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Lim Kit Siang sinks further..

..into the abyss of his own making.

As per the latest news report, Lim Kit Siang has challenged the Menteri Besar of Johor, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman into a series of debate in the run up to the election day.

His latest effort in order to be significant for the people in Gelang Patah is to debate with his opponent; a person who is born and bred in Johor, and had given so much contribution for the people there:

JOHOR BARU: DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang has challenged Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman to a series of debate before the May 5 general election.

Lim will be contesting in the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat against Abdul Ghani, who is Barisan Nasional’s candidate for the constituency.

He said the first of the seven-debate series should be held before nomination day on April 20 to “lay things on the table to discuss issues so that the people can decide who to vote for”.

At a press conference here Wednesday, Lim added that he invited Ghani to join him in making Gelang Patah a model constituency for clean, free and fair general election.

When Abdul Ghani is already hitting the ground running, meeting people in Gelang Patah, mingling with voters and preparing for ceramah and meet the voters session, Lim Kit Siang is still harping on political one-upmanship.

It is ironic that Kit Siang was the one who announced his candidacy for Gelang Patah weeks before Ghani enters the fray and yet, Kit Siang is still no where to be found among the voters in Gelang Patah.

Kit Siang needs to remind himself that harping on national issues alone cannot win you votes. Each parliamentary is unique in its own way and for the people of Gelang Patah, this stranger in their soil – the Lim Kit Siang of Ipoh Timur, Kota Melaka, Tanjung and Ipoh Timur, the quintessential question they will ask is, what has Lim Kit Siang done specifically for the people in Gelang Patah in the past 5 years?

Kit Siang is perhaps still reeling with shock that he had to face Ghani Othman there in Gelang Patah instead of the usual MCA candidate. As a matter of fact, his desperation and stupefaction can be seen when he slammed MCA for ‘surrendering’ Gelang Patah, a traditional MCA seat to Umno’s Ghani.

Although Kit Siang himself was presented Gelang Patah after PKR surrendered that traditional PKR seat to him, he made no reflections about his own situation when criticising MCA. He was greatly disappointed that he could not battle MCA by playing the race card i.e., trying to garner votes from the chinese community which made up 53% of the whole parliamentary.

Meanwhile, Barisan Nasional in the spirit of camaraderie between races which it has endured and progressed, will be fielding a malay candidate from Umno in the chinese majority Gelang Patah. If Kit Siang would have noticed, Barisan Nasional has been fielding chinese candidates in malay majority constituencies for nearly 60 years. There hasn’t any problem with this sharing concept.

As far as candidacy goes, Barisan Nasional transcends race, religion and party affiliations. Something which Kit Siang and DAP needs to understand before immersing in Johor politics.

Pity old Kit Siang. He is grasping at straws. And as an advice, it is better for him to quickly meet his voters at a breakneck speed than to waste time going over debates; lest he wants the public to have an impression that he is quite idle and has a lot of free time in his hands! Not a good trait for a would be Member of Parliament.

I wonder what people in Ipoh Timur for the past 5 years had benefitted from this old relic of Malaysian Malaysia past. A lecture on nightly basis?

Less talk and more action please.


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  1. The chest-thumping DAP and the Anak BangsaT Malaysia loudly claims that they are “for meritocracy” and what not, feeling they are somehow superior to the Melayu. But for Gelang Patah, you will see how big a hipocrite and liar that they are. When it comes to achievements, Ghani has been the Menteri Besar of a very successful state for years. And Kit Siang – his achievements are…what??

    But these people will ignore this fact and support Kit Siang, and proving that their claims about meritocracy are just a cynical attempt that masks their true intent – to usurp power through the support of the bingai in PAS and PKR and then relegate Malays and Muslims in Malaysia to the gutters.

    Kit Siang claims that he is doing this “for the rakyat”. Let’s take him at his word – after the GE, let’s throw him into the Johor Straits and let him be useful to the rakyat in a ‘job’ that’s more suitable for the credentials that he has…as a “tukun tiruan”.


  2. Kit Siang is full of shit. He was against Penang Bridge in the early 80’s, now DAP sibuk wanting a tunnel for Penang although 2nd bridge is already near completion.

    Old face with same shit harping over old issues over and over again. Go retire lah. Sick of your face.


  3. Kit SIang shot circuit mind is a man who un-intelligence against the idea of making North South Highway. Can you imagine that if we solely follow his stupid idea, Malaysia will left 15 years behind in term of development. No foreign direct investment will coming to Malaysia in 80’s and 90’s due no highway link between north and south and lack of infrastructure.Your daughter and son didn’t get to work as engineer or professionals in Malaysia due to limited job available. And for sure most of people in this country will work as rubber tapper and farmer.If you go to face mapping fengshui, You will find receding jaw line in his face that signs of misfortune at old age and double line at cheekbone shows his hidden dark forces that full of hatred.
    Now he want to take one of the most develop area in Johor which are brainchild of BN gov. You develop Butterworth first than Ipoh Timor or Permatang Pauh. What hypocrite mind of this Old Mad Donald Duck which didn’t have the quality of statesman and shown his true color of greediness with low class politics.


  4. do not trust this “fugitive” Lim Kit Sial call Dato Ghani Othman for clean,free & fair election.election for CEC DAP pon dia tipu anak China convert Islam dia kata Melayu (Zairil Abdullah).dia ingat Melayu ni bodoh macam Anwar,N.ajis,Hadik Awang.


  5. Dinosaur and biaDAP should just concentrate on Malaysia and Malaysians instead of campaigning for the kiasu island with a huge chip on its shoulder.

    Malaysian Malaysia is already showing signs of failure in kiasu island with its future 6.9 million population that has generated protests among born and bred Singaporeans.

    Still more bad news for jurassic park resident – ROS do not recognise biaDAP’s “elected” top leaders.


  6. No question about it. Kit Siang is sinking further. Into the abyss. Hopefully into oblivion.

    Some say he’d try to rise again after losing. Like in Penang when he lost badly before. But not this time. He’s 72 years old. And had back aches, eyes and a lot of heart aches. There are reports bout his doctor son concerned about his health. Would be blaming his brother Guan Eng for insisting the father try and sort out the DAP-PKR problem in Johor.

    But instead of solving, he worsened it. DAP Johor and PKR Johor have never been so embittered as they are now. While Chua Jui Meng has tried to smile and say things nice in front of the public, PKR Johor leaders have said nasty things against DAP even at a press conference in JB.

    That’s the kind of heart aches that will make old Kit Siang totter. The rigours of day and night election campaigning. Less than 100 attendees in some areas. As a human being I kesian sama dia. As a stronlgly anti-DAP fler, I don’t mind he drops dead or disappears. For good.


  7. Lim Kit Siang is challenging to debate. Anwar is challenging to debate. Abut the only one not doing so is Mustapha, Sec Gen of PAS – he’s gone debased after the sex video case, haha.

    But this thing about asking to debate is why? Coz they cannot win otherwise. In debates they can twist and spin like nobody’s business. They can how faces (look at photos of LKS and Anwar – they can be very nasty, even gruesome looks when debating), gesticulate, ejaculate (ooops, I mean ejaculate vituperates – don’t they rhyme?) and get away with murder.

    But that’s all they can do. They don’t have much facts to show, much successes to claim. Anwar’s Finance Ministership even is blemished by a lot of controversies. What more Lim Kit Siang. He has not been Minister of anything. Maybe Minister of Nothing – that portfolio which should be created to sort out the effects of the race riots of 13 May 1969.


  8. Kit Siang does this (not meeting voters etc) because he pretty much already has the Chinese voters in the bag. DAP sudah sapu semua with their racial rhetorics. I’m not sure if Malay votes are enough to get BN the majority votes in Gelang Patah this time around. I sure hope something good happens for Ghani Othman – I like the guy. He’s done good.


    • I disagree with you. It’s his perception that he already has the Chinese voters in the bag. But politics is about the voters’ perception, not his.

      Remember that he has lost in the elections several times in the past:

      Serdang state by-election in 1968
      Bandar Hilir state seat in 1982
      Tanjung Bungah state seat in 1995 (defeated by Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon)
      Bukit Bendera parliamentary seat in 1999 (defeated by former Gerakan secretary-general Chia Kwang Chye)
      Kebun Bunga state seat in 1999 (defeated by Dr Teng Hock Nan)


    • It may be true if one takes a stereotypical look at the Chinese voters and assume that they – or most – will vote along 2008’s lines. But times and things have changed.

      Over the past five years, many realise that Pakatan Rakyat might be a viable alternative after all. Unlike parties like Umno, MCA, MIC, DAP and PAS, PKR isn’t likely to be around for too long – it doesn’t really stand for anything except the desire of some people who wants to see Anwar becoming the Prime Minister. For many, they have a personal stake in that they have invested a lot of time, energy and emotions into it. But they will bandon it when the dream becomes hopeless.

      Anyway, back to Gelang Patah – the Chinese wouldn’t want to be with the losing side for too long. In their hearts, they know that it’s very unlikely for Pakatan to form the government after the GE. And if Ghani loses, that means the voters had voted solely on racial lines by choosing for a candidate who hasn’t achieved anything except TALK. Sure, Gelang Patah might have a DAP MP but what good will that do for the voters there when the Federal government is under the BN? And what good will that do to the Chinese in Gelang Patah who will be know as simply as racist hipocrites who only talk about meritocracy but fail to practice what they preach?


  9. sometime people with brain are too proud to admit mistakes while those without brain are too full of shit to admit to everything. which one do you think is lim kit siang


  10. Debates will enlighten the people who listen to the debaters.

    Why not bring out the issues and see how the debaters explain their positions so that the people would wisely vote for the candidates of their choice. Let us not forget that Khalid Ibrahim was the first wise leader to have given free water to ALL ALIKE in the State of Selangor. He did not section out the rich or the poor. The poor would be despised if their water bills show no payments for water usage needed; and similarly, the rich would be annoyed if they need to be inconvenienced further to have to pay for water bills while working so hard for the nation. Therefore, this is one wise decisions : to give something FREE to ALL ALIKE IN LIKE MANNER in the whole state of Selangor.

    Guess this is the first happening in Malaysia. What other things has anyone gotten free similarly for ALL ALIKE IN LIKE MANNERS? M spent 33 years governing but gave nothing of this sort to anyone in any state.

    Also, otherwise, there are criterias to fulfil, and such criterias make many not deserving to receive. Here, therefore, is one instance which a debate would indicate if there is any more good things to come for ALL MALAYSIANS ALIKE IN LIKE MANNER. They need to respect the intelligence of the public and attend to such debates. If they do not agree, then obviously, they do not care about public opinions.


    • Dear rayray,

      I bet if Khalid Ibrahim goes into a debate with his opponent, he will fall flat on his face. Your argument where he gives free water to Selangor residents is laughable since there are many Selangor residents (including yours truly) never received this ‘free’ water. You can read it in the links provided below:

      And I implore you to think further beyond your nose to see that the current government had given more than what Khalid Ibrahim supposed to have given. For instance, free education in primary and secondary levels. In government schools, children are no longer paying all sort of fees and this apply to ALL. I believe you use petrol right? Everyone who uses petrol gets subsidy. That’s why when you were younger, you only paid RM1.10 per litre of fuel. These days with the current astronomical price of worldwide petrol, you only pay RM1.90 per litre. Everyone pays the same price.

      There are many other things we can state here but let this be homework to you. What else can you think off? Prejudiced people like yourself who had gone blind and stupid need to use that tiny little organ inside your head called the brain once more.

      Plus, we have debates between politicians everyday on paper or in your alternative media. They trade arguments on daily basis. Go and read them.

      Thank you.


    • I don’t mind at all reading comments from the Opposition. Those that are sensible. But to talk about free water is nonsense. It’s free if within the small amount allowed. And how many families use the amount stipulated.

      I suppose these Pakatan fellows cannot think out anything better than the so-called free water. It’s so ridiculous that it’s a farce, a joke, or at best, appearing as an attempt to hoodwink the rakyat.

      Yet this rayray guy appears to have good English and not stupid. If not stupidity, it must be the mere desperation of trying to find out whatever good that Pakatan governments have done for the rakyat. And the fler could not find any, except so-called free water. Sad. Very sad.


      • For 5 years, and during its first term of being in power, Khalid Ibrahim gave Selangorians free water. Yet, he had to fight hard with Syabas which wanted to increase water charges and reap even more profits, holding on to their monopoly of being the water supplier.

        We need to be appreciative of this free water given by Khalid Ibrahim. God bless him.

        We need not be charged at all. How wonderful. It is so wonderful that even other political parties have also pledged to continue with FREE WATER FOR US ALL.

        I am so glad that Khalid initiated this, and going against Syabas, etc. ALL CONCESSIONARIES APPOINTED BY THE PREVIOUS SELANGOR GOVT PEOPLE.

        Hopefully this FREE WATER WOULD ALSO BE ‘FREE’ FOR ALL and not just be given to the poor only as the poor people would be insulted to be classified as being poor.

        This is to say, the ones in authority need to GIVE TO ALL ALIKE THE LIKE BENEFITS IN LIKE MANNER WITHOUT VARIATIONS formulated by THE RULING POWER and at their FANCIES too!

        This free gift is wonderful because Water is a Gift from God, and throughout the LAST ERAS it had never been given to us free at all. In fact, they had never given us anything free at all. Instead, it started the INDAH WATER CHARGES which additionally burdened our folks into having to fork out more money FOR NO SERVICE rendered by Indah Water Consortium.

        Indah Water sort of services used to be under the provision for free by the JKR. See the opposites in what is meant by SERVING THE PEOPLE. If not serving the people, then who are they serving on the ‘under carpet sides’ by insisting on the creation of Indah Water Consortium and charges paid by us to fill their coffers ??????

        Talk about giving us all EQUAL GOODNESS FOR GOODNESS SAKE! We all would love that, don’t we? We are not stupid nor arrogant malaysians.


        • Ah now I know what kind of philosophy you swear by to.

          You want everyone to get the same free things regardless if they are poor or rich. You do not believe in needs based subsidy/assistance.

          Thank you for the clarification.

          By the way, yes water is free, but treated water has costs attached to it.


          • First, I do not swear.

            Next, I do not have any prejudices towards any philosophy.

            All I emphasize is, similar citizenship needs to be treated similarly and be granted similar benefits. Therefore, if water is free for some, then it ought to be free for all. As for the expenses in treating that water, KNOW IT OR NOT, WHETHER THEY USE OR NOT, or, EVEN IF NOTHING AT ALL, THE COMMERCIAL UNITS ARE CHARGED RM36/= PER MONTH FOR EACH WATER METER fixed. These earnings would enrich Syabas tremendously. Imagine, charging RM36/= per month for one (1) cubic metre of water usage!

            So, Khalid is right and had rightly defended the people in Selangor in allowing them to have free water. Water to households can be affordably given free to Selangorians since Syabas charged RM36/= a month for shops and offices MONTHLY. Syabas bills used to be RM36/= for two months once but that quietly changed to RM36/= monthly. This means their charges had doubled. Also, their profits from them had doubled too. But, where did all those profits go to? No one knows as we are not in their management. However much money they reap in their gross profits, their nett always appear to be losses! Can you explain why? Repeat: Syabas had doubled their charges because their billings used to be two months once but had changed to monthly – for the same amount : RM36/= per month and yet they claim to be losing money.

            Therefore, subsidies are not needed if costs of items are kept down, but the problem is, prices rose and subsidies then came in to reduce costs.

            To do away with subsidies, there should be no monopolies. That way, competition in business would reduce costs – even for water, electricity supply, cement costs, etc. However, even GOVERNMENT LINKED COMPANIES ARE doing huge businesses, and being earners of huge profits even reaping from basic necessisities’ commodities. Yes, such are privatised companies but being monopoly holders, they should not be allowed to raise prices as they like in order to profit more and more each year – without having regards for the sufferings of the people. There has got to be a limit towards their profits allowed so as not to make the people suffer with annual increases of RISING COSTS OF LIVING.


            • I find it hard to believe that your alleged high quality 2 dollar per month home schooled education could take the word ‘swear’ that I mentioned earlier out of context.


              Maybe you should read the 3 links I provided on Khalid Samad and his free water fiasco in my much earlier reply to you. Actually you can ask Khalid himself on what has Syabas done because Selangor state government is one of the main shareholder of Syabas.

              I thought Khalid Samad did not promise any free water to commercial sector, only domestic consumers? Even that, he couldn’t deliver. Otherwise he wouldn’t be sued on reneged promises right now. And it’s not just water.

              He has yet to fulfill RM100 for every Selangor-born infant (totalling RM40 million); RM75 financial assistance per month for every child sent to the nursery (RM122 million); RM50 monthly financial assistance for pre-school education (RM23 million); RM1,000 for every Selangor student attending university (RM133 million); RM2,500 in Takaful (insurance) for senior citizens, the disabled and orphans (RM407 million); free medical treatment for Selangor citizens above 65 years (RM290 million); and local government assessment tax rebates (RM1 billion).

              Maybe you should think about these broken promises first and complain to Khalid Samad before you lambast other party. Otherwise, you’re just bellowing hot air.

              Thank you.


    • Rayray,
      Awak duduk bawah tempurung mana? Free water? Free.. sampai tak ada air keluar dari paip.
      Last weekend, a nephew who is in form 3 told us one of his friend brought the PR manifesto (bukan janji) to school. After reading it he said, “Tak masuk akal.” We laughed at his comment. Then we ask why. He gave a simple reason, “Kalau semua free, turun, bangkraplah negara.” Hahaha. Smart boy!
      Budak sekolah menengahpun lagi bijak dari pemimpin PR. Apa tidaknya…kebanyakkan mereka lulus cukup-cukup makan aje di U. Anwar (GD- Pengajian Melayu…susah sangatke kursus tu?), Karpal (3rd class), Kit Siang grad U mana ye? Ada org cakap dia amik Law masa kena tahan di Kemunting. Anak dia nama aje grad perakaunan tapi tak pandai baca akaun pun. Selalu kena tibai dgn SatD.
      Asyik nak debat aje. Zaman sekarang adalah masa kurang bercakap lebih buat kerja sebab masa cepat berlalu. Kalau banyak bercakap banyak kerja tak siap.


      • Your nephew would be laughing till he and his classmates collapse when he now knows that other parties too have followed Khalid Ibrahim’s initiative in giving ‘free water’. Water is a gift from God, but charged astronomically by the monopoly holders, tell your nephew that.

        Tell your nephew too, that he and his classmates cannot be digging wells to get water as water found in them are also national resources belonging to the nation and country. So, from there, they would appreciate this thing called FREE WATER which is indeed A BASIC NECESSISITY which freeness has made our environments cleaner and our housewives and house maids more hardworking in cleaning and washing their homes, houses and their surroundings using this free element, WATER. Even the plants are happy too, not to mention the cleaner car surfaces !!!!!

        Your nephew needs to learn to appreciate little things so kindly given to us – which seldom come by in our living. Tell your nephew and his classmates too, that his ‘shit’ which he makes / allow to flow down the drainage systems is being allowed to flow with or for ‘a charge’. It is not free flowing even of his free shit!

        Tell him to question Indah Water as to why they charge his house / his parents when he allows his shit to flow down their own original pipings into the shit ponds first built by the developers from whom his parents bought their house.

        They would be even more amused by those true, sad information. We need to enlighten them with the right goodness and the true pains suffered by the adults as well so that they become better young malaysians, and not so easily indoctrinated by wrong elders around them. Stand for ‘justice’ if you are a just person!


        • Quote: “Water is a gift from God”. But treated water (safe for human consumption) carries a processing cost.

          Perhaps rayray was talking about the brownish water in Kelantan.


          • I do not know about the water quality in Kelantan. All I can say is, when Selangorian households were paying for water, during dry spells the water came out brown very often, and sometimes, even as dark as strong KOPI-0. This means they did not process the water, right?

            Now, surprisingly, when water is given to households with individual water meters FREE of charge, it has been good quality so far, and NEVER ONCE like KOPI-0.

            This shows that Selangor Government has put in pains to guard the water quality for its people besides giving it out free. Appreciative people know how to appreciate little returns which cut our cost of living – and this rising cost of living is causing much sufferings to many of us. Such are the things we expect from the Government; and when given, we are appreciative unless we are stupid.


        • Rayray, you are so immature. Why did i said so? You Don’t Understand Economy.

          Water is free? Ya…hujan yang turun dari langit memang free. Tapi air hujan juga kadang-kadang hujan asid. Perlu dirawat dulu sebelum boleh guna. Bila hujan mencecah tanah, masuk longkang, sungai (macam macam pencemaran yang nampak dan tidak), banyak kekotoran mula diangkut sama. Itu sebab perlu dirawat air tu. Kos rawatan air free juga? Gaji orang/jurutera yang servis air itu tak payah bayar ke? Gaji orang yang servis pam, paip, kebocoran tak perlu bayar ke? Bil elektrik untuk menjalankan pam air free ke? Empangan, kawasan tadahan air semua perlu duit untuk diselenggara. Dunia mana awak tinggal? Why do I have to explain all this ? >.<
          JMD already said "water is free, but treated water has costs attached to it." That is what he meant.
          Same with IWK. Yeah…the basic starting material is free. But the people working, the machinery, the cleaning process (facilities, the process, electricity, water, etc) all need money to get the final product/work done. If you don't process the initial free waste, there would be a big environmental impact. Even the quality of our drinking water will be affected.

          There are many things the government is providing us. Subsidise petrol, free education until secondary, good health benefits (I'm a new kidney patient, if I were to pay for my dialysis it would have cost me tens of thousands of ringgit already. The service of all the doctors and nurses have been very good. My brother in-law premature baby would have caused him more than 20K if he went to a private clinic) , and a lot more. But you don't seem grateful…not even a bit. And here you are whining about how grateful we should feel about free water. Budak kecil betul! (I must be off my rocker here 'bergaduhing' with budak tak cukup akal o_O)

          JMD said, "Ah now I know what kind of philosophy you swear by to." I'm as surprised as JMD when you take the word 'swear ' he used as 'mencarut'. The word 'swear' he used was for "something you stand for/ really believe in." It's obvious to others that your supposed to be high class education is 'indah kabar dari rupa'. But you do sure get your two dollars worth. Kira tak rugilah ^o^.
          I'm glad I have no need to explain further to my nephew because he already knows.
          He sure is smart!


  11. Malaysia is a world class producer of oil and gas, and yet we Malaysians do not get cheaper petrol than in some neighbouring countries. Why is this so? Who gets all the benefits? Who owns Kencana and other associated companies? They are reaping huge profits LIKE GOD GAVE TO THEM ONLY OUR NATIONAL RESERVES. Also, why is it that we get to buy low grade petrol at a Government – Subsidised price too? There are many things we are deprived of only because we are being deceived into believing the wrong things instead of the WHOLE THINGS.

    As for water, it is truly free for you but only if you qualify the criteria which is, YOU MUST HAVE A SEPARATE METER INSTALLED BY SYABAS. How come some of us do not get free water? This is because we are under the mishandling of the JMB and the JMC. These parties prefer to buy water in bulk from Syabas, and then charge us astronomical prices at their own callings which lack reasoning. In one case, for an apartment, water is charged at RM2.80 per cubic meter. Why so? Oh, they say it is because Syabas charge them this price too. And yet, if they TRULY REPRESENT THE OWNERS, WHY NOT APPLY OR INSIST THAT SYABAS GIVE TO ALL APARTMENTS INDIVIDUAL METERS SO THAT THESE APARGMENTS GET FREE WATER AS WELL? The answer is, they are very much protected by the Housing Ministry to the extent that the Strata Titles’ Act 1985 or even later DOES NOT HAVE ANY SECTION WHICH ALLOWS OWNERS OF STRATA PROPERTIES TO SUE THEM FOR not managing for the benefit of owners. Do you know this? Khalid Ibrahim FOUGHT REALLY HARD AGAINST THE PARTIES SO AS TO PERSEVERE TO PROVIDE SELANGOR FOLKS WITH FREE WATER. WE NEED TO APPRECIATE THIS WATER BATTLE HE HAD TO ENDURE WITH. Go and find out more on how owners are deprived, and worse, HOW MUCH OWNERS ARE BEING BULLIED ESPECIALLY IF you owe them management fees WHICH THEY ARE AT LIBERTY TO INCREASE AND NEVER WILL DECREASE, YOU CANNOT EVEN VOTE IF YOU DO NOT PAY THEIR CALLINGS OF THEIR ASTRONOMICAL SUMS ! This is the mentality of the superpowers who wield authority and SUCH PERSONS are able to suppress the rights of strata owners TOO, and their bullying ways are supported by the Ministry of Housing.

    As for free education, what ‘education’ is it that you talk about? Parents want their kids to be educate with an education ‘fit for the world’ and yet, with this thing called by you as ‘free education’, present day parents prefer to send their children to private national and international schools!!!! What freeness is this free quality? It is in fact, costing parents more in having to pay more for a reasonable standard of education. Is this free national public education of reasonable standard? You answer this. Is it then a place for indoctrination if not for education? We need to be smarter Malaysians, fit for the world, with proper education. For that, we would appreciate it if it is FREE. Any food which is free ought to be palatable; otherwise, it should not be distributed at all; and costing so much national expenses due to its distribution.


    • Wow.. we asked you to list other things government had given and you talk about people cannot vote in their resident association meetings because they did not pay their management fees. What on earth was that for? The only stupidity that comes from your points is that, Pakatan didn’t do enough homework before they try to make promises.

      For instance, Pakatan promises that within 24 hours after they win this coming election, they will decrease petrol prices. How? They say they will stop giving subsidy to IPP and the savings they will pump in to increase the subsidy for petrol.

      Now, have they talked and discussed this with the IPP companies? Have they looked at the agreements? We bet that there will be another round of messy fiasco just like how due to the ignorance of Pakatan making promises BEFORE they discuss with the relevant stakeholders like SYABAS, the same thing will happen with the IPP. Will the have to pay compensation to the IPP? So many questions which smart people like yourself failed to ask.

      As for the free education, whatever the quality you alleged now, we are glad that you admit it is indeed free. I am sure you are smart yourself since you have been educated in this free Malaysian education since primary school unless you are saying you are dumber than the rest of Asean countries.

      As for petrol, we are net importer of petrol since most of our resources are gas. We are net exporter of gas. Do you know what the terms net importer and net exporter means?

      And we are not sure why you arrogate the fact that Mokhzani owns Kencana when we were talking about subsidised petrol. When your arguments gone awry, it is hard to keep focus as the credibility of your argument is shifting. Focus on the original debate. But since you mentioned Kencana, who are not even petrol producing company, have you checked on Mokhzani’s shareholding? Previously, he only hold 7 million shares while his business partner, a chinese holds more than 90 million direct shares. Why don’t you unleash your fury on to that poor chinese guy?

      Thank you.




    We should not be furious over anything, nor using ‘swords or daggers’ to ‘rob and shut others up’. Write rationally because we need only to enlighten the proper facts to the proper situations AS A WHOLE. We need to look at all things as A WHOLE so that we get something that is completely faultless, and good.

    Therefore, repeat, the Ministry of Housing allows the JMB and JMC to bully and overcharge the pathetic owners of strata TITLED properties WHO BECOME HELPLESS WRETCHES these days – being angry with poor management, even mismanagement and YET, NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE. Let us hope for a change of such a disregarding Ministry as had happened for us. We need to take care of the welfare and sufferings of fellow Malaysians UNDER SUCH tyrannical JMB and JMC which unwanted acts are so much approved and improperly supported by the Ministry of Housing.

    Just give ‘justice’ what is due to it so that we enjoy ‘justice’ as it is given by God to us. Neither did many have an university education for free at all if they had no cables to pull. So, it is beyond reach for many to have had any free uni education at the expense of the government ! Those who did so – like, probably yourself, need to thank and love fellow Malaysians more for the benefits you attained. It is not an obligation due to the controling authority whose whims and fancies serve themselves only/more; and also, those of their family members before caring to provide for the best for other Malaysians.

    Wow, you brought up that name which you know best – as though you know him and belong to his category of circles as well. We are not sure of his or his other partnerships nor their race too whom you say are even greater percentage owners. All we know is that natural resources belong to the nation and they belong to all the nationals so that we AS MALAYSIANS OUGHT TO BENEFIT FROM THE NATURAL RESOURCES OF OUR OWN COUNTRY. We should not be selling First grade petrols to other nations and distribute poorer grades for locals to sell to locals, and worse, with huge subsidies.

    See how hard Kelantan has got to fight for a share of their dues for the oil and gas drilled from their locations, and have they gotten them by now- after their hard attempts to be rightfully given their dues ?

    As for the IPP I am sure you know well it was under which government that those IPPS WERE CREATED. Why and for what reasons were they created for force-sell electrict power supplies to the TNB?

    Further, why did they do such bad agreements that Malaysians would have to subsidise them for stopping their supply?

    The agreements were lop- sided agreements benefiting only the IPP. Why so?


    • Haha.. I rest my case.

      Like I once said in an article, once you’re prejudiced, you become stupid.

      You can check out Kencana’s shareholding in their website. It is public information. There is no need to write irrationally by arrogating that I know Mokhzani personally. Pity all those ‘alleged’ paid education you received couldn’t get you to digest the facts.

      Please do not be furious. There is no need to use capital letters all the way. Pity that in order for you to drive a point, as a whole, you chose a micro argument (JMB and JMC etc). Please.. you are grabbing at straws.

      Please continue to drop by here. I am sure this article has created some impression for you to even write a few comments about it. Thank you for the input. May you vote wisely. After all, it is your choice, no matter how prejudiced it is.

      Thank you.


      • “Pity all those ‘alleged’ paid education you received couldn’t get you to digest the facts.”

        Well it was only “2 DOLLARS PER MONTH WE HAD TO PAY AS FEES”

        One cannot expect very much from 2 dollars, can we?


        • Your mind does not work well. By quoting the truth, of Two Dollars, this is to say, paying so little and yet getting so much! What more, those missionaries teachers came to Malaysia and taught ALL MALAYSIANS for FREE. They gave free education which is of quality and of acceptable standards which are recognised throughout the world.

          However, present Malaysian children in public schools now get free education but the local parents of all races are unhappy with this FREE EDUCATION. Therefore, they are spending even more money so as to send their children to private national and international schools when they can barely afford to pay the hefty cost for that.

          You need to rethink – of what is free and what cost only Two Dollars per month. Which is better between the two ?


          • You know rayray Archbishop Desmond Tutu, of South Africa talk about these missionaries that you adored so much.

            He said, “Years ago when the white men came to Africa they have the bibles in their hands and we have our land. And now we have their BIBLES and they have our LAND”. And these include minerals, diamonds, farming land and the animals too. You know, elephants, hippo, buffaloes, lion, wild dogs etc, etc belong to the white man. They put them in what they called Private Game reserve. The local cannot hunt them for food.

            Do you think this is a good exchange for a bible? I dont think so. If you wants to know more about these bible carrying white men, you go and read what John Pilger wrote a book about them.

            And do you know why the white man are still carrying the bibles in their hands and we keep our land?. It is because we already have our religion,
            Islam and we are not gullible.


    • You know, JMD wanted to stop blogging when Tun Abdullah Badawi was successfuly removed from office. We all begged him to continue blogging.
      We thank God he did not stop. His stories about Hang Tuah was literally breath taking. And every one of his posting is worthwhile reading.

      I dont know JMD personally, but it never crossed my mind that he is a paid blogger.


  13. We need to demonstrate fair thoughts and even feelings without taking sides.

    Such ways would allow us to lead the nation towards justice and equality; and such just thoughts are recognised by all readers alike unless the readers’ minds are blocked or they are prejudiced people.

    If anyone appears to be blinded in telling his story, or if he is one-sided in his comments, then, that is quite obvious that he is being ‘unfair’ to serve some masters, or to please them, whether paid or unpaid. Such are subserviant writers, blockheads for tyrants!


      • You said it right, that the missionaries had done well in Malaysia and other countries which they offer educational assistance.

        Yes, those who came to teach at Missionary Schools worked for no pay and they were the ones who taught good English. Who would have sacrificed so much?

        They did not indoctrinate the students at all. The Muslims had their own religious schools to attend; and those who chose to attend Christian Missionary schools were not allowed to sing Christian songs nor attend biblical lessons which was also an optional subject for Christians only, not Muslims nor Buddhists.

        The missionaries knew well what they should not be doing. Their intention was to assist developing countries which are backward. Therefore we should not so quickly forget them when we get developed. Further, their intention was genuinely well demonstrated because they took back nothing from our land. They came and built schools with money brought from afar and such schools were so much desired by ALL PARENTS in Malaysia regardless of their family’s religion, and which even the political leaders and their children all wanted to attend. Therefore, the missionaries had given to us WITHOUT EXPECTING TO RECEIVE. They followed Jesus whose love for mankind is known as AGAPE which means giving without expecting to receive.


  14. What TYPE OF SEJARAH were you taught FOR FREE at school? This is the problem with FREE EDUCATION so blindly received by the receipients wanting to be educated for free.

    Are you sure you did not read FAIRY TALES in all those Sejarah books? True Sejarah is supported by experienced people who have true facts to tell and share. Ask your parents to teach you true Sejarah and please do not trust those FAIRY TALES written shamelessly with false pride and dishonesty.

    Such false FAIRY TALES make you believe that we were an advanced country before the Missionary Teachers came to teach our people for free and to assist us in learning to be SMART. Without their teaching, there will be even more BLOCKHEADS FOR TYRANTS here in Malaysia today, and all those whose minds are blocked are examples of such blockheads serving tyrants.


    • As far as I’m concerned and looking at your logic, you are the one behaving like Alice in Wonderland here and as far as BLOCKHEADS FOR TYRANTS are concerned, I have never met one, but surely can point to one now that I’ve ‘met’ you!
      You on the other hand, unsurprisingly seems to know more; birds of a feather, flocks together, ye?!

      anyway I’ll be glad to spoon feed mission school chap like you on few things for free since you are so slit minded, xiào gets the best of me…what to do sekolah kebangsaan ma!

      NO this is not BUKU SEJARAH SEKOLAH materials and NO this is not FREE EDUCATION since you do need to pay your internet and electricity bills!!!

      For a start, Google on these (and get LKS and the gang to do so too!):

      a)Thor Heyerdahl-Sea Routes to Polynesia
      b)Sanskrit & Bahasa Melayu connections (get a Kamus Dewan)
      c)Takashi Suzuki on Srivijaya based on Chinese records
      d)Jesuits and their works in Asia, Middle East and Africa


  15. I belong to no gang. Neither do I want to artue with Blockheads for Tyrants. Just do not be unreasonable to any one person who is also working for the betterment of the nation.
    With this in mind, you will know how to be neutral and judge correctly.

    Since God is neutral, you need to learn to be neutral too. Then only you will be able to think for yourself and not be working for tyrants who are supported by people like themselves.


    • ‘I belong to no gang.’-You’ve claimed that you are all neutral.

      ‘…you need to learn to be neutral too.’-You’ve asked me to learn to become one too, neutral being like you.

      ‘Then only you will be able to think for yourself and not be working for tyrants who are supported by people like themselves.’-THE NEUTRAL YOU have the guts to slander me (FYI, I’m self employed, thank you), while asking me to learn to be neutral, how funny, where is the neutrality in that?!

      You funny lah! And I bet THE NEUTRAL YOU (just like LKS and gangs) replied to my commentary above, without even trying to read the link I’ve kindly asked you too, since you have asked me to prove about this land not being backwards before heavenly sent missionaries came along.

      You are as matter of fact already being extremely biased there. A TRUE BLOCKHEADS INDEED! A TRUE BLUE TYRANTS COOLIE! GOOD JOB BLOCKIE!

      Apalah nasib, patutla negara ni kelam-kabut, lain kali kena vetted betul2 nih!


      • By the way, those recommended links are the real sejarah never being taught at schools, you should know by now, if you care to ever read them. And I bet your parents also would have no idea about this true and well documented sejarah (I on the other hand challenge you to prove them wrong, ada belani aah?), but I don’t blame them, trust me, it is not for them to know!

        But please make them proud. You don’t have to be like them you know. Stop feeling so inferior and behaving like a coolie any more, lets bygone be bygone, Malaysia sudah maju semula brader!

        Having said that I’m sure its not PERFECT, but we can’t be making good changes by telling lies and instigating hates. LKS and gangs are very good at this. And you, I would like to believe, a gullible victim, are you?

        Maybe those loud shouts by LKS and gangs at their ceramahs had successfully killed


  16. Why are you so angry and hateful of Lim Kit Siang?

    He is not my personal friend but I can see that he is trying to put Malaysia at par with Singapore.

    That is all I see in their struggle with Annuar. Do you see that too ?

    As for the BN leaders, they are all safe and saved, and they had all made all collective cabinet decisions good for BN. So, now, they can rest so as to give Annuar a chance to make Malaysia as great as Singapore, so much trusted by the world ! Do you agree? Right?

    I heard that in some countries, the leaders cannot be allowed to lead continuously. They need to step down after few years, and if found to have done any wrong while being leaders, they need to be dealt with, not one cabinet minister defending another : You for me, and I for you. What then about Malaysia???????



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