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Felda moved to financially punish lying politicians

There is something very telling about the legal suit by Felda today:

Felda sues ANAK president and 6 others for defamation

KUALA LUMPUR — The Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) today filed a defamation suit against Felda Settlers’ Children Association (Anak) president Mazlan Aliman, PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali and five others over allegations that Felda sold its palm oil to Israel.

The writ of summons was filed through Mssrs Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak at the High Court Registrar’s Office here.

Felda named Mazlan and Mustafa as the first and second defendant, while Harakah editor-in-chief Ahmad Lutfi Othman, editor Taufek Yahya, writer Mohd Arif Atan and publisher Angkatan Edaran Ent Sdn Bhd, as well as Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, as the third to seventh defendants.

According to the statement of claim, Felda claimed that Mazlan had uploaded a defamatory statement on his Facebook page on Nov 19 last year and had also made defamatory statement during a gathering in front of Felda office four days later (Nov 23).

Felda claimed that the statement was republished by the second to sixth defendants through several articles in Harakah newspaper between Nov 26 and 29 last year.

Felda also claimed that the statement had affected Felda’s reputation and that all defendants had done so with the intention to achieve their personal agendas to destroy people’s faith in Felda.

The plaintiff is seeking general and exemplary damages, cost as well as other relief deemed fit by the court.

Felda is also applying to the court for an injunction to stop Mazlan and his agents from talking about or publishing the defamatory statement in the Internet and print media.

The plaintiff is also demanding a written apology from Mazlan in local newspapers and magazines.

Meanwhile, Felda’s lawyer Wan Azmir Wan Majib told reporters that they would send the writ of summons to all defendants within this week. -BERNAMA-

This suit came about two weeks after Felda had sent them a notice of claim for the lies and misinformation they spread to public, as news on 13th December 2012 below had shown:

Felda serves notice of claim to Mazlan and opposition publications

KUALA LUMPUR – Felda has sent a notice of claim to Mazlan Aliman, Harakah and Suara Keadilan newspapers over Mazlan’s accusation that the conglomerate is selling its palm oil produce to Israel and the statement was reported in both publications.

The statement was also published on Mazlan’s Facebook account.

Mazlan, in his statement, accused Felda of selling its palm oil produce to Israel.

Felda in an official statement has denied the allegations made by Mazlan.

“These allegations are not true and are malicious in nature, in fact it has tarnished Felda’s image as an international conglomerate,” it said.

Due to this, Felda has decided to take action against Mazlan and the two newspapers via Messrs Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak.

The notice of claim has been sent by Felda’s lawyers to Mazlan, Suara Keadilan and Harakah on Dec 10 and 11.

The same legal notice has been given to Harakah, naming its writer, news editor and chief news editor, publisher and printer as defendants involved in the libellous article on Felda.

Meanwhile, Parti Keadilan Rakyat which is responsible for publishing the Suara Keadilan newspaper has also been served with a notice.

Felda has given the defendants 14 days to apologise and retract the statement that has been made and published.

The defendants are also expected to offer to compensate Felda for the damages they have caused, failing which, Felda’s lawyers will proceed with the legal suit after the 14 days.

Obviously, Mazlan Aliman and his ilk in Pakatan Rakyat did not have the proof to back their allegations hence the lawyers in Felda moved to sue them. Otherwise, the matter would have not been pursued by Felda at all. The question now is, will Pakatan politicians who are prone to lying, will learn their lesson and stick to facts when conveying their political agenda?

I doubt it.

After recent political events had really, really exposed Pakatan Rakyat’s politicians to be corrupt and dirty, we could only extrapolate that if they gain powers as Federal government, the magnitude of corruption they immerse themselves in would be bigger than we could imagine.

Let’s see what happens next.

23 thoughts on “Felda moved to financially punish lying politicians

  1. Arrr…JMD, you no satisfy our hunger. More. More. More (give me your address, we’d do peacefull assembly there).

    Okay, I’m kidding. Usually, I’d check on your site first before I move on. Somewhat, I’ve been slacking on that, that I saw this link in

    I have spilled a little bit of blood*, as my brothers did, in Felda land, and this post matters to us.

    *football injury-lah, and in Balan’s case, a lot, football AND rugby.


    • Lying politicians better lie down. Exploit too much they’d get their heads knocked. Not just with facts and strong arguments like in here but also hit with summons and court cases that they’ll end up “tersengeh”. Hope tersengeh forever politically, hehe.


    • FELDA was once vast virgin jungles, out in the wilderness, tens of thousand acres, nay, hundreds of thousand acres of thick, practically impenetrable areas of no man’s land (government-owned), uninhabited by mankind, only wild animals, ghosts and the unknown.

      Then Tun Abdul Razak planned and executed the clearing of such jungles, the planting of commercial crops, the habitation by poor, landless Malays collected from kampongs all over the country. They toiled amidst hardships of all kinds, lacking in proper roads, clean water, electricity, schools, clinics and all. For years and decades they toiled and suffered.

      Then the fruits of their labour came. Social amenities came. Roads, piped treated water, schools, clinics and all sorts of facilities were made available. Even Internet. They turned out to be peaceful settlements, good interaction and social bonding of friendly people in still-rural but potentially progressive urban communities. In Jengka, Pahang Tenggara, Johor Tenggara, Trengganu Tengah, Ulu Kelantan and many others.

      Then the likes of Mazlan Aliman began to come in with a brand of politics that criticize everything for the sake of anything that’ll bring them a name, prominence, seats in the central committees of their political parties, power, if they can have it, in the states concerned, even in the country, Malaysia. They even tried to sabotage the public listing of FGVH that brought substantial cash and profits of shares allotted to the settlers. As a result of all those nasty doings, that social bonding became weakened, the good interaction among the settlers broke down, the fabric of that peaceful society badly disturbed, goodness, they even caused the abominable system of having different Imams and different mosques for prayers.

      And you, Mazlan Aliman, and blokes like you, want my sympathy for being sued by FELDA? Hell, NO. You and the likes of you can go to hell for all I care.


  2. You sure those invoices PAS produced last time when they sent the memo were not just ‘bukti kertas’…bodoh than ‘bukti besi’?


  3. I’m so damn glad that Felda sues ANAK president and 6 others for defamation. These blokes have been trying to cause disunity and harmony among the Felda settlers by politicizing many things that Felda does in the past many years.

    I hope they get really whacked in court and Felda should pursue the case to the highest court of the land until they are declared bankrupt, unable to hold political party positions, perhaps even banned from the Felda schemes for good. Harsh thinking? Well, don’t you think they deserve it for the havoc they caused on the otherwise peaceful and harmonious Felda communities all over the country?


  4. Pure politicizing of FELDA issues. At the expense of the poor FELDA settlers. At one time they tried to block the FGV public listing. Court Injunction and all. That would have deprived the settlers of “durian runtuh” from the public listing effort. So very uncouth. Becoming like the DAP buggers. Must have learnt from DAP dirty tactics.

    Mazlan Aliman and gang should be spending their time even defending the Palestinians against being bullied by the Zionist Israel. Yet Anwar Al Juburi (pangkat Mat Sabu beri) wants not only to have relations with Israel but also defends the security of Israel. When PAS has clearly stated they don’t want anything to do with Israel.

    Where has sanity gone among the PAS people? But of course the Mazlan Aliman guy has his bread and butter in the FELDA community. It’s where his support lies. That got him into the PAS Jawatan Kuasa Pusat. So, FELDA is doing the right thing – sue him and his honchos. I fully support FELDA’S actions.


    • “Mazlan Aliman and gang should be spending their time even defending the Palestinians …”

      But then these PAS blokes are a confused lot, self-contradictory and endless in-fighting among themselves, aren’t they? Here are examples:

      – 2011 Muktamar chucked out Negara Islam and Hudud but 2012 Muktamar confirmed Hudud is on again

      – Ulama Chief Harun Taib said kalimah Allah is only for Islam but Nik Aziz said Allah can be used by everybody and no-principle Hadi said others can use Kalimah Allah with some clarification

      – So-called Erdogan faction led by Anwar-influenced Khalid Samad been trying to fight the Ulama faction comprising mainly of long-time members, wanting to liberalize PAS to suit to DAP stand, as desired by Anwar. Succeeded in throwing out Hudud in 2011 but lost in 2012 as Hudud is back on PAS agenda.

      – the PAS Pemuda faction leader using a name Arab style – Al Tantawi, like Saddam Hussein Al Takriti (name of his birth place) sometimes supports one, sometimes the other, even declaring his and his wife’s total income of RM8,000 per month, trying to show the others he is an honest, non-corrupt fellow, projecting his DAP anti-corruption line when no other leader in PAS bothers about it.

      Very pathetic state of affairs in PAS. How can this kind be given votes to lead the country? They ruled Kelantan for 20 years, the state has become stagnant econimocally, even their pipe water is murky and blames others for it.


  5. Isa 9.36……what durian runtuh are you talking about…. felda shares have runtuh al right now where is the durian?? Isa samad is now kicked out of koperasi felda. serves the corrupt bastard right. His own party says he is corrupt and yet they have the gall to put him in charge of millions of the poor felda settlers money. If the felda settlers want a corrupt bastard to ruin them I say let them be. they will be at the losing end.


    • That’s the problem of being a lone ranger, Mister. You don’t even know the FELDA settlers have been given cheques of many thousand Ringgit from the profits of the exercise. That was an initial payment. More was scheduled to come. Do mix around and not be a lone ranger. So that you get to know of happenings in the country.

      Isa Samad kicked out of the Koperasi? Wasn’t that old news? Manipulated by the Mazlan Aliman fellow who is now sued by FELDA for lying, defamation etc. Now, Anwar was not only found guilty of corruption etc,he was imprisoned and is an ex-convict. Why the hell you people want him to be PM? Even PAS doesn’t want him. Again, don’t be a lone ranger, Mister. Do mix around and you won’t get lost with current affairs. .


  6. Yes, between suing Harakah and suing the individuals stated above, I much prefer FELDA sue the individuals. Because the objective must be to teach those fellows and the likes of them to be careful with their words not to be defamatory.

    Harakah is the PAS party news letter. They may not, as an entity, have much assets to sue for and get the points across. They may just fold up and appear in another name if sued to bankruptcy.

    Yes, like Tan Koon Swan and others, those individuals may also divest whatever they own in the course of the court hearings. And Mazlan Aliman and the 6 others may have only their underwear by the time they are declared bankrupt. But at least the FELDA settlers can see them naked with only their underwear in the FELDA settlements and elsewhere!


    • I missed out the question mark after the name in the earlier comment.

      The question mark should be there as the case is not yet heard or disposed of.


  7. I wonder how many people the Mazlan Aliman fler brought to
    the rally at Stadium Merdeka last Saturday. I doubt if many. His
    job maybe only to create trouble in FELDA communities. It was Mat
    Sabu’s show at Stadium Merdeka. That’s why very few non-Malays
    attended the rally. Many must have got fed up with PAS because of
    Hudud and cannot believe PAS will not enforce Hudud on non-Muslims
    if they ever get to Putrajaya. And with Mat Sabu saying communists
    like Mat Indera was a hero. They may have relatives killed or
    suffered because of the communists during the Emergency. And now
    they could see that very clearly when PAS Kelantan issued summons
    to Chinese-owned hair salons and to Chinese khalwat couples. But
    maybe Mazlan Aliman may want to compete with Mat Sabu for PAS
    Deputy President post next party election now that Mat Sabu appears
    unpopular among non-Muslims. That’s why it’ll be good if FELDA sues
    him to bankruptcy so that he’ll not be able to hold any party
    positions and be less of a nuisance. Anyone knows if PAS
    Constitution says so?


    • A bit curious to know why my above comment typed up in nice paragraphs but appeared in just one paragraph. Rather disturbing for me who abhors no-paragraph and jumbled-up writing.

      I saw the paragraphs clearly when the comment was pending moderation. So, not likely it was my lap top problem as I saw one comment in another blog also appearing corrupted in the lines and the paragraphing. Could be a technical glitch somewhere upon the comment being moderated and released for publication.

      Hope this comment will come out OK in the paragraphing. Will comment again on the subject of the post another time. Meanwhile, have a good day everybody.


  8. FELDA Should be more concerned with it being Punished by
    the Market!! Najib’s Stupidity will not only cost FELDA Dearly but
    also Damage the bottom lines of EPF and Tabung Haji.


        • Never mind what I read. Which one did you read? Please share your detailed opinion based on the financial news you read. It will do the readers some good. There’s nothing wrong in getting knowledge. But if you want to be condescending, then we can stop the banter here. Thank you.


          • In a Sense Najib HAS already been punished. Look at the current share price for FGV. What’s coming will be more Streneous for EPF and the other government backed entities as foreigners stars to unload. The boys in EPF knows who they are check analyst reports on their current positions.


            • Do you understand about Stock Market trends, Blackey? The various factors causing price fluctuations on a particular counter?

              If you do, why don’t you state those factors in detail? Then we can assess whether you are talking sense or sputtering out rubbish.

              But I suspect you don’t know much. Only some words like “unload” and “current positions”. Just making wild statements like Pakatan goons usually do.

              I certainly would like to take a position to unload you!


  9. “will Pakatan politicians who are prone to lying, will learn their lesson and stick to facts when conveying their political agenda?”

    I don’t think so. You see, they have a lot of money sent in by the Neocons, Jews and Zionists under the name of National Endowment for Democracy etc, arranged by Anwarul Al Juburi who went to US bad-mouthing Malaysia’s so-called lack of democracy. Although his own party, PKR, is not democratic – he is boss, his wife President, his daughter Vice President, his crony Azmin Ali is Deputy President and Zaid Ibrahim, a lawyer and former Cabinet Minister who was interested in the post bolted from the party in disgust with the rigged party election procedures.

    The Pakatan politicians are glib, often making wild and unsubstantiated allegations, not even simple explanations in many cases. I do hope they get sued often, the Judiciary can increase their manpower as and when necessary, but those politicians should be blunderbuss-ed, legally speaking – shot with nails and iron bits on their behind.


  10. This felda is beginning to look like another ENRON, the energy trader that failed by cooking up their accounts.
    Recently muddy waters started to attack GOLAM, a commodity trader based in Singapore . The investigative papers I read make Felda in the same mould as GOLAM.
    The poor settlers, like their taxi driver siblings, will be punished.
    They have to pay high management fees due to incompetent and inefficient management. Palm oil sold by felda are sold cheaply for many years to traders based in hong kong for china market. Is it due to commission sharing with felda marketing on personal basis?


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