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A Samad Said does not want Anwar Ibrahim to become Prime Minister

When a person is so desperate and become too biased in his thinking, inadvertently he will become stupid. That is the case of A Samad Said. Sensing that he has no more other ideas to condemn the government led by Barisan Nasional, he blurted a racial statement which not only seemed idiotic, but has revealed that he can offer Pakatan absolutely nothing in this election campaign.

He questioned (in red below) the race of all our Prime Ministers (former and current) and remarked why are they all malays. He remarked that it is high time for voters to be critical of this fact. In his mind, there should be a Prime Minister of a different race other than malays in the near future.

With this statement, I believe A Samad Said, in his intellectual capacity, will have to go against his own Pakatan Rakyat’s choice of Prime Minister and reject the malay Anwar Ibrahim if Pakatan Rakyat wins this general election. A Samad Said must also reject Abdul Hadi Awang, the President of PAS because he too, is a malay.

But who does A Samad Said root for to be the Prime Minister? Would it be Lim Guan Eng? That seems to be plausible since DAP is the biggest opposition party right now.

Openly campaigning for Pakatan, Pak Samad tells voters to oust BN


APRIL 06, 2013

SELAYANG, April 6 — Bersih 2.0 co-chairman Datuk A. Samad Said openly called on voters today to support the opposition and use this “once chance” to end Barisan Nasional’s (BN) rule in Election 2013.

This is the first time the national literary icon popularly known as Pak Samad, has openly urged Malaysians to back the federal opposition coalition to “overhaul” the government and “amend the broken machinery” like healthcare and education, which Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has promised to deliver.

“This is our chance… the time has come for us to overhaul the government to that power would fall in the right hands.

“This is our opportunity to amend the broken machinery like healthcare, education and democracy of which have been promised by the opposition,” he said at an event organised by polls reform group Bersih 2.0 here.

Bersih 2.0, a coalition of over 80 non-governmental organisations, has in the past been forced to defend itself against criticisms calling it a partisan group, largely due to the immense support it had received from PR leaders for its street protests.

The former national laureate Samad (picture) said now is a critical time for voters to ask themselves why the same coalition has ruled Malaysia for more than five decades and why is it those in power are only Malays.”I am also a Malay but I often asked why is it that the powers above me are only Malays?

“Tunku Abdul Rahman was a Malay, (Tun) Abdul Razak was a Malay, (Tun) Hussein Onn was a Malay, (Tun Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) is not a pure Malay but can be considered a Malay.. (Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak) is also a Malay,” he said.

Despite a solid Malay leadership for five 56 years, Samad pointed to the racist tactic used by the ruling coalition to keep the country’s ethnic majority on its side.

Since A Samad Said (and Bersih) is no longer non-partisan, we can deduce that Bersih is a full fledged opposition outfit. It has been a foregone conclusion for the past few years that Bersih is the Street Demo Division of Pakatan Rakyat and with this all out support by A Samad Said, there is no longer any doubt.

However, what A Samad Said had said run contrary to what his colleague in PAS had said. The vice president of PAS, Salahuddin Ayub just told the media that there is no way a chinese will be the prime minister.


Perhaps he is saying this in front of an audience which was mainly Malays? Maybe. Pakatan leaders have always played to the gallery. After all, their God-sent leader, Anwar Ibrahim is the chief chameleon.

GE13: A Chinese will never be PM, says PAS veep Salahuddin

Salahuddin Ayub

JOHOR BARU: A Chinese will never be Prime Minister or the Johor Mentri Besar if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power, said PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub.

He said that it was impossible for DAP to offer a Chinese candidate for these positions as they were only contesting 50 of the 222 Parliament seats.

“I do not think that the Chinese and Indians are interested in becoming the Prime Minister or even the Agong,” he said.

“As for the position in the state, it says in state bylaws that only a Malay and a Muslim can be the Mentri Besar in Johor.”

He added that the same accusations surfaced when Datuk Chua Jui Meng was appointed the Johor PKR chief and had resurfaced with DAP advisor Lim kit Siang contesting in Gelang Patah.

Salahuddin is tipped to contest the Pulai parliamentary and the state seat of Nusajaya.

It is quite extraordinary for Salahuddin Ayub to say this actually. He sounded just like Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. If any of the Barisan Nasional leaders had said this, they would be deemed as racist by the Malaysian First hypocrites like Hannah Yeoh or Lim Kit Siang.

But with A Samad Said not wanting a malay as Prime Minister, we can see there will be more peculiarities coming from Pakatan Rakyat in this next few weeks. And for A Samad Said’s information, there is nothing wrong with a malay being the prime minister. Thinking too much on the racial lines makes you a racist yourself.

And finally, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a malay through and through. Only his paternal grandfather is of indian blood. The rest, (maternal grandparents and paternal grandmother) were of malay descent. Moreover, Tun Hussein Onn’s grandmother was from Turkey but according to A Samad Said’s standard, Hussein Onn is pure malay. All this double standard and total ignorance is unbecoming of a national laureate. True enough, when you are prejudiced, you become irrational.

19 thoughts on “A Samad Said does not want Anwar Ibrahim to become Prime Minister

  1. Samad Said and Nik Aziz – when I see these two wearing the yellow Bersih t-shirt, the immediate though that comes to mind is… “They look so stupid.” A prejudicial thought? Not really. Because they are.

    These are the top two Melayus so loved by the Anak Bangsa(T) Malaysia of the DAP. I’ll bet some burn joss-sticks with pictures of these two on an altar, as they ONCE did with Raja Petra Kamarudin. And these two would love the idolation. Sigh…dah tua nak mampus pun tak boleh nak fikir benda camni!

    Melayu gila glamer – this is what has become of Samad Said. Sampai jadi bodoh gini. At least Sakmangkok AK-47 is doing it for something, that is for himself. Oh, he insists that it’s “to fight against corruption”…? Well, the only apt reply is this: “Kepala but*h la, mangkok!”

    Anyway, back to Samad, orang tua gila glamer – the idolation by the chauvinists: does he really think it’s genuine? When they praise him as “sasterawan”, does he really think they read and appreciate his writings. As the typical Ah Beng about his writings, and the Ah Beng will reply: “Gua talak baca la itu l*nchau punya tulis.”

    Face it, Samad, Nik Aziz and Sakmangkok – the only reason why they support you is this: for as long as you can be used as a tool to challenge the Melayu and Islam in Malaysia. And that’s just about it. After that, or when you are no longer useful, you will be just like toilet paper to them. As it is, you already are with the rest of us.


    • Samad is in the autumn of his years. Those who appreciate the arts, literature, poetry and such revere him. But the vast majority of the population, including me, don’t. They’ll live and let live. But when politically he mengarut, he gets carut. And I’m with Mat Cendana in his comments above.

      An old man can speak up when soothing to the ears, like Tun Dr Mahathir. These are relatively violent times in the Malaysian political scenario. In the sense that, except for the DAP-caused 13 May 1969 race riots, there was relative clam, peace and harmony in this country. But when Anwar came into the scene as an Opposition bloke, he began to disturb all the quiet and tranquility. Son of a gun.

      Samad saying he doesn’t want Anwar as PM is music to the ears. But questioning
      the race of all our Prime Ministers (former and current) and asking why are they all Malays, he was asking to be shitted on his face. That ain’t nice to have when he has nothing else to offer. Even his sajak read at Bersih or Pakatan Rakyat functions is no longer of literary value. Mixed with political sentiments of the Anwar kind, the sajak is really of shit value. The ones that were once termed as “Sajak Kuning”. The colour that’s associated with shit.

      Oooi Pak Samad. Do come home to roost, will you. Maybe you no longer are productive in the real literary sense. But let the rakyat not be burdened, even irritated, by your sajak kuning. Or even politik kuning. Enjoy your remaining days in quiet solitude. No sakura trees and brilliant flowers to enjoy like in Japan now Spring time. But the Bunga Raya also offers brilliance in colours and spirit.


  2. This is senility speaking. Time to put the old man back into a home. Why have all prime ministers in Malaysia been Malays? Because this is a Malays country with a sizeable migrant population of Indians and Chinese.

    Kadazans, Dayaks and the rest including what they call Orang Asli (the tribals from the jungle who chose to remain in the jungle till recently) are the various tribes and sub groupings of the Malays. The Chinese and Indians are not.

    If you accept the oppositions oft shifting arguments about anything, well till recently they claimed Dr. Mahathir Mohamed is Indian. A Keralite to be precise. Or at least partly of Indian stock. So there you go. Not all former prime minister of Malaysia have been Malays.

    Secondly Tengku ABdul Rahman was the son of a Thai woman. another non Malay. Unless of course you accept the well entrenched and universally accepted fact that these are all Malays like the Kadazans, Dayaks, Ibans and this queer term “Orang Asli”. They too are made up of further sub groupings of the Malays like the Dusun, Murut, Orang Laut and what was once termed the Sakai.

    The opposition will not win government once again. In short the Chinese will not be overrunning the Malay states as they expected to and continue to wish for.


  3. Salam JMD,

    Betul lah Samad Said pilih Anwar sebagai PM sebab ikut keterangan di mahkamah semasa kes sodomi 2, Anwar atau Lelaki X itu adalah ‘India’. He he.. Jadi kalau jadi PM, dia akan jadi PM pertama bukan melayu.


  4. AsSalamu alaikum JMD

    It is not possible for a non-Malay to eventually become the Malaysia PM. With the current disunity among the Malay Muslims, one would guess that there may come a time a Malaysian version Manmohan Singh will come to the fore.

    We saw this happened temporarily to the MCA with DS Ong Tee Kiat appeasing their bi-partisan members but eventually the MCA realized they needed to be united or be swept away out of relevance by the DAP.

    Lest we forget our motto numero uno:


    Regards and WasSalam


    • Despite the disunity among the Malays, PAS being on the other side etc, Nik Aziz has loudly said that any non-Malay wanting to be PM must first be a Muslim.

      And that coming from a party that has been willing to be on the same bed as the mainly Chinese DAP.

      The others are not so liberal as that.


  5. Paklah, Nik Aziz and Samad share a similiar trait – they speak as if the words belong to someone else.

    High time for them to quietly ‘jaga cucu’ …


  6. A Samad Said ingat Anwar Ibrahim punya penyokong George Soros dan lain ahli politik [juga ahli Freemason] di China, Russia, Amerika Syarikat, Saudi Arabia akan memberi sokongan kepada dia keh untuk memilih calon lain jadi PM ke 7?


  7. Hey Jebat..siapa kamu?
    Dear readers..i happen to google books on May 13 tragedy today! i found a few books eg Tunku’s book,book written by DAP chauvinist Dr KUA but the the best is the article by Jebat DEBUNKING the rascist dr KUAs book blaming the tragedy on GOVT of the day..the NATIONAL FRONT!

    Sir Jebat ..TERIMA KASIH for your EFFORTS in EXPOSING the TRUTH on what really Happened in MAY 1969 when i was still schooling!


  8. My intention to comment on the Samad-looks-to-be-senile man was diverted to whacking Pakatan Rakyat elsewhere as soon as election date was announced.

    He must be totally irrelevant from the Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka vantage point, the place where he earned a living for his entire life. The place where the politics of the country was high on the agenda of his masters, with endless campaigns to promote Bahasa Kebangsaan soon after Merdeka as a result of the Tengku A Rahman-led government relaxing the rules for the issue of citizenship certificates by dispensing with language proficiency tests such that until today many so-called citizens cannot speak BM. Samad was very much involved and it was Malay politics on the use of the Malay language then.

    It’s therefore shocking to see his senility setting in by way of his forgetting what his entire career was based on, what hopes and aspirations Malay writers of those years had. Including himself.

    To write more is to give importance on the man, which he does not deserve. A literary figure he may be, but a politician he is not.


  9. Bro,

    Top Malaysian academics demand PR and also BN to show what steps they are going to take to halt worrying trend in national finance and debt and how manifesto promises are in line with proper management of country’s money:

    Breaking news… see here…


    • Maybe like A Samad Said, I must confess I dunno much about economics. But got attracted to

      SYA : 17 Reasons Why Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto Is A Reason That We Should Not Vote For CHANGE –

      One example is summarized as follows:

      9. So-called measures to “boost” investment in R&D in order to reach 5% of GDP

      Under Najib Barisan Nasional leadership, administration and management, Malaysia had always hit above 5.0 % GDP, even during world global economic crisis where most of the developed countries in the world are suffering. And Barisan Nasional’s latest economic achievement is at 6.4%.

      Malaysian voters must note that a private, independent and non political Morgan Stanley investment unit claim that investment in Malaysia will be worse under Pakatan Rakyat.

      But Pakatan Rakyat Penang FDI ranking dropped from No 1 under BN to No 7 under DAP (even with their CAT, CUT and COT) and both Kedah and Kelantan are among the lowest FDI states in Malaysia. If they can’t even manage their state properly, then how they want the people to trust them that they can manage our country’s economy well?

      So if Pakatan Rakyat aims to get 5%, then the rakyat should just vote BN because BN has achieved that even during global economic crisis, and hit well above that in normal times, now 6.4%.

      Malaysia’s debt and GDP is even better than Japan’s national debt which has reached 211%, Singapore 118%, France 84%, Germany 81%, United States 67% of their respective GDP.

      I’d be glad to hear from any one wanting to speak for or against what the PR say they’d do, while Samad Said continues with his poems, short stories and novels – is he still actively writing, I wonder. With his active participation in political activities, his literary inspiration is quite different these days I’m quite sure.



    He was in the government for seventeen long years
    But can anyone remember any contribution he made of significance?
    Try hard as you may with all your blood sweat and tears
    None, coz he spend his office time not to work but for political machination

    First he became Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture
    Malaysian youth were none the better under his management
    Our sports was at its lowest ebb and our football lost its lustre
    We didn’t win any gold in regional or international event

    Then he became Minister of Agriculture for sometime
    The only monument to his name is Pasar Tani
    The National Agric Policy was not even made during his time
    Alas the farmers life does not improve much under his ministry

    For a full five years he was education minister
    The only act he did was abolish history lesson
    Thus he laid the ground for many unpatriotic youngster
    Whom he thinks will vote for him in coming elections

    As Finance Minister his grasp of economics is pathetically brittle
    So when the country face severe financial crisis
    He swallowed IMF prescription lock stock and barrel
    He almost bankrupt the country and threw it into economic abyss

    His political machination did work smoothly for a time
    Quite a number of big wigs he managed to topple
    But his waterloo came when he tried big-time
    His attempt to oust the PM became a deadly stumble

    Now I don’t even talk of his moral character
    That’s up to you folks to use your judgement
    But just think of his ability as a worker
    Would you hire him to look after your father’s clothing department?

    So by now you should know who is this jerk
    The guy whose name goes by Anwar Bin Ibrahim
    This Malay Studies graduate can only talk but cannot work
    You know what to do in the coming election? Just reject him!

    Kuala Lumpur


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