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Lim Kit Siang feels the heat…

… as Tun Dr Mahathir pre-empted his racist strategy for Gelang Patah.

Tun Mahathir, knowing full well what DAP’s Lim Kit Siang is all about, have slightly poked this old emperor of DAP with a jibe that everyone in Malaysia already knows – DAP and Lim Kit Siang will campaign on racial lines in every election.

For the record, Tun Mahathir had written this:

1. Kit Siang is going to contest in Gelang Patah.
2. Why Gelang Patah?
3. Obviously it is because Gelang Patah has a Chinese majority.
4. Obviously Kit Siang is going to play on Chinese sentiments.
5. Johore has been an Alliance/Barisan Nasional stronghold ever since independence. The three races there have been supporting each other in elections. They do not have strong racist feelings.
6. But Kit Siang is going to bring about conflict and antagonism between the races, to wage the Chinese to dislike and hate the Malays.
7. The slogan of the DAP is Malaysian Malaysia, a slogan used by the PAP in the 1964 General Elections. The slogan implies that Malaysia did not belong to all Malaysians equally. It belongs to the Malays.
8. The PAP intended to get the Chinese not to co-operate with the Malays, to end the Sino-Malay “ kongsi” of the Tunku in the Alliance Party.
9. Kongsi means not taking all our entitlements for ourselves but sacrificing some so others may get their share.
10. The PAP rejected this “kongsi” principle demanding that everything be based on merit. When Singapore left Malaysia the DAP, the PAP Trojan horse, took up the Malaysian Malaysia slogan. The intention was to draw away Chinese support from the MCA and abandon the kongsi concept with UMNO and the Malays. The meritocracy promoted by the DAP will mean diminishing opportunities for the Malays in education and in business. This will result in the Malays becoming less and less qualified and poorer. Meritocracy is not about sharing but about the winners taking all.
11. When Kit Siang decided to contest in Chinese majority Gelang Patah it is because he wanted the Chinese there and in Johor to reject working together and sharing with the Malays.
12. An unhealthy racial confrontation would replace Sino-Malay cooperation which has made Malaysia stable and prosperous. That cooperation will end when Kit Siang wins Gelang Patah. Even if there will not be violent clashes as seen in many countries where people are divided by race or religion, but confrontation between the three major races in Malaysia will be disruptive and will not be conducive to the development of Malaysia.
13. For this reason the decision of Kit Siang to contest in Gelang Patah will be the focus of the 13th General Election in this country.
14. Will the DAP end Malay-Chinese friendship and cooperation in Johor or will “kongsi” remain the bases of race relations in Johor and in Malaysia?
The cantankerous Lim Kit Siang took exception of what Tun Mahathir had said particularly paragraphs number 6 and 11. He then shot back with a threat of litigation suit (what else is new among Pakatan Rakyat leaders?) and complains to every Malaysian (like a child with tantrum) and even blackmailed the AG over this non-issue.
It was really laughable that Lim Kit Siang is angry that Tun Mahathir had allegedly defamed and slander him but his article to answer Tun Mahathir is filled with slander against the former premier himself. In other words, Lim Kit Siang himself is guilty of the same sin he is accusing Tun Mahathir.
After making those allegations against Tun Mahathir, he wrote this in the remaining paragraphs:

Now, I am more than convinced that Mahathir was behind these two “dirty tricks” when he could now concoct such lies and falsehoods in his blog on “Gelang Patah” which among other things, accused me of wanting to contest in Gelang Patah because

1. I want the Chinese in Gelang Patah and Johor to “reject working together and sharing with the Malays”;

2. urge the Chinese in Johor “to dislike and hate the Malays” to create “conflict and antagonism between the races”;

3. create “an unhealthy racial confrontation” between the Malays and Chinese in Johor, which will be “disruptive and will not be conducive to the development of Malaysia”.

I reiterate that all these three allegations by Mahathir are downright lies and falsehoods, which I had never uttered in Gelang Patah and Johore since the announcement on March 18 that I would be contesting in Gelang Patah, and that I had never uttered such scurrilous lies and falsehoods in my 47 years in politics, as they run counter to the grain of my political beliefs fostering greater inter-racial co-operation to build a united Malaysian nation.

I would like to remind Lim Kit Siang that in all DAP’s ‘ceramah’ there wasn’t any single one which DAP hasn’t said anything besides “this malay government is bad, that malay government is bad, malay Umno is unfair to the chinese, malay Umno is corrupt, malay Umno made chinese 2nd citizens etc” to their chinese audience.

This is the fact.

"If I can't say anything racial, I don't know what else can I say"

“If I can’t say anything racial, I don’t know what else I can say in my campaign”

Anyone who denies this are indeed blind and very prejudiced and biased. As we always say, those who are prejudiced, they will become stupid.

The act of insinuating that the malay Umno is bad (and by this extension, all malays is bad – fact that Pakatan non malay leaders could not understand the repercussion of saying that) and had unjustly treated the chinese, will inevitably lend to the feeling of uneasiness among the chinese in Johor particularly in Gelang Patah where as Johor as the bastion of BN is concerned, have had enormous goodwill and harmony between the two main races.

So what is new to what Tun Mahathir is saying?

What the premier just did was to send warning signals to the voters in Gelang Patah that Lim Kit Siang, as he had always done in the past, WILL resort to racial and racist lecture series all around Gelang Patah.

Can someone record all the speeches that Lim Kit Siang will make in this coming campaign?

And since we all know Lim Kit Siang is a self proclaimed Malaysian First (albeit hypocritically), he should make all his speeches in Malay or at most, in English.. so that we all can see if what Tun Mahathir predicted will come true.

Malaysians have been subjected to this racist individual for so long in the past and he is still contesting even though he is reaching mid 70s. A dictator by fact, who had helmed and ruled over DAP since 1969, the amount of racism he had introduced and peppered on every constituency he had contested must have been damaging to the social fabric of this nation.

Just like a former DAP leader had said, Lim Kit Siang and his traveling political circus will find ways to sow discord over a society which has strong bond and solid camaraderie over the years just to win a few votes. He will try to appeal over any innate racist tendency and germinate distrust of a race towards another so that he could attain power in the twilight of his years.

People in Gelang Patah should know better and it is also hoped that those who support DAP will finally see who and what are they voting for – just a bunch of megalomaniacs pursuing for power in the most vile way possible.

We should thank Tun Mahathir for pre-empting and ending Lim Kit Siang’s racist campaign.


29 thoughts on “Lim Kit Siang feels the heat…

  1. This dinosaur and sonny claimed competency, accountability and transparency. But the Penang project tenders and the irregularities committed at the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) election last December 15 have exposed their nepotism, cronyism and manipulation.

    Then they blamed it on excel and typo error, and of course somehow UMNO was also “guilty”.

    But the really stupidest “crime” they committed was to put a chinese man to stand in for “an elected Malay”.


  2. “Can someone record all the speeches that Lim Kit Siang will make in this coming campaign?”

    Sure someone will. More than someone. Now every other guy has a hand phone that can record both what is said and also how his face looks like when he said it. And many of his photographs when doing so in the 47 years of his political adventurism have been kind to BN. After all, the Police HQ have advised voters to be on the watch out for election recalcitrants, record them and report them to the Police.

    Yes, Lim Kit Siang himself has been a recalcitrant. The National Operations Council Report on the 13 May 1969 race riots has mentioned him and the DAP. Many other instances of his statements, acts and omissions have been deemed to have gone beyond the limit in respect of certain laws in the country. He was ISA-ed, remember. Prejudicial to the national security interest, etc.

    But many cases of such words, acts and omissions were not acted upon by way of legal reprimands by the authorities. Because of such things as discretion being the better part of maintenance of peace and order. We all know the illegal street demonstrations he used as a weapon in the past. Getting political points in the process. But these have somewhat emboldened him into the usual wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations and accusations. The characteristic of practically all the Opposition blokes.

    We all must indeed be moving about with our hand phones ready. No need the expensive Blackberry or whatever brand name now leading the market. Just the one that can record any of those Opposition blokes – especially Lim Kit Siang – say, do or omit to do that appear to be breaking the laws. Anwar’s hand signals included.


  3. That Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng speak on racial lines every time they open their mouths during elections is as clear as daylight. It’s on record since DAP was formed and since the son Guan Eng was big enough to talk politics. DAP has been known to be anti-Malay and anti-Islam, caused the race riots of 1969.

    And DAP has the cheek to claim that Guan Eng went to jail fighting for a Malay girl. What utter nonsense. He was sent to jail because of sedition. The court found him guilty of promoting hatred – guilty under Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act.

    He was also found guilty under Section 8A of the Printing Presses and Publications Act for maliciously publishing false news. The Court of Appeal found that the pamphlets printed by Guan Eng had “the effect of bringing the administration of justice into hatred and contempt” and that his allegations amounted to “denigrating and undermining the administration of criminal justice” — both offences are deemed seditious under Malaysian law.


  4. Damn…wishing ISA was still around…we cud just lock up this old man somewhere b4 he does anymore racial damage & confine him to his antics in Timbuktu…!!!


  5. Yes, I sokong that. If there is ISA, he can be confined indefinitely, can use his time studying for Masters degree or PhD – he studied law and passed the last time he was ISA-ed didn’t he?

    He’ll never be “educated” even with a PhD. But he can do no more damage whatever propositions, theories, thesis and even political demands he postulates if ASA-ed.


  6. Sorry to say that most Chinese now a days are no longer like before. They have transformed from “normally racist” to “Super Racist”. As long the candidate is a Chinese no matter how bad the person is, they will vote for him or her. They are not like most hooligan malays who are with the opposition and they dont mind to die for one stupid reason.


    • Agree with you. A lot because of the politics of hate practised by the anti-Malay, anti-Islam DAP that caused the 13 May 1969 race riots.

      And by the “hooligan Malays” and others of PKR and PAS of Pakatan Rakyat.


  7. Funny when commentators here seem to loathe racism but at the same time spew racist remarks. Guess one can’t be racist if one is a Malay. One rule for us and another for others. We must be the ‘chosen one’.


    • even funnier when a person like you comment about race and prejudice without actually seeing the contents of this article. I guess once you a malay you have to treat other races superior as though as malay is a slanderous and stupid thing to say or utter


  8. Mahathir is the most racist. He controlled the Chinese by using MCA to press them. Unter him the MCA had no speech, no thoughts, no power for other Chinese. They also could not help other Chinese. The, for the Indians, he used the MIC to control and govern them. This way, he said, there was a consensus of power sharing. That was untrue. He was the dominant politician using the ISA as his tool and shut up the citizens. He controlled all and everyone else. All others got to shut up and toe his line.

    Is that not a racist?


  9. Kit Siang does not intend to stir up racism. He and Pakatan just want Barisan Nasional OUT! Out of Johor and OUT of all the states. The Malays, Chinese, Indians and all ethnic group will support this.


    • You are 100% right, Kit Siang will create a big broom to chase all Malays, Indians and disloyal Chinese out of West Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

      He will also install a communist regime with him as Emperor.


  10. I am quoting what “LALA”Some random quotes from Wikipedia:-

    “He (Mahathir) steered an amendment to the Constitution through parliament to remove the general power of the High Courts to conduct judicial review. The High Courts could now only engage in judicial review where specific acts of parliament gave them the power to do so. The Lord President of the Supreme Court, Salleh Abas, responded by sending a letter of protest to the Agong. Mahathir then suspended Salleh for “gross misbehaviour and conduct”, ostensibly because the letter was a breach of protocol. A tribunal setup by Mahathir found Salleh guilty and recommended to the Agong that Salleh be dismissed. Five other judges of the court supported Salleh, and were suspended by Mahathir. A newly constituted court dismissed Team B’s appeal, allowing Mahathir’s faction to continue to use the name UMNO. According to Milne and Mauzy, the episode destroyed the independence of Malaysia’s judiciary.”

    “Instead, Mahathir ordered what Wain calls “the biggest crackdown on political dissent Malaysia had ever seen”. Under the police operation codenamed “Lalang”, 119 people were arrested and detained without charge under the Internal Security Act. Mahathir argued that the detentions were necessary to prevent a repeat of the 1969 race riots. Most of the detainees were prominent opposition activists, including the leader of the DAP, Lim Kit Siang, and nine of his fellow MPs. Three newspapers sympathetic to the opposition were shut down.”

    “Anwar stood trial on four charges of corruption, arising from allegations that Anwar abused his power by ordering police to intimidate persons who had alleged Anwar had sodomised them. Before Anwar’s trial, Mahathir told the press that he was convinced of Anwar’s guilt.”

    “Mokhzani has been listed as the 19th richest person in Malaysia by Forbes Asia with an estimated net worth of US$290 million in 2008.[6] Mokhzani is also the chairman of the Sepang International Circuit.”

    And finally, this is a quote from Mokhzani in The Star : “I voluntarily terminated my agreement with Porsche, so Sime Darby could take it up. I want to get away from the AP (approved permit) and import of car business.”

    Malaysians do have short memories. SAID FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING:

    Thank you, Lala, for your sharing.


    • Yourself and Lala (whoever that is) have shown how one can simply believe anything from Wikipedia, nevermind the fact that the contents on the said judiciary crisis story were wrong.

      Please have a read at these articles I have written specifically over the Tun Salleh Abas saga. They were based on facts. I do implore you to really read them this time:






      Since there is much to digest and for you to dig up further references and do your own conclusion based on your intelligence, I expect you not to give any comment at least for the next 3 hours.

      Please read these up so that you are are well aware of this history subject.

      I assure you, they are beneficial.

      Thank you.


      • It is a waste of time reading the writings of BLOCKHEADS. i I do not know who this ‘lala’ is either but I find that this writer is logical in the writings.

        When the writers’ minds are so blocked, how would anyone expect their brains to flow and think rationally? No way. Such writers only have their ‘tyrants’ to serve so as to be carried by them. So, why bother with such BLOCKED BLOCKHEADS’ WRITINGS?


          • Why is your site so confusing?

            What do you mean by rayray using a different name?

            Rayray is rayray on its own, and all along rayray answers to you as rayray. However, other’s replies too can come by, isn’t it?


            • Then how come that Ong Chunang has the same email as yours? So you can understand my own confusion. All you cybertroopers share the same email address is it?

              Please get your act together. And what’s the point going into this blog without reading the articles? No wonder all your comments have been pre-empted by the articles itself.

              Please do not waste anyone’s time by giving out comments without reading the articles. You run the risk of giving opinion without context or worse, making yourself look like a fool. Not reading any opinion differing from your own will give you a lot of mental block and makes you a blockhead. This is what I heard from someone.

              Thank you.


              • Your mind needs to be fair and ethical before you can start a block site of your own. If your mind is blocked and unfair, you are just wasting others’ time. When rayray has been writing and replying to you, why do you now want to talk about Ong sharing the same email? What is your email then, and what is others’ emails as well? You need to learn to be fair and ethical before you can read or require others to read your recommendations.


                • Calling for other people to be fair and ethical when you yourself chose not to be both is quite extraordinary and hypocritical isn’t it? Try read my articles first.

                  And of course, I only published the comments that were sent to me. They ask it to be published, then I publish them. Why would I care if this Ong have the same email address as yours? Certainly not my fault. That particular comment came that way. Maybe this Ong shouldn’t have send it the way it was sent. I hope this Ong will come forward and get us to delete that particular comment if wants to.

                  Thank you.


        • Who are you by the way?

          I have not posted to you any EXTRA reply UNDER RAYRAY at all. I have in fact, not read your posts as I am not interested in you as a writer. Rayray writes, and you answer him, you write and rayray answers you, ok?

          Nothing to do with me. OK?


        • Why have you published my email?

          Who are you by the way?

          When Rayray writes, you answer him, and when you write, rayray answers you, ok?

          Do not be so unethical. You are wrong to publish my email here.

          Now, if you are a fair and ethical writer, you need to also publish your own email and also all others’ as well, OK?


          • You are barking at the wrong tree again rayray.

            The party at fault is Ong chunang since he was the one who sent that comment and its contents that way. Unless ong chunang himself send a comment to delete it, then we shall do so.

            Thank you.


  11. Metal snake (LKS): Extremely willfull and will stop at nothing to attain their wishes. They hate failures and do anything to acquire their favourite posessions. They place great importance on money and can be generous but they always out for no 1.

    Fire pig (AI): Active, outgoing and extroverted. They are motivated and cannot be deterred from a goal once they have set it. Bold and unafraid to take risks despite the consequences. Do not double cross a fire pig because they have the ability to be quite abrasive when thing does not turn out as they have planned it.

    I am no astrologer or feng shui master but it appers to me that they choose their strengths to champion the wrong…well, I know to their supporters, they are fighting to right the wrong. But my point is they are born to be the very person they are today.


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