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Those who shouldn’t be contesting

The year is travelling so fast and before we know it, March is already upon us. And within then next 45 days, there will be a new line up of cabinet ministers that will administer this country for the next 5 years.

Back in 2009, a post was written regarding the newly appointed cabinet by the then newly minted Prime Minister, Najib Razak. On hindsight, that article was a balance between a crystal ball of “I told you so!” and something that is totally off the mark altogether. But nobody is perfect.

But what is important, in order to have a really strong government, the candidates contesting for this coming general election have to right.

We need people who are energetic, wise, intelligent, credible and above all, have the integrity to be respected by most. This applies for both sides of the divide. The highest law making body in the land is made up with lawmakers from all parties be it the Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat.

This time around, I honestly feel there are few people that should not offer themselves as candidates in the next general election.

They are:

1) Nik Aziz

He has been the Menteri Besar of Kelantan for 23 years. Already sickly and decrepit, he sometimes suffer bouts of dementia which ultimately lend credence to his senility. Who would forget a youtube video where he said it is okay for a woman to be raped because she did not cover up? At 82 years old, do we honestly think he should not give the younger leaders a chance? Do we expect him to lead Kelantan for the next 5 years until he is 87? Even Dr Mahathir retired at 78.

Back in early 2000s, Nik Aziz made a pledge that should Dr. Mahathir resigned from his premiership, he will resign the very next day as well. It is now 2013. It has been nearly 10 years since Dr. Mahathir resigned. And Nik Aziz is till clinging to power like it is the most important thing in this world. Although the afterlife is what PAS leaders always say they are focussing on, it is insignificant thing like politics is what they cherish more.

Nik Aziz should just retire.

2) Rais Yatim

What can we say about Rais Yatim which has not been said already? Turning 71 this year, surely there are more capable people that can lead the information ministry in ways so much better than he could. If he had done his job well, there will be a lot more people supporting Barisan Nasional right now. But fiasco after fiasco and bad decision making are the hallmark of his ministry.

Who could forget the Merdeka Day fiasco last year where he mishandled the issues on the merdeka theme and and the Janji Ditepati song? Even the simplest issue like merdeka logo which was made in haste and in bad taste could not be successfully mitigated by his ministry.

Surely, the Jelebu parliamentary which had been held strong by Rais Yatim all these years can afford to have a change of guard. Please do not tell us that should he is not selected as the candidate in the next general election, Jelebu will fall. That means, Rais Yatim is doing a terrible job in succession planning. Or he is a good job in promoting himself as an individual, but a really bad job in promoting his party, the Barisan Nasional.

Either way, it is time to retire. He may think he has a lot more to offer, but in actual truth and honesty, he doesn’t. Do we need a minister who will be a minister till he is 76?

3) Lim Kit Siang

Poor old Lim Kit Siang. The only thing that can make him feel relevant is to hold on to the number one post in DAP for as long as possible. He has been the supremo for that party since Tun Razak was the prime minister. That is more than 40 years of being the ruler of DAP!

Already 72 years old, what more do we need from him? He can always write his thoughts in his blog rather than be involved directly in Malaysian politics. All those time spewing hatred and giving out supremacist speeches in rallies must be tiring for an old man like him. He has already established a dynasty within his party. His son, daughter in law, and perhaps his grandson will definitely hold the reins of the party long after he is gone. So his legacy is intact. There is nothing to worry about.

It is time to go Uncle Kit. Do us this favour or you will die in office as the longest serving party dictator in this part of the region.

4) Karpal Singh

73 year old Karpal Singh is another old guard that has to go otherwise together with the names mentioned above, we shall probably have to put him as an exhibit in Jurassic Park in Melaka.

Already wheelchair-bound, it is such an inhumane thing for us voters to force him to continue servicing us as an MP. Most of us do not know the demands and the punishing schedule of an MP. There is not enough hours and minutes in their typical day. I just hope the party leadership in DAP will be more merciful to Karpal Singh. Honestly, I do not think Karpal Singh have the energy to face another 5 years of politicking anymore. What more with his often tumultuous relationship with Anwar Ibrahim and his compatriots in PAS.

Let the old man rest.

5) Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

Ku Li has been an MP since 1969. One of the longest MPs still serving in our current day Parliament. Although he is still sharp at 76, I think it is high time Kelantan Umno find a replacement for his candidacy in Gua Musang. Please do not tell us that Kelantan Umno will only think about a suitable successor for Gua Musang only when Ku Li is 81 at the 14th general election in 2018. That would be a huge mistake.

Do it now when his majority for Gua Musang in the last 2008 election is still high. Surely Ku Li do not expect to be an MP forever? Please do not pull a Nik Aziz on us.

6) Khairy Jamaluddin

Now although he is still young (37), he did actually made a decision not defend his Rembau seat back in 2011. In order to maintain the integrity of all Barisan Nasional candidates, we hope Khairy will act as he had promised unless he is willing to be seen as an attention seeker who suffer bouts of knee-jerk reaction and talking without thinking syndrome. We need leaders with principles. Not drama queens.

Although we hate to see him go since he had done quite well in the youth front, we do wish him well in his future undertakings. Bon voyage.

Khairy confirms he won’t defend Rembau seat

PETALING JAYA: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has confirmed speculation on social networking site Twitter that he will not defend his Rembau seat in the next general election.

When asked to verify the speculation that he might not contest in the 13th general election, Khairy replied “yes” via SMS.

He had earlier created quite a buzz in Twitter when he sent a tweet about taking a break from politics.

“Hope to help win more youth support for BN (Barisan Nasional) in 2011 & work hard preparing for elections. Then I’m taking a break from politics. Can’t wait,” Khairy wrote on Twitter.

His tweet generated much response from his followers who wondered if the Rembau MP was not going to defend his seat in the 13th general election.

“I would like to ‘stand down’ as they say in the UK. A couple of things I’d like to do before it gets too late,” tweeted Khairy in response to a follower who asked him what he meant by a “break”.

Asked how long he planned to be away from politics, Khairy replied: “Indefinite. Not sure what I will be doing. A few things I want to do like go back to school.”

Khairy first mentioned the possibility of not defending his seat in an interview with a newsportal last July.

At that time, he clarified his statement a day later, saying he was only mulling the possibility and that he had yet to make a firm decision on the matter.

7) All other Pakatan Rakyat leaders

If we do not have integrity and principles, then we are less of a human being than an animal. We stood our ground because we have principles. We are respected and treated seriously because we have integrity.

In 1969, the now defunct Labour Party boycotted and did not enter the general election that year because they thought the Alliance could not tolerate the existence non-communal opposition party with leftist tendency and that to participate in that election would be to condone communal elections.

That is what we call a principled decision with highest integrity.

Our Labour Party was not the first nor were they the last to have done that. In Egypt recently, the opposition had decided not to contest in the upcoming election due to transparency issue.

Therefore it is really questionable and their integrity found wanting when Pakatan Rakyat decided to contest in this 13th General Election when time and time again they have shouted on top of their lungs that this general election will be the dirtiest ever with a lot of ‘discrepancies’ and very ‘dirty’ electoral rolls.

But at the same time they are bragging that they can win up to 140 seats this time around. Again, how do they reconcile this differing point of view?

On one hand they claim that BN will ensure that they will win it by hook or by crook, but on the other hand they assured the voters that Pakatan will win 140 seats! Are they confused? Again if we do not have the integrity, it will make you look stupid. People will disrespect you.

What they should have done is to boycott the very system they said to have failed them. Why enter a race which you know is unfair from the start? Why waste money and resources?

Thus, all these skulduggery are just another one of their acts. An act of an unprincipled and dishonest venture for power.

In order for them to regain trust, they should just stand up, own up and be a man or don’t stand at all.

22 thoughts on “Those who shouldn’t be contesting

  1. What about Tengku Adnan? Maybe he can write on how he got the ‘tengku’. Nazri Aziz wont be missed by anyone. I feel anyone not a VP and has served two terms must start playing with cucus at home. Anwar can play with dolls from China. Zahid Hamidi can spend more time riding his big bikes. Su Kun can start planting buah sukun.


    • And you having a “newface, what do you do?” Wild, unsubstantiated allegations only? Give some explanations la brader. But on Anwar and such, no need any explanations, I always agree one, hahaha.


  2. I can’t wait for the parties to field their candidates. Definitely one party will be decimated if it rely on putting up its stalwarts. GE 13 can’t wait any longer.


  3. In Tamil, we’d say, “appadi pOdu aruvala”, roughly translated “Yup, that’s how you chop ’em with your parang”. Well said, JMD. Except Khairi whom I think got hold of himself lately. But what the hell, if he goes, there are always other better leaders out there.


  4. Agree, all those 6 not winnable candidates. Should not be fielded by their parties. They themselves should not ask or expect to be standing if they know malu muka.


  5. I think that Khairy fellow must not be nominated again. Agree that he has said he’d not contest at PRU, the bosses should hold on to that.

    I think he should not even be UMNO Youth boss any more when his term ends. He is a peculiar fellow, not saying the right things at the right time, in fact, saying the wrong things sometimes. Can’t have an UMNO Youth leader like that.

    Such a waste that UMNO Youth should be contributing a lot to the BN election effort but has not been seen to be doing so. Not even seen as having brought, encouraged, or campaigned in a relentless and widely publicized manner for new voters to be registered. Especially the young.


  6. Can somebody tell me why people still want Nik Aziz? Somebody who is not PAS, PKR or DAP member or strong supporter? Dr Haron Din is a far better leader. Never mengarut.

    If nobody answers, I assume only a small minority really wants Nik Aziz. They rest who raise their hands to him are just Pak Turut.


    • Those who want Nik Aziz include those not well informed about Islam such that they believe all his utterances, including that those who do not support PAS or vote UMNO will not go to Heaven. Just because the party carries the name Islam and Nik Aziz is called “Tuan Guru”, they even believe such nonsense.

      Others want Nik Aziz because they are so desperate in wanting to taste power at the Federal level, over 50 years in existence as a political party but could manage to rule only Kelantan. So they look the other way when he behaves stupidly, or pretend they are deaf when he utters nonsense. Sad to say but this category includes Dr Haron Din who has always appeared to be sensible, rational and cool.


  7. Jebat,

    you left out 2 others who should not be contesting. one is Anwar Ibrahim a.k.a The Butt Man, and 2, the Batu MP Tian Chua who is a complete disgrace to the august house for saying that the standoff in Lahad Datu is a conspiracy hatched by the BN government. these 2 should “graciously” exit the scene before the electorate consign them to the dustbin of history in the coming GE13.


  8. La.awat tak masukkan Syed Hamid sekali?Yes he HAD performed before.But now?Rais Yatim is far better than him eventhough Rais also has to go la.These two guys (apart from those mentioned above) are so has been.Pleasela people!You should know when to step down.Sorry yea.


  9. This thing called “winnable candidates”. All political parties want them. In the past such winnable candidates include the corrupt, the cakap tak serupa bikin, the janji tak di tepati. Has anything changed? Can they be got rid off?

    No. What has changed is only the ferocity of the election fights. Now everybody is desperate. Pakatan is desperate to hold on to power in the 4 states and to reach Putrajaya. Barisan is desperate to get 2/3 majority, because the ills of the present time cannot be greatly reduced without a strong hold in Parliament.

    The criteria for “winnable candidates” can be a misnomer. Some crooks can be popular, too. Robin Hood was one. Adolf Hitler, with the huge Nazi propaganda machinery, appeared popular, too. Though the sodomizing ex-convict Anwar cannot even get PAS to agree on him being the Pakatan PM candidate.

    The corrupt, immoral, and uncaring of the interests of the constituents must not be fielded. UMNO has taken action on money politics and changed its party election rules, which were once the biggest culprits in money politics. The BN government has prosecuted big time corrupt politicians, including ex-Ministers. But many have become rich through the Stock market. They themselves are in business or are connected with business people involved in companies that go for public listing and get a ride on them. But BN must find blokes who don’t ride in their luxury cars when going to the kampongs and who do visit the kampongs to genuinely listen to and act upon the constituents’ problems and needs.

    Of course, Pakatan generally has no principles – even election manifestos they say are not promises. So, let them field the crooks, liars, cheats and ex-convicts. We’ll continue to face the cakap tak serupa bikin and the janji tak di tepati blokes, however small a minority they may be. That’s the sad fact of life everywhere on earth.


    • Winnable wannabes. I think the Opposition will not bother if they are men of principle or not. Theirs are the kind who may not even have the word principle in their vocabulary.

      DAP has never been a grateful lot. Unlike MCA which has said in Parliament that the Malays have been “generous enough” – twice, once for agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays at Merdeka and another for the Malay-led government relaxing the rules for the issue of citizenship certificates soon after Merdeka.

      Many in DAP are descended from secret societies, thugs and gangsters that were brought to Penang from China in the 18th Century and to Larut by the feuding Ghee Hins and Hai Sans in the 19th Century. And PAS even has as sleeping partners Lim Kit Siang who said “Never” and Karpal Singh who said “Over my dead body” to Hukum Hudud. PKR of course has the Sodomizer who bad mouths his own country and arranges funds from Neocons, Jews and Zionists for NGOs supporting him, helping the Zionist agenda of weakening Muslim nations world wide.


  10. Dear Author JebatMustDie,
    I am intern student work under Dr Wan Norlidah Al Qadri whom I assume you know her.
    She gave me task that required me to invite you to give some speech about Malaysia history.
    She only gave your blog name and I need to know how can I contact you and discuss this matter.
    Hope you reply this soon.
    My email


  11. Somehow, the crooks, the coyotes and the kotes will contest, especially among the Pakatan Rakyat fellows. And a number of them buggers will be elected. Partly because of the nature of the electorate. As one newspaper Editor once said, “We print what the kind of news the readers want to read.” That’s the nature of human beings.

    So, the ex-convict, the bekas banduan and the wrongly applied kote fler must stand. Only not sure where. Some say he is gobar to stand in Permatang Pauh. Even PAS ex-Deputy President Nashruddin is said to want to stand in that constituency. He may still have many supporters among the PAS members as he has not been kicked out of the party. And PAS has a well experienced election machinery. Not PKR. Hope to God he’ll be defeated.


  12. Pingback: Do we really want to vote these people? (addendum) | The Posto – Malaysia News, Opinion & Commentary

  13. Salam JMD,
    Your ouster list is arguably not exhaustive.Some of the veteran UMNO stalwarts will not contest in PRU 13 on their own volition to save face.They have made their pile and can retire happily ever after. The rakyats know who they are.

    Who are ‘winnable” candidates to be fielded by NTR? If they are coming from the sky, then we can expect those UMNO members who have been struggling for the party but not fielded , will protest and not vote for BN as what happened in PRU 2008.

    Let’s test the wisdom of NTR in the choice of candidates !!

    Hang Kasturi


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