Lim Kit Siang and his antics

So the ‘multi-racial’ Democratic Action Party (DAP) who had often chastise Barisan Nasional as unrepentant group of racist authoritarians is again, do not practise what they preached.

As nomination day passed last Saturday, most candidates nominated by DAP to contest in this general election came from one race – the chinese.

Lim Kit Siang who was dead angry at Tun Mahathir several days ago for accusing him  as a campaigner of racist strategy in Gelang Patah, had not only did just like what Tun Mahathir had predicted, but also fielded more chinese from his party in the constituencies DAP are contesting.

Below are the list for Johor:


1. Bakri – Er Teck Hwa, 41

2. Kluang – Liew Chin Tong, 36

3. Gelang Patah – Lim Kit Siang, 72

4. Kulaijaya – Teo Nie Ching, 30

5. Tanjong Piai – Mahdzir Ibrahim

6. Labis – Ramakrishnan Suppiah, 57


1. Jementah – Tan Chen Choon, 43

2. Bekok – Lim Eng Guan, 34

3. Tangkak – Ee Chin Li, 31

4. Bentayan – Chua Wee Beng, 41

5. Yong Peng – Chew Peck Choo, 45

6. Penggaram – Gan Peck Cheng, 46

7. Mengkibol – Tan Hong Pin, 32

8. Paloh – R. Shanker, 40

9. Johor Jaya – Liow Cai Tung, 27

10. Stulang – Andrew Chen Kah Eng, 38

11. Pengkalan Rinting – Cheo Yee How, 29

12. Skudai – Dr Boo Cheng Hau, 49

13. Senai – Wong Shu Qi, 30

14. Pekan Nenas – Yeo Tung Siong, 34

As we all can see, only  one out of 20 candidates is a malay and only 2 are indians. That is only 5% and 10% respectively from the total list.

The DAP opponents on the other hand are Barisan Nasional candidates which are quite mixed in numbers. There are malays, chinese and indians. Note that come this election, the multi-racial Barisan Nasional, comprises multitude of parties, is facing various parties in the form of an extremist Islamic-malay party we call PAS, an Anwar Ibrahim groupie club we call PKR and of course, the autocratic chinese ‘we are multi-racial’ dominated party we call the DAP.

What happened in DAP? Did the multi-racial DAP in recent years had a mass exodus of indians and malays into other parties? Of course not.

The stark reality is, DAP has never been multi-racial as what they would like the less intelligent people to believe. They are predominantly a chinese party. No malays have been elected to the highest order of their hierarchy unless they are nominated just as a token of their ‘multi racialism’.

There are no substance whatsoever to what they are claiming themselves to be.

Lim Kit Siang, sensing that they need further push for this election had unashamedly trying to garner sympathy over the now non-issue ROS fiasco. This old man had even try to shed crocodile tears because of the mistakes made by his own party!

What happened was, the DAP members made complaints to ROS regarding the injustice they alleged had happened. As the DAP’s leadership is very autocratic in its approach, all their grouses were left unheeded. Some staged demonstrations in front of DAP’s headquarters following the party election. The diagram below illustrated the sneaky DAP milking the ROS issue.

Chronology of the DAP - ROS fiasco which started from DAP's faulty CEC election last year

Chronology of the DAP – ROS fiasco which started from DAP’s faulty CEC election last year

For the life of me, I do not understand why Lim Kit Siang would cry over an imaginary problem. It was imaginary because there was no problem at all over the use of logo.

In hindsight, there was no problem come nomination day. And this, for all intent and purposes only revealed that Lim Kit Siang was using his tears to evoke sympathy. What an utter disgrace. It seems that Lim Kit Siang, after holding ROS ransom after it acted on complaints by HIS OWN party members, even sought to stoop so low just to fish some votes.

He even had the cheek to say that DAP will keep their campaign ‘clean, fair and transparent’!

This is AFTER they had smeared ROS for being a tool of Barisan Nasional and accuses BN trying to assassinate DAP’s political life. Won’t this make them hypocritical? But of course, DAP and Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders have always been known as unrepentant in their approach to insult our intelligence.

Transparent and fair? Tell that to those who were silenced during the DAP’s CEC election fiasco.

How can we forget when Lim Guan Eng, with his sense of conceited arrogance, DEMANDED the ROS to revoke the April 17th letter  and warned that if ROS did not do as he demanded, the DAP will use PAS or PKR’s logo in the election. This example of an overweening and condescending nature is not unheard of among DAP leaders. And they dared to preach BN from their moral high horse! In the end, it was all hot air. The tears shed were probably tears of happiness for the sole reason that the ROS issue landed on their laps and they could exploit it to their advantage.

DAP leaders are nothing more than arrogant group of people who are not shy in getting their agenda and objectives achieved by any way possible. Their former wakil rakyat below aptly said it in not so many words:

Jenice Lee

Thank you and vote wisely.

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