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“Kenapa Utusan? How about the chinese newspapers? Is it fair?”

Sidang akhbar penuh PM Dato Seri Najib Abdul Razak selepas Perjumpaan Khas bersama ahli-ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional pada 7 Mei 2013.

…and he taught the reporter that there’s a difference between what is popular vote and constituency vote.


35 thoughts on ““Kenapa Utusan? How about the chinese newspapers? Is it fair?”

  1. I’v gotten tired of the opposition for the same reason DS Najib pointed out.

    While I’m not a BN supporter I can’t stand the stupidity of opposition arguments.


  2. Good of you and good on you for being true to yourself and to the Malaysian public.

    Let’s now get the leader of them all, Anwar the sore loser of PRU13, honour his words about retiring and teaching in France, shall we.

    The stupid opposition arguments would be greatly reduced if he disappears from the Malaysian scene.


  3. Too little to soft for my taste. Or maybe it’s just me, recently changed my office from the middle to the right wing, I am. Still politically correct DSNajib. Just use the proper and precise words next time or maybe just let TSMuhyiddin do the press talk.

    They were not taken for a ride, they took the ride together. See the different? It’s hard to convince anyone that the urban chinese community (I’m told they’re educated) have been deceived and persuade so easily by DAP. Beat them at their own game? Never. The truth is this has always been their true intention, only that this turn of event laid the solid proof before our eyes.


    • Not true. They WERE taken for a ride, they DID NOT take the ride together. YOU should see the difference. How else can you explain even the traditional MCA/Gerakan supporters running away to generally known racist DAP. I’m talking about those who have voted them one PRU after another.

      If they told you that the urban Chinese community are educated, how come they cannot see DAP chauvinism and racism, unless they are racists themselves – which I don’t think so except the Penang urbanites. Or that they have been misled/ taken for a ride by DAP.

      Missed your point – what “The truth is this has always been their true intention, only that this turn of event laid the solid proof before our eyes” are you talkin’ about? Care to elaborate?


      • Do you expect me to believe that? Is that what you do if you’re one “true” supporter? Running away? Easily swayed by racist DAP without a second thought? Yes, exactly what I’m saying. They are racist themselves. And yet you’re here for another apologist stand?

        Admit it, don’t acted stupid and blame DAP as the sole reason. What did DAP do? A few ceramah here and there and suddenly 95% of the so-called educated community have been deceived? No. They saw one golden opportunity to change the government and tried to grab that but failed. It’s so highly discipline at the same level of military maneuver. How did someone achieved that kind of movement without some very long and deep indoctrination? Racism that is, deep inside.

        Do you know what one true supporter do? They think like the rest of the malays, bumis and others, somehow sense the danger and this time it’s crucial to vote for the government so they can SAVE it. That’s what I felt, our multicultural government needs help. So, I’m helping.

        Suddenly now, the chinese were taken for a ride? For once admit it and stop that bloody soap opera already.


        • I totally agree with you lone ranger. The chinese planned this long, long ago. And when “They saw one golden opportunity to change the government and tried to grab that” . They took Najb offer of gift and most probably sniggered behind his back. They did not support him. It was obvious for every to see this blind rejection for BN except one of course. It was anlysed at every by elections before this PRU 13 . When he finally saw it he called it chinese tsunami.

          Sad really. Like all tsunamis they came as surprises. Thank God, with the strong support of Bumi Putra and Indian voters minimal damage was done. If these loyal supporters are taken for granted, will they be there at the next times. I wonder.


    • All too true. They took the ride together, and willingly too at that. Educated or not, it is their greed and lust for power that drove them to vote for DAP en masse, except for a pitiful few who stayed loyal to MCA and Gerakan until the end. No, they were not deceived instead they were the plotters and schemers and they have been doing this for ages. Now that they have been exposed they are looking for scapegoats. No Chinese representatives in the BN government? So be it. So much the better. Let them fry in their own juices. They certainly got what they deserved. They had it coming.


  4. The question from Utusan is not sensitive, it is very direct, but it is the answer that is going to be sensitive, but the DAP top leaders got no balls to say it in public. They want a new government withou UMNO and MCA, not even PAS.they want to run the government themselves , like Singapore. Btw don’t get me wrong, l m not a Malay, l m a Malaysian Chinese who want stability, prosperity and harmony, who will soon be labelled as walking dog by the cyber troopers


    • Good of you to say “The question from Utusan is not sensitive”. But I think the answer is also not sensitive – it’s also direct to the point. It is true the Chinese papers have been saying all sorts against the government and the Malays.

      That’s the problem of having lax parameters on freedom of expression. Just expecting the papers to “exercise a sense of responsibility” is not enough. Can get to situations where “Since you do, I do, too”. In a multi-racial country where broad mindedness is lacking, it’s not pleasant, but sometimes need to be done as a response or reaction to what has been done or has happened.

      But I agree with your views on the DAP top leaders not having balls, wanting a new government to run it themselves, etc. Yes, we must have stability for business to go on unhampered, new local and foreign investments be made and for prosperity and harmony. So, we must do all we can to prevent instability and put DAP in their proper place.


    • The BN should take very good care of those who had voted for them. As for the Chinese who had betrayed Najib and voted for DAP, they should get nothing. They should go and ask whatever they want from that liwatman Anwar.


  5. It’s time now for other Malaysians to know what the Chinese papers are publishing. Are theirs seditious and racist? Translate their writings and publish them. Let us be the judge.


    • Good point.

      Tun Dr Mahathir has been asking for this for ages.

      Anybodu knows a blog where translations of all – or the major – vernacular language newspapers are published?


    • Utusan Malaysia have been doing that over the years.

      That’s why readers of Utusan majority of whom are Malays realise how extremely bias, prejudice and racist the Chinese are. Some articles were shocking. The exclusiveness, hypocracy and chauvinism were just beyond believe.

      And those translations were only a fraction of the Chinese newspapers’s publications. Just figure it out if all the Malays and Indians are exposed to more of what have been written by the ultra kiasus.


  6. One of the main factors and weaknesses in Najib as everybody would already know is her wife. Rosmah needs to chill out and be a proper house wife. Don’t meddle around and be as clever as Hilary Clinton. Over and above, rumours kept on persisting that she’s the one who made the final say who gets what contract and the unofficial no 2. Even to get places for the kids to go secondary school especially at Alam Shah boarding school in Putra Jaya, rumours say that most of the allocations were given to the kids who were been recommended to her.

    She should be like Datin Siti Hasmah. Tun Mahathir and other cabinet members should tell her off if the husband dare not say so. Only then Najib can wield his magic with the help of his mentor, Tun Mahathir and Tun Daim as his adviser. He needs both these two as they knew all the dirty tricks this bl***dy Anwar have up in his sleeves and how to deal him.

    I’m still longing for the re-institution of ISA so that we can really catch these PKR hooligans and keep them incarcerated while blasting them National anthem 24 hours 7 days a week. We need to deal with them how we deal with Al Arqam, which at least we are able to reform a few them back. But for the rest of the unreformed hardcore, just kept them until comes the next election.


    • I also dislike wives of PM involved in political or administrative matters. Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and wives of PMs before that were not.

      But you mentioned “rumours”. So, not fair to whack Rosmah based on rumours.

      But I support you fully on the re-institution of ISA. I think the PKR leader and 1-2 DAP leaders should be ISA-ed.


  7. If DS Najib really put his mind to it there are so many ways to “skin” a cat.
    I believe he is wiser after the “betrayal” from the chinese. If the non-Bumis or the “clever” malays from PAS or PKR want to know democracy pls learn how it is done in Singapore.
    Then they may have appreciated what DS Najib has done. He has extended goodwill but rejected outright.

    As for UM frontpage caption “apa cina mau lagi?”….cina mau pemimpin cina macam PM Lee Hsien Loong. In Singapore opposition held constituencies were left to become slums.
    DS Najib has done so much for ordinary folks that left Singaporean dreaming if only they had a PM like DS Najib. Don’t the PKR and PAS malays know that our CPF (EPF) cannot be withdrawn and strict restrictions were imposed on workers after 55 years of age? Maybe they would like Singapore mode of governing instead? I just cannot understand some of my malaysian relatives at all. They have very little knowledge about their southern neighbor politics.

    It is Gods’ will that DS Najib survived the election and if he didn’t Anwar or Mustafa sorts
    of character became PM. Can you imagine that?


    • The racist kaki wants Malaysia ala Singapore simply because Lee Hsien Loong is calling the shot form the Istana. And until then, they won’t stop feeling 2nd class as being instigated by LGE and gangs over and over again.

      Make no mistake, they want nothing else. This talk about efficiency and good economy are simply smoke screens to hide their racist agenda and it has been exposed and documented thoroughly.

      Don’t tell me the name calling and labelling the other Malaysians as bangla are not racist in nature. Then what about the mamak who has been beaten and denied his right to vote simply because the ‘T’ng Lang’ think that he is not Malaysian enough. Who are they to call such shot?

      I couldn’t imagine the backlash towards the other Malaysians should these kaki becomes the ruling government. God forbid!


    • DS Najib tried to win the Chinese votes. Even bent backwards to do so. To the chagrin of the Malays and others who wanted Single Stream Schooling, non-dilution of NEP, etc. But to no avail. He knew that happening since PRK Hulu Selangor, way before PRU13. Promised the Chinese school in Rasah financial help in renovation/ expansion costs if they voted BN. The seat came to BN but the records showed that the Serendah town residents didn’t vote BN.

      Still, when asked, he wrote the RM2-3 mill cheque for the Rasah Chinese school. And prior to PRU13, he continued to make financial grants of all sorts to Chinese schools, and other kinds of assistance to Chinese and Indians. Vote-wise, the Indians were grateful, the Chinese were, by and large, not.

      And he saw that the Malays, despite a lot of grumbling for his vote-catching “appeasement acts” for the Chinese, still produced for him 88 seats in Malay majority constituencies, compared to 79 seats during Tun Dol’s time. So, his response when asked about the Utusan headlines should be read in the context of those happenings and “non-happenings”.


  8. DS Najib must see the racist nature of the chinese who are DESPERATE to change the “Malay” government. They sniffed the opportunity in PRU13.

    They were NOT taken for a ride. They rode in one tune, heart and mind. And they spent big money to return home to mass-vote.

    Except for sensible Chinese who remains unconvinced like Michelle Yeoh, Helen Ang, Shen Yee Aun and the small percentage of Chinese voters who voted for BN.

    DAP knows that anwar, PKR and PAS are keldais which is why DAP is so sure of their PRU13 gamble.

    But ABU means Allah Bersama UMNO.


  9. To show to our fellow Malaysian-” What utusan print was what we Malays really felt, nothing racist about it” and to show support to Utusan, every Malays and Bumiputras household must buy Utusan every day..


  10. We should not be angry with the Chinese,naturally they are just pushing for whatever they can grab, no harm or reprocussion in trying. The end ultimate prize justify taking the risk. The ones we should be angry with is the Malay conspirators who are willing to sell their own race for their personal selfish ambition. To chop down a tree you’ll need an axe. The funny things is the axe steel blade by it self would be ineffective without its handle. But with its wooden handle which is of the same material as the tree, the mighty tree has no chance at all for survival. Ultimately if the Malays fall down, we got no one to blame but we ourselves.


    • Sorry I don’t think the Malays are blaming others for their downfalls, they would never do so, they have been colonised for so long, they have not been blaming others although historical records existed, Portugese on Melaka’s donwfall, for instance, tend to say otherwise.

      The Malays are simply too proud to say so and have been blaming themselves like you just did.

      But what is happening now, translated here and the ‘Apa cina mahu lagi’ episode in the Utusan, has been the Malays trying to fathom the unfathomable, the crystal clear voting among the Chinese along the racial lines. Extreme racial line and nothing else, sacrificing the moderates, namely Ghani Othman and Mohd Ali Rustam who had done their best helping among others the Chinese.

      It is very perplexing, unbecoming and most of all disappointing, thus, the war cry, ‘Buy Chinese Last!’. The Malays are starting to learn to become something their not, namely racists. But who could really blame them?


    • Feeda,
      “We should not be angry with the Chinese,naturally they are just pushing for whatever they can grab, no harm or reprocussion in trying. The end ultimate prize justify taking the risk”.
      Kita hormati pandangan awak ni. Ia memang tak salah, cuma ia menunjukkan bertapa kaum Cina begitu mementingkan diri. Ok, jika selepas ini kaum bukan Cina jadi lebih mementingkan diri dengan memberi lebih banyak biasiswa, peluang perniagaan dan tempat di unversiti pada Bumiputra. Jangan jeles ya…hehe


    • Feeda,

      It tells everything. Everything has to blame on the Chinese for being ungrateful and opportunistic. They wanted to control everything Malaysia has to offer. They easily lose sight of the friends who always help them and pick somebody who promise them everything under the sun. They wanted to treat all other races as scumbags and subsidy mentality.

      Sadly, as you say, it reconfirms their true opportunistic and ungratefulness of the Chinese, which has been hidden for so many years. As for the clueless Malays, whenever there a few Malays become multimillionaire or secured huge contracts, they are considered crony. They even support the Pakatan call for removal of young bright professionals Malays who are heading most of GLCs and wanting the resignation of Tan Sri Azman, head of Khazanah. They even support “Ubah” without understanding the real repercussion of the action.

      What is sad about this election is it presents the ugly side of Malaysia, which is totally against what our forefathers of Independence stood for. (or we don’t really give a damn what they actually did)


  11. Patriot
    I think Freeda is right in a way. My question is why PAS is so willing to collaborate with DAP then UMNO? PAS has been treating UMNO like it arch rival calling names, kafir, not islamic etc for years but willing to hold chinese hands then UMNO? You see if we want to really save the Malays then change the Malays’ mindset, no point of taking about chinese, we all know they are opportunist, they saw opportunity to use the Malays against the Malays so they grabbed it. Suddenly Anwar becomes their hero( not even Lim Kit Siang), just see their sheer presence in Kelana Jaya. History taught us what will happen if we dont change?, Singapore is just a living example. I dont know why Malay suddenly surprised with their attitudes.

    One thing I disagree with Freeda, Malay will be angry with the chinese simply because of the outright refusal for racial harmony that offered by DS Najib. WHY? Now it is the time to take action to save the malays , first by soul searching, many malays also betrayed their own race.
    Second Malay must be focus on their struggle , is it race or religion. Only take Allah as a partner no need to fight for any other cause it just not worth it because Allah swt who have created us in many races and nations. So the corrupt PAS wont have any other excuses not to join . If we truly follow Rasulullah’s s.a.w teachings , even chinese will embrace us. Truly islam please not the PAS version.


      • I don’t see any difference fighting for the Islamic cause should be separated from the Malay cause within the Malaysian context. 99 percent of the Malays born in Malaysia are Malays** (** includes the mamak also) . Without the strength of Malays, there won’t be syiar Islam espoused in Malaysia. You cannot simply fight for the cause of Islam, while keeping a blind on the plight of Malay brethren.

        To give an opportunity to a fellow Malay is to help his fellow Islamic brother to achieve success in which you never know this guy somebody can contribute for the Just Islamic cause. By having New Economic Policy, you are helping his fellow Islamic brother to achieve success in midst of massive competition from outside, in which without the help he won’t able to make it.

        So Islam and Malay is inseparable within the Malaysian context so be it.


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