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Do we really want to vote these people? (addendum)

I have unfairly excluded a couple of names in my previous post which I deem unacceptable. From the comments received, it is a known fact that there are many people who we feel will not do a good job representing us in the government but as a disclaimer, the names mentioned in this article and the previous one are the critical ones. Remember, some people vote for the party, not the individuals. Huge chunk of voters, especially the fence sitters will look at all the candidates representing a party, and not just the candidate representing their constituency.

1) Nazri Aziz

In 2004, Nazri Aziz announced that he will retire in 5 years time at the age of 54. He is now 59. That is already 5 years overdue. If he is still lobbying to be a candidate in this upcoming general elections, he will be another one of those hypocritical politician which only deserve our contempt.

Nazri firm on quitting politics

KUALA LUMPUR: If things go according to Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz’s plans four years from now, he will be on board the legendary Orient Express train, somewhere between France and Siberia.

The trip is on the top of the list of things that the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department wants to do after his targeted retirement age of 54.

“I can’t imagine myself a minister till I am very old,” he said when interviewed on Thursday, reaffirming his wish to serve his last term in the government and Umno after being active in politics for 26 years.

Asked when he started feeling that he wanted to quit, Nazri, who turned 50 on May 12, said: “It’s something about turning 50. If I retire when my term ends, I will be 54 and that is just nice. There is life after politics.”

Nazri, who used to practise law between 1978 and 1995, said his decision was not because he felt sidelined by the leadership.

“It is more because I have been in politics for too long and missed out on things I enjoyed doing and spending time with family,” he said.

“But foremostly, I want to pave the way for younger leaders. For it (Umno) to be strong there must be rejuvenation and there comes a time when you yourself have to ensure this happens.

“There are many people who have held their posts for a long time and I am one of them who are dispensable,” he added.

Nazri, however, stressed that he was speaking on his role and not about other leaders. He said his decision to give way to other capable people was in line with the reforms that Abdullah was implementing.

The minister started his political career as an Umno executive council member, soon after his return from Britain in 1978 where he had read law at Lincoln’s Inn.

He was appointed to the Dewan Negara in 1991 and served as a senator until 1995. After winning his Parliament seat, he was made Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (1995-1999).

In 1999, he was appointed Deputy Finance Minister II and later promoted to Entrepreneur Development Minister, a post he kept until the last general election in March.

After the election, he was given his present post as minister in charge of parliament affairs.

“When my term expires in 2009, I would have served in the Cabinet for 18 years. When the time comes and my service is no longer needed, I will go,” he said.

Asked if he would continue if the leadership wanted him to, he said: “It is my wish that this be my last term. But when you want to quit you must bear in mind there are others who can make decisions for you.”

Nazri also said he had asked to serve as the minister in charge of parliament affairs after the 1999 general election but was not given the job.

“Pak Lah (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) has actually given me what I wanted to do,” he said.

“The Prime Minister’s Department is a super ministry and there is no reason for any of the Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department to feel sidelined for getting the job.”

The father of three grown-up children said he had not spoken to his family about his decision to make this his last term “because they and supporters want me to stay in politics.”

He said he wanted to retire at an age when he still felt “energetic and strong to do the things I always wanted to do.”

PM Najib should have sent Nazri Aziz away within 6 months after he assumed the premiership. But that didn’t happen. If Najib had done it then, Nazri would have found himself in Siberia by now. So for this election, we bid him farewell.

2) Nor Mohamed Yakcop

What can we say about this former Finance Minister II during Pak Lah’s reign? The current minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit was aligned with Pak Lah and deemed as his most trusted ally in the free-wheeling of our country’s financial plunder. This much maligned politician was very much in charge of the nation’s coffers from 2004 to 2008 which gave us a few disturbing headlines back then. Can we still remember:

a) Spent half a billion ringgit on Monsoon Cup and Crystal Mosque.

b) Bought/lease a private airbus costing millions.

c) The group of advisers termed as 4th Floor boys running around creating mischief with Nor Mohamed Yakcop as the executor of those mischievous plans.

d) More than a billion ringgit was paid to compensate the cancellation of the Scenic Bridge; more than the cost of actually building it.

e) Millions of ringgit were spent to buy a yacht in Turkey.

f) Didn’t bat an eyelid when he sold MV Agusta for only €1.

g) Wang Ehsan totalling RM7 billion ringgit went to Terengganu. But had Terengganu really benefitted from it?

What added-value can we gain from Nor Mohamed Yakcop this time around? Do we really need to award him with another round of ministerial post with all those ugly track records? It is time to retire peacefully.


18 thoughts on “Do we really want to vote these people? (addendum)

  1. salam, actually there areeeeeeeeeeeee many BN MPs whom not deserve the position. Such as Sulaiman, anak Taib Mahmud, JJ…Najib’s crony…how come an MP can be appointed as special ambassador to US? yes, you should make a fair list for BOTH BN and PR’s MPs and ADUNs….rank the 10 top of worst, laziest, best, most hardworking etc etc etc…i commented in Heleng Ang’s blog just now the same wish.

    ‘mixed government’ or ‘kerajaan campuran’ would be the best for us Malaysian for the time being, if we want to exercise real democracy. if we choose only one party, the possibility for rakyat to be cheated and robbed is very high.

    because to be fair and square, there are good MPs and ADUNs from opposition also, but their good deeds overshadowed by other nasty politician. the same goes to BN MPs and ADUNs. we need to educate people to choose beyond the party. not sure if my opinion is intelligent enough…but I’m sick of both parties….how I wish I could vote based on individual performance not the whole party.

    if we can vote for any ministership, i bet Hishamuddin would be kicked the first. followed by Rais Yatim, Nazri Aziz againnnnnnnnnnnn….Rosnah Shirlin (do you think she deserves to be Deputy Minister of Health Ministry given the fact she can’t even manage her own weight…it’s really pissing me off when I read her statement on obesity problem in Malaysia!!!)


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  3. To :”MALAYPRINCESS says:
    March 9, 2013 at 10:36 pm”

    Given your thoughts towards political appointees and political positions as well as governance, I would guess that your’e quite blur and naive. Malaysia practiced the style of governance separating the state and parliament with the majority who wins will get to form the government. Each party has their own moral duty and agenda to govern wisely. You definitely does not wants to sleep with your own enemies , would you? The representatives get elected thru the process of who the electorates favored most. Please do not imply that there are good reps but they being overshadowed by others.?In so doing whether a mixed governments can also be tainted, right.? Wise up, in politics either you’re in or out of the party, learn to toe the line and do the corrections within the party.


    • So what if we’re naive. Who the hell are you to patronise us normal malaysians.
      Konon kau pakar politik, pergi mampos la. This same cocky attitude costing umno n bn votes. If bn sincere in capturing the hearts and minds of lay people, all of the above politicians MUST GO. And commentors such ‘woMAN on da street’ have to shut the f up.


      • While I have some reservation about MAN ON DA STREET’s comment, I don’t have any at all on your comment, GUS DUR.

        Yours is a clear cut rude, unjustified, even unexplained allegations, the kind often made by you Oppo hippos.

        Why can’t you even explain how the attitude was “cocky”? And why must you ask him “to shut the f up” when he was merely giving his opinions?

        You think PR will be getting votes with people like you behaving that way? No sireee, PR won’t.


      • Kalau ikut “cocky attitude”, Lim Guan Eng patut tak boleh tanding di PRU13.

        Mansor, Ketua PKR Penang & Timb KM I, kata LGE “arrogant, cocky and tokong”. Lebih teruk dari “cocky”.


  4. No, we certainly don’t want to vote those people you mentioned and many more like them.

    Nazri has been known as the fellow who has a foot in his mouth often. A bit of the gung ho type who tries to show loyalty to the party leader and took on those who criticize his boss even for the good of the country and in the manner of constructive criticism, like Tun Dr Mahathir did.

    The latest example of his uncalled for and unnecessary remark was that the Lahad Datu intrusion is not a war. Now, why the hell is there a need for him to say that when nobody has really talked about that, and when most loyal and patriotic Malaysians agree on the need to lessen the rhetoric to keep the friendly ties DS Najib has been building with the Philippines as proven by the Philippines reaching an accord on the Bangsamoro autonomy issue that he has assisted.

    Nazri did say – and reported in the press – that he is loyal to the party leader, and perhaps that’s about the only good quality he has. But then, all those appointed to Ministerial posts are presumed to be loyal to the party leader and there is no need to show he is so, to the chagrin of the others.


    • Be careful about choosing the candidates instead of the parties. Might end up with good candidates but wrong parties. Remember, however good a candidate, if the party(ies) are lousy, we would not get a good deal.

      Throw out the lousy ones in BN. But make sure choose BN. PR will rosakkan negara.


  5. Nazri has been in charge of Parliamentary Affairs. In one important occasion last year or so, a Bill (Budget?) being discussed in Parliament was nearing voting time and it was pointed in the news media there were not enough BN MPs present to ensure its passage.

    DS Najib had to rush to Parliament from a dinner held at a Chinese school in Jalan Maxwell to provide a vote which should have been sufficiently provided by other MPs, especially those not holding important posts and involved in official functions at that time.

    What loyalty is that? What efficient performance of duties was that?

    Nazri has said he would retire at 2008. Now is 2013. It’s high time he be retired – there is no worry about him or his supporters feeling bad at all because he has spoken about retirement even 5 years ago.


  6. Whatever would Najib want to keep Rais Yatim for? He has not been an aggressive Info Minister at all. He should have got the Information Department Officers (so many of them) and the national news agency Bernama be all over the places countering the nonsense the wayward Opposition blokes have been putting out. Bernama sometimes doesn’t have correct grammar or even spell properly.


  7. “It is time to retire peacefully.”

    There’s honour even among thieves, sometimes.

    Among politicians? Especially the crooked ones?

    We must keep on whacking them.


  8. Salam JMD,
    Why do you use the word “retire peacefully ” when talking about Nor Yaacob ? It should be “retire in disgrace” after what he did to the country..even find evidence to prosecute him and his cohorts. Then justice for the rakyats.

    Hang Kasturi


  9. tambah lagi…menteri amaran pondan sepupu DSNajib tu pun patut tak payah calon..bukan berani pun..amaran je banyak..huhu..Nazri tu pun patut out…ade ke patut mangkok ni bagi muka kat Namawee?? ingat aku lupa ke?? Rais Yatim lagi expired..tak payah le simpan huhu


  10. High time we VOTE out the old,tired.ugly faces of malaysian politics.The likes of Bung Mokhtar,Karpal Singh,Lim Kiat Siang,Datuk Aziz.They are old and should be retired by voters. We too get rid of dyanasties in malaysian politics:Anwar ( wife,Daugther) Karpal Singh ( 2 sons ),Lim Kiat Siang ( son , daugther in law ).Are these examples of CRONYSIM,DEPOTISM and absurd abuse of power.


  11. Sir,

    Can I comment in the latest post here TAKPAYAHTAU’s comment in the last post, as I like what he says and want readers not to miss my reply (selfish me, eh?) –

    He says “Leave out Anwar Ibrahim for heaven’s sake. He’s a pain (but a pleasure to some) in the butt..! ” I say, hahaha, but not sure how many would find a 65 year old butt a pleasure!

    If by “Leave out Anwar Ibrahim” he means don’t include him in the list of those we don’t want to see standing at PRU13, I’ll say let him stand – coz the man is so crazy for power (be it political or the other kind) that nothing will stop him standing.

    But if he means, leave Anwar out from being criticized and made fun of in this or the previous blog post, I’d still say let Anwar stand here to face all the criticisms that may accrue – coz he has been in the business of standing all along throughout his life, even since school days.

    Stand he did, behind, above or whatever the jambu boys at MCKK, the fellows in Sodomy I, Saiful in Sodomy II, then there is recently another 24 year-old “beautiful” young man, PKR Zuraida’s political assistant, who made a Police Report fearing for his safety saying he was hounded by Azizah, who got jealous of his close relationship with Anwar (claiming to be “private diplomat secretary” whatever).

    The short (or long, whichever Anwar may be) of the story is that, while Anwar will stand most of the time, be it China Doll, Omega, pondans and jambus, I think the rakyat will not want him to be PM because of the wayward standing inclinations of his, especially PAS members and supporters who have a deep respect for Islam which does not allow sodomy. They said so at PAS Muktamar 2012 – they want Hadi.

    Of course, the standing of Hadi is another story.


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