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President of Bar Council rejects election observers

Usually those who do not have the integrity and hearts filled with bad intentions will be exposed to public sooner than later.

Take for example, Parti Keadilan Rakyat. They shouted about the general elections in Malaysia, alleging that they are dirty and unfair, but their own party elections  in 2010 are rigged and caused so much uproar that caused party stalwarts like Zaid Ibrahim and few others to leave the party in bitter disappointment.

PAS in their general assembly a couple of weeks ago prayed for Umno’s destruction. But Umno members are muslims too but PAS has no qualms in telling the world that all members are apostates and are no longer muslims. PAS who claimed to be more islamic than even the arabs had the audacity to play God and banish Umno by invoking God’s name. All this in the name of power. In retrospect, Umno in their own general assembly prayed that muslims will remain united, safe and strong.

Another classic case of manipulation gone awry was the Scorpene case involving Suaram. After much brouhaha was created by Suaram where they told media that a trial on Scorpene case is underway, and that PM Najib will be subpoenaed to appear in the tiral, a French official claimed that there are no trial taking place. Suaram is exposed as a lying organisation and left their members, especially Cynthia Gabriel with no dignity and credibility whatsoever.

And now today it was revealed that the President of Bar Council, Lim Chee Wee was reluctant to accept observers to Bar Council election 2013/2014.

The letter below (which is making rounds in Facebook) and the comment from the member of Malaysian Bar (Mohd Khairul Azam) is self explanatory.

Lim Chee Wee, a main advocate of Bersih and call for free and fair elections in Malaysia, is actually imposing double standards to his own organisation. How do you reconcile your public pursuit of Bersih with your own personal agenda within your own council? It doesn’t jive at all. I see no point of Bersih to harangue Barisan Nasional to call for foreign observers when they themselves do not want to call observers to their own little election.

“Saya adalah calon pemilihan Bar Council. Saya telah menulis surat bertanya kepada BC, “bolehkah saya memantau proses kiraan undi nanti?”. Tau apa jawapan Bar Council???? “…due to logistical and security concerns, the counting process is not open to observers”….. Dan pada masa yang sama, Presiden Malaysian Bar menyokong BERSIH menuntut ketelusan SPR dalam PRU????”

The letter by Bar Council president

37 thoughts on “President of Bar Council rejects election observers

  1. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Cheats and Liars exposed big time.

    Anwar’s sex romps, Nurul’s support for murtad, Lim Guan Eng’s Cocky, Arrogant and Tokong rule, Ambiga’s call for interference in sovereign Malaysia’s affairs ……


    • They should not only be exposed. They should be condemned, criticised and walloped big time, too.

      Dissenting is OK. Lying, cheating, misleading the public is a big sin. Calling for foreign interference in the internal affairs of Malaysia is betrayal of our country.

      Professor Emeritus (History) Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim said, “Berhijrah lah” to those who don’t like this country – disrepectng our national leader’s photograph and belittling our national flag during the so-called Himpunan Merdeka on the eve of last Merdeka anniversary.

      I say, “Berambus lah” – the two words have the same meaning. Especially to those who betray this country.


  2. Holy cow! What the blarxx intransigence. The fellow just asked the three scrutineers and simply said due to logistical and security concerns, the counting is not open to observers. Not even mentioning what logistical and security concerns they were. Fear of fellow lawyers bringing in guns?

    And yet those blokes hoo haah the SPR election system, wanting foreign observers and such nonsense. What kind of fair play, concept of justice done and seen to be done this kind of lawyers subscribe to, I wonder.


    • Sure, there are many kinds of lawyers in this country. There are some 13,000 of them. With varying views on looking at the laws of the country. Even on the Constitution, which is “the Mother of all laws” because they are the supreme laws, all others emanate from it and cannot contradict it.

      But basic laws all lawyers should agree lah. Like stealing is wrong. And not allowing members to to watch the Bar Council election counting is wrong. Not giving valid reasons also wrong.


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  4. Cakap tak serupa bikin. They are all like that, aren’t they? Anwar, Lim Guan Eng, Hadi, Nik Aziz … And now the Bar Council President.

    It’ll be a hell of a life for us if this kind fellows ever get to Putrajaya. O God, please save us.


  5. Maybe you mean, “O God, please save us. Never let them reach Putrajaya.”

    I know you don’t mean to sound desperate. The situation is not desperate for BN. It’s desperate for the opposition. That’s why

    1. they pray that UMNO/ BN be destroyed, whereas we only pray that they never reach Putrajaya.

    2. Anwar asked foreigners to help – money to Suaram, Malaysia Kini and other errant NGOs. He even asked Australians to come and observe the elections, but told “nyet” (Russian for “No”) in no uncertain terms

    3. And now the Bar Council President summarily saying no observer to the Bar Council election vote counting. Aiyyo, terrible lah for Malaysians if the fellow ever becomes a Judge.


    • Bar Council President maybe also desperate to keep his post or his colleagues’ posts on the committee if they stand again for re-election. Not allowing other members as observers in the vote counting simply implies they have things to hide.

      Not like SPR election counting – the representatives of all the political parties/ candidates are there to watch the counting. Hell, TV and mass media also allowed to watch the counting innit?


  6. Has any Bar Council President ever become a Judge? Not if they keep being anti-Establishment, I don’t think.

    Judges are selected from both Government lawyers and those in the private sector. Those of good character, no monkey business in their past, knowledgeable about the law, also well experienced in the practice of law both in the office and in the courts.

    Most importantly, those who respect and live by the Constitution of the country fully. Those who would go to the Courts on any dissatisfaction, political, criminal or civil. Not going to the streets – street demos and the like. Certainly not the dirty Bersih type, I don’t think.

    I like to think that selection of Judges has, by and large, been proper in the past. Many from among the ordinary members of the Bar Council. The 1-2 odd appointment cases? Oh, by Golly, that sort of thing also happens occasionally even in advanced countries like UK and US.


  7. “those who do not have the integrity”.

    Yes, the Bar Council President doesn’t have integrity. The Oxford Dictionary defines integrity as “wholeness; soundness; uprightness; honesty”. None of those shown in him not allowing fellow members of the Council to observe the counting of votes during the election of Committee members.


  8. Sorry sir, Parti Keadilan Rakyat is simply not in the equation. May be quoted as a bad specimen of a political party but not worth two sen in terms of decency and fairness of elections. It’s a family party – Anwar as boss, wifey as President, not-so-clever daughter (alleging Malays free to choose religion) as Vice President.

    Yes, lawyer and ex-Minister Zaid Ibrahim stormed out of PKR in disgust of the party’s election procedures – he was interested in the post of Deputy President that was apparently reserved for the family crony, Azmin Ali. As a lawyer, Zaid knows what free and fair elections are and sure he got fedap about the not free and not fair PKR election procedures.

    PKR boss Anwar Ibrahim sure wouldn’t mind Zaid cabut lari from the party. If Zaid had become Deputy President, he’d be a thorn in Anwar’s flesh because he’d find so many things Anwar/ PKR did were wrong. Including speaking for having relations with Israel and supporting the defence of the security of Zionist Israel that Pakatan Rakyat coalition member PAS bitterly opposes. Any wonder that the recent PAS Muktamar wanted Hadi to be PM instead of the DAP-touted Anwar?


  9. PAS in their general assembly prayed for UMNO’s destruction. UMNO in their general assembly prayed for Muslims to remain united, safe and strong.

    I think maybe not enough sane and sensible leaders in PAS. True, they have a few members with PhDs, but only a handful, and maybe from universities that are not liberal enough or don’t provide sufficient training of the mental faculty to realize that God must not be asked to bring destruction, only bring good to fellow human beings, more so fellow Muslims. They would have done well by just asking God’s help to reach Putrajaya.

    And the desperation to be in Putrajaya may be so dire that they say and do whatever, no matter what. This is a dangerous trend that even Anwar has been resorting to. Under those circumstances, would God grant them what they pray for? I seriously doubt that.


  10. Tiada ma’af bagi sesiapa yang selalu cakap tak serupa bikin. Bisingkan SPR punya peraturan mengundi, tapi tak kasi ahli mintak nak jadi pemerhati perhitungan undi pilihan Jawatan Kuasu kamu.

    Kalu ikut do’a PAS, “KO lah kamu”!


  11. Not allowing election observers sounds like a dictator in some God forsaken inland African states. Maybe among the Tuareg rebels – they sure would not allow observers if and when they get a state of their own and start having elections.

    Bar Council President also a rebel? If an active member of Bersih, maybe, no?


  12. Thanks jebat for the good mind opener.. For those who want to understand deeper regaridng this issue, please read the interview with mr Azam Aziz under the tilte ‘Mencari Pemandu Demokratik Bar Council’ in


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  14. This is the funny thing about people. Funny strange. It could even be the other kind of funny – funny stupid. Suaram and the likes of them.

    Proven lying by no less than a French Public Prosecutor saying when attending an anti-corruption conference in KL that there is no trial in France on Scorpene as claimed by Kua Ka Siong, they next tried to bring French lawyers to investigate in Malaysia. Damn it, no country in the world would allow any investigation overseas other than through Interpol – the International Police organization, not lawyers.

    Next, they tried to get the French lawyers propagandize Suaram’s case in Parliament. How dare these Suaram blokes. Not respecting the dignity of our Parliament, trying to use it as place to spread their dirty propaganda.

    Then they scooted to Singapore. Did their propaganda there. I didn’t even bother to read what exactly they said – I assumed it as propaganda. Suaram and Anawr Al Juburi’s propaganda.

    They have no limits on the extent they’d go to put down the establishment, don’t they? And they don’t have the facts, the proof, the evidence on their allegations. Otherwise they won’t talk about investigation, wanting to interview Malaysia personalities and all. Shit to Suaram’s extreme intransigence which has grown into stupidity.


  15. “Dan pada masa yang sama, Presiden Malaysian Bar menyokong BERSIH menuntut ketelusan SPR dalam PRU????”

    Ini nyata kes cakap tak serupa bikin. Yang sedihnya tu, mereka Majlis Peguam Malaysia. Dah jadi macam parti parti pembangkang yang biasanya cakap tak serupa bikin.

    Apasal Presiden Majlis Peguam tu macam tu? Nak kata tak terpelajar, dia lulus undang undang. Apa kah dia macam Yap Tian Sin, Presiden Dong Zong yang mengelolakan sekolah Cina, pakai 2 PhD tipu, seperti di dedahkan di akhbar di masa demo Dong Zong di Kajang tak lama lalu.

    Aneh, cukup aneh. Ini lah masalahnya bila ramai ahli Majlis Peguam tu tak hadzir di Mesyuarat Tahunan dan pilihan Kawatan Kuasa. Mereka yang aneh pemikiran dan pendirian dapat masuk ke JK. Nak mintak awasi hitungan undi pulak tak di benarkan. Pelik dan ganjil jadinya. Sokong Bersih memburukkan nama negara saja.


    • Kalau sokong Bersih atas sebab sebab yang munasabah, satu hal. Bersih mula mula nak perjuangkan pilihanraya yang bebas dan adil, ada hanya 4 perkara, seperti senarai masih ada pengundi yang mati, nak bersihkan senarai, konon.

      Tapi masuk pulak pengaruh politik, bertambah hingga jadi 8 perkara, lama lama 12 perkara, tambah tambah lagi, jadi mengarut mereka. Akhirnya kita nampak bahawa pemimpin pemimpin parti politik Pembangkang pun hadzir di himpunan Bersih 3.0 itu.

      Nyata Bersih nampak sebagai suatu himpunan politik. Majlis Peguam pun nak jadi suatu pertubuhan politik ke? Kalau gitu, tubuhkan sebuah parti politik le.

      Mereka loyar, sepatutnya tahu, tapi berselindung di belakang itu ini, itu yang jadi menyampah tu. Kena sondol dek Anwar yang ada di belakang nanti baru tau.


  16. Ah the devils’ little blogger trying hard to find faults with Pakatan but in the end, he failed. Being a devil himself, this example is too small to compare to BN’s extreme corruption.

    You want to compare the fraud and trickery done by BN in a general election to a mini election of a Bar Council? Get real. Their election doesn’t make or break a nation lah!

    It is sad that those people here still supporting a doomed BN. You people must be blind and uneducated. In my town, it is called, bumbling idiots!


    • But in my town, you Pakatan Rakyat people are called brainless nincompoops. Following lost causes brought about by Anwar, Hadi and Guan Eng. Who can’t even agree on who is their candidate PM. Let alone on Hukum Hudud, support for Israel, segregated gender for hair cutting, etc.

      You are yourself an example of extreme mental deficiency. People are talking about Bar Council election but you talk about corruption. Why, you saying there’s corruption in the Bar Council not allowing observers to their vote counting?

      How do you like me talking the way you do. Tit for tit, eh?


    • What kind of stupid mentality is that. Saying “Their (Bar Council) election doesn’t make or break a nation.” Therefore can be condoned? What utter nonsense and mark of irresponsibility.

      And alleging “a doomed BN” without any justification or explanation. That which has been ruling for 55 years and are going strong. Especially after the exposure of Pakatan Rakyat weaknesses even just 1-2 years in power. Talamgate and all.

      Making wild accusations, calling people uneducated etc like a small boy. Your English suggests you passed SPM. Maybe that’s the level of education you had.

      Grow up, boy. Do know that education is not only in the formal manner. You can still educate yourself properly if you read the proper stuff and mix with the right crowd. Looks like you have lost your way. Change your ways for goodness sake.


  17. The arrogance that appeared to have been shown by the Bar Council President perhaps permeates the entire Council i.e the committee that runs the organization for the 13,000 members.

    That committee is presumably mostly, if not entirely, non-Malay. Basically because most lawyers in the country are non-Malays. Many may be adopting the DAP stand of identifying the Establishment as Malay dominant and is therefore unwholesome or unacceptable. They close their eyes to the fact that the majority of the population is Malay, the Ketuanan Melayu as reflected in the functions and responsibilities of the YDP Agong and the Malay Rulers etc are enshrined in the Constitution of the country and protected under the Sedition Act, in consideration for which they got the right to citizenship.

    But more and more Malays are entering the legal profession. Hopefully the time will come when they will be playing a leading role in the Bar Council/ committee and not be antagonistic to the Establishment. When that happens, the Bar Council can then be expected to be contributing a lot to the nation in the efforts to achieve a fully developed status.


    • The Bar Council President said he has consulted the three scrutineers – were they elected or appointed? On permanent basis, not changeable at every Council election?

      Shouldn’t he have consulted the Committee? Have a meeting to discuss a member’s request? Consulting the scrutineers smacks of wanting to hide or prevent others from joining in the vote counting.

      Don’t all those indicate dictatorial tendencies on the part of the Council President?


  18. I’m flabbergasted at how this President of Bar Council Lim Chee Wee fellow, an avid Bersih supporter, making noise about free and fair elections in this country, is himself not ensuring the same in his own organization. And not giving valid reasons for rejecting observers to the vote counting, too. It’s just damn ridiculous.

    There’s one too many already of this kind of double standard blokes – Anwar Ibrahim. He bad-mouthed Malaysia in the US, alleging lack of democracy, when his own party, PKR, is not democratic from its very leadership composition (he, wife and daughter) and party election procedures (lawyer Zaid Ibrahim stormed out of the party in disgust over it).

    We know the Opposition in the country are prone to twisting facts, slanting and spinning, but if a President of the Bar Council and a former Deputy Prime Minister are of the forked tongue kind, it really tells the sad state of affairs in the country, doesn’t it?


  19. The Bar Council letter is short and not explanatory. Especially the last paragraph – simply saying “due to logistical and security concerns.”.

    They don’t want to explain because they don’t have any explanation? They fear members will take anything they say against them?

    “the counting process is not open to observers” – secret ballot?


  20. I think I’m allowed to say I’m not proud of my country because people shouting for greater democracy, transparency and all are themselves not practicing those. Bar Council President, Bersih prime movers, political party leaders.

    They say politics are dirty but I maintain that it’s not politics but politicians are dirty. How can they say one thing and do another? So rampant from the Opposition parties. They don’t even agree with one another yet they claim they can unite and run the country together.

    Hudud, gender segregation, khalwat summons on non-Muslims – they can’t even agree who to be Prime Minister.


  21. Election observers are, by definition, merely observers. Those asking did not even ask for powers or spelt out functions or official designation. They don’t even have the power to count, do they?

    But why the hell doesn’t the Bar Council allow those members who ask to go and observe. Afraid of counting irregularities be exposed? A lot of hanky panky? Situation that bad in the Bar Council under that President’s watch?


    • We should ask former US President Jimmy Carter to apply to Bar Council to become an observer to their Council election vote counting – maybe the Bar Council would agree.

      Jimmy Carter had been invited as an Observer to so many elections held by the less advanced countries that I sometimes think he has become a professional Election Observer. He’s been so well respected, that’s why.

      How about it, Bar Council?


      • Pssst, please don’t ask the stupid George W Bush to be one – he’d bring a whole lot of Neocons, Jews and Zionists along, or talk about invading Iran this time.

        Anwar would of course love Bush being in the Malaysian bushes. But the Bar Council executive committee is aligned to the Al Juburi fellow, isn’t it – judging from their members’ participation in the dirty Bersih business.


      • “He (Jimmy carter) ’s been so well respected, that’s why.”

        But also because those who invited him are sincere, wanting the world to know they have nothing to hide, run a free and fair election.

        Bar Council?


  22. Members of the Bar Council are “Officers of the Law”. They are, by their constitution or the Legal Profession Act or the very legal instrument that created the Bar Council, expected to uphold the law, protect the principles of law, and report to the authorities those who they know break the law. Including their own members. They are expected to have high integrity and capable of exercising their discretion well.

    We accept the fact that no law, rules or regulations are perfect and are always subject to interpretation, otherwise lawyers do not exist. But on having observers to their Council election vote counting, is that subject to much interpretation?

    The Council President rejects requests to be observers rather arbitrarily, consulting only the three scrutineers, instead of the Executive Committee. No doubt, the scrutineers are appointed by the Council “pursuant to the Legal Profession Act”, but there must be reasons for members wanting to be observers to the vote counting. Note that the President’s letter states in summary fashion that “the counting process is not open to observers”.

    But the decision is, in fact, not that of the Council. It’s the decision of just the scrutineers – the letter states that “I have consulted with them (the scrutineers) and they have decided … the counting process is not open to observers”. Are the scrutineers empowered to make such a decision? Especially when “the logistical and security concerns” are not explained at all.


  23. Not just Parti Keadilan Rakyat that shouted about the general elections in Malaysia, alleging that they are dirty and unfair, but their own party elections are done in ways much to be desired. DAP, too, which has just completed their party elections last weekend.

    Calling themselves “Democratic” Action Party, yet they are the least democratic of all the political parties in the country. In fact, they are like the Communist Party of China. Even the system where the Secretary General is the boss – instead of the President or the Chairman – is in itself communistic in style. Even in China it had changed – Mao Zedong became Chairman Mao, though he remained boss. DAP Chairman Karpal Singh practically has no power.

    In democracy-practising countries, the top officials are all directly voted by their citizens. In China, a handful of top communists decide the seven members of executive committee, then parade them before the members of the Pulitbureau, and they later appoint the country’s President, Prime Minister etc.

    DAP is doing that,too. The Central Executive Committee members of 20 persons are elected by the delegates. Then the 20 appoint the Chairman, Secretary General etc, and appoint another 10 persons to the CEC. How democratic of “Democratic” Action Party is that? And the DAP boss Lim Guan Eng has often been linked to communist North Korea President, referred to as “Dear Leader”. .


  24. What a cockadoodledoo, man, headline: “Bersih to focus on high voter turnout and citizen observer campaigns, says Ambiga”.

    The woman, a former Bar Council President, should be telling the current Council President to allow observers on the Council election vote counting.

    But of course, they are flocks of the same feather …


  25. “Parti Keadilan Rakyat .. shouted about the general elections in Malaysia, alleging that they are dirty and unfair, but their own party elections in 2010 are rigged ..”

    The whole Bersih jingbang appears to be PKR Anwar’s manipulation. Follow the money, they say. And the money was traced to Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) which is funded by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

    Prior to Bersih 2.0, during the talk in the papers about the permit for the rally, the IGP was reported saying Ambiga had several bank accounts one of which – in a bank where an Opposition member has substantial shares – had received remittances from abroad.

    And Dr Chandra Muzaffar who was at one time Deputy President of PKR wrote that “in July 2011, a leader of Bersih, the coalition for clean and fair elections, admitted that her organisation had received money from Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) which is funded by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED).”

    It is a known fact that Anwar was the one who went to US bad mouthing so-called lack-of-democracy Malaysia, getting the Neocons, Jews and Zionist groups to provide funds to Malaysian NGOs aligned to him. A dangerous man, willing to put his country down for the sake of getting to Putrajaya.


  26. Anwar will go to whatever extent to get what he wants. The end justifies the means. Machiavellian – the kind of politics practiced in 15th Century Italy, when lies, deceits, false promises, what have you were rampant.

    Today came out in blogosphere Pakatan Rakyat’s so-called Cabinet line up. Named Kabinet Rakyat, it does not even carry Pakatan Rakyat’s name, only the logos of the three PR component parties. With Anwar as PM, 3 DPMs, PKR handling all the important ministries, PKR and DAP as Finance Ministers, PAS appears a lot sidelined. PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu only as a Deputy Minister. PKR really has a low opinion of PAS.

    But of course, PAS wants Hadi as PM. They said so at their recent Muktamar.


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