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Lim Kit Siang and his antics

So the ‘multi-racial’ Democratic Action Party (DAP) who had often chastise Barisan Nasional as unrepentant group of racist authoritarians is again, do not practise what they preached.

As nomination day passed last Saturday, most candidates nominated by DAP to contest in this general election came from one race – the chinese.

Lim Kit Siang who was dead angry at Tun Mahathir several days ago for accusing him  as a campaigner of racist strategy in Gelang Patah, had not only did just like what Tun Mahathir had predicted, but also fielded more chinese from his party in the constituencies DAP are contesting.

Below are the list for Johor:


1. Bakri – Er Teck Hwa, 41

2. Kluang – Liew Chin Tong, 36

3. Gelang Patah – Lim Kit Siang, 72

4. Kulaijaya – Teo Nie Ching, 30

5. Tanjong Piai – Mahdzir Ibrahim

6. Labis – Ramakrishnan Suppiah, 57


1. Jementah – Tan Chen Choon, 43

2. Bekok – Lim Eng Guan, 34

3. Tangkak – Ee Chin Li, 31

4. Bentayan – Chua Wee Beng, 41

5. Yong Peng – Chew Peck Choo, 45

6. Penggaram – Gan Peck Cheng, 46

7. Mengkibol – Tan Hong Pin, 32

8. Paloh – R. Shanker, 40

9. Johor Jaya – Liow Cai Tung, 27

10. Stulang – Andrew Chen Kah Eng, 38

11. Pengkalan Rinting – Cheo Yee How, 29

12. Skudai – Dr Boo Cheng Hau, 49

13. Senai – Wong Shu Qi, 30

14. Pekan Nenas – Yeo Tung Siong, 34

As we all can see, only  one out of 20 candidates is a malay and only 2 are indians. That is only 5% and 10% respectively from the total list.

The DAP opponents on the other hand are Barisan Nasional candidates which are quite mixed in numbers. There are malays, chinese and indians. Note that come this election, the multi-racial Barisan Nasional, comprises multitude of parties, is facing various parties in the form of an extremist Islamic-malay party we call PAS, an Anwar Ibrahim groupie club we call PKR and of course, the autocratic chinese ‘we are multi-racial’ dominated party we call the DAP.

What happened in DAP? Did the multi-racial DAP in recent years had a mass exodus of indians and malays into other parties? Of course not.

The stark reality is, DAP has never been multi-racial as what they would like the less intelligent people to believe. They are predominantly a chinese party. No malays have been elected to the highest order of their hierarchy unless they are nominated just as a token of their ‘multi racialism’.

There are no substance whatsoever to what they are claiming themselves to be.

Lim Kit Siang, sensing that they need further push for this election had unashamedly trying to garner sympathy over the now non-issue ROS fiasco. This old man had even try to shed crocodile tears because of the mistakes made by his own party!

What happened was, the DAP members made complaints to ROS regarding the injustice they alleged had happened. As the DAP’s leadership is very autocratic in its approach, all their grouses were left unheeded. Some staged demonstrations in front of DAP’s headquarters following the party election. The diagram below illustrated the sneaky DAP milking the ROS issue.

Chronology of the DAP - ROS fiasco which started from DAP's faulty CEC election last year

Chronology of the DAP – ROS fiasco which started from DAP’s faulty CEC election last year

For the life of me, I do not understand why Lim Kit Siang would cry over an imaginary problem. It was imaginary because there was no problem at all over the use of logo.

In hindsight, there was no problem come nomination day. And this, for all intent and purposes only revealed that Lim Kit Siang was using his tears to evoke sympathy. What an utter disgrace. It seems that Lim Kit Siang, after holding ROS ransom after it acted on complaints by HIS OWN party members, even sought to stoop so low just to fish some votes.

He even had the cheek to say that DAP will keep their campaign ‘clean, fair and transparent’!

This is AFTER they had smeared ROS for being a tool of Barisan Nasional and accuses BN trying to assassinate DAP’s political life. Won’t this make them hypocritical? But of course, DAP and Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders have always been known as unrepentant in their approach to insult our intelligence.

Transparent and fair? Tell that to those who were silenced during the DAP’s CEC election fiasco.

How can we forget when Lim Guan Eng, with his sense of conceited arrogance, DEMANDED the ROS to revoke the April 17th letter  and warned that if ROS did not do as he demanded, the DAP will use PAS or PKR’s logo in the election. This example of an overweening and condescending nature is not unheard of among DAP leaders. And they dared to preach BN from their moral high horse! In the end, it was all hot air. The tears shed were probably tears of happiness for the sole reason that the ROS issue landed on their laps and they could exploit it to their advantage.

DAP leaders are nothing more than arrogant group of people who are not shy in getting their agenda and objectives achieved by any way possible. Their former wakil rakyat below aptly said it in not so many words:

Jenice Lee

Thank you and vote wisely.


19 thoughts on “Lim Kit Siang and his antics

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  2. Hahaha…. Semua benda nk diadjust supaya nampak bEEnD gah. Anyway aku yakin kata bEEnD stay berkuasa ttp najib tkbjd pm, muhyidin naik jd PM… Itu aku punya ramalan ler walau aku tak penah vote bEEnD…


    • Anda tak undi BN tapi anda nampaknya sokong BN. Alangkah ruginya. Tapi bagus lah, sekurang kurangnya anda ada nampak kebaikan BN yang meyakinkan anda bahawa BN akan stay berkuasa.

      Tapi, selagi BN menang lebih dari Tun Dol, rasanya UMNO tak memebelakangkan DS Najib. TS Muhyiddin ada gilirannya. Dia pun mesti mengharapkan jadi PM suatu masa nanti, dan akan bersabar menunggu gilirannya. Kita tahu apa jadi kapada yang tak sabar, nak lawan tokeh – Anwar Ibrahim. Merana dia, Dan dah kata akan bersara jika PR kalah di PRU13. Rasa nya dia kena bersara selepas 5 Mei ni.

      Harap Kit Siang pun akan bersara selepas 5 Mei. Tun Dr Mahathir dah cadangkan dia bersara lama dulu.


  3. I have been wondering if the Malay apologists Mongkol Arif Sabri and Aspan Alias, who joined DAP with a lot of fanfare, were given seats. Googling it didn’t produce affirmative results. Yes, they have said they joined without any understanding of being nominated, but ex-ADUN Pahang Mongkol must have harboured hopes for it, notwithstanding the public proclamation of non-expectation of nomination (hah, high sounding words this morning, eh?).

    But one can imagine old man die-hard Lim Kit Siang brushing off an ex-ADUN because Kit Siang himself has been Wakil Rakyat for so many terms, and the admission of Mongkol into DAP was just a public image exercise. But DAP’s image continues to be anti-Malay and anti-Islam, irrespective of Mongkol Arif Sabri and Aspan Alias joining them.

    I agree with the word antics attached to LKS. More in the grotesque sense (antics = grotesque, bizarre, and grotesque = distorted, absurd). Photographs of him in the mainstream media have often conveyed that image, and people’s perception of him has also been along that line. His caustic statements, his being ISA-ed etc have led to all those. I don’t mind that at all.

    Yes, his parachuting into Gelang Patah was absurd – so much have been written on that. But the one that made him grotesque the most was his role in the race riots of 13 May 1969. His speeches during the election campaign of 1969, his acts and omissions immediately prior to, during and after the race riots. Some said he was around in KL during the rowdy, provocative, insulting and highly seditious election victory celebrations that sparked the race riots, some said he was away in Sabah. But the perception people have is that his words and deeds, his acts and omissions as a responsible leader of DAP at that time made him grotesque, his image highly distorted.

    That’s why less than 100 attended a gathering in a Malay area in Gelang Patah where he gave only a short speech and absconded. I don’t mind that, too.


  4. Many of these people (and their children) who are against BN are the very beneficiaries of 55 years of BN rule.Their riches,comforts and success stories were earned during 55 years of purported oppressive BN rule.Pegidah! No government is perfect but at least BN has allowed all and sundry to make something of their lives in this beloved country without any hindrance and in an environment of peace and stability and not stifle the minority communities.Reject those who attempt to rewrite the history of my beloved nation.

    Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia


  5. Tanda Putera directed by Shuhaimi Baba was initially set to be released on 13 September 2012. Hopefully it can be released now before PRU13.


  6. I can still remember how loud and aggressive LKY and LKS (PAP=>DAP) were in Kluang in 1964 at the Kluang town basketball court. I think they brought up the issue of special previleges of the Malays and LKY was questioning about why he cannot be PM of Malaysia. They were in a hurry to take charge when the nation was only 7 yrs old. Constant bickering by the PAP and the DAP (registered by Devan Nair in 1966) resulted in racial tension and finally the 13 May riots of 1969. I believe there will be a non-Malay PM in the future..but this will be determined by the majority of the population. Like USA, Malaysian might want an ethnic Chinese PM one day….so…don’t mess the mind of the Malays. Chinese should also look at Singapore …a very successful model nation whose leader always belong to one family who is very very intelligent and very very rich. So is the DAP which is dominated by the Kit Siang family since its formation in 1966. “Meritocracy” is practised in Singapore but not in other parts of the world. It is a convenient way of leaving the masses out of all decision process!


    • You sound a Chinese masquerading as a Malay – the habit Pakatan Rakyat members often display in such blogs as, that which is clung to by those having thug and gangster mentality, trying to lull the rakyat into thinking that there are Malays who think like you dastardly do.

      What are you talking about “there will be a non-Malay PM in the future..but this will be determined by the majority of the population”? Are not the Prime Ministers of this country for the past 55 years not “determined by the majority of the population”? What kind of democracy are you talking about? Do you even understand what democracy is? Do you know the difference between the American style democracy and the British or Westminster style democracy? Don’t be daft, man.

      What are you talking saying “Like USA, Malaysian might want an ethnic Chinese PM one day….so…don’t mess the mind of the Malays? What messing the mind of the Malays are you meaning? Are you not messing the minds of the Malays yourself by raising this subject? Do you understand the Constitution?

      Have you read the Constitution, those articles pertaining to the roles, functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong, the Rulers, the Rulers Council etc, and that no Prime Minister and no Menteri Besar can commence functioning without being appointed, in writing, by the YDP Agong and the Malay Rulers, and that where there is a doubt, the Rulers Council meets and resolve the issue.


      • “Like USA, Malaysian might want an ethnic Chinese PM one day…”

        But unlike USA, we never had a Chinese Exclusion Act or even sent back shiploads of Chinese railway and gold rush workers in the 19th Century.

        We better than USA eh? But Nik Aziz said even DPM must be Muslim first.


    • And why must you exhort “Chinese should also look at Singapore”? What is so great about Singapore? What “very successful model nation” are you talking about when they are ruling only 600 square miles island, the longest road built being only 25 miles, ruling with the Iron Hand, with “Big Broter Always on the Wall”, listenting to and watching what the citizens say or do even in the bedroom.

      Did you not read about all those over the years. Google up and read. Lee Kuan Yew hardly tolerated dissent, those he could not use the criminal laws on on, he used the civil laws – he sued them to bankruptcy, until there were only 2 Opposition MPs in Siangapore parliament at one stage, a number loset their MP positions becaused LKY sued them to bankruptcy.

      And did you not read or saw on TV about those who stole roadside landscaping plants being made to plant them again in front of Singapore TV cameras, being made to shame and publiic odium, utter disregard for the laws of the land? That was communist Mao Zedong so-called Cultural Revolution style of the 1960s that Lee Kuan Yew adopted. And you want Malaysian Chinese to look at Singapore? What the ….


    • And you admire Singapore “whose leader always belong to one family …”? What kind of cuckoo thinking you have, Mista, admiring nepotism? Maybe you don”t even understand nepotism – look it up in the dictionary, man. Nepotism was practised thousands of years ago and has died out, shunned and ridiculed by those who believe in democracy.

      Google about nepotism and you’ll see those whacking the Lim Kit Siang nepotism with son Lim Guan Eng, daughter-in-law Betty etc, and Anwar Ibrahim’s nepotism with him as boss, his wife as President, his daughter as Vice-President of PKR.

      And are you a communist or an anarchist being happy about “the DAP which is dominated by the Kit Siang family since its formation in 1966″ and saying “Meritocracy” (you are criticizing when putting it in inverted commas) as practised in Singapore … is a convenient way of leaving the masses out of all decision process!”?


  7. JOHARI,

    I’m not quite sure of your intention in the above post. Thank you for pointing out that in the 1960s LKY and LKS aggressively raised the issue of special privileges of the Malays and LKY was questioning why he cannot be PM of Malaysia.

    Yes, many have pointed out that he rather readily agreed to bring Singapore into Malaysia because he saw the prospect of becoming the PM of a large country rather than just an island state. But I think even if he and Singapore were not “kicked out” of Malaysia in 1965, he would not have been able to be PM of Malaysia because the Malays would not have voted for his party or even a coalition of parties.

    Of course the slogan Malaysian Malaysia that he concocted – later adopted by DAP – was along that line. Wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. It was subversive to that Special Position which is enshrined in Article 153 of the Constitution. For that reason alone it was justified to have him kicked or detained under house arrest (our troops and Royal Malaysian Navy HQ were based in Singapore then) but Tengku A Rahman made the huge mistake of kicking Singapore out as well, effectively giving Singapore to LKY FOC, for which many have not forgiven TAR until now.

    Yes, Lim Kit Siang and DAP picked up that so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan and did not desist from trying to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. It led to the race riots of 13 May 1969. Nasty this Lim Kit Siang and DAP. LKS was arrested and detained under ISA for some years for being prejudicial to national security, mainly due to such words and deeds of his. I think the country will be more peaceful and harmonious without LKS and DAP and they should certainly be voted out at PRU13.


  8. “Lim Kit Siang who was dead angry at Tun Mahathir several days ago for accusing him as a campaigner of racist strategy in Gelang Patah”
    Kit Siang was ‘dead angry’ because Tun Mahathir hits the right spot. Right dead centre. Tun Mahathir tells the bitter truth. That is why Kit Siang is yelping.

    Memangpun diaorang ni racists. Kita boleh nilai dari pilihanraya parti mereka saja. Parti kononnya multiracial, tapi bila ada pemilihan, ahli-ahli parti tak pilihpun bangsa lain jadi wakil. Jadi ke mana kaum minoriti nak menyalurkan pandangan.

    Cyber-trooper Pakatan mahukan kononnya menghapuskan politik berteraskan ras. Cuba bayangkan senario ini. Semua parti politik di Malaysia adalah parti politik multiracial. Bila ada pemilihan pemimpin parti, siapa yang akan dipilih? Pastinya bangsa yang majoriti dalam parti itu. Jadilah apa yang terjadi dalam DAP. Dalam PKR pun sama. Majoriti Melayu, jadi wakil ramai Melayulah.

    Walau bagaimana kebanyakkan orang merasa dia bagus/baik/adil sekalipun, dia akan lebih percaya orang yang sama sepertinya (pendidikan, rupa, cara hidup, falsafah hidup, etc) Bila bangsa sama, persamaan itu lebih banyak. Maka keputusan pilihan raya parti melambangkan nilai yang tersirat di dalam sesuatu kumpulan.
    DAP -ahli2nya lebih percaya orang-orang seperti mereka saja. Mereka percaya bahawa orang lain tidak akan mementingkan kemajuan mereka, malah akan memusnahkan nilai-nilai yang mereka pegang. Mereka merasa mereka jauh lebih baik dari orang lain. ‘Meritocracy’ adalah perkataan lain untuk ‘Superiority’. They think that they are superior than any other race.

    Tapi benar ke mereka ini superior?
    Contoh terbaik untuk kita nilai : Lim Kit Siang. Kalau kita banding jasa Kit Siang dan Tun M…jauh bertimbun jasa Tun M. Sebab itu banyak usaha/spin untuk menidakkan jasa-jasa Tun M. ‘Tun M = diktator’…sedangkan diktator sebenar adalah diri mereka sendiri iaitu Kit Siang/Anwar. Sebab itu juga Tun M adalah ‘sore point’ untuk Kit Siang. Kit Siang knows that he can never achieve greatness, like what Tun Mahathir did. Kalau sebut ‘Dr Mahathir’, there are more people around the world who knows Dr M. But people outside Malaysia (except that small dot in the south) don’t know who LKS is.

    Kenapa demokrasi BN adalah cara yang bijak?
    Setiap parti mendapatkan calon terbaik bagi setiap kaum (dengan andaian bahawa bagi kaum yang sama, pandangan, falsafah dan masalah adalah sama). Mereka akan menyalurkan pandangan/ masalah setiap kumpulan mereka. Dengan cara ini setiap kumpulan, walau minoriti dapat mengambil bahagian dalam pembangunan negara. Itu juga kekuatan kita sebenarnya. Kita mempunyai pelbagai cara untuk menyelesaikan masalah. Apa yang menjadi masalah untuk satu kaum adalah bukan masalah untuk kaum yang lain, maka kita saling belajar antara satu sama lain.


    • Teruk betul DAP kalau sampai dalam partinya Melayu yang jadi minoriti yang tak de apa-apa langsung.

      Parti macam ni mengaku Malaysian Malaysia?

      Tak mencerminkan Malaysia langsung, dia ingat Malaysia ni Cina yang punya.

      Betapa tamaknya sampai DEB yang target 30% je dianggap menindas diorang, semua diorang nak kaut, lepas tu mengaku kononnya adil dan meritokratis.

      Cina memang tamak ye semuanya?Apa lagi alsan diorang sokong DAP kalau bukan kerana nak conquer semua?DAP bukan pandai mentadbir pun, menipu je lebih.
      Blog Satd komen sampai sekarang tak boleh bidas.


  9. Do not dispute the people’s choice. All races are the same. Ask them to put out their wealths, then weigh the leaders’ weights there; and between M and Lim tell all Malaysians as to who is less greedy.

    Do not condemn the people whom Mahathir hates. You need to be a modern Malaysian who is fair, fine and just.

    We are getting to be modern Malaysians, not “bodohs” forever since his rule had already ended. The “bodohs” ruled by him through his use of the ISA cane were mostly racists like him.

    When no more a leader, he still wants to control UMNO and comments over all his party members. He forgets that he is retired. His creation of ISA made MCA and MIC his babies and followers; but Malaysians are now grown up and modern – getting to be of the world’s standard in politics, babies no more.


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