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Background story of DAP cybertroopers

“Jujur saya kata cybertroopers DAP dan laman laman page DAP di alam media adalah jauh lebih teruk dari Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian dan mana mana suratkhabar yang mereka dakwa diketuai oeh MCA atau Umno. Why?” – Shen Yee Aun

(watch the video below for the answer.)

The video below is an interview of Shen Yee Aun, a former DAP Youth leader which shows the extent of DAP’s wicked tactics of hatred, racism and immorality in their political agenda. Many exposures come to light and names being highlighted which greatly implicates the perpetrators towards these heinous activities. Do watch it.

Below is an article published in The Mole which is somewhat connected to what Shen Yee Aun said above.

In an email to the Editor, Calvin Sankaran wrote:

Ambiga, the co-chairperson of BERSIH and several senior leaders of Pakatan Rakya (PR) have predicted in interviews with foreign media that the upcoming 13th General Election (GE) would be the “dirtiest ever”, and said they were expecting the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) to resort to desperate measures to cling on to power.

Unfortunately, their prediction did come true though not in the manner that they had anticipated. Indeed the 13th GE campaign is proving to be the most bitterly contested and dirtiest ever, but the perpetrators turned out to be not from the ruling party BN but from their rivals Pakatan Rakyat.

Many Malaysians are shocked and disgusted by the daily acts of violence, harassment and bullying by PR leaders and thuggish supporters who seems to hell-bent on winning the electoral race this time with their war cry of “Ini Kali lah”.

The latest act of gutter politics is the distribution of the photo of a mock altar with joss sticks and candles placed in front of a picture of the Prime Minister. Before this, international superstar and Malaysian darling Michelle Yeoh was mercilessly abused and attacked in social media for declaring her support for Najib. Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed numerous BN operation centres across the nation being bombed, torched and attacked by supporters of Pakatan.

In the past we have seen how some BN women leaders were threatened with bodily harm and even gang rape for making public statements in support of the ruling coalition. Those criticising PR and even giving the merest hint of disagreeing with their policies are branded as “traitors”, “running dogs”, “prostitutes” or worse. Many BN candidates in the GE are also complaining of PR campaigners’ dangerous racial and religious tactics to win votes.

In the lawless frontier of cyberspace and social media, the situation is even worse. The fearsome and thuggish cybertroopers of PR roam and control the social media universe with total impunity – bullying and intimidating anyone who dares to disagree with their political views and pummelling BN supporters and neutrals into submission. They spread rumors, incite hate, create highly-inflammatory photoshopped banners and pictures, and manufacture false stories of racial inequality, corruption, crime, etc.

It is not hard to see the root cause and source of such despicable and desperate tactics. The senior leaders of Pakatan routinely employ politics of hate and violence against their BN counterparts, in their speeches as well as in their postings in social media.

NGOs like Bersih, Tindak Malaysia, Pemantau, MCLM and others, ostensibly independent but in reality integral parts of Pakatan’s campaign machine, deploy the same hate tactics while pretending to be peace-loving activists for democracy, human rights and clean elections.

One of the leaders of Bersih is spearheading a campaign called Anything But UMNO (ABU), which has the stated objective of removing BN from power “at any lengths or any costs”. He also ominously declared that the group members are ready to become martyrs and asked the PM if he’s ready die.

Another DAP leader contesting in Pahang had threatened to burn down the Lynas plant while another prominent Bersih activist warned that he will lead a regime change via Arab Spring-type violent street demos if Pakatan does not win the GE.

One senior DAP leader, well known for his hubris and highly-confrontational style, often uses highly-offensive adjectives such as “racist”, “corrupt” and “cruel” in attacking BN and equates the ruling government with the mass-murdering Nazi regime. A state assemblywoman from Selangor who is active in social media often uses religious imagery and themes to cast BN/UMNO as evil and immoral.

Not too long ago, the DAP produced a video plagiarising the popular Korean pop star Psy’s hit song “Gangnam Style” sung to political lyrics and titled “Ubah Rocket Style”. With such cheap stunts the DAP seems to be sending the message that it condones music piracy. However the bigger and more serious concern was the content, which was highly seditious and vulgar. It contained personal attacks on the PM’s family and linked government leaders to the death of Altantunya and Teoh Beng Hock.

When the Opposition leaders themselves engage in such hate politics and break the law, it is not surprising that their supporters are emboldened and inspired by their examples. If Pakatan leaders wish to see the country remain peaceful and achieve democratic maturity, then they must renounce this politics of hate and culture of violence, and most importantly, walk the talk.


13 thoughts on “Background story of DAP cybertroopers

    • It’s a good try already, bull-ss. Not bullshit at all. Very factual. Very informative. From the horse’s mouth – a former DAP activist. Would you like to join us? We’ll give you a few hours interview and you can say what you like. How’s zzat?

      Now I know there is a DAP Cyber Troopers gang at the Concorde, KL – previously I know only of the blokes in Komtar Tingkat 28, Penang.

      And now, based on what is said in the video, I have a better perspective when writing comments against you blokes. Good, eh?

      Aiseh, you are the voluntary, unpaid DAP cyber trooper, arr? Half a line comment only, issit? How to convince readers whatever you want to say?

      Haha, good or not my trying a new trooping method after listening to the video? New method? Yes, irritating and shooing you out.

      But you wanna come in again, welcome, we’ll slug it out here – how about that?


  1. Isn’t it better if these DAP cybertroopers use their energy in useful things like doing charity or helping the poor. Or else, they can go to Palestine and fight the Jews with that kind of hate and anger.


    • We have to accept the fact that there is this band of cyber criminals, bent on releasing their frustration with life, with the world as they see it, with abnormal perception of political,economic and social developments in the country.

      They got those kind of thinking and mentality from the kind of upbringing they get – if any (some may literally have been left to their own devices since small, the poor parents have to make ends meet, busy from morn, noon and night, life has been one topsy turvy turn of events one after another, perhaps for generations since landing on our shores).

      Then they alienate themselves by attending vernacular schools, away from mainstream Malaysiana, adopting values that are not consistent with those imbibed in the Constitution of the country. They themselves don’t respect the constitution – DAP has been so since formation and hogging the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, wanting equality but not acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153.

      So, we just have to whack them verbally at every opportunity, in the hope that a few, the non hard core ones, would find the correct path. Also in order that whatever lies, deceits, manipulations, slants and spins they make in cyber space don’t influence too many others to their ways.


      • You are right Observer. In the past, when I browsed through the pro-opposition sites I used to notice that almost all of the comments are monopolised by the pacartoons supporters. The problem with us rational people is that we never bothered to put our comments even when we see things that are really vile and totally false.

        I think in an indirect manner our inaction actually perpetuate the belief that their views are correct even when they are patently false. Our lack of voice encouraged them to the extent that we have people like SS coming here spewing obscenities and thinking they can get away with it.

        While it is good to see him get the verbal whacking that he deserved here but we need to take the fight further. I have gotten over my fear of getting lambasted and have started to post disapproving comments whenever I see malicious or false stories on their sites. It need not be vile and if more of us are able to start voicing our opinion together, I think they’ll start to notice that there are two sides to every story and they no longer have the monopoly on things. Most importantly, it will also show that us the silent majority will no longer let ourselves to be cowed into silence!


        • Bravo you guys for speaking up. Let’s do so more often, shall we?

          I’ll certainly try to find the spare time do so more often from now on.


  2. Hope you would print this as a public announcement kind of comment –




    Woman claims she was offered to have finger marked

    3:44PM May 1, 2013

    A woman, occupying government quarters in Putrajaya, claimed that she was approached by a group of people offering to mark her finger with indelible ink to facilitate the voting process.

    The 47-year-old woman claimed that the group, comprising four men and four women who were unknown to her, came by her house about 11.30pm two days ago on April 29.

    “They were at my doorstep. I felt uncomfortable and invited them in. They were in office attire like they were professionals.

    “They said they came to check whether I was occupying the quarters. They said I didn’t look fine and offered to mark my finger,” she told a media conference last night.

    The woman, who is a government employee, said she had been staying at the quarters for about 12 years and there had never been such a check before.

    Realising the consequences and for her safety, she lodged a report at the Precinct 7 police station in Putrajaya today.

    Had she allowed her finger to be marked that day, she would not be able to exercise her right as a voter on May 5, she added.

    To a question whether she was offered any reward in return, the woman said no.

    – Bernama


  3. Shen Yee Aun has returned my lost faith in decent Malaysians of Chinese ethnicity.

    “Jujur dan berani kerana benar”, saya mengucapkan syabas pada Yee Aun.


  4. There are only 2 types of political cybertrooper; the good and the bad. But they both know what type of boss they are working for and they know which side is telling the truth. At the end of the day, they will be the first to know which side is more likely to win. They are the people on the ground in space.

    Terima kasih Shen Yee Aun atas kejujuran anda.


  5. hi jmd!

    personally i believe that ambiga/bersih making those preemptive statements to the foreign press that our GE13 would be the dirtiest ever was part of a planned strategy* between her and PR, particularly with DAP & PKR. they knew they wld be introducing all the dirty tactics themselves and hoped they could instigate their political opponents to reciprocate in kind. if none were forthcoming, they’d then just resort to their tried and true mo of hiding their own guilty hands and pointing fingers.

    so the “unfortunate” thing about it to PR and their cohorts is not that the ugly perpetrators turned out to be people on their side, but that their underhandedness was exposed by their own because their kool-aid evidently didn’t work on a few of their party members.

    even then, it doesn’t seem to matter much to them. these scums are so unscrupulous and so without any redeeming qualities that already it looks like they are just going to brazen it out. then again, maybe it is because they feel so confident they’d get away with it. you know, with such world heavies with deep pockets for backers.

    i come to that conclusion based on these exposés


    whose existence i stumbled a while back on the VAT-69 site. it is of a ceramah with an en. mohamad razali, who until may of 2012 was DAP’s Strategic Director of Malay and Islamic Affairs and also a Secretary and Deputy Youth Head. this interview with shen yee aun just confirmed it further for me.

    *the strategy is part of a murkier scheme that is quite alarming.


  6. he is burping as he speaks…..he is nervous….he is coocky….must be paid $100,000 for this you tube….enjoy it like Chandra Muzaffa …like Jelapang Hee while you can….6 May……. Harga minyak turun, Tol hilang…..Kroni UMNO Mampus…who cares..


    • as you were saying…..harga minyak turun? tol hilang? its now 759pm May 6th. Guess who is the Malaysian PM now? And with lesser and lesser chinese reps in the cabinet – you better start applying for PR in Canada or Singapore….but in reality, malays like to kongsi a lot with everyone whereas the chinese? kongsi gelap boleh lah…
      Maybe time to rid of all these chinese schools and create a 1Malaysia schools?


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