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Better the idiom you know than the one you don’t

Among the pseudo-intelectuals, idioms can be something mysterious and worth dissecting.

Take the idiom ‘better the devil you know..’ which appeared in Tun Dr Mahathir’s blogpost recently. The article was titled ‘Change’ and it goes like this:

1. In his campaign to become President of the US Barack Obama promised change, “time for change”, he said.

2. He promised to close down Guantanamo Detention Camp.

3. He promised to stop trials of detainees by Military Courts.

4. He promised to pull out from Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. And many more.

6. Now four years into his first term he has failed to keep his promises.

7. Guantanamo is still holding so-called terrorists; still torturing them. No military courts but no trials by civilian courts either.

8. Instead of pulling out from Iraq and Afghanistan he approved a “surge” in the troops sent to this area. Later he pulled out some troops but American soldiers are still in the two countries.

9. Making promises during campaigns for elections is easy. Keeping them is a different matter. The best hope is that people’s memory is short. They would normally forget the promises.

10. Now the opposition in Malaysia have copied Obama and is promising change.

11. Give them a chance they say. The BN has ruled this country for 55 years. It is time to change. They will change this into a welfare state. Everything will be free. No fees for education. No tolls. Large subsidy for petrol. 20% royalty to oil producing states etc.etc.

12. The Socialist and Communist have tried this welfare state idea. They failed. Malaysia has no ideology. But the reality is that the Government needs money in order to develop the country and to subsidise living cost for the people. But when Government foregoes taxes, tolls and fees, it will have less money. But it will have to spend more on running an maintaining utilities, expressways, schools, operational and development cost, pension etc.

13. So where does the Government get necessary funds?

14. Borrowing is okay if the money is invested and giving a return. But borrowing money in order to just spend will lead to non-payment of debts.

15. That’s what happened to Greece. It’s bankrupt now. The whole of Europe cannot put it back together again.

16. Admittedly the BN has ruled this country every since independence. But look at the record and compare it with other countries which gained independence at the same time. Compare it even with the developed West. They are in deep financial trouble and try as they might, they have not been able to overcome the crisis.

17. Remember 1997-98 crisis. The then Deputy PM and Minister of Finance tried the IMF solution without the IMF loans. Banks and companies were faced with the threat of bankruptcy from non-performing loans. Imports cost more. Cost of living shot up.

18. The track record of the Minister of Finance then was bad although there is a fondness of claiming success brought about by other people as his success. PNB, UIA were part of the claim.

19. Now as leader of the Opposition he is claiming to bring about change. What good change did he introduce when he was in the Government? All he was interested in was getting up the leadership ladder of UMNO in order to become Prime Minister. How he achieved his objective does not bear scrutiny.

20. Five years to give a trial as Government is dangerous. Many things can be destroyed in five years. Besides the Opposition as Government will ensure there will be no return for the BN. Officers in the Government will be used to “gempar” (threaten) whoever tries to change Government.

21. Already we see this person who claims to fight for free speech suing and resorting to the courts to shut the mouth of his critics. Other powers of the Government will be similarly abused. Nepotism and cronyism will be employed as indeed they are in the party he now heads.

22. The record is there. Malaysians must not allow themselves to be hoodwinked as I was hoodwinked by the appearance of religious piety in the past.

23. The BN has listened to the people and has changed many laws and policies. All that the people need to do is to urge the BN to carry out whatever change the people desire.

25. Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.

The article has 25 paragraphs but it seems what bothered Pakatan was the last paragraph – the English idiom which verily means “it is wiser to deal with someone familiar, though you may not like them, than to deal with someone who you do not know, who might be worse.”

Even the seemingly intelligent Nurul Izzah kept harping on this. I guess it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt (another idiom).

It has been more than a week since the article was published and the absurdity of this has not died down.

Was it such a confusing article that people could not understand the gist of it? That promises by those who are not yet in power can have devastating effects if they are not carefully planned and comprehensively thought of. Please read the article again.

It is very shocking and an insult to intelligence that most leaders in Pakatan are jumping on the bandwagon to ride the wave this idiom has created. This wave was created because the Pakatan leaders have no answer to the other 24 paragraphs of that article; those are 24 paragraphs of undeniable facts. They just have no answer for it. And in their petty, topsy turvy simple mindedness of a brain, they spun a simple idiom to suit their agenda.

The devils and angles in the idiom are merely metaphorical. How deluded are they to think that Tun Mahathir are actually referring them as ‘angels’? Holier than thou again are we?

Today, a former civil servant by the name K.J. John wrote an article in The Malay Mail to twist what Tun said earlier. I doubt he even read Tun’s original article.

He wrote:

The devil we do know!

(the first few paragraphs are just some psycho-babble pseudo intellectuals always try to impress upon their readers)

A friend alerted me to the “‘devil we know’ versus the one we do not know” quote by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. My friend says, “He knows the devil and has had enough of the devil that he knows!” I am not sure who he is actually talking about but I have my suspicions!

I once wrote a manuscript for the CSIS in Washington DC, when they were inviting Asians to write on the “East Asian Miracle.” This was what World Bank economists called the “East Asian Miracle Economies” for their extraordinary performance as countries and economies.

Malaysia was considered one of those “miracle economies.”

I wrote my manuscript called the “East Asian non-miracle: The case for Malaysia’s GEM or Growth with Equity Model.” Needless to say, it was not published by CSIS although I did get to present it at a Forum that it organised in Washington.

In the premise of the thesis to the manuscript I began by arguing that World Bank may not have credibility to argue that anything in the world of economics can be “miraculous!” I am no economist, but have at least a basic degree in Economics from the University of Malaya.

The only “equivalents to the concept of ‘miracle’ from field of theology” that I can estimate are the statistical outliers we talk about in a normal distribution curve.

Therefore, I argued that the best that World Bank economists can do is to argue that “these East Asian Economies are statistical outliers, if they had developed an econometrics index model to classify and categorise all economies on a equitable framework.”

They probably did not (in quantitative terms) and therefore, maybe they decided not to publish my critique of their premise! Allow me to use the same argument to discredit Dr Mahathir’s “better the devil you know” thesis published in The Malay Mail on Aug 23.

(they probably didn’t publish it because this basic economics degree holder were trying to argue on form rather than the substance on what was the East Asian Miracle. Miracles, outliers, they can be the same thing. Maybe CSIS didn’t want to engage on superficial arguments. Anyway, he then proceeded to some theology concepts which has nothing to do with Tun’s original article…) 

First, my question to Tun: “Are you speaking as a human being, or as the former PM, or as a Muslim, or as a Medical doctor, or what? Or, it could be all of the above too!

Nevertheless and regardless, my rebuttal of the same goes! Is Tun speaking about a spiritual ontology and epistemology, therefore what is his methodology for his assertion and thus verification? Once he answers this, my consequential question is, where does he find this worldview which supports such arguments?

Please inform or educate me so that I too can read and understand; is it from politics, or philosophy, or religion, or is it merely the wisdom of Tun from all of the above?

(Why make things complicated over an idiom? Maybe K.J. John has a lot of free time. The next few paragraphs have even more fluff)

The only “devilish language” I know of, comes from within the Abrahamic traditions, and I suspect is therefore well embedded in their worldviews (of ontology, epistemology and methodology as applied in life matters).

My own Christian theology is very clear and explicit that Satan is the Father of Lies; of all things evil and devilish!

However, I also did a search of Google and found the following: The Devil (diabolos in Greek meaning ‘slanderer’ or ‘accuser’) is believed in many religions and cultures to be a powerful, supernatural entity that is the personifi cation of evil and the enemy of God and humankind.

The nature of the role varies greatly. It ranges from being an effective opposite force to the Creator at one extreme, where both are locked in an eons long holy war for human souls on what may seem even terms, to being just a comical figure of fun or even an abstract aspect of the individual human condition at the other.

The above is a secular enough definition and is a popular expression found on Google. Based on this definition what exactly is Dr Mahathir saying?

Simple: Tun’s main argument in his thesis was a political one about the population not being duped by the Opposition into believing that they can govern the country better because they are not yet a trustable and credible entity because they have not proven their governance capability whereas the BN has been the Government of the Day for the last 55 years.

(My reply to this is at the end of this piece)

Therefore, his quote of this popular English adage was in fact referring to BN and specifically UMNO has the main objective of the speech, especially to a Malay majority audience in Kedah!

(What does Kedah got to do with an article he posted in English, and in his blog?)

Let me alternatively argue why PR has the potential to be an alliance better than the “so-called trusted and tried BN!” I have a few simple reasons:

>> Within BN power has corrupted; otherwise why all the many financial scandals!

>> Within the Cabinet, the PM is no more ‘the first among equals’; he was overruled by the Cabinet on his instructions to review Section 114A of the Evidence Act.

>> In both Selangor and Perak, it has been demonstrated that where there is a balanced but a new Governance system with a clear non-corruptibility code; the overall governance of the states has vastly improved. <— (did K.J. John just creep out from a cave in the middle of Amazon?)

Therefore, I would argue that we are better off in the 13th General Election to allow the Opposition to form the Government at the Federal level so that the Rakyat can re-evaluate the true value proposition of the incumbent. I cannot think of any other way to send a clearer message to all parties!

My reply is this – No, we are not better off if Pakatan Rakyat is the Federal Government because Pakatan Rakyat, even though they has not become the Federal Government yet, has already cases of corruption, mismanagement, propensity to abuse laws, shamelessness to lie in public, sex offences, abuse of power and other equally heinous acts etc therefore, to vote them in the next general election will have a disastrous effect on all of us.

I cannot think of any other way to send a clearer message to all parties.

If K.J. John thinks that all Pakatan Rakyat states are angelic and none of the malignant examples I stated above occurred, then he is perhaps the mostdeluded and blindsided academician ever to grace the pages of The Malay Mail.

I have a malay idiom for him to chew on, dissect and digest and to write a whole thesis about it – “Hitam-hitam tahi minyak dimakan juga, putih-putih hampas kelapa dibuang.”

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 55!

108 thoughts on “Better the idiom you know than the one you don’t

  1. JMD,

    I read that article and wanted respond but dealt with another idiomatic ignorant. You have struck the hammer squarely on the head or should I say you nailed KJ John brilliantly. Exactly my sentiments but I could not by a long shot come even close to the proficiency of your article had I been the respondent.

    Best regards


    • Is it any wonder that the man’s article was not published by CSIS in Washington? His arguments are so shallow that one wonders if he really has even a basic degree in Econs from UM. One notes the sale of fake degrees on the Internet like the ones Dong Zong Chinese schools association Chairman resorted to for two PhDs he uses to his name.

      To convince the vast majority of the population that “PR has the potential to be an alliance better than BN” – which, in fact, (not “so-called”) has been trusted and tried for the last 55 years – he gave only “a few simple reasons”. He must be nuts.

      Now, where in the world would one find such a stupid argument as “Within BN power has corrupted; otherwise why all the many financial scandals” except among the usually wildly and loosely accusing Opposition party blokes. He does not even specify what the scandals were.

      Isn’t he daft saying the PM “was overruled by the Cabinet on his instructions to review Section 114A of the Evidence Act”? Wasn’t the PM outstation when he gave the instruction? And an instruction to “review” surely does not mean a decision to discard Section 114A. If so, he would have decided it on his own. Or use more words in his instruction than just “review”. This John fellow must be politically naive not to understand that when a PM wants a decision on a contentious issue be made collective, he puts it to the cabinet.

      And what the hell is he talking about when saying – without proofs or substantiation – “In both Selangor and Perak, it has been demonstrated that where there is a balanced but a new Governance system with a clear non-corruptibility code”? What “clear non-corruptibility code”, man? Cheeesh, a man with this kind of writing has the audacity to say his article was rejected by CSIS in Washington! Pathetic. It’s like some taxi drivers in India putting FBA – Failed Bachelor of Arts – to their names, to show they are at least better than the STP equivalent fellas,

      Hardly anyone would believe him saying we would be better off allowing the Opposition to form the Government. And for the reason “so that the Rakyat can re-evaluate the true value proposition of the incumbent”? Just what the hell is he saying?


    • Really I dont know why you are sticking out for that Tamil Mahathir. Just for the records so that you know what you are talking about. Both Mahathir and Anwar are Tamils. So thats why they gaduh like keling. The Malay Mail is under different editorial policy, they brought in all the Indians from the Sun, Vincent Tan anti Malay paper which was financed by his gambling license from Dr M.

      The point is, toksahlah pertahanan Tamil Mahathir atau Anwar. Ko ketinggalan zaman. Zaman jebat. Semua orang dah tahu Mahathir tu keling, Anwar tu Keling ko masih cakap macam dia orang ni orang Melayu.

      Sebab Mahathir Tamilah maka kita tak faham tindak tanduk dia. Hanya menguntungkan anak beranak dia. Anak beranak Presiden UMNO ni billionaire ko faham? Ko dapat apa?


      • 1. Aku dapat maruah bangsa dan negara aku. Tun Dr Mhathir bawak itu semua. Aku tahu kau takda maruah, pendirian busuk, menyedut kentot Anwar, di berakkan dek Nik Aziz,di keji dek Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh dan Lim Guan Eng, tapi tak sedar sedar.

        2. Tun Mahathir sendiri dah ngaku dia ada darah keling 25%. Kau ada darah Cina Bukit ke, cakap macam Cina Bukit nih.

        3. Ko tak tahu ke yang DAP, PAS & PKR pun ada kronism dan nepotism. Lim Kit Siang aturkan anak dia Lim Guan Eng jadi boss DAP, LGE beri projek sPICE RM1 billion kpd kroni dia Presiden Penang Chinese Chambers of Commerce, Nik Aziz kasi jawatan CEO Yayasan Kelantan kpd menantu dia, PKR parti anak beranak Anwar, bini dia dan anak dia.

        4. Ko masuk zaman apa? Zaman kepala hotak mereng ke? Semua kau caci, takda satu yang baik, takda apa cadangan untuk membaikki keadaan. Ko anarkis ke? Atau bodoh ke?



      • Alahai TAmilaOii

        Yang masih tertekan dan terpengaruh oleh Tun Dr Mahathir adalah geng geng pakatan. Setelah Tun bersara pun masih dihirau tiap kata kata Tun. Bangsa tak jadi faktor.

        Hingga kini Tun masih berpengaruh. Jangan iri hati ya!


    • I really dont understand why you must defend Mahathir and his stupid theories.
      You are so out of date. Everyone knows that mahathir is Tamil. Anwar is tamil. That is why we dont understand what they are fighting about.

      These two tamils masqurading as bumiputeras when bumiputeras are only in Sabah and SArawak.

      Time for the Malays to move on. Dont layan these two Kelings.
      Ko masih lagi di zaman Jebat, bila orang Melayu dah tahu sekarang mereka berdua ini penipu dan hanya mengkayakan kroni Tamil mereka.

      Apa yang ko dapat mempertahankan Mahahtir? Anak beranak dia ada duit billionair tapi orang Melayu sekarang jadi peminta sedekah di negeri sendiri.
      Apakah jenis bahlol. Atau ko pun keling mcam Khairy juga.
      Orang Melayu boleh maju lagi bila mereka menyedari penipuan Mahahtir dan Anwar.

      Mereka berebut kuasa dan kontrak bukan berebut untuk memajukan orang Melayu. Ko baca bagaimana Mahathir mengaku di blog RPK dia yang menjadikan Cina dan India bilionair di Malaysia. Ko dayus kalau ko tak tuding muka Mahahtir. Atau bodoh. Atau jahil atau keling.

      Malay Mail sekarang di kuasai oleh Tamil yang dulu menulis untuk The Sun, akhbar Vincent Tan yang anti Melayu yang dibiayai oleh lesen judi yang diberikan oleh Mahahtir.

      Jangan hairan keling2 di Malay Mail anti Melayu. Bungkus lah Malay Mail. The Sun free ada juga orang bace. Kalau bayar sape nak bace keling rubbish ni? hehehe.


      • 5. Nampaknya ko otak mereng. Ko tulis komen serupa dua kali. Pastu di hujungnya kau mengilai hehehe macam orang gila.

        6. Ko tak sedar ke bahawa kekayaan Melayu di tahun 1970 ha nya 1-2%, Tun Dr Mahathir perintah 22 tahun, kekayaan korporat Melayu naik hingga 23% (turun semula ke 20% akibat Asian Financial Crisis). Tapi kalau dah gila atau bangang, mana kau boleh sedar.


        • Ko ni baruah siTamil Mahathir. Kekayaan Melayu? ko kata Tamil Syed Bukhari tu Melayu? Ko kata Naza tu Melayu? Ko kata anak2 Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty yang kutip commission dari syarikat Cina tu Melayu?
          Berapa peratus Melayu yang gaji kurang dari 3000 sebulan 80 peratus. GNI 37,000 tapi berapa peratus isirumah Melaayu GNI 6,000 setahun?

          Ali Hamsa tu Melayu?
          IRwan Srigala tu Melayu?
          Nor Yakub tu Melayu?
          Tunku Adnan tu Melayu?
          Tony Fernandes tu Melayu?
          Ananda Krishnan tu Melayu?
          Kalimulah tu Melayu?
          KJ tu Melayu?
          Munir Majid Melayu?

          Yeoh Tiong Lay tu Melayu?
          Vincent Tan Melayu?

          Melayu dah muak dengan Tamil Mahathir. Sebab tu artikel untuk Kedah pun dia tulis dalam Inggeris. English educated Tamil sebab itu dia pakai idiom Mat Salleh.

          Mase untuk keling macam ko dah tamat..hehe

          Melayu tak de masa untuk keling macam ko nak bertopengkan ugama mengaku Melayu.
          Undi untuk najib adalah undi untuk Tamil Mahathir yang ingin berkuasa lagi.

          ORang-orang mahahtir masih dalam kerajaan UMNO lantik tamil sana sini.

          ORang Melayu amnya masih miskin. Peratusan bumiputera yang kononnya meningkat adalah orang-orang Tamil macam Mahathir dan sewaktu dengannya…


          • Ya, nama yang melayu itu semua melayu.. dan ramai lagi melayu yang kaya yang tak disebut di atas. Sebagai salah satu contoh, cuba sahaja lihat nama nama pengarah syarikat di Malaysia. Ramai juga melayu di sana. Saya amat berbesar hati jika tulisan perkauman memburukkan kaum india tak di tulis lagi di sini. Tulisan jelek seperti ini mungkin tidak akan dilepaskan lagi kerana tiada value-add dan dikira sebagai ‘racist spam’.

            Terima kasih.


          • Woi benda Allah yang menulis pada pukul 6.00 pm,

            Kau ni sama ada budak, atau dewasa berfikiran budak, perosak bangsa, kalau bukan Melayu, perosak negara, kepala mereng tak guna di layan banyak.

            Aku tulis ni ha nya nak tunjukkan aku meluat dengan pemikiran kau. Kau tak guna punya jenis.


      • India Mail

        Your preoccupation with race has rendered your comment inconsequential. If others chose to defend Tun, it is their wish, you have no right to stop them.

        The Malays have progressed thanks to Tun and his proactive policies. These very same policies ensured the peace and stabiity enjoyed by Malaysians all these years, which saw Indians and Chinese emerging as top 10 richest Malaysians.


  2. Haha. Idioms pun takleh paham. Apa punya orang daaa. Tapi blog kemain omputih lagi. Speaking england oso kenot understand idiom ka? Idiot.

    Anyways, your peribahasa at the end hit the nail on the coffin. Hehe. Not literal coffin, of course. 😀

    Selamat hari merdeka bro.


    • Salam Merdeka LordApes! Semoga tahun ini rakyat Malaysia selamat menghayati hari kemerdekaan dengan semangat yang betul. Terima kasih.


    • Astounding! Is It not? A mere x-c/servant with a basic econ-d wanting to teach the autaworld financial leaders on world economic management. They should have accepted his suggestions and tailspin on it. What a self appointed expert is this anglophile?


  3. Dah lah bodoh, sombong pulak! How they take it so literally, I don’t know! How stupid can they be?? The real idiom should sounds like this, “Better the devil you know than the one that you don’t know” – As my mat saleh hubby said it should sound. He has great admiration towards Tun M. But even so, it’s obvious, isn’t it? Tun M is a smart man and still very sharp at that age. He’s the man with all these sarcasms and cynicism. He lead the country for so many years with great success. I wonder about 1 thing though…. When they simply misinterpret this simple idiom, especially the PAS leaders, I’m wondering, how they interprete The Holy Quran? Literally??? Damn!


    • Bravo there, sis.

      I once had reservations on Tun Dr Mahathir. But after the “flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” Tun Dol – whose administration has in large measure brought about the messy political situation – and the many explanations he made in his CheDet blog and elsewhere since 2008, TDM has now appeared to me as a hero and should even be recalled to lead UMNO should BN perform badly at PRU13.

      As to your query on how PR idiots interpreting the idiom, I’m afraid they don’t interpret – they simply say what they want. The usual twists like lemon in between gobbling vodka and spins like the unpredictable ball on the roulette table. Drunk or sober, gambling or full of prayer, they’ll just utter. Like Lim Kit Siang all those years since the 1969 election campaign prior to the 13 May race riots. JMD has many write ups on that tragedy as said on his main page, about the kind of devil we must avoid to be leaders of this country. And the White Paper, “13 May 1969: A Tragedy”, by the National Operations Council, October 1969 may be Googled for details as well.

      And PAS leaders interpreting the Holy Qur’an? The entire problem of the Muslims may be traced to that. Hudud and Negara Islam is not stated in the Qur’an. They threw that out at PAS Muktamar 2011 but Nik Aziz picked that up again. Not only becoming a problem among Muslims – PAS accuses UMNO of not doing enough for Islam because UMNO does not support Hudud – but also with non-Muslims. Lim Kit Siang said “Never” and Karpal Singh said, “Over my dead body” to Hudud, and DAP propagated opposition to Hudud all this while. A lot of sour feelings exist among Muslims, and between Muslims and non-Muslims, due to that misinterpretation of the Qur’an by PAS leaders.


  4. What made me wonder is why Malay Mail published the article. Probably to show that Malay Mail is liberal, allows non-Establishment views, or to show the stupidity of the man and at the same time project the points Tun Dr Mahathir made.

    Saying, “I once wrote a manuscript for the CSIS in Washington DC,” is somewhat bragging, isn’t it. Calling what he wrote a “manuscript”, that which is defined as a document written by hand and usually refers to ancient ones. That alone suggests the lack of prudence in his choice of words, no wonder the article was rejected. And if it was published, he’d probably call it a masterpiece!

    Credit to him for not calling himself an economist, only a basic economics degree holder. As there are tens of thousands of better qualified and practising economists in the US and the world over and they are not even agreed on the state of the economy in the US, in Europe, etc – recession, slump, slowing down or what.

    What he says against TDM and for Pakatan Rakyat are the standard Opposition opinions not based on hard facts and wild accusations without even quoting specific cases. The man uses many big words. It follows that many of what he says are big bullshit.


    • Thank you Anti Idiot for the comment. I believe Malay Mail has different editorial policy lately, hence this article. Salam Merdeka!


    • I will tell you why the Malay Mail published the article by KJ John. The Malay Mail’s editor is Terence Fernandez, who is known for being close to the bigwigs of the DAP, so naturally, with people like him in charge of a mainstream paper such as the Malay Mail, we can expect such shenanigans to appear.


  5. KJ John sounds like one of those pseudo-intellectuals that like to spout nonsense in the hopes of sounding intelligent. He failed. He brags about writing a manuscript for the CSIS and presenting it at a mat salleh organized forum. Goes to show his true character. He is a legend in his own mind….


  6. I could not agree better, all the fusses and hustles are to discredit, in other words to put in the negative light, the brilliant thoughts of Tun reflected in 24 paragraphs of his article.


  7. addendum: actually all of the 25 paragraphs are brilliant, attested his successes in running the country that is still in the living memory were not hoax. JMD is accurate to point out that the 25th was the only point that could be countered upon though just in a less brilliant and convincing manner.


  8. Sebenarnya the Opposition-yang taksub tu, faham tapi buat-buat tak faham, semata-mata untuk ” memanjangkan cerita (isu)…menjela-jela (macam cara Anwar Ibrahaim bercakap) .. sehingga ‘mass population’ (M. Mail readers) jadi “confused” on 2 opposing views.

    This is Classic strategy taught in “The Teachings of the Elders of ZION”….so , please start reading the collection of writings by Henry Ford, compiled in a book “THE INTERNATIONAL JEW”. Thick thick book, but worth it.
    My views in my blog too. rainbowoftruth.blogspot


    • Tumpang lalu, JMD –


      Been to your site, a gud un. But couldn’t leave a comment – couldn’t prove I’m not a robot despite 3 tries! Many others, too, I think. The letters there appear designed to throw off genuine commenters. And I like those non-moderated blogs though difficult to find with the increase in the number of irresponsible fellows and many coyotes on the prowl.

      Here’s the comment I tried to put in on your unity post – you might put it in there for me:

      “Yes, you do speak for the silent majority and I support you.

      Tun Dr Mahathir said Anwar and Nik Aziz caused the disunity among the Malays. I agree with him.

      We must therefore do what we can to eliminate these causes of Malay disunity. Writing about it, speaking to others about it is one way.

      September 1, 2012 10:22 AM


    • Yes, this is really their intention. By prolonging the issue the mass readers will start to forget the essence of the actual issue by twisting word by word, twisting people’s mind and along the way instilling hatred towards the government. Truly Jewish style in action!


  9. More idioms for him to “analyse”:

    Raise the devil
    Speak of the devil
    Devil is in the detail
    Play devil’s advocate
    Idle brain is the devil’s workshop
    Tell the truth and shame the devil
    The devil makes work for idle hands
    Between the devil and the deep blue sea


  10. Ingin kami ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada para penyokong kami yang begitu setia selama ini. Tanpa sokongan mereka, tidak mungkin kami boleh berada di ambang mengambil alih kuasa di Putrajaya. Sedia dimaklumkan bahawa PRU13 kian hampir.

    Ingin kami umumkan bahawa slogan kami untuk PRU13 berbunyi “Janji Tidak Akan Ditepati”. Pelik kan ? kalau nak menang PRU mestilah kotakan janji, tapi ini pula sebaliknya.

    Usah rasa pelik. Dengar dahulu penjelasan kami. Kami bersetuju “Janji Tidak Akan Ditepati” selaku slogan PRU13 adalah kerana, seperti yang diperkatakan oleh pihak Barisan, janji-janji kami seperti yang berkait dengan PTPTN, toll percuma, zero rasuah, semuanya adalah satu pembohongan besar. Mana mungkin kami kotakan janji-janji kami. Kalau kami tunaikan semua janji-janji kami, sudah pasti negara akan muflis. Kalau negara muflis, pasti rakyat akan marah, dan pada PRU14 yang akan datang pada masa depan, sudah pasti kami akan mengalami kekalahan yang teruk.

    Ingat lagi janji-janji kami semasa PRU12 ? Kami tidak menunaikan janji-janji kami kerana semua janji-janji tu adalah satu pembohongan, semuanya adalah dusta belaka. Masa tu, kami yakin rakyat tidak akan mendesak kami untuk menunaikan janji-janji kami kerana kami tahu rakyat pada waktu tu sudah begitu marah dengan pihak Barisan, jadi apa-apa pun, asalkan bukan Barisan yang menang, rakyat tetap akan mengundi kami.

    Kami ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada penyokong-penyokong kami di blog JMD ini kerana begitu setia sekali mempertahankan Pakatan kami yang secara peribadinya kami gelar sebagai Pakatan Puak Pembohong. Kalau kat Amerika Syarikat pada satu masa dahulu ada Klu Klux Klan atau KKK, kini di Malaysia ada PPP.

    Jadi dengan ini, kamu semua yang tidak menyokong kami, kamu boleh mengelar kami sebagai PPP. Kami tak kisah pun. Selagi ada penyokong-penyokong kuat kami di blog JMD, kami yakin kami akan menang PRU13.

    Sekian terima kasih.

    Pakatan Puak Pembohong


    • Bunyi menyindir Pakatan Rakyat nih. Sikit mcm Tun Mahathir – dia ada menyindir dari masa ke masa, tapi kekadang ada yang tak faham sindiran dia.

      Tapi pembohongan Pakatan Rakyat ramai yang sudah tahu. Janji tidak di tepati, cakap tak serupa bikin, dsbnya. PRU13 nanti rakyat akan tunjukkan fedapnya kpd Pakatan Rakyat lah.


      • This is what I think will happen in the aftermath of PRU13. Pakatan will hang on to power in Kelantan and Penang. Barisan would retain the other states currently under its administration, while as for Selangor and Kedah, BN could win slim majorities, enough to govern the 2 states. At the federal level, BN could lose a few seats, but still have a simple majority, also allowing BN to govern. Najib and colleagues should still be vigilant, but no need to feel nervous.
        The reason why Pakatan will retain Penang, I think is very clear to any sober political observers. In Penang, Pakatan has a virtual monopoly on the “yellow” seats, which are seats belonging to a “certain” racial group, and I m not going to elaborate on them since they are already well known to visitors of JMD.
        As for Kelantan, I believe most people already know the outcome, based on the record of the past 22 years, so I m not going to elaborate on it either.
        Selangor and Kedah, Pakatan will lose both simply because of the too many broken promises and missteps, of which the examples are too numerous as to take up too much spaces on JMD. But I will list 2 here. One, in Selangor, they have offended too many people with their disrespect of the royal family; as for Kedah, just look at the political infighting between the Pakatan parties and within the Pakatan parties.
        People have seen what Najib and colleagues are all about. BN walk the talk, granted not every promises are fulfilled, but as a whole, for the most part, BN has implemented what it said it will do. The results are clear for all to see.
        People, in this case, rational thinking people, they know what works and vice versa. They know what they should do come election day. Only those who are still in deep sleep, these are the people still in denial mode. They choose what they want to believe. No amount of efforts by Najib and his colleagues will change their mind. We should not be angry with these people. On the contrary, we should pity them. Kesian betul penyokong Pakatan Puak Pembohong.


        • I agree with you fully. That’s the minimum. But I even venture the opinion that Penang and Kelantan might go to BN. The voters have had enough:

          1. Practically no industrial development in the last 3-4 years. Claims of foreign investments but they are the work of the previous government and the Federal Government agencies like MIDA bearing fruit during PR time.

          2. Voters may not be very concerned about raping the hills but the 100+ acres of prime land in Bayan Mutiara were sold, instead of being developed by Penang Development Corporation, a substantial part of it for low cost housing. Lim Guan Eng became the largest real estate agent in the entire country, selling at RM1.07 billion, so much talk about RM20-30 million commission going into various pockets. Corruption, cakap tak serupa bikin.

          3. A huge RM1 billion sPICE project done on Turn Key basis, where the contractor appoints the architect, the engineers, the quantity and other surveyors, and even determines the density of the development. Like Bayan Mutiara, the developers will demand approval for the planned development, and low cost housing will be the least on their minds because of low profit margin.

          4. The rich Chinese will benefit a lot in Penang, not the low income Chinese, the vast majority of the Malays and the Indians who have suffered even from the Kg Buah Pala affair. They form the majority of the voters in Penang and are expected to show their resentment at PRU13.

          4. The infighting within DAP (Gag Orders, reprimands, expulsions) and intra-party among PR component parties. Karpal-Ramasamy spat, Mansor-Lim Guan Eng whacking, Karpal-Nik Aziz-Hadi-Hassan Tantawi shouts on Hudud, squabbling for DUN seats, are examples.

          It’s a very long list, actually, even just for Penang only.


  11. I cant help but to write few lines here…

    I only want to summarize, who is KJ John again that the has introduce himself by telling the reader all his might and bright, which I found very pity – needless to say, someone who crave attention that he has to tell “i have this”, “i did that”, “i am respected”.

    KJ John vs Mahathir: Dont have to go far, I just want to ask, who is KJ John again and did he really get BA from Universiti Malaya?

    Offo, kia kaha he!

    Instead of rebutting Mahathir’s – who already passed the baton, look on those who are still in the scene and never want to go, as if the worldly matter is much more important but I do not see any contribution to the world at large, except for themselves!


  12. Just admit it, there is no such idiom in the English language. The correct idiom is “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Even the Christian English know it angels cannot be faulted even in idioms.


      • Already googled many times and checked with wikipedia and oxford even before I posted my first comment. Believe it, there is no such idiom in the English language. When questioned what Dr M’s idiom means, wikipedia even replied ‘don’t know’. Sorry, you are just Dr M’s nod-a-nod!


        • Maybe you should go google again and type “better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know” and see the many, many references people had made. Like I said earlier, this version of the idiom is an acceptable form and already mainstream. I am quite tired of seeing people arguing over petty things like how you are doing right now. Please find another way to make your Pakatan leaders look good. All this makes us think – no wonder Pakatan states are floundering; they are harping on inconsequential things most of the time. Do you know the word inconsequential? Like the purpose of this whole article I wrote, what positives do you people get for denigrating Tun M over an idiom? If Pakatan leaders have too little things to do in their hands, might as well make them go for a 5 year national service in boot camps. Thank you.


      • Thank you. However, OnDaStreet is not an authority on idioms. Would rather believe wikipedia and oxford. Care to check with them. And care also to note that my education was in English from Standard 1.


        • Hamzah,
          The link I provided here is my take on the idiom. In the article mentioned have links that provide you the idioms and the meanings.

          By the way, starting learning english from Standard 1 doesn’t guarantee you have good command of English. Yes, a step ahead maybe, but if you sleep along the way, no point either.

          Plus, if you really good in English, care to explain to me, why non-malays do not really playing this idioms issue?

          Thank you

          ~ OnDaStreet


      • Pity you! If you know how to use google, you would have known that what I said..no such idiom in the English language..is true. The use of ‘devil’ and ‘angel’ in idioms to describe what sort of person (natural or unnatural) one is relates to the person’s behaviour, character, disposition, etc. Thus, ‘devil’ cannot be substituted with ‘angel’. Period!


  13. When you say ‘devil you know’ and ‘devil you don’t’, you are only comparing a baddy with another baddy and the comparison is limited to your knowledge of the baddies. Once you extend it to an ‘angel you don’t know’, you are comparing a baddy you know with a ‘must good person’ whom you do not know. The comparison goes beyond your knowledge of the persons. You are saying ‘the must good person’ is actually not a good person. How silly can that be if you do not know him!?


    • Dear Hamzah,

      Again, you and this KJ John are being pedantic by playing with semantics. Seriously, going nuts over an idiom? Pakatan have no more important issues to raise apparently.

      Thank you for the comment, do come again.


    • Hamzah,

      As JMD has implied in his response to you, you are arguing over the form, not the substance, man.

      Come on, find something good in Pakatan Rakyat so that we can debate it here.

      Nothing good in Pakatan, issit?


        • I say, Mamat, Tun Dr Mahathir listed 24 points of substance there. Why don’t you pick any one of them and argue on those points? Then you’ll have substance, man. So far now all you write about is na ting, ko song, illek, zilch, nyet. You spraaken da English since Standard One ha? How come you sound no undederstand English one?

          The 25th point is TDM’s opinion based on the facts he enumerated before giving that opinion. If you disagree with his opinion, for heavens sake, enumerate the facts to support your opinion, stu.

          JMD picked the title to show there are fellows who are “deluded .. to think that Tun Mahathir ,, actually referring them as ‘angels’” And the K.J. John fellow twisting what Tun Mahathir said.

          Come on, Mamat, talk substance now. Argue on the 24 points. Or even on what that John fella says and on those he claims as facts.


          • Yea, 24 points from a former (for 22 years) supreme leader and now the Chief Advisor to ‘the devil you know’…BN by his admission. What substance can that be other than lies or spinning garbage to keep the devil you know in power? And should we listen to the advice of a former supreme leader of/present supreme advisor to the devil you know who singlehandedly shaped the devil you know to its present devilish character and therefore, is necessarily partisan? Does the present supreme advisor to the devil you know really know the angel you don’t know to give such advice? It is different if he had said ‘better a known devil than an unknown angel’…or in Bahasa ‘lebih baik syaitan yg diketahui syaitan dari malaikat yg tidak diketahui malaikat’. ‘the devil you know’ means ‘you know it is a devil and you know it inside out’ and ‘the angel you don’t know’ means ‘you know it is an angel but you don’t know it inside out’. The use of ‘the’ denotes something specific and one’s knowledge of what it is.


            • Now you are rambling.

              My dear, don’t worry, we don’t know who you are. That means, you don’t have to prove anything. All this gibberish have been countered by my article itself. Not to mention by all the comments written by other readers. And there is absolutely no reason for you to create a new meaning for an idiom. Please do not shame yourself further. Have a good night sleep.


              • You are not that smart after all! When cornered, you resort to passing judgements on my postings. Jebat must really die now. I thought he had died a long time ago. Cheerio!


                • Judgments passed was totally due to your own undoing sir.. harking over a non issue.. even writing a lot of similar comments over and over again which doesn’t make sense anymore.. lashing out like a cornered animal. Again, there is no shame in admitting that what Pakatan had done here was barking over an insignificant issue. This article
                  pointed that out. Thank you. Do come again.


            • Hamzah Mohammad,

              You appear squinted in the eyes, warped in the mind and demented in your personality. Where got Tun Dr Mahathir “Chief Advisor to (DS Najib) …BN by his admission”? When did he admit, what were his words, where and under what circumstances? I bet you can’t produce the link to material proving that.

              The man has said DS Najib is not even close to him, does not come to seek his advice, has his own set of Advisers, UMNO Supreme Council members and so on.

              Since you want to say something which is the opposite of common knowledge, the onus is on you to prove what you say, man. Otherwise, you appear merely as an Oppo hippo that makes wild, unsubstantiated accusations.


  14. Regardless of whether you know or you don’t, no good person would advise people to choose bad over good, a ‘devil’ over an ‘angel’. Only a devil would give such an advice. Accepting that is a misnorma in life and can be a great tragedy. No problem with choosing ‘the devil you know’ over ‘the devil you don’t’.


    • Oh speak of the devil! It’s Hamzah again!

      Sorry if I offended you. I didn’t say you are really the devil. What I meant was – expressing surprise when a person appears just after being mentioned..

      Okay now I forgot what to say to you…

      Have a nice day!


      • Speaking of the devil…not just ‘when a person appears just after being mentioned’. It should be ‘when a person whom you recalled as having been naughty or full of mischiefs or really bad suddenly appears after being mentioned either in jest or in seriousness’. If the person was a very good person, you would say ‘here come the angel’. Take note and give it a thought.


        • 🙂

          Are you sure that is what it means? Are you creating a new idiom? Here is the meaning – http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/speak+of+the+devil

          Please show me the source of your version of this meaning.

          From what I gathered, there is no mention of the ‘mischief’, or ‘naughtiness’ in any of the definition I have googled.

          Are you sure that you are the authority of idioms?

          Belajarlah menerima kritikan dan kebenaran.

          Thank you.


          • What justification have you to label the person who appeared just after being mentioned a devil? Even Mahathir has his reasons to call BN ‘the devil you know’. And he has plenty, only to discover he has plentier and more pressing reasons to term PR ‘the angel you don’t know’. I would go for a specific angel over a specific devil because unlike Mahathir, I know the angel you don’t know and know far too much about the devil you know. Does Mahathir really know the angel you don’t know as to give such advice? Perhaps he knows, but for the more pressing reasons, chooses to spin and spin. Thanks to his thoughts. Now we know who really is the devil we know..PR, and the devil we don’t really know…BN.


  15. Salam JMD.
    Im baffled why a lot of meaningless issues are being trumpeted by Our mps (from both sides).our Mp too much free time ker ? Idioms, flags, olympic silver Etc…ntah apa lagi tah..yg bestnye ada jugak yg sokong Pulak tu.
    this is a no brainer….period.
    To All Mp’s @ y.b — jadilah yang bijaksana…
    to other pseudo intellectuals out there ….diam ubi berisi, diam besi berkarat.


    • Salam.
      Rileks en hamzah….100x..Nk mencelah sket
      jika tidak setuju tidak mengapa…dicadang mungkin boleh suarakan pd tun m dan mohon dia edit post tersebut dan diganti dengan version yg apa en. Rasakan betul….Manalah tahu Tun M setuju…
      Pada saya jika ingin berdebat pasal versi peribahasa ataupun konteks penggunaan yg tepat perlu dengan regu yg setaraf….iaitu si pakar bahasa…

      Terima kasih


      • Salah satu dari ajaran mahathirisma…jangan menerima kritik & nasihat, kamu sentiasa benar. Itulah sebabnya pengikut-pengikut mahathirisma di sini tidak mahu menerima kebenaran. Klu pengikutnya tak mahu, mustahil pengasasnya mahu. Habiskan boreh jo!


        • Eh… Hello Hamzah!! He’s just word playing!! Why are you being so dumb?? We all know that he referred angels instead of devil because our opposition are making themselves out to be angels!! Too bad, I’m gonna name my son Hamzah. Hope he’s gonna be a smart one not dumb like you! Seriously I’m gomma pray everyday!!


          • What is more dumb than listening to the advice of the de facto Chief Advisor of the devil you know on choosing the devil you know over the angel you don’t know? Can he be non partisan? If he had meant what you now interpret, he should have inserted the word ‘supposedly’ before the word ‘angel’. Or better still use the idiom ‘better a known devil than an unknown angel’ or in bahasa, ‘lebih baik syaitan yg diketahui syaitan dari malaikat yg tidak diketahui malaikat’. Avoid using the word ‘the’ like in ‘the devil you know’ or ‘the angel you don’t know’ as it denotes specificity. Better name your son Mahathir…so he may become the supreme leader or chief advisor of a devil you know! LOL.


            • What now?? Are you school teacher or just a nerd? Checking on the supposedly missing word before putting words in every sentence? You are annoying, man! The reason why I’m naming my son Hamzah ( a name which you unfortunately inherited) is because of the
              famous Hamzah the Lion! Never thought I would meet a dumb Hamzah like you! Na’uzubillah….! Ish, ish, ish…I hope you live in Kelantan because you deserved to shower and drink brown water and to be governed by Angels you don’t know!! LOL!!!


              • Good un, bro. Or sis.

                But begging your pardon – the ones who govern Kelantan cannot be called Angels, sir/ ma’am. By any stretch of the imagination.

                They may be called bakal penghuni neraka. Coz the old man kafir mengkafirkan ummat Islam. Macam dia Tuhan pulak. Kan neraka akibatnya orang macam tu! And macam Hamzah merepek tu.


  16. Didn’t Dr Mahathir graduate with a basic medical degree from the then Raffles College in Singapore? If I remember right, he didn’t do any postgraduate medical training, so he’s not a FRCS, FRCP or whatever.

    Neither is he a trained economist, lawyer or sociologist. He doesn’t have a MBA degree.

    Yet we are taking his prognostications and prescriptions for the Malaysian economy as the gospel truth and an universal elixir for all that ails us!

    How deluded is that?

    K J John wrote a factual report. He should be rebutted with facts and statistics. Not with half-assed asinine comments!


    • Yup, it doesn’t matter what kind of education they have, what matters most it what one brings to the table. Did KJ John added value to the zero value arguments raised by those petty Pakatan leaders over this idiom issue? Obviously Tun Mahathir brought more to the table in his entire life than KJ John could ever done in several lifetimes. If you want to defend someone who is being petty and pedantic over an idiom, then that is your undoing. There are no facts that are discernible and useful to be rebutted due to the fact that his whole argument is based on an idiom, rather that the rest 24 paragraphs in Tun’s original article. Even KJ John’s so called ‘half-assed’ fact/truth about Pakatan’s ‘non-corruptible’ states is laughable. What more facts and statistics do you want?

      There is an old Tibetan saying –
      “If you are too clever, you could miss the point entirely”.

      Thank you.


      • Another bloody good response, JMD.

        I wanna add:

        That TDM had no other than 2 degrees – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) – has been of no importance. He only practised as a general practitioner. And not for too long a period of time anyway.

        That he has no Economics degree was also of no importance. He ran a country for 22 years and went through the Asian Financial Crisis – in which so many countries suffered – with flying colours. He did not rely on the World Bank or the Asian Bank and did not get us mired into many years of subservience to their terms and conditions of borrowing, which, after all, had political overtones.

        The main funders of those banks are the advanced countries who always have been having a win-win situation but win-win mainly to themselves. They get good money from interest charges, conformity of the borrowing countries to their political wishes that are inherent in the loan terms and conditions.

        I think the “half-assed asinine comments” come from the fella calling himself Goobermen.


        • Strange your reading of history is.

          Yes, Dr M may have stood up to the IMF, devalued the ringgit and instituted capital controls. To what end?

          Fast forward to the present and we have a Malaysia that’s still dependent on commodities exports and Petronas for a substantial portion of government revenues. An onerous scheme of subsidies that is denigrating government finances that no one has the courage to dismantle.

          And, in spite of Dr M’s bravado, it’s still the Fed, the ECB and China that calls the shots as far as the global economy is concerned.


          • Another improper argument based on misguided hatred for Tun Mahathir while desperately clutching at straws..

            The first part, you acknowledged what he did which not many leaders could have managed. Then you wrote:

            “Fast forward to the present and we have a Malaysia that’s still dependent on commodities exports and Petronas for a substantial portion of government revenues”

            Tell me one country who does not depend on any thing to get revenue. Even Brunei depends on its oil to survive. Even Singapore depends on its exports. Even the US depends on its power to print money in order to survive and power of its weapons in order to dominate.

            Each country has its own pro n cons in the way how it is administrated. Do you want to live in China, Gooberman? Do you want to live in USA? By all means.

            And you abhors subsidies? Will take note of that.

            Please don’t be prejudicial over someone unnecessarily. It’ll make you look less intelligent.

            Thank you.


          • Wat are you talk Gooberman, man? Expecting Malaysia to call the shot re the global economy? You got the Bipolar symptom of grandiosity or somfin’? Ain’t got your feet on the ground ha?


            • A celebration of mediocrity, is it, when Malaysia dropped 3 (or is it 4) places in the WEF rankings?

              China may be in 29th spot this time around, but they have US$1.3 trillion in reserves and the gumption to face up to the US.

              So, is Malaysia on a downward competitiveness path, while China is on the ascent?

              Stay tuned, folks – the fun is starting and the competition is getting fiercer and tougher. If you don’t get your policies right, you get stomped into the ground by the big gorillas and the emerging gorillas out there.

              Facts of life, brudder.


              • How stupid can you be comparing Malaysia with China!

                Haven’t you realized that China so-called historians (who were actually blokes in the Imperial palaces who recorded merely what the Emperors want said) wrote fakes and exaggerations – right up to the 17th century? I’ll c&p comments containing what professors say about that in my next comment below.

                When Emperor Chin Xi Huang Di burnt books and professors about 2,200 years ago to ensure the history of China be recorded as beginning from him (the word China came from his name), Mao Zedong also had books burnt and professors humiliated only about 60 years ago – during the so-called Cultural Revolution in the 1960s. Mao’s economic policies failed miserably, the Great Leap Forward leapt backwards, food shortage, misery, suffering, fighting for food etc and, together with political upheaval and factional fighting during the Cultural Revolution, some 30 million Chinese died.

                Are you aware that China, despite being a huge and the most populous country in the world, was invaded, conquered and ruled by foreigners – Monols for about 80 years in the 13th century, and the Manchus for several hundred years until the 20th century (Manchuria became a part of China only after World War II). The last Manchu Emperor, Pu Yi, was ruling China until early 20th century.

                Do you know that China was regarded by the West as a pariah until only 1-2 decades ago after they abandoned communist practices and adopted the western system of free enterprise? And now China is facing an economic down turn.

                Enough with glamorizing Singapore, you now want to glamorize China here? You son of a gun.


              • The following c & p is for the ganon whatever fella:

                The Myth of the Chinese Cultural Pre-eminence

                Ancient Chinese records aggrandized Chinese culture while at the same time denying the achievements of other cultures and races. Chinese historical documents had often been re-written, making it difficult to ascertain the truths.

                The burning of the books occurred not just over 2,000 years ago during Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di, but also in the 1960s during the so-called Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong.

                Chinese history claimed China as the “Middle Kingdom”, others around them, and even far away, as “barbaric and uncivilized”.

                Those thinking theirs is a higher culture and others have a lower one must read what History Professor Wang Gung-Wu (formerly of Universiti Malaya, now in Singapore?) said in his essay “Early Ming Relations with S.E.Asia” pg. 36:

                “ … All peoples who believed that they alone were civilized did so because they thought their neighbours less civilized than themselves. This view was often proved wrong by subsequent contact with other civilized peoples.”

                Another academician, Albert Kolb, also pointed out in his book, “East Asia”, 1971,

                “For a long time, it (Chinese culture) was taken to be older, and possibly also richer in original features, than in fact it is”. (Pg 25).

                “Chinese culture cannot be thought of as originally Chinese because the Chinese themselves emerged gradually as a blend of many races and peoples”. (Pg 26).

                According to Professor Wolfram Eberhard, in his book “A History of China”, 1977, writings about ancient China were inventions of a later period, what were said to have been done by the Chinese rulers and the dates they were said to have been done appeared to be even later still. All these indicated that historical writings in China were meant to serve certain politico-ethical objectives.

                These are the words Professor Eberhard himself wrote:

                “Furthermore, we can now state with certainty that the historical data which were given in written documents for times down to 1,000 BC are false. They are the result of astronomical-astrological calculations, made by specialists of later times who pursued their own special political aims by doing these calculations”. (Pg 1).


  17. Since we are talking about idioms here, is Dr Mahathir saying that we should choose the lesser of 2 evils in the upcoming GE?

    If that’s what he’s implying, then, in his mind, the BN is evil, but the PR coalition is even more evil.

    As if there are degrees of “evil””, unless we believe that the Devil (or whatever else we may call him) is the Embodiment of Evil, the Archtyepal Foe as it were.

    And even with the most critical of mindsets, it’s hard to categorise the PR coalition in this category.

    Unless, of course, Dr M is privy to information not available to other ordinary Malaysians.

    But, then, Dr M has been conditioned by his origins, education and experiences, hasn’t he? Which is why he and Harry Lee don’t see eye to eye…….

    That’s another story for another day……


    • No Olek Skilgannon , we are not talking about idioms. You are missing the entire point.
      Seriously? why is it so hard for pakatan supporters to understand this? Their replies got me laughing hysterically. I think someone has to spell it out to them the point of this article.

      It’s about the Pakatan MPs (and supporters) who are busy dissecting, analyzing and reanalyzing an idiom in the 25th paragraph of Tun M’s article while completely ignoring the first 24! It just goes to show how petty their minds are and how scared they are of Tun M (that old fella whom they always equate with things like rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari, org tua nyanyok and etc.). But alas, a mention of an idiom by this old man managed to create so much noise from the Pakatan side when it is actually a no brainer to begin with.


    • And what is this bloke trying to say?

      Saying “Dr M has been conditioned by his origins”, he is being nasty, innit? The son of a gun should read this c&p from somewhere:

      You people keep making fun of the Malays, mamaks, etc, what about you Chinese? What’s the equivalent to call you all also having mixed blood? Now, now, don’t say you people are pure Chinese.

      Here is what Professor C.P. Fitzgerald says in his book, “A Short Cultural History of China” (600+ pages) – he lived in China for 5 years to research and gather material for that book:

      The phrase “origin of the Chinese people” is in itself misleading.

      1. Chinese culture took root in the plains of Manchuria, a foreign country until after World War II
      2. The northern provinces have always to some degree been mixed with “peoples from the Mongolian steppes”
      3. The southern and central provinces of China were, before the northerners moved southwards, “covered” by non-Chinese, the Miao, small in size and who the Chinese were contemptuous of.
      4. The south was originally occupied by “aboriginal tribes”. The ancestors of most of the migrants to Malaya/ sia came from the south. The Professor said, “A large proportion of the population of the south calling itself ‘Chinese’ is in fact descended from one or other of the aboriginal races” – page 6. Many living in the interior, in the hills and the highlands. Even in modern times, in Yunnan and Kueichou, tribesmen number half the population.

      The southerners comprise the following major groups:

      a. Fukienese (Hokkien), “a separate stock, mixed with immigrants from the north and the Yangtze Valley” and speaking “a peculiar dialect”.
      b. Cantonese, also speak a somewhat alien language, a form of old Chinese – the south was colonized by the northerners, colonization completed in the 7th Century – some 800 years after China was formed as a political entity by Chin Shih Huang Di.
      c. Hakkas, of Kuantung province, known as “guest families” – they speak a peculiar dialect, despised by the Cantonese and do not inter marry. These people were said to have come from the north, running away from frequent Mongol invasions that culminated in the conquest of China by Genghis Khan in the 13th Century.

      So, if any of you are referred to as descendants of the Miao (who are aborigines and non-Chinese), or other aborigines of south China, don’t blame me, I’m just a messenger of the news. You can’t also blame Professor Fitzgerald any more because he died some years ago.

      So, how about we refrain from racial profiling and name calling, ha? Still angry with me, wanna call me names? Don’t la, coz you also can be called names.


    • Haiya Olek, must your every comment include Harry lee and Singapore? The posting really has nothing to do with either. Perhaps you need to return to where you were born.


      • Oooh, ray – you have surfaced again?

        Are you the same ray that got bested in YB Wee Choo Keong’s blog about the alleged failings of AirAsia? Or maybe it was a troll that nicked your monicker?

        My points about Dr M still stand. What was the growth in Malaysia’s per capita GDP during his tenure as PM?

        And compare that against Singapore’s growth in per capital GDP during Harry Lee’s tenure as Singapore PM. That’s comparing like for like, isn’t it?

        Dr M may feel that he is entitled to pontificate on the state of Malaysian politics, his vision for the future and his views on the Opposition. By the same token, others, who are less enamoured of his zeitgeist, are entitled to comment on his vision and views and rebut them robustly.

        If Dr M’s selection of idioms got mangled, then the blame must surely lie with him for choosing to voice those idioms in the first place. Or is his style more shoot-from-the-hip and damn the consequences, because he isn’t the one who has to pick up the pieces and deal with the repercussions.


        • This bloke carries Harry’s balls everywhere he goes. He has to because as a Malaysia reject he has to earn a living there.

          He won’t dare comment in Singapore blogs because he’d be bludgeoned to the dungeon with the Iron Hand rule there, one time only 2 Opposition MPs, any dissent will face resent by the authorities, sued to bankruptcies and the like.

          So, every time he shows up glorifying Singapore leaders and denigrating Malaysian ones, we’ll just shit him.

          When he tried a racial slur on Tun Mahathir and has no response to Professor C.P Fitzgerald’s description of him and his kind as given earlier, we just shit him again and again.


        • Sorry to disappoint you. I have never been to YB Wee Choo Keong’s blog. And I know my moniker has been frequently USED by “imposters”. That may mean something ain’t it.

          See, once AGAIN, you exposed your obsession of Malaysia versus Singapore as well as Tun Dr Mahathir versus Harry. Harry really has no place in this posting, dearie.

          What is the point of attaining 1st world country if your citizens are still trapped in the 3rd world mentality. Swiss standard of living is still an unreachable dream for Singaporeans.

          And olek olek you’re still nurturing that niggling doubt of whether you have made the right decision to relocate huh? Many Malaysians regret their move to change citizenship. They realise TOO late that they were having it good all along, even with the NEP and special status of the bumiputras.


  18. Apa punya bodoh org itu..simple english idioms pun tak faham…macha lu sekolah mana dulu??
    Macha lu belajar ekonomi sampai phd ka?? Macha dont drop your caste to the lowest because it is shame to be known as columnist but have a bird brain ( another idiom)


  19. Does Singaporean glory came from a Singaporean?? Bullshit!! Now Singaporean are full of shit..that is why their government willingly giving those expat the citizenship or PR because their own citizen is full of shit.. Futhermore they dont even know how to produce babies anymore,that is why they keep on importing those acai and lots of amoi from Mother Land..


    • Fully equipped with PHDs (permanent head damages) they also need help making friends of opposite gender. Thru SDU (single desperate ugly) they meet via expensive high teas, dinners, get togethers for a mix and match. They also need monetary incentives to get engaged, marry and have babies.

      They must learn how to smile, be courteous, stay on left side of escalators, stand within the boxes on mrt gates, instructed to give up seats for elderly, handicapped, pregnant women, cannot chew gum, must flush toilets, legally forced to take care of parents, never litter, cannot use tissue to chop tables at hawker centre etc etc ….

      First world country but fourth world mentality. Poor olek!


    • Lee Kuan Yew (the others don’t matter, only the Little Emperor’s thoughts count in that Little kingdom down below) has realized that the commie Chinese he brought in have not been the subservient lot. Wanted to protest this and that. He had to swallow his own medicine.

      So, he then changed his policy – ask Singaporeans to produce more babies. Gave incentives etc.

      And the commie Chinese have been entering and residing in Australia in droves. I hope Australia will be inundated with them commies or enlightened commies practising free enterprise now, until they find the blokes also protest this and that like Lee Kuan Yew found.

      And US will go frust that their idea of Australia being their new front line (after Taiwan becomes part of China) is sabo-ed. You see, China has no where else to go except that way. The Japs and the Russians won’t allow them to go their way. The Japs shooed the Chinese trying to be funny on the island the Japs have long claimed as theirs. The Russians? No, the Chinese won’t dare cross the border – the ghost of Nikita Kruschev will come back alive with venom, fangs and all.


  20. Salam JMD,

    This is not related but I’m sure you must have seen this in today’s news,

    “Published: Sunday September 9, 2012 MYT 12:18:00 PM
    Needs of vernacular schools not sidelined in education blueprint, says Wee
    PETALING JAYA: Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong has dismissed claims that vernacular schools needs were sidelined in the formation of the national education blueprint.”

    With assurances by the DPM himself last month,
    We’ll protect vernacular schools, says DPM – Nation | The Star Online
    thestar.com.my › News › Nation8 Apr 2012 – MUAR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has reiterated the Government’s assurance to protect any vernacular school in the …

    I’m afraid if it is left to the SSS blog, which is nothing but a repost of other blogs, their passivity is obvious, it has been sometime now since its fiery and passionate launch, remember “barah yang kian menular dalam kancah kerapuhan masyarakat Malaysia”?

    I recall you were one of the firsts along with Demi Negara and others who came up with the SSS, and now it is time to relaunch the manifesto in time for the election.

    I hope you can highlight this in your blog if we are serious about the SSS. DM’s blog is pretty dead now, btw did you know about his pro PATANI autonomous region stance, with recent developments, I was surprised they said there was no involvement by any Malaysians the flags fiasco. Checkout http://patanibook.blogspot.com/ by DM.


    • My comment disappeared for some reason. Here’s another try:

      This is a period of intense political activity. The discerning among us realize that political activity, political needs and expediency may be quite different from national development activity and needs, and they need not go in tandem.

      Some may say: rest when storms are brewing, wait until the storms have dissipated, the winds reduced to a nice breeze, then put up sails and ready the muskets. After all, even Mao Zedong had a strategy: two steps forward and one step backward. Only appearing to be going backward or dormant but even the North Vietnamese quietly dug their underground tunnels along the Ho Chin Minh Trail to South Vietnam which they conquered when the Americans abandoned the place.

      Like the communists, no one is telling what is being done or said to those having influence or in a position to pass on a reminder or two in the corridors of power. But politics and decision making is one of timing. And timing to you may be different to us and to the powers that be.


    • What is important is that PM Najib has said in his 1 Malaysia blog when the Kempen SSS was heavily discussed in the news media – even reaching Parliament – some time back, that “single-stream schooling would be implemented when the rakyat wants it.”

      He has not said about the method of determining when the rakyat wants it, but it was a milestone in the progress of the Kempen. Prudence and single mindedness will dictate the time when to re-invigorate that campaign. Timing is also of the essence in the success of any endeavour. The Bersih people claiming to be bringing up election issues only got jeers by the public at large (only 25,000 – not 250,000 – attended the much publicized rally) because they allowed politics be mixed with what they were asking for.

      And History will be compulsory in schools w.e.f next year. That was in the Kempen SSS Memo to the Deputy PM cum Minister of Education. The Deputy PM may himself have thought of the need to make History compulsory in schools and it just happened that the matter was included in the SSS Memo.


      • Thanks for the feedback Anon (you’re not Aku or Maju are you?).

        As you mentioned, the PM said it will be implemented when the people wants it.

        In 2010, it was about 90% of Chinese in SJKCs, now according to the latest 2013-2025 Blueprint report, it has risen to 96% in 2011.

        Click to access files_5052dc40ed00b.pdf

        Guess, that’s what the people wants. And it’s nice to know that the caring BN government is supporting it, just as the PM said, he’ll give the people what they want, (maksud tersirat) whether single- or many- stream schooling.

        Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran II [Dr. Haji Mohd. Puad bin Zarkashi]:
        “Akan tetapi sebagai sebuah kerajaan yang prihatin, “Rakyat Didahulukan, Janji Ditepati.” Kerajaan juga membantu SJK(C) dan SJK(T) bantuan modal beberapa tapak yang dirizabkan untuk sekolah kebangsaan, sekolah menengah kebangsaan telah diberikan kepada SJK(C) dan SJK(T) bagi bantuan modal. Walaupun keperluan untuk sekolah kebangsaan dan sekolah menengah kebangsaan amat mendesak.”

        Click to access DR-10042012.pdf

        Thank you BN. I hope they will win big in the next election so the people will get even more of what they want.

        On a last note, nice to know they are making Sejarah compulsory, totally with you on that one. I just hope they teach Sejarah with a capital ‘S’ and eliminate all the Supernatural elements involving guys who heard something in their heads while hallucinating in caves.



        • You are welcome, msleepyhead.

          I’m also dia, mereka, depa, deme (know the lower Perak loghat?). You are not scared of being swarmed, are you? You must have been reading a lot of the Pakatan Rakyat blokes copy pasting here and there comments from the Rocket, Harakah, Suara Keadilan (one fella said Keldaian!) under various names, including names that pro-BN people use in the same blogs.

          Before reading the links you provided, let me say my feeling that the increase to 86% Chinese in SJKCs can be either (a) the children of the “Malaysia as Second Homes” programme and such investment-luring activities that drew in Taiwanese and Hong Kong-ese who dislike being a part of communist China. I disagree with that as it tends to change the status quo in the population ratio. Or (b) More non-Chinese have gone to SKs.

          No, it’s not what the people wants. It’s what the ultra kiasus want. (Btw, I also read Ridhuan Tee – he uses the words a lot). And Najib is going for any vote he can get. I believe things will change after PRU13, otherwise I hope UMNO will change him.

          Will respond to your other comments when free another time.


  21. Here’s some insight into who this KJ John is – based on the comments he’d garnered in his blog
    “1. Tomas says: August 7, 2009 at 12:19 am
    “According to the biblical account, bribery started in Genesis when Satan deceived Eve into tasting from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Bribery was a process which started with a doubt about who God is, or believing what God had said to Adam.” – Dr K.J. John
    What rubbish! Eden was a story of deception. This is the first time I am hearing about the bribery part.
    Perhaps, K.J. John can explain how his “staunch christian” associates like fake “Datuk” Peter Ng (University College Sedaya International) can take a RM1.3 million grant from MDEC and neither complete nor account for that project and relying instead on government cronies.
    Is there accountability?
    Bribery is when Dr K.J. John pimps himself at the MOSTI and at the office of Max “Betsy Johnity” Ongkili for ministry officials to sign up for the expensive for the Blue Ocean Strategy seminar at Sedaya so that Dr. K.J. John can fantasize about his new think tank at Sedaya.
    Dr K.J. John can be bribed too, as you can see.
    2. M1 says: October 6, 2009 at 6:55 pm
    I venture to say my opinion abt Malaysia’s Dr KJ John. I really wont listen to his antics and jibes online. Who was he before? He was a frustrated civil servant. No one listened to him before. He put his weight around, spent ridiculous time on his pc (doing ‘policy’ research!) and typing away his skewed views. I would be the last person in the world to hear him talking about leadership, governance, politics and BN, democracy and his little philosophy dimenbsion. In my view, he too cannot get along with many people. Watch out for his “close inverted commas” when he writes. Sad story.
    3. Jim says: October 26, 2009 at 10:56 am
    That uncompleted project you are referring too is called Volex. Ex-UCSI University (then a college) staff say that it was a RM1.3 million wastage of taxpayers money. MDEC threw away that sum not because of the project’s viability. UCSI University can buy anything under the sun. Even a grant. It does not use that money for academic excellence.
    I wonder if K.J. John used his influence at MDEC to secure that Volex grant.
    4. Chin Ai Lynn says: July 27, 2010 at 2:30 pm
    Dear KJ John,
    You were a civil servant before. But when u were there, there were news that you were unproductive. You let the system down and by that, u screwed up the delivery system. When u were serving in the govt, u bad mouthed people, you condemned your superiors, you projected a boastful image, you overpowered people of your own ranks, you blasted endlessly about governance you so adoringly and meticulously challenge. You rejoiced at your phd and not forgetting to remind me on and off about it. You read to write purposely. You write to disrupt, and hell, you are good at it. Your unfailing attitude to harp on little issues that would make any organization collapse from the inside is scary and real, and now you set your target on the establishent and power. Your unlimited potential to cause friction is noted and thus, today, as a freelance writer critique, you sure did a service to yourself you knew so well.
    5. KAJ says: March 30, 2011 at 6:57 pm
    Yes Doc,it me khairul, former Intanrians,,, yr former staff. I realy appretiate u n i still remembered the santences that u said to me 25 yrs ago,,,, ” I dont want to see u behind that table till u retired,,,, yes Doc,,im no more behind it but now im infround the audients… as likes u before… thanks Doc…
    6. Michael says: April 15, 2011 at 1:14 pm
    Hello Dr K.J. John,
    I remember you also. You giude me and help me and told me to be be very educated person. Now, I have Master and phD. Thank you Dr K.J. John


    • “Dr K.J. John”? PhD tipu? Like Yap, Chairman of Dong Zong, the Chinese schools promoters?

      There have been a few factories producing fake degrees in the recent past – in Kampar, Subang Jaya and Cheras.

      Why didn’t he use the Dr title in the Malay Mail article? Or the Washington article? Scared of being discovered a fake from the English he used or the substance of his comments?


  22. And these 2 comments for KJ John are really suspect –

    “5. KAJ says: March 30, 2011 at 6:57 pm
    Yes Doc,it me khairul, former Intanrians,,, yr former staff. I realy appretiate u n i still remembered the santences that u said to me 25 yrs ago,,,, ” I dont want to see u behind that table till u retired,,,, yes Doc,,im no more behind it but now im infround the audients… as likes u before… thanks Doc…
    6. Michael says: April 15, 2011 at 1:14 pm
    Hello Dr K.J. John,
    I remember you also. You giude me and help me and told me to be be very educated person. Now, I have Master and phD. Thank you Dr K.J. John”

    ## wondering if someone with master or phd ordinarily spell so atrociously and with grammar going beserk. Or the comments are just doctored by the so called doc’s supporters.


  23. Sdra Jebat,

    Selamat Eid Fitri, Malaya Merdeka yg ke55 dan Malaysia Merdeka yg ke49.
    Saya hanya nak tambah…”It’s better the IDIOT you know than the IDIOT you don’t know”
    Bila nak komen pasal Malindo? Tertonggeng tak siTony tu?

    Wassalam 🙂


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