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Pakatan Rakyat – a basic problem unresolved

Currently there is a myth going on that the reason Pakatan Rakyat could not register their coalition and thus making it an official and fully registered entity is because the Registrar of Society has blocked their application to do so.

This is what most of Pakatan fans believed as fact.

Obviously in order to justify their own leaders’ culpability and inefficiency, they are willing to believe in lies and propaganda. Just like the case of the sex videos of their leaders, they will even choose not to believe their own eyes.

Initially there was a brouhaha that in order for political parties to form a registered coalition, there must have at least seven registered parties as members. This seemed to ruled out the loose pact of DAP, PAS and PKR to be registered. But in October 2009, ROS clarified that;

“The condition does not apply to political parties as they enjoy a national status. Only state-level organisation aspiring to become a national entity needs to have seven members from the states”.

Hence, the opposition parties were eligible to register as a coalition as the requirement of having at least seven component parties does not apply to them. Zaid Ibrahim (remember him?) was tasked to perform this duty and act as the pro-tem chairman of Pakatan Rakyat.

Those were the confusing times indeed due to the fact that Zaid had also applied a six month leave from PKR over some undisclosed reasons.

By November 2009, they finally applied to be registered but sensing that Zaid might pull a fast one on them, in February 2010, Pakatan Rakyat claimed it had made a fresh application to ROS as “Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia” because the name ‘Pakatan Rakyat’ is still being registered and processed under Zaid Ibrahim’s name as the pro-tem chairman.

Meanwhile the ROS refuted that Pakatan had indeed made a new application.

However, the fact remains that the ROS could not consider any other application that have the same phrase in it – Pakatan Rakyat.

Its chief, Abdul Rahman said that Pakatan must submit a fresh application to enable the authority to proceed with their duty.

“There is no malice or double standards about their application but how could we process when their application is still under the name of the president of another party? How could we approve when the application to register Pakatan Rakyat is still associated with a person who is no longer with them,… how could I approve it?”

Since Zaid Ibrahim left PKR the following year, the application came to a dead end, especially when Zaid established KITA (Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air) as its president.

Before he left PKR, he had proposed that Nik Aziz should be the official chairman of Pakatan Rakyat instead of Anwar Ibrahim or Abdul Hadi Awang. This caused further animosity between him and the Pakatan rulers.

His parting remarks were:

“Those who want to continue to hallucinate and dream for Anwar can continue to support him, but those who want to see real politics, based on substantive policies, policies that are real, that are not interested to only perpetuate a certain personality like him, they may want to choose my party.

What has Anwar stood for? If you look at his struggles, what? What helped him was his black eye incident. He was convicted for corruption and abuse of power, and when he was deputy prime minister, what reform did he do? Look back at the facts”.

Obviously Zaid Ibrahim and the leaders in Pakatan Rakyat should have sorted out this impasse way before it gets complicated. Part of the problem is the inability of Pakatan leaders to choose an appropriate and majority-approved logo and more importantly, submit the coalition’s organisational structure from its chairman all the way to its exco members.

They were also finding difficulties in drafting the coalition’s Constitution.

How can they? Pakatan Rakyat is filled with parties where their ideologies are poles apart.

But they had the whole of 2011 till now to register the coalition once and for all but they chose to remain lackadaisical in their effort. It is highly important that they must register the coalition soonest possible.

Remember what happened in Perak state assembly in early 2009? The Yang DiPertuan Agong might not want a loose pact with different ideologies administering this country unless they can prove that they can indeed work together. He might want to learn from the mistakes made by Sultan Azlan of Perak; whom had consented an Adun from a party (PAS) that won a smaller number of seats in Perak to be the head of Perak state government.

When loyalty is tested and dissatisfaction arose among party members, and with just 3 seats changed hands, the state government fell. And the rest is history.

One can wonder if DAP, PKR and PAS win a majority of seats in this Sunday’s general election, the Agong or the Constitution might not recognise an unregistered pact as the ruling government even though their leader, Anwar Ibrahim holds the majority of the Pakatan MPs. How could he be a leader of a coalition when his post and even the coalition itself is not recognised by the law?

Barisan Nasional on the other hand is fully registered and it enters the general election as ONE entity with good track record of highly effective cooperation among its members. Please be aware that in the eyes of the law, Pakatan Rakyat enters the election as small separate entities of DAP, PKR and PAS.

There will be chaos in Parliament. PAS might jump ship and formally becomes a partner of Barisan Nasional with just a simple letter informing the ROS about the inclusion of a new member. Or DAP could enter a deal with Barisan Nasional and leave PKR and PAS in the abyss.

These are the possibilities of what may happen should the loose and unregistered coalition, proudly but illegally known as Pakatan Rakyat wins the election.

And when that happens, one can look back and realise that if this basic problem of registering their coalition could not even be solved, then they should just forget about managing bigger sets of problems such as, managing a whole country.


12 thoughts on “Pakatan Rakyat – a basic problem unresolved

  1. The Basic Problem Lies in a section of the community not being able to see beyond the Propaganda Spun by the Mainstream Media to control their minds.

    This age old method of brainwashing may not be as effective as before due to the New Media but still able to manipulate the minds of those having no access to the New Media especially the Rural Folks.


    • TO: Joe Black,
      The Basic Problem Lies in a section of the community not being able to see beyond the Propaganda Spun by the ALTERNATIVE, foreign-funded Media to control their minds.

      This age old method of brainwashing may not be as effective as before due to the New COUNTER PSY WAR NOW MOUNTED ALL OUT BY IT-SAVVY PEACE-LOVING MALAYSIANS. but still able to manipulate the minds of those having no INTEREST IN ANALYSING THE DETAILS AND TRACING THE SOURCE OF THE ‘STORIES SPUN BY ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.


    • Seriously Joe Black? Have you ever gone through Malaysia Kini or FMT? There seems to be a pogrom against those voicing out against the general opinion there.
      I am not talking about agreeing to disagreeing stuff, I got profanities, name calling and all sorts of things just for saying that I think the article there was misleading.

      Except for the thumbs down, I don’t see you getting the same treatment here. So who is brainwashing whom? For someone who shouts out loud for freedom of expression, I don’t see it being practiced in pro-opposition sites.


  2. What a sharp and thoughtful analysis. You know what, you should have your own column in mainstream newspapers. A talent like yours shouldn’t being wasted.


  3. These Opposition people complain all sorts of things of the government in power, claiming they are better and all. But they have no sense of shame, of responsibility to the populace, promising them that they are a better lot, when their existence as a coalition is not even registered.

    And they present themselves to the electorate as a cogent, unified and cohesive single front, when in fact they are a tattered lot, a three-headed monster, each head going in different directions on the basic issues that they promise the rakyat they want to resolve, improve and promote.

    What kind of people are these, for goodness sake? Sure they know the need for registration but they simply can’t get it done because the name Pakatan Rakyat is still on record associated with Zaid Ibrahim who has left PKR. And Zaid abhors and detests Anwar Ibrahim and is not likely to lend a helping hand in disentangling that name, having been “conned” by the election procedures instituted when he wanted to contest the post of PKR Deputy President, that was reserved for Anwar’s crony Azmin Ali. As a result of which Zaid went into a political limbo, forming KITA that failed to take off, and it led to him giving up politics altogether.

    But aren’t all those cheating the rakyat, the voters who they say they want to fight for in the name of Pakatan Rakyat, but which may tumble the moment one party walks away and there’s nothing legal that binds or checks them from doing so. What a hotchpotch of bamboozling gang of trickster politicians these people are made of. They sure don’t deserve the votes 3 days hence.


    • Until Zaid Ibrahim retract his original application and until Pakatan really submit a new one. That’s what I get from the news. Thank you.


  4. Pakatan ONLY functions on 2 common emotions:
    1) self-aggrandisement
    2) abhorrence for UMNO (not BN)

    Remove these 2 excuses, they are as incompatible as oil and water.


    • Craze for power also, sir.

      Desperation may at times drive the titular head (title only in name) into highly controversial ventures. Recently alleged to to have been involved in the armed intrusion at Lahad Datu, which he may have planned to be exploited to bring him votes.

      But his frustration are manifold. He can’t hope to get the Hudud issue resolved between DAP and PAS, twice managing to get only “an agreement to disagree” among the component parties. Hell, he can’t even get PAS to accept him as their PM candidate.

      Let’s hope that desperation won’t drive him into anything adventurous, security-wise, after the GE13 results are announced on 5 May. I have a good feeling BN will win.


  5. To morrow is D-Day and EC says campaigning is allowed until 11.59 pm to night. Am not campaigning but just giving my views!

    This comment has appeared elsewhere but I think is fitting for this blog post as well, so pls allow me –

    Reasons for not voting Pakatan Rakyat:

    1. DAP is anti-Malay and anti-Islam. This has been known for decades, they caused the race riots of 13 May 1969. Google “13 May 1969: A Tragedy, National Operations Council, October 1969” and you’ll get the detailed facts.

    2. DAP is also corrupt, cakap tak serupa bikin, janji tak di tepati. Just 49 days after getting power in Perak, DAP Nga Kor Min started corruption – Tailorgate, giving the tailoring contract for government official uniforms to hs wife. Imagine, just after 49 days. After 5 years, Pakatan corruption is like shit, all over the places in the 4 states they rule.

    3. DAP is not bothered about the poor and the low income people of Penang, shabby treatment of Kg Buah Pala residents, Hindraf said they couldn’t get even kacang putih in the 4 PR states, no low cost housing built in Penang, instead DS Najib promised 20,000 units within 5 years if elected to power in Penang at PRU13 on 5 May.

    4. PKR is not reliable and cannot be hoped to protect and promote the interests of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. It’s a party of personal interest, purely for Anwar hoping to become PM. He did not wait his turn, otherwise would have become PM 10 years now. Desperate, he is prepared to sell the interests of the Malays. He even betrays his own race, religion and country, went to US bad mouthing Malaysia, befriended the Neocons, Jews and Zionists, arranged for them to send funds to Malaysian NGOs trying to weaken the government, in line with the Zionist agenda of weakening Muslim-led governments the world over.

    5. Anwar is believed to have been involved with the armed Muslim Filipinos intruding Lahad Datu recently – Philippine Military Intelligence circulated a photo of him meeting the Muslim Filipino rebel leader Misuari in Jakarta. PKR Vice President Tian Chua was said to have met Nur Misuari later in Manila, before the Lahad Datu intrusion. He belittled the deaths of 10 members of our Police and Armed Forces who lost their lives defending the country and was charged in Court for Sedition.

    6. PAS is even worse than PKR in many respects. Wanting to implement Hudud, objected to and opposed to death by DAP (“Over my dead body, said Karpal Singh), but, instead of persuading DAP to accept Hudud, PAS blamed others. Nik Aziz went to Karpal Singh’s house in Penang, cut the birthday cake for Karpal, yet in parts of Kelantan, they can’t even have clean water in their taps to drink.

    7. PAS flip flopped on the Kalimah Allah issue as well, fighting among the factions as in the Hudud case, threw Hudud out at PAS Muktamar 2011, then picked it up again at PAS Muktamar 2012, confusing the rakyat and infuriating the non-Muslims. PAS issued summonses to Chinese hair salons and Chinese khalwat couples in Kelantan. They even restricted Chinese New Year celebrations, etc, in Kedah. How can we hope for peace and stability if PR gets to power, with PAS issuing summons to Chinese hair salons and Chinese khalwat couples, restricting Chinese New Year celebrations etc.

    8. While Anwar Al Juburi (pangkat Mat Sabu beri) was involved in sex with Cina Doll (Ummi Hafilda said he even had sex with his crony-PKR Deputy President Azmin’s wife (Ummi’s sister-in-law), sodomized young and not-so-young men (the Sodomy I Appeal Court Judges said, while they allowed his appeal on technical gounds, they recorded their finding that Anwar did sodomize), Mat Sabu, PAS Deputy President, was caught khalwat with his friend’s wife, Norma, at Room 121, Hotel Perdana, Kota Bharu.

    9. And a few weeks ago PAS Secretary General Mustapha Ali was caught on video having sex, denied it, but didn’t want to answer reporters’ questions about it (if you are not guilty, why be afraid to answer reporters’ questions?). How can PAS, a party professing to protect and promote Islam, have leaders who are not Islamic. They cannot be given the votes as well.


  6. They can take all the time they need I don’t care and nobody should care either. As a Malaysian citizen I’m voting for BN tomorrow, God willing. That’s the least I could do on my part to support our governments transformation effort. Empty words carry no weight, except when accompanied by deeds. Real sincerity of effort must be made to do good for the people.


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