathering. The case will be investigated under the Act. Hope it’ll lead to prosecutions.

        And hope the Government will amend the Act, increase the penalties to include a jail term, not just “a fine of not more than RM10,000,”


    • The cium keris minta maaf pondan should not head the Home anymore. Buat malu bangsa saja!

      I think he should head the seni budayakementrian instead. Maybe his besan, Siti can advise him a thing or two on this.


    • “4. First Lady Minister Rosmah? No matter how best Najib’s cabinet line-up may look, it will be up in the smoke should this gorgeous minister not being sent to the Dapur. Seriously, very gila negative perception by the Gen Y lar. Najib, Najib, Najib…..listen, listen, listen”

      To be fair, who was really responsible of putting Rosmah under the microscope when she hasn’t said a peep? Did she brag about a diamond ring? Did she call herself Bik Mama? Did she set up a Facebook page called Bik Mama?

      And on and on and on. The Pakatoon did a superb job as always in character assassinating key figures who are in their way. But they piss shit when people dare to mention something about Azizah Lembik.


  6. My friend, contrary to what most of the people think, kaum Cina is scared shit at the moment. Of course they show their bravery with the thumping chest act, however secretly they are shivering under their pants. They have miscalculated BIG time. The only saviour for them is only because UMNO leadership is still weak. If a hard leader is leading the govt right now, he can just ignore kaum Cina for the next 5 years. The most they can do is not vote BN the next GE, how bad can that be. Lose another 2 or 3 parliment seats. They probably have reach their ultimate force that they can be.

    But the govt must make sure that the current staunch supporter is happy, thats all. Plus take good care of the new batch of voters, be friendly to them, make sure they register in a strategic area, and make sure they go vote during the next GE.

    We need a strong and brave leader for that. Najib? Let see what he do the next 6 months. But I’m cock sure that Muhyiddin is strong enough to carry that role.


    • “just ignore kaum Cina for the next 5 years”

      This is precisely what the Malays who voted for BN and Umno want Najib to do from now on. Well, he can do it the blunt way, which is the obvious, or he can do it discreetly, which mean he pretends to be nice to the ungrateful greedy Chinese yet extend them nothing. I prefer the latter, as exactly what the Chinese did to him over the past 4-5 years. The got what they asked for. Period.

      Otherwise Najib, listen, listen, listen…..the Malays who voted you will abandon you, including 5 in my home in Titiwangsa.

      Me a batu api racist? Absolutely yes after GE13


      • I agree. Don’t give face to those who stab you in the back. Just take of the people who voted for you and you can be in power for another 20 years, at least.


    • I agree with you. Can do it both ways, the obvious and the silent. Chinese have maxed out their potential and at best may get 1 or 2 more seats at the next GE and I hope the Malays will now show their “AMUKAN” and vote in ALL BN/MALAY candidates in. This can happen if Najib is perceived to be, again, Chinese friendly. I was pissed-off with Najib for giving every single thing to the Chinese and crumbs to the Malays/Bumiputras. He took the Malay votes for granted. I want a strong, vocal and capable Malay leader to lead UMNO and by golly, next UMNO election is a direct election….Najib will know his fate if he continues pandering to sneaky snaky Chinese. Already the Chinese business men are pissing in their pants and can be seen thru the statement issued. For more than 50 years we, the Malays and other Bumiputras have bent over backwards for this 1 particular ungrateful race. Why do we do that??? Along the line, we dropped Tanah Melayu, we dropped Bah Melayu as our national language and giving them face thru’ demands made by their various associations. We were pooped and farted by the Chinese and Najib was smiling as it happened….What Najib decides in the next few days will determine if he is still around by the next UMNO/GE/ big votes. Oh yes, and especially so if he includes HHO. Hishamudin should be in the zoo smiling in the cage like other monkeys foa all to see. That he will do brilliantly. Senseless twit as Home Minisiter.

      Stop saying you are PM for Malaysia, as if we don’t now that or we are stupid,Najib you BN were voted in and as their leader, you are our PM and out country is Malaysia. No need to emphasize that. It is becoming more like Dollah BODOHWI as you may end up like him…

      Now go do your job and make sure you know WHO put you there in the first place. And to impress on you again, it is not the bloody Chinese voters, you know….


  7. Not so sure about Zety Akhtar to become the Finance Minister. The last time I heard she imposed rulings to curb the number of times a buyer can purchase a house to rein on speculation, however, you can still find lots of single buyers buying multiple houses .

    Worse you still have all these speculators fronted by dummy companies buying tons of houses. Not so sure the rulings enacted are effective enough as enforcement are lacking and there is no effective mechanism to actually monitor.

    About Pemuda UMNO, Khairy getting a seat as Timbalan Menteri, I still have doubt about this guys sincerity after what he did during Pak Lah era. He and Pak Lah really messed up the country. Khairy was everywhere in the corporate scene collaborating with the Singaporeans wheeling and dealing their way buying and merging Malaysian companies while making tons of money from nothing.

    I still have deep suspicion that he is a Singaporean spy or sympathizer and eventhough he won by a huge margin, still he can achieve that with his tons of money. He has left a bad taste of what he did during Pak Lah era, and I believe he should just remain as what he is now

    Did anybody see when the election results was announced, His face was gleaming joyfully while Najib with his solemn face knowing the winning comes with a huge cost of race polarization..If I were a Pemuda UMNO leader, I would feel with anger knowing the fact the Chinese has betrayed the nation for what UMNO has done. His facial expression shows that he is interesting on him winning his parliamentary seat and does not careless the fact what Chinese has done to the government….Maybe I am wrong but still have deep suspicion on him…



      Totally agree with you. He aspired to be PM at age 40 – which could have been possible during sleepyhead era, thru nepotism.

      He’s been found guilty of money politics. He was ‘promoted’ by Sakmongkol who is now a DAP candidate.

      He also was vocal against Tun Dr Mahathir and his past actions were that of a trojan horse. Be extra cautious.


    • I agree with you on Khairy. I suggest you also give your views at which has written a lot against the “I want to be PM by age 40” man in the past and now has an article against him being considered for a cabinet post.

      I saw him on TV standing behind DS Najib who was addressing the press at PWTC after the BN win that night, behaving immaturely, moving about, gesticulating, making eye and hand signals and even pulling one of his UMNO Youth men to be near him, as if trying to show DS Najib of their contribution in securing the BN win, oblivious to the fact that all cameras were fixed on Najib talking in front of him. Perhaps he was trying to remind Najib that very night that they should be considered for a cabinet post.

      My concern is that he was found by UMNO Disciplinary Committee to have engaged in money politics and must have done the same to win the Pemuda UMNO Chief post soon after that finding. He was the leader of the notorious “Level Four Boys” during his paw-in-law Tun Dol’s time, wheeling and dealing with Singapore companies and making tons of money.

      He also said things out of tune as far as the Malay Special Position and Chinese schools are concerned, appearing pally with the MCA Youth leader Wee, and not quite so with Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa, which all past UMNO Youth Chiefs would have done. No, I don’t want to see him in the cabinet.


    • Fully AGREED – my personal gut feeling is telling me something is very fishy about Khairy – this guy could not and cannot be trusted – hope Najib learned his lesson – do not put “snakes” in his new cabinet


  8. What’s next by BN is to regain trustworthiness by eliminating “liability” figures from the past. Urban Malays swung their vote not because they hate BN, but because of those “liabilities” that they see as corrupt, incompetent and not worth voting for. Urban Malays votes were based on rationality and meant their votes swing as a “punishment” to BN.


    • All the corruption issues being shouted upon, are the same tune being sung depending whose side you are on. Don’t you think if the PKR and DAP wins, there won’t be corrupt or even worse..

      You have to look at the total picture, and not simply nit picking. As a whole the economy is robust and in general everybody is working in a descent job depending on their respective qualifications.

      Would you be somewhere in Iceland where the corruption is considered “minimal” but people hardly could find a descent job , or being in Malaysia where you are spoiled with so many job choices. To use corruption to denigrate the current ruling government is simply a lame excuse. Whenever,they shouted croynism, they always pointed to wealth Malays who apparently knew a quite number of politicians. How come croynism are not shouted to those Chinese millionaires who have friends with the UMNO politicians

      Have ever think one second what happen if there are thousand of the same you and decided to vote out the current government . If they are booted out and if you are bumitputra, how rest assured the opposition party assuming the new government would do a better job of governing.

      If you are a Bumiputra, all the special rights championed by your forefathers will disappear right in front of you very own eyes. You will be cursing yourself as the opportunities you had are gone and no more special treatment for your children to go to establish boarding schools and qualify for scholarship to study overseas.

      This is not the time for you not to vote BN. There is a proper time to vote and proper time to show you disdain for not voting. The time to not voting if there is blatant pure corruption and BN able to secured persistently good 2/3 of the parliamentary seats.. Otherwise you are playing Russian Roulette with your future…


      • The GE is over. Enough with partisan politics already. Now we are forming the government to start building the nation where everybody should be involved in. Not chinese this, malay that kind of thinking.


        • We are owning up to what had happened, unlike you the ‘kaki tikam belakang’, for once please owned up, this is important for ‘national reconciliation’, enough of baling batu sembunyi tangan behaviour!!!


          • You are too emotional and got carried away by this GE13 results. Shame on you for using “islamist” name. You could be one of those Red Bean troll. LOL


            • It is not an emotion, but a realization that politically chinese are not so significant. This should inspire us Malay to continue to defend our Putra Jaya through unity..The goverment should take this opportunity to inspire Bumiputra youth to think Bumiputra first…

              Chinese and Malays are likened to oil and water. It will never mix even though you stir it for a million years. Once you stop stirring, they will go seperate ways. Reconsilation it is a gimmik of politicians, to ensure wider support. Head I win tail you lose.


    • Well said Omar. Unfortunately there are many who choose not to see this aspect and take the easy way out of blaming other groups…


  9. The BN cabinet must become one of world class leaders with first class mentality. Get rid of those liability and “kampungan” style leaders. Appoint deputy ministers from the opposition side as well – so that we can have an effective check-and-balance against cronyism, nepotism and corruptions. That’s how BN can rebrand itself as a multi-racial cabinet and weaken the oppositions at the same time.


    • You are VERY convinced that the opposition is FREE from cronyism, nepotism and corruptions. You need to revamp your faculties.

      And what is so wrong with “kampungan” style leaders? Btw, are you a Malay Muslim?


      • I am talking about creating the new and stronger government which should involve everybody. I am talking about the nation. Not partisan politics. GE is already over. See how “kampung” you are?


        • BN is involving every race, unlike PKR that only champions one expired wannabe to be PM, DAP with its Chinese supremacy and PAS with its Hudud agenda.

          The opposition NEVER shared a common platform. They only come together to topple UMNO based on a shared toxic hatred for their “enemy”.

          DAP resents Malay leadership, Anwar and PAS still hold grudges after being expelled from UMNO/BN.


        • Everybody can be involved if everybody respects the Constitution and the Social Contract. When DAP started to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak causing the race riots of 1969, and instigated all the Chinese to go with them at PRU13, now MCA is opting out of the government, why should we we be pleading for them to join?

          You have not explained how a government under those circumstances will not be strong. Are you not “kampung” in making wild allegations?


    • That sure explains why PAS held Kelantan and almost got Terengganu.

      Must be because of those world class leaders with first class mentalities there.


      • Enough with PAS, DAP, PKR, BN, UMNO. It is time to get over it and start thinking about the economic equilibrium and eliminating the corruptions in the new government. Do you think BN can stay in power forever with such “liabilities” and corrupt figures running the government?

        We have foreign debt as big as Australia and currently we are basing our economy almost all on oil. How do you think that could make the Chinese people feel safe under such corrupted government?

        The Chinese people want long-term security and indicators of future economic stability. To Chinese people, politics is secondary. If they see the government isn’t performing, than they would surely vote for the ones who ‘promise’ them better solutions. That’s what is really happening with this “chinese tsunami”.

        Try to see it from their perspective once in a while and stop the finger-pointing game already. This newly formed “malay” government must perform and function as “first class” government than the previous ones. And to do just that, we have to eliminate those corrupted politicians and “liabilities” first.


        • hahahaha

          Omar omar, you sound more and more chinese. If you are the typical chinese mindset, the chinese will forever be duped by their supremos who ruled by fear and clannish mentality.

          That way makes their communist leaders happy and wealthy of course.


          • I am no Chinese my friend. I am just being realistic. External challenges are far more demanding than this GE13 chinese that malay this issues. Hope you can by now separate the partisan politics from the nation-building concept.

            Just to remind you that not everybody share this Malay vs Chinese blame game. There are Malaysians of different political perspectives and struggles. Take Sabah and Sarawak for instance. They don’t like this ‘malay vs chinese’ game we are playing in the Peninsula.


            • You have to be realistic, accept the fact that until and unless there is a genuine willingness across the board to live and work together on the basis of the power sharing arrangement we have been having since the Alliance days before Merdeka, there cannot be real togetherness, unity, harmony and long-term peace and prosperity.

              MCA, Gerakan and other Chinese-dominant parties among the 14-strong BN coalition have been doing just that until bloody DAP started to “persuade” the Chinese population to join them through lies, deceits, slanders, slants, twists and spins and the use of the Red Bean gang of cyber troopers who use all tricks in the books to cajole, threaten, blackmail, character assassinate etc in cyber space. Even Taiwan singers didn’t dare to come to BN functions and film star Michelle Yeoh was berated etc just for supporting BN.

              And now you simply say let’s forget all those, we treat you as good or ordinary boys, let’s hug and kiss each other? Without them even showing any remorse or the slightest indications of regret, or acknowledgement of crossing the red lines so many times? Like communist terrorist Chin Peng who won’t apologize for the deaths and destruction to properties he caused, no remorse, openly stated he won’t abandon the communist ideology and yet Lim Kit Siang want him be allowed to enter the country?

              No, we must put out the message for so long as necessary – don’t try to elbow or walk over the others in this country with impunity.Those who want to continue to support PR and create trouble by the illegal demos etc do so only at their own risk. Risk at least of no representation in the government. And whatever that entails. Until such time as that message has sunk in.


    • ‘The BN cabinet must become one of world class leaders with first class mentality. Get rid of those liability and “kampungan” style leaders’ Omar-THE MALAY POSER


      After voting in LKS over Ghani Othman; LKS the ‘super bukit kaki with toilet bowl BM katak’ over the former Johor MB?


      Excuse me please, I’m going to PUKE over your hidden family name!!!


      • ‘Do you think BN can stay in power forever with such “liabilities” and corrupt figures running the government?’

        Seriously, do you really think that the PR big guns are not corrupts? At all? Where have you been hiding? The Amazon?

        ‘How do you think that could make the Chinese people feel safe under such corrupted government?’

        Geez, I don’t know? How do guys feel? I really can’t tell, you guys voted LGE typo tunnel onto Penang didn’t you?! So how do you think we would think about that? You know CEC fiasco and all…

        ‘The Chinese people want long-term security and indicators of future economic stability. To Chinese people, politics is secondary. If they see the government isn’t performing, than they would surely vote for the ones who ‘promise’ them better solutions. That’s what is really happening with this “chinese tsunami”’

        Sorry I don’t buy this shit. Still traumatised over Ghani’s lost.

        ‘…his newly formed “malay” government must perform and function as “first class” government than the previous ones. And to do just that, we have to eliminate those corrupted politicians and “liabilities” first’

        What do you care anyway, you guys voted him off (or at least try too!). The Malays will make sure the malay government, perform and function first class. Why don’t you go pigging at roketkini blog and teach the DAP to be first class. The first class government will need a first class opposition to reciprocate. Not a bunch of monkeys parading the street with their 2nd class coolie mentalities.

        BTW Omar, it is not always about the Chinese, you know! The rest of us are still here!


        • Che ISLAM1ST

          Omar displays all the signs of a brainwashed gullible ignoramus. His leaders play on his insecurity/inferiority complex and fed him with all the scary fairytales to exploit his unfounded fears and goad him to pledge blind allegiance to his racist communistic supremos.

          His breed makes for herds of lembus dicucuk hidung. Senang diperhambakan. Pathetic “self-righteous” imbeciles.


        • I never said that PR government is not corrupt. You are putting words into my mouth. I am talking about nation-building process while you are still in the GE13 mood. Seek help.


          • Omar, thats the problem with these people. They are too arrogant to see their own mistakes and prefer to blame other people and other groups.

            Ironically, their ‘patron saint’ should be held responsible for the lacklustre performance. He should have just let Najib do his job instead of trying to be a backseat driver.


  10. Gelang Patah is the icon of the chinese tsunami.

    Ghani as MB has helped chinese business for 18 years and yet these racist chinese voted for parachuted kit siang who has done nothing for them.

    Najib must never forget this as he was also REJECTED even after channelling tons of funds to their community, perceived as “at the expense of Bumiputeras”.


    • You can’t win Chinese votes with “funds” and such. That approach is too “kampung”. That money is the taxpayers money, so channeling fund tactics won’t do the economy any better. That cannot buy them long-term economic stability and assurance. To buy the Chinese votes, the BN government must perform excellently in every way possible and be transparent about what the government is doing and where the money goes. The Chinese people are the biggest taxpayers you know. Every single cents count.

      So if a BN “liability” corrupt those hard-earned taxpayers money, then how do you think the Chinese people would feel? Those corrupted figures are the real nation’s backstabbers you know, not the Chinese!


        • The most kampung mentality to me is when someone thinks that he and his kaum are the biggest tax payers in the country. The very same mentality that thinks the Chinese single-handedly developed the country, the stupidity stems from the most kampung of them all, the one and only, none other than LKS himself.

          And ‘Omar’, whatever his name is, is adding to the number!


        • The link shows no credible figure. It is a “kampung” analysis. I copy paste that for everyone to see how “kampung” it is:

          We heard that 90% of the income tax revenue comes from Chinese. Is this true? – Edward Han, Subang Jaya

          That is a misconception. It so happens that the majority of Chinese, especially in cities and towns, are in business and since business cases are often selected for audit through our risk management system, it is perceived that 90% of the income taxes are from the self-employed Chinese.

          However, one should note that there are an equally great number of Malay traders in small towns and villages, albeit the volume of business could be much smaller, who are registered with our local branches.

          There are also a great number of Malays and Chinese, too, who are in employment and these taxpayers are perceived to be paying every cent of their hard-earned income.

          Although the IRB does not maintain records of taxpayers based on race, statistics of tax collection from individuals (including Indians and other races) is about 18% of the total tax collected of which 35% is from the self-employed group. I hope this fact dispels the perception that there is a racial bias in the tax system.

          See, there is actually no fact telling otherwise beside that “however” hypothesis. This “kampung” analysis cannot run this country and can lead further to corruptions. Learn some statistics first my friend Jebat.


          • If you can’t accept the explanation from the IRB itself, then that is your own undoing. The question now is, where is your credible statistics?


            • The point is, the link can’t provide enough evidence to prove otherwise. You can’t nullify my statement. “The chinese are the biggest taxpayers” – prove me wrong.


              • Omar, if you going to be this stupid then there is no need to argue with you further. Please back up your own statement with facts and statistics before you lambast others. When I tested your contention that chinese is the biggest taxpayers, you spun around and caught yourself without your pants. Why should we prove you wrong? You’re the one who should prove that you are right! Otherwise, what you’re saying was just hearsay, or worse.. an ego trip for the chinese based on falsehood.


                • Sometimes you don’t need statistics when you can stroll along the streets and see who’s running the commerce and trade that in turn generate the economic activities.


                  • Well, like how you told Peter, since the GLCs pay the most tax, and the money belongs to the people and since the malays are the majority of people here in Malaysia then I do not need statistics to tell you that the malays are the biggest taxpayers in Malaysia because I just strolled along the streets and see them everywhere.

                    Or maybe, you should check yourself first before calling other people’s analysis as kampung when that analysis have provided figures while you haven’t. Like I said, if you’re going to argue along stupid lines, then don’t comment at all. Thank you.


                    • I didn’t expect you to be deeply offended by that “kampung” word. My apology. But lets get real, the real economy is generated by the people, not the GLC.


                    • And who said that ‘the real economy is generated by the people, not the GLC”?.

                      You mean the GLCs don’t contribute to the economy of the country? What “real economy” are you talking about? Is there a “false” or “unreal” economy?

                      Reading you thus far is leading me to think you are nuts.


                  • Omar… You remind me of some Chinese parents in an axclusive private school in damansara. The Chinese mentalities to want more than what they prepared to pay for. They kept telling the teachers to treat their children special and the teachers have to give the children more than what the teachers there normally give. If they are not satisfied, they keep on complaining around and tell the teachers that they are the ones who pay the teachers salary. Let me remind you, these wont happen among Malay or Indian parents or others. Not all Chinese parents but probably nearly half of them keep saying the same thing over and over again. And another thing, the small business owners pay less tax than equivalent salary earners bcoz there’s always loopholes in company tax law which I’m sure your Chinese business friends are exploiting. So don’t tell me that they pay the most tax!!! That’s reall BULL SHIT..!!!!


                    • Oh and by the way, only Chinese parents who are also bribing teachers with expensive stuff so the teachers could make the child to become prefects etc and so many other things. There are so many ways. Most of the parents hired the teachers as tutors to teach their children at home. Thats when the real corruption starts for some. I dont have to explain, you can figure out yourself. Also not among the Malays or other races to do this kinda CORRUPTION! The bottom line is, if you want to increase corruption in the government, put the Chinese in charge. And true, ‘PR CORRUPTION FREE – MY ASS!!!’


                  • Omar, do you realize that the Chinese who run the businesses more often that not evade and avoid tax by manipulating the accounts. You can just stroll the streets and see with your own eyes….

                    And if you join their organization, you will find that they will never put a non Chinese in their accounts dept…just stroll down the streets and see for yourself..

                    And further, if you walk down the streets, you will notice who run the commerce…yeah especially peddling illegal CDs, porn movies, cloned handphones, , counterfeit good. Malaysia made a name for itself by becoming of of the world’s center for counterfeit goods. Just look at Petaling Street and all other streets fested with illegal Chinese migrants employing Banglas and Nepalese. Do these people pay taxes? And come to think of it, do you pay tax as well????? You can stroll along the streets and see for yourself…or are you too blind to see that the Chinese fucked-up our country….go get a life and don’t claim yourself as omar….


                    • Laughing till I drop hahahahahaha … well done Omar, your splendid Idiosyncrasy ”good riddance” economic flawed reviewed has finally caught most of the commentators eyes hahahahaha I want to borrow Omar futuristic observation review on the ”Zeta Reticuli” planetary aliens phenomena, I’m sure he’ll be the best man to give us on the definitive answer? Here have a KitKat? ^__________^


          • Omar fella don’t understand English. Only 18% of tax collected in Malaysia came from individuals. That means 82% came from corporations. Omar’s belief that chinese is the biggest taxpayers in Malaysia is wrong. And Omar, who did not provide statistics in his own kampung comments, just told us that the IRB is kampung. This is so patronising. Attitude macam bagus saja. Empty cans make the loudest noise.


            • Corporate tax is other matters my friend Peter. They are mostly GLCs. No matter how you try to put it, in the end it is still people’s money that you are rolling. Down below, the economic multipliers are produced by commerce – which in turn belongs mostly to the Chinese people.


              • Not quoting statistics to your arguments is one thing. But now that what you say appears to shitted by a few people already, you need to quote authorities to back up what you say. I don’t think people believe what you say anymore.


      • Segalanya nak ‘please mereka’ saja. They will never be pleased because they r kafir lahanat and sadly there many melayus murtad just as lahanat as them.


        • No need to use harsh words. It’s the government’s job to please everybody, kafir or not. We are still a secular government by any standard.


          • It is not harsh and the truth hurts. Mmg ramai melayu murtads yg kurang sedar diri. Yeahh it is hard to plz everybody isnt.


      • Omar… You remind me of some Chinese parents in an axclusive private school in damansara. The Chinese mentalities to want more than what they prepared to pay for. They kept telling the teachers to treat their children special and the teachers have to give the children more than what the teachers there normally give. If they are not satisfied, they keep on complaining around and tell the teachers that they are the ones who pay the teachers salary. Let me remind you, these wont happen among Malay or Indian parents or others. Not all Chinese parents but probably nearly half of them keep saying the same thing over and over again. And another thing, the small business owners pay less tax than equivalent salary earners bcoz there’s always loopholes in company tax law which I’m sure your Chinese business friends are exploiting. So don’t tell me that they pay the most tax!!! That’s reall BULL SHIT..!!!!


  11. To DS Najib, It would be sheer folly to bend over backwards to appease those who rejected you despite the largesse you heaped upon them. By all means do extend a hand of friendship but do it with great caution this time lest you r eally upset those who have been loyal to you. Those who bit the hands that fed them should be made to rue the folly of their actions. Ignoring what they did and to continue pampering them would be seen as a sign of weakness. In fact they will laugh at you for your naievity like the many instances when they joked about taking your BRIMS and at the same time saying they would still vote against you! If your kids are naughty, they need to be made aware of their misdeeds and to learn their lesson well. Otherwise they will repeat their misdeeds knowing that they ‘will get away with it’.


  12. One of the biggest issue brought up by the opposition is CORRUPTION or the perception of pervasive corruption in BN. The practise of negotiated tenders instead of open tenders should be done away with as to be seen to be clean is as important as being clean itself!


    • And yet Koo Ham, the bugger who gave his wife a contract in less than 2 months after PR won Perak in 2008 and received land from PAS is voted again this election.


    • Wey, ask Lim Guan Eng to show us the “open tender” process for the tunnel project la. I’d like to see how an approved tender document could remove RM2 billion from the cost price overnight.

      Bukan kecik anak wey, 2 billion. That’s the amount of money Penang has lost in investment over 4 years. And some people say Pakatan are good governors. Ho hum.


  13. CONCERN MALAYSIA. If you are refering to the property cooling measures, there has never been a restriction from Bank Negara on how many property one can buy. Bank Negara does not limit the number of housing loans that a person can take. It only imposed a higher 30% downpayment for the third house and subsequent units. I think you are referring to the ownership of low cost units, which are not governed by Bank Negara.

    Now to our PM. DSN works hard and is such a gentleman, trying to please everyone. In Malaysian politics, there is no way to please everyone because of the different causes championed by different parties and races. In politic, it is about the race for power. That’s the fact but it is the fight within the ranks in UMNO for power that worries me, and I am sure for other UMNO supporters too.

    Sabah and Sarawak bumiputeras are united and the Chinese have too. The Malays in Peninsular, on the other hand, are already divided into 3 groups. Must the Malays be divided within UMNO too? What is wrong with you UMNO people? Are you, the elected MPs and ADUN fighting for betterment of the people or for yourself?

    It is time for DSN to show the party that he is in charge and the nation that he is a non-nonsense leader. Put more vibrant and charismatic young personality to attract Gen-Y because YM Datuk Seri, Gen-Y will decide whether BN is still relevance in GE14.


    • Clearly Najib had wanted to placate the Chinese to get their votes. He bent backwards. The Malays grinned, some made noise but kept quiet, wanting to see if it paid or not. Obviously not. The urban Chinese simply didn’t care, took the sweeties offered but voted DAP. Like the by elections before PRU13 showed.

      Yes, Najib simply has to play the Malay politics now. If he starts pussy footing or tries to be “liberal” on NEP and Malay issues, they’ll knock him down in PRU14. Even now, we don’t know yet how UMNO Supreme Council feel. No doubt UMNO got 88 seats compared to Tun Dol’s 79. But overall, he got less seats than Tun Dol did.

      Tun Dr Mahathir has said if he didn’t do well in PRU13, UMNO might replace him. Some are already talking about Muhyiddin might have done a better job, no nonsense on the Chinese and not alienating many Malay votes for that.

      He cannot totally disregard the Chinese. But he doesn’t have to pander to their wishes. Just do the minimum. Build up the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak economically. And the Indians, too. After all the Chinese are the richest community in the country already.


      • I want DSN to show who’s the boss. At the same time, I also share TDM’s on having a Chinese minister in the cabinet.

        My worry about the Chinese abandoning BN is that the kongsi spirit that BN held on so dearly all this while has now shifted to Pakatan. So, BN has become a champion of one while Pakatan works together as one. It does not matter whether each fight a different cause but in the eyes of the world (and the more liberal Gen-Y voters), Pakatan offers a better formula. Malays and Chinese are the majority of the population in this country, they work together, they socialise together. If BN can make it work, so can Pakatan.

        This is a political game afterall. Watching how the game is played now, perception does carry more “truth” than reality. To have all bumiputers in the cabinet may look perfect to uphold the bumiputera cause, but it will only work agains BN, in my opinion.

        Of course, the corruption issue would remain the dark cloud. No doubt, politicians are aready considered corrupted individuals. Pakatan supporters also grumble about corruption in Pakatan but this is how they put it “do not make it so blatantly obvious la…” Huh?? Corruption is a corruption, isn’t it, but for BN, tackling the corruption issue could determine BN’s survivality beyond 5 years.


        • Its funny now to see the Chinese asking to be treated extra special, with regards to ministerial positions and all.
          What happened to no bullshit meritocracy for all war cry?! I thought the Chinese are proud of this survival of the fittest values?

          Jilat ludah sendiri nampak?! (you guys won’t understand anyway, hehe)


          • I am looking at the broader perspective, about winning the political war.

            Look at PAS supporters, aren’t the majority of them Malays? Have they not received and enjoyed all the benefits given to the bumiputeras?

            The Chinese claim they kena tindas, and are treated as second class citizen. If their claim is true, why do the government still keep the SJKC? Why do the Chinese control 70% of the country’s economy (this is their own claim, not mine)? If we look at the list of richest people in Malaysia, Syed Mokhtar is the only Malay that always make it in the list. Yet, the world tend to believe their claim that Chinese is unfairly treated. Why?

            This is a political game, that’s all. Nothing personal.


      • ” he doesn’t have to pander to their wishes.” –

        No more financial aids or grants of any sorts to Chinese schools, no more talk about recognition of the Chinese school certificate UEC – it’s not in the spirit of Article 152 of the Constitution on BM, anyway.

        No more talk of scholarships to Chinese children – their community is the richest in the country and have long-established clan associations and business guilds of all sorts where they have been helping the less fortunate among them. One Chinese newspaper magnate was said to have even built a school in his kampong in mainland China – what kind of kiasu is that.

        And, if Najib has balls, start the single-stream education system. He has said in his 1Malaysia blog at the beginning of his previous term that single stream schooling “will be implemented when the rakyat wants it”. The Malays and the Bumiuteras constitute 70% of the population, surely the majority in this country wants it. Especially now when the minority wants DAP and their divisive politics.


        • I hope Sudin Sahak will allow and JMD will publish this copying of Sudin’s comment in his FB, complete with Kempen SSS logo – with my apologies for doing so prior to seeking your consent, Sudin. My attention was drawn to it by another Kempen SSS enthusiast and I’m very proud of him doing so and want to share it with others here:

          SUDAH TIBA MASANYA DILAKSANAKAN SISTEM SATU SEKOLAH DEMI PERPADUAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA. — with Chow Yong Fatt, Pembela Umno, Natar Jasin, Kelab Umno II, Semangat BN, Intan Rahim, Mohd Shaeyfulnaeyzam Bin Onn, Pitongz Junior, Asmah Karamin Askara, Mahadi Mahbol, Umno Matang Gerdu, Pas Kawan Syaitan, Bro Ayim II, Gelombang AnakMuda, Dppk Jasin, Manciskayu Capkingkong II, Parlimen Cheras, Dacing Biru, Dato Ra, Otai Umno Kemaman, Bn Sokmo, Pejuang Melayu II, Sheikh Ahmad, Cik Bedah Sokong BN, Mohammad Firdaus Hasnel II, Abu Ubaid Al Helmi, Juara Melayu Juara Rakyat, Pisau Kedah, Hidup Umno, Gelombang Biru, Umporno Rasuah Fitnah, Mymassa Voice, Rakan Umno, Cuba Fikir, Ishak Yusof, Mohd Rizal Wazir, Hidup Melayu, Musa Aman Wira Saya II, Lungsai Kuning, Cap Keris, Pas Dbest, Selamat Tinggal Pas, Pemuda Pbb Samariang, Cik Zah, Skuad Bersama Membantu Rakyat, Sarawak Dihatiku, Beruk Pas, Pas Dajjal, Jawa Bernam and Bekas Ahli Pas Insaf.


  14. “Why would we want to focus on people who do not want to be part of the ruling government?”

    Let us not forget that “people” in your question above includes the Malays as well as the Chinese. (Not sure about the Indians).

    While I totally agree with you that BN should not waste their time with this group of people I doubt if PM Najib will do so.
    Since day 1 DS Najib took office as PM he already stressed the fact that he is the PM for everyone.

    Once again in his blogpost titled “Terima Kasih”, he still emphasised that he is the PM for all irrespective of race, religion and political idealogies. Okay that’s fine. Now what we expect of him is to be FAIR.

    1. Firstly we want him to honour and respect the decisions made by Dr Chua Soi Lek on behalf of MCA and the candidates that had won in the GE13 to decline all government posts.

    i. Dr Chua had already warned the Chinese that if they did not support the ruling party in the GE13, MCA will have to backdown.Meaning the Chinese will not have a say in the

    ii. This decision I think is to teach the Chinese that MCA meant business.

    iii. Likewise for Gerakan.

    iv. If however, BN Chairman disagrees to this it would look bad on Dr Chua. More destructive is the Chinese would say..” Look at BN did not matter who we voted..we still have a place in the government.”

    2. Secondly, PM Najib should stall if not abandon his Aku Janji in the states that still remained in the opposition hands eventhough he clearly said on the night of the GE13 results that he would still carry out his Aku Janji.

    3. Thirdly we would like PM Najib to LISTEN to our voice just like we LISTENED to his advice and voted BN.

    We think it is just FAIR. Don’t you?


    • Note that the decision was not just Chua Soi Lek’s decision. Remember, he told the reporter asking him when going to the BN victory parade at PWTC that 5th May night that he could not just alter the decision, because it was a resolution made by the party, MCA.

      I have had considerable thoughts on the pros and cons on the issue of Chinese representation in the government and have not been convinced by the arguments for it. For now, I agree, and shall repeat, that

      i. Dr Chua had already warned the Chinese

      ii. it was to teach the Chinese that MCA meant business

      iv. if DS Najib doesn’t follow MCA’s resolution that was reiterated by Chua, It’d be more destructive in that the Chinese would say..” Look at BN did not matter who we voted..we still have a place in the government.” He can stall appointing Chinese to the cabinet – perhaps until 1-2 years and see the effects as reflected in a by- election or reliable party-conducted surveys and analyses.

      Yes, I also support you in saying “PM Najib should stall if not abandon his Aku Janji in the states that still remained in the opposition hands”. And we have to state this repeatedly, loudly and clearly, as he had clearly said on the night of the GE13 results that he would still carry out his Aku Janji. And he has in the past fulfilled even “conditional promises” that didn’t bring him votes, like he did at by elections prior to PRU13.

      Good that you spelled it out that PM Najib should “LISTEN to our voice just like we LISTENED to his advice and voted BN.”


  15. As a Chinese who found himself in the minority this GE, I feel really sad about the political culture in this country. If you think it is bad that Malays are not united, imagine how you would feel when 90% of your race supports a certain political party in fanatical proportions. You think that is a good thing? Things go bad in the absence of equilibrium. Nature always find a balance, one way or another, whether you like it or not. And it almost always result in destruction, pain and suffering in order to reach that balance.

    Many people forget the role and responsibility of a government. This is often overlooked when we are so obsessed with race & religion in politics. I’m also very disappointed with the Chinese voters this time in general, but especially in Gelang Patah. For me, all these talk of race representation, blame, insults, etc. is really a symptom of a more fundamental problem, which is actually a failure of a government (which incidentally is a Malay government).

    Do you really think that the Chinese woke up one day and decided to vote Pakatan en masse? Or that the majority Buddhist Chinese finally “saw the light” and decided to throw their support behind the DAP’s Evangelist Christian leaders? Let’s not pretend that it was not BN (UMNO in cohorts with MCA) who pushed the Chinese away, with Perkasa handing out white ang pows to the elderly Chinese folks, as well as other events similar in nature. Ibrahim Ali might as well save his money and could’ve just told the old folks to go and die to their faces. How low could a person go? How low has politics descended to?

    If a government cannot maintain race relations, control corruption, uphold justice, provide security, is it the failure of the citizens or the people in government? It seems to me, this country needs fear and hate to survive. When the citizens cannot even trust each other, what future is there? This GE was really on eye-opener for me. For the first time, I saw Malaysia and her people as they really are. And I’m glad it happened because now I see the truth. Now I see the true character of Malaysians in general. BN needs fear to stay in power. PR needs hate to grab power. FEAR & HATE drives this country.

    Let’s be honest for once shall we? If the Bumiputeras or government thinks that getting rid of the Chinese will make this country a better place, then just be honest about it. I would have greater respect for them for their honesty if they would just put it out into the open. Honestly, I agree fully that the Chinese should not have any place in the new cabinet. At least then, the government would have the freedom to do what they’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t. I for one would be grateful so that at least I know for sure. And everyone can better plan their own future and move on with their lives. Isn’t it better that way rather than being hypocritical and pretentious and having to live in fear and suspicion? On one hand we pretend to be a muhibbah society, a role model as a multi-ethnic country. On the other hand, we resent and are envious of each other. What’s the point? How long can we go on like this? I do not wish my family to go through what the Chinese went through in Indonesia during the 90s.

    The way I see it, the Chinese population here is decreasing anyway. It won’t be long until their numbers won’t matter anymore. In the meantime, I just hope that I can have some peace and stability during my short life here on earth so that I can at least equip my kids with the necessary skills to venture to greener pastures and find their own way in life. And then, the Malays and the rest of the 90% Chinese here can do whatever they want.


    • You can’t put all blame on the malays. Not until the Chinese people can adopt a more multi-racial spirit towards others and learn to live and accept other people’s values.


      • I’m not blaming the Malays per se. I’m only expressing my views based on my own observation wrt the failure of the government of the day and the politicians in general. I apologise if I sounded like bashing the Malays or being apologetic towards the Chinese, which is not the intention at all, or else I wouldn’t even have bothered posting here.

        The community in the most serious trouble is not the Malays or Indians, but the Chinese. Don’t you think it is worrying that these Chinese, young ones, especially, are even protesting on behalf of Pakatan, in other countries? Attending rallies all over the country. Posting crude remarks online in forums and blogs? Are so fanatical with Pakatan & DAP and their leaders. And most worryingly, full of hatred for the government, total lack of respect for the country’s leaders, Prime Minister, BN, and anti-establishment. I refuse to believe that the government is not aware of this trend. What happened to the Chinese community. As a Chinese, I can tell you that it is absolutely out of character from the typical Chinese mentality. Either this is the result of Pakatan’s propaganda machine Or maybe it was part of BN’s plan from the beginning, or perhaps I’ve missed something… Who knows.

        Although I’ve already anticipated the result before the GE but what I didn’t expect was it would turn out to this extent. Politicians are politicians. Their only concern is winning regardless of party. I’m deeply disappointed with the government and the political culture here. This time round, I’m absolutely disgusted with the opposition, Pakatan, especially DAP, PKR, and MCA. Until today, these politicians are still at it, playing up the sentiments of the people. It absolutely saddens me when the people are at each others throats because of them. The saving grace for this whole mess is Najib and Ghani whom I feel were victims in their respective party. It also raises the question of whether there is any humanity left in this country. When an MB who is widely touted as a moderate and caring towards the people of all races can be rejected by the Chinese and a minority of Malays like this, all in the name of hate. Hate towards the government. It is worrying. Which shows that politicians like them would not make it in this country. The people prefer politicians who are hardline and chauvinist. The people themselves have become extremists. And I dread to think what will happen if PR managed to take over Putrajaya this time round. I doubt any of them, in BN & PR, even thought about the country, they are only concerned about themselves. Fighting for positions, MB, PM, DPM, ministerial posts… And here we have the people, blaming each other for the politician’s failures and defending those in their political camp… all in the name of agama, bangsa & negara. Ironically, both BN & PR claim to be the ones upholding it. Funny.

        Like it or not, this is the beginning. This is year one for the new Malaysia. Minorities like myself have found ourselves outside the loop. And I don’t like what I’m seeing…


    • I am sorry to here this from the Chinese blogger, which one of them could be my good friendly neighbour under the guise of pseudonyms.(so happen the friendliness just expired on the 5th of May)

      When anyone talk about equilibrium, we are talking about huge disparities between average wealth of most Chinese against most Malays. Malays only learn about how to accumulate wealth for the last 30 years ago. Chinese knew how to do it since the turn of century. Malays live in kampongs and being told your place is in paddy field by the British masters, whereas Chinese being placed in towns build by the British servants. They’ve learn the ropes of doing business by being in towns

      Imagine if the Chinese sent by British to work in paddy field, and instead, the Malays stayed in the towns….Maybe the fate of two races would turn out differently as what it is now…..

      Malaysian founding fathers knew about it and felt we have to do something to address the plight of the impoverish Malays. That’s when the Social Contract (article 153 constitutions) was written and all the ethnic groups agreed as a prelude to Independent. Was it a good move and whose to blame?? Ask the Chinese forefathers who signed it….Tan Siew Sin, Tan Cheng Lock etc??? Oh…of course they would sign it because they are MCA Chinese, not the true blood DAP Chinese…..Without signing it, Chinese and Indians would be consigned as immigrants or at most as permanent residents? They won’t have any right to vote and other rights, i.e. having own language, schools, religious temple etc

      Flash forward to 2013, the Chinese smells blood in their hands. They decided to vote as a block and trying to overthrow the existing ruling government. They wanted to take over the country and rescind the Social Contract being signed by the forefathers under the guise of government corruption, injustice, cronyism, Malay-bias-nationalist, plus election fraud etc. ……Another key element, now they have Malay charismatic orator or Chameleon-Anwar, who can help their cause under the Just for All Malaysia logo. Alas, Anwar is the long sought after Chinese savior with one exception, one does not one to be left alone with him in a room, regardless male or female.

      Those Malays sitting on the sofa watching the whole events developed was shocked and disgusted about the Chinese so brazenly against the Najib government. How dare they blatantly oppose the Social Contract, which form the union of Malaysia? The perception towards Chinese by Malays nowadays…. they are back-stabbers, scumbags, communist and DAPs.

      The line has been drawn….Now Malays better buck up and for UMNO, enough is enough of kowtowing….The Malays have hardened their stance ….UMNO have to accelerate their effort to boost up the Malays economy……Care less about giving contracts for benefit of the Chinese..Contracts should be exclusively given to Foreign/Malay JV partners….All this call by Chinese firms to discard negotiated tender by the government can be simply be ignored under the pretext we are still studying carefully the pros and cons and will take sometime to decide….

      Chinese are already well fed…….. …..Chinese opinion can be discarded…..If they wanted to bring to the streets, the Malays are ready……Only time will tell when all these become explosive….No more 1Malaysia and yes, now JEBAT in Malays has been stirred and no more sweet talk…


      • One thing I notice each time the issue of corruption comes up is that BN becomes defensive by arguing that PR is corrupted too. Just because it is also practiced by the other parties, does not make it right and justify the wrong, in my view.

        The fact is politicians tend to be corrupted. There are clean and honest politicians, which I do not deny, but they are far and few in between.

        It is the degree of corruption, I believe, is the issue. It is too blatant in BN-led government, according to my DAP-supporter friends, who do not argue of the existence of corruption in DAP.

        Najib has no choice but to tell his people to clean their acts and to stop pointing the wrong of others. Najib must show that he is serious, I mean damn f—-ing serious, in tackling the corruption issues, be it big or small. I am sure it is not easy but what other choice does BN-led government have?


      • Hi Banzai. Your name sounds familiar and I agree with almost all of what you said above.

        I also want to respond to Gig’s comment above, perhaps along similar lines:

        I also feel sad about the political developments in this country especially the voting trend at PRU13. But the foundation for unity has been lacking right from the start. Vernacular education since Merdeka could not give way to single stream schooling that would have children mix together, learn and develop Malaysian values, share common hopes and aspirations based on the Constitution of the country. Article 152 of the Constitution on Bahasa Malaysia remains sidelined and many people claiming to be Malaysians still cannot speak BM properly, let alone respect the Social Contract among the races that came about with Merdeka and the adoption of a new Constitution.

        Yes, I agree with you Banzai, that there in fact never was equilibrium in this country. The British colonialist policies have set us apart educationally, economically, etc, etc. NEP came about after the race riots of 1969 but had to be muted and diluted for the sake of Chinese votes under Najib’s PMship. The Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak grinned and snorted but gave Najib a chance. And now this Gig fellow tries to blame the government – and a Malay government, said he.This cannot do. After Najib bent backwards to please the Chinese, to the chagrin of the Malays. Who voted him, anyway – 89 seats to Abdullah Badawi’s 79 seats in 2008.

        And this bloke and his ilk will find all sorts of excuses to blame UMNO, MCA, Perkasa and what have you. Except DAP. PKR and PAS and their devilish cyber troopers, cheered on by their leaders, all over the Internet, in the Chinese language, broken English, Malay, Tamil, etc. Completely refusing to note that Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa was only REACTING to what DAP leaders and others have ACTED before. Including words and deeds that led to the UMNO Divisional Head in Penang using the term pendatang, remember? And when the term became current, such blokes will of course fault UMNO, not DAP.

        And he’ll continue to bang the government – UMNO he’d accuse – “cannot maintain race relations, control corruption, uphold justice, provide security”, not acknowledging the rampant corruption of PR, started by DAP Tailorgate in Perak even just 49 days of getting power in 2008, no mention at all of the hundreds, nay thousands, who break the sedition laws in cyber space every day, and breached the the Peaceful Assembly Act as well at Kelana Jaya demo 6 May and in Penang the previous night. And he twists it by saying “this country needs fear and hate to survive.” For he cares not about the fear of rioting and the hate of the residents of the area and the road users who got into hours of traffic jam.

        True, now the citizens cannot even trust each other, and he asked what future is there? Not a single positive word of advice or appeal to those who caused mayhem on the roads, who could have brought up their dissatisfaction through the proper channels – the courts.

        Instead of putting out arguments on the pros and cons of not having Chinese representation in the new government, this chap instigates by asking the government to “just be honest about it.” Yet, DS Najib has not spoken a word about Chinese representation in his cabinet. He is being nasty, isn’t he, saying he ” agrees fully that the Chinese should not have any place in the new cabinet” but added, “At least then, the government would have the freedom to do what they’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t.” What is this fellow trying to say? Or to do? What sense of responsibility has he?

        He instigated some more. “What’s the point?”, said he. “How long can we go on like this? I do not wish my family to go through what the Chinese went through in Indonesia during the 90s,” he added. Then he came out with the bombshell that tells his lack of loyalty to this country – the mau-angkat-kaki and cabut kind. Even seditious in saying, “.. the Chinese population here is decreasing anyway. It won’t be long until their numbers won’t matter anymore. In the meantime, I just hope … I can at least equip my kids with the necessary skills to venture to greener pastures ..”

        There you go – they are mostly like that, aren’t they? And he finished it off saying “then, the Malays and the rest of the 90% Chinese here can do whatever they want.”

        You tell me – when blokes talk like this, you think there will be no reaction that says, “Good riddance” to them?


      • I already brought down my 1malaysia hanging logo. Looks like it was only us wanted to be united in one country regardless religion or race but we were wrong. NO MORE buying at chinese business stores unless urgently needed. Actually I started long long time already but now looks like it is for real and for good. Tata


        • Chinese has already done that first by not buying Gardenia bread anymore, which so happen belongs to Bukhari’s. Either they bought Massimo or Hi 5 brand.

          Seems our country has turn back the clock as we are seeing more Chinese Communist nowadays.


  16. Jebat my friend, why do I have to wait for moderation every time? C’mon lah deyy, haven’t got all day. But this is a good blog anyway.


  17. Sad nobody is filtering this blog. The owner of this blog is on holiday or busy with family outings. BYE BYE not worth contributing. Need to go somewhere else.


  18. By Pensioner

    I hope BN should have learned this bitter lesson. No matter how much you try to please the Chinese, they will still stab you in the back even after 1000 years. PM should now do the following to win back the Malays:
    1. Bring back ISA
    2. Expand extensively UiTM throughout the country.
    3. Equity should be according to population. Malays 60%, Chinese 25%, Indians 15%.
    4. Do not close Chinese schools. Let them learn their language so that forever they cannot join the armed forces, police and civil servants because they cannot speak Bahasa Melayu!.
    5. All communications, billboards and signages should be in BM only. We should introduce Jawi extensively.
    6. Ensure Sekolah Kebangsaan become the school that parents will be proud of. Introduce English at Sekolah Rendah level so that all our children are fluent in English.
    7. Ensure all corrupt politicians are sacked immediately..
    8. Reward Sabah and Sarawak.
    9. Please help the poor Malays. After all these years, the Malays are still marginalised.

    My view is that if the next generation of Malays is still poorer than the minority Chinese there will be envy and destabilisation will occur and history will repeat itself!


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