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They spent millions of dollars to train activists

In the wake of the news of foreign funds financing local non governmental organisations here in Malaysia and the rise and fall of ‘Arab Spring’ in the middle east, the Obama’s policy and admission of training activists in Muslim countries to change their governments (albeit undemocratically), are an eye-opener.

Have a look:

17 thoughts on “They spent millions of dollars to train activists

  1. They are not even shy about it! Mark my words, one day US will get his president assassinated while having an orgy with the Israeli prime minister and his dogs.


    • The situation will be worse if Mitt Romney wins the elections and becomes President. His statements supporting the Jews and Israel, and denigrating the Palestinians, have been terrible. Rich Jews have been giving his campaign organizations literally tens of millions dollars almost every day. For campaign ads etc. Promises have been made by Jewish multi-millionaires a total of US$3 billion in the coming days until the elections. Including US400 million from a Las Vegas Jewish casino owner married to an Israeli woman both of whom went to Israel when Mitt Romney made a visit there recently.

      But Obama’s leading link to the Jews and the Israeli Lobby in the US, former Ambassador and State Department senior officer, Jewish Dennis Ross, has withdrawn from Obama’s campaign team. At the last election he went from synagogue to synagogue drumming support for Obama. He was reported to be unhappy at some aspects of Obama’s policies and stand on Israel e,g Obama’s opposition to the building of new settlements in the occupied territories. Obama got over 70% Jewish votes – traditional for the Democratic Party presidential candidate – in the last election. Not sure how much he’ll get this time.

      I imagine a worsening of the financial and training support from the US Jewish organizations to Anwarul Al Juburi’s efforts at becoming PM. I’ll pray for Obama’s re-election. And Anwar’s political destruction.


    • I agree with you. The Jews have become a menace to the world. They got their proxies to bomb Iraq for nothing – the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction that were used as an excuse were never found.

      The Zionist Israelis have since then been nudging the Western powers to wallop Iran. Not agreed to, the Setanyahu Israeli PM fellow is now talking of bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities, despite no concrete proof that they are allegedly enriching uranium for nuclear bombs, instead of for electric power. And naval forces of some 15 countries have now assembled in the Straits of Hormuz – the passage way for billions of barrels going to Western and Asian countries – in preparation for Iranian reaction to any bombings. It’s a serious proposition, that bloody bombing of Iran by the Zionist Israel – those multi-national naval armada are already assembling in the Straits. Damn.

      Let’s wallop the Israeli Zionists with words, vitriol and acrimony. The Zionists’ claim of Khomeini and Ahmadenejad saying “Israel must be wiped off the map” has been disputed by pointing out that a literal translation of the Farsi (Persian) language used did not mean that. The Zionists may be using those as another excuse for transgression against another Muslim country. Because of US support for them, they have become a bully in the international arena. Let’s whack them verbally at least.


      • Why don’t you piss off there and help your fellow Arab camel screwers? Fact is Israel does it because they can and there’s nothing you bastards can do about it. Stick to your 30% and be happy.


          • I suspect the bugger is not even a Singaporean. He may be a Malaysia reject, absconded to Singapore, finds that he’s not being able to say as freely as if he were in Malaysia (Big Brother on the Wall listening and watching what he does even in his bedroom), so he vents his frustration in Malaysian blogs.

            I won’t even pity him. I’d say serves him right. He can’t accept the Malay & Bumiputera Special Position, Islam the religion of the country etc, let him rot in Singapore where he might even be treated as a 2nd Class bloke.


          • I think Sshsn is describing the exact problem. He says:
            “Fact is Israel does it because they can and there’s nothing you bastards can do about it.”
            Amplify that shout and channel it to the ineffective UN.


            • Ineffectiveness of the UN started not long after it was formed. The UN was set up by the victors of World War II. Their interests came first, they sat on the Security Council. US and Britain didn’t want too many Jews to enter their countries. Showed the Jews the way to Palestine. They had some guilt conscience about the 6 million Jews killed by the Germans.

              When the Zionists in the Middle East unilaterally declared the state of Israel on Palestine land, Zionists in Washington worked to twist US President Harry Truman’s arm who gave recognition to that political entity. Other countries followed suit. The Arabs and others sympathetic to the Palestinians could only open their mouths agape. A few years later the Washington Zionists persuaded the Americans to send a used nuclear reactor to Israel. They started producing nuclear bombs, which, officially, they have neither denied nor admitted having until now, presumably to protect the source of the nuclear reactor.

              So the Jews and the Zionists became daring, wanting to keep the Muslims in check all the time. The best way is to weaken all Muslim states. They got proxies to do the bidding and the whacking for them. For example, US will ensure Egypt become dependent on them militarily, control the kind of weapons they can have. The same with Saudi Arabia, etc.

              Tun Dr Mahathir was not friendly to the Jews, to say the least. So, Anwar could be the conduit for their Zionists’ attempts at weakening the Malaysian government. Among other acts, they prop up and strengthen Singapore’s military capability by sending military advisers down there.

              The question is: what can we do and what should we do? I support the idea that our Government should engage in activities to counter what they do. Defensively at home and proactively (or offensively if you like) abroad. Quietly, of course. Secret operations. I believe we have the capabilities. Then again, the Government won’t publicize such activities. Who knows if they have not done so. Perhaps with varying degrees of success.

              Nobody would say whether we sent or did not send even troops (non-uniformed) “advisers” to Bosnia to secretly support the Muslims fighting the Serbs. But we did openly support the Bosnian refugees escaping to Malaysia. And it’s not too difficult to send operatives, trained in “working quietly”, to US and elsewhere to create unpleasantness to those organizations that send money or people to train activists against the Malaysian government. The Americans, the British, the Germans, everybody does this sort of things. When it’s exposed for some reasons, there’s not even the kicking out of the personnel involved. Even the German Embassy admitting (they knew they would be uncovered) they gave money to Suaram didn’t lead to any diplomat being declared person non grata or kicked out. Because it’s always tit for tat, like the Americans and the Russians did during the Cold War.


        • Hey funny name Sshsn fella,

          Why don’t you try and be constructive, give opinions that others can begin to respect you? Just try it once, see how you sound and how readers will react to you. May not be agreeable but say your opinion in a reasonable, civilized manner, without the rude words.

          How about that, bugger?

          Try that. Otherwise I assume you are one of the blokes described in the c&p below:

          “He has a foul mouth and incorrigibly bad manners. He is descended from a mixture of races, including the non-Chinese races in China that history Professors have written about, the bad aspects of which manifest in him –

          Mongol (hugely polygamous Genghiz Khan invaders and colonizers in the 13th Century), Tungus, Turk, Tai, Miao, Tibetan, Manchu (invaders and colonizers embedding themselves in China for several hundred years, ruling until the 20th Century – from Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II), Yueh, Yao, etc. And the hill tribes of southern China – the Cina Bukit.

          That’s why he is biadap and kurang ajar. Commenting without decorum and decency. Only he and his kind are like that – biadap (DAP Vice Chairman Tunku Aziz also said that of Lim Guan Eng when he bolted out of the party) and kurang ajar, the Cina Bukit kind.”


        • woi sshsn (what kind of crazy name is that), you and your leader friend who said “I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel” thinking are the same, kan?


  2. I think Obama should not be blamed too much for the evils of the Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere. No doubt the buck stops at him but the bloody Jews have so much money and gotten into so many important positions of influence in the US, including the mass media, that Obama may be reluctant to do more than show a terse looking face most of the time when meeting Israeli PM Netanyahu in the White House recently.

    And Obama is seeking re-election. The Jewish influence has been so strong that he had to visit Israel and show himself in front of the Wailing Wall at the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem prior to the last Presidential Election and now his rival, Mitt Romney, has done so only several days ago. And the Republican supporters have become Anwarish by spreading rumours and untruths like Obama refusing to see Netanyahu again, and the White House has said that the Jew had, in fact, not asked to meet the US President.

    The Jewish blokes would surely want to see the Muslim governments in the whole world weakened in the belief that they support the idea of obliterating Israel. Past Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said, based on the Qur’an, of “People of the Book”, and despite the many Crusades throughout history, Christians are better than Jews. In any case, the Muslims have routed them in the past and even built the Al Aqsa Mosque on the very spot and above the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Sure no love lost with the Muslims. So, when Anwar asked for assistance to bring the Government down, it’s welcome news to them in the US and elsewhere.

    But I’m damn glad that they now realize that the Arab Spring has “misfired”. True, Egypt still needs to rely on the US$1 billion plus annual grants from US but the Egyptian demonstrators have tried to “ganyang” the US Embassy in Cairo and elsewhere. We need to make sure that the Anwarul Al Juburi supporters won’t get to do that sort of thing in Malaysia. Good that the Government has enacted the Peaceful Assembly Act which allows assemblies but in an orderly manner – 10 days prior notice, at places that do not inconvenience the public, etc. Judging from the poor turn out at the Janji Demokrasi rally on Merdeka eve, and action by the authorities on law breaking, like charging law breakers including Anwar in court, public support for rallies and demonstrations appear to have dissipated. Good. Bloody good.


  3. This is exactly why I fear the abuse or misuse of democracy in Malaysia demonstrated by the youth generation, the future of Malaysia generation here in Malaysia.

    I quote what Ms Hillary Clinton said:
    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned an anti-Islam video, which has sparked protests across the Middle East and North Africa, as “reprehensible.”

    But she defended people’s right to express their views, however distasteful.
    End of Quote

    How contradict. Why condemn when you do nothing to stop it? Looking into the current scene of Malaysia’s youth and the political development, would the voice of democracy in Malaysia one day becomes so free that it knows no boundary of hatred and violence?


    • What goes around must come around. Democracy was practised by the ancient Romans over 2,000 years ago. Then dictatorship, autocracy and what have you came back in Italy. For over a thousand years. Then there was enlightenment. Rennaisance and all.

      Even in France, the French Revolution pronounced liberte, egalite and fraternite in 1789. Supposed to be freedom and democracy. Then Napoleon Bonaparte became a dictator and terrorized Europe. Now the French are back to democracy. Though have laws that say you are guilty until proven innocent. And Malaysia tried the 114A thingy. Noise. But good the Government stuck to it.

      In UK, at one time all rebels and so-called political refugees could enter and stay. And Indians shooed by Idi Amin of Uganda ran there by the thousands. Former colonial fellas ran away there, including British Overseas citizens from the former Straits Settlements, plus Raja Petra Kamaruddin! Then David Cameron said “Multi-culturalism is dead.” The British Police rounded up the illegals in British Chinatowns etc.

      I think it’ll go on going around and coming around. The Egyptians have never tasted democracy, no general elections for 30 years, worse with Libya and Syria. They may taste democracy then coup d’ etat and rule by the military. And back again to democracy. But frankly, I don’t mind a brief period of rule assisted by the Police and the military, to get the unruly to fully respect and abide strictly by the Constitution – which may under those circumstances be suspended but brought back once all the necessary actions have been done. Like Emergency Rule under Tun A Razak. Without the race riots. Or firing of guns. A benevolent democracy of sorts.


  4. Trade Ministry investigated Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd, linked to Suaram – 2 Directors include Suaram Director Kua Ka Siong. AG asking for more information before draft charges. Bank Negara checking the blokes against Banking Act and Money Laundering Act. Will take action when completed. Proven already took money from the Neocons and Zionists.

    I wanna see Kua Ka Siong fellow jailed. Imprisoned many years. Ex DAP nasty fler. Quarreled with Lim Kit Siang, cabut lari. Quarreled with Yap the PhD tipu Dong Zong Chinese schools and left the whatever college meant for Chinese school products. Maybe no income sources, joined Suaram etc. Admitted Suaram received money from foreign sources. Could pay his trip to France etc trying to shoot Malaysia down. Son of a gun.


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