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The spin that’ll sink Malaysian Insider

After the debacle Malaysian Insider went through in twisting Marina Mahathir’s and Bridget Welsh words, and after being chastised by both ladies for practising atrocious journalistic behaviour, the Insider were at it again with their pro opposition agenda of misinforming the general public.

An article by Bernama was published in Malaysian Insider as below. Please take note of the headline:

French official says Scorpene probe not at trial stage yet

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — A prominent French government prosecutor has denied reports circulating among some Malaysian online news portals of an ongoing trial in France, on allegations of corruption by a French company over the purchase of two French-made Scorpene submarines by Malaysia in 2002.

Yves Charpenel said the media in Malaysia should be able to distinguish between rumours and facts, and between investigations and a trial.

“I am aware about all the fuss kicked up by certain media (organisations) in Malaysia over this matter but what I can say is that this is nothing more than a trial by the media,” he told Bernama here today.

Charpenel, who was a former head of prosecution in France and now a state prosecutor and an executive member of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA), was here to attend the four-day IAACA conference and general meeting which ended yesterday.

Following a complaint filed in 2009 by Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), a Malaysian human rights non-governmental organisation (NGO), that a French company had allegedly paid bribes to a Malaysian firm for the submarine deal, he revealed that two independent “investigating judges” started their investigations earlier this year.

Charpenel said that in France, as in other countries practising the rule of law, all investigations were done in absolute secret.

He said it was anybody’s right to file a complaint and due to the secret nature of the investigations, some resorted to complaining to the media.

He explained that for specific cases in France, the Justice Ministry would ask an independent judge, called an “investigating judge”, to investigate.

“He is just an investigator. This is an old system that started from the Napolean era. If the investigating judge wants someone to come to Malaysia, he has to ask from your government because we have what is called the Treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance. And the Malaysian government can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. It has to be decided by the Malaysian authorities.

“A French investigating judge cannot take his luggage, take a plane and go to Malaysia and ask someone to answer his questions. It is impossible, it is against the French law and it is also against international law,” stressed Charpenel.

He pointed out that in France, as elsewhere, the course of justice would not be dictated by the media.

As he put it, “In France, the time of justice is different from the time in media. Of course, the media needs data, information, news. It’s natural but the investigation is quite different. This is exactly the same, whether in France or in Malaysia.

“And, it has to be secret. We are now in the first step, maybe, we got another step, maybe not, and it is quite early to say more.”

Asked about media reports that French lawyers representing SUARAM in the suit would be coming to Malaysia to brief their clients, Charpenel said any lawyer from any country was free to do so because he was paid by his clients.

“He can speak freely to the press, that’s freedom or human rights. But he is not a prosecutor. He is not an investigating judge. He is not an official.”

In April this year, local opposition politicians here had even called for Malaysian officials to testify in Paris or risk being ostracised in the European Union.

“A trial is a trial with all the rules. Investigation is another thing,” said Charpenel of the misinformation generated by certain news portals over allegations that a trial was already underway.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also said over the weekend that the Auditor-General had declared the Scorpene deal was done in accordance with legal procedures. — Bernama

Note that the original title of the Bernama report was :


Screenshot of the original article in Bernama.

If read carefully, the french official was not even certain if there would even be a trial even after the investigating judge being appointed. The change of the original headline in its entirety and the inappropriate use of the word ‘yet’ in this context is misleading. See the difference between the two headlines?

In fact, the french official stressed that the media should discern between what are rumours and what are facts.

Hence Malaysian Insider should not delve in rumour mongering even further by giving slanted headlines just to satisfy their pro opposition agenda. By saying that a trial may yet happened, the editorial desk of Malaysian Insider is jumping the gun way ahead than what the french official had officially reported to have said. And to further, erode their news credibility, Malaysian Insider basically had changed the gist of the news reported by Bernama unnecessarily.

First rule of news reporting, never put words from the source’s mouth. That’s what put them into trouble with Marina and Bridget in the first place.

The very act of twisting the headline exposed The Malaysian Insider’s desperate act of pacifying Pakatan Rakyat’s rabid supporters. God forbid if their version of the Scorpene story could not be sold to the public.

The french government official also reiterated that any french lawyers that chose to go to Malaysia to brief their clients can freely go as they are paid by their clients.

He was saying this as the news of SUARAM getting french lawyers to give briefing on the Scorpene trial in our Parliament are being published for the past few days. It seems that all this while SUARAM has been feeding lies to the Malaysian public regarding this Scorpene deal and had paid these lawyers to assist them.

With this explanation from the French’s government official, it is more incumbent upon Suaram and also Anwar Ibrahim to explain themselves on why are they purposely and very determined to spread lies to the public?

With The Malaysian Insider and its ilk, together with the news that MalaysiaKini and Suaram are getting funds from foreign agents to bring down the government though unethical means, there is no doubt that the opposition and their foreign friends are getting frenzied and eager to grab power from the current government.

Importantly, we the Malaysian public should be smart enough to differentiate between lies spread by the opposition and their tools as well. They will try to mislead us on daily basis, hiding behind their favourite mantra of “we are independent news portal“, in order just to manufacture a negative public perception towards their enemies.

Malaysians need to be more aware than ever. Your misperception, is their survival.


42 thoughts on “The spin that’ll sink Malaysian Insider

  1. I wouldnt catergorise MI as opposition portal like Mkini I have noticed a lot of puff pieces praising Najib in particular appear from time to time


    • Besides this article as proof that Malaysian Insider is a pro opposition portal, they would also filter out any comments from public that are criticising the opposition or giving good rebuttals to each pro opposition articles. It’s an easy way out for them rather than to let an equal number of voice supporting Barisan to be heard within their website. All this makes them a pro opposition portal. Thank you.


        • But I am not amazed that DAP online piggies come out without any argument, just one line of attempted sarcasm, like the above funny-name bugger. He and his kind have no arguments, possibly no brains even.

          I say attempted, because the piggie has not even succeeded in getting his sarcasm across. Instead he gets clobbered by two comments already now.


    • From misleading the public, too. And denying that they are, in one way or another obliged to those who give them money. Promotion of democracy in Malaysia – nonsense. If so, they should be walloping Anwar and the Parti Keadilan Rakyat. That political party has become a family party – Anwar the boss, his wife the President, his daughter the Vice President. What democracy is that? Balderdash.

      And here’s what I picked out from Freddie Kevin’s blog that JMD linked above –

      “Cynthia Gabriel (Suaram) reportedly said, “Nobody has asked us to pursue this issue but we do it on our own accord. It has nothing to do with any influence from political parties.”

      What doing it on your own accord? The public knows that you are beholden not only to the Neocons, Jews and Zionists that give you money. You also are beholden to Anwar for arranging the money to be given to Suaram.

      What no influence from political parties? Influence does not mean directive from them, dude. Influence also means you getting ideas from what the Opposition political parties say and/or do. Come on, Missy. Admitting it will give you a little credibility – like you have admitted receiving money from the Soros and other US so-called democracy NGOs.


      • Yes. The truth is that they have not been able to garner the rakyat’s consent in destroying UMNO/BN to be replaced with PR (with DAP in leadership role).

        They are truly the loud minority who falsely claims to represent the majority. They must face the fact that PRU12 was fair and clean. Fair such that PAS still retain Kelantan and PR managed to wrest 4 other states from BN minus 2/3 majority.

        The other FACT that they need to swallow and publicly acknowledge – is that ‘Paklah and SIL’ was the factor that saw such a political tsunami becoming a historical event in Malaysia.

        Today Paklah is no more in the picture and DS Najib is obviously MORE competent than Anwar, Hadi, Kit Siang et al. He has the qualifications to carry on the legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir to achieve vision 2020.

        So pakatan has to create the PERCEPTION that the soon-to-be election will be unfair and unclean. Bersih, Scorpene, Altantuya, Lynas, etc are fairytales authored by pakatan clowns to achieve their Soros-funded KPIs.

        The only obstacle to pakatan’s ambitious political objective – is simply for the real and silent majority rakyat to be INFORMED and AWARE of the current goings-on. Dissemination of such truths, surrounding the pakatan propaganda, must reach ALL Malaysians.

        Insyallah with enlightenment, Malaysia will remain blessed and continue to be led and ruled by righteous leaders, one of whom, I personally believe, is DS Najib.


    • Usually the wordings within a syndicated news from official sources like Bernama, Reuters etc are not allowed to be tampered with, including the headlines in order to avoid litigation suits from the parties mentioned in the news. This is important since these official sources took great pains to verify, check and counter check the main points in their news. Thank you.


      • Yes. That “,yet” at the end of MI’s headline gave the article a different spin.
        This is just an investigation. It may or may not result in going to trial.


  2. I’d like to echo your words “Malaysians need to be more aware than ever. Your misperception, is their survival.” Very true indeed. And the Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini and Malaysia Chronicle kind should not be allowed to survive. We must repeatedly expose those receiving funds from the Neocons, Jews and Zionists to promote their agenda in Muslim countries.

    A very clear example of Malaysian Insider reporting inaccurately, misleadingly and with bad intent was on the former MAS Chairman, TS Tajuddn Ramli. They were sued a huge sum for libel. It weakened their knees, the Editor Jabbar Sadiq must have shivered for a few days, silent, without new posts. Finally they apologized, huge words of apology printed many times in their blog (any worth calling them a news portal?) and in the mainstream newspapers.

    But they don’t seem to learn any lesson. Exploiting those who do not care to react, those having the stand that there is no need to react on things that are not true. And they go to town with their wild, unproven and unjustified allegations. Twisting, slanting, adding the word “yet” to the heading “NO TRIAL IN FRANCE OVER SCORPENE”, trying to mislead the public. Very nasty fellows.

    Clearly they aim to bring the elected government down. The usual propaganda claiming the good deeds of the Opposition and showing the weaknesses of the government in power is acceptable. But doing so using money provided by ill-intentioned foreign groups – Neocons, Jews and Zionists at that – is simply not acceptable. And using “Yellow Journalism” tactics is simply not tolerable.

    That the Opposition does not have much good to be said about is no excuse for the rogue journalist wannabes to be publishing lies, half truths, deceits and spins. They must be shouted at, shooed, slipper-ed Arab style, their maligning, ill mongering and foreign agenda-touting exposed repeatedly.


    • You forgot to mention one thing. The people reading the news reported by the alternative media are overwhelmingly those from a particular ethnic group which I’d mentioned in my previous postings.
      Is it any wonder why that particular ethnic group is so vocal when it comes to opposing the government ?
      No, because they are constantly fed with venom and bile by the alternative media. The reason the alternative media survive so long here in Malaysia is because it caters to the whims and demands of that particular ethnic group, the demand to justify their hatred for the government/established. For this hatred to occur, and to make this hatred sustainable, the alternative media must continue to, to constantly spit out news that the particular ethnic group wants to hear, since already, in the back of their minds, they already believe to be true, stuff such as the government is corrupt, the government is unfair to minorities, the government is cruel etc.
      one more thing : is it any wonder why Non Governmental Organizations that are vehemently hostile to the government/establishment are led by people from that particular ethnic group ?
      Your answer is as good as mine.


      • I support the opinion that they have been very vocal against the Government – in fact some even oppose just for the sake of opposing – because many of them are descended from or influenced by the ways of secret societies, thugs and gangsters who entered and settled down in Malaya since the mid 19th Century. Often behaving menacingly.

        And the communists who tried to topple the government by force until they were pushed and ensconced in the Betong Salient, south Thailand in the 1980s. Their remnants and/or sympathizers still exist in our midst.

        These are the ones who patronize the likes of Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini. We need to sink them. Or suffocate them with constant verbal attacks here and everywhere.


    • I think Malaysia Chronicle is worse and should sink together with Malaysian Insider.

      It uses the heading “.. TRIAL ESCALATES as 1st subpoena served”. Gubladi gubladok kind of fellows writing and printing those.

      And Tian Chua is another one, making irresponsible statements, implying that Suaram French lawyers might be deported if they come to Malaysia to brief Opposition fellows about the case. What school the bloke attended, I wonder. What level of education did he have to be talking like that. Usually DAP fellows talk that way. But now a PKR chap is also talking in chappy ways.


    • And what the hell “1st subpoena served” are the blokes talking about?

      “SUARAM director Cynthia Gabriel confirmed their lawyers had finally succeeded in serving the summons but declined to identify the recipient.” Another gubladu gubladok. What sense of responsibility is that planting seeds of speculation and rumour mongering, creating anxiousness and anxiety among the rakyat, saying subpoena served but not saying on whom. I think it’s all bloody lies by these irresponsible Opposition people. Claiming to speak for human rights yet lying here and there. There’s no trial in the first place, dude. The French prosecutor attending a conference in KL said so. What subpoena nonsense!

      That woman Gabriel spoke to a forum as if there is a trial going on in Paris. Outright cheat and liar. And the Chronic report implies the possibility of even DS Najib being subpoenaed. What utter rubbish. As if we can subpoena the French President to a court case in Malaysia. Stupid is the right word.

      They should know that any Government has the right to deny entry or ask foreigners known or believed to be creating mischief and are subversive to the security interest of the country to leave. The Americans even go to foreign countries to apprehend crooks and shot dead Osama Ben Laden in Pakistan.


  3. Goodness, Anwar wanting to highlight corruption allegation? When his Personal Assistant was reported in the newspapers some time back saying Anwar amassed RM3 billion as Finance Minister.

    And he has a RM8 mill Segambut house, RM5 mill Bukit Damansara house and Ummi Hafilda said several other houses under his brother Azmin Ali’s name. Unemployed since being ousted from BN, where did he get the money to build or buy those houses?

    And Malaysian Insider etc want to help in Anwar’s propaganda? What the …


  4. “invite them to come to Malaysia and brief Parliament,” said Malaysia Chronicle. Isn’t that chronic reporting?

    Can such fellas “brief Parliament”? Can they even do that in the Parliament lobby? Utter nonsense, innit? The Speaker, a BN man, is overall in charge. The Secretary to Parliament is in charge of administrative matters, including authority to use parliament lobby.

    See, that’s a clear proof of the chronic blog (yes, they are not news portal) twisting, slanting and hoodwinking readers. Trying to give the impression that even an august body like Parliament will hear what Suaram’s lawyers may want to say. Loose words. Irresponsible reporting. Damn.


    • that is not chronic reporting. that is bankrupt journalism. when you have nothing worthwhile to report, you stage a drama, as in inviting foreigners to come to Malaysia and brief Parliament. when that happens, you have materials to work on. that’s bankrupt journalism.


  5. Now that a high French government official – no less than a former Head of Prosecution in France who now has other prosecution functions – has said no ongoing trial in France on allegations of corruption connected with the purchase of the Scorpene submarines, Malaysian Insider, Suaram and the likes ought to be shot.

    They should feel utterly ashamed when told by Yves Charpenel that “they should be able to distinguish between rumours and facts, and between investigations and a trial.” But then, these are shameless fellows, aren’t they?

    Charpenel said that in France all investigations were done in absolute secret. Looks like Suaram could not penetrate the “investigating judge” and, not able to influence such a judge, they resorted to complaining to the media. I hope the investigating judge realizes Suaram’s crude tactics – abetted by Malaysian Insider etc – and mark them as attempting to meddle with the French system of justice.

    Good that under the Treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance, the Malaysian government has the power to decide on allowing investigation by a French judge in Malaysia – even if he wants to do so. Ridiculous, he’d never ask. Because if so, the Malaysian government can also ask to investigate Suaram Kua Ka Siong trying to influence the legal system in France.


  6. He who talks, but not though their heads, are dumb – no ability to talk, actually.

    He who talks, but through Anwar’s scheming and US Jewish NGO funding, like Suaram, Malaysia Kini and Malaysian Insider, are scum – no credibility, seriously.


  7. I often get the feeling that the likes of Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini cater to an audience who want to be misled as long as they can continue harbouring whatever resentment and anger they have towards the government. The truth is, a simple fact check of their news will easily reveal its flaws but I don’t think its lack of intelligence that dissuade the readers of such portals to do so, but rather, they like feeding their pre-conceptions and angers. This is evident in the comment box. And yes, I have experienced my comments, when questioning a certain news and its validity, being unpublished, whereas those that do support something they have written, or are more critical of the governments, are easily published. By allowing themselves to be the mouthpiece for the opposition and supporting things like slander, gossip, rumours and blatant lies, these portals are not acting as the oppositions voice to the general public, but to their hard-core supporters. To me, it serves to alienate the rational non-biased middle ground who can and will fact check everything from both sides.


    • and one more thing which I forgot to mentioned earlier. that audience, as in your words, which in my postings here I described as a particular ethnic group, they do not read the mainstream papers, and if they do/did, its the mainstream vernacular papers that they read. most of them, they also do not tune in to any mainstream TV news channels since in the back of their minds, all those stuff being reported are government sponsored propaganda.


      • Yes, those who isolate themselves, going to Chinese schools, not mixing around, got cheated by Dong Zong Chairman Yap’s “multi-nations within a nation” gibberish. How not cheated by Yap when he cheats the public by using 2 PhDs that are fake, bought from the Internet.


  8. I think Malaysian Insider (MI) will sink due to poor Editorship, poor management, poor ethics.

    I often wondered what kind of background the Editor has. Googling it shows that Jahabar Sadiq was employed by Reuters prior to MI. Reuters has some 100 years of news gathering and reporting. Since before World War I. Like The British Secret Intelligence Service organizations M16 and MI5 that were set up in 1905 – a lot of these written in UK recently in connection with the 50 years anniversary of the James Bond film franchise.

    Especially in wartime, Secret Service organizations engage in psychological warfare (psywar), sabotage, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda (each of those are quite different), twists, spins, slants and slanders, aimed at toppling enemy leaders and establishments. They do that during peace time as well, to promote certain national interests, in the name of maintaining a “balance of power” (called “spheres of influence” in colonial times). I wonder if Reuters was one of the tools and whether Jahabar had any training in this kind of activities while in Reuters. MI writings that appear designed to embarrass and weaken the Establishment have come out often in MI. Even to the point of being sued huge sums by the former MAS Chairman Tajuddin Ramli.

    I am pretty sure the authorities are watching them and know the activities of Jahabar and the likes of him, as well as of the foreign secret services like MI6 – our Police Force have operating manuals drawn up during British colonial times. But our authorities would not take action unless absolutely necessary because they normally work on reciprocal basis – remember news of CIA kicking, then KGB counter-kicking of secret agents in each other’s country a few years ago? Of course no one is telling if Malaysia also operates a secret service and has operatives in foreign countries. But I would not underestimate Malaysia.

    One action we concerned citizens can take is to keep on exposing them, their links with, their funding from foreign organizations, secret or otherwise. Exposing them diminishes their effect on our citizenry. Let’s therefore say out against them as much and as often as we can.


  9. Malaysian Insider tu nakal. Terbitkan tulisan tulisan pembangkang yang nak membusukkan Pemerintah. Kononnya nakkan demokrasi. Mana demokrasinya kalau komen orang yang nak pertahankan Pemerintah, atau yang tak selari dengan pendirian Pembangkang, tak di terbitkan?


  10. The Sundaily reported “(Suaram) lawyer in France, William Bourdon, has called French prosecutor Yves Charpenel’s statement contradictory with the current investigations in the Scorpene submarine case.”

    Suaram must be using lawyers of the same mentality as them – oppose, oppose, contradict, contradict. Don’t care that Yves Charpenel is a “A prominent French government prosecutor” and “was a former head of prosecution in France and now a state prosecutor ..”

    Of course lawyers always argue but it’s the judges who decide. Even to have a trial or not, in this case.


  11. “With The Malaysian Insider and its ilk, together with the news that MalaysiaKini and Suaram are getting funds from foreign agents to bring down the government though unethical means …” is just as bad taking rumours as facts. And what’s with all the defensive posturing? If it is not true, and BN being strongly in power, there’s really no need pounce on such an insignificant bit of rumour.


    • Don’t understand you. Why MK, MI & Suaram getting funds from foreign agents “is just as bad taking rumours as facts”? Your English also worse than mine.

      What ” insignificant bit of rumour”? It quotes “the news”, nobody disputes that, you did not dispute that, in fact, they have admitted that, how come you say “taking rumours as facts”? Lu sikolah mana?

      So much news of Suaram, Mk etc admitting they took money from foreign NGOs, lu tarak baca ka? Which cave you been staying ha?


    • “an insignificant bit of rumour” – reflects xyz’s denial mindset, typical of pakatan supporters. It is not a rumour and TREASON is definitely not insignificant.

      Treason means “violation or betrayal of the allegiance that a person owes his sovereign or his country, esp by attempting to overthrow the government.”


  12. It was the same newsportal not too long ago who had a field day thrashing Tajuddin Ramli day in,day out for his role in MAS debacle..only to chicken out after Tajuddin filed 100 million lawsuit and settled with him outside the court


  13. Salam bro. Surely an NGO which received foreign funding make up stories that are too good to be true since they are paid by their foreign masters to do just that, create chaos and instability in the country.


    • Not only make stories, bro. They also tell untruths, which equal lies. That’s why MI got sued by Tajuddin Ramli, and apologized repeatedly. The other NGO admitting receiving foreign funding is Malaysiakini. Same story. Got warned by Minister Hishamuddin for reporting what he said wrongly.

      But now Malay Mail also copy pasting the entire Mkini article on Utusan’s settlement-out-of-court case with DAP Teresa Kok. Made to appear their reporter Hamzah Nazari wrote it while the one published by Malaysiakini was written by Hafiz Yatim. It’s clear plagiarism.

      All sorts done by the Opposition blokes.


  14. “French official says Scorpene probe not at trial stage yet.” Whether the blokes mischievously inserted the word “yet” or not, no matter for the time being. Knowing that Suaram and the MI buggers accept funds from Neocons, Jews and Zionists who want to weaken a Muslim country.

    Question is: will the Investigating Judges order a trial?

    The issue is: a French company had allegedly paid bribes to a Malaysian firm for the submarine deal.

    To order a trial there must be “sufficient evidence” – more than just “reasons to believe” – on the alleged bribe. On the giver. And on the taker.

    Yes, the Investigating Judges can easily investigate the alleged giver – a French company. But it’s not so easy to investigate the alleged taker – a Malaysian company, and personalities domiciled in this country. Even if there are documented bank transactions, there must be proof on “motive”, a huge element in the legal system of practically all countries. For that, they need to get evidence on or from the alleged taker. It’s not as simple – remember, the buyer is the Malaysian Government, the alleged taker is a Malaysian firm.

    And they must get permission to investigate them in Malaysia. As Yves Charpenel said, “If the investigating judge wants someone (i.e any French Official) to come to Malaysia (to investigate in this country), he has to ask (permission) from your government because we have what is called the Treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance. And the Malaysian government can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

    Would the Judges even ask for permission to investigate in Malaysia? I don’t think so. We may not have as close relations with France as we have with Britain, but the French are schooled in diplomacy, international relations, etiquette and finesse. They have been among the leaders in these things in Europe since the 19th Century. You don’t go to another fellow’s house and say I want to investigate your other children because one of your naughty ones complained about you.

    You might get shown the door, man. And for goodness sake, you want to sell more submarines and other military hardware to the master of the house. Not easy to break into an international weapons market which has been dominated by the Yanks and, in the case of Malaysia, monopolized for a long time by the Brits out of colonial ties – we even bought old, down trodden, 2nd hand stuff from them in the past, didn’t we? Ships and all.

    When evidence on the alleged taker of bribe is half the story, I believe the French Judges would take into account their national interest when making their decision to even ask permission to investigate in Malaysia. I believe French Judges place national interest above any others. They didn’t join US, UK etc in bombing Iraq, did they? They have their own sense of fair play.


  15. Everyone should read outsyedthebox..according to tuan tanah in US there ‘s a law that requires any NGO that received any monetory assistant from 3rd party out of the country MUST stamp on their forehead as “Foreign Agent” & Russia just implemented this law too…so hishamuddin please WAKE UP!!!!!


    • Yes, I’ve read about it, too.

      The Government should draft a law – have it passed at the current Parliamentary sitting – requiring local NGOs to declare any funds they receive from politically oriented foreign organizations or establishment. Provide a schedule containing names of the known ones, to be revised periodically.

      Authorize the banks to declare such transactions to the relevant authorities. Even to the public, if I have my way!


      • The link that JMD provided leads to news about 30 Malay non-governmental organisations demanding that Suaram (Suara Rakyat Malaysia) be declared illegal.

        I don’t mind it carrying on. But enact the proposed laws requiring them and such organizations to declare their foreign funding. Then publicize it. When they go out of turn, tell them off. Expose them. When they break laws, haul them to court.

        But make the proposed laws a bit stiff lah. Make them sweat when they go political instead of just human rights.


    • Actually several MPs have said it was high time for Malaysia to have a law to regulate the inflow of foreign funds, in particular to non-governmental organisations (NGOs), that was aimed at destabilising the country.

      Today Nazri, Minister in PM’s Dept, said the proposal “should be given fair consideration.”

      “The influx of foreign funds for such purposes will cause us to become agents of foreign powers and we will be forced to create lies to destabilise the country. That is very bad,” he said.

      “What if Israel is one of that foreign powers when all this while we are seen as a country with a strong anti-Israel stance? We have to make sure things like this will not happen in our country.”


  16. How can right thinking Malaysians think of Malaysian Insider be anything else than just a blog. They are not a “news portal”. They can’t be one. They don’t have the personnel, no reasonably qualified and experienced journalists, even their Editor got walloped by ex-MAS Tajuddin Ramli for libel.

    Twisting, spinning, slanting the news – they will not last long, I think.


  17. Aren’t they a crazy lot? Look at the way they spin the Auditor General’s statement about mulling legal action against NFCorp in the heading of their new post below. Salleh was just expressing a hope that the Attorney General would be fair when considering to take legal action or not, yet these MI fellows word their post heading that way:

    Shahrizat’s husband suggests A-G influenced by opposition in mulling action

    The Malaysian Insider – ‎41 minutes ago‎

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 17 ― The National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) suggested today that the Attorney-General was swayed by what its chairman Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Salleh Ismail called the opposition’s political arguments.


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