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Hit and miss of election issues

Everytime an election is near, the brains behind political strategy of election campaign will start cracking and one by one the revelations, news spin and shocking exposé will surface in order to maintain an upper-hand in the perception game.

Some will gain traction while some will not make a dent among the psyche of the whole population. Worse, some issues raised will backfire.

Here are a few hits and misses of election issues that have been brought up just to stir and heighten the tension of an already anxious population. We must expect more to come in the next few weeks.

C. Sugumaran’s death

On 23rd January 2013, C. Sugumaran who was believed to be mentally unstable was found dead after being beaten by the public and allegedly by some police officers after he went berserk and caused damages to public property.

Politicians from PKR namely N. Surendran and Latheefa Koya quickly seized the opportunity to run a smear campaign on the police alleging police brutality over an innocent man whose only crime is to run amok and potentially be harmful to other bystanders.

Hoping to emulate the smear campaign on police’s brutality for the death Kugan Ananthan in lock up back in 2009, both opportunists Surendran and Latheefa even sought the help Dr. Pornthip to perform post-mortem on Sugumaran’s remains, of which the infamous pathologist had declined. The absurdity of taking advantage over death of others and trying to prolong a family’s bereavement is lost upon them.

However, due to Hindraf’s constant sniping at Pakatan Rakyat and the lack of focus on indians in Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto, the issue just died a natural death a few weeks after it surfaced.

Rest in peace, C. Sugumaran.

Verdict: A miss

Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto

Pakatan Rakyat launched its election manifesto on 25th February with much pomp and celebratory claptrap from within the informal coalition that it befuddled even Anwar Ibrahim when so many had dismissed the manifesto as a non-serious, non-obligatory document a couple of weeks later.

Right off the bat, there was a silly omission of efforts to uplift the plights of indians although Anwar Ibrahim and his lackeys rebutted them by saying the manifesto transcends all race and creed, he however made an about turn when finally he said the manifesto will be amended to include specific commitments to the indian community.

Like what an article in Free Malaysia Today had published:

This episode of the Pakatan manifesto has revealed many weaknesses in the Pakatan fabric. Clearly, within the ranks of Pakatan, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Rather some underhand handiwork is suspected. For instance:

•   Lim Guan Eng was quoted to have said that the manifesto only sets out the common policies of political parties but not the specifics. But now Anwar has contradicted him by including specifics – about the Indian community.

•   Anwar Ibrahim had said when the manifesto was first launched, that it transcends racial groups.  But now Anwar has contradicted himself.

•   Pakatan’s director of strategy, Rafizi Ramli, had said it was not a mistake to not have mentioned Indians in the manifesto. But now Anwar has made him eat his words.

After all the hullabaloo made by segments of the marginalised Indian community who felt they were being again marginalised in the manifesto, Pakatan is trying hard to regain lost ground.  But it is too little too late

There were other peculiarities from the manifesto which made it lose traction and potentially votes for Pakatan. Namely, Khalid Ibrahim’s admission that a manifesto is not a promise and also the timing of the launch of the document.

The former damaged the credibility of Pakatan’s capability to deliver its promises while the early kick-off of Pakatan’s campaign is deemed as too early for some. In the fast world of cyberspace, by the time the manifesto was two weeks old, the other side has dismantled it and highlighted its flaws. Which made this a public relations failure in terms of strategic electoral campaign. Releasing it too early even before Parliament is dissolved won’t help much in terms of gaining votes from the fence sitters.

As the result, the manifesto is deemed an insignificant political tool at the moment.

Verdict: A miss

Sulu terrorists on Lahad Datu

Around mid February 2013, dozens of Sulu terrorists landed in an area in Lahad Datu to wage war on our soil. But in a knee jerk reaction by most Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders, they dismissed it as a ‘sandiwara of Umno’ (as in the case of Tian Chua) or a school drama. They made several unfortunate remarks about how inefficient our security forces are and worse, they ridiculed the sacrifices made by the fallen heroes.

Not to mention the fact that the Philippines and international media had pin pointed Pakatan Rakyat as among the culprit who had invited the terrorists into our land and also the fact that Anwar Ibrahim has close ties with Nur Misuari, the leader of MNLF, a known advocate of capturing Sabah.

The social media was filled with sympathies and support for the government’s effort to protect and defend our sovereignty but the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat continued to belittle and criticise the effort. They were going against the tide and losing ground on the perception game which, miraculously only Lim Kit Siang recognised the ebbing support towards Pakatan’s wayward stand 3 weeks after the incursion.

In his article on 7th March 2013, Lim Kit Siang had said:

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s stand of unconditional surrender for the Sulu militants deserves the support of all Malaysians.

There is neither basis nor merit in the call for ceasefire or the unilateral ceasefire by the Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, after eight police commandoes had been slain and some of their corpses treated in the most harrowing and bestial manner after they had fallen as national heroes in the cause of national duty to protect national sovereignty and the security of the state and people.

All Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, region or political affiliation, are united as one in giving full endorsement to all necessary measures by the government and the security forces to end the month-long battle against Sulu militants.

By mid March, the Lahad Datu incursion made a mark in everyone’s psyche whereby the ridiculous tormenting of all government’s effort have spoiled Pakatan’s image in the bigger scheme of things.

Verdict: A miss

Betrayal by Saiful Bukhari’s father

Sensing that Parliament will be dissolved soon and scrambling to regain the lost ground on the Lahad Datu debacle, Azlan Mohd Lazim, the father of Saiful Bukhari made a compelling revelation that allegedly, the sodomy case involving his son was a conspiracy concocted by personalities close to Najib Razak. Never mind the fact that he never met these ‘conspirators’ himself.

Saiful Bukhari himself made a press statement a few hours later to dismiss the assertions made by his father. To top it off, he told the world that his father is a victim of Anwar Ibrahim’s political ploy.

A few days after, his father announced that he is joining PKR. It is interesting to note that in both occasions, Azlan Lajim was escorted by a PKR leader named Johari Abdul, an MP from Sungai Petani.

A cursory assessment at the reaction of this fiasco revealed that there was no positive impact on Pakatan Rakyat’s election strategy. Even a pro Pakatan columnist has apprehension towards this U-turn.

Verdict: A miss

Anwar Ibrahim latest video

A few days ago a blog revealed a few pictures allegedly a sexual tryst of Anwar Ibrahim in a hotel room. The grainy pictures threw almost everyone initially but as the furore subsided, the matter has shifted to the act of Anwar Ibrahim suing another blogger for RM100 million for slandering him as a homosexual.

Umno has quickly distancing itself from the pictures while PAS’ Harakah Daily had frequently highlighted this story with glee.

The said blogger fought back by telling the knee-jerk reaction prone Anwar Ibrahim to rescind the litigation otherwise further video exposures implicating Anwar Ibrahim further will be published.

Verdict: At first a miss for BN for this gutter politics, but will be a miss for Pakatan if Anwar Ibrahim mishandles the litigation.

Taib Mahmud’s video

Yesterday’s evening saw a video by Global Witness which had slandered Taib Mahmud through an investigation piece by a western journalist. In that video it was alleged that shady corporate deals are being administered by relatives of Taib Mahmud which gave the impression that Taib Mahmud is enriching himself through his family members and syphoning money into overseas bank accounts.

Taib Mahmud fought back the allegations by saying it wasn’t true.

Taib Mahmud had a tremendous track record in developing Sarawak which for a fact, had caused him to win the 2011 state election in a landslide victory. Analysis of that win can be read here.

It is very interesting to see the kind of effect this video will have on the voters. The next few days will be crucial for the political strategy teams in Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat in dealing with this issue.

Verdict: Too early to predict. Could be a hit or a miss for Pakatan Rakyat.

32 thoughts on “Hit and miss of election issues

  1. Not following Tsun Szu’s Art of War, Know Thy Enemy bla bla, I refused to read Pakatoon Manifesto, said to be many pages, some 5 pages empty, etc.

    I confess to enjoying reading pro-BN analyses of the manifesto, many of them sensible and logical, 1-2 funny and hilarious.

    One “analysis” says Hudud is not mentioned in the Manifesto.Now, what the hell is a Pakatan Manifesto that doesn’t touch on an issue PAS has regarded as its bread and butter, fought among themselves (throwing it out at PAS Muktamar 2011, brought it back again at their Muktamar 2012), that DAP has fought to the death with PAS (“Over my dead body,” said Karpal Singh), that PKR boss Anwar has been whacked many times for failing to resolve the fights, managing to get the three stooges only to “agree to disagree”.

    Just because they couldn’t agree on PAS doesn’t mean the Manifesto must not touch on Hudud, does it? It must be an affront to PAS. But was PAS consulted on the drawing up of the Manifesto? Or was it, like the Pakatoon so called Budget and Shadow Cabinet, drawn up by PKR and claimed to be Pakatan?


    • I like this description of the Pakatan manifesto, apparently written by a foreign observer in Malaysia –

      “This is the oldest trick in the book; a sprawl of promises that they may or may not fulfil. And besides, they have absolutely zero obligation to fulfill what was written. It is almost as if they perfected the method of classical political campaigning founded on the basis of lies, empty promises, malicious intentions and false motives.”

      Is it Anwar’s sensitivity to foreigners’ perception of Pakatan Rakyat like the above that made him modify PR stand on Lynas when in Australia recently?


      • It crossed the mind whether Lim Kit Siang’s move to Geylang Patah and Anwar looking for a safe constituency in Perak was because of cakap tak serupa bikin, janji tak di tepati. Coz nothing much they could janji or tepati in Permatang Pauh or Ipoh Utara or whatever LKS existing constituency is. Lim Kit Siang can cry shit and the Perak government will not respond to his janji to the rakyat. They will implement what BN janji.

        Or they realizing that in Selangor, where they got the power, also janji tak di tepati. Now berbelas ribu saman at the Shah Alam High Court because of janji tak di tepati. Such that despite just launching their Manifesto, Anwar had to announce LKS standing in Geylang Patah.

        But it looks more and more that they were having serious problems of being united under the PR banner and LKS going south was because the PR was going south, meaning downwards, in Johor. Strong-headed bulls PKR Chua and DAP Boo have been booing each other. The fact that Chua is the vindictive kind, sabotaged his party by closing his division operations centre early during the 2008 elections, suggests that the booing may not stop, may only be muted until PRU13.

        God is great for BN in that DAP members did complain to the RoS, disgusted with their CEC election vote counting procedures and 750 delegates no allowed to vote, and now there is the prospect of DAP being suspended. And LKS’ photos wearing a ketayap with the words “Undi Lah PAS” have appeared here and there already.

        I don’t mind the divine intervention towards DAP suspension.


        • I want DAP to be de-registered. They have committed serious offences against the Societies Act, breached their own Memorandum of Association.

          UMNO was de-registered last time and what we have now is UMNO Baru. If UMNO could be de-registered, why can’t DAP be de-registered?

          Their own members have submitted complaints in writing and provided the proofs of wrong doings, acts and omissions at the CEC election last year. The Government must not be concerned about public reaction to DAP de-registration by RoS because the proofs are there, the arguments are there – their own members’ complaints and proofs.


        • Aiseh, Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng has gone on protest leave as no seat had been found for him yet.

          Said so by The Star’s Executive Director/Group Chief Editor Wong Chun Wai in an interview with SwitchUp TV’s election programme 27.3.13.

          He said Anwar still having to grapple with the issue of candidacy and swapping of seats among its component parties.

          Will Chua close the party elections operations centre early at PRU13, like he did at PRU12? Vengeful fella, he.


  2. Well well well.. master spinner Jebat feels desperate already? This is the time where you need to run out of this country because I swear to you, when Pakatan takes over, we shall stomp out the menace which are the umno cybertroopers. Can you feel the heat? That is the voters ready to ditch BN-Umno and vote for a new beginning! For democracy and transparency and good governance and safer country!


    • No, JMD will not run away from this country, only you and the likes of you should – Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim said “Berhijrah lah” to those who don’t like this country by belittling the Malaysian flags etc at Dataran Merdeka last Merdeka eve, and I think you are one of those who don’t like this country and should vamoose,

      Whereas I have been an avid follower of JMD blog for a long time and he is a nationalistic, loyal and patriotic fellow, will stick through thick and thin. Unlike you and the likes of you buggers, talking “I swear” (maybe by Anwar’s bontot) but won’t even give condolences to the families of the security forces who died defending this country, instead be seditious like PKR Tian Chua SOG.



      • YOU and JMD are typical umno meleis idiots who have nothing in their free time but to tell people to get off this country.

        Have you seen the latest Taib Mahmud video? The old man is desperate. You are desperate. Umno is desperate to retain power. Many people jumped to the other side already and you all are still holding to a sinking ship. Ha ha ha!

        Make this country corrupt free and we will talk again. Adios losers!


        • We are Malays, not “meleis”, we are not “idiots”, otherwise we would not have been able to whack you kolot, we have a lot to do in our free time, but, like Professor Khoo, I do tell people like you to get off this country.

          It’ s true, isn’t it, if you don’t like this country, don’t respect the national flag, don’t respect and abide by the Constitution, you should scram. It’ll be good for you, good for the others, nobody needs to be made miserable by you and the likes of you. But those who respect the Malaysian flag, respect and live by the Constitution of this country – they are our fellow Malaysians.

          And when you have no other arguments, you resort to wild and unjustified accusations, saying “Umno is desperate to retain power … Many people jumped to the other side already … “. FYO, I’m no even a member of UMNO or of any political party, dude. But I cannot stand you Pakatan Rakyat cakap tak serupa bikin, janji tak di tepati blokes – some 15,000 suits against PR Selangor government at the Shah Alam Court already. And I’ve really have had it with you PR goons always making wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations.

          Talk about “this country corrupt”, I can write yards about Pakatan Rakyat corruption. But aren’t you “tidak bijak” expecting a country – any country for that matter – to be “corruption free”? Don’t you know that corruption is a old as prostitution, and we have China Doll, Bangkok Doll, Mr Omega, what have you.

          But why adios, don’t want to fight even in cyber space ha? I’m yearning for a spoil, otherwise my name is not PERWIRA!


    • Awdush! so afraid one, Jebat, where to hide?
      The stormtroopers of fuckatan giving you one one last chance to repent before they take over Putrajaya!
      For democracy ala the animals farm, transparency of Herr Goebbel a good governnance of the Pol Pot Regime and the safety of Iraq? Afghanistan? or Somalia? They were giving you a choice.


      • Haha I am trembling right now. Even when BN is in power, all their commentators can operate without fear. But apparently, those who have an opinion different from theirs will be punished if they are in power.


      • Alamak, ABUHUT, don’t talk like idiot lah (using your friend ANYTHING BUT UMNO’s word up there). Who said got afraid one, why want to hide when UMNO/BN may even win 2/3 majority this time.

        How? Why should I tell you – you didn’t tell how “fuckatan”: (using your word now) can take over Putrajaya. But I know, UMNO/BN will sure win, only matter of 2/3 majority or not.

        Aiseh, fuckatan got democracy ha? How come? PKR run by husband, wife, daughter and crony Azmin, DAP has Tokong and Dear Leader Lim issuing Gag Orders, expulsion threats and expulsion orders, PAS got confused among themselves and the non-Muslims with flip flop stands on Hukum Hudud, kalimah Allah, ban on entertainment centres during fasting month, summons on Chinese hair salons and Chinese khalwat couples, etc, etc.

        Even Pakatan Manifesto they say PAS no input, that’s why Hudud not mentioned. So what choice you talkin’, dude?


  3. No doubt about it. All sorts of claims, counter claims, promises, failed promises, accusations of cakap tak serupa bikin, janji tak di tepati, etc – heck, there are already some 15,000 suits against the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor Government for failed promises by single mothers, retired people, even young children filed at the Shah Alam High Court.

    It boggles the minds claims that what are said as election manifestos and during election campaigns are not promises. Even if they were not written, there must be hundreds if not thousands of people listening to what were said and can be witnesses to the promises made.

    I think in the final analysis, voters must go by the track records of those who have delivered in terms of development programmes in the country. 55 years of track record. The country will not be what it is to day if not for the promises by those people concerned who fulfilled them.

    Those who don’t have such a long and reliable track record must be treated with caution. The failed promises and the 15,000 suits (as of this week) filed at the High Court show the risk in choosing such parties when voting. I hope the voters will be wise this time at PRU13.


  4. PM Najib’s impressive presentation of his transformation programmes should definitely be a “bull’s eye” with the rakyat.


  5. Of all the videos, Anwar Ibrahim’s videos are the most sought after.

    Not because he is PR leader but because all sorts of social values – or disvalues involved. And dramas. Including the feelings, imagination, consternation, rebellion, yet the wifely and daughterly admiration necessary to be put up in front of the voters, etc.
    How much drama there can be.

    O ye, film producers, why not thy produce such films on the family for PKR and others…


  6. I don’t care whether the following is “revelations, news spin and shocking exposé”. Or whether it “will gain traction” or “make a dent among the psyche of the whole population.” Or “will backfire” or not.

    As far as I’m concerned, Public Enemy Number One is DAP, made more dangerous when collaborating with Anwar Al Juburi.

    I want as many members of the public to know the following so that, even if DAP is not suspended, the voters will know what kind of undemocratic blokes, cheats and liars they are:

    ‘Suspend DAP until it holds new polls’

    ‘INVALID POLLS’: Registrar of Societies ‘must order Guan Eng to allow 753 delegates who were left out a chance to vote’

    PETALING JAYA: FOLLOWING a public outcry against the DAP for allegedly mishandling its election last year, the Registrar of Societies (RoS) has been urged to temporarily suspend the party until it holds fresh polls.

    Former DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, who made the call, said the RoS should also instruct party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to call for a re-election after 753 party delegates had failed to cast their votes in the Dec 15 election last year.

    “A total of 2,576 DAP delegates should have been present during the election to pick 20 of the party’s central executive members (CEC). However, 753 of them were not given a chance to vote,” Tunku Aziz told a press conference here yesterday.

    He said the RoS should therefore instruct the DAP to conduct a new round of elections and allow the absentee delegates to cast their ballots.

    “They are official members of the party and they have the right to choose who they want to be in the CEC.”

    He added it was reported that many DAP delegates had failed to show up at the convention as they were not invited or were fed up with the party’s top leadership.

    The votes of these 753 individuals could prove to be decisive as they could help swing the election in favour of candidates who were not in the Lim dynasty list, he said, referring to Guan Eng and his father, Lim Kit Siang.

    “That is what Kit Siang and his son are afraid of,” Tunku Aziz said.

    He felt the RoS should, under the provisions of the Societies Act 1966, stand up for the minority group whose rights to vote in the CEC election had been taken away.


  7. On the matter of Anwar’s latest video, I am delighted to read one of the oldest and well respected British magazines, the Economist (started in 1843 to make commentaries on politics, economics etc), recently said BN will win PRU13 and, very interestingly commented,

    “the spate of sexual misconduct accusations against Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim might have eroded his standing.”

    I wish it’ll come to a stage where he no longer has any standing, or the ability to stand – in more ways than one!


    • Malaysia is the only country in the world that those who distribute sex tape will not be caught by the law. Negara bodoh because crony diutamakan!


      • And also the only democratic country that have a political party with an unelected bisexual supreme leader, a wife as a puppet president, a deputy president whom the wife is being f**** by the unelected supreme leader and a daughter as the vice president who thinks she’s Mother Theresa.


  8. Aku tak faham. Tarikh pilihanraya pun nak jadi isu. Dulu bulan Januari lagi MB Khalid kata nak bubar Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor selepas Chap Goh Meh. Kata dah jumpa Tuanku Sultan. Dah dapat perkenan.

    Pastu bulan Mac ni asyik kata esok lusa nak bubarkan DUN. Pastu besok, besok. Tak bubar jugak.

    Ni pulak cakap nak mengadap Tuanku lagi pulak. Untuk dapat perkenan bubarkan DUN. Apa ni? Dulu kata dah dapat perkenan. Main main ke? Gagap ke dia?

    Buat macam Negeri Sembilan lah, Senyap senyap saja, tak payah heboh. Alih alih hari ini umumkan DUN NS akan bubar dengan sendirinya genap 5 tahun pada 28 Mac 13.

    Nampak bebenor Khalid nak politikkan tarikh PRU negeri dia. Nak tunjukkan rakyat dia dah bersedia, UMNO/BN tidak, takut, gentar, gobar, kononnya. Macam kuncu kuncu PR tuduh di sana sini. Tapi cakap selalu melalui hidung. Tak fikir. Sekali sekala sedor kalau bubarkan DUN pun SRP boleh tunggu sehingga 60 hari untuk adakan pilihanraya. SRP dah kata banyak tenaga dan masa terbuang kalau adakan pilihanraya negeri dan Parlimen berlainan.

    Tapi dari hal nak mempolitikkan tu, kena sembur sana sini. Rakan seperjuangan Khalid pun sembur juga. Lim Guan Eng mengata Khalid takda bincang dengan MB/KM negeri negeri Pakatan Rakyat pun. Kan nampak tak sepakat macam tu. Tak reti malu ke dia orang nih. Bukan saja malu, nampak bodoh, tak reti congak DS Najib nak tunggu hingga sa’at terakhir atau yang paling sesuai bahru bubarkan Parlimen.

    DS Najib nak biarkan selama mana yang boleh diorang buat macam macam salah langkah untuk pengundi lihat. Macam hal gaduh PKR/DAP di Johor hingga Lim Kit Siang ambil risiko bertanding di Geylang Patah. Anwar dah gobar nak lari ke Perak pulak. DAP mungkin di gantung atau di bubar pulak. Nak tanding atas nama PAS/PKR, kata LKS. Amboi, sedap cerita ni semua aku tengok.


    • No, sir, there was no announcement of DUN Selangor dissolution to day. The anti-climactic atmosphere at the Selangor state exco meeting’s weekly press conference left reporters askance. Like Anwar waiting anxiously but the jambu doesn’t show up!

      More than 60 journalists squeezed into the small media room where the weekly press conference was held, anticipating Khalid would stride in to make the big announcement.

      The rescheduling of the exco meeting from the usual Wednesday to yesterday, plus the fact that the Negri Sembilan state assembly was earlier said to have expired yesterday (March 25 midnight), only further fuelled the speculation.

      The Wong fellow ganti Khalid at the press conference held earlier today said “there would be “a few more exco meetings” before the House was dissolved. Despite admitting “For the past three months, we have been discussing the date of dissolution in every meeting,” So indecisive, innit? How to rule like that?

      On March 11 Khalid said the state government would dissolve the state assembly before the end of the month. The Selangor state assembly automatically expires on the midnight of April 21. Parliament expires its 5 year term on April 28.

      Many getting exasperated already with Khalid’s antics. Maybe he just wants to be in the news. Cheapskate, I’d say.


      • Once in a blue moon you hear some sense from Pakatan Rakyat. From old man Lim Kit Siang –

        NUSAJAYA, March 26 (Bernama) — DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang today proposed that the legislative assemblies of states under Pakatan Rakyat rule dissolve simultaneously with the dissolution of parliament to pave the way for the next general election.

        Among the four states under Pakatan Rakyat rule, Selangor will see the term of its legislative assembly end first, on April 20, followed by Kelantan, six days later. Pakatan Rakyat also administers Penang and Kedah.


        The first time I’ve heard the suggestion from a top Pakatan man. Strange that they have not thought of this earlier and allowed the voters to get a poor impression of their indecision and lack of unity on the matter – MB Khalid talking endlessly about early Assembly dissolution, Lim Guan Eng saying they’d have elections at the same time as Parliament.

        Now let’s wait for the response from the Butt Man and the ‘Alim Man. If there’s disagreement, it’ll weigh heavily on the image of the loose, yet-unregistered coalition, which has been fraught with friction, until old man Lim had to stand in Gelang Patah to diffuse DAP Dr Boo and PKR Chua long standing spat. .


  9. This is not “hit and miss of election issues” per se. This is a miss of the overall, big picture.

    The man was often referred to as having a foot in his mouth. The words he uttered to day are another example:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz is asking the Attorney-General’s (AG’s) Chambers to set the guidelines for a caretaker government.

    “I think as we move on, there will be a need for this. We ask that the AG’s Chambers determine the things that can and cannot be done by a caretaker government.”

    Now, is there a real need for him to do so? So far, only NS State will have a caretaker gomen by 28 March. Selangor has not announced a dissolution of the Assembly which will expire only on 25 April. So, is he trying to tie down the activities of the NS caretaker gomen? Has there been no caretaker gomen in the past, no experience by the Civil Service which has always maintained continuity despite governments in power coming and going over the last 56 years?

    And he was asked to comment on the Negeri Sembilan State Legislative Assembly dissolution, not the Selangor one.


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