Lim Guan Eng : Political ploy gone wrong

In an astounding turn of event, it was revealed that the reason Lim Guan Eng went ballistic and became all Hitler-ish over the Registrar of Society (ROS) last week was simply because ROS do not recognise the top leadership of DAP due to the hanky panky done during the DAP party election back in December 2012.

The letter, which was published in Rockybru detailed the extent of serious breach in DAP’s own party regulations. ROS had, in so many polite words, told Lim Guan Eng that DAP has been given a month from the date of the letter to put forward the correct measures otherwise ROS may act accordingly. It seems the hanky panky done during their party election had indeed contravened their own set of laws hence, some of their own members lodged report to ROS.

But what did Lim Guan Eng do?

He barked back at ROS to revoke the letter otherwise DAP may choose to use their partners’ party logo instead.

But with this revelation, the reason why he demanded ROS to revoke the letter is because he has no way out. There is no way he can produce all that was requested by ROS as per para 3.1 and 3.2 below:

Dictatorial tendency often have lackadaisical attitude towards own set of governance

Dictatorial and autocratic leadership of DAP often has lackadaisical attitude towards its own set of governance

In other words, Lim Guan Eng wasn’t even worried about the use of logo.

He and his cadre, especially the supporters of his family are more worried that they will lose via a mutiny should there be a re-election. Many members in DAP had expressed shock and disapproval after Lim Guan Eng and accomplices had bulldozed their way into parachuting their loyal spaniel, Zairil Khir Johari into their Central Executive Committee (CEC), a conclave only meant for the Lim Dynasty and their stooges.

As of today, has any leaders in DAP ever say anything about the logos? It was a non-issue to begin with, and a red herring to be exact.

They are actually squirming like a worm hoping that Pakatan will win the federal government so that this problem will go away if they are in power.

But if they don’t win it, be sure that they will use their own inaction in doing exactly nothing during this one-month grace period given by ROS to find support from the public in battling their self-made problems.

This is the first time in the longest time that we can see a politician, who supposedly be a role model of efficiency, transparency and clean governance (as he always claim to be), uses his own mistakes and stupidity in ensuring efficient and smooth party election, to gain sympathy from the masses.

What was more humiliating, his father, the even bigger dictator cried in front of camera for the world to see, citing injustice done by Barisan Nasional and ROS.

Have they no shame?

It was just a political ploy of squeezing in a henchman, gone wrong. Deal with it at your party level. Don’t drag the whole nation along with it.

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