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Being human and giving credit where it’s due

Absence of a human virtue called gratitude

It is very disconcerting to see that these days the opposition or people who are leaning towards the opposition kept on harping the concept of gratitude towards the government. Their argument is, we do not have to be grateful towards the government for whatever benefits the government had bestowed upon us because it is already their responsibility. We are the ones that voted them in so they are the ones that should thank the rakyat profusely. The rakyat must never thank the government for whatever the goodies or the national development the government had provided us.

I believe this is a dangerous, uncivilised concept being concocted by the opposition. Using this kind of logic, wives shouldn’t thank husbands for whatever good things he has done for her because it is his responsibility as a husband and of course, husbands must not thank their wives either.

Children must never thank their parents because let’s face it, it is the parents’ responsibility to nurture and raise their children. Why would the children thank their parents? They never asked to be born in the first place either.

Is this the right attitude for Pakatan Rakyat to promote? That one must never be thankful when a person or government is being nice to you?

Orang berbudi kita berbahasa, orang memberi kita merasa.

What is so wrong to be thankful when one receive aid or assistance? Why should we throw vile insults and harangue the government for being nice to the people? Orang berbudi kita berbahasa.

There is nothing wrong by being grateful. It is a sign of being benevolent. A sign of appreciation. A very humane thing to do.

We should worry if this kind of attitude permeates into the psyche of our young generation. We will be straddled with children who are arrogant and equipped with repugnant behaviours as well as a society who are rude among each other.

Bad leadership begets bad attitude.

As Tun Dr Mahathir put it in his blog:

… people who only know how to hate and have done nothing to make this country better. By doing what they did they have demonstrated that they and the people who lead them are unfit to rule this independent country. They only know hate. Hatred does not develop nations.

Yes hatred and being obnoxious certainly will not make this country a better place.

They never voted the government

And what really make this group of political thespians a horrible entity is the fact that their fans never voted Barisan Nasional in the first place. Yet, they insist us not to thank the government because we voted for them.

Can we not see how profoundly immoral that is?

It is ironic that the ones that voted Barisan Nasional are always thankful whenever Barisan Nasional done good while the one who will never vote for the government will try to preach the public that thanking the government is repulsive since it was voted in by the people.

It does not matter if you choose to vote for the opposition in the elections. But not saying thanks after the government gives much needed assistance just show lack of manners and the ones teaching this bad behaviour is the opposition.

I lament the fact that it is the adults who are setting the bad example for the younger generation to emulate. I believe the government must always be benevolent to the people. The government has the higher moral ground not to ask for gratitude from the people. But it is the people who must have the human decency to be grateful nevertheless.

Why is this a hard thing to do? Where are our great Malaysian values? Do we really want this kind of people to lead us in the future? Will this kind of people develop a better Malaysia?

40 thoughts on “Being human and giving credit where it’s due

  1. JMD

    You have hit the nail on the head. I too lament with bewilderment when I only see examples of self-centredness on my daily commute to work, while at malls, when reading postings on Facebook, some blogs etc. The example of gross behaviour is especially evident in the last few years. I do not want to put the blame squarely on the people and supporters of PR but they seem to be encouraging such with poor examples coming from their own leaders. When you stop being thankful with only a ME attitude what else is there to fall back on. The basic trait of good behaviour is being thankful and to thank everyone and anyone that have done some good to you. So we should not thank the teachers that taught us? Hey it is their job. Let’s stop celebrating Teachers’ Day. Who asked the soldiers to fight for the country anyway. Let’s stop celebrating Warriors Day since they chose to be soldiers, police or whatever so why should we thank them. While we are at it we should also stop celebrating Labour Day since hey they needed a job it is their responsibility to work so why should we have a holiday. There will be no end and will just end up eroding our values further and create an even more lost generations. Does anyone else realise what they are doing to the nation?


  2. Yes, the ungrateful ingrates – a double whammy on those blokes.

    I wanna labour on this. I feel a lot of the country’s problems has been due to this. Having got citizenship right, they don’t even want to honour the Social Contract, respect the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak as stated in the Constitution under Article 153. Hell, they don’t even want to use BM that’s stated as the Bahasa Kebangsaan under Article 152 of the Constitution.

    Imagine, promised by DS Najib 1-2 million Ringgits for the Rasa town SJKC building at PRK Hulu Selangor, the town residents could’t care less and voted DAP. And they had the cheek to ask for the promised amount after the election. And was given a cheque for RM2 mill or so. No such thing as segan malu, no show of real gratitude, and I wonder how many even said thank you.

    These are people born that way, bred that way, exploit every thing possible in every single way, its a way of life, it’s a mental attitude, it’s their culture if you like to call it that. They take, take, take, and ask for more, more, more, keep saying they pay the most tax when in fact the GLCs pay 40%, the Chinese only 30%, the Malays and others including foreigners pay 30%. They have warped sense of values, habitually thinking what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine. From being Stateless for some 150 years in this country, the Malays agreed to citizenship for them at Merdeka. This country has become partly theirs but how many of them would sincerely want to help Malays and Bumiputeras in business, show the ropes, let them have the links to their trade associations and business guilds, help in getting supplies, at same prices and terms as their members.

    Yes, the government needs to be benevolent to the people. But at times one feels the need for benevolent autocracy in this country to instill good, wholesome Malaysian values into the minds of the ungrateful ingrates.


    • >> Imagine, promised by DS Najib 1-2 million Ringgits for the Rasa town SJKC building at PRK Hulu Selangor, the town residents could’t care less and voted DAP. And they had the cheek to ask for the promised amount after the election. And was given a cheque for RM2 mill or so. No such thing as segan malu, no show of real gratitude, and I wonder how many even said thank you.

      Wow! RM 1-2 million in exchange for votes. Is that not vote-buying?


      • Aiyya, this is cerita lama lah, jonnytxya. You heard DS Najib say you vote for me, I’ll give you RM1-2 million ha? Not like Nik Aziz being photographed handing over RM10 / 50 notes to orang Asli at PRK Galas. And PKR and DAP buying votes but the secret societies, thugs and gangsters make sure nobody says anything.


      • If it was vote buying, Najib would not have written the cheque – the fellows didn’t vote for BN, so no buying, no sale, what. But Ajib Gor still gave the money. Those ultra kiasus must be taught about gratitude some how.

        How to tell not voting BN when undi rahsia? Those town residents voted at a designated polling centre. The voting slips counted there can tell, what.


    • Let me try and understand your logic here.

      If some people force you to give them your hard earned money and they in turn give you back what originally belongs to you, you are supposed to say thanks to them?



      • Let me try to understand your crude behaviour here:

        Thanking the waiter for bringing you the food to your table even though you paid for the food in the first place is against your barbaric principles?


      • Even Hitler said thank you to the Pole, Czechs, French and others when his forces over overpowered them during World War II. If you don’t believe, ask his mistress Eva Braun. She didn’t die with him in the bunker. She pretended swallowing the cyanide pill and let him die alone. If you don’t believe ,,,,

        Pakatan Rakyat fellas will do the same. They are killing one another in Penang. DCM Ramasamy and Karpal Singh. DCM Mansur and Lim Guan Eng – news just came in saying Mansur admitted he did say LGE cocky, arrogant and tokong. Yes, no thank you to one another for whatever among them. That’s Pakatan Rakyat mentality.


  3. Rather that harp on the opposition lack of gratitude as you put it, why dont we find solution for it…everybody start off our lfe quite in the same where we learnt by observing those nearest to us before we colour ourselves with the learning at school, peers, tv, radio and mass , i guess leave the ‘ buluh’ out from this repogramming for the ability to be thankful and just zoom in into reprogramming the ‘rebung’ from school at early that and i am quite sure the society would be better off immaterial of who govern…sadly though what we are seeing are our kids come back from school and then off to tution evening and doing this crammed routine years after years in their you think we are creating a grateful member of society later?


    • Yes, melentur di masa rebung. But how to lentur with Malaysian values when they are sent to vernacular schools, not respecting the Constitution from the fist day at school?

      Then Yap PhD tipu Dong Zong head gets pig headed talking about “Multi-nations within one nation” nonsense when even the liberal minded Europeans have long said “Multi-culturalism is dead.”

      Got to have a leader willing to use the cane, lah. Figuratively speaking.


  4. I am just an average citizen. Dont know anyone in UMNO or government strong enough to pull any string. Never met any YBs. Steered clear of them. I have three kids. All doing ok. No need to bising bising. Two engineers and one architect. They went through the mill. Studied hard. All three on PSD scholarship. What is there for me to complain?

    Why should I not vote for BN? Oh! corruption is it? Kalau dia kena tangkap dialah jawap. Bila dia mampos dialah jawap. Bukan saya nak kena jawap. Negara aman. Senang nak cari makan. What is there to complain? Kalau tukar kerajaan boleh dapat 1 guni emas? Tak boleh. Nak kaya kena kerja kuatlah.

    Support Anwar? The king of corruption? The wife cheater. The homo. No way. Dont give me this bullshit about equlity, justice or fairness. Anwar wants to be PM because of one reason. $$$$$$.
    3B is not enough. He wants more. To hell with the people.


    • Waaaaah, if only the Oppo hippos are like you.

      But those fellas say they don’t get scholarships for their children. Study in Chinese schools, Rote system of learning, repeating and parroting, how to get clever, pass high and get scholarships. Yet many straight As Chinese students get PSD scholarships. I personally know 2 of my associate’s daughters getting those. One studying chemical engineering overseas. They attended SKs.

      Chinese get scholarships also though so many Chinese millionaires donate here and there for Chinese education. Aiyyo, UTAR last year or so refused RM30 million a Chinese Engineer millionaire wanted to donate for scholarships etc, man. How man? They supposed to say thank you got citizenship right, richest race in country, let others get scholarships laa.


    • Agree with you everything. Except Anwar wants only one thing – $$$$$.

      He wants more than those, bro. The man is a habitual sodomizer. Sodomy I Appeal Judges have recorded in their Judgment that he did sodomize. Sodomy II is under appeal but I believe he did it, too. Womanizing, too. The Omega watch issue is still not resolved. Anwar tak tunjuk, Kak Zah tak buktikan jam tu ada pada dia.

      As PM, he’d have much better access to partners and more chances of doing those things. He’d get the anti-bugging devices experts from US to clear such microphones and mini cameras from his retreats, which he’ll have many and has round-the-clock Police protection.

      Remember, he said he’d not even want to stay in Putrajaya if he gets the chance – dia takut very sophisticated devices planted by BN in the Putrajaya residence that even Neocon, Jewish and Zionist experts may not be able to detect fully!


  5. Values. They don’t have good values. Lack of decency. Hardly any appreciation of what others do for them. It’s culture. Or lack of it. How to say cultured when they don’t even know to say thank you.

    They cannot pass good values from generation to generation when they don’t have them. And they don’t pick up good values from others when they don’t mix around, isolate themselves, vernacular schools, Dong Zong influence and all. Sure they become the Opposition. And we can’t even expect them to be a responsible Opposition. Spread lies, spin half truths, twist real truths, hate campaigns and the like. Sad. Very sad.


    • Give credit where credit is due. No more throat-clearing and spitting publicly nowadays, maybe only in Petaling Street etc. No more red splashes on the road from betel nut chewing spits. And the Makciks with sireh, songel and sputum containers have disappeared even in the kampongs.

      But new generation of blokes have appeared who consciously go against authority, taunt the Sedition Act, make fun of the national flag etc. Dissent is OK but not respecting the national flag is a no no. Shameful. Disgraceful. Disloyal.


  6. So why are the Young Folks so “disrespectful” and “disobedient” to the government? Why do they not see they are obliged to vote & support BN, like how a serf must obey his feudal lord or a slave obey his master?

    It doesn’t appear to be just a Chinese problem. The boy who showed his backside on Najib & Rosmah photo was Malay. Last week, I saw a Malay ‘rock n roll’ dude making fun of Najib on stage during a music gig. Young people are cracking jokes of Najib & BN on Twitter & Facebook.

    So you might want to focus on the forest over the trees here.


    • It’s not a matter of cracking jokes since everyone does it and even opposition leaders suffer the brunt of it. It’s about giving credit where it’s due and being grateful when receiving good things from the government.

      On another note, I guess these young ones being disrespectful and doing all those kind of insulting gestures simply because the opposition leaders are condoning it by doing nothing to stop or reprimand them. Thank you.


  7. “… people who only know how to hate and have done nothing to make this country better.” Obviously, these people don’t like the country. Really, they should leave the country. It doesn’t do any good to them staying here. It doesn’t do good to the others, too. Hate breeds hate. Animosity may lead to the race riots of 1969 again. We must avoid those. So, we must urge those to leave.

    Migrate, said History Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim to those who don’t like the country. I agree with him fully. No harm for them to do so. They’ll find happiness in another country that they can choose. Internet is awash with information about countries which may readily give permanent stay to them. Canada and Australia, for example. These are huge countries with vast tracts of land not yet inhabited and can provide a lot of challenges to new families wanting a better life, a better future, with people who they can tolerate and don’t hate. I urge them to do so.

    50-60 years ago Egypt had many Greeks living in Alexandria. They were of a different religion, not readily accepting five times daily morning, noon and night azan calls to prayers for the majority Muslims. They were encouraged even by the Greek Government to migrate. A vast number did. To South Africa, Australia, Canada, even back to Greece. They became happy. And less problems to the Muslims making the calls to prayers as loudly as they chose.

    So, let’s urge them to migrate. No offence intended. Just an attempt at finding ways to lessen problems in this country and make those hateful people happy. Away from this country.


    • The problem is, even if they want to migrate, no country is willing to take them. So with nowhere to go, they keep whining about this and that. But that’s not all. Knowing that they have nowhere to go, they conspire with foreigners through NGOs to undermine the government of this country in the hope that there will be regime change.


      • I disagree. There definitely are countries willing to take them. Canada, Australia, New Zealand are examples. Canada with its huge expanse of uninhabited land wants foreigners to migrate there, help develop the country, much like the bloody British colonialists wanted the Chinese to mine tin and plant rubber in Malaya before and not sending them back like the Americans did to the Chinese railway workers in the 19th century.

        A Canadian High Commission official was not long ago reported to have said Canada even issues temporary stay visas for people wanting to migrate there, while their permanent stay visa is processed. They sound that keen to have foreigners migrate to their country and make it easy for people to migrate there. And I know of a family of Singaporeans of Arab ancestry having migrated there 1-2 years ago and are apparently happy there.

        Australia is another country with vast tracts of uninhabited land. They also accept migrants. There are even Australian migration agents advertising their services in newspapers, blogs and even billboards. There is one huge migration service advertisement placed on the side of a link house in SS2, Petaling Jaya, on the same row as the many bridal suits shops. Those getting married may want to start a new life overseas.

        I support the view that those who don’t like the country, its Constitution (with sensitive, non-amendable clauses), its system of government, unwilling to see changes via the normal process of election campaigning and voting on election day – instead go on illegal street demonstrations time and again – really should pack up and go. They are not helping anybody by continuing to stay, least of all they themselves. By migrating, they’ll not only help themselves but others who want a peaceful, orderly and progressive Malaysia.


        • In the case of Canada, they seek immigrants that are well educated, well heeled, in other words, the rich and well connected. With the boom in shale gas and oil sands, Canada definitely needs immigrants. But do Malaysians wanting to migrate to Canada fit the needs of the said country ?
          I will say the same about Australia. This country is at an early stage of a mining boom. But again, do Malaysians fit the bill ?
          If you do not fit the needs of the said countries, forget about it. And I say, the vast majority of Malaysian Chinese do not fit the bill, since they are the ones talking about migrating the most.
          Why ? How many Malaysian Chinese are fluent in the English language ? In the case of education, before we talk about education in those countries, how many Malaysian Chinese are willing to forsake Chinese medium education ? Are they going to demand that Chinese medium schools be allowed to exist in Canada/Australia, as in the case of Malaysia ?
          The government of this country is very accommodating. Vernacular schools exist alongside national and religious schools. Can you, or for that matter, anyone else say the same about the governments of Canada and Australia ? Try asking, demanding for Chinese medium education in those countries and see what they are going to do to you.


  8. Human are generally ungrateful being. They are hard to satisfied and will never satisfied. Many of them are ungrateful to God. So how in the world do you think they will be grateful to another human?


  9. Yes, indeed we must take note of Tun Dr Mahathir’s words, “… people who only know how to hate and have done nothing to make this country better.” There has been a trend going on and we must do whatever we can to arrest the trend.

    Here’s what Rev Nigel McCullock, Bishop of Manchester, said of the trend in UK after the riots some time back. He blamed the unrest on the erosion of Christian values. He pointed out that
    at the close of the 1950s, church attendance was high and “young men from all backgrounds found National Service instilling into them standards of behaviour and levels of mutual responsibility and loyalty.”

    “Suddenly all this ended, and the 1960s notoriously ushered in an era of moral permissiveness … for half a century, that massive and continuing change has contributed to an erosion of Christian values,” said he.

    “In their place has emerged a me-first, consumerist culture that has encouraged acquisitiveness and dishonesty. This has become evident at all levels of our society. The recent riots were a stark, but by no means only, example of what can happen when the distinction between right and wrong is blurred and once-respected moral imperatives are forgotten.”

    In Malaysia, the erosion of religious values also occurs on all fronts. In much less than half a century. More so the erosion of political values. No more sincere and dedicated service for the people, for the constituents, but only for the votes, on the part of most politicians. And enriching themselves in the process. Including the Opposition parties’ politicians who started becoming big-time salesmen for the sale of State land (Penang) and “purchase” of land below water (Talamgate, Selangor), with scores of million Ringgit going into yet-to-be-verified pockets. Cakap tak serupa bikin, or bikin tak serupa cakap, whichever you like.


  10. The no thank you and anarchistic mentality arose from attempts by foreigners to destabilise the government.

    New Straits Times reported that from 2005 to 2011, almost RM20 million, came from the Washington- based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) allegedly to:

    Suaram (RM1.6 million);
    NatioNal Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) (RM4.6 million);
    MkiNi Dotcom Sdn Bhd (RM298,000); and others (RM13.3 million).

    Malaysia Kini has admitted receiving foreign funds, said NST.

    “Others” include:

    Bersih, Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, Lawyers for Liberty, Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd as well as the International Republican Institute

    NED is said to be an organisation that “played a significant role in attempting to destabilise legitimate governments and replace them with client proxies”.

    Ambiga was reported admitting that Bersih had received funds from the NDI as well as New York-based Open Society Institute, the administrator for programmes under the Open Society Institute founded by the Jewish currency speculator George Soros.

    Suaram received from NED RM1.6 million, and another RM774,000 between 2008 and 2011) from New York-based Open Society Institute. The German embassy allegedly gave Suaram RM21,400 in 2010.

    International Movement for a Just World (JUST) president Professor Dr Chandra Muzaffar said NED has been known to lend substantial financial support to foreign NGOs, particularly in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria.

    He said such efforts have been going on aggressively over the past five years ostensibly in the name of democratic freedom with the objective of making people rise up against leaders deemed to be cruel. He also said they gave assistance with the objective of stirring up the people. “We know of their activities in several countries as what has happened in the Arab world, leading to the Arab Spring uprising,” he added.

    I agree with Professor Chandra Muzaffar’s view that that the motive of such an organisation supporting foreign NGOs purportedly in the name of freedom and democracy is questionable as it could threaten global security. He added that those behind the body included Zionist groups which maintain good relations with the Zionist government in Israel.

    The effect now seen in this country is the increasingly unruly behaviour of Malaysians, street demonstrations, trampling on photos of national leaders, non-respect for the national flag and the Constitution of the country. Damn the foreigners with evil intentions meddling in our internal affairs. We must take action against them one way or another.


  11. Less and less opposition flers in pro BN blogs, eh? Good sign. They come in and got whack left right and center.

    They now know they cannot come in and say anything they like. They say one thing, we say 2 things against them.

    They go opposition blogs, paluli. That where they belong. Only their type read there anyway.


  12. “They only know hate. Hatred does not develop nations.”

    Where hate came from? From they not grateful for what they already get. From not accepting limit they can have. No knowing the limit.

    Make them know the limit. Teach, inform persuade. If still cannot, use the law.


  13. Your missing the point, and that’s to be expected because your biased to BN. You wouldn’t be anywhere near where you are today without BN, so of course you expect people to be grateful to the government. You benefit from it, whilst us readers of your blogs mostly don’t. We all must be aware that we don’t owe BN anything at all just because all the projects and whatever good things they have brought. All these are EXPECTED of a govt. They are not doing charity. This is not something they do out from the own pocket. BN-UMNO people never use their own money, they use our taxpayers’ money and then give it back to us and ask us to be grateful to them. This is total nonsense! No doubt Malaysia is a great place to live in, but the majority of us suffer, whilst you BN morons enjoy the high life. I guess we should be grateful to the govt for creating this environment where we can all sit around and get fat from sugar subsidies but have a crap quality of life. Oh and let’s not forget the protectionist policies for Proton, so that everyone can drive around in a shit car, take out a ridiculous loan of like 7 or 9 years (which is unheard of elsewhere) and just carry on with life.


    • My dear Shah, you are missing the point too but that is expected. The point of this post is just to say thank you when government gives something such as RM500 BR1M.. why is it too hard for the Pakatan to accept that? People give something, you say thank you. Good manners.

      And Shah, yes, you wouldn’t be where you are today without BN. Because, if BN leaders were like Mugabe or Marcos, you would have no hands or living on the streets without any internet capabilities right now. Not everything are expected of a government. No one in Bosnia expected their leaders to commit ethnic cleansing and getting murdered just like that. No one in Rohingya expected their government to stand still watching their people die. No one in China expect the people of Uighurs to be killed by their own government during riots a year ago.

      Therefore, expecting a good benevolent government and not thanking them at all is such a rude thing to do. The point is, gratitude is a human value. Being ungrateful with the kind of argument you presenting, is a moronic thing to do.

      Thank you.


    • Shah oh Shah. What more do you want? You think all BN supporters receive a sackful of gold every morning? No lah. We all have to work to cari makan. Dont get angry but if you work hard enough you too can become rich. You think everyone is a crony? Most of us have never met any YBs . It is the policies of the govt. that has made this country easy for us to cari makan. And dont think all govts. are always thinking about this. Look at those in the middle east and some african nations. Would you like to live there? Zimbabwe maybe? How would you like your children to show their feet to you after what you have given them all these years? So if your son tells you it was your responsibility and that he does not have to thank you, dont get angry. Or maybe if you are old and sick they will dump you in old folks home.


    • Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. ~Melody Beattie


    • None is more impoverished than the one who has no gratitude. Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves, and spend without fear of bankruptcy. ~Fred De Witt Van Amburgh


    • Shah,

      Learn not make make wild, unsubstantiated allegations. You will become respected, people will read your comments in an open-minded manner and might even agree with your opinions. Otherwise they’ll develop a mental block – because of the wild allegations that you don’t justify or even explain. For example, the words in your first two sentences – “because your biased to BN. You wouldn’t be anywhere near where you are today without BN, so of course you expect people to be grateful to the government.” You have no clue what we are today yet ou say those words just like that. Now who is going to say or think anything more of what you say other than ah, that’s the usual Oppo hippo.

      And avoid talking nonsense if you want people to bother with what you say. Saying “us readers of your blogs mostly don’t (benefit from the BN Government). Come on man, you have a Malay name you must have benefitted from Government scholarship. Unless you were a dud at school and did not pass well to get sent to one of the boarding schools set up under the NEP. Or did not pass SPM well.

      Even if you are a non-Malay masquerading as a Malay, yous till have benefitted from the many development projects and the various facilities made available to the rakyat. Yes, do learn to be responsible in what you say.


    • Shah,

      You are talking through your nose. Even thru your arse I dare say. Smelly Opposition arse. What utter nonsense to say you don’t owe BN anything for all the projects BN had implemented. Bloody ungrateful bugger you and your kind. Are you teaching your children that kind of unethical, indecent, even communistic value in life?

      You are anarchistic aren’t you? Even if the Government carries out projects from taxpayers’ money and they get salaries, you do not recognize many politicians and Government servants working long hours well into overtime? Those in the categories that are not entitled for overtime payment?

      Even for those who do normal working hours, the fact that they have contributed to the success of the projects you wouldn’t even say thank you, instead try to tell the rakyat don’t thank them? What kind of a bloke are you made of? I know you are an Opposition chappie, but your kind have no heart, no decency, do not know the norms of behavior, etiquette and the like. Your kind should not exist in this world. Since you exist, your Oppo kind must never be allowed to rule this country.

      Enough damage already in the 3-4 years you blokes rule in a few states. And in Kelantan with 20 years of Pakatan Rakyat rule, the rakyat has been suffering. Minimal development, no factories, no large-scale industries, no clean water even – very few jobs created, poor Kelantan people have for decades been migrating to other states to find jobs. Still, you need to thank Nik Aziz at least that after ruling 20 years he built one mosque, one single mosque, and that one he used Chinese architecture and named it Mesjid Cina. We can only sympathise with the poor Kelantan Malays (they form the vast majority there) whose presence Nik Aziz appeared not to consider when building a mosque with Chinese architecture and naming it Mesjid Cina.


      • well folks, well thats like saying when BN is out of power, you will have to be grateful to whoever it is ruling at the time. same thing.

        “Look at those in the middle east and some african nations. Would you like to live there? Zimbabwe maybe?” Why are we so preoccupied with looking so far, when we can just look across the causeway for comparison?

        Who benefits from subsidies? The guy who can barely fill up his tank, or the BN Crony driving around in his Range Rover using subsidized petrol? As for NEP policies, what’s a 10% discount on a RM100,000 property compared to a 10% discount on a million dollar property?

        Govt servants working overtime? Is this a joke? Because of their own inefficiency they have to work longer hours – it just takes them too long to get anything done. Afterall we are human, and for the majority of people, the motivation to perform is closely tied to monetary gain. Without that as the primary motivational factor, work will take a while to get done. I’m sure some of you are very noble and would sacrifice your entire lives to doing charity work.

        At the end of the day you know that it will just open a can of worms if things don’t go your way, so you’ll staunchly defend it and twist the story as far as you can.

        I do give credit where credit is due, but your stance seems to be to give credit to BN for our entire existence.

        You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Abraham Lincoln


        • Yes people should be grateful when getting perks regardless who the government is. I am sure people in Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan are thankful when the state government tarred a road etc. Good manners.


  14. Dear JMD,
    I agree with your comments. It was well expressed with examples. I know some may disagree with you but I for one agree with your statement. to inculcate such bad attitudes will back fire us if the younger generations adopt it. The damage is already done once this is ingrained in thier mind. But I also believe that they will not be easily swayed into such attitudes. Here, parents play an important role in nuturing the kids. I sincerely hope it will not happen but if it does it can backfire on those who preach such ideas.


  15. Dear Mr Shah,

    Allow me to answer you in the sequence of your 280912 3:35 pm.

    Para 1
    Yes even if pakatan do succeed in becoming gov, I will still be thankful to their good deed, it is the basic noble trait.

    ‘Looking across the selat’, please clarify yourself here since you are not being sufficiently specific.

    These blanket subsidies policy had its weaknesses. Please suggest a viable way to overcome these problems. Mind you that I still need those subsidies, did you not?

    I have had my own experience as a gov employee. I went through thicks and thins, I believe the things you accused us of never went through my mind. I believe that the majority of us gov servants are seeking a rezeki halal for our families. If we do that, we will be accountable in our God’s judgement. We want nothing but the halal food inside us, our wifes and children. Small meagre income as we had, it is the best thing for us and we are thankful for it.
    I have to do the overtime work all the time. Some are recorded and some are off record, which the latter being the overwhelmingly silent majority.

    Although this is a pro BN site, I believe the post is about being grateful as a good universal moral value.

    That is very nice of you. I thank you for that. We owed our God and our country for what we are today. Then our country, in the most bizarre coincidence that I can imagine happened to be ruled by BN.

    Neither can’t you.

    Thank you JMD for allowing me to write.



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