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Conclusion text of the 2013 budget


161. The new budget that I have tabled for 2013 is the last budget before the 13th General Election. This is among the series of budgets that will propel this beloved nation towards achieving the national vision.

162. With the permission of the Almighty, and the support of the rakyat, god willing we will witness six more budgets to be tabled by the Barisan Nasional Government before transforming Malaysia from middle to a high income and developed country.

163. As a party with the mandate, we urge the rakyat to evaluate critically and rationally each and every successful record of the Barisan Nasional. Over the last 55 years, the Barisan Nasional Government and the earlier Perikatan Government have created a better quality of life for the rakyat.

164. We are aware that there are parties requesting to be given a chance to form the next Government. In a democratic country, we understand that they too have their rights. It is the rakyat who ultimately decides who will be given the mandate through the ballot box.

165. The time has arrived when every rakyat will soon make a choice in determining their future as well as that of their children. An important question to ask in making that decision is whether life today is better than yesterday, and whether tomorrow gives hope that is full of possibilities and potential. If the answer is yes, please give the mandate to the present Government to further improve what we have today, without any hesitation.

166. We recognise that the Barisan Nasional Government is not without fault, but what differentiates us from others is that they do not have the courage to accept mistakes. On the other hand, they make excuses and to find fault in others.

167. Ultimately, parties that offer an alternative must also be evaluated on their merit. The rakyat knows them well. Among them, there are those who were trusted as leaders to manage the nation’s wealth. Furthermore in many states they are heading the Government.

168. If today they make promises, the rakyat must ask why is this leadership, while in power, did not take any action. When they had the opportunity; and did not implement what they promised, what guarantee is there that they will fulfil promises when they are in power?

169. Wasn’t it during the Asian financial crisis that the country was almost destroyed? And today, in the states that are administered by them, their manifestos contain only promises. Can they be trusted when in power?

170. This is contrary to the conduct of Barisan Nasional Government, when we make promises, we fulfil them. As a matter of fact, even before making promises, we are responsible in ensuring that we are capable of fulfilling them. In trying to win, they are willing to do anything but when they win all their promises will be forgotten.

171. According to Plato, ‘The measure of a man is what he does with power’. There are parties who are willing to sacrifice everything simply for the sake of power. The Barisan Nasional Government is guided by “fastabiqul khairat” as written in Al-Quran that I had recited earlier, which is to do good. The parties on the other side are guided by the “fastabiqul fasad” that is they will not hesitate to do bad.

172. The Barisan Nasional Government fosters racial unity which is the basis for national stability. But other parties, however others who want to be in power are sowing seeds of conflict and hate. This Government has been accused of several wrongdoings according to their own whims and fancy.

173. Thus, I urge Malaysians to judge the Barisan Nasional Government on its merits. Please join my colleagues and I to fulfil our potential towards developing a country that we can be truly proud of. A country where the weak are protected, those in need get help, the strong protect, the young loved, the elderly are valued, those in need assisted, and those with potentials given opportunities.

174. Truly, we want Malaysia to be well known internationally, prosperous and peaceful. With His Blessings, and the support of the rakyat we will make it a reality. To You, Allah we submit.

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  1. jebat…altho it is in his text, he did not read the last line of para 171 ” The parties on the other side are guided by the “fastabiqul fasad” that is they will not hesitate to do bad.”..


  2. to Plato, ‘The measure of a man is what he does with power’. To me, the worth of a man is his words. Indeed, can we trust those wanting a chance to form the next government judging merely from their words, their promises? Have they delivered what they promised in the past? Have they performed in the states they ruled? Do they cakap serupa bikin or bikin serupa cakap?

    No, when judged from MACC investigation into DAP Exco Ean Yong’s Exco expenditure claims that resulted in the death of MACC witness Teoh Bng Hock, from TBH RCI witness saying that Yong decided on prices a few bidders were to submit to the Municipality tenders, from DAP Exco Ronnie Liu’s Exco letterheads used for letters recommending tender bids, such activities that led him to be voted out of the Selangor DAP Chief post.

    No, when judged from the Talamgate fiasco, spending hundreds of million Ringgit of rakyat’s money to prop up drowning Talam Corporation, by way of the Selangor state government buying land under water that was of highly questionable value. No, when judged from a clearly undelivered promise of producing a White Paper on the sordid affair – one which normally is not difficult to do but in this case became undo-able because the PR government was mired in so serious wrong doings connected therewith.

    No, when judged from Lim Guan Eng’s sale of 100+ acres of prime Penang State land in Bayan Mutiara @ RM1.07 billion, the RM20-30 million sale commission going into suspicious pockets, land that should have been developed by the traditional State government housing developer – the Penang Development Corporation that could build sufficient units of low cost houses – but sold to a public-listed housing developer which would be looking at it purely from the profit angle and would not be keen to build low-cost houses because of the small profit margin. A sale that was claimed to be by open tender yet the developer reported to the KL Stock Exchange there was negotiation involved and what open tender is that if it involved negotiation.

    No, when judged from Lim Guan Eng’s RM1 billion Ringgit turn-key sPICE Project that, according to a Chinese-owned newspaper, he “bulldozed” the decision on, and it was awarded to his crony, a contractor and President of the Penang Chinese Chambers of Commerce. Cronyism, nepotism, cakap-tak-serupa-bikinism, what have you. Starting from 1-2 years in power, Pakatan Rakyat started to show the very weaknesses they criticized others of, the longer, the more, as stated above. The rakyat will suffer if they are allowed to stay longer in the states concerned and the country will go to the dogs if they ever get to Putrajaya. God forbid.


  3. the people will read that insyaAllah- “fastabiqul fasad” which with God willing has been professed one way or another during their 4 years reign in Penang and Selangor, 11 months reigned in Perak and 22 years empire in Kelantan


  4. I would like to make a comment, not on the government’s 2013 budget, but on the opposition’s alternative budget.
    The opposition speak of being Malaysian First, yet the language used in their alternative budget is in English entirely.
    Now I want to ask this question. If you speak of being Malaysian First, then why did you present your budget in the English language, and not in the national language ?
    This smacks of hypocrisy, to say the least.


    • The opposition so-called budget proposal –

      The preparation of the national budget by the government in power is invariably done by a team of Officers of various levels of seniority at the Ministry of Finance. They have age-old format, procedures and guidelines drawn up and encoded since 55 years ago.

      Based on one’s experience in dealing with relevant Officers when inquiring and pursuing major infrastructure projects, and often told such things as “Budget for it not yet approved .. mot yet released .. simply no Budget for it .. waiting for supplementary Budget approval .. need to include those in next year’s Budget” and the like, the following picture emerges:

      By mid-year, the Budget Division calls for “budget requests” from the various government ministries, departments and agencies under them. Queried, discussed and re-discussed at the “Desk Officers” level, referred to higher Officers, then brought to inter-Departmental and inter-Ministerial meetings. Each Ministry knows what they want in terms of maintenance expenditure as well as development expenditure, based on economic and other plans already announced or envisaged by the Government.

      I imagine the political masters will instruct the top most Officers at the Ministry of Finance to provide feel-good offerings and all sorts of investment or business incentives, in cash or in kind, for various categories of people in the country. And the team of Officers will crack their heads, even bang one another’s heads inter-departmentally or inter-Ministry, juggling the figures, asking for expenditure reduction or revenue collection increases, trying to balance the total expenditure with projected income figures. Only after all those endless meetings and head banging would a reliable and sensible Budget Proposal come out. Queried again by the political masters, adjusted where necessary, before it’s tabled to Parliament.

      But what I don’t understand is why the Opposition tries to hoodwink the public that just 1-2 blokes like Rafizi can come out with a 1-2 man input into a so-called Pakatan Rakyat Budget, presumably prepared in a matter of just a few days! The PR Budget is clearly a sham budget. It has only a nuisance value, meant to distract the Malaysian public from the realistic Budget prepared by a big team of Government Officers, including those having nothing else to do except deal with the Budget day in and day out, specifically serving in the Budget Division of the Finance Ministry for years and years (many becoming Budget Specialist Officers), and spending months on end every year on the preparation of the national Budget Proposal to be tabled before Parliament. It’s a serious business, requiring a lot of experience.

      Shame on the nuisance “Pakatan Rakyat Budget” fellas.


      • The so-called PR Budget was pooh-poohed by the experts.

        Professor Datuk Dr Noor Azlan Ghazali of UKM said it only focuses on the aspects of “giving, giving and giving” without any clear framework.

        He said, “When questioned by economic experts regarding the alternative budget, the opposition failed to provide clear and convincing answers, in all aspects of the economy.

        “Instead, the opposition will accuse the economic experts of asking politically motivated questions,” he said when discussing the 2013 budget and the national economic transformation at the National Council of Professors’ “Post-Budget 2013: Transforming the Nation” here today.


  5. Salam JMD,

    This is to Anon (and others sewaktu dengannya) who said in


    “This is a period of intense political activity. The discerning among us realize that political activity, political needs and expediency may be quite different from national development activity and needs, and they need not go in tandem.”

    Please wake up, this is Malaysia, Janji Ditepati, everything is tied to politics as evident in this budget announcement.

    With regards to the SSS, one school for all, etc.

    Thanks to MCA, the party representing the kiasus (as Anon calls them), second largest party (?) in the BN coalition, Chinese education will remain top priority after national schools.
    Chua: MCA goes all out for Chinese education (The Star, Friday September 28, 2012)
    “KUALA LUMPUR: MCA is committed to doing all it can for Chinese education and does not merely pay lip service like DAP or PKR, said Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
    The MCA president said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin were aware of MCA’s stand on this and the recognition of United Examination Certificate (UEC).
    “MCA has been fighting for UEC’s recognition since the party’s new leadership came to power,” he said. “That is why there have been some changes with regards to UEC.”

    Thank you MCA, thank you BN. Janji memang Ditepati!


  6. msleepyhead,

    Aren’t you the one who should wake up? Read between the lines, girl. Understand the politics of the country.

    But good you appreciate the Janji DiTepati slogan. No point spoiling the mood for the time being.

    You not supporting SSS?


    • The Star
      Monday October 8, 2012
      Najib: Malaysian way to push country towards a developed nation

      “We don’t need assimilation. We don’t need to change our identity because we have national unity. We have an open and tolerant policy which has been practised since long ago and which I will continue,” said Najib at the Pahang Federation of Chinese Associations’ 27th anniversary dinner in Gambang here last night.

      “When the request for a Chinese independent school came up, I tried to seek a satisfactory solution for all by discussing with Tan Sri Muhyiddin (Education Minister) and MCA.

      “Whoever says MCA is not doing its job is wrong because it has played a big role in getting the Kuantan Chong Hwa High School set up,” said Najib.

      He also refuted claims that the Government had lied to the Chinese community by not allowing the school to use a dual-track examination system.

      “I give my assurance that the school can use the SPM and Unified Examination Certificate system. I have also asked the private companies to help the school and they have agreed to give a preliminary contribution of RM2mil.

      “We don’t make promises we cannot deliver. If the people can give us a bigger mandate, then all races will achieve greater success together with Barisan Nasional,” he said.

      I thank DS Najib for his open mindedness and frank views. His vision for a plural education landscape in Malaysia means Dong Zhong, Permata, MRSMs, Sekolah Asramas can all co-exist in peace without threats and accusations from proponents of a monoculture Malaysia.

      Thank you MCA, thank you BN. Janji memang Ditepati!
      You’ve got my vote.


      • Better make sure Najib and BN win, and win big. You and MCA must work damn hard to get the votes and regain the many seats lost and not become a baggage like in PRU12. I assure you I and UMNO do.

        Frankly, am not convinced MCA is working extremely hard, putting their utmost. They have a lot of money and should be able to do more. But I’ve hardly seen MCA flags where DAP flags have come out fluttering. And am willing to be proven wrong.

        If BN doesn’t win big, many will trash Najib for bending backwards for nothing. UMNO might even ask for his removal. Like Tun Dol. No guarantee those after him will stick to what he bent backwards for. But if he wins big, I think he’ll honour his words. I don’t like the present education system but at least I’ll get compensated by the trashing of PR.

        And who are the “proponents of a monoculture Malaysia”? What is “monoculture Malaysia” in the first place? Do you know what culture is? Could you explain your concept of culture?

        What is “multi nations within a nation” nonsense? Do you know that Yap, the Dong Zong head who spoke that language, actually uses 2 PhDs that are fakes, bought thru the Internet? Why do you believe in a fake fellow?

        How do you achieve unity through “multi nations”? Ever heard of unity through language or language a unifying factor? Do you know that even mainland China uses that? That they try to enforce the use of Mandarin in south China? But why did the southerners hold demonstrations in Canton, Kong Kong etc last year or so when Beijing did that? In south China they don’t want Mandarin, why in Malaysia you people want it though it’s not your mother tongue. And want it as medium of instruction in schools? Do you know the wording of Article 152? “Mother tongue” may be used “OTHER THAN FOR OFFICIAL PURPOSES”? AND ARE SCHOOLS NOT THE OFFICIAL PURPOSE OF ANY COUNTRY?

        There’s a load of questions for you, msleepyhead. Do take your time in replying. Perhaps a few questions each time. As long as your replies are reasonable, I’ll try to entertain you from time to time. But please don’t give links to non-authoritative or doubtful sources.

        Yes, I, too, sure will vote BN. Even if they place MCA candidate in my voting constituency. It’s called loyalty. To this ruling party, the Constitution, King and Country.


        • 1. Correction: “this ruling party” should be read as “this ruling coalition”

          2. msleepyhead, if and when you are replying, no wikipedia sources, pls. Any Ahmad, Chong and Thamby can write there. And get edited and re-edited.


          • Itulah baru toleransi bukan asimilasi, ahaks!

            Thank you Anon. Sebenarnya gua pun tak faham dengan golongan kiasu, bahkan gua sendiri tak fasih berbahasa mandarin, mungkin anomali.

            Tapi tak kisahlah, asalkan kulit cerah, mata sepet, tetap digolongkan sama dengan puak Dong Zhong. sama takde diskaun time beli rumah, dan dianggap kaya walaupun gua ‘hero kelas pekerja’ (cam hero gua Lennon), chewah!

            baguslah lu taat kepada BN, Perlembagaan, Raja dan Negara.

            gua pun sama.

            p/s- btw, MCA, just like DZ don’t speak for me, neither does DAP. I don’t buy racial politics whichever side they are on.


            • Maybe the word we should always bear in mind is “integrasi” – toleransi has its limits.

              Integrate, to voluntarily become one, to be Malaysian, bangsa Malaysia, not bangsa rojak. Same hopes, same aspirations, not doing same sex like Anwar or the gay priest (whatever happens to him and his Church after marrying his New York boyfriend in California?) because must respect the laws, be they written or conventional, legal, religious or social.

              Good on you and good for you and all of us you tak macam Dong Zong. Dia orang mesti respect and live by the Constitution fully, mix with the wider lot of society, think universal, think Malaysian. Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim pun sudah kata to those who don’t like this country – persendakan bendera negara ini dll – berhijrah lah. I agree with those who say berambus lah. Tak kira siapa, tak kira warna kulit atau bulu hidung!

              If they don’t like this country, why make themselves suffer. And others in the process. And those who have a parasitic existence (not only PAS has parasites as Dr Hasan Ali said!) in this country, who can’t even speak or refuse to speak BM at the relevant times, who don’t even know and not bothered to know what loyalty to the country is – let alone know what patriotism is – should just pack up and go.


  7. “.. whether life today is better than yesterday ..” Sure better one. In the states ruled by BN. And overall, at the Federal level. No more ISA (the replacement ain’t that bad issit?), got Peaceful Assembly Act, can assemble so long as give 10 days notice and places not inconveniencing the public.

    But in Selangor it went much worse than BN days. Alam Flora nicely did the garbage collection, Fook Tan Rakyat messed it up, garbage not collected, now collected still not properly done in many areas. Cleared garbage but not the drains in some areas like Klang. Flooding problem. One retired Engineer was reported saying he himself saw the drains in his area clogging and causing flash floods. Where got better than yesterday?

    Got Talamgate sommore. How can PR use rakyat’s money to bail out ailing Talam Corporation? Buying land that is literally below water in some places at bloated prices. People suspect kickbacks paid into certain blokes’ pockets. Where got “hope that is full of possibilities and potential” in Selangor? Definitely got to change government there.


  8. It is my ardent hope and heartfelt prayer that BN wins big and PR loses heavily this PRU13. Especially now that the Budget is tabled before Parliament, catering to the welfare of all levels of society. No doubt it is an election budget – all governments around the world do “election budgets” at election time – but this is a responsible one, as stated by one Sarawak politician I read the other day.

    I don’t mind even if PR is trounced and broken to pieces. Often I see the unreasonableness of one or the other of the component parties. Instead of being a responsible opposition thinking out all the points they should raise in Parliament on the Budget put out by the Government – so that the rakyat can understand all aspects and may even agree with their views – PR put out their own so-called Budget. Trying to distract the rakyat’s attention and understanding of the Government Budget proposals, they do not realize that it made their image worse than if they had concentrated in tearing down those proposals. Perhaps they don’t have much to tear down.

    Criticized on their “Budget” being merely vague generalities, without justification and not stating income sources on the spending they proposed, they get laughed at by the public instead. It’s easy to say cut these and increase those, but without people experienced in Budget preparation, it looks like their so-called Budget is merely a ruse. True, Anwar had a few years experience as Finance Minister, but not having Economics background suggests that he was mostly placing his signature rather than the thinker or initiator of the major issues of the Budget proposals of his time.

    It appears to me that PR has all these 4 years been opposing just for the sake of opposing. They are not a better alternative to BN by any measure. They have shown the same weaknesses they accuse BN of, even after just 1-2 years of running the 4 states, making the rakyat label them as “cakap tak serupa bikin”. And cakap people can always do in a free country like ours, but cakap in non-constructive and bothersome ways has not made them a responsible opposition. And these same people cannot be in Putrajaya if we want a responsible government bringing progress, unity and prosperity to the country.


    • Hare are examples why Pakatan Rakyat should not be allowed to be in Putrajaya or to continue in the 4 states:

      1. Anwar appears to me as a man of no principle or scruple. He bit the hand that picked him from nonentity and guided him in politics for decades. He rose to be DPM and could have been PM for nearly 10 years now if he had waited his turn. Maybe a blessing in disguise for us Malaysians. I shudder at the thought of him being PM, having seen his behaviour starting from his ousting Ghafar Baba by dubious means and attempting a coup d e’tat via katak lompat.

      2. Anwar bad-mouthed the country abroad and got Neoconservatives, Jews and Zionists to fund NGOs in this country to bring the government down other than through the ballot box. Accusing lack of democracy in this country when his own PKR is run as a family party – him, his wife and his daughter. A lot has been written about the US Neocon and Jewish organization, National Endowment for Democracy, and the Jewish currency speculator George Soros, funding Malaysiakini, Suaram, Bersih and a host of other NGOs in this country.

      3. DAP has been said to be anti-Malay and anti-Islam since they started flogging the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, wanting equality without acknowledging the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. They even complained of azan calls to prayers, not respecting the Constitutional provision stating that Islam is the religion of this country. They caused the race riots of 1969.

      4. PAS claims to be the promoter of Islam, wanting to implement Hukum Hudud, unable to get DAP to agree but keeps blaming others for it. The so-called Erdogan group managed to get delegates to their 2011 Muktamar to drop the Negara Islam/ Hudud concept but Nik Aziz picked it up again, supported by the Ulama group, causing endless verbal warfare with Karpal Singh. How can we trust this group of people to run the country. They’ll mess up the administration of the country and in the 4 states if allowed to continue.


  9. A kindergarten budget meant to please D- kids.
    But I like the paragraph where the weak are protected. In fact, the weak are rewarded in this country to such an extent that million ringgit loans are given to them to open up ikan Bakar shops and Malaysian restaurants in UK. Of course, from the amount, the first draw down goes to the Ferrari shop owned by Naza.
    There cannot be racial integration without abolishing race based policies.
    And the education system cannot submit to the wishes of morons.
    So we can never will be a high income nation unless these two factors are rectified.

    I was hoping for a more creative budget like abolishment of taxes on profits and dividends and savings and a high penalty tax of up to 40% on capital gains on properties, shares and sale of companies. This will curb speculation and force developers to build houses for the masses.


    • You should ask DAP Lim Guan Eng to “build houses for the masses”, old chap.

      Tell them stupid to sell the 100+ acres of Penang State land to a public company housing developer which cares only for profits, but ask Penang Development Corporation to develop the land, ensuring sufficient number of low cost houses. After all, PDC traditional role has been housing development in the state.

      Now no more State land to build low cost houses on the island. So how?


      • Tell DAP stupid to make money for the State by selling State land. Plain and simple sale, man. By open tender they say, but not so sure true or not. The public company developer reported to KL Stock Exchange about negotiation. Where got open tender like that kind?

        Make money for the State by making projects produce things or services to tax lah. Dunno how to do ha? Now finish state land lorr.


      • Penang is a ticking timebomb. There will come a time, when, maybe after GE13 when the rakyat, particularly Chinese will come to realize that this LGE, the Malaca reject is an empty barrel, hence more noise.


    • It’s stupido to say, “There cannot be racial integration without abolishing race based policies.” Who says there are “race based policies”? What do you mean by race based policies”? New Economic Policy?

      Which planet you come from? Planet of the Apes? You dunno Article 153 of the Constitution on the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak? You no respect it? Are you Malaysian? Why are you not respecting it?

      You one of “the others” or “yang lain lain” whose parents or grandparents got citizenship after Merdeka? You dunno Special Position of the Malays or Ketuanan Melayu was enshrined in the Constitution in consideration for the Malays agreeing to citizenship for the non-Malays at Merdeka? You dunno to say thank you? You ungrateful ingrate? Mind you, the Malays did not get anything tangible – merely got the recording of what the British said in their Parliament that the Special Position of the Malays “has always been there since day one”.

      Read the British Hansard when they debated the Malaya Independence Bill prior to them granting independence.


    • Tempawan,

      There cannot be racial integration because you fellows no respect and not following the Constitution fully. Not because of so called “race based policies”. You won’t even think there are such things as “race based policies” if you accept all and respect all that’s written in the Constitution. Especially those sensitive aspects that are protected under the Sedition Act. They cannot even be discussed, let alone be amended.

      Including citizenship, you know. No good to question or cast aspersion on those sensitive clauses of the Constitution. Because you do that, others question you right to citizenship. No good for everybody, innit?


    • Tempawan,

      You know why NEP was thought and implemented? Read about race riots 1969? DAP and other fellows talking cock at campaign speeches and all. Questioned this, criticized that in arrogant manner. Like Penang Deputy CM Mansor said “arrogant, cocky and tokong” Lim Guan Eng – in fact the tokong’s father in charge DAP at that time. Then they won extra seats. Aiyyo, went about town, shouting to Malays in Kampong Bahru, Pudu, Brickfields etc to balik kampong, saying they own the country, etc – you google “13 May 1969: A Tragedy” by National Operations Council, the facts all in the White Paper.

      And the Malays felt so sad, despondent, miserable, and angry. Got practically nothing economically, yet now told to balik kampong. Some people checked the records. Only 1-2% Malay wealth in 1970, man. For over 100 years British colonial policy said Malays to “look after food production in the country”, so let them continue as rice farmers and fishermen. Didn’t do one bit for them to get into business or engage in risk taking and wealth accumulation. No schools even in the kampongs. 1 here, 1 about 10 miles away, Malay children got to walk 4-5 miles to school in kampong paths, no roads. Only primary, Malay school. In towns where most Chinese lived, got many schools, up to secondary also, and English schools also, passport to success at that time. So, in 1970, out of 10 doctors & other professionals, there was not even 1 Malay – only half a Malay, i.e 5%.

      So, NEP was introduced to create a proper balance, man. 70% Malays and Bumiputeras in the country should get proper % of wealth and professional posts, innit? And you non-Malays and non-Bumis got to accept lah. Just respect the Constitution and live by it fully lah. Otherwise how to get integration. And don’t talk cock lah. Make others angry. How to get integration like that.


  10. Was the PM being polite not hitting Anwar directly when he asked, “Wasn’t it during the Asian financial crisis that the country was almost destroyed?”

    If so, why did he have to be polite? He doesn’t deserve to be polite to. A man who badmouths the country when abroad and got Neocons, Jews and Zionists to finance NGOs in this country to rock the government. A man who accuses the country of lack of democracy when his own party, PKR, is run as a family party – he, his wife and his daughter. Cakap mulut taruk bontot.

    Anwar instead attacked the PM crudely for not appearing in Parliament to answer questions on the Budget personally. The former DPM doesn’t even know a PM has so many other things to do, has Deputy Finance Minister II and others to answer the questions. Afater all, Anwar is not important enough to be entertained by a PM.


  11. agree with morning prayer..what does Anwar knows about economy? A Pengajian Melayu graduate with a poor grade and repeated student…come on, Pengajian Melayu is the easiest course in MU… anyway, I remembered when he was the finance minister during Asia economic crisis 1997…increased the bank interest rate to what 15%-20%. Imported car tax was also increased he announced and tomorrow zapppp; the tax was increased. Many cars were abandoned at Port Kelang at that crucial time.Luckily Tun Dr Mahathir interfered.


  12. You fools, if unDAPigs were to sell the land in Penang for say RM300 million, and the federal government is not administered by morons and Applied the 40% capital Gains tax, then you get to feed the idiotic Feds RM120 million, which you can you to buy submarines which cannot dive and armoured personnel carriers which cost ten time the original value.


  13. Drunken as you admitted in your comment on the Proton post, now you come into this post being rude, loose with your words on readers here. What kind of a bloke are you? DAP? Descended from secret societies, thugs and gangsters?

    Calling people fools unjustifiably, you could be the kind I read elsewhere, now c&p-ed below:

    “He has a foul mouth and incorrigibly bad manners. He is descended from a mixture of races, including the non-Chinese races in China that history Professors have written about, the bad aspects of which manifest in him –

    Mongol (hugely polygamous Genghiz Khan invaders and colonizers in the 13th Century), Tungus, Turk, Tai, Miao, Tibetan, Manchu (invaders and colonizers embedding themselves in China for several hundred years, ruling until the 20th Century – from Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II), Yueh, Yao, etc. And the hill tribes of southern China – the Cina Bukit.

    That’s why he is biadap and kurang ajar. Commenting without decorum and decency. Only he and his kind are like that – biadap (DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz also said that of Lim Guan Eng when he bolted out of the party) and kurang ajar, the Cina Bukit kind.”


  14. The Sun Daily said,

    … several documents were unveiled for public scrutiny. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak tabled Budget 2013 for debate in Parliament a week ago, and PR Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim released the Pakatan Rakyat Shadow Budget …

    And, taunted by DS Najib, some one released the Pakatan Rakyat Shadow Cabinet.

    But no image, only shadows.

    Sham cabinet, protested other PR members. Not consulted, they shouted. Fictitious list, one DAP leader said.

    All sorts of excuses given for not having a shadow cabinet, To cover the fact that they can’t even agree as to who is going to be PM among them. PAS has never endorsed Anwar as PM. Even Karpal Singh is also said to want to be PM.

    How to trust fellows like those wanting to be in Putrajaya?


  15. I like the arguments put out in the NST yesterday:

    The so-called “alternative Budget” would cause RM7.2 billion taken out out of the country every year if implemented.

    “We have three million foreign workers in Malaysia. If we give each of them an additional RM200 a month, RM7.2 billion would be spent on these foreign workers annually.”

    RM7.2 billion will be twice the amount spent on the government’s current Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia 2.0 programme.

    It seems to me that just on minimum wage issue alone, the “alternative Budget” will be a “mengarut Bidget”.


  16. I say, less and less opposition views, eh?

    Good. Every time they come in, we counter argue them. Those with substance, we counter with substance. Those with wild accusations, we reply in kind.


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